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Attention, Canada!

On behalf of all American hockey fans, I would like to officially begin the shit-talking:

Dear Canada,

Today, we are going to kick your ass.

Oh, sure, the score, and the game, will undoubtedly be close, but we will be handing you your toque-wearing, back-bacon-eating, gold-medal-not-getting asses to you.

You may have invented the sport, and for that we will always be grateful, but it would seem that, in the last 50 years, you've passed the torch to...well, anyone else who would take it, really.

We'll happily take it from here.

Hey, don't feel too bad. You've still got all our film work, and Curling. Nobody can take that away from you.




Now, if, team USA somehow manages to lose, I will take it like a man, and, after we're done whining for our own gold medal, I'll post the lyrics to "Oh Canada!" right here on this very website, along with a beautiful reproduction of your flag (which is, admittedly, much cooler than ours...but harder to draw).



/homer simpson

damn missed being first by 1... someday... haha... I still think we should conquer Canada. That would be fun.

bah. fark hockey right in the ear.

Y'know Wil, i've been reading you're page for a while, and i really respect you.

But USA is going *down*.

Sorry! :D

~Chantelle the Canadian

You tell 'em Wil.


I want to see blood and whatever remaining teeth the players have FLYING!

"Jose can you see, any bed bugs on me, if you do, take a few, and then you can have some too...."


Bah, they're mostly NHL players anyway. Meh.

I'll be happy with either team winning, actually.

And hey, my parents used to curl, and damn it, we're not Canadian. Though I should be.

Oooh, I must comment on the fact that Wayne Gretzky (as much as I bow down before his hockey greatness) and his whining about American media. You know what, my dear? You live in Phoenix. You lived in NY, LA, and St. Louis. Where has the majority of your cash flow come from, eh? Yah, that's what I thought.



Wil, I'm not sure if I should be disapointed in you (for caring about hockey) or in myself (for missing a big joke or something). You don't seriously give a damn about this do you?

Isn't William "Farking" Shatner Canadian?

Technically, I think WE have curling.

if we conquor canada we'll have to put up with obnoxious canadian resistance propaganda like:

usa oot of canada
take off, eh

can you imagine? i say leave 'em be -- they're not really a country anyway.

Canada's winning...

phyxeld :

I can't believe you're ragging on Wil (and everyone else who's even watching the Olympics) for showing an interest in a sport!? What's up with that?

PS. Woohoo! Let's go Canada!!!

~ Proud Canadian living in France for the last 2.5 years who truly misses REAL hockey (France has a miserable team)


Well, at least you have good food over there, iren. (;

Like cheese...mmmm...

I'm Canadian (though I was born in America, my parents are American, and I've never actually been to Canada) and I just thought I'd let you know that after the game you and all the other Americans will just have to suck on Canada's massive dick. Yeah, you heard me. :D


There's nothing wrong with having fun with our friends from the north. I mean, it's not like they can read this anyway. How do they get electricity into their igloos, eh?

Of course, now we can add another stereotype to Canada...They all want to grow up to be janitors, since their biggest TV events deal with people sweeping up the area near a granite block. :>


You still watch TELEVISION? Man, how '90's.

p.s. Canada is still the best place to live in North America, every year running. =P

p.p.s. Americans tried to invade Canada twice. Failed twice. =P I guess all you can do now is try to win games against us with your slapstick

looking at the score.. 2-1 first period? You lose wil. You can take your loudmouth flamebating back to your arrogant 'democracy'(sp).

'We're smokin em." Don Cherry

I think you said that in 1812, too.

come on IRC and see the battle lines.

you're losing the war of words, too.


Dear USA (a.k.a. Wil),

By now the most sacred of all Canadian traditions has begun: a good old fashioned buttkicking. Before long we will be handing you your Speedo wearing, Big Mac eating, automatic weapon bearing, Martha Stewart loving, we’re the best in the world touting, gold-metal-not-getting asses to you.

