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Kingdom of Rain

It's fun to watch someone go through a major crisis, even if it's self-inflicted. Puts things into perspective.

Some thoughts I had last night while listening to the rain bounce off my roof:

Ii have spent each day the past few weeks just inches from tears.

it's a lot of things: fear and uncertainty about the quality of my book being the biggest, having the sit there and take it while some Rich Fucking Asshole treated me like I was a little kid, stupid computer problems, anne's ex-husband bullshit, and finally the blog trolls (who I really should have just called assholes, because that's what they are) and emailers.

Alone, I can deal with any of those things, but together . . . well, it's just too much to deal with.

But the uncertainty about this book is killing me. I thought I had something really good, and shared it with a few people. Most of them told me it was really good, and gave some constructive feedback. A few of them absolutely ripped it to shreds, and gave me some constructive feedback. The result? I found myself unsure about everything. Unable to trust my instincts. I rewrote major parts to please others, instead of myself, and it left me paralyzed. I've since decided to just let it go. I'll finish some grammatical and spelling corrections, complete a few tiny changes where I want to add more information, and publish the damn thing.

I'm scared. I'm scared that it's not as good as I thought. I'm scared that it's better than I thought.
My mom told me that I was in the middle of "vast uncharted territory" and that it was okay to be afraid. I'm not so sure.

I shouldn't have posted my "I'm leaving, here's why, okay now I'm back but I'm really leaving and I hate you" post. What I should have said is, "I'm overwhelmed with several things in my life, and writing for WWDN isn't bringing me any joy right now. As a matter of fact, it's sort of a chore, so I'm taking some time off." What I posted gives way too much power and importance to a very small group of people who I should really just feel sorry for.

But I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me feel just a tiny bit better to hear from people who actually SUPPORT me for a change. And Ben sent me a nice cartoon.

Note to self: don't post when emotional.

And you know what else? I am profoundly upset about war, dreams of war, and the Bush Junta. Patriot II? How the fuck did this happen? How did we, as a culture, sit back and put these people in charge?

And these "Terror alerts?" Does anyone believe them? Did you guys read about the "suspected terrorist" in SF Bay? Some tug boat captain suggests that he saw someone in an unlit Zodiac raft at 3AM, wearing a wetsuit. That's it.

The CG looked everywhere for this boat and its alleged terrorist, and found NOTHING.

But it's all over the news, because WE ARE ON ALERT!!1!!11!

What happened to critical thinking? Are the American people so soporific that they can't see this bullshit for what it is?

And now we're supposed to believe that Osama Bin Laden is JOINING FORCES WITH SADDAM?


The timing on this is all too pat for me, and I wonder where the fuck the critical voices are who should be questioning this stuff. Where are the other voices in this vast wilderness? Isn't anyone willing to speak up?

We are marching directly into a war, though there is massive public resistance to it.
We are marching directly into a war, and the media, the supposed 4th estate, isn't doing ANYTHING to keep people informed -- they're just propagandizing for the Bush Junta.
We are marching directly into a war, though the rest of the world wishes we'd just mind our ouw stinking business.

And nobody seems to care. And I'm "anti-American" because I feel this way.

I was picking up some tools at OSH about an hour ago, and helped an older woman take some plastic boxes down from a tall shelf. When I put them in her cart for her, she moved a bunch of duct tape and plastic sheeting out of the way. She told me how scared she was, and urged me to be prepared and safe.

That's perfect. This woman, who could be doing several other things today, is preparing for a terrorist attack, right here in Pasadena. Because she's afraid. Just like the Bush Junta wants us all to be.

Ugh. Note to self: don't post when emotional.


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give 'em hell Wil. We love ya.

Oh my Gooood!
You're back!
You're still here!
I was planning on being slightly depressed for a little while, but you're still with us!
Go you!
Okay, now that I got my ya-yas out, I can go read what you posted.
I'm glad you didn't abandon us

Give them hell Wil. You do exactly what you want to do. Write the book how you want it written, its your book not theirs. And don't let the few "A" holes in this world get you down. And its not a bad thing to get emotional, that is what you have us for. Don't let the government scare you.We have given you support for a long time, and we will continue. Good luck on the book, and don't sweat it.

Is wanting peace considered unAmerican? Is refusing to charge blindly into war, leading to loss of life on both sides, unAmerican?

Is it unAmerican to want peace and cherish life?

Then fucking sign me up for unAmericanism, buddy.

Given the quality of what you write on here, Wil, I can also safely say that I don't doubt for a minute that your book is going to be well worth reading. Even when you're putting out something really brief on the site here, it's well worth reading. And I read shit all day that's NOT well worth reading. I spend half of my days editing bad writing, for god's sake.

As for the rich assholes, I can't believe you resisted the urge to tell them to fuck off, given how little understanding they displayed. That's almost inhuman restraint.

Big hugs to ya Wil. I've been feeling like I'm riding in a car with no brakes. It's a creepy feeling, but I guess that's what being an American today is all about. One day the history professors will reflect back on this "time of uncertainty". Hang tight.

As I remember, a group of 7 supreme court judges elected this guy into power.. Not you or me.. To hell with the Electorial College, it's out of date.. Toss it.. Get rid of it.. Let the popular vote rule the day..

Hey Wil,
Hang in there -- hopefully the book stuff will work itself out. I find when I get stuck like that writing, that doing a bit of core-dumping on paper often helps clear the cobwebs and then I can get back to it with a clearer picture of where I want to go with something.

On the war front, there's a peace march on Sunday I'm considering going into. In fact, I'm trying to decide whether or not to bring the baby along with me, or leave him at home if things go awry.

I feel like I have to do -something- because otherwise my voice isn't being heard.

We LOVE you Will. You are our light in the darkness. The book is your "baby" do only what you think is justified to its contents. I agree with you about this Iraq mess, it feels like a never ending nightmare. Please don't give up your journal entries, we need you now more then ever. Don't listen to other people, listen to your heart. Love and Peace...to you and everyone....


Right on about your comments on this crazy war talk. It is good to know that I am not the only one growing weary of how most Americans seem to be taking this war as something that is simply a done deal. It is time that each of us gets involved, make your voice heard, write your representatives, protest, and for Christ sakes use your brain.

I feel sorry for the woman you found at the local home store, buying duct tape and plastic sheeting. It is ludricrous to believe that would help in the case that there is an attack. Sure, get some food and water together - it doubles as an earthquake or general natural disaster kit. Duct tape isn't going to help though.

Glad to see the entry! And good luck with the book. I am in the midst of a deadline writing a book about bird watching in Washington state and I hear you about the self doubts...

Wasn't expecting another post today. Wow sounds like a pretty rough couple of days. I am not one of those that think that you are "Anti-American" for being anti-war. But since you brought it up I WILL ask you a question. At what point do YOU think it would be right to use military force in Iraq? Or is that a nope-never-not an option?

Keep up the good work!

Wil Just relax you are one hell of a writer and your book will appeal to a wider audience than just the Star Trek crowd. But you already have the Star Trek audience in the bag. Just look how many books Shatner has put out... ok Bad example. Hey look a Bruce Campbell putting out a book was one of the best things he has done. Now if you wold only write some a novel about the adventures of Wesley Crusher.

Actually Bin Laden hates Saddam and would like to see him replaced with an Islamic government. Saddam is a socialist secular goverment. Bin Laden would like to see Saddam replaced with a similar government of Iran... who hates Saddam

I get the 'my book is crap' blues every other week. The best thing to do is ignore it and keep going. From what I've seen you post here I think you're good at what you do, and I know I'm not alone in the universe. Just concentrate on writing the book YOU want to read. The rest will follow. :)

Glad you're back. Just want to let you know that other people are scared about the possibility of war too. I caught myself thinking about what the most secure room in my house was.

I hear ya on the war thing. I listen to the news every day and think, how the hell did we get here? why isn't anybody SAYING something? Then I realize that we are, but nobody's listening. Except each other, I guess.

WIL - I was so sorry to read your experiences recently with hateful people. It is demoralizing and saps your energy. I read your blog regularly because I get a lot form your take on life and general good vibe. Why people check their humanity at the internet connection is beyond me. The anonymity of tapping random thoughts on a key board is also the very act of disconnecting the internal monologue editor that allows all of us to coexist in the real world face to face, or else we'd annihilate each other. This is my point essentially, that to be truly effective, I and you must not check our humanity at the keyboard. I guess that's why I enjoy your blog. You DON'T check your humanity. Unfortunately, it means that you leave yourself open to attack; of being hurt. Being vulnerable and open is the cost of being true to yourself. So, fuck the assholes that hurt you. Stay true.

Have a fantastic day. And, I been a fan of yours since "Stand By Me." So, of course, I've also followed your travels on TNG from the beginning.


Regarding the trolls:
I wonder how many people fail to note the difference between the actor and the character. Don't like the character - no problem, just don't take it out on the actor.

When my father was an actor, he once did a 3-year roll for a soap opera. His character was a real SOB. He used to get hate mail for what his character had done! (addressed to him, not his character...) makes you wonder...

Anyway, Wil, you seem to have taken the brunt of the punishment for Star Trek writers doing things the fans don't like. They *ought* to be bitching to the script writers if they don't like it... Sheesh!

Where can we get a synopsis of your up and coming book? Are you into any of the on-line writers groups? They can be VERY helpful. I doubt I'd be published if not for that sort of assistance from folks that want to write for a living.

Hang in there, finish the book, never go back to Waffle House.


Wil, you are the reason I started blogging, and it has been a fantastic release for me; theraputic, really. But I just got my first hate mail, and it hurt a lot. The 'net seems like a hostile place where people can take pot shots without repercussion, but those people aren't worth your thoughts and energy.

