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"Individually we can get angry. Together we can, and will, make a diference."

I wrote those words recently, hoping to rally and inspire people to action.

I was talking about the rapid erosion of our free speech and parody rights on the internet, but that phrase applies to any movement, really.

One voice is easily ignored or silenced, but when other people add their voices to yours, you become a chorus not easily ignored.

It turns out that a lot of people got angry that I wouldn't be attending the 15th anniversary of TNG celebration next month. It turns out that those voices joined together in emails, phone calls, internet postings and FAXes. It turns out that those voices became a chorus not easily ignored.

Thursday afternoon, I had a message on my machine from Adam Malin, president of Creation. He told me that he'd been "flooded" with emails, phone calls and FAXes. He said he'd read the internet postings, and he wanted to talk with me. He told me that he felt terrible, sick, and was very upset that I felt the way that I did. He was apologetic, and hoped I'd call him back so we could speak directly and if nothing else, clear the air.

When I set the phone down in it's cradle, I was surprised to feel my hands shaking.

I was, quite honestly, stunned. Shocked. A phone call from a lawyer I would have expected. An angry phone call, maybe, given the rage people were expressing on message boards at my own site and elsewhere. But a personal, cordial, apologetic call? I just didn't think it would happen.

I didn't have a chance to call him back until yesterday, during my lunch hour at work. See, we've been busting our asses at Arena to pull together this HALO National Championship event, and yesterday was the culmination of weeks of 12 hour days, of hundreds if not thousands of individual hours of work.

So lunch comes, and I phoned him.

I apologized for not calling him back right away. I explain to him that we're working on this special, and it's maxed out my internal CPU.

Before I can say anything, he apologizes again for not talking to me directly, and letting his underlings deal with me instead.

He tells me that he has never thought of me as "not part of the family."

I tell him that I have been given the impression from everyone at Creation, even the people with whom I am friends, that there are "levels," and it (rightly) goes: Captains, Data, everyone else...then there was me.

I tell him that I've felt marginalized, and treated like my contributions to Trek weren't important to him, Creation, the fans, or Paramount.

He apologizes again, tells me again that he doesn't feel that way. Tells me that he wanted to make it right. He wants to have me at that convention.

I am stricken by how genuine he seems. I am beginning to feel badly for not going over the heads of his employees and speaking directly to him, myself.

I also notice something that is a new feeling to me, as far as Star Trek goes: I'm being treated like an adult. Treated with respect, spoken to fotrhrightly and candidly.

This may seem like an overstatement of the glaringly obvious, but even though I am thirty years old, I still feel like I'm "the kid" where Trek is concerned. Not feeling that way is something new to me, and I'm not sure how to deal with it.

Adam tells me that he has heard great things about my sketch group. He's heard that they are fabulous, and the fans really love the show we do. He tells me that he wants to hire them for the show, wants me to speak at the show, and he really wants to make it work out.

I tell him that there wasn't time to get the group together now, and produce a quality show. He is really upset about that. He asks me if I'd be willing to get my group together for Grand Slam 2003.

I notice that we're having a cordial, comfortable conversation. It's like we've both been stung. Me by the posture taken during the previous negotiation, and him by the vitriolic rebuke from the fans. He seems to genuinely feel badly that my feelings were so hurt, and I get the palpable impression that he wants to make things right.

He asked me again if I'd be willing to do the show for a very reasonable fee, just a little bit below what I was asking for before negotiations broke down last month.

I am immdediately torn.

I think about this thing that someone said in the comments yesterday: "If you turn your back on Trek one more time, I'm buying you a revolving door."

I think hard about that. It burns inside me.

I dont know what to do.

On the one hand, I want Trek behind me.

On the other hand, it will never be behind me no matter what, because, let's face it: Trek was and is HUGE. Bigger than me. Bigger than I will ever be in my (stalled and slowing) acting career.

After I'd gotten the first phone call from Adam, I talked it over with Travis (from Arena) who is a very good friend of mine. Knows me very, very well.

Told him I'm having mixed feelings about it. I can think of reasons to do the show, and reasons to not do the show.

He asked me why I didn't want to do it.

I gave him some reasons, pro and con.

He asked me if I was happy writing.

I told him I was.

He asked me if I liked being on stage.

I told him that I did.

He asked me why I could possibly not want to be onstage in front of people who want to like me, and read my work to the same. He reminded me of the sketch shows we've done together at conventions, and how we have always felt great afterwards.

He asks me again why I can't embrace Star Trek as something wonderful that I was part of, and at the same time continue to move forward as an actor and writer.

I couldn't answer him.

Pride? Fear?

I don't fucking know.

The people on the 'net have rallied around me about this. The fans have raged at Creation, and Creation listened.

But there's that revolving door. I'm stuck in it, big time.

I think of this email I got where a guy said he felt like I was trying to convince myself that it is okay to be booted from Star Trek things. He's right.

I think of a comment where a guy criticizes me for being so angst-ridden about Star Trek, accuses me of being full of shit, says he can see right through me.

He has a point too. I meant what I said about being cut from the film. But having the safety bubble burst? Well, I'm still standing in it's remains, hoping I can find a way to refill it, just in case. Setting Wesley free, embracing a sense of freedom? I meant that, as well.

I feel like I have grown older, and changed. But I feel unfulfilled, unsure, and I know that the last few months of entries here have focused on that. Maybe I'm giving way too much weight to the comment of one random person who didn't even have the courage to put an email address with the anonymous comment. For all I know I could be biting on the biggest troll ever.

But there is truth to what that anonymous poster said. I'm torn. I am caught in a revolving door, and I don't know what will happen, and I am filled with angst, and that feeling is burning inside of me, keeping me awake at night, distracting me every minute of every day. It's burning in me so fiercely, so hot and insistent, that I have lost perspective. I can't make objective decisions and weigh the pros and cons effectively.

So I seek counsel from some very good friends of mine. Some people who I really trust and respect. I write to them what I've written above, with the following pros and cons:


  • Fans will be ecstatic that Creation listened, that they fought for me and won.
  • Fans will be happy to see me in person.
  • I'll earn money for my family and be able to perform what I love to do for an audience who *FINALLY* wants to like me.
  • That revolving door feeling, and the fear of a massive backlash from...well, I'm not sure who, but backlash nevertheless.

It seems pretty slam-dunk, right? I should do the show and feel great about it. But it's not that easy for me. I am extremely conflicted, until I get the following responses:

"This could not be easier, but that's really because I'm not you.

You don't have a choice, man. When you just had a few little tiny hairs, something in you nailed that part of the "kid that was to be forever hated"(tm).

I honestly believe that you were hated because everyone wanted to be like you and because you were a fucking kid in an adult world and there was a new crowd suddenly attracted--nevermind that we've got the black guy with the hairclip on his eyes and a Klingon on the ship...not to mention that fucking hot Martina bitch.

No, you were the biggest oddball, and you didn't have a clue what was happening to you, no matter how fucking smart you were--and Wil, you're no dumb guy.

Hell, you know I know that you're a million times harder on yourself than anyone else could be in a single day.

You've managed to take all the asshole things you did when you were younger and attempt to make right on them.

Again, if you're at all like me, you probably get irate if you catch yourself littering because of the Karma Train that'll come back to hit you if you cause some old guy somewhere some extra effort to clean up your mess, even if it's his job.

Damn, man. I know what you're doing...I do it, too.

So, you think you'd be compromising or something if you went and changed your mind and went back to the show.

I don't. You're going to enjoy it. People like you.

You looked in the face of a thousand-million internetters and said, "Hey, I'm a fucking human like you, I've been a dick, it's not right, this is what I did and this is what I think now. Sorry; won't happen again."

People like you, man. In fact, you're probably not even capitalizing off of all the Internet Momentum(tm) you've gained in the past year. Shit, Wil, people all over the place NOW LIKE YOU. Let's face it, you've only gotten limited access to those auditions, but how many magazines, newspapers, tv shows, etc. have you been on because you're a fucking computer geek-boy now?
You want my point-blank, in-your-fucking-face opinion right now?

Too bad, I'm giving it to you anyway.

For starters, go there.

Go there in a big fucking "in your face, but I'm still just lil ol' Wil" way. Have the fucking time of your life--do it FOR YOU for the fans, not for the fans. These people want to see you--and even if they say something negative, just laugh it off like water on a duck and say, "Cool, but you know, you really don't know me" and know that you've won in that statement alone.

Then, Mr. Man, I think you need to start doing something to have the voices of these hundreds of thousands of souls who, together, are not only fucking bright when they're not trolling, but who are also strong-minded and very likely to do something about making you an actor.


Yeah. You've got a fucking posse, man.

Truer words could not be said. Now, what does it fucking take to get all of these people together to say in a single voice, "We Want Wil" and have them get you back on screen?

I don't have the answer there, but I guarantee you that I'm going to be the first person to try and figure it out...people want to see you. People are rooting for you all over the place and you don't even know it because you've let yourself become accustomed to not being quite so famous.

But, dammit, man, you're the movie-star guy that's "just like me...holy shit!" and you're an underdog. You're the guy that people want to see get some momentum behind and get to the top--and then remember each and every one of them on the way up and once you get there, because, no one does that. Everyone forgets that one little geek that didn't have to show up at the con and ask for your autograph...who made it there for you and saved money to go.

If you forget him, he'll take you down as quickly as he put you up there, and you know that very well, my friend. They taught you that already.

You're a blessed man. Don't forget that. I'll never be on a G4 network or on a game show, and that's cool, but believe me, I'd want to do it in a heartbeat. You, on the other hand, can do it with your eyes closed--and that's true. G4 is your stepping stone, in case you hadn't noticed that just yet.

Let me wrap up with something that Michael Jordan once said: "Every night when I go out on the court, I think about that father and son out there who are seeing me play basketball--and that's the only reason they're here. This might just be their only chance. Sometimes, I even wish I could trade places with them because of the great feeling--the great moment this is for them. Every night when I go out on the court, I play my best...for them."

So, get your black-ass out on the court. Hit the fucking circuits and get busy busy busy, man. No fucking infomercial is going to be your death, so get that fucking preconceived notion out of your head and put the rubber to the road.

Dunno; maybe you'll be pissed at some of this, but the truth is, I don't care about that. I care about the fact that you SEEM to be letting some of your potential wash-away from you, and you're too good for that.

Look, I don't know all that goes on, so that obviously makes me very uninformed, but if this is my opinion of you, then imagine what other people must feel if they're your fans? You've become an icon all over again, believe it or not."

Another friend said:

"I just talked to [his wife, who is very wise] about it, who had this to say:

First off, she thinks you should do it (for reasons I'll get into in a second).

But the big thing (again, still her talking) is that you should do this for you.

Whatever you decide, right now, it's gotta be for you, and not because X amount of people will judge you for doing it or not doing it.

If you feel it's right for you, and will benefit your family, and your writing, and gain some recognition for you, AND you'll get to see some old Trek buddies again, and that's what you want, then you gotta do that thing.

But don't do it if you now feel pressured by the fans to do it.

And don't NOT do it because you're afraid of what the fans will think.

Whatever you do, do it because you, you personally need to.

Okay, here's where I start talking.

To put this in some perspective, I remember a time when Shatner wouldn't do the con thing. There was a period between the cancellation of the series and the first movie where he wouldn't even mention Star Trek in interviews (which was actually kind of surreal).

That said, he came back, did the movies and lives very well off of them and off of the additional fame from a new audience not as familiar with the series.

Because I think there comes a point where you have to acknowledge that This Thing You Did Back When is a part of you that's always going to be there. It's like Sue Olson (the actress who played Cindy Brady) once said--you have to accept that people will always think of you as that character, because only then can you really move on.

Once you accept that, the audience accepts you...and paradoxically, on your own terms.

See, this whole "Turn Your Back On Trek" thing, if you let thatget to you...how do I put this?

If you don't do it because you have to Turn Your Back On Trek, well, then you're not really turning your back on Trek--you're still letting the Trek thing dictate what you do.

And, while we're putting our cards on the table, here, I think that you shouldn't look at not turning your back on Trek and finding your own voice as being mutually exclusive. As a former convention-goer, the Trek (or otherwise) speakers who I thought were the coolest were the ones who accepted that Trek was the reason they were there and why we were there, as opposed to the guys who seemed weirded out or perplexed that anyone gave a shit.

Not that you'd be that way--I'm talking about an initial attitude going in, not the handling of the experience from that point on.

As far as you feeling that you're renegging on what you said in your post...and here's some perspective:

The situation is different now.

It's not that they called you, snubbed you, and you're going back anyway to eat shit for the peanuts.

It's that they contacted you, snubbed you initially, then realized they misjudged your appeal (and ability to bring in a LOT of new people) and finally were willing to meet you on terms you could accept.

I'm not gonna lie and say that some people won't be assholes and call sour grapes on you for "singing a different tune."

Expect it. I know you are.

You've been down this path before. We all know you have.

I mean, it's great publicity for the website, and for Arena, and for you. You will have an ability to connect with the fans again--but this time it'll be a little different, because you're probably going to see more people you know you from the site--and Malin knows that."

Mixed in with all of this, I got an email from a really nice woman who organized fans to share their outrage about this. Creation reverses themselves ... PLEASE do go, otherwise IMO Creation will win, as they can say you turned THEM down after they met your (original) terms or soemthing like that. Then promote the hell out of the convention on your website. Perhaps if Creation and the others see how powerful you and your website is, they just MIGHT sit up and take notice, and I'm not just talking about conventions here, but perhaps it might help you in other ways (as yet unseen) as well.

I'm calling for a campaign here to do right by you ... 'cause I think it stinks. NO one messes with the Wil Wheaton, or they'll find that they have the 'Possee' as you call us, to contend with, and I suspect we are a much MORE powerful together, than Creation realizes.

I'm doing this for you, cause I think you are a neat guy ... but also mostly because, remember, I've been a Trekkie longer than you've been around (before you were born), and this is now really got me STEAMED how on their High Horse that Creation has gotten of late."

So. I think long and hard about these things, and still I feel heavily conflicted.

I revisit those pros and cons, and think to myself:

I'd love to have a chance to read some of my stuff for an audience who would really "get" it.

I'd love to go in front of fans who, for the first time EVER **LIKE** me.

But that revolving door is spinning, and I don't know how I can face the people who said "Good for you! Leave Star Trek behind you forver!"

Well, right now, the absolute truth is, as my friend said:

"Because I think there comes a point where you have to acknowledge that This Thing You Did Back When is a part of you that's always going to be there. It's like Sue Olson (the actress who played Cindy Brady) once said--you have to accept that people will always think of you as that character, because only then can you really move on. "

That's the freedom I was referring to in the last part of The Wesley Dialogues.

"If you don't do it because you have to Turn Your Back On Trek, well, then you're not really turning your back on Trek--you're still letting the Trek thing dictate what you do... you shouldn't look at not turning your back on Trek and finding your own voice as being mutually exclusive."

Well, I'm going to wrestle with that last one for awhile, I think, and WWDN readers can expect more angst in the months to come. Sorry, it's just part of the process. There are hundreds of great weblogs to read, and lots of pretty trees to look at outside if you'd rather not read that stuff here.

Well, this is 9 pages now, so I think it's time to get back to the point:

Adam and I talk.

It is a good, long, honest, respectful talk.

We clear the air.

He tells me that his profit margin on the Vegas show was not several million dollars. He tells me that it was very, very slim, relative to his investment, which was nearly half a million dollars.

He tells me that he didn't want me at the Grand Slam on stage because he wanted to hold off until the 15th show. He thought it would be cooler if he waited to have me come on then.

He tells me that he had no idea about my website, or about how the fans felt about me now.

He asks me if I'd reconsider.

I reconsider. I replay all those emails in my head, I balance the pros and cons, and I say to him,

"Adam. I am really conflicted about this. I feel like each time I do a Star Trek event, it's...well, it's not necessarily a step backwards, but it certainly isn't a step forwards, but I feel like I should listen to the voice of the fans. We should all listen to the voice of the fans, because that voice has been increasingly silenced over the last decade.

I love to perform, and I would like to give something back to the fans. I would love to attend the event, and be part of the celebration, but I'd also like to share some of my writing with the fans. Would you be able to put me in an evening spot, so I can read somet things that I've written?"

"Is it funny?" He asks me.

"It's funny, it's sad, it's bittersweet...it's really a reflection of the person I am, and people seem to respond to it."

"Can I book your comedy group for Grand Slam in 2003?"

"Yes. I'd love to bring my guys out. We love to perform."

We talk about fees, and we agree on a very fair fee, which is right on par with the rest of the actors.

I will do a question and answer session at the convention, and I will bring selections of my writing, and read them for the audience during and evening program.

I ask him for one more thing. I tell him that I have more in common with the fans now than I do with the actors, and I keep hearing how the fans are getting the in-person-autograph shaft these days.

I want him to put my autograph table in an area where I can sit for a few hours, so all the fans can get their stuff signed, so I can talk with people who are so inclined.

He tells me that he'd really like that. Many actors just won't do that, and he thinks it would be great.

I feel very good about this conversation, and I feel very excited to be part of this celebration.

Resolution? It's a long ways off. That's why they call it "angst."

But there is something wonderful buried in all of this:

I doubt I would have gotten this phone call if there hadn't been such a loud and immediate response from the fans.

You spoke up on my, and your, behalf, and your voice was heard.

Think about that for a moment.

Your voice was heard. You made a difference. Creation is the 800 pound gorilla of conventions. They don't have to listen to anyone.

But they listened to you. They listened to us.

That, my friends, is huge, and everyone who is reading this gets to own part of that.

I strongly suggest that you take a moment, and phone, write, FAX, or email Adam or Gary or whomever at Creation, and thank them for hearing your voices.

And if you come to the 15th show, please, please, please seek me out and introduce yourself. I'd like to know you.