Hey, don’t feel too bad. You’ve still got The Backstreet Boys and George W. Bush. Nobody can take that away from you.

To the all the American athletes, poor, deprived, multi-millionaires, idols and sports heroes that you are, buck up. There will be a consolation prize. Ooh, a prize you say? Yes, a prize. In the slightly modified words of the great Denis Leary, here’s what you’re going to get: Your present is a giant *&@*ing cannon. First, I’m going to get you to crawl into it. Then I’m going to put two pounds of gunpowder in there, I’m going to light it up and I’m going to shoot you right out of **&@ Salt Lake City, okay? Then I’m going to steal a car, drive around Utah and pick up all the little &&@*ing pieces of your body, put them in a big plastic bag, bring them back to my house, put them in the fireplace, light them on fire, and sit down with a glass of whiskey and watch the Charlie Brown Special with your ashes heating my **&*ing house, okay?


Igloo-building, maple-syrup chugging Carol P.

yeah, it's a Hockey Game watch party
-hahah he said sticky wicket!!- in IRC...

Can I laugh now....? Please let's not get into the schematics of Hockey - you'll loose the fight before it starts......Besides, only the best hockey players come from Canada....

Canada will win hands down.




I hope Canada kicks the USA's ass today!!!!

Cuz, they're so much more polite, eh?

American ex-pat living in Canada





this is so great. I don't get the game here, so it's cool that i'm getting the updates on this site. i'm hitting the refresh button, like every 30 seconds, and the espn site in between.

Ahead after two periods, oh yeah

Will those lyrics be in both languages, Wil?



3-2 Canada - end of the second period. Any questions?

Parlez vous francais???




let's go canada, let's go!

I must say, the trash-talking is some of the finest I've ever seen.

My cowboy hat is off to everyone who has taken this in the spirit it was intended.

Going to watch the 3rd period comeback now.





Oh Wil, you are just jealous because not only can Canada kick USA's ass at hockey but, more importantly, Canada makes way better BEER!!


The Beeeeeeeeer.

GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!

THANK GOD FOR BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

you're gonna look like such a shithead when we whip your ass! Go Canada!!!!!!!!!
(at time of this post, Canada was serverely kicking American ass 3-2)

i think we're still shipping labatt's 50 to you. you will apparently drink anything labelled "beer".

and what you call "canadian bacon" we call "ham".

gullible gullible gullible.

And I thought canucks were supposed to be polite.

That's the one thing Canadian Bacon taught me.

The Canadians have cooler uniforms too. Nyah.

To hell with the Puck, we're sending FULL ON CANADIANS into the GOAL! ROFLMAO

Man.. i hate back-bacon, i hate hockey, and i sure as hell don't wear those dopey lookin tuques.(i do curl tho!) As for having our asses handed to us, well, atleast our women kicked your ass. At this point, the Game is begining the 3rd period, and the Score is 3-2 for Canada.

As a side note, it wasn't the Canadians who invented Hockey. It was the natives. They used to play with tree branches n stuff and Curling, actually started in Scotland..Learn some history eh?

Anyway.. Next thing y'know we'll start sayin ya'll are a bunch of backwards yokles with 6 cars rustin in your yard and moonshine in the basement ;)

Enjoy the Day Folks.. I hope Canada wins, if they don't.. well.. it's not like my igloo will collapse because of it. :)


this is more addicting then my coffee

"Hey, don’t feel too bad. You’ve still got The Backstreet Boys and George W. Bush. Nobody can take that away from you."

Who would even WANT to do that...?


As much as I love the shit-talking, I gotta say that I love GREAT hockey even more...

And, although USA will triumph, canada is playing some of the best hockey I have ever seen.

(11 minutes, 3rd period)


Idunno, Wil... it's not looking to good... (;

I don't know that america will win the gold in hockey this year.

I mean, they olympics aren't rigged the way that the superbowl was this year.

