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Advice to my 12 year-old self

I read at Slashdot a great question: "What advice would you give your 12 year-old self?"

Here's mine:

Dear 12 year-old self,

Your life is about to be forever changed. You don't know it now, but in three years, you're going to be in millions of households world-wide.

Everywhere you go, people are going to scream at you that they hate you. Listen to this advice, 12 year-old self, because I know that nobody else is going to give it to you: whatever you do, don't listen to them, and let don't let them define your sense of self-worth. It's going to hurt, a lot, and it will go on for years. You won't understand it, and you'll try really hard to convince them otherwise, but they will not listen . . . because they're just as insecure and confused as you are right now. You're going to want to quit the show, but if you do, you'll be 30 before you stop regretting it. Trust me on this one.

Stay on that show until it's over, and when you're older, you'll realize that for every person who screamed "I hate you," there is another who was quietly inspired by something you did. It all balances out, kid.

You are never going to be cool, no matter how hard you try, so save yourself the agony of trying to fit in. You end up marrying a real hottie who loves your inner geek.


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Now that is just plain cool.

Interesting. I had kind of thought about this myself but it's even neater to here what a celebrity would say to himself before he becomes a celebrity.

"P.S. Pull up your pants."

Amen, man, amen.
Didn't Wesley (the action figure) give you similar advice awhile ago ha ha.

Wow another rambling about how it sucked to have people confuse you with wesley crusher.

Care to post something fresh, Wil?

How wonderfully and painfully poignant.

Hindsight is always 20/20... but one has to wonder: Would you have really listened, let alone followed, such advice as a twelve-year-old?

Wow, yet another asshole troll.

Don't you people have jobs?

Brilliant! Love it.
Am thinking of composing my own letter-to-12-year-old-self. First sentence will be: You WILL grown into the nose. I promise.

i dont think id say anything but "you're ok"
except maybe the sunscreen song
( http://www.expage.com/page/lyrics4sunscreensong )**
would be good:)
but the point is, if as a result of my advice, i changed anything, i wouldnt be where i am today - i wouldnt have my gorgeous daughters.
naff that!

** for cynics among us, the NOT the sunscreen song is funny too...

I saw that question on slashdot earlier...thought it very profound.

I'd have so much to tell my 12 year old self...not sure where to begin.

I saw that question on slashdot earlier...thought it very profound.

I'd have so much to tell my 12 year old self...not sure where to begin.

Nice to see you caught this one, too, Wil. I thought it was a neat question, and I haven't ever seen so many responses to a /. post. Some are actually quite insightful.
I think this would be some good advice for you. Too bad folks like Merari seemed to miss the point.

Geez, John, it's his fricking board. He can post whatever he likes. Deal with it.

Buy Microsoft.

Yes, but would you have met and married the hot chick if you had stayed on the show? Perhaps her acceptance of you is your reward for being hurt and confused as a young man.

I sure don't agree with SOOO much of your views, Wil (of late anyway). Mostly because I beleive we've had absolutely differing upbringings. However, pain is pain and I recognise this trait from as far away as here. Perhaps I'll see other traits of similarity in time.

I found your posting with much sincere heart. I'm a fan of Wesley, for sure. And am awaiting his return to the ST fold. But I've also been known to be a fan of your 'funny'. You once thought you lost it. I would enjoy seeing more of it as well when you're up to it. Selfishly speaking.

For now, thanks for sharing what you'd tell your 12 year old self. I think most of us would say the same -- even without a TV series... ;)

Cheers! And chin up!

PS: Troll boy: I hear that Circuit City is in great need of your calibur of character. Seriously, give it a rest already. C'mon, sport. Whataya say? I'll buy you a cookie.


But, Wil, that "advice" is terrible! What about the temporal prime directive?!!?!!

Great advice Wil, but you now have the distinct advantage of 20/20 hindsight. All you can do is what you think is best for you at the time - so no regrets.

But if you actually got that letter when you was a 12 year old, would you be a happly married man now?

Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

Twilight Zone... Heh.

Yeah, but what 12 year old would be smart enough to listen to some geeky 30 year old?

Peace, dude.

I would have said something about not leaving protein stains on your clothes.

I read the same article at /. and frankly I've wondered if it would matter. Considering where I grew up, the exposure (or lack thereof) to various concepts, I think trying to explain some things that would be useful wouldn't be possible. The oft quoted "like explaining color to a blind person" phrase comes to mind (with the usual caveats).

In another sense, I think this is what a lot of people do, or at least try to do. How many folks when you were 12 had advice? I ran into a lot, personally. How much made sense at the time, or were so Zen-like that the initial response was "well, of course" without realizing the depth of the statement? Aside from the malicious, EVERYone tries to give advice to kids. "I was there. Trust me, do this... don't do that... think about this... don't worry about that..."

There are some things that simply have to be experienced to be completely understood.


Very nice, especially the part about the other people being insecure. YOU are SO Right,

People tend to lash out at others based on internal problems.


My message:

Do your homework!

"...when you're older, you'll realize that for every person who screamed "I hate you," there is another who was quietly inspired by something you did." Me being one of the latter. Thank you.

Now this is a topic I can blog about.

Gosh. I wish I knew you when you were 12 and that I was 12 at the same time.

Because I sure would have loved to have been able to tell you that.

But I've been a fan since before I was 12. No matter how mean people can be and have been to you, and to me, there are those nice people out there.

Its nice to know, isn't it?

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. ;D

Yeah, and then your 12-year-old self would say yeah-yeah, roll his eyes, and walk away.

I would tell myself to pay attention to my mom, spend more time with her, and not be such a brat.

All right, I was one of those people who hated Wesley Crusher, and I certainly wasn't thrilled with your appearance on "The Weakest Link." But that was a cool thing to write and to be able to understand, even at this late date. Peace and good luck.

I feel really sorry for Suzanne the 12 year old, she was one unhappy young girl. But without the mistakes I made when I was young I wouldn't be the same person I am here today.

and people are right...who would listen as a 12 year old... and who would run up stairs and slam the doors in a sulk because no-one understands!!!


That was really sweet Wil! I think I'll quote you on some of that stuff. Thanks for making my day!

I'm always wondering when the dorks will finally figure out that, one day, they'll get a hotter chick than even the star quarterback coulda gotten in high school. The world would be a much more relaxed place if they would figure this out sooner. Geesh.