Did you see on Fark.com that a young Farkker was killed in a car accident last week? The outpouring of genuine sympathy for the family was unprecedented, and it reknewed my faith that even on irreverent sites like that, most people on the 'net do have consciences. Take enjoyment in the Delete button. You can erase what those a--holes say with a click of your pinky finger. That is all the effort they deserve.

Maybe you should just kill yourself.

I am going to buy 3 frickin copies of the book! I am glad that you've cleared the air over what was said before. I hope that you read what I submitted in the comment box. I wish to say more but right now my plate is full. I will prolly in the near future be getting my Gallbladder removed and I might be gettting a job, and a bunch of other thingy ma bobs. (Hee hee I almost put Boobs instead of Bobs):D

Glad to see that you are still posting. It is normal to be nervous about a project. No matter what it is. Be confident. Im really looking forward to reading your book.

You know, I was one of those naive americans that thought nothing could ever touch us. I was wrong and my eyes opened up to what can really happen. Recently, sometimes I wished I lived somewhere else but when it comes down to safety there is no such thing. I have lived in new york my entire life and never was I afraid until now. Soon I am going to purchase tape, plastic and tons of water. Just in case I am packing a bag.

I really should stop freaking out about this but I can't help it.

Sorry that my post is depressing.

Okay, I will stop now.


Hang in there bud. I've know how you feel. It's like every interaction you have during the day has it's sole purpose to simple make you more miserable than you are. Usually I would sit alone in my room for an hour and crank up some hard core rock music. For some odd reason it didn't make me feel any better. You know what does though? The mere thought that your beliefs and values are true and just, and you're living life the best you damn well can. Knowing that you're stronger than all of the BS you have to deal with in your life should eventually lead you to realize that: "You know... I can deal with this, and when all is said and done, I really am one lucky guy, and DAMN ain't it great to be alive!"

Keep it real man...


- Eddy

Emotional is sometimes the way we get rid of this stuff, dude, so post away. I know that as a public figure, you have some responsibilities to be true to an image or ideal, or that you feel the pressure far more than what most people do simply because what you do could end up on the evening news, but you are still a dude. A man with a family, with worries as to what kind of world your kids are going to grow up in.....as a father, I can sure as hell relate. Life can sure as hell get hectic without having to add that whole, public image thing to it. For you, I don't think it's so much the fact that you have to be someone you're not, or be something everyone expects you to be.....fuck them. But in order to keep your kids safe, and your family happy, you do have to keep idiots from invading your space with cameras, with notepads, or video cameras trying to see if they can get Wesley Crusher doing something naughty.......much of the public has shown big companies that they are interested in hearing about the shattered lives of stars, or former child stars.......it borders on idiocy.

I don't think too many monkeys really thought this was going to get so serious to the point that WWDN was going to be abandoned, or that you'd lose your way......all artists go through doubts.....hell, a week ago, I wasn't even sure I should post up pics of my painting to share with anyone simply because I thought a zillion things were wrong with it......it's always like that. Always. You never really want to let your creation go, but at the same time, you want to share it, which is the reason for creating it in the first place for many.

Take care wil, and be well. You're a good man. And, you're human as well.......personally, I think you restrained yourself quite incredibly, and you shouldn't apologize. Keeping all that shit inside is what causes the explosions in our lives.......this site is yours, and if you can't rant or complain on it, what business do any of us have doing it? *smile*

Wheaton - I know I don't know you, and you don't know me.. Please forgive the following, as I have no right to pass any type of judgement:

I've read your Blog for a while now, and it sounds a lot like your writing has returned you to the place that made you so unhappy as an actor.

We understand that you want to do the best you can as an author, but you might do well to remember, that is all you can do. As with anything else, some will like your work, and some won't.

Or, if you'd prefer something a little more personal in nature - fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.


Just happened by and saw your new post. Glad to see it. As an aspiring writer. I know how it feels to question about your writing. The only real advice I can tell you is to keep writing from your heart. You speak honestly...its something rare these days. I would have missed your postings. I don't always agree with your point of view but I can never say you're just spewing out rhetoric.

I once had a prof. once give me some insightful advice when I was getting torn apart by decisions and life in general. When I replied "I don't F-ing know!"

He said "Jared...Sometimes its good not to know."

It still makes me feel a little better today.

Take care.

How strange. I too have been feeling extremely melancholy and anxious about my life recently. I turned 30 on Monday, and I have to say that turning 30 in LA sucks. Realizing that people who you thought were your friends are saying things for the benefit of everyone else around them, or having friends who make sure that you don’t look as good as them, so that they’ll stand out more – it was so painful. I cried and cried on my birthday, because I felt so isolated. But (and this is where WWDN comes in), I recently discovered your site which is so refreshing. Not only are you witty, you are reminding me of the world at large and to be politically aware – an important duty I am often too chicken to take care of. So while you may be feeling down, you are cheering me up and keeping me grounded. I have absolute faith that your book will be just as amazing. Thank you!

You're doing fine. Melt downs are permitted to everyone, even you!

FYI the cartoon link goes to a photo...

Wil, this is my first time posting here, but I've been reading your site for a long time. I have to say I'm sorry you've been going through such annoying crap recently, but try not to stress about it so much.

And I totally agree with you about Bush and his administration. I spend most of my time totally enraged and blathering incoherantly to anyone who'll listen. And a lot of people who won't. I'm a lot more scared that he's turning this country into a totalitarian police state than I am about terrorism or Saddam Hussein. Reading your rants makes me feel like I'm not just crazy. I should start a website like this one. Haha.

Incidentally, when I was a kid I looked just like you and got called "Wesley" a lot. I don't hold it against you. I'm glad to see you're cool in real life.


FINALLY! Someone who says EXACTLY what I've been thinking for months!!! I just read today that North Korea may have a missile capable of reaching the continental US, but I'm sure Bush will just want to continue diplomacy with their megalomaniacal leader. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, another megalomaniacal dictator who has never had the opportunity to directly threaten the US, waits for Bush to bomb him to f**king oblivion.
Why? Well because according to Dubya, "this guy tried to kill my Dad". Is this what the f**king prestige of the Presidency of the most powerful nation on Earth has come to? Being able to bomb the s**t out of Hitler wannabes who threaten our DAD?!? I thought Dubya promised to bring respect and decency back to a scandalized Oval Office, but all he's done so far is shoot his stupid mouth off, and flex his military muscles like a schoolyard bully on steroids!!!
Whew, sorry about the rant. Everyone's been on edge over this whole thing for one reason or another.
Wil, you do what you need to do. My hat is off to you for posting to your site as regularly as you do. Just remember, it is YOUR SITE, and you post to it when you want to, not when somebody else whines at you to.
Obviously, your book has to be your number one priority, and your family a close second (or vice versa). I'll check in every few days to see if you've posted any updates, as I'm sure you're other truly loyal fans will. When the smoke clears, you'll have only the lost the interest of the people that really didn't care about you anyway.

Sending mojo your way, and praying for peace...

*Major Mojo* Wil. Sounds like you've got a lot on your chest right now; try not to add too much to it by beating yourself up. Tall order, I know, and all you can do is try. I'm sending positive wishes to you.

*hugs* We really do love you and your site. Please don't scare us like that again. As for being emotional, feel free to join us in the H&N depression thread. Even if it isn't depression, over-emotionality and crying is welcome there.

Just remember, you have a lot of fans out here!

Book - I know I'm buying one. So um, one sale guarenteed! It's a start?

RFA - Unfortunately, they don't have to be rich to be assholes. Breathing seems to be the biggest quality shared by assholes.

War, Fearing Terror and Partiotism - I got called unpatriotic the other day by someone for daring to say I don't agree with the war. Bush is playing the most dangerous head game there is. He's feeding people fear to get the response he wants. And telling others that whom ever doesn't agree is 'UnAmerican'. And I don't see a solution in the next two years. What's more frightening is the fact there's a strong belief right now that he would be elected for a second term.

If you haven't see it already, see 'Bowling for Columbine'. It starts looking at guns and violence in American and ends up investigating the 'Feeding Fear' mentality of the media in America.

One of the greatest traditions in America is the freedom to not agree with the government. It's the most American thing there is. It was around before apple pie.

You don't have to be rich to be a fucking asshole. I have run into a lot of them.

You should be upset about the war. Its a shame we have to deal with countries and militant groups that would rather kill us than educate and feed their own people.

Don't piss and moan about the terror alerts. Do you actually think they are fear mongers who love to scare us to death? If that were the case some other administration would have gotten the idea to do it long before President Bush. They are simply reacting to the demand of the American people to be better informed.

What if they found the guy in the raft with a bomb or harmful materials? What would you be posting right now? Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Your critical thinking is more like where is all the Anti Bush thinking. Just because 70% of the nation supports him and his efforts doesn't mean they don't know what they are supporting. 70% is a lot of people wil, a lot of those people know more about geo politics than you and I combined.

Osama supposedly said that his people should support Iraq. To me, that says they are teaming up. I am waiting for confirmation that it is his voice though.

Timing...what can I say about that? From your posts you are naturally pessimistic and untrusting...esp when it comes to this administration.

I don't see the massive public resistance. Also, remember, this is not a democracy its a representative republic. People marching in the streets dont determine when we go to war, thats what our elected leaders are paid a lot of money to do.

The rest of the world????? You mean France, Germany, Russia, and China. Need I say more about this motley crew of nations?

Wil, I don't think you're anti american. Keep up the dissent, if you coulnd't say what you want to say....my entry would be blank as well.

If the gas comes and it seeps into your house and not the old ladys, won't you feel really dumb?