Bravo, Wil... there's nothing more than needs to be sad. :)

er... said. Figures I finally post a comment and there's a typo. ;)

Way to go Wil! I was one of the people that called Creation on Thursday, and they were really surprised at the response they got from the fans. I look forward to your appearance!


The possessive "its" is spelled without an apostrophe, Wil. As in, "the phone back in ITS cradle," not "it's cradle." And "I'm still standing in ITS remains," not "it's remains." "It's" is short for "it is," and you wouldn't say "the phone back in it is cradle," now would you?

I do think you're a tremendous memoirist, Wil. Keep it up. Why not write a book? I'm sure it would be very marketable.

And congratulations on finally getting the repsect you deserve, BTW.

See ya at the convention! :)

Dude, you people rock. I'm glad that there has been a happy medium made where Wil can connect with the fans, be part of the Trek family, and keep moving forward.

Where there's a Wil there's a way. ;)

Wil -- I'm so happy that you'll get to perform at the 15th convention. As to the revolving door -- just remember, they are as easy to go forwards through, as they are to go back through.

I wish I could go to the con...being on the other side of the country and broke sort of hinders that though. :-/

Good luck!

I think it's brill that you will be at the con. Also it's great that Creation has heard the fan's voices.
Hope you have a good time there Wil and hope to see you soon.


Isn't it incredible what people will do for one another these days. I personally think that it is great that Creation asked you to come back and do the show, after all you ARE part of the family. Do not worry about some people on this website think about you doing the show, they were dissing you in the first place. Star Trek TNG will always be a part of you and you a part of it. It is something you can never totally walk away from. Good luck to you in all you do.

Until your next post......


Yay! I'm really happy for you. It just figures though that it has to be the weekend my cousin is getting married. :P

Now I see that you like to write long:)! Sorry, but I do not read this yet. I just saw that how long is this. I will write more after read!:)

Way to go Wil! I'll definately send in a thank you to Creation. Do you have a link?

I'll still be in Germany for the 15th celebration, but look forward to seeing/meeting you at Grand Slam 2003.

Best on and on!


Wil, you have choices that some of us wish we had to make. You got it good my brother. A loving family and fans that care.

Congratulations and I hope that you got everything
in writing... ;)

This is a Good Thing.

I am so impressed with the way you have handled things.

Have LOTS of fun at the convention!

Where does creation take place? And when does it start?

Wil, I never comment here, but I'm a faithful reader, and I just wanted to say I've appreciated your writing about wrestling with your career very much - it struck a chord with me, and made me appreciate how priorites change over time - I hope you enjoy the convention even more than you think you will, and have great stories to tell your family when it's over.

I wanna go now...

Hey, that's good news Wheaton. Now just get your ass over to the UK and do a convention. :)

Finally, one for the good guys!


Glad to hear that our voices can be heard and make a difference. I, unfortunately, cannot go to this wonderful event being recently unemployed and on the wrong coast. Will you be making those wonderful signed photos available to us poor unfortunates via WWDN? I, for one, would gladly buy one (I can use the money I won't be spending taking my family to the new TNG movie since you aren't going to be in it.)

And by the way, go to the convention and enjoy yourself.


You should write one of those big three-volume novels, Wil.
Oh, you just did ;)

Well, maybe you've done your little bit towards making them not complete jerks any more. I won't be dropping in to see you as I'm the other side of the world, but I'm glad to know I was here at an Important Time.
Most important, have fun there!

How I wish the con was in NJ! :) I really hope one day soon you make it to a con out here, because I would so love to meet you. You seem like a really groovy person, and I enjoy reading what you write. Just thought I'd let you know. Let us know how it goes...
Love, Alicia

Congrats Wil, I'd love to get to the convention but it's a wee bit too far from here. But hey if ya ever get around to Toronto or Montreal I may come see ya. Fear the people, for we are the true rulers... muwahhahaha hahaha ha ha ahh. Ahem.. Have a good weekend :)

Dude, that big e-mail made me all misty.

I wish I was going to that con now.

So, finally Wil gets some respect and recognition. Its been a long time coming, and you deserve it.

This is pure opportunity -- don't let it slide because you're afraid what some people may (or may not) say.

As far as Creation goes, remember this -- They need YOU. You don't need THEM. You've proven that already.

As far as the fans go, they need YOU, and as we have now learned, you also need THEM.

Go see them, Wil. Congrats.

Good to hear, very good to hear.

On a side note, I'd like to thank the boys and girls at WinAmp, as their random shuffle just brought up Tool's track, Schism.

Back to the main thingy.

I'd have to say that making this website was quite possibly one of the best moves Uncle Willy has ever made.

I can't think of anything else to say. Rock on, dude.

Wil -

I'm really pleased for you. Your friends got it right when they pointed out what your posse can do.

Your writing has been so good as you've worked through all these issues. Shall we get the posse to work on the literary contract?

I'm looking forward to the day you make it to a con here in NYC.


PS - Plus now you can relax and enjoy the Dodgers' race for the playoffs (as we watch the Mets continue to lose...).

Hi Wil,

I'd just like to say that I'm happy that things have worked out for you re Creation and being part the 15th show. Congratulations on having so many people believe in you--sometimes you need other people to believe in you if you can't believe in yourself or if you have doubts about certain things.

Now... if only you'd come to the UK... I'm at best, a part-time Star Trek fan but I've seen some of your work on ST:TNG and read this blog and would love to meet you... someday =)

Hi Wil! I think you made the right decision.

I went to the 2001 Slanted Fedora Las Vegas con. What were the main memories that I brought back?

#1 - Wil rawks and he is so funny! I loved the skits. (btw I picked you over Brent Spiner!! which I never thought I'd do.)
#2 - I had a conversation with Michael Dorn in the autograph line, and he waved at me from the stage when he and Marina did their evening show.
#3 - Brent Spiner pointed at me in the audience. He actually pointed at ME! *swoon*
#4 - The freakish nature that one of the fans looked like Patrick Stewart (and he was on my flight home too)
#5 - I had my picture taken with Jimmy Doohan and George Takei

By far the one I talked about the most when I came home was you and your comedy troupe.

As I have mentioned many times before (and I know you're probably sick of hearing about it) is that I'm involved in an international Fringe Theatre festival each year. I found your show very reminiscent of those shows, and it felt like home.

Wil, I'm glad you made the decision to go to the con. I don't want anyone else to miss out on the gifts that you have and I don't want anyone to go home from a con without thinking how cool you were.

Wil -- Wes is and will always be part of you no matter what. Just think of all that "I am not Spock" stuff that Leonard Nimoy went through. He finally gave up and took Spock as a permanant part of his identity, whether he liked it or not. Embrace Wes (though try not to touch his butt), you can still be Wil 99% of the time and be Wes when you have to be.

Glad they're now treating you like an adult rather than the 15-year-old kid they still think you are.

Enjoy the con. That's what it's there for.

Hey Wil,

Glad to hear that you're going to be at the 15th. Too bad it's on the wrong side of both the country AND the border for me to attend :(. I'm living in Nova Scotia, Canada and seeing as how i just graduated University, i can't very well afford to go to the convention. It'd be great if you could get tapes of your speech at the convention and sell them and your autographed pictures thru WWDN. I'd be up for paying for them. Hell, maybe some of the rest of the group would be willing to do that, have a camera set up to tape their speeches. Hopefully Creation wouldn't have a problem with it. If you know of any conventions you're going to be at that are either in Canada, or in the mid to east side of the US, i'd love to hear about them. I'll be moving to central Canada soon and could make the drive down to mid-us states.
Well, i think i've taken up enough room here and spoken my piece.

Glad to see you're finally sorting all that out. I think it's important to be able to move on while still accepting your past, not running away from it (no offense). Besides, if you hadn't agreed, those fans would have done all that for nothing, it would have discouraged some of them and they wouldn't try again. It's great to see that we do have some power and we WILL excercise it. And no, sorry, I wasn't one of the ones involved. Maybe next time.


I think you made the right decision. I understand you wanting to avoid the revolving door, but as your post said, there is no way to escape Trek. So if you don't attempt to enter the revolving door, there is no problem. Star Trek has brought you a lot of noteriety, it has brought you many of the fans of this website, and I don't see it hurting you in the future much longer. When I first started reading this website, I didn't really see you in a lot of things. Now, I hear you on the radio, see you on shows like the Weakest Link and Screensavers, and are getting some decent auditions (in addition to you know, your job). Being able to interact with you as you make steps in your career and with your family is why I stop by here on a daily basis. I watched you in Star Trek as a kid and I am positive that Wesley is in some way partly responsible for the fact that I'll be getting my computer science degree next year. There's a lot of people out there that would like the opportunity to see you at the conventions. So don't worry about the revolving door, please the fans, feed the kids, and perform. Oh, and go take your dog for a walk again to get some perspective. You shouldn't let this bother you so much! Have a good one.

I don't really know what to say about all this angst. Maybe just this:

Trek does not define you, Wil. Sure, it was a huge thing in your life, but it's not the first thing I think of when I think of Wil Wheaton (tm). Granted, I'm not a Trekkie, but I have watched the shows. :)

When I think of Wil Wheaton (tm), I think first of this website and the cool geek guy that I learned existed when I started visiting here. He seems like a fun guy to hang out with... he gets all the same pop culture references I do, he's politically aware, he likes cool music and movies, he's sweet on his wife and family, and he writes in a self-referential way that makes me more aware of my own self.

Second thing I think of when thinking of Wil Wheaton (tm) is Stand By Me. He nailed a great role in a classic movie that I'll always enjoy, and he did it when he was only 12. It's an amazing accomplishment.

Trek stuff usually comes in third. It's there, but it's an add-on when I thnk of Wil Wheaton (tm).

So when you write about all this angst you have about Trek, and read about all this angst the fans have about your character, I'm always on the sidelines. I appreciate how big a thing it is for you to work through, but then I just wait until the current crisis is resolved and you go back to your regular life.

I REALLY don't know what I'm trying to say here. :) Anyhow, my conclusion at the end of reading this whole recent Creation hubbub is for the first time ever, I'd honestly consider going to one of these Trek conventions. I'd like to show up there just to take advantage of the chance of meeting you in person, Wil, and thank you for this website and your writing and all the things that make Wil Wheaton (tm) a fun guy to hang out with.

And while I'm there, I'd maybe take the opportunity to (figuratively) cuff you over the head and tell you to stop worrying so much about this Trek angst. You're a cool guy; Trek was a big part of your life; it still offers you a lot of great opportunities for employment, giving back to the fans, and exposure -- but it is not the end all be all of your existence. Let it go and don't give it more importance in your life than it is worth.

Man, this may sound corny, but I am happy for you. And kudos to all you fans out there. For me, this ranks up there with the letter campaign for the the old series.

Wil, I hope you get a lot of exposure there. I wish I could go and meet you. I've wanted to for about a year, but I haven't had the chance. But hey, if you do a convention up here in Vancouver, let us Canadians know. I'd love to get out.

Best of luck.

Hey, it's good to hear that an arrangement could be worked out that was appealing to everyone involved. It's just too bad the convention's out there and I'm way over here. (;

The issue is still clouded.
when i said i could see through you, what i meant was, it was obvious that you hadnt let go of star trek, but you wanted everyone to think you did.
now its important that you do this convention for yourself and for those who supported you.
star trek is part of who you are, stand by me is part of who you are, this is unavoidable.
when you said you didnt want to do the convention it sounded like something a little kid might say.
"i dont care if you dont invite me to your stupid dumb party anyway, i didnt want to go anyway" then you went around talking about how much you didnt care,
when if you really didnt care.
you wouldnt have said anything.

think of your past work in tv and cinema as something like a bad ex girlfreind from high school.
an ex girlfreind you never want to see again.
now one day you get invited to a really kick ass party that you were looking forward to.
"save ferris" is playing and wil shaatner will be there dancing it up
and you find out your ex is gonna be there (that bitch, she cheated on you and she told lies about you behind your back,)
are you gonna avoid this ass kicking party cause of something that happened when you were 17??

you cannot avoid your past, but that doesnt mean you have to live in it.
be a writer
spend your life performing with your comedy troupe.
just understand that doing a convention every now and then isnt living in the past.
it just accepting it.


Way to wear the pants. Despite Adam Malin's conciliatory tone and wanting to "clear the air" or whatever, remember that he is a dollar-diven slimy ass kissing eel (no offense to any real eels out there) who only caved to pressure from irate fans and the dollars they represent, and the impact on his communication resources by your posse's Fax Attack, and the dollars that represents.

I'm glad for you and the fans that you will be appearing. If Creation Fs things up like we heard about in the blog comments, please, please tell them to take a freakin leap.

Don't let the nice-guy routine fool ya. You been burned before. These slicks are pros.

Good eye, batter.


Hi Wil,

Don't worry about a "revolving door". I have read your site for a couple of months, and I think you have shown you can put Trek in perspective. It's a part of you, but not the defining part. It seems to me that your Trek-part has both good and bad sides. You have identified the bad sides and seem to handle them pretty well. Now enjoy the good sides to the best of your ability. I don't think there is any danger they'll overwhelm you. And if they do... well, there are always your readers who can call you to order :-)

Hmm, lots of us monkeys should be getting their 3.14 pie about now. Or cash equivalent.

Thanks, Unca Willie.

800 pound gorilla, meet the WWDN posse!

All I have to say is ROCK ON!!!! I am going to try reeeeeeeeeally hard to get to this Creation thing, even though it'll probably cost like, half of my grad school tuition. We're behind you, Wil! :-)

Who else ever gets called back to a place of work when they refuse a job? You stuck to your guns, looked after the troupe's needs.
I have no idea how much the faxes etc. had to do with the your re-inclusion. Fans want to see you. They'll get to see you and ask all the questions you've answered before. Each one will come away with their own perspective of you.
But you know who you are.

We spoke and they listened. So cool. I'm glad you're doing the convention.
I think you're afraid, very simply, of the backlash of anyone who thinks you've compromised your values. Don't be...changing your mind is part of being human. Your values haven't changed.
Plus, we get to see you!!
Everyone wins. :)

I think it's great that you have decided to go! Any hesitations you may experience remember this one thing : your fans will be estatic!

Can you post info regarding the convention? If my schedule permits I would love to go!



I wrote a reply to your previous post, but somehow it failed to post then disappeared. Didn't redo it. I would have been about the third dissenter of more than 250, but I'll just repeat a few things and add a few.

I'm glad things turned out as they have because I don't think you can or should leave Wesley behind. You've had two roles which many fans remember. I understand how the fact that many disliked Wesley could have been a negative for you, starting in your mid-teens and following you ever since. Of course, when Trek fans meet you, they're thinking Wesley. It can't be any other way at a Star Trek con. But, the ones who can't separate their opinion of Wesley from you are having a problem separating real life from fiction. That problem is 100% them and 0% you. As you've said, you weren't writing the scripts. I'd say, just enjoy the cons, be diplomatic with the reality challenged, and earn the extra money as long as you have the time and need for it

But, you'll never leave Wesley entirely behind, and you'll never leave Gordy either. Like some minorty of those who remember you, I remember Gordy very vividly and Wesley not much at all. But, I did watch TNG a few times because the actor whose performace I'd enjoyed so much in Stand by Me was in it. Still, I never got hooked and stopped watching after a few episodes. You'll sure never see me a Trek convention.

You'll had several posts about leaving Star Trek behind: Wesley dying on the streets of Brooklyn, being cut from the new movie, your love/hate with the cons and Star Trek in general. But, he was only 15-19 years old. Might as well let him be an old friend and residual income, because he's not going away unless you go live in a cave. -I'd wondered if the "not part of the family" remark had been from a key person or some underling. Maybe that won't be a negative that goes forward since it was from an underling.

At present you have going: the G4 job, Acme, conventions, auditions (?), and the infomercial that I recall, and the writing you plan to pursue more seriously. I like the Frost poem, too, but instead of roads less traveled, it sounds like you'd be better off on a multi-lane highway, changing lanes whenever necessary until you get where you want to be. Of course, you have to feel any deal is fair, but, I don't see why you'd leave anything behind until the things most important began to take up most of you time.

But, I doubt Wesley ever did anything to deserve all this yanking around and killing off. Look, he's even providing great subject matter for you to practice your writing. Sounds like he should be kept around.

For what it might be worth,


I'm just one more voice in a sea of approval here, but, dammit Wil, I think you're right to accept. I know yesterday I said to not give in unless they promised to cure cancer in our lifetime or something, but now that you've had a chance to clear the air, this could be something of a healing process for you.

There's a lot of choices I've made in life that make me wish for a "do-over." Everything from leaving the theatre in college, to walking away from a radio career after that, to not holding on to my old Star Wars toys from the '70s (I had both the Death Star *and* the Landspeeder, dude). I have plenty to be thankful about, especially a wonderful wife and daughter, but there will always be some regrets. No doubt you have some too, so why add to it? This is your chance to come to terms with things. You can embrace Trek (you should be proud of being part of a once great franchise) and still move on.

Your posse's here for you, man. You're one of us. The Few, The Proud, The Geeky. You just might end up being the biggest draw of this con, and who knows where things will lead from there? Someone, somewhere, is going to figure out how many fans you have and give you the part of your lifetime. Maybe it'll my wife if she ever writes that screenplay she's got in her head (tell her to get it on paper, wouldya?), I don't know. I just know you're a lot closer to finding your niche than you realize. Don't stop now.

I'd love to come out and meet you at the con, but our kid is too young and putting her in day care is leaving us broke. If you get to the midwest again (I'm serious about that WWDN gathering at Wrigley Field I suggested to you) I'll be sure to say "Hi." Break a leg...


Recently I've been troubled with new information regarding the living conditions in North Korea. My paternal grandparents were from there so this affects me a great deal. The past few days I have been trying to think of ways that I can help. I was uncertain how someone like me could make a difference. Seeing how your fans were able to make a difference brings me encouragment. Perhaps I can help after all.

