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It's dot net!



I've loved Homestar since I first saw it a little over a year ago.

I bet most WWDN-ers already know, but if I enlighten just one monkey, it's been a good day.

cute... thanks wil!

Well, you've enlightened THIS monkey.

And, lo, it's been a good day!

Remember to read Strongbad's email!!!

Um, yeah... I'm clueless and about to be enlightened. :) Off to check out homestarrunner.com.


Why does Strongbad never to an adult film?

Wil, Wil, Wil, whatever am I going to do with you! You've taught me so much about how to waste time on the computer. Thanks!

Welcome to Strongbadia! Population: Tire!

Best. 404. Ever.

If only it were a real 404, though...

You should probally put a link button on your site Wil :P

Cheers Wil, you've just loaded me up with yet another homework-stalling technique.

A One that isn't cold is barely a One at all.

Oh boy...

*goes and checks it out...bookmarks it..comes back*

ROFL...another enlightened monkey here. Thanks Wil! :)

You could make it a link on your side bar. I've been to that place before, but I've forgotten how fooken funny it was. :)

I've been a huge fan of Strongbad for quite some time now. His emails are some of the funniest things ever.

lets get ready to LOOK SO GOOD!

Strongbad Rules!!

I don't get it, so it must suck.

Heh that was cool wil thanks... I'll have to check the rest of it out tomorrow ;)

I figured that most WWDNers were Farkers too and therefore already knew about "Homestar Wunner" but I guess not. Good call on linking it then.

Thanks for the link, Wil! Some silly, funny stuff there. Being a first timer at the site, I clicked the link for First Time Here? I loved the Homestarrunner trying to get the intro right and having to do lots of takes - I don't suppose that seems at all familiar to an actor, eh? ;-)

Thanks for the enlightenment!

For some reason there was a People Magazine on our dining table, and Strong Bad was in it on a T-shirt some guy who lost a bunch of weight was wearing (in the After photo).

I'll pay $1.25 for a nude pic of Marzipan.

You worry me, Wil Wheaton. You reeeeeealy worry me! >;}

So now all someone needs to do, is put H*R on the Enterprise... Strongbad would make a great Klingon...


Now I am starting to worry myself. Gah! Where the hell is my prozac?!

It's dot net!?

I see you have resorted to distraction now Unca Wilie.

You can't fool us...WHERE IS YOUR BOOK?!!!

[sing song]
Where is the book?
[sing song]
Where is the book?
[sing song]
Where is the book?

EVERYBODY>>>>Where is the book?


See what you did to me , Wil? I had to tape Joe Millionaire so I could play with this site. Hmmmm, I need a life, don't I? ;-)

lol that was funny :D

I am glad you write enough to keep me up with these things. Craaaaaaazyyy.


Strong Bad for President!

Hey, it can't be any worse than the choices we're normally given...

Ooh! I've been into the homestar runner site for about....a year, I think. Most of my friends just don't get it, but when I click on something like Strong Bad's email or Marzipan's answering machine, sometimes I laugh so hard I almost have an aneurysm.....

Arrgh..I hate monkeys only to find myseld becoming a monkey!!!

Thanks, Will....really...

Oh . . . Hey Wil. How long have you been standing thewe?

I'm still confused by the title: It's Dot Net!

I hope you don't mind this plea for info., Wil..


I LOVE that site!! Strongbad emails crack me up everytime. Comic book, Tragdor and Japanese cartoon are my faves at the moment. Ive downloaded the songs, too. =o)

*hits the post button singing "everybody everybody"*

The ironies are amazing I just found out about this and was gonna post it.....Darn....Well i posted some humor about a monkey instead.

I'm so glad to see you finally put a link to that one Will! I wrote an email to ya once with that I think cause I thought you'd like it. A year you've been reading it though... thats longer than me anyways! :)

Oh and about the title for those that still don't get it. Click on the 'first time here' button on the site.

Hey Wil, have you written to strongbad? They'd HAVE to publish your e-mail if its coming from you. They'd prolly get strongbad to beat you up klingon style or with a laser just for kicks.

I luuuuuuuuuuuurve HSR! Rock on, Wil.

This is exactly what we need during this time of sadness. Some well deserved humor in our lives. Thank You Wil

Yup, Homestar Runner is a well done, funny Flash Cartoon.