For Gods sake....don't ever post when you are upset. Thoughts can be retooled or forgotten. Words either written or spoken are forever.


"You are joining us live from Trafalgar Square as the UKs largest street party in history continues in celebration of the unexpected but much hoped for return of Wil Wheaton."

"So far 7 million people have turned out to share the joy and mutual love of a man who has been an undying inspiration to so many for so long."

"As tributes continue to pour in from Her Maj, The Prime Minister and his esteemed holiness Lord EnglishBen and his crazy Mad Dogs, a nation celebrates and continues to wait in growing, but non pressuring, anticipation for a book expected to sell more copies than the bible within it first week."

"And so as you leave us over out nations capital i leave you with the celebratory chants of the loving masses:

"Long live Wil Wheaton! Long live WWDN!"

Aww shiate...

No, your not anti-american for your thinking...your TOTALLY american for it. I think the same way. Bush doesn't need to be in the White House, and I have no f*cking clue why he still is.

*grumble lowly about the current goverment situation*

About the book...don't let anyone push you around your book Wil. It's your's, thus you should write it how YOU want. Sure, they may suggest stuff, but if you don't like how it goes, you don't need to put it in.

We'll love it no matter what! ;)

*lotsa book mojo and lotsa good emotion mojo*

We love ya Wil!

You Rawk Wil--just remeber for every a-hole there are a bunch of people who know you have done some amazing things for us that nobody ever said you had to. WWDN is my home.

Hey, Wil... I am feeling (sort of) like you, buddie. But I want to say to all of you people: DO NOT BE SCARED!!!
This is something the administration should have addressed in the first place. Really! Instead they just keep issuing these stupid terror alerts and frightening us all up.
Like, we're back in the '60s and we have to rehearse the stupid atomic bomb thing.

If we're scared, then they win. Because that is what terrorism means: to cause terror. And we need to understand that if we procrastinate, they're controlling our acts...

DO NOT BE SCARED, because there's simply not a reason to. They're the mad ones, they are the ones who should be. Not us. We caused them no harm (despite what they say).

And instead, the gorv. keeps giving us the other message, fuck them!!!

About your book, your job will have a reward. That for sure...

Doubt is the greatest enemy of all. Don't doubt yourself, Wil! Those feets of yours are on more solid ground than you realize! :)

And there's been news on the phantom Zodiac raft. Turns out someone called in and said he was the guy on the raft and was navigating it home to Oakland when he had to answer the call of nature, so he pulled over to the bridge to stay out of the 'traffic lanes' while he relieved himself.

Why is it I'm suddenly seeing a sea-going version of the scene from Carwash with someone running around yealling 'Piss-bottle bomber!'?

Thank you for noting the Patriot Act II. WTF, over.
I tell people and the usual response I get is 'what's a patriot act?'. Ugh.

You aren't the only one worried about and disgusted with the warmongering administration. I'm glad I'm not alone.

best of luck

i'm a big casualty of posting when emotional...but i also feel that's when i'm most honest. whether people like it or not, you ARE allowed to express yourself. i don't really feel that just because you're a "public figure" per se that you should feel the need to censor any emotion. if you feel like telling someone to "eff off", then by all means, do it if necessary.

i hope you realize that a small group of negative people will never ever outweigh the large group of positive people who come here and read what you have to say. i know deep down you realize that but i can see where the frustration lies.

step back, take a break, focus on YOU....but just do it for thr right reasons. i know that *i* am always amazed by your words and the way you capture life. i hope that will continue.


I know what you mean about Posting While Emotional (PWE).

I have had a journal at Open Diary for several years now, and have PWE'd several times vowing to leave and never come back.

Once I cooled off, I realized what a ditz I was being and apologized to the point of deleting the pissy entry that I posted out of embarrassment.

Hang in there dude, and good luck on the book thing.

I am so sorry that so much crap is going on. Stay strong man! If people like the book... great. If they don't so what they don't have any taste. From the excerpts you released I love your work. In all seriousness, You're a good guy. Stay strong. Don't be afraid to share whatever is on your mind. It is important to get things off your chest. If anyone else has a problem with your honesty or irritation with the way things are going....or they can't understand they everyone needs to vent every once and a whole... Fuck them. Much love man..latter


It is a scary feeling reading new news updates about terror threats. Even second hand news, like the co-wrker saying, "hey, did you hear that they have a new weapon that will..." . All this will do is scare us and stress us out. If we freak out , they win. If we get all stressed out and snap at people, they win.
I just look at these crazy people in the same light as the play-ground bully, or the Blog Trolls or Rich Fucking Assholes TM. They have to terrorize and put others down on order to make themselves feel better. It is sad and sick.







Neither should you.

Now about your book, I will be happy even if is just a big copy and paste from your site. I can't wait.

to answer your question, it is not unamerican to see your country as it truly is and what to make it better, even if that includes pointing out the faults that it has. how can you fix a failing foundation if you won't admit that there are cracks.

as for bush/war/obl-saddam everyday i wonder if the rest of america is buying this thing hook line and sinker, and everyday i believe just a little bit more that they are. i mean really, bush is taking a speech where obl states his solidarity with iraq(a muslim country that the us is about to attack) to prove his long term association/support of saddam. that would be like if i said i would defend a racists right to free speech, and then i could be considered a racist.

don't give in to the asstrolls, but feel free to take all the time off you need in order to have fun with wwdn again. we'll still be here when you come back.

one more thing, but this is to Rob:

duct tape fixes everything!

Good, Wil! LET US talk about the ridiculous terror alerts (including CNN emblazoning their video screen with a badge screaming ORANG ALERT). LET US talk about how we are seemingly ignoring Korea while pursuing a war in Iraq. LET US talk about how how the media has become little more than stenographers for the latest bullshit terror alert, and propaganda. Let us talk about how we are totally ignoring Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda, yet we seem willing to invoke them and point to mythical evidence that he's buddies with Saddam. Let's talk about how the entire Bush administration pronounces Saddam as if it were "Sodom"-- is this to invoke "Christians" into making the connection with the ancient city of evil? And speaking of "Christians," I've been hearing more of them talking about they support a war in Iraq because it's part of "God's Plan" for Israel and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Let's also talk about how these terror alerts always seem to be conveniently timed for the Bushies. They have them just before elections. This one comes as they are trying to market and sell a war to the US.

And definitely, let's talk about the Patriot Act II which would allow secret arrests, and the stripping of American Citizens of their citizenship and the forceable deportation of the same. Let's talk about how congress, after granting the Justice Dept. unprecedented powers has been evaded by John Ashcroft when asked how those powers have been used.

This is your website. You can spend time talking about people who said mean things about you and those who you love, or you can spend it talking about things that matter to you.

This is actually only the second time that I have ever commented. Mainly because I know that you receive so many from people that you have no idea who they are. I was already a Star Trek fan, thanks to my Dad. So when Next Gen came out I was thrilled, I stayed up late to catch the first episode. I was thrilled that you were on the show, "out in space" was someone my own age, dealing with the same geeky issues I was dealing with everyday. I loved that. I became a fan then, and was so sad when you left the show. I must admit that you drifted out of my mind till I had a friend mentioned that you had this weblog, I had the same reaction all over again, except this time you got a fan for “being you”, rather than "living in space." You've continued and succeeded and just haven't stopped, even though it's been hard. That is respectable in any person, and even more so for someone that has had to deal with the pressures of living in the public eye. The real point that I wanted to make is that you have my respect,. Don't let anything stop you, or your faith in yourself and abilities. It's understandable that it will effect you, just please don't let it stop you.

Hey Wil

I jusr deleted this whole big ramble as I tend to waffle on... I just want to say that I thought you were a great actor (even if Wesley was a wet blanket and look perpetually worried...oooh the angst! and its so long that since I saw Stand by me that I cannot remember much) and since I started reading your weblog I really respect your skill at standing out and writing excellent intelligent and witty comments.

I really look forward to reading your book and also buying my sister a copy as she had a massive crush on you during TNG years (no pun intended)

Keep up the great writing...screw the people who don't like what you do and just write for yourself..as thats what the people who visit here come for.

Oh and by the way...I heard about this website on British TV...

Damnit I have to say this.... I am a stinky European...a Brit... and I truly wonder if the American people know what is thought about them worldwide...they are not thanked for their efforts in sending out food and medical supplies to third world countries...no they are regarded everywhere as arrogant and the bully boys of the playground...Americans are even very disliked in their Allied countries such as Britain. I myself date an American and plan on moving to Charleston S.C very soon... because of this link with America my work colleagues and certain aquaintances call me the worst things and argue with me over what America is doing...

It worries me that the Americans will only make themselves even more unpopular with this war... and its not even their views that are being represented... Vice president *cough* prime minister Tony Blair is in danger of losing his position because of parlimentary backbenchers in revolt as well as the general population calling for at least a 2nd UN resolution before we consider risking our troops lives...

I am with you on this one... I am worried...not enough to go out and buy supplies or anything because quite frankly what will be will be... and living in the largest naval dock city in the UK I am sure I am screwed once they bomb the rusting nuclear subs not two miles from here...

come to think of it...why the hell am I still living here...

damnit I rambled...


February sucks--it's just a freakin' fact. Anyhow, sending mojo in your direction, and best wishes and all that... Here's hoping the people with good wishes outnumber the jerks by at least 10 to 1 around here--so far in this thread, it seems like that's so...

Hang in there, Wil. :-) "That which does not kill me makes me stronger."

I'm right there with you... this war isn't about terrorism, it's about popularity contests, trying to live up to daddy, and about global-scale pissing contests. It's turning into a "who's afraid of the big bad wolf" situation... because we have all the power and now we're waving it around and saying "better watch out, or we'll squash you?"