I totally agree with John--get over the whole Star Trek thing. My goodness I would hope at the age of 30 you would have moved on!

Wil... I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this one.

I think you're an amazingly cool guy, and you have some great insights in the reality of *being,* and the simple fact is that you are the sum of your experiences *and how you DEALT with them.*

You are who you are because of your mistakes, too. And who you are is pretty damned cool. I wouldn't change a thing.


Very Personal.

Questions like this are always interesting.

Would we tell them to make our lives easier or theirs? By doing so, do we wish that the course of our lives would run differently?

If the answer is the second point then I wouldnt do it.

The choices we have made in our lives have led us to this point. To alter those choices would change our our existence so much that we would lose all we have gained, including that which we hold dearest.

I realise that i have no real right to say this, nor am i so arrogant as to suggest you or anyone else take this to heart.

I would tell my twelve year-old self nothing.

I would look at him and reflect on how far i have come, how much i have learned and all that i have gained and lost as a result of my personal journey and see in him the person i am proud to be now.

We all make what we consider to be mistakes, but to dwell on them is to be dominated by them.

I would however let him in on the hottie-lovin'. A growing boy needs something to aim for.

To the future-mobile!!! Away!!!!

I think that if I were going to leave myself a note, I'd probably give myself a reading list of children's and young-adult books I only discovered after age 25, plus a few of the more fun-loving self-help books and some creativity guides. I don't know what I would have thought of them then, but I suspect that I would have trusted them a lot more than a bunch of advice by someone whose experiences and meditations thereon I wasn't capable of really understanding. I think that books that suggested that I wasn't alone in being an oddball and guides that bridged the gap between wishing and doing would have been absolute treasure then.

With everything else, there seems to be a combination of hearing it from everyone else over and over again until what you've heard finally synchs up with your experience. Adults gave me plenty of advice, but I had to run my own experiences past my own filters to really be able to make the necessary connections. A thought provoking question, but not really one that I could answer in the spirit in which it was asked.

Hey it's your sis! I just wanted to let you know how amazing and, even though it's over-used these days, PROFOUND this entry is. I'm so happy and excited for you with all the great stuff you've got going right now. Now, look to the future, what would your 60 year old self say to your 30 year old self? I'm really proud of you! Thanks for always opening your heart on this website. You always touch me!

Fucking handbag.

Can't you mean people hold your tongue? You're not Wil. You didn't spend a chunk of your childhood on a TV show. Thanks, though my childhood could be considered a bit more normal than that, my young childhood as it was had a big fucking influence on my life.

You jerks irritate me! You've irritated me since the time I was in school with the fact that you can't not judge people for who they are. Something's gotta be nitpicked at, someone has some flaw worse than your own, in your eyes, and you do have to make them oh-so-painfully aware of it. Don't go telling someone to not write about something in their own damn journal. Its their journal, and just because you can read it doesn't give you the right to be rude.

Do us a favor and would you please shut up?

And I'm sorry for going off in your journal like that, Wil, but their giving us a nice little point in which I think your post observed. People are jerks wherever you go, whatever you do.

PS. In about 18 years they're going to ask you and your buddy Feldman to star in a sequel called "Stand By Me, Too" with Joaquin Phoenix playing the part of River's little brother. The plot centers around the 3 of you heading to Australia to find Vern who lost some money. There's a kangaroo involved. Just say NO.
Oh, you might want to pass up "Python" while you're at it.
Oh, and stay clear of PAX.
Man, and I forgot another thing......

Hmm interesting question considering that was the worst year of my life. I guess I would keep it simple and say 'Hang in there kid it gets better starting next year'.

I'm going to have to put this idea in my "Posts I'd like to write really well" pile.

And geeks ARE cool!

Wow. Funny how we have the answers now. I probably wouldn't have listened to my 12 year old self. Very nice though, and your sister commented too. Cool.

I guess we all have some regrets, no matter that we keep telling ourselves not to have regrets.... In my case, it was being too focused on the future and having too definite a plan as to what I was going to become. But what happens when you get slammed over the head with the fact that your lifelong goal is totally not the right thing for you? Then what do you do? That's what I'm trying to figure out right now. Somedays it's depressing but other days, it's completely liberating.

What's my point? If I could write a letter to my twelve year old self, I'd write: "Someday you'll grow up and you'll ask yourself: what do you really enjoy doing? And you won't have a clue. But trying to figure it out, late though you'll be, will reveal more about yourself than you ever thought was there. And you'll be doing that for the rest of your life."

Sounds kinda melodramatic, I know. But much as it's exciting to be at a crossroads in my life right now, I think it would have been easier had I not pigeon-holed myself so early on.

Just my $0.02.


I've long suspected that younger actors, even 15 yr old actors, live in a much different world. Theirs is not the world of the very young "isn't s/he cyoooot" actor, nor is it the world of the older actor who is, in theory at least, somewhat of an adult.

And actors are a different breed to begin with. Not worse or better than others, just different. We all have our differences, it is, as the cliche says, what makes the world go 'round.

There is no way of knowing what would have happened had you stayed with the series. Would you have met your wife? Turned to writing? Become so enamored with computers?

Personally, as I approach 40, I think, "if I only knew at {12,18,25,etc} what I knew now..." and I realize two things:

1) Every day is full of choices, we make them and they make us. Changing the past might have prevented some of the bad things that has happened to my life, but there's no guarantee that things would have turned out better.

2) Until I was 30, I was sure I knew everything. I wouldn't have listened to any advice from my future-self. And now as I approach 40 I know that I knew nothing then, I know nothing now, and I all I can do is try to keep learning.

Sorry if I sound like an exploded fortune-cookie factory. Your note made me feel pseudophilisophical.

At least you got a hottie :)

buntz you rock! "stand by me, too" that was some funny stuff! i'm still laughing...

In about 3 years you'll meet a girl named Jenn. Do not talk to this girl. Avoid all contact with her. Yes, you may like her now but she's not worth it. Crazy broad. You'll meet someone better, trust me.

Your post made me really think what would I say to myself at twelve if I could, after much thought I don't know. I agree with someone earlier who said things happen in our lives for a reason, the previous journey that we have lived has brought us to where we are, mistakes and all. We can't go back and change, I was burned when I was a child,as a kid, I would have given ANYTHING to take that back, but as an adult, I now realize that has made me the person I am today. Life is a journey, I am enjoying where it takes me. My two cents.