I'm glad you accepted! And my attitude toward Creation has improved considerably after reading your comments. I can't afford to go to this con, but I'll be thinking about all the fun everyone is having that weekend. And, lastly, you *are* part of the Trek family, and always will be.

Good for you, Wil!

Creation (spit) has screwed the fans for years and years and although I doubt it, maybe this will show them that the fans can rise up and they should pay attention ---- but I doubt it.

Glad you got a fair price out of them and glad they are giving you some respect.


I like your lengthy entries, even though I don't always get to read them. But then you get the full emotional effect. This one, as many have before, made me cry, made me feel full of hope, made me laugh. I'm still choked up. I've been reading your website since the second month you put it up, and this is my first post. I'm nervous.
I am glad you are doing the convention, although I know nothing about it and Creation and many things you talk about. I'm the same age you were when you started Star Trek. I agree, you should do it for yourself. You should only think, Am I going to have fun doing this? Don't worry about the fans and what people say. Being a fan myself (I only watch TNG episodes if you are on them) I have faith in them. Their voice is big enough to be heard. No matter what kind of criticism you come across, your posse loves you, and they should be enough to balance it out, from what I hear. So be an actor. We are the opposite of people. Take that gig and do the best you can. You have a lot to offer.
As for the Turn Your Back On Trek thing and the revolving door (I think I understand it clear enough and have an inkling of what I am talking about). I envy you. I have not watched much Trek and know little about it, but I love it anyways. I have never been to a con, but I wish I could go, and I love Trekkies. Thus I consider myself a Trekkie. I'm also an actor. (ac-tress if people need the gender differentiation. if that's a word) I would love to be in your spot. To have been on the show and know those people on it and speak at the cons, as opposed to not even being able to go. I had this idea, even before your website, which is probably pretty stupid, but I want you to hear it. The next Star Trek series they make, I think Wesley should be captain or something. I actually don't know how Wes left the show, I've seen about six eps of TNG. But it would be cool, if you were the main guy, and the whole series could have this comedic twist because you are just so goddamn funny! Wesley could be all grown up and changed and single so he could get all the chicks (as is the Captain's right) and then there could be a character played by a girl sixteen years old or so. Okay, scratch that last part, its not relevant.
But I love you, Wil Wheaton. You are an inspiration and you are just cool. Really, really cool. Never forget to have fun.
Well, now I guess it's obvious I like lengthy entries.

Love, Allie @--}


Hey Wil
I also wrote an email to Creation and I wrote them, that I don't expect Creation to listen to the fans but I like to be proven wrong! I guess I just been proven wrong!
It's too bad I can't come to the US for this convention but I also wrote them to invite you to the London Convention in January.. I'll be there, and If I see you there too I'll certainly bring some swiss chocolate along again..
Take care,
Mike from Switzerland

I think that was a good call, Wil. I'd have taken the gig on those terms as well. Which bugs me a little, 'cause I decided long ago, when I was in my frequent-con-going days, that I would never give Creation another penny of my money because of how they treat people. But if I were in your shoes, I think I'd look at it as an opportunity to improve things, both personally and in the convention world, and go for it—so long as I was being treated like an adult. I won't be attending—my finances won't permit any kind of travel at all right now, even if I wasn't loathe to give Creation business—but I wish I could be a fly on the wall there for your time on stage. Looking forward to the post-convention posts here on WWDN. :-)


Congratulations on rejoining the convention. I have been reading your site for the past few months. I happened to run across you in IRC a few years back, when I was in high school and still idolized you. The first impression I got was, asshole.

That has stuck with me for years. Around the time you did the interview with Slashdot, I picked up your site and bookmarked it. From reading those first few entries, I noticed that you were no long an asshole, rather someone I respect, a father.

One more pro that you will get from doing this convention for yourself is to show your kids that great things can be done for even someone as "washed up" as you. You repeatedly point out the fact that the fans made a difference, however, you started that snowball rolling down the hill. When your kids pick up on that fact, it should serve to inspire them.

My greatest hope is that my children succeed me in everyway possible. I think you may have missed this mark in your pro column, but then again, in this digital age, revisions are easy to make.

Congratulations for you and your family.

I can't attend the convention - being on a different continent and short of the spending - however, I'm glad things (Seem) to have worked out. IT probes that, even on the (comparatively) small matters, fans CAN change the 'corporate' mind.
Don't worry about the nay-sayers who will criticise you for your decision - it's your decision and whether we agree or disagree with it, we should respect your ability to make it! Your fans/'posse'/whatever, like you primarily because you're you, not because of something you did many years ago. They return to this website because they like the you of now, whatever they might feel about the you of then.
Now, perhaps if someone has Rick Berman's 'phone number... Anyone fancy sneaking into Viacom's car park and pating a few bumper stickers?
Au Res.,


It's gratifying to see this working out better than you expected -- particularly after the problems you described having with Mr. Malin's underlings (if they are, indeed, at fault here). Go and have a great time at the Con and use it as a chance to meet the folks who want to see you do well.

About this "revolving door, leaving-Trek-behind" concern with which you are wrestling: I would imagine that many (if not all) of the actors who has worked on Trek have gone through this train of thought -- and probably not just with their Trek roles. I suppose there is the fear of typecasting rolled up in there, along with the need to move on to the next role, the next challenge, the new moves that life throws at a person. It's not limited to actors.

I'm a writer specializing in astronomy and space science -- and I love to do it. Lately, in addition to the stuff I get paid to write, I've been exploring writing fiction and screenplays. Now at first I went through a little bit of an identity crisis, but hey -- I found I enjoyed writing fiction and SPs. And, in an odd sort of way, they also contribute to and improve the work I get paid to do. Do I want to quit science writing and do blockbuster movies? No, not really. That wasn't why I got started doing them.

Am I worried about being typecast as a science writer? It is what I do for a living. I suppose it would be a concern if I was out in LA knocking down doors and trying to Make Friends with producers. The first question SP writers get is about what they've written and what kind of coverage it has. I don't have that -- and I would imagine that any producer or reader in his/her right mind would say to me, "You're a science writer -- what do YOU know about writing movie scripts."

I'm learning and I'm enjoying, but I'm not worried about losing my identity as a science writer.

The truth is -- I'm a writer -- and if I can put two words together on a page and two more... and two more... and they all help someone understand something about a planet or a space shuttle mission -- or if I capture someone's interest with a SP with an action/adventure theme or love story or science fiction twist -- then I've done my job at being a good writer. And, through this "exploration" of other writing -- I've found a new outlet for my skills. I think you're finding out the same thing with your writing and your comedy troupe.

Wil, you are really lucky -- you can act and write like nobody's business. Perhaps the writing surprised you because you were pretty well-focused on the acting (and comedy work). But now you should step back a bit and see that you can do both -- act/appear on stage in comedy works, Creation cons, etc. -- and you can do the writing stuff that you're doing with G4, etc. That's pretty damned cool.

Take pride in the fact that you can go back and forth and do both. Relax and enjoy it all as it comes along. I know that I do in my life and in some ways I went through similar angst as you... I am happy that I can write in my chosen area AND that I can stretch and write in other areas too. Makes life that much more interesting.

Good luck!

I can't convey how happy I am right now. I was really down about not going to this convention, but with this news article comes my last hope =o)

So i'll see everyone there, and hopefully will too! I think i have a wesley action figure somewhere around here he could sign.. =D

Wheaton's got a Possee. 'nuff said.

Wil, 1st things 1st:screw the revolving door!
After all these people went to bat for you,
it would be "waybad" to not attend. And I for one don't think we've heard the last of your acting career, somewhere there is a script gestating that is going to bring you back to the top.
I'll be attending my first trek con in 2003, but only if you'll be there.
I look forward to seeing you!

nice to hear that creation listens to fans once in a while.

could you come out to Australia? lol


I was surfing through blogs, and there was a link to your site. I clicked on it out of curiosity, remembering how much i enjoyed Wesley Crusher and that incredible boy from Stand By Me. Always perking up my ears when i hear your name mentioned because of that, and also because as a child you were a dead ringer for my oldest brother. I did not expect to find what i found, but i am so glad and grateful to have found your blog and the Soapbox.

Wil, i think you are a remarkable young man, and for whatever it's worth you have my support. Do this show or not, do that show or not -- it doesn't matter that much to me in the grand scheme of things. And i'm not intending to be flippant at all. I'm a 35 year old married woman with 3 boys that i homeschool; my life is busy and full like most folks. And i understand that as much as you let us see, we still don't really know you, which is probably as it should be. Whatever you do or don't do though, thank you so much for sharing your process, because it is interesting, funny, enlightening and even challenging. I like what i do know of you very much, and i certainly like what you've built here in cyberspace. It's a good place.

And little bro, you can count me in your corner -- always.


Wil, I’ve only posted once before, but I read regularly. I'll be honest, I became a Trek fan (TM) with TNG. It made me think of time spent watching TOS with my dad. It was one of the few things we've ever really shared. Other kids had baseball, I had Star Trek; Not because I liked it, but because my dad did. Since then I've learned to appreciate what Trek means to other people, and what it doesn't. I've experienced every incarnation of Gene's universe with anticipation held at an arm's length. I was invariably disappointed. Reading that you would be in Star Trek X felt like the Powers That Be (TM) where finally on the same page as the "younger" fans. That film did not hit the cutting room floor alone. It fell with my desire to remain a fan. And yet, some modicum of hope persisted. Maybe it was the memories of moments shared with my dad, and the great - usually political - discussions that followed, I don't know. But that too was reduced, from naive hope to resigned nostalgia, when I read that you had also been cut from the convention. Wil, I'm not a rabid fan. I'm just a guy with fond memories. I know that you haven't turned your back on Trek, but you have out-grown it. You may not see the convention as a brilliant career move, but remember this: The fans don't want to see Wesley on that stage, we want see Wil. Wil is bigger now than Wesley ever was. Thank you for lending your Star Power (TM) to the convention, and for helping me restore some part of my appreciation for Star Trek in general. I don’t care what they're paying you, they’re getting more for their money than they realize. Thanks.

Go and have a good time. Isn't that one of the
reasons that they have those conventions?


Yes, yes, yes. People spoke, and finaly voices were heard. That is such a sweet moment. And yeah, no doubt some people are going to give you crap for going "back" to trek. The fact of the matter is, I think that your friends are absolutely right. If you don't show up, they win.
If you show up, your a classy guy. And your also right, people may not have liked your character,
but they like you. They come to see you. You have proven so many people wrong in what they think of you. You are a great guy, you always go that extra mile, and people like you. Taking a page from Sally Fields, they like you, they really, realy like you.


There have been many great thoughts from all the posts today, so perhaps there's not much to add but a bit more perspective. You are truly blessed to have so many people of all ages and walks of life offering you support and direction.

The "angst" comes from trying to embrace Star Trek and reject it at the same time. It's OK that everything you have done in your career is part of who you are today, whether it's Gordy, Wesley, a writer for G4 or someone doing an infomercial. I don't personally believe they're mutually exclusive.

To be really straight with you, your reactions to whether or not you're invited to be in a Con or not, as well as your reactions to auditions, sound a little like "Wil the Victim." Most posts in response are positive and nurturing because people neither want you to be a victim nor feel like one. We're on you side. How do I know about the "victim" thing?...because I fight it all the time and I'm older than you and I'm still trying to figure it out.

Creation may not have realized how big you following is, but now they do. Gary has graciously taken the time to email me a couple of times today (and many others noted in the posts today) and really seems to want you. Everyone knows you're a neat guy and wants you to be successful. Gordy and Wesley can still exist next to an adult Wil Wheaton, a man of numerous talents and passions, who decided to go to the Con to meet the fans and monkeys who care about him and like what he does.


FABULOUS! That's all I really have to say. Being in another country means I can't be there to see you [man, I really wish I could]. This is fantastically wonderful news, congrats to you and everyone who called, sent emails, wrote faxes, etc. Now you may have a better idea of just how much people care about and respect you [and, indeed, how MANY people care about and respect you].

Well Wil you amaze me with the depth of your feelings and insight on life and I am so impressed by your last post. I have a favourite quote that goes "One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name." you had your crowded hour with Stand by Me and ST TNG and you are entitled to bask in that glory without shame. I feel priveleged to be a viewer of the weblog of the most open and honest person I have encountered on the web.

Wil Said:
the fear of a massive backlash from...well, I'm not sure who, but backlash nevertheless.

I remember being a bit puzzled about the "I hate Wesley" movement. I guess being a girl (it was a guy thing, believe me) and a bit older than you, I never understood the hate. It just was cool to hate Wesley.

What I do understand now though, for all the reasons your friends already stated, is the "I love Wil" movement. Don't worry about the backlash: it's no longer cool to hate Wesley. You've grown up, but so did the Star Trek fans.

Your friend mentionned Shatner as an example of Star Trek rejection. I'll bring up Leonard Nimoy. Remember his book "I am not Spock", followed years later by "I am Spock"? I guess you're not alone ;-)

Damn! I guess this means I have to quit work on the "Creation Sucks A$$" site now.



I used to concern myself with what I perceived people would think about the decisions I made. Then I realised that you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

So here’s the way I look at it. You go and receive the gratitude and support of your fans, making the “big-wigs” take notice of an under tapped resource.


It all goes belly up, you take it up the wrong ‘un and get on with life like the rest of us.

I really wish I could get there to meet you in person.

While some of us may not be able to be there in person, we'll be there in spirit.

Rock on, Wil.
Rock on.

Remember everyone, Creation is also saying o their website, that they are 'Negotiating' with Wil to bring his troop to the 2003 Grand Slam.

Thus, some who can't goto the ST:TNG 15th anniversary event, might, once the Negotiations are finalized (and stand your ground Wil, get what you and your troop is worth (and NOT one cent less!), not only for your talent, which you have plunty of, but also for the "dollar power" that you can bring in, via your fans and 'Posse' who would attend the event because of you, and your website), might be able to goto the 2003 Grand Slam event, which is still several months away.

One request to Wil ... could you update your conventions page (as currently when I last looked, there was nothing listed for your upcoming appearences)?

That way people will know when and where you are, and your 'Posse' can pay their respects to you and come and meet you in person.

We are proud of you ... you stood your ground, your 'Posse's' voice was heard, and everyone wins in this.

Go forth and enjoy yourself at the convention!

Meant to say ...

So that your fans will know when and where you are APPEARING ...

I am not really surprised that you were able to work things out with Creation. Unlike a different company's convention that I was at last year, I found the staff and the owner to be both polite and professional in their dealings.

Really wish I could go now! Now all they need is Denise Crosby. (Or perhaps even Diann Mulgrew? LeVar Burton can't make it but is signing the cast photo anyway.)

But before you leave;

Voices online are... well, voices online. You do what's best for yourself and the people you love.

It will all turn out okay.

Glad to hear its working out... it's hard when you find out the monkey on your back was put there by you.

Best of luck,


I saw you on TechTV's Screen Savers -- i saw YOU and not the kid who played Wesley. I think you have a choice when you appear at a Con, whether to appear as YOU or as the grown-up kid actor. The latter is as much a role to play as was any character role. The underlying angst message i hear in your voice is the feeling that you need to apologize to the fans for growing up. Are you torn between saying "I played Wesley" versus "The person I was when I was a kid played Wesley, but that's not me now," are you?

I can only imagine that the situation is similar for people who attend their high school reunion 25 years later. Some people can swap stories about the old days without getting confused about the difference between who they were then and who they are now; others can't. Some people avoid going to their HS reunion because ..., well, for many reasons. Fear of the judgement of peers; fear of somehow reverting back to a former self; fear of facing past acts, as if they still have bearing on the present; mostly it boils down to either a lack of current self-worth, or lack of perspective on how we integrate our various faces (past/present, public/private, professional/personal) into a unified whole.

Ponder some of those until you find one that strikes a chord. Basically, if you can just be the cool dude I saw on TechTV, relax, you won't be overshadowed by your past.

Wow, man.

You've got some great fans.

More of them should read UnrealisticExpectations.com so I can get a posse.

Good stuff, bro.

Seems to me, no matter what you do is the right move so long as you're not a bitter, self-serving jagweed about it.

Re: your comment that "I am beginning to feel badly for not going over the heads of his employees and speaking directly to him, myself."

I recently heard an great piece of advice you might consider in the future: "Never accept a 'no' from somebody who isn't authorized to give you a 'yes' in the first place."

Why the hell not, if the $$$'s are right. sheeit. Do it.
Just one thing: If I show up, don't suck.
By the way, I want to see more pics of your mug, and I don't get channel g4, so get some freakin' acting jobs, dammit.


You don't know who I am, but what you are about to read I imagine many other fans will totally agree with.

Hey WiL, just forget about us fans for a moment and think about what you feel would be best for yourself and your family, who obviously and quite rightly mean the most to you.

If a few fans strongly disagree with your decisions, whatever they may be, they aren't very supportive, which leaves the question - what kind of fans are they?

My point is, is although I very much appreciate the fact that you do so much for us fans, I somehow get the impression that you feel you owe us something. All you owe us is the chance to see you do your own thing, and what you feel is right, and for your own reasons (which so far you have done a most great job at).

Remember that whatever you decide to do, the true fans and their support will always be with you.

- David W

I don't comment here very often, but I read here always. I've been off-line for a week or so and just read all the stuff that's been happening.

I've never been to a convention, but I'm very seriously considering saving my pennies to go to the 15th, just about entirely because you'll be there. I love your writing so much that I know I would really enjoy you in person.

Hurrah for you and the WWDN Posse!

One more thing...

I really appreciate that I (a fan & geek gal) can see what a really cool and interesting person you are. Outside of Trek, outside of the fandom, just as a person.

Thanx for being willing to put yourself out there in the big bad internet and let all of us strange internet citizens get to know you for you.

Wil, good for you. Go your fans, (for Star Trek, Stand By Me, or just Wil’s site) want to see you. Their voices have spoken, and the powers that be had to listen.
Can you all imagine what we could do if we all went out and voted in an election?
Can you say power to the people?

Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. Things are never really black or white in figuring out an answer. I hope that you'll head to Canada for a visit. I am thinking of Calling up Yuk Yuks comedy club and requesting they bring you up here.

kick ass

Hello Mr. Wheaton,

I read (most of) your last blog entry, and some things you said disturbed me. I'm a little worried about you. I don't exactly know the best way to explain this, so bear with me, please.

I don't think it's healthy for you to be so concerned with public opinion. Maybe that's unrealistic for a person in your position, I honestly don't know, but I'd like to think that you are first and foremost a person, and I believe you deserve to be respected as a person.

It is unrealistic for your fans to expect you to be static. It is also inconsiderate of your fans to expect you to make decisions that would make them happy, but hurt you. I think most of the people here know this. I think we accept that sometimes what's best for our enjoyment isn't best for your life, and that, as a person, you are not accountable to us. I think explaining why you do what you do is sufficient, but even that is a courtesy.

The only person here that I really have my doubts about is you. It might be a little hard, if most people treat you like a one-dimensional thing, to be fully aware and believe that you have the right to be accepted without apology or explanation, that you have the right to feel and change and grow. I've always sort of thought that that's what the whole blog was about... You asserting yourself as a person, finding the balance between your own identity and the world's expectations.

Unfortunately, I agree with what others have said, that you will never really be able to escape Trek, which means you'll never fully be able to escape the pressure, the abuse, and the scary fan love... But I beleive that if Trek isn't working for you, you, as a person, have the right to say "Fuck this!", and if it starts working again, you have the right to go back, without fear of looking fickle or pissing off your fanbase. The important fans will understand.

Dammit! Wil Wheaton you are a class act
and a real gentleman to boot. I think you
handled this situation very well and my
respect for you has grown.
Now I have to go cry I am so happy for you
and the fans who will get to see you at
the convention.

Cool. I was thinking about contacting Creation to bitch, and blew it off. I'm glad everyone else didn't! So, even though I still hate Creation, if you ever come to a Minneapolis con, or Chicago where we saw you in '92, I'll fork out the cash and take m kids to see my best buddy Wil Wheaton!

Wow, cool. Congratulations.

It has been said before, But i will say it again. This is what make the internet great!

Thanks Will !

One more small voice in a huge chorus. Good on you Wil. You're the man Uncle Willy.

Maybe you need to take these conventions and things to let the fans know who you are NOW, show them you've grown, get them interested in your new interests. Capitalize on your Star Trek fans. :)

Like most of these folks here, I think you made the right decision. The reason I think that is because it seems clear that YOU think that. This is about YOU after all. Don't let any of us tell you what you should or should not be doing, and don't worry about some kind of backlash... the revolving door thing. You are making this up as you go... just like all of us are. We make get ideas. We have feelings. We make statements. We change our minds. Everything is fluid... there is no black and white.

Just keep doing what seems right to you. Chances are it will be.



Thanks for sharing your life so honestly with us. It takes real courage to put your heart and soul out there where people can trample all over it. I only wish I could attend so I could hear some of your writings.



Congratulations. Some of us won't be able to make the con but it's nice to know we've helped 'make' the con.


What have we here?

Wil, way to go!

Now for the serious shit.

I don't give a rat's ass (tiny but it gets the job done) what anybody thinks. You, yes Wil Wheaton, need to acknowledge, that you are a part of Star Trek history no matter what happens.


Now, we know you 'were' young, angst ridden, bitter, stuck up, a real shit. But JESUS H. L. FUCKING CHRIST the third, will you give it a rest.
The Next Generation was the best Star Trek show barring the one with WFS. And your were an intigral part of it.

Now, take that mangy mutt you call Ferris for a LONG FUCKING WALK and give your head a shake. With the creation of this web site, and the growing maturity or WIL WHEATON, you now have a great respect as a guy just trying to provide for his family. GOOD! Go to CONS. Sign autographs. STOP punishing yourself for being on Star Trek. Enjoy it! The fans demand it.

One of my old teachers once said before marking our drafting projects. If you know you are going to get screwed, why not lie down and enjoy it!

SO. WIl, if you don't know (and it seems by the many angst ridden posts) that people really like you and respect you, please just find the nearest tall building and jump the FUCK OFF. And not like Vanilla Sky or the Matix.

I.m just pissed I can't make the 15th anniversary convention. Oh well, I'll go back to my mediocre life and not whine about it.

Sorry, but I am reaching my limit of "Oh whoe is me the sorry hardly liked actor gone down the tubes working so hard, does anybody out there like me?"


Wow, I am taken back reading your last two posts, your candidness. All I wish for you is that you do what makes you happy and what is best for you and your family. I think you are more at peace than you know =)

Wow, thank you! I really needed to read that. Lately I have been feeling like my "activism" is in vain, its so wonderful to know I helped actually DO something REAL- instead of receiving a polite form letter from my Congressman....AND to top it all off, I get to come to the con bc I live in Vegas!!! (JACKPOT)
Rewards abound.
I am so happy they got in gear and realized WWDN is not to be trifled with!
See you soon!

Good Deal Wil,

I wish you much happiness and peace of mind.



I am happy and sad for you.

I am happy because you get to fall back on Star trek to take care of the family.

Sad because you have bowed to the man - Creation.

You speak of how you hate the money grubbing "machine" of capitalism. If you had any self respect you should have said a big NO to him and his underlings who he IS responsible for.

You need to send Spudz and I in your place as a big FUCK YOU to creation.

Spudz could recite some of your posts and I could read some porno movie lines.

Well good luck on the appearance I won't be there cuz I have no idea where it is anyway.

Maybe someday you will learn that big business is evil and that you are too good to be fucked over by them every chance they get.

hops out.

I just want to say that I am so glad you are going. I clicked on the link in your last entry to see if it was at all feasible that I could attend. Nope. But, I did notice, they have you listed and they mention you and your troupe for Grand Slam next March.


I always enjoyed the Wesley character. I think all the people who were bothered by his intelligence were perhaps bothered as well by the children around them. Sort of like the jokes where the kids have to program the VCRs and all for the parents. Kids have so much more to learn now, and they lap it up. Wesley just personified all of that.
In the TV "mega series" Dinotopia, they said that a single raindrop raises the sea. Well, all your "raindrops" must have seemed like the beginning of forty days and nights to the folks at Creation.
So Wil, embrace your own inner Wesley-ness and enjoy the show. Your 50,000 monkeys can't be wrong. We love the man you've become, and you wouldn't have gotten this way without Trek. I would have loved to meet you. Not for an autograph. Not to swoon. Just to shake your hand and say how much enjoy the community you've established here. And how much I respect you.

I love ST:TNG, still do. If I could justify the cost I'd get every season on DVD. I've never been to a Trek con but you know what, if they held one and you were going to be there, I'd so be there and not in the whole Trekker sense but more in the blogger sense. Not to see Wesley Crusher but Wil Wheaton. I imagine there are alot more like me too... and not in the stalker way either.
Go! have fun ya big goof.*
*puts Wil in headlock and rubs scalp

Wil -
Go, Go, Go -- to the con!
I'm sorry I can't go. :(
And please keep writing, too!

Oh how I wish I could go see you. You're really a good guy-I'm glad you'll sign for everyone. Don't worry so much-you're liked, respected, smart, and people love you for you. It's human nature for people to connect you to Star Trek (my non-english speaking mother calls you Wesley, she doesn't even know your real name, but she likes you, "the cute boy")but don't let it bug you too much. Hope you rock at the convention.

To thine own self be true, right?
Think you have a lot of people behind you- and best of luck in all this, hope you find what you are seeking

You go guy! If you're happy Wil, we're happy. You've got a lot of people behind you because it's obvious that you're a good and decent person. If it works for you, it works for us :-)

Star Trek, Creation and Wesley Crusher are fun little diversions...but you, Wil, are someone to be reckoned with.

All my best,

Ya know what's cool, Wil?
When people go to see you at the con, they will be going to see YOU. Not "The guy who played Wesley" but YOU. Wil Wheaton funny guy who writes things that make us laugh and cry. Step-dad, husband, geocacher. People know you and like you. I think that would be a really great feeling.
Enjoy it.

Good job. I wish I could be there to shake your hand, Wil.

I think the amount of respect your fans have for you has grown a hundredfold over the last month or so. We've seen more inside your individual psyche than ever before.

Some think the internet is an impersonal place. I couldn't disagree more.


I'm in tears. This is deep.
Victory, at last.

I am so glad things worked out like this. It really is funny how those worlds we live in collide and make a whole new reality for us. I think you have now found your new reality where Star Trek fits in with who you are totaly. I think that may have been part of the problem all along, everyone including you were trying to forget your part of the Star Trek thing. I guess in a way Wil finally meets Wil huh?

Wow, Wil. You have arrived. The past few days have been amazing!

Interestingly, out of all of the amazingness one part of today's post really suprised me. It was your reply to Adam Malin's question about your writing.

"It's funny, it's sad, it's bittersweet...it's really a reflection of the person I am, and people seem to respond to it."

My knee-jerk reaction was "Of course people respond to it!" Then I stopped to consider why we respond so strongly. It's because you're a good communicator. You can convey ideas and emotions equally well in person and in writing, and it all seems genuine. What a rare combination!

I'd wish you luck whereever G4, Trek, writing, and life in general take you, but you don't need it. Now go give your wife, kids, and Ferris a hug. :)

::laughs:: It's funny how life works out. You try desperatly to put something behind you and when your heading down that road, that one that leads you from day to day, things just get in the way and we trip and stumble over them and ask "What the hell?" I don't think we can put things behind us like we'd like to. I think things contribute to who we are and no matter what we think, we can never truly leave it behind, because it is apart of who we are today: what we are today.
Hell, if fans want to see Wil Wheaton, and Wil, if you want to see them, where's the harm. It's a gig. Take them while you can. You never know what might happen.
Be happy Wil,

Hey wil
ok i love you to death, and what i am about to say may ofend you but it is just what i think. I have been readin your site for a long time nowm and most of the time you sit here and talk about how much you love your family and i want to support them and that is great and i have no doubt in my mnind that it is true! So now you have this chance to make some extra money to help you to support your family, and then you say you love the fans and they went through all this work to annoy the hell out of Creation to get you into the show and now you are actualky thinking about turning it down. maybe this would make a little more sense to me if you would give more of a reasson that you are thinking of saying no, but if you are struggling as much as you say you are, and if you love acting a writeing, and i know that star treak was a big part of your life, you should suck this offer up in a min, i mean this guy called you himself and apoligized ad really wants you back, and the fans all want you, open your eyes wil!!!! GO FOR IT!!!i am sorry to sound bitch, but oh y god, it is not that hard to find the answer, and maybe i do not really understand, maybe it is harder for you then it seems for me, but from this end it is not hard at all, Oh and if you do go I will do my best to be there, and i will make it a must to find you and introduce myself!!! Love ya, and i am real sorry if i offended you!!!


I think you should also go to the convention, but are the "fans" there to get a singed autograph of cute little Wesley Crusser of to see Wil Wheaton? Wil, form what I hear the new Star Trek movie coming out the end of this year is most likley going to be the last one. Sounds like everyone get killed off. Maybe that is a good think for you. Not much chance of getting back with Star Trek. I think the "fans" would like to see Wil Wheaton do something. If your going to act... then act. If your going to write then write. I think it is time to move on with your life and put Star Trek behind you. It was fun while it lasted, buy man, how long are you going to "flog a dead horse"? Your 30 now. 10 years from now are you still goig to be signing Wesley Crusser autographs? I would like to see Wil Wheaton the star of a new movie or TV show. Promoting and signing autographs of something current... even if it's a book signing. Until you get on with your life you will always be know as Wesley Crusser.

Hey i just noticed how many spelling errors i had and i look like a dummy so ooppseee im yong ill get over it!! tee hehe!!!

Did you know that Creation has already added you to the ST:TNG 15th Anniversary con agenda on their site? Check it out at http://www.creationent.com/cal/sttng.html Now all they need to do is add Wes's mug to the graphic at the top of the page. ;)

Thank you. It seems that the decision-makers usually pay much more attention to the "haters" than to the supporters, but once in a while, the powers do listen to the positive fan voices. You give us all hope.

Congrats, I love Star Trek but have never been to a convention. Maybe they will rewrite some of the script to include you. I know it sounds far fetched but it happens from time to time. If not, so what. You've got more to offer the world than "the kid who grew up on a space ship". You're right, it's bigger than you, me, and sliced bread. So get what you can out of it, just keep focused. With or without Star Trek you'll come out on top.

Think of life as an upward spiral... sometimes you may feel you are going in circles and chasing your tail. What is really happening is the finding of patterns and the learning of lessons and sometimes it seems we pass the same place... too many times. But there is always something new and something important there.

Life is about evolving.

You get this Wil. Creation listened, unbelievable and thank god they did. Because Wesley is vital to the history of Trek and you are Wesley (whether you like it some days or not ;-))

All I can say is:


Do what you need to do, Wil.

For you.


Wil, you have restored my faith in humanity.


I read your previous two posts the other day and I commented in one of the WWDN irc channels that you were either truly moving on or rationalizing. I guess it was somewhere in between. It's great to see the process of realization one goes through so openly discussed.

well I'm pretty damm impressed that fans were able to help make a difference. I personally believe that you are honestly deserving of such strong support and dedication, and that in the grand scheme of things, you are in exactly the right place, the right frame of mind, and the right time to be doing ALL the things you are doing. Go get 'em Wil. All of 'em. And by the way, Arena is damm good entertainment sir.

Wil, you are truly a force to be reckoned with, they will not consider a trek com without you now, knowing the following you have.

Wanna hear somethign funny? In a call to my mom last week or so she mentioned she saw you on techTV talking about your site and geek junk and said "He's a cool guy! Really into tech stuff like your brother and you. I thought he was a twerp on NG, but hes grown up to a be a quite a cutie!"
From my Mother there is no higher praise.

I hope you come to cons in Ohio so I can seee you and I'm going to write my pals at Marcon and ask they bring you. Nay, demand it. (marcon.org folks! help me!)

You done good, Wil. Real good. The convention will be awesome. Wish I could make it.

That's awesome. I wish I could go. Have fun!

hey im confused was this all a way to negotiate more money? getting your fans behind you?

I hope not.

To Wil:
I hope you have a wonderfull time at the convention. I wish I could be one of the lucky ones who gets to see you there, in person in all your glory. Your posts are an invaluabe distraction for me in medical school. Keep up the great work with the site.
From: A possee down in Puerto Rico.
Ana Marylee

Hey, Wil -

Glad they wised up. Hope you can drop the angst and feel free to go or not go. (And then I hope you go :-)

It's great they want you there as 'Wesley Crusher' but it's even greater that they want you there as the great writer and acting talent Wil Wheaton.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Wil Wheaton, you rock.

Life isn't black and white. The decision you came to yesterday might not seem like the best decision today. There's more to it today.

You're entitled to change your mind. You're entitled to be flexible. It's part of being open-minded. It's part of being an adult. It's part of being at peace with yourself.

You are all of the above. You are a truly fine man.

Congratulations. Anyone who has read your web log knows Trek is important to you. Even me, a girl who's never seen an episode or a movie. I know it's huge. You're part of the family. You always will be. That's a fantastic accomplishment and honor. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

"Schism" needs some background music. "Mr. Soul" - Buffalo Springfield .

These last few really long posts have been absolutely mesmerizing - I've enjoyed watching you think and even more than that I've enjoyed being apart of your cheering section.

Truth is while I liked both your movies and Star Trek I just never had that ferver that you've come to recognize in rabid Star Trek fans.

I became your fan from this website and I'm glad it gives something back to you as well...even if sometimes that's just more voices swirling around in your head.

First Creation, now Paramount! GET WIL'S CAMEO BACK IN NEMESIS!!!!!!

Ah, behold the power of the Internet...

Good for you, Wil. I won't be able to attend, but I'll sure try to attend Grand Slam 2003.
And don't worry about people critcizing you for canging your mind, just do what you feel is right.

Congratulations. Now, I wish I could come to the con. :)

Wil, quit sniveling and get your ass to the convention. And be funny.

Heres an idea.

You have a revolving door prop, center stage.

On the one side of the stageis one of them ugly ass-headed ferengi monkey things, beckoning you. On the other side is darkened stage, with the bright glow of a computer monitor and some dirty, scraggly dude typing away on it.

You walk back and forth through your revolving door.. indecisive. And for awhile, the audience wonders what the hell is going on. And the computer person types on, uncaring. And the ferengi begins barring its teeth.

And then he really gets pissed. He runs off stage, and you appear confused. You slowly begin to walk through the door, closer to the computer... and then...

The ferengi comes running at you, followed by three borg. They jump on you, beating you, biting you, kicking you, and they begin dragging you to their side of the stage.

And you write the end. Because I don't know that part yet.

(But heres the ending I suggest. Computer dude gets up and flips the computer monitor to the crowd, revealing the words PORN. And then a faint, eery, strange song. The crowd can faintly hear the word "bilbo".

And then you all rip off your costumes, revealing brightly colored tight outfits, and Leonard Nemoy leaps onto the stage, and you all sing the Bilbo song. And the crowd goes wild.

And then things really get wierd. The lights go off, and the music stops. Suddenly, a red spotlight opens up on the ceiling, and there he is; Willian Fing Shatner descending from the ceiling. He is angry, and wearing a suit fashioned from a thousand Yak fetus'. As he hits the stage, dry ice fills the stage with low smoke, and orange, red, and yellow floodlights open up from the ground. Red shirts begin swarming the stage, tripping over themselves, getting assimilated, crying, dying, being generally pathetic. And then you become the new, unknown Wesley Crusher, The Traveler. Everyone freezes, and the lights flash, pyrotechnics go off, and you prance angrily about the stage. And then, all goes black.