Well, except for figure skating.


eeeeek! I can't even watch the game right now (stuck at work) and this is exciting, LoL...

urhm... go USA?

bah! Hockey's better then figure skating anyday






Okay, okay, okay...

I'm searching GOOGLE for the lyrics in English and French.

An image search is also forthcoming.

As a long-suffering LA Kings fan, I am used to this sinking feeling.


4 - 2!!!!


Time to start praticing taking it like a man. This is way too depressing. lol

Oh Ca - Na - Da...............


I LOVE Hockey

Hey Wil, do you even *know* the lyrics to our national anthem? You better go look them up...!


People in all the apartments around me are screaming :) (the good kind of screaming)


I still had them from finding them for sunshine after the women's game

Oooh, almost got another one

well, from what I've seen, most of the Canadian athletes don't know the words to "Oh Canada"....

What a game!

You do know that our anthem is bilingual, don't you?

John Mcgregor

that's because they would rather sing the bobby gimby version ;-)


At least america will always have football.

Though watching some of the old CFL games is rather hilarious.

Any idea why football (not soccer) isn't an olympic sport?




YEAHHH! I love this game. I can't even see it, but this is so exciting. Wil, i'll get ya started : Oh Canada! Terre de nos aieux...

ok, everyone is honking horns

i think now is the time we sing




one for each fall!

1:30 left, 2:5 - still talkin trash?

Breathe, Cherish, breathe!

AH! DAMNIT!!!! We're roally farked!

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

1:30 left, 2:5 - still talkin trash?

Well, that was the nail in the coffin.

All I gotta say is that was a GREAT hockey game.

We still kicked ass at the olympics though. 30+ medals.

Way to go Canada.

*hand extended*

AH! DAMNIT!!!! We're roally farked!

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

/me picks up her stick and pounds GIGI'S PUCK LIKE HEAD WITH IT!!

Wel, at 5-2 with 1:30 left, I think the Canadians have finally won the Gold after 50 years of waiting. Congradulations Canada!

7 Things I am Thankful For Today:

1. Canada kick's USA's ass
2. Canada kick's USA's ass
3. Canada kick's USA's ass
4. Canada kick's USA's ass
5. Canada kick's USA's ass
6. Canada kick's USA's ass
7. Canadian beer and *real* Back Bacon!

And the gold goes to CANADA!


Love your site Wil but consider your ass officially kicked by both our Men's and Women's team!!! Good game though eh : )


Gee Will-my lame-ass Canadian TV must be on the fritz-30 seconds left and the guys in the white uniforms seem to be leading 5-2. Must have the colours reversed I guess. But tney have maple leafs on the front-is your team from Minnesota? Well, they played about as well as Belarus.

Start typing Wil,

Its over

Gee Will-my lame-ass Canadian TV must be on the fritz-30 seconds left and the guys in the white uniforms seem to be leading 5-2. Must have the colours reversed I guess. But tney have maple leafs on the front-is your team from Minnesota? Well, they played about as well as Belarus.

yes, good game

Time to sing !!!

well, i'm glad i was spared some lame shoot out.

and the gold comes HOME.

That's twice we've handed you your asses! people in the apartments around me are going nuts!!!




Gawd, the suspense is killin' me, and I don't even watch sports. Well, except for the occasional footie match- gotta love men running around in shorts!

Anyway, I don't know what all the fuss is about- isn't Canada the 51st state? *dodges slap*


Good game.....

Now both the Men's and Women's Canadian teams have won the Gold Medals.......

How sweet much more sweeter can it get?

*Toonces hands Wil a big plate o' crow.* Eat up, sweetie! :)

Asked of Virtual Wil:
> what do you think of canada winning gold in hockey?
What i didn't mind, in the least. When we all think about this: life can
change in an email that i want them to pick out one. It's so funny to
watch my boys do things like this, so i'm even more advertising, that they
should reduce the cost of tickets, but that's just me.

yes, congradulations to The Maple Leaf state!