Hi Wil,
This is certainly an intersting thought. Me I would be caught between telling my 2 year old self not to make certain choises in life, but that leaves me wondering what sort of person I would be if I had gotton that advice at 12.

The sort of advice I would give myself can only be appriciated by a adult looking back at life retrospectivly. So I wonder would this be a good thing? If it stoped all my negativity in life, it would be great but what if the advice backed fired and things were worse for me now than they all ready are.

I really don't know what I would do, would you really change your past to change your future?

It's an unbelievable deep thought. Although I do love the idea that I can go back in time and make my life all better, rather than the s**t I call a life now. Actually I would do just about anything to make my life better.

If I knew it would change my life for the better I would say

Dear 12 year old self
If you only do these few things, your life will change for the better in such a way that you won't recognise yourself. Fight the education system more, and get the testing done at 12, and make more of a deal about the bullying 'cos kid you don't cope with it.

Your Older Self

01.21 GMT

Dear 12 year old self -

Keep making your own decisions and keeping your own counsel. Just do the best you can. You're doing just fine.

Your 33 year old self

but wil, you are cool.

When I was 12? Well it was 1987 and a few good movies were out:
The Big Easy - Hey kid, these people seem old now, but someday you'll appreciate what they're going through.

Fatal Attraction: My mom says, "Well, Ernie I hope you've learned something from this...", I say, "Yeah, always keep a gun in the house."

Full Metal Jacket: The military isn't as bad as it seems in this film, but it isn't as good either.

The Last Emperor: Watch and learn.

Lethal Weapon: You've already seen what you need to know in Mad Max, but if you want more of the same without thinking this'll do.

The Princess Bride: True Love, it doesn't happen everyday.

Raising Arizona: Cage can act...see Adaptation some day.

Robocop: It was almost X-rated. This gives SciFi the balls it needs to have its own network someday.

Roxanne: You've already seen The Jerk, you'll appreciate this too.

Three Men and a Baby: The movie sucks, but making out with your date is gonna rock.

The Untouchables: The music! Good god the music! It will scare you for life.

Wall Street: You won't want to work there anymore...that's a good thing.

The Witches of Eastwick: Enjoy. It's just good fun.

Hey Wil,

I will confess to being a Wesley-hater back in the day.

As with others, for me it was always a matter of it seeming that Wesley was always being used as a deus-ex-machina solution to whatever the jam of the week was. Wesley had a lot of potential, and I think you're right as far as a lot of directions the writers could have taken with him.

But the thing is, I was angered / frustrated by Wesley, not Wil Wheaton.

I had a hunch that Wil wasn't going in to the writers meetings each week demanding to save the universe yet again. ;)

Anyway, I've been reading your site now for a while, and have been pleasantly surprised to see that Wil is actually quite a decent and interesting human being, and one I wouldn't be adverse to hanging out with, given the chance.

Just as the map is not the territory, its important to remember that the actor is not the character. And I think obviously, you know that.

Keep up the good work

Amen for hotties who love inner geeks. I am one *and* I've found one. It's a pretty good exchange, I think.

Damn it! I ended up in my profession because I let a 12 year old make my career decision.

I was one of the "quietly inspired." I adored your character, and geeky as it sounds I when school (especially math) would get "too hard" I'd think "I bet Wesley could do this" and work harder at it. I used to watch the show with my parents, always hoping for a "Wesley Episode." It also helped that I thought you were awfully cute, too. ;) I haven't read your journal long, but I've enjoyed what I have. I look forward to more.

Hmm, 12.

No, I'd do better if I could send advice to myself when I was 16. I'd start with "Girls will like the way you kiss."

12-15 wasn't too consequential.

I can see where the difference would be for Wil.

Okay, we love you, get over yourself!

I always wanted to be the 12-year-old geek on the

Wow. Just.. wow. :)

I think I would personally scare myself if my 12 year old self got something from me. *chuckles*

Hi Wil,

Thanks again for being so honest.

Your 12 year-old self is listening... even if it is too late to change the past... it must be good for him to hear!


I would just write myself 15 simple little thoughts to keep in mind...

1. At least two people in this world love you so much they would die for you.

2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.

4. A smile from you can bring happiness to any one, even if they don't like you.

5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. If it not for you, someone may not be living.

8. You are special and unique in your own way.

9. Someone that you don't even know exists--loves you.

10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something usually good comes from it.

11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a real good look at things; you most likely have turned your back on the world.

12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you more than likely won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, sooner or later, you'll prevail.

13. Always remember the compliments you've received. Forget the critical and rude remarks.

14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you'll feel much better when they know.

15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that you think they are great.

And to you Wil, read number 3 in my previous post, and take that one to heart. Think about it everytime some heckler gives you a hard time on stage or at a con or something. Think about it when you discover asshat troll comments here...

Damn. I wish I'd written that.


Every time you mention the pain brought about because Wesley was disliked by some, I want to say: anyone who transfers their feelings about a character to the actor (let alone a teenaged or child actor) has psychological issues that need to be addressed. They can't separate fiction from reality. And, if they've carried it forward until now, their psychological issues are ever more serious. You were/are hearing from some variety of nutcase if they mention this to you in any tone other than humor.

You'd accept a good role playing some really despicable character today wouldn't you? And reasonably balanced people would separate you from the role. I know it's easy to say, and understand how it affected you. But, you were always dealing with the psychological problems of others, not anything about yourself, or even the character of Wesley. And, a lot of people like Wesley.

Wow! Thank you very much for sharing that. It was beautifully written and poignantly insightful. 'Nuff said. ;-D


When I was 12 I was always on the lookout for an older version of myself trying to pass a note to me. Unfortunately, now I know it was all a waste of time. Without the pain and failures I've experienced I think I would be a not very nice person.

I only wish had realized that before I sunk my life into building this time machine.

Wait a minute...

Well, I have a choice of two things, depending on if I regret anything or not.

If so:

Don't have sex next year, wait awhile.

If not:

Hang on, its going to be a bumpy ride.

But honestly, at 46, I would live through it all again. I certainly wouldn't begin to be the person I am now if I didn't do those things.

And even listening to those who said I wasn't good enough, or that I wasn't accepted, made me stronger.