THAT is unamerican. Wanting to get past the propaganda and finding the truth is not.

Do post when you are emotional. That is the beauty of the immediacy of the format. This is Will Wheaton, warts and all. I like it. It humanizes.
Take care.

Good to see another update from you Wil.

It's only natural to be worried about your book. All I can say is that if the quality of writing matches what I have seen in your blog so far, it will be a very enjoyable read. I'm looking forward to it.

First of all, your Mom's right. It is ok to be scared about publishing your book. I can't really imagine not being scared were I in your place. It takes guts to put it out there, and know that people may love it, or they may hate it. You've got the guts for that.

Secondly, fuck the Rich Fucking Assholes. Waste of perfectly good carbon.

Thirdly, I'm scared about the country I live in, too. Doesn't bear much resemblance to what I was taught in Civics class, that's for damn sure. I personally think it's damned unamerican NOT to be questioning it. I'm marching in New York this weekend for exactly that reason.

Hey Wil,

I'm glad you haven't shut down the site; I don't check in every day and I rarely have time to go through all of the comments, so I was surprised to see these latest two posts. Even on my own, very humble and modestly-trafficked blog I occasionally get trolls and nasty comments. Mostly from warmongering Republican lemmings (although if they were simply political disagreements, I'd be happy to host a debate; it's when they get virulent that they go over the line). When that happens, I just think that giving them any kind of response merely encourages them to continue in their flaming, so I remove their posts and ignore them as best I can. Naturally, with your higher profile, I'm sure you must get a zillion more of these notes than I do, but I bet that proportionately they're not that much more frequent. Most of your readers here come back because we relate to what you write and want to read more; we're good people.

As for your book troubles, I encourage you to simply go with your own voice. When you talk of rewriting to please other folks, that sets off a "red alert" klaxon. We, your audience, do not want to read what other folks think in your book, we want to read Wil Wheaton in Wil Wheaton's book. (“I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” -- Bill Cosby)

Hang tough, my good man. You have more riches in your life (Anne, kids, mucho talent, a posse, brains and sensitivity) than those Rich Fucking Assholes can ever dream of.

I'm as "unamerican" as you are, and damnit, we need more of us.

The author is always his own harshest critic...don't drive yourself insane. I'm sure it's a wonderful book if it's half as good as your posts here - you know how to tell a story.

The scary thing is, I've seen polls showing massive support for what this man is doing to OUR COUNTRY. Grrr.. I don't know if I should post wne I'm emotional either.


Your mom is right about uncharted territory. But, now that you're in it -- learn from the experience and do the book the way you want it to be. Of course pay attention to the constructive criticism that you think will HELP the book BE what you want it to be. That may be hard to see -- but if a gut check on a given piece of criticism doesn't feel right, then don't go with it.

This is normal, Wil -- writers face this. It's when you get criticised six ways from Sunday that the heebie-jeebies set in.

You'll get there and it'll be fine. And once it IS published, take the critical reviews with a grain of salt. Okay? Promise me?

All right, then.

Oh, and about RFAs: people like that are their own worst punishment. Wouldn't you hate to be them? When they're old and gray and THEIR kids can't stand THEM, Nolan and Ryan will still be lovin' you and Anne. You've got THAT part of your life very, very right!


The modern writers of our time have thrown up thier hands in despair and said,"There is no answer to man's dilemma."

Hemingway said once "I live in a vaccum that is as lonely as a radio tube when the batteries are dead,and there is no current to plug into."

Eugene O'Neill in "Long Day's Journey Into Night" reflects the typical,philosophical attitude of our day.He says,"Life's only meaning is death."

Both these men have gone on.There IS more to life than death or radio tubes that need to be pluged in.I am a Born Again Christian and do not always feel comfortable here, but I do enjoy reading your post and cheering for[you] the underdog to win.Jesus taught us the dignity and importance of being a person.Love God,and Love your neighbour as yourself[even if they dont love you].Love never fails,Love conquers ALL.Wil,when you allow others [rich F/A or Troll's]to make you become angry,hateful or resentful,you fail.You wil be the one who suffers for it not them.Bless and curse not.You have already experienced this when you dealt politely with the lady screaming at you for being late,"She hadn't prepared for me to be genuinely contrite.So she just said,"Well,then I guess we're done."A soft answer turns away wrath".Im not trying to preach here,Im just trying to say "Dont allow negative people to corrupt your good nature"

I have more to say but I cant type to save me life and my grammar stinks.I hope I have given you a little encouragement at the least.

Thanks for speaking out on the silliness of the Bush war plan. Our writing and talking about the alternatives is the beginning of change for the better.

Remember that the Vietnam War protests didn't get started in mass numbers till 67, when the war had been in full swing for two years. This time it hasn't even started and people are demonstrating in the hundreds of thousands. If the trend keeps up, "this aggression won't stand."

Wil, only a few things I can think to say...

I've lived with the RFA's. My folks lived in a similar neighborhood. The neighbors hated my '71 Cutlass Supreme, my loud music, the fact that I didn't play golf. To hell with them. You're Wil, and that's good enough for me.

I posted something just like this on my blog earlier today. As a nation, how far are we from the Howard Hughes, Kleenex boxes on the feet, jars of urine hoarding way of life?

I guess to top it off:


scared people keep idiots in power

Some people are assholes Wil. Don't let them get you down. I hear you on the war thing. It seems like the whole world's gone to hell these days. I find it best not to worry, you will go crazy if you do. I understand that you have to take some time to yourself, everyone does every now and then just don't stay gone too long you will be missed. Any ideas on the publication date for your book? Take Care.

As a writer myself, I know how hard it can be when you're out there, putting yourself on paper and wondering, "Is it good?"

Finish it. Then let people read and comment. Do it all for you. It seems you're learning that.

And don't forget: national protests all over on the 15th of this month. Go to notinourname.net to find the one nearest you.

peace in our time.


The way you feel is completly understandable. I might not have too many responsibilities at this point in my life, but I do feel overwhelmed at times, and that frustration usually comes out on the people I talk to... My friends.

Note to self: Apologize to friend.

Not like you need anyone in this life to tell you this, because I know that you already have this ingrained deeply within your rational mind, but assholes are just that: assholes. Rich, poor, brave or cowardly, petty people abound. It's when we acknowledge them that we give them power. I know, it sounds a bit self-improvement-infomercialish, but it does contain at least a grain of truth. It's all in the perspective...or the wrists, one of the two. Regardless, I know how things we would normally scoff at and ignore can puree our innards when we are at low points. Somewhere down the line you might find a way to turn their petty rantings and grade-school antics into comic gold...or platinum. I hear that platinum is like gold, only better.

As for the book, good, bad or indifferent, there are hordes of people waiting to buy it and it isn't even finished yet. Yeah, I know, but let me finish here. It's a life's work, yeah? Something you are doing for YOU, right? Aside from formatting, grammer and spelling, make it the way YOU want it and the rest of us will enjoy reading it. If you enjoy it, they will come. If you don't like what's been happening to YOUR writing, stand firm and make a smaller publishing at first. Dude, you can do this, I swear. Chin up, keyboard out and make this the way YOU want it.

As for war, I dread the fact that there are so many people swayed by Bush and his propaganda machine. It's disheartening to note that the media, once bent on delivering the TRUTH, is now nothing more than a vehicle for Bush's OWN terror campaign. Anyone speaking contrary to the current party line is now dubbed anti-american. I'm just anti-psychocrat. I don't want a leader that will push for violence above reason and investigation.


Dude, stop playing with this silly web site and work on the book. Please.

A good friend in Seattle had the life dream of writing and publishing her own book. She finally did it (published) last fall. And she is still having doubts: getting the books into stores, getting in on book readings, reviews. And still she wonders if the book was any good even though complete strangers are writing to say how they enjoyed the book. http://boonedog.com/annabelle.shtml

So, git off yer butt (pretty please) and write what you want to write in that book. Not what you think I want to read. I'll read it anyway, because it's the window through which I will see the real you. Where there's a Wil, there's a way, eh?

Hey, are you gonna be at OSCON in Portland this July? If so, we need to get you in touch with Nat (you being a celebrity and all) so he can make proper arrangments.

The first post nailed it - but I will elaborate-

Just like "Just Jack" from Will and Grace:


Re: Wil.

Keep the faith. You are not alone. And the real pisser is that you are right.

Even though you said you were going to take a break from the log, I was doing my daily check of your site out of habit and here you are. I'm sorry things in your life have seemed overwhelming lately. I ususally don't see the bad stuff here in the comments section, you do a good job in getting rid of the junk, but every now and then I see the absolute garbage some folks write. I thank you for all your efforts.

The news has been giving me a level of unfocussed anxiety lately. I know it's irresponsible, but sometimes I've been turning the channel when the news starts its Iraq segments (complete with its own theme music). I figure if it's bad enough, it will be breaking news and not in the update segment.

You've done a very brave thing in writing your book. It's not a work of fiction. It's a book about Wil. That's a very scary thing. Your mom is right, it's ok to be afraid. You are showing us your soul and are wondering if we will approve. Don't wonder. What's important is if you approve.

And these "Terror alerts?" Does anyone believe them?

Yeah, but only because I'm mighty pissed off that I clash with today's alert status. Whoever thought that orange was appropriate for an alert color was seriously disturbed. I would suggest a nice mauve, or perhaps a lilac...


Good mojo coming to you and your family from my mojo bag! :) And always remember: Opinions are like assholes... everyone has at least one. Some stood in the Asshole line too many times. You can't please everybody, so don't kill yourself trying. Self-destruction is not worth it. Go with your instincts and everything will be fine. Hang in there!!!