Some of you might remember that Robert over at Retrocrush did an interview with the creator:


i'm quietly awestruck and quite confused, wil.
i want to say, "thanks", but i'm not too sure.

thanks anyway.


See? This is why I check out WWDN every morning. Homestar Runner is the funniest thing I’ve seen in months!

“guitar” was the first Strong Bad email I read. I haven’t gotten to the other ones yet, ‘cause that first one made me pee myself.

This does not look good for Homestar Wunner...

hehe. I love that site. Sadly I did not get my much desired Pom Pom shirt for xmas since their store sold out in December. Sigh. Soon, it will be mine. Yes, it will be mine! :)

Only 6 more days until the next email...

Oh, and some of my fave emails for newcomers to the site:
-little questions
-trevor the vampire
-spring cleaning
-50 emails
-property of ones
-action figure
-some kinda robot

Check them out. :)


My friend Justin (who apparently knows the Brothers Chaps) introduced me to Homestarrunner.com around Halloween 2001. It just keeps on getting better. :D

Total awesomeness.

I was the only person in my art class to recognize Strong Bad on my teacher's sweatshirt. Now she says I'm guaranteed and A and we have our own little conversations in the middle of class about the latest email every Monday! :D


This is the funniest thing ever....well since i rediscovered the word boobs at least.

Ha, boobs *giggles*

The system is down.
The system is down.

I hate having jokes explained to me:

My sister introduced me to this character. My favorite is the Techno episode. ROFL. :)

Oops. Looks like I mixed up the characters. Homestar was cute too. :)

More things to do at work besides my job... Thanks Wil!

"Why you lazy crap for crap!"


Just a few days ago I received my Strong Bad hooded sweatshirt.

And soon, I must go to my JAERB.


Love the StrongBad e-mail!

Look out! Here comes Trogdor the Burninator!


The convergence of two of my favourite sites is sureal! Monday morning coffee at my desk is worthwhile just to see the latest StrongBad email.

So Wil - what are you gonna do with those swiss cake rolls?


STRONG BAD!! I have a fish named Strong Bad. He rocks.

Everybody! Everybody!

The "It's Dot Net!" thing was from one of the Flash cartoons that Homestar did... they were making an advertisement for the site and he was supposed to say "Welcome to Homestarrunner.net" and he kept saying "homestarrunner.com" and they would say 'off camera' "it's dot NET" so he said "Welcome to homestarrunner.com. It's Dot Net!" :D

You can get to the "it's dot net" if you click on "First Time Here?" on the main page.

I can't believe Sharksandwich takes time out from his busy schedule of dissing homestarrunner to ... dis homestarrunner on other sites. Hehe.

LOL! cute.

Before I comment on the entry, you must go here, anyone:
It's HILARIOUS. It makes any website be written in snoop talk. For shizzel my nizzel!
Ok, now to comment:
That kicks mad ass! *bows down to the Wil*
You rock for showing us that.

Man, i've been neglecting homestarrunner to come here! thanks for reminding me how sweet that site is. I love the halloween specials, and the marshmellow commercials. Flushy Push marshmellows! And the one where Strong Bad interviews Homestar is hilarious.

Hehe! My co-workers and I spend every Monday night watching the new StrongBad emails!

Make sure you look for the easter egg in each one.

Check it out Wil. Slashdotter's rated it +5:Funny ;-)

Of course, you probably won't agree though.


Check me out. No, seriously, Check me OOOUUUUTTT!

Hi, my name is match and I don't want to light. Hi, my name is wood and I don't want to burn. Hi! MY NAME IS FIRE AND I'M NOT COMING TO YOUR STUPID PARTY!

Salut wil,je suis heureux de pouvoir naviguer sur ton site web à mon grand étonnement.Je pense que tu ne pourras peut-etre pas lire ce message qui vient de si loin,mais je voulais te dire un mot à propos du film culte que tu as tourné dans ton adolecense,STAND BY ME,seulement dire que se film m'a ému,et l'est encore,car il m'a replongé un peu dans mon histoire d'ados qui est un peu l'histoire de ton film......
J'habite en FRANCE du coté de LYON et je suis informaticien de mes jours,voilà....
Je comprends pas trop l'anglais,mais j'aimerais bien rester correspondre avec vous,biensur si cela t'interesse....