And I realize now how weak and truly pathetic they are. Sad.

someone beat me to it allready, but the first reaction i had to reading that was 'whoa..hey man...you ARE cool....and the less you try, the cooler you become!'

i've been thinking about this sort of question a bit lately, but more along the lines of
'if i could go back, what would i do differently'
and while there are a few things i could've done in my college years, and shortly after that would have made me a bit more financially stable, i think i'd have to do it all over again, exactly the same..
sure there were tough times, and sure, looking back i think, damn, if only i'd have thought of this or that...
but, every choice i made, whether right or wrong, lead me in a certain direction, and put me in path to meet people i otherwise might not have met, and allowed me to live life in a way i might otherwise not have..
and that path lead me to where i am right now..
which is, to be honest....incredibly happy..

it ends up like that ST movie 'the final frontier' that william fucking shatner directed...(which i think had a lot of good things going for it, to be honest)

while everyone else on board is trying to be first inline to cleanse themselves, and erase their pain, kirk stand tall and says no
'i want my pain,....i NEED my pain'

kinda true i guess....

what would advice would i give myself?

i think i'd just say something like..

just keep doing what you're doing tyson...
things are gonna be juuuusssst fine...


and that hot east indian girl you've been flirting with, but are worried might be 'out of your league'?
take a close look...
thats your wife! :)

For some reason I feel horrible for you. I just want to apologize for every person that ever said anything bad about you in regards to your character on Star Trek TNG. I am one of those people that loved your character and still do. And you are cool. You have a website and a host of adoring fans posting on your message boards. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Please quit feeling bad about the whole situation because that makes me feel bad, and I want to be one of your many adoring fans.
All my love!

Some great songs and stories would have never been written,if you could write back to yourself. Tons and tons of post high school under-grad invites and I apply at the cold climate places. Go figure!


Ok, well, Wesley Crusher was my first crush and quite frankly I still get all giddy when I watch reruns, which I have to RENT because I don't have cable . . . on VHS because I don't have DVD . . . - you see how much I loved Wesley? I frickin hated that shapeshifting girl. I'm sure she was very nice, but she had those crazy eyebrows AND she got to kiss you/Wesley. I'm pretty sure I wrote about it in my diary.
Reading in the FAQ section about why you quit, though, it makes sense. It's really unfortunate that it happened that way. I think if I'd been in your shoes at that time I probably would've done the same thing. I've had some minor scuffles with folks like the Minnesota Opera before - I don't think that just because actors/singers get PAID dirt (at least in live theatre) doesn't mean they should be TREATED like dirt, especially not by companies that ought to be supporting them.
Sorry. Done with rambles.

Taking that to heart.... except that I'm not 12. Or a future pop culture name. Still, I hope you took at least some of that advice, eventually.

most of us can stick personal notes up on web but because no one has ever heard of us, no one cares. Wil on the other hand exposes himself every time he opens up like that. That takes some courage, and it deserves some respect.

Good advice Mr. Wheaton. I wish I could go back & give my insecure 12 year old self a big ole hug & tell him that he's a great guy & not to worry so much about the future.

[quietly clears throat and raises hand politely in a non-obtrusive manner]

Um, for what it's worth, I thought you were cool at 12, and I think you're beyond cool now.

Thank you.

[steps back onto the Last Train to Lurksville]

I would tell my 12 year old self:
Winning really isn't every thing.
Read your books, don't hide in them.
Learn to drive a car sooner rather than later.
There is no closet monster.
Its not the plague, you just are allergic to milk.
I want you to look up the word “Hypochondria”

I saw this over at /. too, but I didn't end up posting anything there. I was going to make a big long comment, but then I decided to write it in my own blog instead.


My little brother is 12 (going to be 13 in only a couple of months -- wow, that's scary), and he just finished reading Ender's Game. I picked up the book the other night and reread most of it, and somehow it all just clicked in my mind. Of course, then I went and wrote about it in my blog, and it all came out stream-of-consciousness style and it doesn't really say exactly what I wanted to say, but...

You get the idea.

Oops, you did it again...another profound and obviously heartfelt post, that is. Coming up with commentary for one's 12-year-old self seems to me both easy and difficult--easy because of the 20/20 hindsight thing, and hard because of the "if I hadn't gone through my life in the same way, would I still be the person I am now?" question. (Always assuming one likes where one is in life; if not, maybe it isn't all that difficult after all!) What I'd tell Syd-at-12--and hope she'd listen:

One day you'll love your name.

Walk more.

When it's time for college, pick the other one.

Your mom had a life before you--ask her about it. Before 1979 would be good, but definitely before 1992, because after that you won't get the chance.

Your cousin will always be a jerk--avoid him like the plague.

In 17 years there'll be another Star Trek series. Watch it from day one.

You'll be great, kid!

Thanks a bunch, Wil. Best regards to Anne and the family.


I've always avoided thinking about my childhood, not because it was traumatic or bad, but because to me it was a time akin to the pupae stage of some type of moth/butterfly. I still don’t know what I would say, but I know that I would listen. Maybe I would talk to myself about technology, religion, and maybe try to impress on that little kid that the world (the WHOLE thing people/places/things to do etc…) will bring so much to your life.
That anything that does not kill you will make you stronger (I know it’s a trite saying, but true).
The one slightly evil thing I would like to do would be to meet my wife when we were younger :p

You will have to bear with me, I get melancholy when I listen to Sounds Eclectic on Fridays, and again try not to think about these types of things.

The funniest damned thing was magikslinger's reply re: you saying "you are never going to be cool".

"In the Kingdom of the Geeks, Wesley Crusher is the Fonz."

[homer]It's funny cuz it's true.[/homer]

This question, What would I tell to my 12 year old self?, was developed quite deeply by Author Richard Bach in his somewhat autobiographical story, "Running from Saftey" . If this subject interests you I suggest checking that story out. I have it on audio cassette but I imagine it is also in print somewhere.

As far as Mr. Wheaton's comments to himself, I think he is being true to what is important to him. What is really really important to someone does not change very often. This should be kept in mind for those who seem to want only new and different things.

I respect Mr. Wheaton for being honest in his statements even though he is intelligent enough to know that some will say they are tired of that part of his past. I value honesty much more than someone trying to say only what they think their fans will applaud.

If Mr. Wheaton were to do that he could become a successful politician, grin. I think we need more honesty, not more politicians.


i think you did alright without the advice you would have given yourself...you took the more difficult path...but it was the path that lead you to the one you love...and if you think about it you are a probably a much better man because you did.


