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I just found out that Foreign Correspondents is available at Amazon.com!

I'll put it up on the right in a week or two, but I'm pretty excited about it being available at the evil amazon, and I wanted to share that with everyone. :-)

Bloggie results have not yet been revealed to me...so I don't know if we should be getting tanked to celebrate, or to drown our sorrows... ;-)


I say Tanked I have already started.

Best of Both Worlds part two is on TNN!! I just saw Picard cry. Aww got to love Picard. And I'll tell you Wil is looking HOTT in this show in his ensigns red uniform. LOL!! Hey its the truth. Gees I hate Shelby. lol!

I'm watching Stand By Me AGAIN, cuz its the only thing on. Stupid university movie channel, this is like the 1000th time theyve given it this month.

boom bahbah boom bahbah BOOM.

At least they're not showing "Hoosiers" for the 8,382,547th time....

Our University channel shows Forrest Gump all the time. Also some sex movie thingy. Surprising eh?

OK Riker is getting comfy in Picards chair. BASTARD! LOL!! Oh look its Wil on tv. LOL So young. When did he get so old people? lol!

Wil may be getting old but he still looks like he's 17. Wish I was that lucky :-)

Ok Im scared. You know that earthquake site that Wil posted. Simi Valley dominates that list with the most earthquakes. I HATE THEM AND GUESS WHERE I LIVE!! Of course I only live there 4 months of the year now since I attend school in Arizona. Simi Valley is a big earthquake waiting to happen. *Sighs* Hey I guess Simi makes up for the earthquakes in the fact that it's the safest city in the nation and Insurrection was taped in the hills in Simi and that show with Data and Lore and the Borg was taped in the Hills too. Got to love a film town.

Awwww I am 19 and still looking young. Not really. I look old.

My gosh...Wil & Angelina Jolie would have some hot children....and Wil as Marilyn Monroe was far too freaky for me!

Why the hell haven't they invented some sort of cyberpunk plug into your brain Johnny Mnemonic computer interface bullshit yet? I've got the lobster claws like a motherfucker.

as long as we're drinking either way...i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

"I don't know if we should be getting tanked to celebrate, or to drown our sorrows... ;-)"

Either way, I'm more than willing to pop open my vodka for a second night in a row. :)

Celebrate, drown sorrows, what's it really matter? The important thing is getting tanked!

Darn have to wait until tomorrow at 10.00 pm.
anyway back to the tanking.

We can always just get tanked for the hell of it!

Either way, everyone is getting tanked :)

I can only get half-tanked tonight....got class/work tomorrow. :-(

Get tanked! Even if you don't win...everybody here loves site...

hey, maybe I'm out of the loop or something, but why exactly is amazon.com evil? Just curious. :)

(hope you win, btw)

Yeah I agree with that...getting drunk with posting..uh..riiiggghht. Again No comment
I kept having visions of Stand By Me during my exams... and I have no freaking idea why..well maybe a bit..but still.

Amazon has had "issues" with how they "protect" the private information of their clients.

Better options...




That's right, RIAA... Suck my dick.

Luddite motherfuckers.

Plus, having worked in tech in Seattle, I know a few people who have done time at Amazon.

They treat their "employees" like shit. Keeping pace with Microsoft and Nike for "defining the 21st century workplace."


Borders.com (where I work :P Well, I work @ Borders) has teamed up with Amazon.com for their website. Borders has learned well from Amazon.. or is it the other way around. It's funny when your supervisor says to you, "hey, at least you're in a better mood today." My response? "I'm only in a bad mood when management f*cks me over!"

BTW, my computer decided to play nice & let me vote for the Bloggies or whatever they're called (is it sacreligious to not know the name (did I spell sacreligious right?)) OK... anyway, so I voted for you, Wil. In every category. For the rest of them I just clicked on whoever had the neatest name. *shrug* Anyway, good luck! I hope you won!


Yesterday on my radio show I brought up Amazon (just to say "buy this CD from the label and support this dead artist's widow and daughter instead") ... and just for fun, I called it evil; a minute later, this guy calls and was like "What did you just say about Amazon.com?" I thought he was actually going to yell at me for calling Amazon evil, but alas, he had "just turned on the radio" and really didn't know what I was talking about. Scared me for a minute, though.