::nods head approvingly::

i think this says it all:



It would be far more scathing if you'd spelled "your" correctly, Chantelle.

Damn I love Canadian men, they are soooooo sexy. Even when they are missing teeth, HA!

This will definitely be a morale booster for the men and women who are serving on Operation Apollo!

(Must email the hubby and let him know - news isn't as fast getting to them as it is for us back home)

Prof Wendi,

If some other Country attacked you, You would be thankful for The USA; You would be hiding behind us making faces at the enemy while we protected you.

Besides, We still got Football


She did spell it correctly.

But, she can't spell anticipated.

& our Proffesional Wrestlers could kick your Wrestlers Asses any day of the week.

Are you guys kiddin'me? Hardly anyone here spells correctly.


And yáll can HAVE football, hehehehehe

Hey there's always the next time 4 years from now in Italy.

Damn the stereotypes....
Damn them to hell...

But we farking rock.

Cuz we won. *hums we are the champions*

(although I did have to laugh "toque-wearing, back-bacon-eating, gold-medal-not-getting asses"


And Wil even spelled toque correctly, dang.

so much for the shit talking...

LOL! You all are worse than us nascar fans. Lets just say I chose a good old american sport over hockey today. At least you weren't hoping others would die. Sad fact of nascar fans. Many wish death on the drivers they hate. Other than that this was hilarious to read. By the way no matter who won I'm damn proud to live in the USA and wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. Canada is just full of cold french people. lol! Everyone knows the french never win a war.

A guy across the street is yelling "Who's Number One?!" from his balcony.

Do you think I should tell him it's not him?

another canuck, i bet



Bluesman - what the heck does that have to do with hockey??? *shaking head and rolling eyes* We were just talking about a good ol' hockey game.. You need a Blue, man... and some real back bacon, it will make you feel better. ;)

Let's not get into stereotypes, life's too short.

Besides, I'm an English speaking Canadian. I dont see any cold French people here *l*


Yeah sure, us canadians can't spell.

But we can play hockey ;)

LOL By cold I meant cold like weather wise. Its rather cold up there.

only long enough to keep our beer at the right temperature ;o)

French people rock man!!! Half of my familys' French, and they all farking rule.

Cold is not a French word... French ppl are tonnes of fun!
Sorry, Je suis une Canadien.
Fracais...c'est un bonne lang.

LOL! BUDWEISER!!!!!!!!!!!!


More like Molson, Blue (Labatt's Blue) & Green (Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale)

BUDWEISER!! I don't drink it I just support Bud racing. BUDWEISER!!!

DaleJrBlueEyes said: You all are worse than us nascar fans. Lets just say I chose a good old american sport over hockey today.

I'm sorry, but how can driving a car be considered a sport? Car racing is NOT a sport. It takes no athletic ability whatsoever. I'm not saying it doesn't take skill - not everyone can drive around hairpin turns at 150+mph and not crash, but athletic ability? Don't think so.

/putting on the armor for the backlash I'm expecting on this one.....

Wow! You want to get into that car and drive around fighting G forces for 400 laps. It wipes them out. Its a sport and I bet you couldn't do it. You would crash your ass into the wall. It takes tons of strength to turn that car at 200 mph. And thats the reason they don't drive when they are sick or hurt. They work out and build up their strength and all that stuff just like real athelets. By the end of the race they are just as tired if not more so than someone who just played a Football game or Hockey. It helps to read up on it. There is a race I think its the Indiapolis 500 which is 500 laps. Every year you will see the men climb out of their cars and kneel on the ground cause they can't stand up because the fight over turning the car was pretty wild. It's about fighting G forces and they do it constantly for four to five hours at a time. Tell me that doesn't take athelic ability.

Its not the race at Indy thats the Brickyard 500 its another race which Im having a hard time finding in the book. Im thinking bristol cause they are fighting a lot of g forces there.