I really like this. Yeah, I was one of the ones quietly inspired. Although your character could be a big geek in certain episodes, I had a little crush on Wesley for a while. One of my favorite episodes was the one where you and The Traveler have to save your mom/Dr. Crusher using a static warp bubble (or something like that. I was young :p) Anyway, I would like to believe that although I don't think of myself as a "hottie," I'd like to think that I'm an attractive young lady, and I totally love geeks. I wanna settle down after college and marry a geek and have a LOTR wedding. Yeay! :)

Uh, I mean TOTALLY dude. :)

You might also tell 12-year-old you that "Stand by me" was a great movie. Anyone who had a best friend growing up loves that one.

A link to slashdot on the same day you have a front page story...

Does this mean being on the slashdot front page means as much to you as the rest of us?

My endless search for stories to submit is validated at last \o/

Good stuff Wil. Very Nathaniel Branden. I too talk to my variuos child-selves from time to time. It's good therapy.

What *IS* "cool"?

Remember though, if you stuck with Star Trek maybe you wouldn't have met your hottie wife. You probably would have married someone who sucked and was materialistic. Or you'd be alone, all alone.

Temporal cause and effect isn't all neat and cool like it is in science fiction shows, it's more like it is in the movies. :).

Oh, if you DID have a conversation with your younger self, maybe it might go something like this:

Wil 12: "I'm not afraid of the directors! I'm not afraid of the fanboys!"

Wil 30: "Look kid, I'm trying to...."

Wil 12: "...I'm not even scared of Rob Reiner. I'm not even afraid of.....of....Rik Berman!"

Wil 30: " Will you shut up and listen?"

Wil 12: "Aw, YOU shut up!"

Wil 30: "Precocious monster!"

Wil 12: "Bossing bullfrog!"

Wil 30: " Spoiled BRAT!"

Wil 12: " LOUDMOUTH!"

(fanboy points to the first one to get the in-joke)

Lovely Wil, very profound. Personally though, I don't think I really have any desire to get back in touch with my geeky 12 year old self.

And at the risk of sounding like a Sar Trek-geek myself, last night on TNN, was the TNG episode where Alexander came back in time to persuade his 8 year old self to go become a warrior. or something like that.
How ironic.
Amazing that the writers hated writing for a good adolescent actor and then replaced him with a YOUNGER, bad actor (who now required hours in the makeup chair!)

holy crap dude! how do you manage to get so many people visiting / commenting on you site? unreal.
..and where would anyone find the time to read them all? scary.

..oh hang on.. you're an accomplished actor. Ok it makes sense now. still.. on average over one hundred comments per post? wow.

Thank you Wil for this wonderful posting. Even today I am going through a lot of self-reflection and self-analyzing, which of course has been bringing out a lot of self-doubts. After reading your the advice you would give to your 12-year old self I was forced to sort of put together a list of things to say to my 12-year old self. While it did remind me of many of the bad choices that I have made in my life so far, it did also remind me that I still have a lot to offer and am still capable of doing great things, thereby eradicating my self-doubt.

Your post helped me to find the answers I was looking for. Thank you!

Unlike a lot of you I'm sure I'd listen to myself from the future... imagine being told the winning lotto numbers ;-)


*Sniff* Man, that was beautiful. That last paragraph especially did it for me. Glorious.

(I wonder if I'll end up marrying a hottie who loves my inner geek too? We live in hope.)

Regrets of the past are obstacles for the future. And what we have to learn, is that we have the power to remove them before tripping on them.

Nice log Wil.
BTW you've been Farked again!


Okay, I just don't get it. Over and over again I hear Wil talk about how much people hated Westley, but when I was a kid and watching that show with my parents, Westley was SO my favorite. I mean, since I've grown up a bit, I've kinda taken a liking to Riker, but when I was a kid, it was all about Westley. Especially after they did that whole traveller thing, and he's like a super-genius and leaves the show a while. I always looked forward to the few where he made an apearance.

It never occured to me at any point that Westley Crusher was hated in any way, shape or form.

Dear Wil's Twelve Year Old Self,
Oh, and those people that say they hate you... they'll be the self same people giving you their money on this thing called "eBay" for your headshot and autograph. And that's pretty cool.

Also, never forget that for every dork who shouted "I hate you" there was someone like me for whom you were living a dream. I mean, dude... You were on STAR TREK!

Oh, and troll? Kindly bite me... Thanks. :)

Now that is absolutely wonderful.

*sniff* I wish I could find a real hottie that loves my inner geek...

Nice post man.

I would say to myself "get ready...to masturbate about 1 million times".

Man, I'm stealing this question for my blog! Thanks, Wil.

Wil, it's reassuring to know that someone like you who was considered as a geek and worried about fitting in (much like I do at 16, it's not that I don't fit in so much but I find it very difficult to find a girlfriend who's actually my type (not that I have any trouble in particular with getting GIRLS), I'd call myself a classic geek.

I can't help but wonder whether I actually will have that "Dr. Rowan Wilson of computational physics" title in 4 years and if I will end up working for a large company developing simulation systems. It seems far off but it's not. And I don't know if it will happen.

Oh - advice for my 12 year old self? Just carry on doing exactly what you did. It's not like you can go back and change the past, so why try?

Sorry for the depressing post.


Yup, I was one of those that were "quietly inspired." Ok, ok, so most of the time it was me and my friend Michelle talking about how Wesley and Riker were really hot, but still. I really did love the show and my friend Kaytee and I are were talking the other day about how we're glad we didn't have the internet when the show was on cause neither of us had any inkling at the time that people didn't like Wesley because both of us loved him.
And today, I'm inspired by your blog. And you. Cause yeah.
Wil Wheaton, you are mad cool in my book and I really loved this post. :-)

Besides ending up with a great family of your own; there are many other great outcomes that you forgot to mention.

I'm all stiff and hard now.

Wil, thank you so much. You actually inspired me to do my own, which made me feel pretty good... though I desperately wish I had the key to time travel so I could actually go back and deliver my letter. So many regrets. Anyway, thank you.

What film was it in which someone said...

"Have you ever noticed that the bad stuff people say about you is much easier to believe than the nice stuff?"

I can't remember, but I think it's a good point, and relevant to your posting, Wil.

P.S. Re: people unable to tell the difference between Wil and Wesley.

I guess Wil should count his blessings he's not Antony Hopkins!