Oh yeah, I also voted for Wil's site in all the appropriate Bloggie categories, and whatever looked coolest in the others. Somebody in a usenet group was mad because Wil got nominated against all his friends. *snicker*

I'm still trying to figure out how Amazon.com is a better deal with having to pay shipping and all, than just going down the street to the bookstore and buying the book there.

Well, I got an email a couple of days ago that Greymatter dropped out of the running so, it gave us a chance to re-vote the catergories that Greymatter was in. So, perhaps that is why you haven't yet heard. They are waiting for the new votes.

>>>Voting is now closed. The winners will be announced on irc.turlyming.net in channel #BlogIRC Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST (GMT-5), and then posted to this page.

Either way, *raises mug*

"Here's to WWDN!

Fooooooorrrr, he'sa jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good feeeeeelllooooooooow,
Which nobody can deny!"


Ya gotta figure that Wil's gonna win one of the categories he was entered in...

i just wanted to use the word "tanked".


neeto! now i fit in!

I wonder why Wil isn't on the cover of forcor?
You deserve to be on the cover. I also want to punch one of the reviewers of the movie. Can anyone guess which one? I would buy the movie except I would have to pay about twice as much for the movie since the Canadian dollar is absolutely worth crap. Perhaps when the government can get their act together? Not gonna happen.

I voted for WWDN! Tough choice between you and Loobylu (for merchandise), but in the end WFS won out.

The funny thing about Amazon is that when they were smaller (ie. just books) they used to get their books from the likes of Powell's and other small bookstores (especially for out of print/hard to find). I've been to Powell's -- you really could get lost in there. There's a reason the sections are color coded.

I think a couple of commenters here were tanked when they posted. :)

I'm such a loser! I've had ForCor on DVD for weeks and haven't had time to sit down and watch it. I'm gonna try this weekend (except during the Super Bowl! Go Pats!)

I seriously need to see ForCor.. I'd buy it but I'm broke because I bought the Wil's Posse shirt (I can't wait 'til it comes!!). It looks really good, though. Well, I'm watching the TNN Star Trek Movie Marathon during Super Bowl weekend, though I'll probably watch the Super Bowl itself because my dad will steal the big TV for the game. He's obsessed with the Pats. I want 'em to win, too, but I'm in the minority, aren't I?

Hey, that "Foreign Correspondents" also has that Corin Nemec in it. Mr. Nemec was excellent in that "Parker Lewis Can't Lose", which was the better version of "Ferris Bueller" for TV. That show was innovative as hell, broke down the fourth wall before it was cool. Unfortunately nobody saw it because it was a Fox show in the early days of the network, and was put up against "Sixty Minutes".

Hey Wil, I never got a chance to point you in the direction of the best CSS editor out there - Topstyle. Their website at http://www.bradsoft.com/topstyle/ has info on css, and the editor is simply amazing - nothing else that I've seen even comes close.

Re: Corin Nemec... Scientologist apparently, but you're right, "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" was a great show. I can't see Abraham Benrubi without thinking about Kubiac...

And if you're not able to buy your own copy, you could always call your local indy video rental place and ask them to buy a copy.

*Passes Uncle Wil the mezcal tequilla with the worm in the bottle and grins*
Drink up dude. You never should need a logical and justified reason to drink. :-)

Now Wil, you know what they say,"It's an honor just being nominated". LOL! Now you know what they mean. I hope you win. You got a lot of stuff at ebay at Amazon.com.

It's an honor just being nominated, but I hope you win anyway.

It's an honor just being nominated, but I hope you win anyway.

Double the grog ration Cap'n, that ship be carrying the Swedeish Bikini Team. Better send young Jim 'Awkins below deck.

Loobylu did an alternate cover on a comic project that the Australian Government were doing (that I also did a cover for). Was rather interesting to see her there! ^_^ Small world! And dude, I got toasted the night before cause your American Sailors were in town and they kept buying me vodka. Oh. My. Poor. Body. No! Not for THAT reason you sickos! I don't get headaches when I have hangovers - my body just feels like it's being pulled into a black hole, strung out so thin it's just one particle wide. *nods*. I'll drink to you anyway Wil, cause you rock! Here's to Wil, and here's to my failing liver!

alright. everyone gonna be here at 10 tonight so we can all find out... together? and then we can beat up everyone who didn't vote if Wil doesn't win.