The stage remains dark, untill a faint light opens up, revealing the side of a house, and a window. Inside that window is an old man. You. You gaze outward with hollow, unseeing eyes. You are sad, decrepid, mentally askew and ultimatly lost. In the background is an old PC, with the words "PORN" played out across it.

And the crowd murmurs. Some will understand. Some will applaud. Some will cease to shield their childrens eyes. And then all the hardcore trekkies in the silly costumes will rush the stage, shouting war mantras. All will be good.)

~ Eric

IN -

Wil, you totally rawk. I'm proud to be a part of the posse. 'Nuff said.


We know you're more than Star Trek.

Maybe you feel conflicted about Trek conventions and the like because you're afraid that, maybe, that's all you are.


YOU determine who you are. YOU determine your reality.

Fuck everyone who says that you're stuck in a revolving door, or that you need to leave Star Trek behind you, or that you need to keep going to Star Trek shows.

It's hard when you're a public personality, because everyone feels they own you. So that's not complete bullshit, because in choosing to be a public personality you took on the responsibility of having an effect on random people's lives. And you handle the responsibility well - you're obviously concerned about your fans, which is great. But Wil -- YOU own you.

Decide who you are, dude, and be that. Why is it so difficult to be Wil who is a wonderful, engaging writer, and hopefully will become moreso as he develops; who was and is a talented actor; who enjoys acting; who has found a talent in comedy; who was on Star Trek and goes to conventions when it fits into his schedule/career; who is a dedicated husband and father; etc etc etc...

The point is, you can live in the present, plan for the future, and revisit the past however you like, and you know what? They won't conflict.

Look into yourself (you're good at that), decide how much of a role you *feel* you want Star Trek to have in your life, at least for now, and just do it. No one will kill you if it changes in the future. But, in my opinion, if you truly go by your gut and your heart, and not by what people say or what you think you should do, it won't change that quickly.

I must admit Wil that i took your cut from the 15th anniversary personally as if I was slapped in the face with "your not a very big part of the trek family" crap. I felt ashamed, embarrased and let down as a fan. How could this happen to the prodigal son I thought after 4 years of service. So armed with my random hotmail account I let them have it. As someone said we stepped up to the plate for you now its time to hit a motherfucking homerun for us fans. Group hug? Where is spudnuts in this time or rejoice?

Dude. Slurpee time. Do it. You'll feel better.

You know, the only person who can please everyone does nothing.

Hey, no matter what you do, I still think you're one of the most fantastic people I've ever come across in my life. And I've never even met you...

Thanks for letting all of us into your life by way of your website, and thanks for Trek and thanks for saying what I'm normally only thinking.

Rodger Poppeliers, the Netherlands



Just go and enjoy it. Use the opportunity not only to enjoy a little nostalgia and meet some of the WWDN faithful, but to connect with people who have not heard what you are doing these days.

I do the same thing every 5 years - it's called a high school class reunion. For about 5 minutes every 5 years years I worry about the pounds I've put on. I worry about the life that others have. I think about how I was the somewhat geeky kid in high school. Then I just say "Fuck it - I've got more hair on my head than most, haven't been through 5 marriages, don't have a drug problem, didn't die in a car wreck, et.al" I go, become a little nostalgic, and enjoy myself.

Do the same - go, enjoy yourself, provide some entertainment for the fans, and make a couple bucks to buy dog food for Ferris.

And if you really want to have some fun with The Establishment - sign autographs for FREE!

And at the same time, see if you can't expand your audience for your writing, or do that networking thing and renew old relationships or make new ones.

And if you really want to put it all in perspective - WFS just did a political fundraiser in Cleveland, Ohio, for a candidate who is married to Kate Mulgrew. He showed up for about 5 minutes, and screwed up the candidates name on stage! Just don't ever sink to that level.



Gosh, Wil, I'm so proud of you (which must sound so weird coming from someone you don't know). You're doing the right thing for the right reasons - for you.

You don't have to think of doing Trek things as a step backwards every time, y'know. It's been a part of your life for how long now? And it will continue to be. It's going to crop up again and again - but you can move forward and take new things to it every time it does. New things like reading your material, like getting down there and signing with the fans.

I've been reading your site for some months now. I came here because you were Oh My God Wil Fucking Wheaton!!, but I stayed because you turned out to be this really nice, genuine, mixed-up geeky guy. So I'll also take this opportunity to say thank you - thank you for letting us see your human side, thank you for letting us see you vulnerable and unsure. And thank you for sharing the warm, fuzzy family moments with us, too.


"As of April 5th, I have no speaking appearences lined up. "



yes! yes!! YES!!! We did it! For Wil, for us... I hope he figures out what he wants in life cos at the moment he seems stuck at a fork in the road. Just because he chooses to go one way, that doesn't mean he can't come back and also go the other way. If Wil decided that he didn't want to do any more conventions ever again, we should respect that, because it would mean that he's happy in what he chose, and that should make us happy :)


Not being a Trekkie I've never been to one of the fan conventions and honestly wasn't too interested in the idea, but I AM planning to buy a ticket and attend the one in Pasadena the night you're signing, just to show Creation that Uncle Willie does indeed have a posse, and hopefully give your career a boost. And I'm not the only one.

Think about that for a minute. People from your WWDN community who are NOT Trekkies are going to shell out 22 bucks and go to some wacky Star Trek convention on a Saturday night just to support your gig. In other words, you have a posse, Wil.

I want to thank you for sharing so openly and honestly in our community. As you may recall I'm a graphic artist. I can relate to what you're going through -- my career is lagging a bit right now, projects are fewer and farther between, and don't pay as well as they used to, but your blogs are helping me identify and work through a lot of the issues, and I'm realizing that the Most Important Thing (tm) is that I am supporting myself with my art. That was always my dream, and I'm living it. Sure, maybe not in grand style, I still drive the same old car and live in the same old neighborhood, but dammit, I am making a living with my art. And you are making a living with your art. Never forget what a Big Deal (tm) that is.

Good luck with the convention and infomercial and whatever other gigs come your way.


Hey Wil...
The Creation website for the 15th event now has you all over it!!!!

***Power to the People!***

Posted by Nic Gould 4eva at September 1, 2002 02:30 AM :
You know, the only person who can please everyone does nothing.

No words were better said my friend.

I admire your gusto for wanting to kick the large flatulent ass of the BFA Creation Convention- but for Wil to ignore what the WWDN Posse has done and kick them in the teeth for their efforts?
Hell no.
In the end it's the people who count.

Now let's hope none of the haters get Ellison-like with a cup of warm vomit.
Then it's time to bring the unholy keg of whoop ass.

Ah.. sidenote- Wil! Big Idea for next family vacation-
New River Gorge White Water Rafting.
I just got back... there are no words describe how cool and fun it was to almost die a watery death in the world's second oldest river!


Great, Wil! Sorry I won't be able to make the convention (it's a long way from NC!) but I'm glad you are going! Wesley was a part (not all!) of your career and you should embrace it but not let it rule your future. Hell, my favorite movie of yours is still DEEP CORE! Stop dying in movies, dammit! Python, Deep Core...enough already! :-) One more thing -- stop all of this about your "fading" career! Hell, I'm writing Leno next and telling him he needs you as a guest on the Tonight Show! That would be Great!!! Just remember one thing you said that was most true --YOUR FANS LIKE YOU AND ALWAYS HAVE!!!!!!

Hi Wil, congratulations!!
I'm sorry I can't go, I'm in Spain

On angst...

I supposed Charlie Brown feels angst running up to kick the ball that Lucy PROMISES she won't pull away at the last minute as she has every other time. ("...he said, dating himself.")

On indecision...

Like Yogi Berra said, when you come to a fork in the road, you've got to take it :-)

Wil, I read your post with great interest yesterday, and since I was working, I never got to post till now. Anyway the only advice that I would like to give you is, I too have been on that line of conflict a few times. I have lived to live for myself, and not give a damn what anyone thinks of me, or what I choose to do. I am not saying I don't do things without considering others feelings, but do what is best for me still. You Wil need to stop worrying about what your fans, Creation, Paramount, and Hollywood in general think of you and how you choose to live your life. The only people you need to make happy is yourself and your family. I understand that as an actor that part of your job is making other people happy and to provide entertainment, but they still need to except you for you, info commercial or a million dollar star studded movie. I may not agree with all the things you do or say, just like you may not like this post, but I respect your opinions and your freedom to choose your own path! I really enjoy the person that you are, even in those younger years, I never judged, just enjoyed. Thank You!


While it's your decision and your fans will support you, you got treated abhorrently the first time around, no matter how "sick" Mr. Malin feels about it. It's obvious that Creation originally didn't take you or your role seriously, and for him to call and apologize for that after a flood of fan outrage speaks to his crisis intervention management methodology for marketing promotion gone haywire. Frankly, you're a much nicer person than I'd have been in your position. Oh, and one more thing? It's a common negotiating tactic to tell you what the profit margin is for an event like this (enlists your sympathy and understanding) and allows him to get you at below what you're asking for. If you cool with it, that's great, but I believe you got played.


Oh, good job Wil! :) That was one of the best posts I've ever read! Made me want to do things that I've been afraid to do. I'm inspired ;)

Good luck at the conventions! I'm sure you'll do WONDERFULLY!

Amazing, of Adam's comment that he never knew about Wil's Website, and thus in effect, Wil's 'Posse'/following.

Suggestion to those fellow WWDN posse members, LUCKY enough to be able to be attending the ST:TNG 15th Anniversary convention and who get to meet Wil Wheaton in person ... seek out Adam and/or Gary and let them know YOU are there BECAUSE of Wil Wheaton!

Favorite quote in here is ....

"800 pound gorilla, meet the WWDN posse!"

How true, how VERY VERY true!

Party on dude!

Marcellus Wallace: I think you're gonna find, when all this shit is over, I think you're gonna find yourself one smiling motherfucker. The thing is, Butch, right now you got ability. But painful as it may be, ability don't last. And your days are just about over. Now that's a hard motherfuckin' fact of life, but that's a fact of life your ass is gonna have to get realistic about. See, this business is filled to the brim with unrealistic motherfuckers. Motherfuckers who thought their ass would age like wine. If you mean it turns to vinegar, it does. If you mean it gets better with age, it don't. Besides, Butch, how many fights do you think you got in you anyhow? Two? Boxers don't have an Old Timers Place. You came close but you never made it. And if you were gonna make it, you would have made it before now. (holds out the envelope of cash to Butch, but just out of his reach) You're mine, dig?
Butch: It certainly appears so. (takes the envelope)
Marcellus: Night of the fight, you might feel a slight sting. That's pride fuckin' with you. Fuck pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps. You fight through that shit. 'Cause a year from now, when you kicking it in the Caribbean, you gonna say to yourself, "Marcellus Wallace was right."
Butch: I got no problem with that, Mr. Wallace.
Marcellus: In the 5th, your ass goes down. (Butch nods silently) Say it.
Butch: In the 5th, my ass goes down.

What Would Wil Wheaton Do?


Since you'll be at Creation, why not ask your WWDN readers who show up.. to wear a "Hello my name is: WWDN" lable.. or whatever to signify they ARE readers of the site? It'll help you to identify them more easily, and you can give each one a HUGE smile as they approach ;p plus they can find eachother in the crowds :)


Who knows.. maybe it's just me.. but on the Creation site, regarding your appearence it says:
"WIL WHEATON - Saturday (Wil will sign autographs for all convention attendees)"

and.. since they normally consider signing autographs to be a pain in the ascii, even though it's what you said you wanted.. they're looking at it as a backhanded offering? hrm..

Anyway, I'm a very part time reader so I likely won't see the response to this. Have fun, and damn it.. stop worrying. I don't read WWDN much because of all the .. angst. But hey, that's just me.. you've got a ton of female readers and to any guy, that's respectable!


P.S. for all you English majors out there.. NO.. I don't care about my spelling, grammar.. proper use of punctuation.. or what have you. So, if you still feel the uncontrollable urge to correct people's posts.. do it knowing that for mine.. I don't give a crap. 8^|

These entries are getting too long! :)
Can't make it to creation, i'm on another continent. sorry


I think the majority of us are happy with you doing whatever you want to do. (within reason of course :)). So if you want to give up acting, that's still fine. You just have to remember this Trek thing.

You can go to this convention, meet the fans, and have a great time. But you don't have to think of it as yet another stepping stone. You can still think of it as something you're doing for fun. opening yourself up to startrek doesn't mean you can't be a writer anymore. sure I'd love to have seen you in the movie, or in other movies, but I'll also buy Wil Wheaton - The Book (tm). I'm happy to support you in whatever you do, cos you're a funny guy :)

Going to conventions doesn't automatically mean you're still trying to be an actor. It means you were a part of Trek. I think a lot of your fans will be there to see Wil Wheaton the person, rather than Wil Wheaton, red-shirt guy #6 in episode 57. You're a person to us now :)

That said, you pick the worst dates for public appearances. I'm moving the weekend of that Con, so I can't go. :( hopefully your fan turnout is amazing, and they see it. I'll try to plan for going to Grand Slam 2003.

Congratulations on being part of the family again!!



I love what the internet can do, and i especially love this little part of it. Good on ya Wil!

Dude! Don't agonize so much. Get with the flow. Life is too short for all the if-only woulda coulda shoulda round-and-round we go endlessly second-guessing ourselves in a kind of dizzying dance to nowhere. Geez already and you're only 30! What's it gonna be like at 60?!?!

Give it a rest. Just be who you are and who would be. Life's an experience. No one can make it perfect, a priori, else there'd be no need for the experience. Lighten up!

And I think you should do the convention. Well, I don't know what you *should* do; I have enough to do figuring out what I should do. But do the convention. Your fans will be happy to see you. You will have made your point with the producers but not reversed your position by saying "never mind" in a huff (no one likes that). You'll earn some bread. You'll have fun. What's bad? Just have fun.

I must say, though, that I find your personal candor quite refreshing.

Good luck in all you do. May the gods smile sweetly upon you and yours.


excellent news...
i was one of the many that sent in an email, asking why they were so short sighted as to not have you at the convention..
nice to see that we CAN make a difference...
inside, i've always felt that was true..
but it's pretty awesome when you get to see it like this...
making a difference in someone's life...

we're all extreemly happy for wil....

now go....go with a smile....and have the time of your life...

something like this must be a hell of an affirmation of your life and work as an actor..

to know that you have the kind of fans that not only appreciate your work...but would take the time to actually help you out in a situation like this...

i guess it's because we know you appreciate us right back...
and to us, that makes all the difference...

cheers wil


Way to go!! That's awesome and I hope to possibly make it out to the convention.

All the best,

Way to go, Wil! Hope you and the members of the posse who can attend have an EXCELLENT time. Share the funny, and soak up the love. And don't be so hard on yourself. Everybody's life sucks, just in a variety of different ways.

I'll add my voice to the chorus: don't take a DIME less than what you think is a fair price for doing these cons (compare it to what the other TNG actors get). Malin's been in business a long time, and knows exactly how to play the sympathy piano to get what he wants. He's not doing this 'cause he feels bad. The only thing he feels bad about is that hundreds of fans clogged up his e-mail and his fax machine. He sees you and your fans as a source of more dough in his pocket - the same way he's always looked at his con speakers and the fans. His profit margin in Vegas was "very slim"? Ooh, how many different ways can I say "bullshit"? Hang tough, Wil, and don't let him play you. Tell him what you feel you're worth, and don't cave.

I don't know if you'll read this since it's post #165 but here it goes...

Your friend was bang on.
#1: In the end its YOUR decision. You have to do what's best for you.
(and I think you made the right one)

#2: Essentially, "resistance is futile".

#3:"If you don't do it because you have to Turn Your Back On Trek, well, then you're not really turning your back on Trek--you're still letting the Trek thing dictate what you do"
I agree with this and with the fact that acceptance of Wesley is important. You'll never be totally rid of Wesley so why fight it? My feeling is that it takes more energy to fight than accept.

Remember a few things:
-Bad publicity is better than NO publicity (arguably so).
-Use these opportunities to shamelessly promote what you're doing now!
-Star Trek can still be a springboard. Take advantage of it, don't fight it.
-Informercials don't HAVE to be the death of actors. Chuck Norris has been selling the Total Gym for years and has been acting in that time. You're unique. Don't think that because some actors careers have fizzled because of infomercials, yours will do (and was the fizzling really directly related to infomercials? Methinks that someone is biased). If you think positively than you won't end up with a self-fulfilled prophecy.

I don't know why people used to pick on Wes. Maybe because he was such an easy target? Make him a hard target, Wil. I wish I could tell you how.

It's amazing to read your blog and see the self-evolution. A friend of mine was recently telling me how 2 years of blogging has helped him immensely, saving his marriage and helping him be who he is today. I see that your blog has that kind of effect on you (minus the marriage thing). If you need to be angsty, be angsty. We're here for you, Wil. Friends, strangers, fans, 'net addicts, acquaintances, etc. You've opened up to us. You've shown your vulnerability in public. You've been real and accessible. Opening yourself up to anyone at any time is risky and you've chosen to do it in a very public forum (which might not seem so public when you're sitting in a room alone typing to faceless people in front of computer monitors). That takes courage and strength.

You have a great head on your shoulders. The deal that you made with Creation sounds ideal. As I keep telling you, have faith in yourself. We do.

If you ever do a show in Toronto or are in town for some other reason, I will seek you out to say hi, shake your hand and tell you how much I respect you. You are an amazing person, Wil Wheaton.

Forgot two more things:
Wil wrote: "I'd love to go in front of fans who, for the first time EVER **LIKE** me."
Now, now, Wheaton, you know you had fans before! (at least two or three... :P) You deserve to be smacked for selling yourself short. OTOH humility is a more accepting trait than the alternative.

Roughy wrote: "More of them should read UnrealisticExpectations.com so I can get a posse." And THAT is how Shameless Self Promotion is done. Everyone, take notes from Roughy.
(Oooh! Oooh! Can I be in that posse?? I like UE and have a little innocuous crush on Roughy. :D )

Wil, you are the only person on the face of this planet who could get me to consider going to a trek convention. I've never seen a single episode or movie, but I love reading your website. Hope to see you there!