The Homestar Runner web site was actually down recently, so really, http://www.homestarrunner.com/systemisdown.html should not say "404" at all (that code is reserved for items that are not found by a working web server).

Check out today's Onion, Wil. You're minding everyone's cats!

What I love most about HR, besides the fact that the cartoons are hilarious, is that there are all sorts of easter eggs hidden there. A whole bunch of the e-mails have hidden links in them...Some more than one...My personal fav is Strong Sad's blog.

i like monkeys! i LOVE enlightened monkeys!

I don't get it. I looked through most of the stuff on the site twice...I stll don't get it. Am I hopelessly square, or just really dense?

I was wondering when this was going to happen.

Sooner or later all of my bookmarks will be connected in some way or another...

I learnt about HSR a little over a week ago through a posting to my LUG's mailing list. Now, Slashdot and Wil are hyping it. Will I never be ahead of a trend?


hey, you go to that site too. it really is great, though i've never had one of my e-mails read :(

Just Great! You just lowered my IQ about 35 points and I don't have any points to spare.

oh gawd, i love homestarrunner... well, not really homestar runner, but i love strongbad. he is so kickass. go look at his video for "to the limit" done by the cheat. omg. whew. okay, that's enough for now. loves.



This monkey has been enlightened.

Actually, it's not "dot net" it's "dot com".

It comes from the "first time here" animation. Homestar refers to the site as "Homestarrunner.net" and the director says "uh...it's 'dot com'", and Homestar says "Oh. Wight. Welcome to Homestarrunner.net. It's DOT COM."

I know! Can you believe it?


Was this originally a knock off of some entertainment module?

Nice, gotta love Strong Bad Emails. All you can really say to that is Throgdor. ^^

Anyway, I was supprized to see you on the X3D infomercial. I am sorry, that looked like a really annoing script to work with. But you did a good job.

Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi", plus good luck with CSI.

The only Strong Bad approved
site dedicated to Strong Bad emails.

If you love to find the hidden links,
and the pop culture references check
out this site.

The Coolest

ahh! i just saw this a little while ago. strong bad (i think that's the guy's name lol) rules; and i loved the trogdor short. my fave.

Oh wow I think this is a GREAT link to show to peo-


"'sup my scrollies? You guys are looking good!"

Very cute... Who is that anyway?

Yo Wil,

Glad to see that you are still around and working. I saw you on a show the other day, although I can't remember what it was, but it was recent. Kudos!

If you like Strong Bad, and I know you do, check out this website:

This will get you directly into the web site:

If however you want to take the SB quiz to get in, go to this web site:

Fight the power!

I sent Strongbad an e-mail. Wouldn't it rock if he replied?:

Dear Stongbad,

Everywhere I turn, I see these bobble head dolls. The thing is, most of them are stupid (except the Mr. T one). I think a Stongbad bobble head would go a long way towards improving the overall quality of this cottage industry.

As a matter of fact, I think a Strongbad bobble head would easily win in a fight with any other bobble head. Even Mr. T.


Wil Wheaton
Pasadena, CA


Good job on the SB e-mail. I sent one a couple of weeks ago myself. My friend who created the www.the-coolest-stuff-ever.com website has actually been in contact with the Brothers Chaps. They say that they get about 500 e-mails a day for Strong Bad. So the chance of your own e-mail actually getting through is slim to none. Well, let's hope this is the first time that name recognition actually pays off for the good of society.

Below is the e-mail that I sent:

Dearest Strong Bad,

I really like your mask. At least, I hope it is a
mask. But what do you really look like under the mask?

Are you all gross and pussy under there? Are you 'Night
of the Living Dead' under there?

Nevermind the Bullocks,
Jack S.
Dallas, Texas

Of course, you catch the Beetlejuice reference. And for all of you with dirty thoughts on your mind. I used a different meaning and pronunciation for the p-word than what you might be thinking...see www.m-w.com


o/~ everybody everybody o/~

I *heart* Strongbad!

My friend Sheryl was the first to introduce me to the webpage. Her boyfriend dressed up like Homestarrunner for halloween last year. :)

Halloween 2002:

Hey Will!!

If you liek Strong Bad email check this site out!


It has like all the eggs and a bunch of cool trivia!

hmm, actually, i killed that site, cdenise! :D the correct link is:


try that! :D

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