NASCAR may be a sport, but the reason it exists still eludes me. Incredibly dangerous to participate in, unbearably boring to watch... Yeah, this sounds like a good sport!

Well you know people could say Football is incredably boring. Did you know that they Daytona 500 got higher ratings than the SUperbowl and can sit over 300000 fans and the race was sold out. Yes its boring believe me I know. Today's race was a huge example of boring. But in Football one can die from a broken neck. In Hockey being hit in the wrong place can make you die. Same in Baseball. They chose to go out and play those sports just as Nascar drivers chose to go out and race. They know the risk. It's no different than any other sport. Nascar is far safer now than it ever was. The men who walk away from major crashs outwieght the men who died.

Damn, Dale, you don't hafta bite my head off. I said that not everyone could do it - including myself. Damn right I'd crash into a wall. I said it takes SKILL, but I maintain that there's not any athletic ability needed.

And you're right. Some people think football is boring. Some people think baseball is boring. To each his own. I don't like NASCAR or any kind of car racing. You enjoy it - good on ya. Thousands of others do too. I'm not doubting it's popularity. But you don't hear it referred to as "The Sport of Stock Car Racing." It's just Stock Car Racing. Or INdy Car Racing.

But, I see that this is like trying to see ice to an eskimo. We'll agree to disagree on it - before it gets ugly. Ok?

/extending hand

Well they work out just as much as (With the exception of spencer- which is why he sucks) any other athelete that plays sports. That's what I am saying. It takes atheletic ability and endurance to race. Just the same with Football, basketball and baseball and other sports. :) But don't worry I don't hold grudges.

At least you called them toques. ;)

And they kicked our pathetic asses into next week. Go Canada!

Dalejr- would you please lay off the flaming and reactionary posts?

We're all friends here, just havin' a good time, not taking things too seriously.

Thanks :)


Oooh.... you yanks are going to eat your words....

Vive Canada! Vive Canada libre!

(with apologies to Charles de Gaulle)

Is Golf a sport?

I don't think they are reactionary posts I was explaining. As you know over the internet it's hard to convy emotion. I was explaining why it's a sport. And then explaining why other things are sports too. And how they compair. I wasn't taking anything seriously and I said I wasn't holding grudges and that was jokingly because I never was mad. As I said before the internet ain't a great place for expressing emotions. :P I still love them all. Love you too Wil. :P

Bluesman -

You are opening up another can of worms. It could be argued all day whether golf is a sport of not.

If NASCAR has to be a sport, than so does Golf. And Bowling.

LOL! Well I think Bowling and Golf are considered sports arent they?

Dale Jr,

With a name like Dale Jr, I am assuming that you take Nascar very seriously.

Maybe wil would understand if it was a discussion about if acting was really an Art, I mean your not drawing anything, or making a statue, your just reading some lines, about as hard as driving a car or something like that.

Im not gonna ask him myself cause I dont like controversy. It upsets me too much.

Dear United States,

I thoroughly enjoyed the severe ass-kicking that we lay down for you on Sunday. It almost seems impious for us to have beaten you so outrageously on a day that God claims for his own.

The score was not, in fact, all that close. You tried your best, and two points is really much better than I thought you'd do. Don't feel badly, not every country can be the best at hockey. In fact, if you're not Canada you don't have much of a chance at the title.

We did in fact invent the sport. Then we honed and perfected it at countless early morning peewee practices, outside on frozen shinny ponds, as the first generation of women to play on high school and university teams.

If you're interested in stealing Canada's thunder in the world of sports I'd suggest you continue to focus your attention on basketball (another of those great, Canadian-invented sports). Clearly when it comes to hockey we toque-wearing, poutine-eating, eh?-saying, dog-sled to work Canucks are out of your league.

Enjoy your silver medals, and start practicing for 2006. Hopefully by then you can provide us with a more entertaining game.

Les Chers Etats-Unis,

J'ai complètement apprécié âne-ass-kicking grave ce nous fixe pour vous dimanche. Il semble presque impie pour que nous vous battent tellement outrageously un jour que Dieu réclame pour ses propres.