The advice I'd give myself? Simple:

" Don't waste time worrying about possible outcomes - because whatever happens, you can be certain it will be the one thing you hadn't already thought of."

Dude, you should have made out with Crosby when she was still kinda hot looking.

you have more insight than most people when they think about what they'd tell a younger version of themselves. anything I'd say would probably make me worse off than I really turned out. :)

hope everyone is having a good weekend!

As usual, someone else usually says it better than I can:

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

Hey, don't write yourself off yet
It's only in your head you feel left out or
looked down on.
Just try your best, try everything you can.
And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away.
It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle, it'll up the ride.
Everything (everything) will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright (alright).
Hey, you know they're all the same.
You know you're doing better on your own, so don't buy in.
Live right now.
Yeah, just be yourself.
It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.
It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride.
Everything (everything) will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright (alright).
It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride.
Everything (everything) will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright (alright).
Hey, don't write yourself off yet.
It's only in your head you feel left out or
looked down on.
Just do your best, do everything you can.
And don't you worry what the bitter hearts are gonna say.
It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride.
Everything (everything) will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright (alright).
It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride.
Everything (everything) will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright (alright).

I don't think most people understand the real power of the letter to your 12 year old self. The time travel thing probably is not going to happen, so what is the significance of the letter?

It is to help you, today, accept what has happened in your life. What you would tell your younger self is not as important as the effort of reflecting upon you life since you were 12, understanding what happened, and putting it into perspective. Almost everyone ends with something like "don't worry so much, it will all be okay." That is good advice to yourself today and at age 12.

And kudos to you for having the courage to post the advise publically!


Seems to me like you need to take your own advice.
You ARE a cool guy, and you have achieved much more than you can ever realize. Forget what the nay-sayers would have you believe...finish your book and look upon your life as a success...because you have a family that loves you. That looks like success from where I am sitting.

Go for it Wil...the world is your mollusc.

Oh, and I know that no-one cares...but I have just set up a blog. It sucks and it needs about four or five days of admin (its real basic just now), but anyone who is bored enough is welcome to go read my first post. Just remember I was a tad drunk when I wrote it.


Stay away from skinny boys that love themselves too much and don't leave your clarinet in the band room on Jan. 14, 1999.

I don't know, ending up with a hottie who loves your inner geek sounds pretty damn cool from here...:)....

Check out the book, the Alchemist, for a story about a path to happiness not always being a straight line.....

I used to write these kinds of letters years ago during the 'inner child' craze...and I always found out something cool out of them...so I'm inspired to do it again....

Happy trails..

Hey there Wil,

Having watched you on the show for years, its interesting to get a little insight as to how things were to become for you.

Your advice to yourself at 12 speaks volumes. I think that as an individual around the same age as yourself, there were times that I dispised your character on TNG and a couple of time where I liked him. Its really a shame that people would confuse you with a job you did. But, I guess they did. Their loss I suppose.

I ran across your site by accident when I was doing some activist related activities for the G8 here in Calgary. Its nice to see other sides of you, and its good to be reminded that Geeks are cool. This is from a person who still communes with his inner geek now and again.

great post...and i love your inner geek too!

That's damned good advice ^_^

Good advice to self, Wil. I wish I could tell my 12 year old self something similar.

I would tell my 12 year old self, Thank You for being you and making me who I am today.

Wil, you are HELLA cool.

Your advice to your 12 year old self was something (minus the TV show stuff) I might have said to myself. I wouldn't have listened, though. I was (am?) plagued with low self esteem and I think I was my biggest hater at 12. I look back and reflect a lot on my growing up and have many regrets.

I have come to the realization, though, that if I had done one minute thing differently, I would not be the person I am today. I would not be living in Alaska (coming from, oh gods, New Jersey!), happily married. I would not be starting to realize that I am a good person and people do like me.

And for the record, I was and am a Wesley fan. My husband is named Wesley... coincidence? I think not! ; )

Hey Wil.

About the Wesley thing, because I don't think I ever said it here. I never knew that *anyone* hated Wesley Crusher until I started reading your site. All my geeky TNG-fan friends loved you as Wesley and loved the character himself. He was a petulant teen just like the rest of us (we had to suffer on reruns in high school, but hey...) and Wil Wheaton was *the* hottest actor alive. For a bunch of California girls who were too geeky to ever quite fit in with anyone *under* 30, it was good to see a kid on TV who similarly related not to his peers, but to those of his parents and who, like us, suffered from it. Wesley Crusher had depth as a character--all the TNG characters did, and that's what made them so great. TNG allowed us to geek out about the possibility of 'subspace' while simultaneously watching a show about real people and real problems.

I was unhappy when I was twelve, but then so was everyone my age. Middle school sucks, and there's no way to get out of that, because no matter how hard you try, you do care. I would not give myself any advice, because when I was fourteen, a good friend of mine gave me the best advice I could ever have:

1) Don't ever sugarcoat the truth


2) Live life with no regrets.

Such advice is not easy to follow, but it's done me a lot of good. When I find myself obsessing over something that's done and gone, I just think "no regrets" and I remind myself that while it sucked, I'm okay now, and I'll do a lot better by myself and everyone else if I focus on making the future great rather than trying to "fix" the past. If you get stuck in the past, you'll just miss the present.

Again, I would not give my old self any advice from who I am now, but it wouldn't hurt to take some advice from the 5-year-old Clara:

1) Don't take an office job. You won't have any fun.

2) Save the world and don't give me any excuses why you can't.

3) Hug your mom and dad.

4) If you're mad, sometimes it's good to scream and cry and get it over with.

5) You're not better than anyone else and no one is better than you.

6) Sometimes it's good to get up early on Saturday and do something just for you.

7) Never lose your capacity to be amazed by the universe and the people in it. It's easy to get bitter, but it's no fun.

8) Dance and sing along every time you hear "Somebody who Loves Me" by Whitney Houston. It'll remind you of all the other advice I've given you.

So that's my inner child giving me advice, as much as I can call her up. I have been given so much wonderful advice over the years from so many sources. My dad always told me he'd be proud of me if I made myself happy and left this world a little more beautiful than it was when I got here. I think that's a good goal.

So, Wil, here's the best bit of advice I can think to give anyone: In order to love who you are now, you have to embrace who you used to be.

Best of luck with the books, I look forward to reading them.


Enough already,

What is more self absorbed? Wil Wheaton or a moist towellete?