It's good to see your back! I don't post often but I do read.

First of all, I have to say write the book for *you* not for anyone else. As long as you are happy with it screw everybody else. These days the book reviews and sales are more about marketing than content anyway.

As for the war, I can't agree with you more. Today I had someone tell me "I heard that Korea has at least one missle that can reach the west coast of the US". OMG! Where do they get these things?

It's bad enough that The Shrub is more interested in finishing up what daddy couldn't and the middle east oil than he is in the problems and issues right here in the US. The last thing we need is the media and his rhetoric panicing little old ladies and having them run down to the local OSH to buy out all the plastic and duct tape (which is apparently out of stock at most of the OSH stores up here in the SF Bay Area).

Anyway, stick with it Wil, we're all in it together and we're going to support you in whatever you do.


I identify. I'm currently in the middle of writing my doctoral dissertation. When I say the middle, I mean towards the end, and when I say currently, I mean I haven't written a word since January 21st. I'm paralyzed by doubt about what I've done so far. I kind of want to abandon it and go be a programmer again (you have no idea how I've idealized my former job!) But my broad overarching feeling is being totally overwhelmed. (Am I smart enough to do this? How can I possibly get this done?)

Regarding the geopolitical "situation": again, I identify. I share the same opinions as you regarding Bush, the war and the American media. I feel this sense of helpless panic and nagging uncertainty. And a whole lotta anger, although surprisingly little directed towards Saddam and absolutely zero to Iraqis in general. I allocate mostly to Bush and to the media's unevenhandedness.

Anyway, I find it reassuring to read your posts and to recognize that there's someone who thinks the way I do and feels the way I do. Perhaps that might also be reassuring to you.


Wil, I bet your book is really good! I can't wait for it! I am glad that you are still going to post because this is one thing that I look forward to every day. I love reading anything and everything you have to say. And you are so right about this whole war thing. I am scared about war and all the terrist attacks. I pray that we won't go to war but it seems there is no stopping Bush. I think our world is falling apart. Another reason why I love reading everything you write is because you are always right! Take care.


I've never posted here before, although I've been reading WWDN for awhile now. I can relate to what you're saying about your writing, and I echo what others have said--sometimes constructive criticism can be difficult to deal with but then lead to better writing. Sometimes criticism is more destructive, even if that's not what's intended. Take in what people have said, as mindfully as you can, and then follow your heart.

As far as the situation in this country goes, I don't know what to say beyond sharing the Second of the Five Mindfulness Trainings of Thich Nhat Hanh's Order of Innerbeing with you:

Aware of the suffering caused by exploitation, social injustice, stealing, and oppression, I am committed to cultivating loving kindness and learning ways to work for the well-being of people, animals, plants, and minerals. I am committed to practicing generosity by sharing my time, energy, and material resources with those who are in real need. I am determined not to steal and not to possess anything that should belong to others. I will respect the property of others, but I will prevent others from profiting from human suffering or the suffering of other species on Earth.

It seems to me that you are doing your best to be mindful and do what you can. You are definitely aware of the suffering so prevalent in our world, and you're doing what you can to prevent more of it. You're a good person.


As to your doubts about the book, all I can say is "welcome ro the world of being a writer." You should read some of my own recent rants about similar issues. I also think that we're all feeling highly stressed because of the current war, and it's making us all a little nuts.

Just remember that it's those who waste time spewing crap who are the truly pitiful ones. Don't let them get to you.

I grew up as a cold war kid. My father was career Army and he taught me a healthy cynicism when thinking about our government.

Personally, I think the Bush agenda is to stall and build up terror here and go to fight right before elections. Make him look like a hero and also make a case for continuity. I lived in Texas under the Bush admin. Let's just say I certainly did not help not vote him into office.

As for writing, when you are dealing with your first few projects being published, it is very hard to deal with. It get's easier. Hang in there.

Trolls and other pernicious vermin, not worth my time.



Enjoy Life.

The book is yours. Write for yourself.

A quote from one of my favorite non-Wil Wheaton movies...

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Enjoy STORMWATCH on Channel 2!

Be seeing you...

I have seen quite a few anti-war protests around here...but I am in the LA burbs. If the underground garage in my apartment building is any indication (it's about a foot deep down there), you might want to look into plastic sheeting and duct tape, too. To keep out the rain, that is.

You know, some days it just gets to be too god damn much and you explode.....pretty human to me..

Continue with your vision for your book and screw what others say...

I checked out your killog....man, you have been overstressed!!!!!

I live in Santa Cruz and didn't hear a thing about the problem in San Francisco and we have "if it bleeds it leads" journalism here as well.

What is fucked up is that it is clear to many of us that Bush is obsessed with muscling Sadaam no matter what anyone says (even Gen. Swartzkoff thinks its stupid). He'll destroy people, jeopoardize relations with allies, fuck the economy up, no matter what, to get "somebody". The whole country gets to help Bush SAVE FACE for his Daddy.

The hypocrisy is shown by the complete disregard for the whacko in North Korea who has a least one nuke and an untested ICBM that can make it to the West Coast. Why aren't we a little more serious about him? Bush doesn't understand what a powder keg Asia is becoming because of his Iraqi obsession.

The sad thing for me is the woman buying the plastic and duct tape. It reminds me of the duck and cover drills I did during the early 60's. When a nuke goes off, we're supposed to duck and cover to save ourselves. So, I guess if there is a major biological attack, the plastic is supposed to save us (and we'll all die quietly suffocating in our homes)..

What really bothers me about this whole "war" business is that people are turning out in record numbers to protest. More protestors than during the Vietnam era! However, the government, who supposedly represents the people, isn't taking notice and putting the brakes on the war machine. What ever happened to "government for the people"? Is anyone in Congress listening? And, why should they? Who will hold them accountable?

I have to admit that I'm scared to death of a terrorist attack. (I live in NJ near NY and was treated to the horrendous smell coming from the wreckage on 9/11 when the wind shifted.) I actually have had nightmares about a terrorist attack for th last few nights and am thinking of buying duct tape, plastic sheets and water. Paranoid? Probably. I just can't seem to help it. :-(

Sorry about the fucking assholes. I hate being treated badly as if I'm not a real person with real feelings too. I swear, sometimes I can just hate people. Luckily the feelings go away and I just hate the fucking assholes who treated me badly only. :-)

One of these F.A. in my life is not rich, but a co-worker. I'm a teacher, she's a teacher and she's a miserable human being! Wil, we need a way to mentally combat this. Maybe we'll figure it out one day. If the dirty bombs don't kill us all first. ;-)

Jared's not dead either.


Your mom's right.
It *is* ok to be afraid.
But feelings are not always facts. All those doubts and fears? Don't let them define you or your actions.

Do *NOT* rewrite your book to make others happy. Don't do that to yourself or to your work.

Criticism is good.
Feedback is wonderful.
Take it, weigh it, consider it - but don't lose sight that this is YOUR book, YOUR vision of it is what matters the most.

Everyone has an opinion. (Heh - witness the blogtrolls.)
Not every opinion is worth keeping. (Again - witness the blogtrolls.)

I'm sorry you're seeing the sucky side of people of late - but there's a *lot* of light out there, too. Try not to lose sight of that. Ok?

And yes - yes YES - questioning this war is American; and YES, people are speaking up; and YES, it matters. It does. It has to.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
It matters.

Best to you and yours. *hug*

Oh, and if your book is anything like your personal posts in this blog, it will be a wonderful read. I think you might one day laugh at the worries you had. :-)

Dear Wil: Hi, it's the recovering trekker here again, posting comments, which is something I honestly don't do very often. I don't have the luxury of time to say much here, but I would like to challenge all the readers to ask themselves if it's possible to see the so-called "destructive trolls" in a different light. Back in ancient times prior to the written word, I imagine that the average human didn't bother with much communication; if we didn't like somebody, we clubbed 'em. I like to think that perhaps the time someone spends on posting disagreeable comments and the like is time that the same individual didn't spend on more destructive acts -- like going out to purchase a gun and shooting people? I'll try to get into more depth on this if/when I have time...in the meantime, looks like you've got some support out there...eh? Bye for now

Dubya is a Rich Asshole.

Your book will rock. It's not even debatable.

Live on, man, live on.

We're ALL going down hard, human peoples.

But I got an Xbox. And it will suck my dick.

See you there!

Hi Wil, not to bring you down, but...

When I woke up this morning and briefly caught the mention of the need to make disater preparedness kits, and how we should have duct tape and tarps or plastic sheeting in them, it tickled a memory at the back of my mind.

Plastic sheeting and duct tape will not keep you safe from chemical or biological attack. For that you need chemical warfare gear, fresh filters, atrapine to counteract nerve gas, and enough warning to put it all on. You also need a bunker with an air lock, showers, sensors, and another air lock, so you can get out of all that sweaty stuff and get new filters.

Around lunchtime I remembered why those supplies seemed familiar. When I was in the Air Force back in 1991 (the tail end of the last Gulf War), I was chosen to be a part of the disaster prep team for my dorm. Even though I was a couple months from outprocessing, I still had to go through the training. One of the things I learned was that the shelter in the dorm had a lot of survival material, including duct tape and plastic tarps. The purpose for this material was muti-fold. It could be used to blacken the windows so that we wouldn't be a target of night-time air raids (but we also had paint for that). It could be used to close off the cracks beneath doors and around windows to reduce airflow (you can't eliminate airflow; if you do, you'll sufficate). And it was to be used as makeshift body bags.

I am cynical enough about our current government to feel that they expect an attack, expect it to be either chemical or biological so it will leave behind bodies that will need to be disposed of, and have convinced a lot of us to purchase the means of that disposal. Thus saving the government from having to bring in its own supplies when the chem-gear suited cleanup crews are going door-to-door after the attack.