Les points n'étaient pas, en fait, tous ce que étroit. Vous avez essayé votre meilleur, et deux points est vraiment bien mieux qu'I pensé vous ferait. Ne sentez pas mal, non chaque pays peut être le meilleur à l'hockey. En fait, si vous n'êtes pas le Canada vous n'avez pas beaucoup d'une chance au titre.

Nous avons en fait inventé le sport. Alors nous l'avons rectifié et avons perfectionné aux pratiques en matière tôt innombrables de peewee de matin, extérieur sur les étangs shinny figés, comme génération des femmes de jouer sur des équipes de lycée et d'université.

Si vous êtes intéressé à voler le tonnerre du Canada dans le monde des sports je suggérerais que vous continuiez à concentrer votre attention sur le basket-ball (une autre de ces grands, Canadien-inventés sports). Clairement quand il vient à l'hockey nous toque-wearing, poutine-eating, eh?-disant, chien-traîneau de travailler Canucks sont hors de votre ligue.

Appréciez vos médailles d'argent, et commencez à pratiquer pour 2006. Si tout va bien d'ici là vous pouvez nous fournir un jeu de divertissement.

Seriously guys, only Richter kept you from a blow-out.


Your getting a little to worked up about a NHL North-South All Star game. & Alot of the guys sat out because the NHL season is still up for grabs.

Its not going to be referred to as the "Miracle on Ice" like when we beat the Russians.

Since when is basketball a Canadian invented sport? From encarta.com. Nice try Heather, but basketball is 100% American!

VIII. History

In early December 1891, Luther Gulick, chairman of the physical education department at the School for Christian Workers (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts, instructed physical education teacher James Naismith to invent a new game to entertain the school's athletes during the winter season. With an ordinary soccer ball, Naismith assembled his class of 18 young men, appointed captains of two nine-player teams, and introduced them to the game of Basket Ball (then two words). Naismith, who had outlined 13 original rules, dispatched the school janitor to find two boxes to be fastened to the balcony railing at opposite sides of the gymnasium, where they would serve as goals. The school janitor, however, only found two half-bushel peach baskets, and the game was played with these.

James Naismith was a Canadian working in the States


But, it was invented in the US and Luther Gulick was American.

Damn Canucks, trying to take credit for everything. Sounds like Al Gore saying he invented the internet......


Found this quote on another blog. Overheard in Utah from some street corner,

"Canada is just J.V. America! Always has been, always will be!"

Sounds bitter.


:'( USA lost. I was so upset. Yet happy for the Canadians at the same time. But also mad at them in a way. God, I wanted the US to win!!! Ah well, I guess it wasn't meant to be... I'm proud of our USA boys (and girls!!) :)

"With an ordinary soccer ball, Naismith assembled his class of 18 young men, appointed captains of two nine-player teams, and introduced them to the game of Basket Ball (then two words). Naismith, who had outlined 13 original rules, dispatched the school janitor to find two boxes to be fastened to the balcony railing at opposite sides of the gymnasium, where they would serve as goals."

By your own argument the game was comissioned by an American, but invented by an expat Canuck.

Incidentally, Al Gore did play a pretty crucial role in inventing the Internet. I ought to know, I was the lady who asked him to come up with something to allow quick and inexpensive information sharing on a global scale. Also, that newish beard of his simply rocks. In 2004 I say the Democrats should just nominate the beard. I love it.

I've got nothing against America; it's a great place to visit when I want to shoot guns off in an old Civil War cemetary (I've got some Washington DC Republican attorney friends, they actually encourage gunplay when vacationing at their Pennsylvania farm), eat an obscene amount of food for $6.99, or buy overpriced and nasty water-beer.

You've got yourself a pretty nice place down there; a little too right-wing and self-righteous sometimes, but then nobody's perfect. You've got a moron as President, we've got a jackass as Prime Minister. At least you've got term limits to oust President Monkey-Head, we're apparently stuck with our incoherent leader forever.