What a brilliant entry, and what a bloody amazing response from Creation.
Congratulations to you, and to every one of us, and thank you for being so humble as to acknowledge the impact the fans made, and thank you for realising after some personal melodrama (yes, Wil, you're a drama queen *lol*) that a lot of the fans do love you.
You know something, the "I hate Wesley' crowd were probably far smaller than you gave them credit for. I honestly don't know if that's true or not - I was unpopular with my friends because I thought Wesley was great... I wanted to BE Wesley, but it's funny how a few idiots can make a really loud noise.
In my honest opinion, you're way too head bound. Get out of your brain for a while, stop intellectualising, and embrace the world without the need to analyse every second of every moment you have.
Star Trek is something extraordinary, and you being a part of that, being accepted to be a part of that, is a blessing that may sometimes seem a curse, but in the end it's all good.
Your friend who said "the best guests at Cons were the ones who seemed to be grateful they were there, and to understand the fans..." is right. What better way to honour the fans than to not condescend to them, and to show them that you're as enthusiastic about this phenomena as they are.
Stop undercutting yourself, you're too great a guy for that.
The Universe is teaching you an important lesson, Mr Wheaton, don't make the mistake of ignoring what it has to say.
Take care of yourself, and be far gentler with your sense of who you are, and why you are, and accept the fact you're a wonderful, special man.
You've had some upsets this year for a reason, and maybe that reason is the obvious possibility - to grow, to mature, to change, and to finally be free.

Wil, just thought you might be interested in my story. I'm but a young lad of 17, but when I was little I remember watching TNG. Not, for example, with a parent who was also a fan (I'm the only one in my family who likes sci-fi), but as my own personal 7-yr-old programming choice. I was even Data for Halloween once. I don't remember much about the show from then since I probably didn't understand most of the plot, but I now watch the reruns on TNN. The thing is, however, that I came to be a fan of your work through this website before I ever started watching trek again. I don't read the things you post and think of the character Wesley, but instead the reverse: I watch the show and see you at around my age, and think about how neat it is that you now have a family and are such a cool guy. Thanks for this site. --Gregg

Wil,I was sad when I read the two posts prior to this one, cause I thought it rude and cruel to treat you in the fashion in which you were treated. I thought your posts, however, showed great strength and maturity in dealing with the situation. That's why I am posting now, at the end of your TERRIFIC post. See? When we are gracious and deal with what we are given with class, we DO get rewarded. I am glad the reward came so quickly to you. Ryan and Nolan have a great stepdad. If you do get a chance, do a con out on the East Coast. My husband and I and the kids would love to meet you. Yes, we're all Trekkies in this family, from TOS on.

I think it's very good of you to say you want to sit at the signing table, and take time to talk to the fans, and to pose for pictures etc with them.

ALL Star Trek actors should be like that.

Sadly, some are miserable gits (Especially one with the initials "W" and "S"). But others, who take time out to talk to you, like George Takei, and Aron Ensberg will be remembered with great, great fondness for years to come.

Other actors who will no doubt obtain a fee far larger than yours, it'll be a case of "Yeah, I got his signature. He was a complete jerk, and wouldn't even let me take a photo!".

With you, it'll be "Cool guy, I hated Wesley Crusher - but Wil Wheaton was a nice chap who signed, and took time out for a short chat.... I like him, and I'd go and see him in a movie, or in theatre, or doing a Q&A elsewhere..."

Well done Wil!

So - Will you be attending Creaton's London Convention this January????? It'd be very good to meet you in person!


Jesus, dude, you've got your own pack of Fremen waiting to jihad the fucking galaxy for you. Stop with the angst and start slitting some throats. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Hey, I'll be there with you in spirit :)
I'm glad you're going :)

It's one thing to turn your back on a business that tuned their backs on you. It's another to turn your back on your fans. I'm so glad that you are doing this convention, Wil! Have a blast! :)

Star Trek is always going to be part of your past. It had its good and bad points for you and impacts on your life. If you still enjoy being involved with the fans, then that's what is important. As for the revolving door issue, you're a person. It's hard to make these big decisions. When it comes down to it, you have felt different ways about Star Trek at different times. And that's normal and expected. It's about how you feel, not about how someone else expects you to feel. You need to take the information and make the best decision at the time, always keeping in mind that new information leads to changed decisions. And if anyone doesn't like that or looks down on you for that, that's their problem and not yours. Good luck at Creation. I hope it turns out to be as much fun as you hope!

hey, don't know if you are gonna read this far on the post, but

you can go back and forth on this for the rest of your life.

the best thing is to make this decision for yourself, not for your fans, not for your career, but for yourself.

once you can determine what that is, then the decision will be clear.

if you think you can walk away from trek, you are wrong. so many of your co-workers have discovered this, some for better some for worse.

embrace the monster, wil.

what matters is that you do what you love. it sounds to me like you would love being a part of trek, no matter what the cost. and since there is some element of respect in the way that they are treating you, why not persue it?

i think that the real reason you are conflicted is that it's gonna be hard, damn hard to continue a relationship w/ trek.

don't base your decision on fear, worry, anxiety. it won't work - you will be faced with the same conflict again and again until you figure it out.

base your decision on growth, respect, experience gained and love.

may the force be with you

Damn Wil, you break my heart! It hurts me to see that you have so little confidence in your abilities and character.
The Trek things aren't a step back, they never will be. They also aren't all you are. I've never been a big Trekkers fan, it's not my deal. I came on this sight because a friend recommended it-"Hey, there's this guy from the states...Wil Wheaton, you know the guy". I thought I might as well give you a shot. The only thing of yours I'd ever seen was Stand By Me (bravo on that count by the way). I didn't need to be a big fan when I first logged on because, after I left, you'd made me a fan for life.
We love you now because we get to see a glimmer of your soul everyday, not because of how many BIG films you've done. We don't give a damn, you shouldn't either.
Be happy.


I won't be at the 15th show, but hope to attend something of yours, someday.

I respect your angst. :)

Hi, Wil. I've been telling all my friends about your site and what a cool guy you are. Some have checked out your site and even posted a comment.

I was about to go out last night and I checked your site one last time. Look, in "I see another hurdle approaching," here's a comment from Wil. "But I spoke with Adam Malin today, and it was a good, long (took up my whole lunch hour) conversation. I guess the Voice of the Fans was too loud to be ignored. More tomorrow." Ack! I'm going to a party, I'll miss the post. So at this party, I telll my freinds how Creation treated you. They are angry, indignant. "But, wait. Wil said he talked to Adam Malin and Wil says the Voice of the Fans was too loud to be ignored, so maybe something good has happened." So at this pary, we bring out a laptop and check out your site. And there's the Continuing Saga of Wil's Life (tm).

We are all happy for you, Wil. We are proud of the folks who took time to contact Creation and make their voices heard. We cheer as you took a stand and the results have been positive. We acknowledge Creation's maketing savvy to say, we goofed, we didn't understand your popularity, can we work this out?

From what you've posted, you've got some really great friends, Wil. They said exactly what I was thinking, but I would have never been able to put all that into words myself. I just kept nodding my head, yes! yes! You gotta do this for you, not the fans. You will always be associated with Star Trek, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. But as Shatner and Nimoy found out, they can live with it. You can, too. Because you are so much more than just Star Trek. Trek is behind you. But you don't have to forget it. You can still be a great writer, an actor, a husband, a step-father, an advocate, whatever, too.

We are *your* fans, Wil. Not just Wesley Crusher fans (although I'm a fan of Wes), or Wil the tech guy, or Wil the comedy troop guy or Gordy fans. We are fans of Wil, of the guy living with the ups and downs of life. Who let's us see a little bit (or actually, quite a bit) of himself and, along the way, makes me take a look at myself.

Peace. You deserve it.

Wow! What a testament to your fans' loyalty! It's inspiring. :)

I'm glad you ultimately decided to do it. I understand your conflict, and I think you did well in finding a kind of comfortable middle-ground. And it's fantastic that you're setting up a table! I've only been to one event where autographs were available, and it's downright discouraging to see stars selling a limited number of tickets to their autograph signings. We commoners hardly have a prayer of a close-up glimpse of our favorite stars.

I wish we could make it to the con. Unfortunately, a cross-country trip, a stay in Pasadena, and entry to the con are impossible right now.

Wil, you RAWK.

Way to go Wil!

Now, I'm with the rest...get up here to Toronto...


Great to hear that Creation has been 'convinced'.

However, that is not the end of the story is it ! It seems that what is troubling you is not this whole Trek thing - or Creation, this is just the symptom but not the cause. I reckon you are asking yourself *what is Wil Wheaton going to do? I have this website thing which is enormously popular and gets thousands of visitors and is almost world famous, everyone who visits it says how great I am - but somehow my career in acting is looking straight down the throat of infomercials.*

So there is the dilemma. Do you struggle on trying to make a living acting, or maybe write some scripts, or something else ? How can you use this sites success and translate it into something that is actually going to make $$$.

What has happened in the last few days may be the turning point, maybe unwittingly, you have used the success of this site to create work. If this site wasn't running there is no way Malin would have made that phone call, and sheez - by the sound of it you are going to be one in demand MF at the con. People will notice that - more importantly casting directors will notice that *OMG Wheaton was one of the most popular actors there - why was he left out of Nemesis ?*

And please remember - there are tens of thousands of aspiring actors and actresses out there who tread the boards week in week out for little pay just hoping that one day someone will notice them. They do it because probably like you when they were younger they decided *I want to act* - no more, no less, but they haven't had the opportunity or maybe just damned luck that you've had. You have to get noticed to get parts. And lets face it you're not going to get noticed taking Ferris for a walk around the block. Opportunity knocks Mr Wheaton - head up - go for it - knock them out - even if it is just for the *fans*, you just don't know where this could lead, and in true Trekism *Once more unto the breach - dear friend*. If your heart really is still in acting, then get out there and get noticed, it sounds like your *posse* could be ringing round the studios soon ;-)

Watching with interest.


Here's some MOJO. Your site fark are the two sites I check religiously, and one thing I gather about you is that you have your head on straight. You have the "balls" to come out here and discuss your day to day life in front of untold numbers and for that you have my utmost respect. I can't imagine being in your shoes, and I won't try- however no matter what happens with Trek know that there are people out there that only know you through your site and "Stand By Me". We're here and like it or not its gonna be pretty hard to get rid of us. Whatever you do just keep faith in yourself.

Come on out Willie!!


I know you're going to get a million comments about this post, but I hope I don't just say the same things the other million people say. -_^

I think I may've said as much before in an older comment, but I initially came to this site out of a funny-ha-ha nostalgia thing; out of my giant "I was ten years old then" crush on Wesley. The reasons I keep coming back have nothing to do with Trek or with Wesley.

I keep coming back and I keep reading because you're one of the finest working writers on the web. Your self-examination, your cultural examinaiton, your dedication to finding your voice (and, as a fellow writer, I think you've found it) -- these things are moving to read and beautifully written.

I understand that you have conflicting emotions; I think you've made an honest effort at sorting yourself out. I think that you're making the right choices (not that it matters -- no matter how much I might wish I did, I don't -know- you). Over the past few months, anyone who reads you can see the growing that you're doing.

Wesley may always be a little part of you, that cocky 15-year-old you will definitely always be a part of you -- but that's part of living. No matter how embarassed (and sometimes ashamed) I am of my adolescent self, she's still a part of me. I just had to learn to co-exist with her somehow.

Besides, if she wasn't still a part of me, I'd never be reading you in the first place. You're amazing. Please keep writing. And best of luck to you.

yours truly,
Jess A.

Didn't know how the comment forum worked b4. Cool.

Right on, man. Good for you.
Startrek is and always will be a piece of your past and history. Some people go to high school reunions, you go to startrek conventions. And no matter how sucky a time you had in high school, how often you got teased for the pimple on your nose you just couldn't do anything about, and how often that girl with the great...smile...snubbed you after you finally worked up the courage for a date, you still attend the reunion, because for better or worse it's a part of who and what you are and always will be.

You can define the experiance, or allow it to define you. You are Wil Wheaton who played Wes Crusher on TGN. You are not Wes Crusher played by Wil Wheaton.

Taking control of you past, means taking control of your future. Go to that convention as Wil Wheaton, who happened to be cast as the crusher kid, and not as a new segment of "Whatever happened to transport cheif #7 in episode #34?"

You are Wil Wheaton first and foremost and you always will be.

You rock!

- proud to be part of the posse.

Guess what I'm watching on Encore West this very minute--Stand By Me!

Wil, you're not Gordy or Wesley and you never were, but we still love these characters because of you. You're a fine actor and an exceptional young man and your talent WILL NOT be wasted.

I'm proud to be in your posse.

It is so good to hear you will be doing the convention, Wil. I feel as many of the writers here do, that I would like to be there and meet you in person. Not this con, though, for me, but perhaps the next time you are in Canada...though it is a part of your past and your youth, TNG was and is fun to re-visit, and Wesley was great. I think it is possible to live with the past and still look forward, and I guess you know that, too. Best of luck!

How's it goin', Wil!

I was one of one of the ones who sent Adam Malin an e-mail, and I'm very, very happy I was part of the "chorus" that helped changed Creation's mind. It'll be great to see you in Pasadena in three weeks!

I'm looking forward to the convention, and it's too bad we have to wait until next year to see your comedy group. Oh, well.

When I come to Pasadena on the 28th, I'll have my "Stand By Me" special edition DVD with me, and I would be honored if you would sign it. Thanks for coming back to this side of the "revolving door!"

The Leafman

Wil, as I see it, you're in several unique positions now.

For starters, not too many of us have our awkward teenage years captured for posterity -- much less collected and viewed by millions of dedicated fans worldwide. By playing the *role* of Wesley so well, you put yourself in the line of fire, so to speak.

Here's the thing though: when it's all said and done, 100 years from now when TNG is watched (and it will be) the People magazine drama that goes on behind the scenes will have been forgotten. What will remain is the portrayal of ideas and the human condition. You sir, portayed a time in life that is painful to just about everyone -- especially geeks. You did it well enough that it made people uncomfortable -- some of the most important events in human history have been precipitated by people being uncomfortable.

So, does your going to a con make sense to someone in your position? Of course! Relying only upon what you have written here, it seems very clear to me that to deny Trek is to deny something really integral to the person you are now. Consider: would you have worked so hard to be a man in your own right had you not such compelling impetus to prove you could?

Again, you're in a unique position -- one you share only with the other actors that have worked on Trek. Whatever you choose to do with the rest of your life, a whole lot of people are going to pay attention. It's a gift of sorts, as well as a curse. Your musings today are proof of that. It can't be taken or given back.

You can take this chance and make it what you want, or not, and allow others to dictate what the role of Wesley Crusher means and who Wil Wheaton is. You could embrace it and finish growing him up for good -- allow Wesley to catch up to Wil. Perhaps then, you can allow yourself to make peace with what is really, a pretty unique situation. Either way, you've made an impression upon me and I wish you the best of luck.


Thanks for hearing your fans too. We are glad to see someone who has the power tell Creation what we are missing. We need the interaction with the actors. I am proud to see you going the the convention but puting something out there besides Wesley for everyone to see. I am sure it will bring more fans to the website and even make people see past Wesley and find Wil!


Wowsers...soooooo much text & inner angst.

I won't be at the convention cause I can't afford it anyway. Maybe you'll beat up Scooby Doo to legalize prostitution or some other such nonsense so I can see you again for cheap.

A guest speaker engagement for Halloween showing of "The Curse" in N. CA might be fun.

Anyway, good luck & have fun at the convention.

Glad to hear things worked out for the best- I can't make it to the 15th but I Look forward to the other things you might be able to do like another Cruise Trek- if that could be planned again anytime soon, I missed the last one due to finacial stuff. Take Care! Man!

=D alright wil!
Wish I could attend the con.
On the plus side we(the fans/friends) got our voice heard for once! XD YES!

Well shit, Wil... Now I'm going to have to make the 4 hour drive to goto this convention. :) I'm glad you decided to go.
All the best!

Hi Wil

I think its great that you will be at the convention. I have been a fan of yours since the beginning of Next Gen. I am glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve. I wish I could see you at the convention but the exchange rate between Canada and the US sucks right now hehe. i hope to meet you at another convention in the future.

Best always Chris


i've never posted a comment here before, but i felt compelled after reading this.

are you crazy? you already are a celebrity. you have fans. i mean, it's crazy, but you actually have this really wide-spectrum cult fanbase. you're almost an icon. you're already one of the greats, if only because of who you are.

the implications of this are insane. everything just might start to turn around.

ha. you wanna know how i found this site? i was reading x-e, and they mentioned your site. i just thought it was really wacky that you even had a website, so i went to check it out.

you know what i've found over the past few months? a really complex guy who is pretty fucking cool (and has great taste in stuff, and actually endorses disinfo).

you know what? that's even better than being a star. sometimes i wonder if stars are even still burning cause they're lightyears away. where's the fun in that?

so yeah. heh. go for it, man! sounds like a pretty rad deal.

Wil! In the name of Bob and all that is unholy will you fer-crying out loud do something closer to TEXAS!?!?!?

Seriously tho, I love you man, and I'm glad that all is well and all is well and all manner of things are well. I dont think anyone's still reading down this far except maybe a future fanboy/girl reading the archives and scrolling thru. (Like me right now, I'm in March 2002- WOOHOO!) I'm still a little wired, I went and saw Little Feat and they ROCKED!!, but being its after 3am, I guess I'll have to crash soon. anyway....I don't buy this "my acting career is over" crap anymore than the rest of the posse and I think this is a good indicator of why. Good on ya

Wil, it's quite bizarre how you suddenly became THE thing on the Internet, but, yes, like the rest of your fans, I would urge you to enjoy attention from others, as long as it doesn't go to your head!