Something to think about.

I read the Rich Fucking Assholes post, and I almost giggled when I started reading it, but then I sobered up real fast.

And they thought you were rude...

Isn't L.A. synonymous with "traffic"?

Either way, they made idiots of themselves, not vice versa.

Fucking rich assholes...

We love you, Wil.

Aw, Wil...~~~waves o' strength~~~ to you. It's your book, there's no other like it. So much for judging it. Just write it!

Dude, man o man, you have alot of patience. And you dont need the bunch of us telling you that you are a good person, cause well you are. Common sense, and these retards with too much money, well ive been to california, and I didnt like it much, sorry, not you but the whole generale atmosphere. 'We are better then the workd, so u go f*off'.. uhm yeah


back on topic

This war is just going to bring more hardship onto the world..

to quote what i wrote earlier to a friend:
Over here the mindset of war about to begin is very real indeed, with
F-16's and Apache helicopters circling the sky's overhead on patrol
maneuvers and heightened alert.. this sort of thing has been building up
steadily in the past couple months. There is a major us base not very
far from here (like oromocto from fredericton) that makes gagetown look
like playland at mcdonalds.

Everyone is very afraid here, as Europe has been plagued with war for
centuries, on peoples minds, war means: loss of jobs, loss of life, loss
of everything.

War with Iraq? For what, for the oil barons to finally get their claws
on one of the richest resources of oil? Sure Saddam isnt a saint, far
from it, but when iraq is a pile of rubble, where will the people go?
What about N. Korea who has actually threatened the us, and has nukes..
shouldnt we be dealing with them, instead of Iraq?

Your letter is quite correct, its only _now_ that people are starting to
wake up and see whats really going on. I follow as much media in 4
languages all over the world as i can, english, french, italian, and
some dutch/german. Im sick of reading u.s. media, as its only
propaganda for snowballing the population into submission. Proof? empty
chemical warheads, ya thats proof alright. Face it, its another vietnam
waiting to happen, and the us is really horny to try to have _any_
reason to attack them.

What will happen? A couple of scenarios, 1) The EU goes against the US,
Nato is splintered, the UN is gone. Then we have a bigger problem,
because the EU/US economies are very tightly knit together, if there is
a big riff we are in for some very hard economic hardships indeed. 2)
US attacks Iraq, Iraq attacks Isreal, then the other Mid-East countries
join one side or the other, and things spin very rapidly out of
control.. dont think it will happen? It will indeed, and the us isnt
completely stupid, as they are aware that this will happen, which is why
they havent attacked yet, and are pressuring _Very_ hard to get full
support from the rest of the world.

Canada should stop being the passive whelp biatch to US whims, and stand
up for what Canada is: Peace, multiculturalism, understanding and growth
through diversity.

Just now people are waking up to the fact of a war machine already in
motion, and that is whats making people feel helpless. I dont want war,
and neither does the world, yet we are marching forward regardlessly to
quash the axis of evil.

Just like Vietnam, the propaganda machine kept the population passive
until late into the war, I agree with you that people should stand up
for what we agree is wrong.

To quote the person in control south of your border: 'Let the people
march and protest, its a free country and their right' .'

I am canadian, and i suppose that makes me a patsy, i dunno.. im just sick of war war war..


It really sounds like you are going though too much stress right now, take some time to yourself and for god's sake don't listen to any of those rediculous negative comments. There are just too many miserable jerks out their to bother yourself with so screw them. If you get a response that seems harsh and ill natured just immediately erase it that way the assholes wont win by upsetting you!
I can kinda relate a bit to your nervousness about your book, when I wrote my masters thesis (Only about 80 pages or so of company analyis) I did not want anyone to read it or examine it closely. I spent too much time and energy on it to be told nonchallontly it has major flaw's, which it undoubtable does. In regard to your neighborhood, I simpathize and completely understand. My neighorhood is the same and my husband and I are 30 and 31 but we look much younger than we are. When someone would come to the door I would often get "Is your mom at home?" Anyways, hang in there, I have no doubt that your book is amazing and if you have any doubt just take a look at how many people log on every day to read about you. Personnaly I'll tell you the reason I continue to come back...I'ts because you write about real life with real emotion and the readers can feel it. You always seem to strike a cord with me and make me feel in this very cold and unfeeling world. I appreciate everything you do and everything you share with us. Rest easy and know that you are loved by many!

if questioning this war is unamerican, then a good deal of america is unamerican, if the protests prove to us anything. i was at the amazing january protest in d.c. and the sense of community and common purpose of everyday americans there was overwhelming. apparently bush is becoming a little too attached to saddam, because he's starting to take his lead with this almost dictatorial government.
i totally agree with you there, wil. great to see you back, & feel better!

Dr. Crusher is right, it's ok to be afraid :)
Just publish the thing and get over it.
I write, and everybody loves what I write except for my wife... You can't please everybody.
And someone you dont please now can change his mind later, dont worry.
I hated you until I found this website and found out you were normal people (whatever that is) :P :P

And about the war...
I'm sick of all this quest for oil. I live in Spain, where the president is doing exactly what the vast majority says NO to, that is supporting Bush violating every single little bit of democracy left over here (if any)...

Take care

Nice to have you back Wil.
As a posse member in DC, I'm sorry to report that the agnst is in full swing. High-Alert status...whatever. Maybe if 'lil Bush gets us scared enough, we won't pay any attention to what he's trying to do. I mean, the bad man tried to kill his daddy. It doesn't matter what American's want at this point.

I have a book going myself Wil-for ten years now I've had it sitting here, to terrified to submit it to a publisher. Don't wait a decade. Do it now. You'll always regret the things you didn't do more than those you did.

Total and complete agreement on the Iraq insanity. Read "Dreaming War" by Gore Vidal, or "The war on Freedom" by Ahmed (British) if you want to know where this is all REALLY coming from. Don't want to feel alone in your feelings? Join the democratic underground (for all progressives) at www.democraticunderground.com and discuss it all with 21,000 people who agree with you. You'll also find news stories from members all over the world, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Guardian UK, NZ scoop, the Irish times, and more. You'll be shocked after reading the foreign press about just how inundated with propaganda we Americans are!

Everyone is so much more eloquent
than I could ever be
but here is my two cents.
I think you are a very good
writer. I have been touched by
the things you have written about
Anne, the boys and your
family. You are doing something
right to have all of
these people check your blog
everyday(I'm one of them).
Keep voicing your feelings and
opinions on anything you feel like
talking about. Your ideas and feelings
are just as valuable as anyone's.

Just for the heck of it...
Happy Valentines day to you
and Anne.

Like you need more advice... doh!

Even friends may not be people you can trust as critics. Usually we make friends with people who are like us in some ways and different in others, because that diversity enriches our lives. But when it comes to something you are creating, they might not be the people who would have read the book if it came from someone other than you.

You know what you wanted the book to be. Constructive comments should help you refine that, communicate it more effectively. They should *not* change your message. If some piece of advice does this, disregard it. Please only yourself.

Some people will love it, some will like it, some will feel indifferent and others will think it's crap. It's all subjective. You're an intelligent guy. If you like it, it's probably in a good place. Some people hate Hemmingway. They're entitled.

With luck, you will reach a wide enough audience that a portion of the readers will discover your offering to be spot-on for them. That's the best you can ever do, and more than enough.

Best of luck, and don't give up, period.


Wil, I realise you don't know me or most of us from shit because the fact is, there are thousands of us and only one of you, but most of us are here because we like reading what you have to say , we enjoy encouraging you in your endeavours and we like being part of a community where most people share their ideas constructively and respectfully. You have nurtured that community successfully and we thank you.

Frankly, the really scary thing about the trolls and nasties who write to you is that we all walk down the street and pass them all the time on busses and buying groceries. I've run into them on bulletin boards and chat rooms and never cease to be amazed. Take a deep breath, take a break from the site if you need to, but please know and believe that most of us are regular folks like you...and that's why we like you and that's why I, for one, support your site. And this isn't all about supporting your growth...we all grow from sharing ideas with you and among ourselves.

As for possible war, we are all scared shitless. I'm certainly guilty of not being the most spiritual guy in the world, but lately prayer seems awfully appealing...and I'll be real careful how I use my vote next time...if there is a next time. Just remember never to give up. You do make a difference. Best, Rob

Since I rarely comment but read your blog daily, I just wanted to make sure you were hearing another voice that supports you. You do a great job with the blog. And judging from what you write here, your kids, your marriage, your writing, and your life. If I knew you in "real life," I'm sure I'd be proud to have you as a friend. You're a sane person in an insane world, which is often hard to find. You're a rare bird, and that's why I keep coming back to read your blog, why it's been on my daily reads list since the day I found it.

Sometimes it's hard to remember to just breathe.
Take a couple of deep breaths, Wil. The pessure will eventually lessen. You'll make it through.


Wheather i agree with your politics or not (for the record I do not), you are a good person, and a great actor. I spent 7 years here is California's Bay Area acting and doing "Move in's" for some of the local SF Theater Companies. To say i know good acting when i see it would be an understatement. Not because I'm vain or anything, it's just that when you see sooo... Much bad acting you grow accustomed to knowing the good stuff.

While i wish you would spend more time giving insite into your life then your political views, i still understand that this site is a extention of what you give to America as a hole. I respect that. More then even i realize. You give more then you need to, to people that don't deserve anything. The most important of which is your time.

I can take the bad (what i see as bad that is) simply because of all the good i have gotten and will get from your career. You are, wheather you want to reqalize it or not, an actor - And a FUCKING GOOD ONE AT THAT!!!