Yep and AL Gore invented pants too.

Does it really matter who the hell invented basketball? Next thing, you Canucks will be taking credit for inventing baseball. This has turned into a "I'm right, you're wrong" kind of thing when it was supposed to be all in good fun. Besides, if we really want to be technical about it - the only TRUE americans and canadians are the Indians. We're all just a bunch of transplanted Europeans, Africans, and Asians, with a few Pacific Islanders. American or Canadian is just where you were born. It's a state of mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be an American. I love my country and most of the liberties it allows me. But, when asked their heritage, most people will answer "I'm German, Irish, Norwegian and English." or whatever countries your ancestors hail from. No one is 100% American. Or 100% Canadian. You hail from Canada. I hail from America.

"I've got nothing against America; it's a great place to visit when I want to shoot guns off in an old Civil War cemetary (I've got some Washington DC Republican attorney friends, they actually encourage gunplay when vacationing at their Pennsylvania farm), eat an obscene amount of food for $6.99, or buy overpriced and nasty water-beer. "

And I've got nothing against Canada. It's a great place to visit if you want to, um, if you want to, um.....yeah.


Al Gore invented pants?! Jeez, he should have been able to buy his way past the electoral college with his royalties.

If you want to get all technical about origin we're all transplanted Africans (by most estimates Native Americans arrived between 10-30 kya. Sorry, anthropology major in university, can't resist urge to wallow in my personal obsessions). Unless those Mars Society whackos (or visionaries, if you will) are right, in which case all life on Earth is transplanted ancient Marian or comet life.

Incidentally, the day I show any enthusiasm for baseball is the day you know body-snatchers are among us.

Hrm. This is going to seem like I'm just looking for further argument, but I'm going to assume that you're reasonable and ask it anyway (our discussion so far prompted me to recall this question, I have wondered about it for a while).

In history class at school what does the US teach was the outcome of the War of 1812. I remember talking to an exchange student from Alabama who was certain that America had won that one, based on her high school history teacher.

By the way, the answer to your "[Canada's] a great place to visit if you want to, um, if you want to..." is 'get drunk.' Canada's a great place to visit if you want to get drunk. Also, to watch merchants sweat with delight when you brandish your stable currency. :)

Honestly, I don't remember what is taught as the outcome to the war of 1812. History class was freshman or sophomore year in high school and that was 13-14 years ago.

I took US History in college (and it went thru the Civil War), but again, I don't remember what is taught. And I believe all my syllabi are in my mothers basement back home. When I hear War
of 1812, I think of Tchaikovsky's Overture that is played with Gusto by the Boston Pops on the 4th of July.

Wish I could be more help - maybe someone who can remember that far back can answer it for you.

As for getting drunk. That's what you can do in Wisconsin. For cheap. $20 gets you verschnickered AND pays for pizza, taco bell or Perkins afterward. Especially on Mondays. College bar back home as $.25 tappers. 4 glasses of beer for $1.

Let me get this right. the lil dude from star trek TNG made and maintains this website?
Wow Theres TNG repeats on bbc2 for ages. He was well flirtin with whoopi goldberg
Scotland Uk

Yes, MikePepsi, Wil made and maintains and posts almost daily on this site.

Hockey wasn't invented in Canada. It was invented in Norway.... but the first official game happened in Montréal.
St-Césaire, Canada

25 cent beer may sound good to you 'Mericans, but that's still a sizeable portion of my grad school savings with the exchange rate. :)

We used to have $1 beers but after a few incidents involving members of the football team urinating on the bar they decided it wasn't a great idea.

Mmmmmm..... beeeeeer.... I've got to go....

Hey, Canada hasn't got ALL of America's film work - they're sharing it with us AUSTRALIANS!