Here's a guy that gets to have his cake and eat it too before hitting the age of 20. He makes some career decisions that are just plain bad, regrets them forever, blames the public for "hating" his character, and creates a website to post his regrets / insecurities.

You all think Wil listens to anything the responders say? Do you think he actually considers our opinions? What if we take a view that opposes what Wil has said? Do you think he gives that post careful consideration?

Wil seems to believe in positive peer review. He expresses an opinion or belief, waits for others to say "cool" or "profound", and then moves on to the next opinion / belief. If someone replies that Wil's opinion is not cool or profound, Wil screams for the madness and abuse to stop. That negativity is coming at him in unimaginable quantity and that he is nearly "Done" posting anything.

I've gone through nearly the entire archive looking for a sign that Wil is actually an open minded individual. Show me the entry or post that indicates that Wil listened to an opinion contrary to his own and changed / modified his view based upon the contrary opinion? (Evidence that includes anyone he is related to or close friends with are not admissable, that's just Wil getting his leash tugged from people he allows to influence him.)
I'm amazed at the sheep that read this Blog and nod their heads in unabashed ignorance. To offer praise to an individual for sharing his fears, insecurities, his political bias, his self-promoting anecdotes, and his ever-lasting regrets for making bad career moves.
Wil claims to "not follow the crowd" but that is exactly what he wants the readers of this blog to do. Mindless servants who feed the id and ego of the one called Wil. Why?
You'll ask "Why do you bother reading this blog" and I'll respond that it's kinda like watching a train wreck. Morbid, nearly immoral, fascination with the psycho-meanderings of someone who was once a celebrity struggling to deal with the loss of fame and trying to recover it via publishing his opinions / stories in a public medium.

Funny I wrote something similar in my blog tonight (2/22) before surfing here. Essentially, I would request my 10 year old self get to Central Park for the Simon and Garfunkel concert.

I would have told myself and my parents to buy the hell out of Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, JDS Uniphase, Sun Microsystems, YAHOO!, Amazon and every other tech stock known to man. Then sell them all in March 2000. Sell all of them short and cover in late 2002.

We would all be rich as can be and sailing around the Abacos with a great tan.


I think I would dearly love to tell the tall, skinny 12yr old girl chewing her nails in the corner that "Yes, one day you will look like, and become, a beautiful and accomplished young woman. You will do some amazing things, and meet some fantastic people. Don't worry so much."

"Oh, and leave your nails alone...it's a disgusting habit!"

To Brian (Feb 23, 8:28)

You make some good points - though harshly put.

Ultimately, though, much as I agree on some of the truly objective statements you made, there's one over-riding fact:

It's Wil's blog. He can do what he likes with it.

Well done for being bold to state your opinions so publicly though.

your neutrinos are drifting ...

Thank you for today's WARM FUZZY!
I'm a big fan of your website! Keep up the great work!

Hey Wil,

Yer the coolest. Although I wouldn't have had so much trouble finding your web site if you spelled your name 'Will.' Whatever your still cool for putting this stuff up.

You know, what with all this talk about telling your 12-year old self to buy stock, doesn't it call to mind the scene in 'Frequency' where Jim Caviezel tells a young Noah Emmerich to remember the word YAHOO?

I dunno, somehow being rich now would be cool, but there's a lot of more important crap I would have liked to tell myself. Like, hey, this is how Middle School and High School work. Here is the small amount of info on women I've collected in the past 12 years. Here's how to get into college. Here's what to take seriously and here's the stuff to absolutely forget about. Actually I think that last piece of advice would have added another 10 years to my life that have since been taken away from me by useless stress.

And of course, buy Dell computer. Cause bein' rich wouldn't be so bad.

>>>You end up marrying a real hottie who loves your inner geek.

Hahaha... Cuuuute... :o) But at least you have the guts to admit that you, in fact, do have an inner geek... Your wife is one lucky lady. :o)

That's pretty cool. But you are wrong. There is not one person praising you for every one that says they hate you. There has to be way more than one good for every bad comment. I seriously believe that.

The whole time I watched the show, I felt I could relate to you the most. Beyond the closeness in our ages, I too had the whole inner geek thing going. I still do.

I will have to use the same idea and advise my 12 year old self as well.

I'm a dick.

I know exactly what I'd say to my 12 year-old self:

1) the B.O. will settle down. Really.

2) when you're a teenager, boys won't talk to you. This is not because you're ugly, but because you're so hot they're terrified.

There's a lot more info I could relate, but then I wouldn't have had the experiences that make me who I am.

You rock, Wil!


"I've gone through nearly the entire archive looking for a sign that Wil is actually an open minded individual."

Wow, that's a lot of time you have on your hands there.

I would suggest you search your own "archive" (ie. inner self) to find out why another person's open-mindedness (or lack thereof) is so important to you.

People seem to think that if they post on a website, things like respectful discussion and the golden rule go out the window. Most people wouldn't dream of hand-writing a note to tell someone they "suck" or anything equivalent. That would be rude, or at worst constitute harrassment. But look at how often people post messages that are designed specifically to hurt the reader.
If you wouldn't say it in person, why write it?

Once, when I was twelve, we had to list three goals which we wanted to accomplish by the end of our lives. I think mine were:

1. Graduate from college.
2. Publish a book.
3. Meet Wil Wheaton

Then my best friend became angry because she also wanted to meet Wil Wheaton and we were having a big fight about who copied whose goal in life (as 12-year-old girls will) when the teacher came up and wanted to know what the problem was. We were both quite reticent about revealing this goal, even though it was VERY important to both of us at that point in time. We would watch Star Trek: TNG and phone eachother at every commercial break to discuss how we were going to get on the show and convince Wesley to marry us. I think one time we spent three weekends in a row watching 'Toy Soldiers.' We were really pissed about you dying. We even sent money to 'Tiger Beat' or something for a picture and fact-sheet.

I once stole a picture of Wil Wheaton out of one of my friends' teeny-bopper magazines and she became irate because she wanted the picture of Christian Slater on the back. (Why am I still telling this story? It just gets worse...) Best friend and I were so incensed that I drew a likeness of Christian Slater on her butt which had a bubble coming out of his mouth which read "Greetings and salutations" (a line from 'Heathers.') She mooned the whole slumber party (a bunch of Slaterphiles) at around 2a.m. Havoc ensued. That's when my mom came out and said everyone needed to put their pants on and go to sleep.