You prose is interesting, but when you wander too far into self-analysis, well, I can't believe you're typing out so much of your life to us.

I like you though, still.

Bravo Wil!
I was on the edge of my seat all the way through your post hoping that you would be going to say yes.
It is so cool that what started out (I imagine) as a cool little catch phrase 'Wil has a posse' is farking true now!
Lets march on the capital and declare Wil the new Emporer!
*Starts handing out blazing torches and pitchforks to the mob assembled*

Well, well...imagine that! Wil Wheaton, alive and well and living in...Conventionland! Seriously though, it's good to see you again. Yes, yes, I know you don't know me, and I know you never 'left', but on my end, it's good to see you. Came by way of a link posted by a friend on my message board (the quote about prioritizing your porn) and I am just down right jazzed as can be to see that you are still out there, somewhere...floating around...wearing only a cockring (pump up the volume wtg me!). So go to your convention, blow the kiddies away with some original prose, and tell us, at length, all about it.
We will be visiting your blog for a daily read, and please feel free to browse ours. ;)



I would love to be there to see you
and all the STNG gang.. but with my hip, both legs
and back ... walking is very difficult at times..
but, if I can get a electric scooter I'll be
there..with bells on..
(just a figure of free speach)


Way to go Wil -
Wish I was going to be there, just make sure you tell us all about it afterwards :)

I think it's really cool that for once the voice of the fans have been heard. To tell the truth i'm not a huge star trek guy, but I am a huge 'People' guy, and I think this time we can mark one up for the 'People.' I won't see you at the convention, but I have a good feeling you will have fun there! Congrats!

Wow...wow. I've never been a Star Trek fan and I only stumbled onto this site because I saw a link to it on my favorite weblog. But it's become a daily destination. Wil, you are an amazing writer. I'd read your entry about how Creation treated and I felt badly. But your entry today moved me to tears. How incredibly awesome is it to have change affected in your life because people stood up for you? Hopefully, you fully understand the power of the love people feel for you. Not just a block of "fans" but each individual who took time out of their own busy, complicated lives to contact Creation and champion your place in that show. who You are a very lucky person.

I'm glad you decided to do the convention. It's lovely for all the people that love you and made it happen. I would actually attend just to meet you but it's too far away. Good luck and godspeed. I'll be reading.

great to hear the news wil...you know it's a bitch getting rejected...like you did by the folks at creation...but sometimes it takes getting rejected to let a person know how many friends they have...and now the folks at creation know too... that's something that paramount should keep in mind for the future...in case you still don't know...you've got the power!...use it wisely.

I'm thrilled they phoned you back, and even more thrilled you're doing the convention. Yes, you will always be young Wesley, but nowhere does it say you can't forge new paths. Look at Harrison Ford - Han Solo forever! And Indiana Jones.... oh and Jack Ryan, and.....

You have the talent my friend, we all believe in you, now is the time to believe in yourself too.

Let us poor Aussies know how it goes, hmmm? :)

aka Ozq

Wil -

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I sent a fax to Adam saying that I (and others) were glad he invited you to the con. Curious to find out how many thank you's he gets.

Regardless of all the angst you still took the time, not just to share this with us, but to say thank you as well. Dammit, you're OK Wil Wheaton. ;D

wil: i'm glad that everything you say here isn't chiseled in stone...but sometimes a rant chiseled in the sand can change everything.

It's about time that the powers that be in the convention world, realize the appeal that Uncle Willie has, and that us, his Posse, are a force to be recon'd with!

Hmmm ... and to prove just that very point, looks like Uncle Willie's Auto on eBay by Slanted Fedora here:


went in the end for a little over $300.

Now, they've put up another one up for auction here:


as well, and thus far, the top bid is just under $13 bucks. I wonder where it'll end up at?

My, what a long post. Then again, it's your website, eh? Now, obviously you need my opinion. Why? Well, if you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you! Hah!

So - opinion... Go. Go to the Con. Go and do your thang. Why? Well, we don't know ALL the angst you've got - probably only you & your missus DO know (by the way, I wonder what HER opinion is on this). But at the end of the day, Wil, if you WANT to go, then do it.

Take a risk. What do you have to lose? Hmm?? Do you want lots of 'what ifs'? Besides, after THAT many words in your posts, and THAT much of a response from your supporters, and THAT much frickin' angst, wouldn't it just be pointless to NOT go now...?

Reward youself for all the hours and minutes you've spent on brain time with this whole thing. Keep living your life - GO AND HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!

Here endeth the lesson.


Hey Wil...

Here is my .02 cents for today

"It is very easy to leave a moving car,but it is much harder to get back in"

Do Creation and see how it turns out dont leave yourself with the should have,could have,would have feelings.

If things work out great if not,no big deal.

P.S. could you e-mail me a recipet on the .02

You're analyzing this to death! I see it as a very easy question: Do you WANT to do it?

In your post you said...

"But that revolving door is spinning, and I don't know how I can face the people who said "Good for you! Leave Star Trek behind you forver!" "

You must remember that those of us that said that are behind you 100% no matter what decision you make, Wil. You have our encouragment and support. You are great, man...wish I could be at that con.
Keep up the good work!

Take care..be safe!

Hiya Wil,

It's great that you now get to go more on your terms, and your fans get to see you. But when you going to come to the uk, and see your fans over here?


Yay! Now I hope that you will make it out to a con in the midwest!

What amazes me is that the Creation idiot didn't know about the popularity of this website!


I have to confess! I (and quite a few other 'Posse-ettes' I suppose) am worried about you. Are you heading warp factor 9.75 towards an ulcer? You need to slow down dearie. Endless 12 hour days will do nothing for your health (trust me! "Been there, done that, care to borrow the T-shirt?")

Dont worry about your fans, they can take care of themselves! You give us a little piece of "Welcome to Wil's World" with every blog. I dont have a blog! No-one here knows anything of me, but I betcha a crate of Romulan ale that every one of the Posse know you and they only want you to do what YOU want to do. You give 110% of yourself to your fans every (or nearly every) day. And what if you made yourself ill? What would we do then?!?

I'm not saying that you're the Messiah or anything. I quote from Monty Python's Life Of Brian, "He is NOT the Messiah...he's a very naughty boy! Now P*SS OFF!!!"

And on that note, I make one request. Before you click another 'i' or tap another 't' I would kindly ask that you give your wife a '5 minute kiss' and your boys the BIGGEST hug in Christendom! If not for yourself, then for the 'Posse'.

Keep the faith my friend.

Do what you feel is right for you and your family, thats all we fans can ask of you.

Um, is it just me, or did Wil's ANONYMOUS poster leave a name? Janis Cortese, anyone?

Janis, you ROCK! Keep reading and posting.

I for one wish more people would remove their mouths from around Wil's dick, just long enough to tell him what they really think.

Wil, I cannot add anything here that hasn't already been said by 223 other fans(current count). I have never gone to a con in my life, but I'll go to this one because of the integrity you've shown and continue to show in life.

Creation may be an 800lbs gorilla but 800lbs of gorilla need to be fed. We, your fans are holding the bananas and they are listening to the little bell for feeding time.

Another word. After you do the convention consider taking all the entries you've written at WWDN and compiling them into a book (as you've been urged to many many times before). Not only will your posse happily buy it, you'll gain more fans.

And it would be a real book! After reading them from entry #1, I got a real sense of a story, YOUR story--and now it's a story with a happy ending.

You are an exceptional young man--but also, right AT THIS MOMENT, you are in a unique position. Because not only are you a respected screen actor, a comic talent, and a significant part of a cultural phenomenon, you've now managed to become the hottest thing on the Net by dint of having revealed to any and all who would surf to your website the simple truths about your life.

AND--singlehandedly, you inspired hundreds of readers to take action. It may not have been for World Peace, but the sudden force and efficacy of their calls and emails is not to be trivialized.

Now you tell me if anything quite like this has happened before. Verily I say unto you, Wil Wheaton, you have taught me that An Internet That Never Forgets Its Human Basis can be the strongest power on earth.

Yanno...we should start campaigning whenever Wil auditions for a part. If the stupid people won't help him fix his career, why can't we speak up for him? If there was ever anyone deserving of an effort like that, it's Wil...



Seriously, I think you need to take ANOTHER, another long look at yourself.

I see an obvious pattern here: with the convention, the infommercial and pretty much everything else.

You go through all this inner termoil which I think is total bullshit and in the end -- always in the end -- you take the money.

Just because you argue with yourself (quite neurotically i might add) does not make your decision to do a TNG convention or whore yourself out for infommercials any more valiant.

Every single time, the pattern is clear. It's the money. It's the attention -- even the slightest bit of it which drives you daily.

I work in Los Angeles. I see it everyday with friends. Once you get a taste of the fame part of celebrity, it's a drug. Acting, the craft or any obligation to your family and yourself is superceded by that need to be famous again.

You are acting no different than Darva Conger or anyone else from the reality TV drivel that would do anything to keep that lingering "I'm important" feeling.

You were a whiny little precocious brat when you were a kid actor. No different from Gary Coleman. No different from anyone.

Stop whining. Take the money and stop torturing yourself or your readers. Everyone KNOWS you're going to take the money. YOU KNOW you're going to take the money.

If your decision to do an informmercial is based on the fact that your passion for acting has waned, then that is really really sad.

What's waned is actually your integrity.

You are ordinary

Scott Howard
[email protected]

Uncle WIll-

Thats so awsome I sent Creation an e-mail thanking them for "thinking of the fans". I also tried to see if I can afford to go to the left coast (I live in Atlanta) and I'm very hurt that I cannot finnaly meet you this time around :( But there will be a next time.

I think you should do it and listen to your fans just as you have. Always remember I am a member of your "posse" weather or not you welcome it.
As for as putting Trek behind you, I understand can respect how you feel about that (to a point, because I was never an actor or in the know so to speak) But look at it like this, if the fans want you there than isn't that reason enough to go, plus the added cash flow for your family?

You got great karma bro!! Just stick with it, I think this is in a way a new beginning because more and more poeple are finding out about WWDN!!

Best of luck man!

Scott Howard.
wow...mister sensitivity....

what a jerk you are....
does Wil go to your weblog and talk shit to you?

pay no attention to this guy Wil...
No matter where you go, or who you are, you're bound to run into guys like this...
luckily there are a few thousand of us to more than balance the equation.

and seriously....
when are you gonna get your ass up to Toronto?

I haven't read all two-hundred-and-some-odd posts, so someone might have brought this up already. Forgive me if I'm being redundant. But hell, Wil, Nimoy had the cajones to write a book entitled 'I am NOT Spock', and we all know how his experience with Trek has turned out. You're not the first to try and beat the Star Trek stigma, and by the looks of things you probably won't be the last. Sort of like the Bond Girls, though I'm not necessarily dying to see you in fishnets with the moniker 'Richard Beninya'. That being said, please indulge me by giving my opinion as an outsider: 1) Sure, it's hard to be seen as anybody but Wesley Crusher, but 2) you've experienced something that I, as an aspiring actor, would kill for (okay, maybe not kill, but quite possibly maim). It sounds like you have pretty good perspective on where you are in life, and you've analysed it as rationally as you can. I, for one, think you made the right decision, and you handled it like the adult you are while keeping your integrity. I believe that the head of Creation should be lauded for being a stand-up guy as well. Good for both of you. I sincerely wish I could be there; but being a family man myself, I have other obligations. That being said, have a great time, Mr. Wheaton!


Life is all about growth, and change. But growing does not always have to mean leaving the past behind.

Enmbrace your past as part of you, hold on to the things you enjoy, let go of those that you do not.

Doing the things you enjoy (i.e. your sketch routine) for your Trek fans is a positive thing, in my opinion. For all involved.

If you were going to the convention, and talking about your Trek days, and reliving the past. That would be stuck in your proverbial revolving door. You're moving forward, growing up, and sharing that with your Trek Fans.

Get down with your bad self Wil. You ARE the man.


Wish I could make it, say hi, and shake your hand again. But I know many others will. Enjoy.

This post made headline news.

It's 12:06 in the morning, I have school tomorrow, my homework isn't done, and i'm up reading Wil Wheaton dot net. What the hell is wrong with me?

The past, is nothing more than that. The past. It can't be changed, altered, and whatever happened, happened. You're just gona have to live with it. It's good to see your starting to move on from Wesley Crusher. Regardless of your acting career's past, it looks like your starting to build your own sub-pop culture cult with the internet world, and I think it's great news that you're starting to put that into the picture more and more with how that interacts with your life. However, just remember: Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Don't make it too much of a good thing.

Personally Wily I don't really think acting is your niche anymore. You've probably created more of a cult success from this website alone than all your previous work combined, and I think sometihng along the lines of a book would be more sucessful at this point than any acting job, not unless you get another Star Trek-ish role along the lines soon. See how the audience likes your writting work at convention and then factor that in with the cult status of WWDN, and then ask yourself what's going to be more of a success at this point. I know i'd certinally enjoy seeing a book from you...it would be the first one i've read freely in years.

But then again, what do I know?

Hey Wil,
I checked the creation site and they already have the notice up that you are appearing and signing autographs for free. Sorry I can't attend as I am in Afghanistan and don't think I would get away in time. Best of luck and I know you will have a report of the convention posted here for all to see.

From a post above: "You are ordinary.
Scott Howard" Speaking for just myself (and I suspect many of the rest of the Posse), you will never be ordinary. You are a gifted writer, a really funny guy with a mature sense of wit, and a good actor. What Scott wrote is bullshit because he doesn't know you, obviously doesn't ever take the time to read your logs on a regular basis, and is probably angry that he can't be married to a hot chick like you are. ;)
As for *CREATION*, I'm glad your going, and have to join the hordes who lobbied for you but still can't attend 'cause it's on the wrong coast.
Wish I *could* shake your hand, look you in the eye, and say "thanks for all you have done/meant to *me*".
Consider this my handshake, dude. Thanks.


Go Wil.

I'm not even going to say anything else.

Go Wil.

Wil, I am thrilled you decided to do the show. Of all the cons I have attended, I have seen many of my favorite Trek actors: Stewart (le sigh), Spiner, Frakes. I even sat through Grace Lee Whitney (yawn) to see George Takei. You were the one person I waited to see and never could. If you do any cons on the East Coast, please let us know.

Good Luck with the show!

This is just a test, since I've been having trouble posting lately. But just in case it works- Wil, I'm glad that things worked out the way they did for you. I'm hopeful that one day you'll come to a con in NJ so I can meet you! :D
Love, Alicia

Awesome! Here's to hoping I can get there...

Dream sweet.

Goddammit Wil, I don't know much, but I know this. If you go through life wondering how others will react to what you do, you won't end up doing anything that makes you truley happy. Don't think about the fans, don't think about the critics. If you want to be a part of it, do it because you genuinely want to, because it's something that will make you happy, or fulfilled. If you want to leave it behind, the people who truley understand and appreciate you will back that up 100%. No one here really knows what your experiences in Trek have been like. In the end, t's just like any other job I suppose. There are the poeple who you grow to love and respect, and then there are many many asshats who take those good moments and twist them until your stomach knots.

So look inside and make the decision from there, either way, those who are more then mere Trek fans will support you no matter what.

Nuff said.

Way to go Wil. I've never been enough of a Star Trek fan to actually think of attending a Con, but would that I were going to be in Pasadena, I'd make it a priority to attend just to shake your hand.


p.s. Tell the G4 TV guys to force the (expletive string) (/expletive string) execs at Time Warner Cable to air the network (or at the very least Arena)

Awesome for you, Wil! Only what you deserve. I understand your conflict but maybe you can find a balance between your history with Trek and your future goals. I'm **so** bummed that I can't go to the convention. It's very cool that you're willing to talk with fans and sign stuff.

I have to say, it kinda awes me that you don't get more of the 'go whine to your momma!' responses. Not that that's my personal sentiment, but I can't say it hasn't skirted the edge of my thoughts when reading your journal. You have all the same problems we've all got, with one exception. You're famous. Struggling actor or not...

It seems you seek rationalizations and justifications from friends and fans in the guise of advice. Don't bother. You want to go to that convention. WE want you to go to that convention. I would think the choice should have been cake. No need to justify or rationalize anything. I hope you didn't feel you had to. Not to anyone but yourself, anyway.

We all knew that mailing off that plastic Wesley doll was not gonna make the good the bad and the ugly of the past 15 years go away---and thank goodness for that!

Everyone who has ever posted to this site came here because you were famous. We come back because you're Wil. A cool, smart, witty guy that we can relate to.

Bear that in mind, and just do your thing.

Looks like Illiad from www.userfriendly.org digs your site. There is a great reference to it in today's online strip. Kudos.

hahaha... life's pretty funny.
very, very good, but funny.

go wil!

It seems to me that the worst part of this is you're trying to reconcile playing a horridly drawn character on a very popular show. The show gave people hope and good entertainment, but your contribution to it was derided as a black spot, because it was hobbled by bad writing and a general confusion by its creators as to just how they wanted Wes portrayed. So you're torn between wanting to stay involved with people you genuinely adore and a cultural phenomenon worth being proud of, all the while knowing that YOUR part in it is held in considerably low esteem. The show was great; your character wasn't. No wonder you feel conflicted.

WOW!!!!!!!I go away for 3 days and there is ALL

Like so many other POSSE MONKEY'S..I will be there
in spirit..

I would go if it was closer to ATL...(like "zandra" said YOU are the only person that
could get me to go to a CON)

HOWEVER Mr. Wheaton..you SHOULD consider what
someone else said..


You DO rawk Wil...GOOD JOB MONKEY'S!!!!

Sure do understand wanting to leave something you have done in the past behind you, but as we all learn, that is just not possible. It is part of you. Everyone goes through that at one time or another, you just have to do it much more publicly.

wil, you are definitely doing the right thing going to the con. again i have to say -- can you change that picture on your fund raiser site? it's silly. you looked way better on tech tv. can't you just take a digital still shot of yourself without the smarmy smile?