Nod. If the script calls for winter head to Canada, if it calls for summer head to Australia. :)

blame canada

blame canada

Canada kicks ass at hockey. Its our sport not yours U.S! And if u say its ur take this into prespective WE'VE won gold in OLYMPICS in 2002. Kicked your ass. And the captain of red wings is canadain so HA! i laugh in your face u.s. never ever say hockey is an American sport.

Hi-I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. (for the U.S citizens reading this, it's a city of about 670,000 people. A little on the small side, but alot of fun and full of heritage buildings downtown and around the city. Traffics awesome, since I live just inside the city, yet it still only takes me 15 minutes to get downtown. The city attracts alot of stars since J-lo and Richard Gere just finished a movie here, as did Harrison Ford. There seems to be alot of U.S people that don't really have a clue about us, since all the jokes of the 80's have come back to haunt the majority of us. First off, we're ALL Americans since it's the continent that we share. Second, it's truly annoying to always here U.S people saying "howz it goin eh?" All the talk of back bacon, toques etc. etc. What the Hell man?! That's all humour started by Canadian Comedians in the 80's on a skit called the "Bob and Doug Mackenzie Show." It's NOT the way the majority of Canadians speak, or what we all do! Right now, its August 1st, 2003, and in Winnipeg, the temperature in Celcius was 31 degrees today! Spring, Summer and Fall are hot days in alot of Provinces in this Country. It isn't all snow and "igloos." Usually, people from the U.S coming here for the first time are surprised as they drive through the city and see that it is no different than anywhere in the states. Brand new Vehicles, sky rise buildings, state of the art transit, very hot women, GREAT Beaches-(Victoria, Grand Beach and Patricia Beach are only three that come to mind) Playboy Magazine featured GranD Beach in the late 90's, President Jimmy Carter, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, etc. etc. etc. have all been here and loved it-and the average Canadian will tell you that Winnipeg isn't even on THERE map for the top 5 Canadian cities! The thing that blows me away, is that when I visit the states, and people find out I'm Canadian, they start talking to me like this "Oh-howzit goin eh? Nodoubt abowtit eh? You guys live in igloos up there? Got phones up there? God man! Give it a huge break already guys! Currently, Winnipeg has one of only two state of the art research labs in North America, we're home to the Winnipeg Goldeye Baseball team, and the CFL'S Winnipeg Blue Bombers. (Incidentally, the CFL has been around for 100 years guys. Much longer than the NFL. Forget about Hockey for a second. A Canadian invented the game of Basketball, a Canadian came up with the comic book hero Superman, and some of the best musicians in the world come from Canada. All this howz it going eh? stuff comes from the accent of the people living on the coasts of Canada. The equivalent of Mountain people or deep southerners in the states. Sprry to be so winded, but I am not looking to trash the U.S or build Canada up to seem better. Just wanted some of you out there to know that we're no different than our U.S neighbors. (We don't have a huge military, because there really is only 30 million people living in Canada compared to 10 times this in the U.S! California probably contains the population of Canada. The other thing is, instead of being English speaking/spanish speaking in terms of divided demographics-we're more or less split between English and French speaking, with a smattering of every other nation. Crime is relatively low-HealthCare is FREE-AND YOU CAN PURCHASE A HERITAGE HOME IN WINNIPEG WITH 5 PLUS BEDROOMS, 4000 SQ. FEET ON 5 ACRES OF LAND FOR $150,000. So-even if this letter doesn't help my fellow "Americans" in the U.S to better understand us, life here is awesome.

Canada is going to drag the your Americans asses throught the dirt and afterwords they will resemble something along the lines of your washed up career

I am Canadian - and I am proud of it.

This is a good example of why the rest of the world can't stand Americans; read all the comments.

I am sure you would try to conquer Canada....just like Iraq (now the U.S. military is dragging their poor men home in body bags). Good luck! We have heart that would kick your ass. Get an education, loser!

...OUR TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE!" (not like the American dictatorship [with Bush] bringing the U.S. to war on a lie).

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