So you see, Wil, there were those of us who were more than 'quietly inspired' by you. We were inspired by you to fist-fight in homeroom, squander our parents' money, memorize whole movies and create new artistic genres, (ass-art.)

To Emily:

[quote]I would suggest you search your own "archive" (ie. inner self) to find out why another person's open-mindedness (or lack thereof) is so important to you.[/quote]

I could just as easily ask you the same question. Why do you bother reading the blog of some another person? Why is their life so important to you? I think the answer is obvious.

And yes there are people that just have a general desire to make all things right.

[quote]If you wouldn't say it in person, why write it?[/quote]

Who says they wouldn't? Not all have the same amount of tact and reserve as other people. I'm bluntly honest myself, and personally, I don't call it a fault. Brian could have been less harsh, but as Corf said, he made some good points.

Apparently I'm in the minority, but I always liked Wesley Crusher. I thought he was a pretty cool character. And, Wil? You're way cool!

A letter to my 12 year old self? Hm. I'd say something like:

College is WAY better than high school, so don't let it get to you.

Take more chances, you nitwit.

Geeks in high school always wind up being The Cool Adults, so just let yourself have fun being a nerd.

DON'T STUDY PHYSICS, YOU IDIOT! Do archaeology like you want and ignore those people who tell you you have to study physics because you're smart and a girl adn smart girls have to do what's hardest to prove to everyone they can.

Aroudn the time you turn 25, the world will suddenly decide that you aren't beaky and rail-thin but extremely beautiful. Ignore them; they're the same losers they always were. Don't let your face and body convince you or anyone else that you don't belong with the geeks. Punctuate this with a fist when necessary.

Talk more to your great Aunt Irene, cuz you'll regret it when she's gone.
As much as you love your family, you're going to LOVE being on your own.

Get a job with a 401K EARLY. :-)


Now I am confused. Well, not really. I am reading up on your old blogs and somewhere you said that (I believe after you left TNG) you got a letter from a girl you liked, saying you had turned into a total a-hole and a friend of yours confirmed it and you changed your ways. (I tried finding that part again but... there's years worth of stuff in here...) Also, I doubt very much telling yourself not to care about what people are saying of you is going to help, especially since you still care. (Why else would you put something like this up?) Who wouldn't, aren't we all human? We want to be liked by others and it hurts when they don't like us, it's as simple as that.

I assume that what you are trying to do here is have all: staying on TNG, giving your career a boost, not loosing your confidence in yourself by getting called names by all those pathetic losers AND growing up to be a really great guy who marries a really great wife... But I don't doubt for a moment that you'd be willing to sacrifice staying on TNG (and hopefully making lots of money and continueing to make lots of money afterwards...) in order to hook up with your wife... So how come you don't add anything about not becoming a jerk and make sure you hook up with your wife? Probably because it is something completely obvious to you, that you would want that. I would want to, if I were in your shoes.

Personally, I wouldn't know what to tell myself at age 12. I would love to be able to undo some of the things that happened. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind so very much if things had been easier for me in life and I had had a happy childhood and adolesence even if that meant me turning into a complete A-hole. Other times I take pride in the fact that I still have some honor left to me, despite whatever else was taken away from me. But then, I don't have a wife, as you do. I've got little to lose at this point. Maybe when I am 30 years old I will have some more perspective on this. I certainly hope so...

Anyway, great site, can't wait for your book to come out (hurry up with that will ya? I keep checking Amazon.com but they've got nothing on it there...) and stop calling yourself lame, cos you're not.

I'm really annoyed by most of the comments that people have left to this.

I feel terrible that Trek fans made you feel like you had to leave the show. I loved Wesley and was very upset when he left--although they did do it in a pretty nifty way.

Can't help the hormones, can ya? Not a big issue, honey, and if you can sort yourself out by the time you are 30, you are doing pretty well.

Always wondered why Wes got cut, though. Most cool that you quit rather than being sacked,

bless ya mate.

Dear 12 Year Old Self,

In a few years you'll be in highschool, grade 9. Your gym teacher will compliment you on your legs and say you should become a runner. He'll ask you to stay after school and make you do a number of strange poses in your gym clothes which he says is to isolate the muscles in your legs so that he can study them from the photographs he is taking so he will know what muscle groups will need to be worked on so he can train you to be a runner. He'll then ask you to go into the weight room with him to train and will spend a lot of time feeling your legs while you work out.

Don't do it. That pain you feel in your feet all the time is actually osteoarthritis which will go undiagnosed until your 30s. You'll never be a runner. All you're doing is giving a creepy guy with a fetish for boys' legs some whack-off matterial.

Oh... and that "Jesus" stuff is just a load of crap. I'd give up that religion now if I were you. It will save yourself a lot of unneccessary pain in the future.

Your's truly,
Older You.

To my (15) year old self:

Don't ruin your chances with SB. Yes, she stood you up, but the words you put into writing will close that door forever. F O R E V E R. Do not -- repeat -- D O N O T give her that letter. She was the one -- it's all lost with that letter.

I can't believe some of the negative comments I've seen here. Sigh. People will be people, won't they?

From a geeky 37-year-old... I was always pleased with Wesley as a character. My son grew up watching you - possibly one of the only positive role models for kids on TV at that time.

And guess what? You'll always be part of the ST mythos. I just wish they hadn't clipped you out of "Nemesis".

This is odd.
No not what he said but
My 12-year-old self was only two years ago.

I just wanted to say that I am sorry. I was one of those that screamed and hollered how much I hated Wesley Crusher. But now when I watch the episodes I see that he is a truly inspiring character. There was so much potential there. So sorry Wil. I would not advise my 12 yr old self because my life went to hell when I was 12, I would depress myself. So again sorry you are truly cool and so is Wesley.

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i didn't read it i readpart of its kinda sad but get a life

be good

Thanks that was a lot of help to me,

Got as far as the idea but I was never one for small print. Who's worse anyway, you for repeating content or the moron who religiously reads your blog and then criticizes you? Life's a bitch and then you laugh about it.

i am too over wight pzl help he i am beggin u

I am twelve years old. I think that this thing is a good place for people to go to. But someone needs to make on for people to wright to their 6 year old selves or 9 year old selves you know?anyway I think that your letter to yourself was a very good thing.If I was your 12-year-old-self I would thank you for your support.

thanks for the advice! :)