Focus on what makes you happy and the rest of us will be fine!

I can't say I'm happy about it, but i don't think that any of us MONKEYS can.

Let the politicions take care of the country, let Ann take care of the EX-Husband. You take care of Her, the boyz and yourself. Maybe taking some time off from the book is what you need. Think about it, you might get a new perspective you hadn't thought of before. Look at STTNG you know you wouldn't have played Wesley the same 1 year after you started, would you? Hell no, the caractor had grown into it's self and you into it! Maybe you just need the book o move you, before it moves the rest of us!

Oh and Wil, i don't mind that you never respond to E-Mail -- Your just a RICH FUCKING ASSHOLE any way :) Just Kidding---> Smile BITCH!!!

I have also been a longtime reader and have posted once or twice. I know the pain of writing and waiting. I have recently had my first play produced in Dallas and I was promptly torn to pieces by one petty critic, but the sad thing for her is my show has been consistently selling out since opening. So hang in there.
As for war, my brother is currently in the Navy and sitting on the sand in Kuwait. I didn't support the war before he left and I certainly don't support it now, but I do support our soldiers who are doing their jobs.
Keep up the good work.

Take it easy Wil,

Ignore the idiots.

Wil ~

I always have to remind myself not to post when emotional. Although I'm sure you could care less, this situation reminds me of one that I went through last year. We had just closed our business, and I was out of a job....then folks whom I thought were my friends starting cutting me down when I was at my lowest.

I blogged alot of it out, I didn't think they had acess to my blog, but sure enough they did, and started tearing me apart for that shit too.

Anyway the moral of the story is, don't give 'em another thought and go about your business. And as far as the book is concerned.....don't give another thought to that either, write it YOUR way!! We'll buy it, trust me.



I don't agree at all with your political views about the war or the "bush junta", but that's ok.

I still wanna be in your posse.

I just wanted to let you know that not everyone who disagrees with you about the war thinks it has to be a personal matter.


I am so damned sick of all the propaganda and bullshit that is being shoved down our collective throats. I can't thank you enough for putting up the link to This Modern World on your site. Over the past several months, you and Dan have both made me take a step back and think critically. 'Anti-American'? How dare they (Bush, Rummy, et al) even suggest it! Damn I'm pissed. I'm pissed at the media, the Brits, and everyone else who is willing to bend over and grab their ankles because Dubya says so. Why the hell can't people think for themselves?

Ugh. Ok, so I've now ranted. But seriously, THANK YOU for putting all this out there, and inciting/challenging people like me to think for ourselves. You've greatly affected this monkey's views, and I really appreciate that. So good luck with the book, and if you're looking for some down-to-earth people, you'll always be welcome in Ohio. It is, after all, the Heart of It All.


You are a Good Person Wil Wheaton. I have always thought this even when you were a kid actor. It sounds like you have a lot of people around you who love you very much and that you love in return. This is Good. Focus on the good. Let the bad go on by, being good and positive is more fun for you and everyone around you. If it all gets overwhelming, go somplace and do stuff with kids. Kids are the most real people I know and they never fail to bring me back to reality when I Zone out for some reason.

I wish you well.


As far as your book goes you write what you want and how you feel it should be written. This is your project. Follow your heart and do it the way you want it done.

And as far as your neighbors, you know Mr. and Mrs. RFA (cute story by the way), don't let them bother you. They are probably jealous because you have the success that you have at 30 that they wish they had in their 50's.

As for war, we all have our own opinions. As long as we all realize they are opinions and not rip on each other because of our opinions. You and I have a different perspective on this whole Bin Laden/Saddam thing but I think it is great that you can vent through your website and get all these things off your chest.

Don't let the e-mails and posters that reflect you in a negative way get you down. Just take a few days off the computer and spend it with your family. Realize that your family is number one and as long as you have their love and support, who gives a shit as to what other people think of you. Again they are jealous because they don't have your carrer at 30.

Have a good one, be safe and peace.


Hey Will.
I have never posted before as I haven't wanted to bug you. I have been a wilwheaton.net since RFB was still on and the chat room was up :) I can understand about life gone crazy. I am frightened about the war too. My fiance is in the Navy and overseas currently. We are getting married in October and with the way the world is today I can't help, but be worried about our future...and whether there will be one. I want you to know that being able to read your site has made me smile,laugh, get teary eyed, and see things in a different way. I want to say thank you for being brave and saying what you wanted to say...for sharing yourself with all of us...and for baring you soul. Thanks Wil!

Tough day at the office, huh Wil?

I moved out of a RFA neighborhood. Less stress is a good idea. My X-wife bought a house in that neighborhood, and I moved out.

Ha Ha.

Take care, buddy.

I think Wil is just experiencing "Outrage Overload" as seen in this fine piece of work by Tom Tomorrow:


Note to self: don't post when emotional.

I disagree. What are you afriad of, people might find out what you really think?

I think blogging is like therapy. You want to run to the street corner and jump and shout and curse people out, but you know that's not how civilized people handle themselves in society.

Fuck that noise. If you're pissed off, don't bury it, it doesn't help. Let it all out. If you can't talk about it, write about it. Don't just sit there and stew.

Everyone is allowed to blow off steam, just as long as you find a non-destructive (to yourself or others) way to do it. Remember it's YOUR blog, not theirs, and if they don't like it they don't have to come back.

Okay, my probably soon to be ex boyfriend is inthe shower, and I am supposed to be getting dressed, but I wanteed to jot this into the guest book while I had time. Or even if I didn't.

A) I am a HUGE fan. Of you as a person, of you as an actor, of you as a man in his thirties who is willing to put blue shit in his hair.

B) Total agreement re war and junk.

C) don't let the bstards win. For the sake of folks like me who live vivariously through you.

Damn, shower took less time than i thought.

Take it easy... You are loved.


You rule. That was the most pointed, passionate rant I've heard in ages. Straight from the heart, and DEAD ON! Respectable.
For what it is worth, I enjoy those rants and your style, and that is exactly why I will purchase your book. Scream every now and then. We are all right there with you, and it feels good to share in it.

A word to those who would accuse this Wil Wheaton fellow of "whining."

This is, after all, his webpage on which he voices his personal feelings about subjects large and small. Occasionally, people feel crappy because of a lot of little things and feel the need to voice that. Anyone who has never felt overwhelmed by many small things in their lives is highly suspect in my eyes, mainly because they may be a robot. I do not want to rant, because, though I am new to this site, I admire the amount of positivity on it in comparison to many other post-oriented sites. I know that my opinion may not be respected or taken for much here, but I was always taught that one does not insult another person for having feelings.

Now to address Wil directly. Wil, I'm a songwriter in New Orleans and can immediately tell you that my writing suffers most when it is done for others. It becomes tepid, lukewarm crap fit only for the latest Creed album. But you seem to have figured that out, judging by your post. For this I congratulate you.

I was in Washington DC a few weeks ago for a protest march, and I can tell you without a doubt: there are at least 100,000 people in this country who agree with you. I, though, have begun to have second thoughts. It would be terrible to go to war, but what choice do we have? Saddam Hussein signed a treaty saying that he would not proliferate these weapons, and for twelve years he has done just that. I pose to you the question that I've been struggling with: how is America to respond? I don't want to see people die, but I don't think that Saddam can just disregard a treaty either.

Face it, your life isn't inherantly more interesting than anyone elses. Its the universal unsights you occasionally gleen from your life that make your blog worth reading. Heck, the emotion in your last post was necessary for me. I feel like the only emotional person in a sea of automotons lately. So; cool. As for your book. Hey, its not out yet, so I can't comment. I'll read it, then I probobly still won't tell you what I think. I'll tell my friends to read it if its good, and not say anything to them if it isn't.

Well, I liked the little passage you put up. It had a wonderful, creative flow, and I wish I could write like that. And if your whole book is like that, then you really have nothing to worry about. I'm looking forward to your book.

And war? Well, I've lived there... lived in Kuwait. I've got friends there, and it's scary as anything. Scary to think that the place you were just two years earlier is in the mist of a potential warzone. Yeah, I'm against this war, but I don't think it's going to be prevented. *sigh* I don't think you're anti-American.


Everyone has peaks and valleys in their lives. Right now you are hitting one of those ever so unpleasant valleys. Take heart in knowing that you will feel better, hopefully sooner than later.

As for your beliefs, screw those that tell you that you are un-American. There are too many unanswered questions and not enough legitimate answers. Sadly any American that blindly believes Bush knows best is a sheep. I support the folks that have to do the job, but I do not support the people who are putting them there.

Don't let go of your beliefs, they are part of who you are nor should you ever apologize for thinking before acting. If more people did that, perhaps things would be better.

May the journey ahead improve, you are strong enough to handle anything! Good luck with the next step of the book publishing process!

Take care!


I just wanted to say that I was a little late on reading the last few days posts because of work, but I support your leave if that is what you need, and want. I come here to enjoy this site, to enjoy your natural humor, and intellect. It really pissed me off that there are trolls out there that have to be such assholes. They do that because they are jealous that you have such talent and are blessed with a great following on WWDN. I say, who gives a shit about the trolls, lets just have fun together, when your ready of course.

Love, Marie

Zzzz...Zzzz..Zzzhnhunh..huh?I'm sorry,but I didn't catch what you were saying;Ifell asleep watching the television


welcome back big guy....

just ignore the RFA's....don't let them get to ya..
if treating you like some sort of galley slave is how they get off, just stand up to em, like you did...(nice work that, by the way..dont get cowed by jerks like that)

oh, and as i'm one of the folks that was hoping you'd keep up with the anti-war stuff, thanks for including that bit o' rant about the code orange stuff...
the worst is that it isn't even just affecting you folks..
i couldn't be much further away from you (toronto canada) and thats all we're hearing about too...