Geez, why was I on pins & needles the whole time I read this, when I won't be able to go to the con whether you'd be there or not? I guess it's because your addictive blog has made me - and I assume 1000's of others - care about what happens to you. Not being a soap opera fan, I can only assume that the reason for THAT is your warmth, honesty and humor. Congratulations & I hope you have a blast at the con.

Congrats, you deserve it........ now how about the East coast????? :-)



Thanks for updating your Convention's section!

To all who want Wil to come to Toronto> You need to lobby the Toronto Trek convention people. Not sure who they are, but how hard can it be to find out?

Does Wil even want to come to Toronto?

Does the charge on the electron truly remain constant or does it decrease slightly over millenia?

Too many questions, not enough anwers.

I wrote to Adam and Creation saying they were making a mistake not having you in Pasadena, and I have since written thanking them for realizing their mistake. Good for you!

I've also written to the organizers of AggieCon, a great, smallish con held at Texas A&M, telling them about you so that your Texas fans could have a chance to see you. I'll keep my fingers crossed to see you on the guest list!

Thanks for being such an inspiration. You did what you needed to do, amidst the diffificulties of the decision. I don't think any less of you for going through that revolving door. I probably would have.

Wil... congratulations. And as for the revolving door comment? Ignore it. The only person you have to impress is you. And maybe Anne. ;-)

Woo hoo!!!

As Homer Simpson would say

Wish I could attend. Hope everyone enjoys the program. Maybe when you come to Chicago again, I'll stop by at a convention. Peace and happiness.


Honey, don't do a damned thing because you have to "face" someone. Listen to people, consider the information around you ... then go into someplace quiet in your head and tune out the static of other people's opinions and LISTEN TO WHAT WIL SAYS. You'll be fine.

My congrats go out to you Wil, and to all those who made their voices heard.

Your friend told you exactly what I had been thinking, and what I told my wife about. You'll never leave Trek behind, because you were a part of it. You can't leave it behind any more than you can leave behind that 15 year old kid that you were. You can move on, but it will always be a part of you.

Also, these voices could kick-start your acting career if utilized properly. I believe that. Your website has grown out-of-this-world, much larger than I bet you ever imagined it would. It could be put to good use to you as an actor, not just as a person. It's great that you're able to share all of this personal stuff with us, The Fans. Find a way to let us help you as an actor.

It's cool that you like to write, that you want to be a writer. I'm down with that. But there are a LOT of us out here that would like to see you on the screen.

You're the underdog that everyone wants to see succeed.

You're The Man.

(i just wish i could come see you at the con.)

For all you canuk's up there .... I found this on the web (though this year's date is already passed) that does Conventions up there:


Perhaps if you all e-mailed them, they might consider bringing Wil up there?

(wicked grin)

I agree ... with the poster as well, that perhaps we should e-mail Rick Berman en Mass, to try to get Wil's Scenes restored in the ST:X movie.

Perhaps if enough of us e-mailed Rick Berman, we'd get the same response from him, as we did from Creation Entertainment!


Anyone got Rick Berman's and Paramount big wigs e-mail addresses by chance, so we can get this baby (e-mail/letter/fax writing/phone call campaign) a rollin?

Hey Wil! Way to go buddy! Congrats!

Oh Yeah ... for Toronto ... here is the contact information page, so you guys can pester the heck out of them to try to get Wil up there next summer (I think I read on their website, that they are shooting for next year):


One last thing to those 'Across the Pond' in England ... if you look here at Creation's Website:


and click on the:

London, England:
January 2003 - Creation Visits the U.K.!!!

link, you'll see that Creation is indeed coming to the UK.

Perhaps if you all e-mailed [email protected] and [email protected] with enough of you promising to buy tickets to his event there if Wil Wheaton appears, and IF Wil would do it, Adam and gang must might respond and book Wil to jump the pond and appear there.

Just something for you Brits to consider doing.

It worked once, a campaign towards Creation ... it MIGHT work again.

Been there and done that in my own, small-town way. I nearly let my angst keep me from doing something that turned out to be a personal turning-point that changed my life beyond my wildest dreams.

I think most of the people behind you now are behind YOU for YOU, not only if you behave one way or another. Okay, maybe there are some out there who want their very own Wil Wheaton action figure, so to speak. "Hey, we all got together and guilted Creation into making Wil a better offer AND guilted Wil into accepting! Isn't that cool?!" But most of us are along for the journey, Wil, not the destination. Do what is best for you--and it looks like that's what you're doing.

Way to go on taking a bad situation and making something good out of it. Is that not an art all its own?

It would seem I am eternally destined to be at the bottom of the comments section. ;)

You know, you aren't alone in your desire to leave the past behind, in the Trek multi-verse or otherwise. Fucking Shatner tried for decades to quell the mania surrounding Kirk, and suffered greatly for it for a very long time - until he finally came to peace with it. Perhaps it is just me, but he seems a much happier, more content man these days. Even Nimoy turned to alcohol, for crying out loud. They've felt the same angst you feel, I am quite sure. You say you have more in common with the *fans* than with your former co-workers, and while I am sure that is true on many levels, I am also willing to bet you will find some very interesting answers if you ask them how they have handled it all.

The point is, Wil, you can move on with your future without having to abandon your past. In fact, it is far more healthy to place the past in proper proportion than to forget it ever existed. These conventions, they are your healthy link to the past. Interacting with people who shared an amazing experience with you - as either a cohort or a spectator - is amazing therapy. It's like thumbing through an old photo album, or reuniting with old friends to talk about the past. It's part of your foundation, Wil, it's part of what has made you who you are as a human being, for better or for worse. It's like family: we can't choose our relatives (or our experiences), all we can do is survive them and try to laugh about it later. So many of us have bitter-sweet ties to the past - and we all have to work through them in a similar manner.

Keep it a comfortable distance. Go to some conventions - not one every week, or anything ;) - and enjoy reminiscing and connecting. Don't let it overtake your life, or give you an excuse for why you can't go on to other projects or continue your writing - only THEN will your Trek past be destructive to your future.

People go back for high school reunions, but do not stay on to go through high school again. You can, and should, feel perfectly fine about attending conventions from time to time. It doesn't mean you are letting Trek suck you back in. You can pay homage to your past, and to an experience that gave you so much, without losing who you have - and will - become.

Go, Wil. Enjoy it. Have a great time.

And when you are done, return to Reality a better man for having faced the demon and proven it can't destroy you.

My god that was a long post!

I had to go to the bathroom twice!

J/k, its good to see you have close friends
who care about you, live for yourself
and the ones you love, screw everyone else.

Cripes, Wil, if your entries get any longer I'm going to have to start packing a lunch.

When you posted about emerging from the safety bubble of Star Trek I posted a comment about how being out of that bubble will now allow you to move in any direction you want.

And it's still true. You _can_ move in any direction you want, and if you sometimes move back into the Trek arena, so be it.

Have fun, man. Sounds like it'll be a heck of a party. ;-)

Glad to hear you decided to go; there's no shame in doing something for your fans. Though you sure agonize over things! Are you a Libra or something? I do exactly the same thing.

I'm also enjoying your politically oriented posts immensely.


That got their attention...I noticed they wasted no time updating their website.

You've got a posse alright....A BIG ASS POSSE!!!

See ya there man!!


I've been a Trek fan since TOS but I've never been to a con. I thought the whole idea was kinda funny in a way.. but harmlessly funny.

But, dammit.. I'm going to this one.

Only for one reason. And I hope Creation "gets it".

And I also admit it.. I was never a Wesley fan, but was always a Wheaton fan.

I'll be the guy wearing a WWDN shirt. :)

Hey to everyone attending either/both the Slanted Fedora convention in Vegas (this coming weekend), and even better, even more so, the Creation Entertainment ST:TNG 15th anniversary in Pasedina the end of this month, suggestion if ya don't have already, the WWDN shirt/hat, ect, go here:


and WEAR it to the conventions!

That way Creation and the other's will SEE just how many of Wil's Posse is there!

I really hope that everyone gets to see what a great person you've turned out to be at the convention. I'm glad I found your website. I only wish I could get out there to meet you myself.

Wil -

I will repeat a familiar phrase, in case you are still wrestling with Trek angst...

Before I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water.

After I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water.

Wil / Wesley / Trek.

Wil / WWDN / No Trek.

Same thing.

Schism, indeed.

Wil -

I know you're probably done reading all these comments and won't be back here but I just want to say:


I was really sad to read that you'd been cut from such an important event and I am beyoned awed at the power wilwheaton.net fans have. I'm really glad people here and everywhere managed to change Creation's mind (although I wasn't a part of the movement, I really admire what it did.).

And, I'm really glad you changed YOUR mind and decided to do it.

I hope that the convention is everything you hope and want it to be and that you have a really good time there. I'll be looking forward to your post on it when the time rolls around.


I'm glad we see some people coming to their senses.


Firstly; BRAVO!!!, on the response of Creation to the obviously loud and grinding voice of the fans!!!

Secondly; I just wanted to say that I am so very proud of you for accepting the offer. Even though I'm only 27, I feel like everyone's big sister, and when I read your scribblings here it just brings me to tears. I remember my "crush on Crusher" days quite vividly, and the only reason I ever watched TNG was because you might be on it. When you left the show, I stopped watching it. I've always waited for his return from the "beyond". I was also very excited to see what happened next, in this movie. Oh well, won't be seeing that now....

Lastly, but most importantly this; Your writings strike so terribly true with me, and they help me understand my own mind extrodinarily well. I find solice in your words Wil, and they help me to realize that life is an everlasting wheel of change. One thing that has helped me in my struggles in life, is simply accepting the fact that I have NO control in my life if I always let life just "happen" to me. I "happen" to life now. If I wish to cross a street, it's up to me to step off the safety of the curb and begin the journey. Wil, you have come so far in your journey, that is extremely evident. Just always remember, it's YOUR journey. Take the step off the curb. Remember the journies of your past and embrace the lessons learned there-in fondly, like "that ex-girlfriend" or like "Mrs. So-and-so, your third-grade teacher". Everyone you touch, and everyone who touches you along your journey through this life will exchange a piece of themselves with you for all of eternity. Accept it. Own it. Surrender to it. Move on across the road, and be happy knowing you've made it that far.

Forever a fan, (even when you were an ass)

Ember Ryan

First Post ;)
Hoody Hoo! Way to go Wil!

Wil - way to go on your decision and doing it for "you". I think it's mighty cool of you to be so open with the posse and so inviting to those who will attend the Con (I mean your own table with "it won't cost you a penny to find out I'm human" sign all over it). One thing, though - don't buy (so honestly) into the fact that these CON-organizers have humbly bent under the fans' requests and decided to listen to them. They could not care less about what the Trekkies want - their main motivation is all about the lost revenue they would have to endure if you would not appear. You've become HUGE! So they would be plain STUPID to let you go. All in all the end effect is the same - you'll be there - so all is well in the world again.

Naive - that's what I am - just wanted to give you a little warning about the pitfalls it brought me in the past.

From someone who is, always was, and always will be a fan of whatever you do, I say, do what's right for YOU. While important, the fans are not who you are and what you do is still has to be right for YOU.

Take care and be aware that people who see you at the CON will be there because they LIKE you and anybody that cares to heckle or create crap, will be boo'd down before he leaves the microphone.

One other thing to think about, if you'd like to see fans that really care, then check OUT www.icomm.ca/tcon/tt16. This is CANADA'S largest fan-run, not-for-profit, convention and I KNOW that people here would greet you with open arms and give you a welcom that you deserve. If you're interested email me back and I will put you into contact with our convention committee.

Take Care

Ken Gaus

Wil, Wil, Wil:

Star Trek was very good to you as an actor. It is something that will live forever. You shouldn't give a fuck what other people say, if you want to do the thing, DO IT!! If not then don't. It is your choice. I am not you (obvioulsy - My wifes name is Ginger not Ann), but if I were, knowing what I know, I would do everyone I can especially if it would make some money for me, my wife and mainly my 1 year old.

If you do it, do it because you love it!


Do you see? It's all here... Those of us who care about you will support you whatever you decide. It's all about integrity, man. All of the angst and soul-searching you do is part of being an honest guy looking out for his family. I am glad you don't do infomercials, but if you did, it would be for a really good reason. We all know that here. Anyway, don't worry about losing fans. We are pretty much here to stay at WWDN. We love seeing you as a real guy here, but the cons are all about you in person- NOT WESLEY! You go, and don't look back.

P.S. You can sign my boobies if you come to the Midwest- if it will make you feel better :D

Cool beans! Way to go, Wil!! Your fellow actor is right, if you get a kick outta the cons, and the fans love it, then why not?

I lost interest in that LO-O-O-ONG anonymous rant about.... er, "Wheaton is a pussy, damn if he does and damn if he doesn't." I think those are loser trolls who like taunting actors and celebrities. Ignore them. There should be no inner conflict (angst??) about it, although as a guy who can't make hard decisions either I empathize with you.


Standing ovation from the Sydney end of the Australian Peanut Gallery, Wil! WTG!!!! I'm so pleased for you, and for all your fans (and posse people!) who'll be able to go! Just be careful of Cremations, though, Wil - they really are a bunch of bottom-feeding scum suckers and aren't renowned for treating their "guests" all that nicely. If they give you grief, just direct them our way.

Any chance you could come Downunder sometime? This little posse member would love to say g'day in person. You is a class act, Wheaton, and one heck of a human being.


Dear Wil:

I want to make a comment of support for Adam and Lori Malin. As a fan attending Creation Cons, I had a bad experience at a con, and was also treated as less than a customer by an employee. However, I wrote a letter to Creation, and both Adam and Lori went out of their way to make it right; far above and beyond the call of duty. At the next con (which they comped tickets for me and two friends), I made sure to take them two bottles of wine and some other gifts to thank them. They are good folks and highly professional. I am glad they came through for you.

As for the whole "Star Trek: Leave Behind or No?" issue - use it to market whatever other things you are doing. ST fans are loyal beyond anything I have ever seen. I think they will continue to support you as long as you continue to support their vision based on the show. And you are already a part of that vision. Best to you. Great site!!!

I just wanted to say I'm glad you are going to the convention. It will make many fans very happy. I wish I could go to the con too. But alas I'm stuck out on the farm. At least I can visit your webpage for entertainment. :-)
I'm sure the other cast members will be happy to see you there. You can revel in that family feeling you said you got when you reunited with them to film scenes for Nemesis.
I also wanted to say that I think you going to the convention would be something Gene Rodenberry would've wanted. I don't think he EVER would've wanted you to feel any bitterness toward Star Trek. The show was his baby. And you were and still are a very important part of that. Because Gene chose you to play a character so close to his heart. They say you can't choose family, but he chose you. And nobody can ever take that away from you. I think if Gene were alive today, he'd want to see you being content with the fact that you are part of this phenomenon-- a part of his creation. From everything I read about him, he would've been outraged at the way you were treated. When you go, just remember that Gene's spirit is out there, probably cheering you on for not letting bitterness interfere with being part of what is rightfully yours. You earned your place in the family. So make the best you can out of it. And enjoy yourself. I think that's what Gene would want.
ps. I hope I spelled Gen's last name right..


I think that for you Trek is like having a girlfriend. It's a relationship (a unique one to be sure). Sometimes you get snubbed and break off the relationship, and sometimes you make up and get back together.

There is always risk in relationships, but we were made for relationships, and maybe, you were made to have Trek as one of yours.

Why did everybody hate Wesley? Honestly, I kind of liked the kid, so this whole hatred-of-Wes thing just does not make sense to me. Am I really the only one who thinks like this? o.O

a note those complaining about the angst and conflicting emotions wil writes about...this blog would be no more than a 'what i did today' list...i may never go a con...so i can't relate to that experience...but i can relate to the pain of being rejected...and the joy of being accepted by your friends whether or not you are on a hot streak kickin' ass.

the things you have to do for money..

Maybe you should ask William Shatner about this, he seemed to have similar problems dealing with this Star Trek legacy... and no insult intended but you are surprisingly cool... I know that means a lot to you, since it comes from a complete nobody, that you never met, that just happened to post randomly on the internet ;)


Hey Wil,

I'm a long-time fan who recently rediscovered Start Trek after a 6 year hiatus while working on a career and raising children. A few months ago I accidentally ran into Canada's Space Channel and now I'm having an absolute ball sharing Star Trek daily with my 7 year old boy. We both love Wesley, and I always have. I found your website a few months ago and was so surprised to learn from you of the fans' reaction to you years ago, because Wes was one of my favorite characters. I just read this post of yours and I'm glad that you are going, the fans DO love you. You probably don't need me to say that but I just wanted to add my voice to the crowd. Most importantly, though, besides the whole Wesley/Trek thing you seem to be a very intelligent, sincere, and thoughtful young man who has a lot to be proud of.


Wil, I agree with your friend about the jealousy, they did't like you cuz they were envious of your role, in and out fo character. I've maintained that opinion for some time. I had a crush, personally...

Now, I know I'm late in commenting here, I've been busy. I haven't read any other commments so maybe someone else said this. And I know you've resolved it but while I was reading this entry I remembered a little interview you did for TNN (when they had a Trek week or something). I watched very little of that week but I did see where you talked about the name Wesley, and how it was lame. And your mom told you that Gene had named you that cuz it was his (middle?) name and he saw himself in the role. It was then that you cherished it a little more, right? And you loved Gene, right?

I don't know you, I certainly didn't know Mr. Roddenberry. But here's the thing that jumped out at me as you spilled out all of your angst:

What would Gene's advice to you have been? What would he have liked? Not just for himself, but for YOU, cuz he obviously had a certain affinity towards you.

I don't know the answer, I won't speculate, but whichever it is, I think you would know the answer. When things like this happen, remember the dream of the creator and what it was supposed to be (even if it's been tarnished in the process, somewhat).