For as much as you blog, why can't you answer emails? Slack ass :P

How come no one ever posts about how cute Wil is? And how all us girls know that when we were 16, we had monstrous crushes on him? All my friends waved "Teen Beat" magazine all over the place when Wil was in it.

Of course, now we're adults. We don't wave "Teen Beat" magazine. We wave issues of "Star Trek: The Magazine".

Crinkle, let's just say we grew up.

And now to quote a wise man:
"Let's git pissed!"

Amazon. Evil.
No wait, I rely on them suckers for a living!
Amazon Gooooooood (ok, bn.com better but only cause they sell more'a my crap...)

Wil, dude, do you get some kinda kickback if people click on your Amazon links and buy chit? Cause seriously, I clicked and bought and then wondered, but that's what happens after staring at the Photoshop pix on Fark for 4 hours... To which I am now addicted, and it's all your fault. Seriously.

Woah, 4 hours of flickery pictures. That must burn! Seriously, though - tanked is the way to go! This site's gotta win something! Let's start the party now!

La la la la laa la! La la la la laa la!
(OK maybe i had too much drink already...)


Glad to see someone else is a fan of "Parker Lewis."

And "World According To Garp," apparently.

Hi it's Mark, the guy who made "Foreign Correspondents." First off, thanks Wil for the plug! And yes Amazon is a "necessary evil." I'm glad they are stocking the film but they take 55% off each sale! Ouch! If you want 100% of your money to go to the filmmakers (i.e. me) you can also buy the VHS or DVD for the same price from my Yahoo store - that's http://store.yahoo.com/forcorstore - you'll also get a video faster because at the moment Amazon has back-ordered the videos (they're selling fast!) so it will take them a few days longer to get you one than it will me. Anyway, I will say no more. I'm just thankful people want to buy our film. It really is good and Wil is really great in it, a very different role for him.

Undertoad and Rob, chalk me up to be another Parker Lewis fan. That show was superb and nothing like anything I had seen before.

I guess Fox's new "Parker Lewis" is "Malcolm in the Middle". Kinda.

So who's *really* tanked?

Yay!!! ForCor sounds like such an awesome movie I have been dying to see it for so long.!!!! I cant wait to buy it...ok now anyone got any money for me to buy it LOL, god being unemployed in NYC sucks ass! I need a job!!!
Oh and as for geting tanked...I say get tanked, either way. I'm sure you had to win something this site rocks!!! Hell, you better cuz I freaggin voted man!n If you dont, ITS RIGGED I TELL YOU!! RIGGED!! RIGGED!!

"So who's *really* tanked?"

Last night, I *really* was. Not for any reason in particular, except that I was board and listening to music, and well....music's so much better that way.
And no.....I'm not an alcoholic. :)

All that really matters is that we're geting tanked together, right? WWDN will always be, just as long as we have we.....

Posted by Karla :)

Cuteness has no age limit.

Wil, looks like you won a couple bloggies! Best Merchandise & Best Tagline! CONGRATS! :)

CLEAN SWEEP. Congrats Wil.

first one to congrat Wil on all 6(?) awards! Congrats!

Kuddos to Wil! (I've been using the word, 'kuddos' for the last week and a half....don't ask me why) Also, lets not forget to give it up, old school, to William Fucking Shatner!


congrats wil!

*jumps up and down as friend looks at her oddly* YES!!! You won them all!! Yay!!! Congrats, Wil.

Newbie here! just saying hi, cool site :)

Congrats on ALL the bloggies Wil!! Way to go!

Way to go, Wil! Nice collection of awards you've got there. :)

congrats Wil for winning Weblog of the Year!Now you can no longer say you've never won anything!

Not to detract from the accomplishment, but I think the ballot box was a bit over stuffed. I wouldn't have been surprised if he won best asian or computer and technology blogs. Anyway congrats all the same.

congratulations on the bloggie wins, boyo....

and though i still think that wesley was used far too often as a deus ex machina for underdeveloped cliffhanger plots, your re-emergence into pop culture makes me grin. thanks... and keep it up.

Yay, you swept the bloggies. And much, much, much
mojo to you today at 3:00 pst time.
And if the producers know what's good for them,
they'll "harvest the wheat." That's right, the qoute of the day is "harvest the wheat."
Brought to you in part by, my brother and the letters h and w.

I want to know if you're going to donate the prize money to charity, or just have it changed into singles & head out for one of those titty bars out by LAX.

signed edgar, or something.

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