1 or 2 things...

don't second guess your book...
you are a gifted writer..the book will be great...thats a certainty...

and lastly...

have a nap, kiss the wife and kids, go for a walk with ferris late at night..

and let ferris shit on the lawn of the RFA...



later wil...have a great day...

hey wil: when you ask for criticism you are going to get it...but remember...you don't have to agree with all of it...the one thing you have to do with this book is to make sure it represents you...and from the excerpt i read here at WWDN i think you did a damn good job of it...we're not waiting for you to top "GONE WITH THE WIND" with your first book...you have plenty of time to write something like that later...but when i read "JUST A GEEK"...what i hope to see are interesting stories told in YOUR style...not in some style that doesn't speak with your voice...don't let the criticism overwhelm you...just keep in mind that this is your first book...and there will be mistakes...but that's okay...'cause unless i've missed something here...you have never claimed to be perfect...and as for the assholes with nothing better to do than to try to hurt you...remember you have a bunch of people around here who think you're pretty cool...have a little faith in yourself...and i know you're gonna be alright.

I think the critics are being blocked. Like when they denied a permit to people that wanted to march againsdt the war. But they allowed the KKK to march a few years back. puh
There are too many people in the world that don't support this war to justify the lack of opposition to this war. They must be being silenced.

hate commenting this far down cause I know you won't read it, Wil, but, in reference to your book:
Who's to say whether or not your book is good?
Write it. Publish it. And be happy with what you accomplished.
You think every book out there is liked by everyone? (side note: Siskel and Ebert ripped Raiders of the Lost Ark to SHREADS (originally) and have since changed their tune (well, one of them has) obviously because of time and public opinion.

I'm sure some book 'experts' hate Hemingway, but is it an insult to you to say "Wil, you're no Hemingway?"

My point is, write for you. Stop worrying "if it's good"

Use spell check and enjoy!

do you even know the 131 people who posted comments about your blog?

just a thought.

oh yes, i'm neither a toll or a rich fucking asshole so it's all gravy from here on out.

You're great Wil, I enjoy this website, though this is my first comment.

I would like to say that there are those of us who purposely voted in conservatives who are willing to do what we would like the US to do. Regardless of whatever reasons that are made up mostly to make liberals believe that attacking is a positive thing, it doesn't change the fact that Sadam is evil (kills and rapes his own people, has gassed the kurds, encourages terrorism against the US openly, etc...) and no amount of politics will remove him from power. I feel that it will be a positive thing for the world to have him removed from office. Period. War in itself is not bad or evil, it is nyaeve to think it is. Many people will be very thankful for the liberation we will bring, and many of those people will be from Iraq, believe it or not...

the duct tape and plastic sheeting is all about giving us something to do...to make us feel like we are doing something constructive against the danger...but i'm afraid it'll do no more good against a biological or chemical attack...than the "duck and cover" recommendation would have against a nuclear attack...it's an international game of chicken...and unless someone blinks soon...we will have a war like none that has come before...a war in which the unthinkable becomes thinkable...that sounds like the apocalypse to me

Your not un-American for your feelings, just un-informed, wrong, naive etc. As a man that spent most of my life in the Military to defend your right to speak freely, I HOPE YOU CONTINUE TO SPEAK FREELY.

As any soldier (or airman) will tell you we do not want war. But we do understand that War is the only thing that works with leaders bent on world domination.

What other country can you image that (being the only SuperPower in the world) would attack a country, hand over power to elected leaders and assist the new government in building a nation. ALL IN THE SPAN OF ONE MONTH!

How many more mass graves would there be in Bosnia, in Japan, in Germany, in the USSR?

I am proud to be an American and proud that we can help make the world a safer place. As far as the American People's support for President Bush, the November 2002 Mid-Term elections seemed to answer that question.


I grew up with people like your neighbours.

My parents wonder why I don't ever come back to visit. Sigh.

Eat the rich.

Your book will be fine. And if it's not, I promise to not email "Why didnt ju snog Ashlei Jud when u had teh chanc, u unlitterate hoser?" ;)

I hate the "buck up" talk, but, well, buck up. We love you anyway, and life's too short as it is.

As to the rest, *shrug*. I'll scream and kick and fight; I'll be "disappeared" and finally dropped into a hole in the ground somewhere. That's a given. But the universe could honestly give a shit about the Oh So Important Us(TM). After we nuke ourselves off the planet and discover the depth of our religious bullshittery in the last eyeblink of our existence, the universe will shrug for .0000000000000000001 seconds to adjust and keep on trucking.

No, I'm not drunk. Though I should probably say that I am to provide a rationale for the above. So yes.

I'm drunk.


While the drums beat for war, it is fun to relax.

I found here an entry on another blog that mentions Wil, Drew Barrymore, Lemony Snicket, Quidditch, Victor Hugo, and necrophilia among other things....now isn't that amazing? (click on my name...)

Well, Wil, something to smile about: Total Information Awareness has been completely zapped by the Senate, along with a restriction against further research into that area without formal Congressional approval. Cool, huh?

And, yeah, the Domestic Security Enhancement Act *sucks*. Agreed. But keep in mind that it was a DoJ draft, and didn't come from Congress. In fact, there were Senators and Representatives who were surprised that it even existed, because DoJ said it didn't. So, it's not as if it's being actively considered in Congress yet.

Yes. Privacy has been hurt, and there's a lot in government and in big businesses that just entirely SUCKS right now. But there are a few bright spots here and there ... a few encouraging signs. Hang in there, buddy.

And make sure your publisher isn't going to charge $29.95 for your book, like J.K. Rowling's trying to do. ;-)

The American media has been complicit in the spread of the propoganda since it began. Any dissenting voices in said media have been silenced [or so it appears]. I was thinking to myself a few weeks ago when talk of war with Irag was happening, where is Osama Bin Laden? Where is the war on terrorism? Did it just stop, or was it swallowed up by Bushy Jnr wanting to finish Daddy's work? They didn't get Saddam in 1990, I sincerely doubt they will get him now.

The worst part? The dying. All the dying. All the screaming and the bloodshed and the dying that will happen. Bush and Blair seem to have turned a blind eye to the fact that nobody else is interested in having a war.

On a related topic, is it true that if the US goes into a war with Britain against Iraq WITHOUT UN SANCTION, that is against International Law? Or am I getting that from somewhere else?


My attitude is slightly different from both Wil's and $JINGOIST's. I am sick and tired of being persuaded.

I don't want to hear anyone's reasons anymore about why we should go to war, shouldn't go to war, should kill Bin Laden, shouldn't kill Bin Laden, should be activist, or should shut up and salute. I don't even want to make my own mind up. I'm sick of being tired and tired of caring.

The world is going to go to hell no matter what... I have no effect on anything or anyone. People are going to disagree and fight violently over things that have absolutely no effect on me. I have nothing of my own to offer the world and so I selfishly refuse to follow anyone else's lead. So don't ask me to care anymore, and go persuade someone else.

I know that I have no business posting this here. The responsible thing for me to do is close my browser and forget what I've read, and leave the passionate to their passion. That's Freedom. But I wanted to express my apathy, even though I know it's pointless to do so. I Apologize For The Inconvenience.

I was trying to think of something witty, something smart to say to all of that. But the best I can think of is: You're not alone in this. I'm applying to graduate school currently and have gone through the emotional rollar coaster that goes along with that (not exactly like writing a book, but I know the whole "will they want it/me" sort of mentality that goes on with both). And I can see how the whole "War on terroism" isn't helping anyone with creative (and other) endevours. I have even found myself being less than positive about the future, not because I fear an attack on the US, but because of what our govenment is telling us or not telling us. I don't see how we can trust our govenment, perhaps I am too great a synic... ::sighs::

Trust your instincts, Wil. Most of the time that is all that we have. You have managed to captivate readers with a simple blog, I think your book will be able to do just that. Hold tight, do what you have to do and don't make things harder on yourself than they need to be. Though I myself am horrid at following my own advice, but I always find it good to be reminded of it. It allows me to put things into perspective.
"Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all" ((Simple and Clean: theme from Kingdom Hearts)) I think we should all follow this... somehow it seemed right for the moment.


Actually UN Res 1441 was drafted by the US to actually "sanction" war if Iraq is found in Material Breach of the resolution. So while another resolution might be nice it is not required.

So when the USA and UK and the OTHER 49 COUNTRIES liberate Iraq and remove the capacity for WMD there will be no violation of Int. Law.

Beyond that, exactly what does it mean to violate international law? Just what organizaton wants to "punish" the USA? Would the UN want to sanction the USA and potentially cut off the US World AID System.

You are all free to bash the USA but remember that we have done and do a lot of good things around the world. We feed millions every day for free.

Feel free to condem the War but please support the troops!


You're an amazing writer. We've all seen a little taste of that through WWDN. Don't worry so much about the book. If it's written anything like the way this place is...it'll be awesome. It will make us laugh, cry, smile, and think. :)

I look forward to purchasing it. :)

Well, maybe it's Bush's Economic stimulus plan... tell people to go out and buy plastic sheeting and duct tape, thus putting money into the economy, thus stimulating it. Maybe I'm just stretching... oh well.

This is beginning to sound so much like the ramp up to a WrestleMania it isn't funny.


You're kicking that coke machine again aren't you?

Don't take a break! Don't give the message you can be controlled. You speak your mind and soul for the world to see honestly and with nothing hidden. The fact you are getting such a strong reaction (both positive and negative) should tell you that what you are doing and saying is exactly right!

Do some research... You will find that those who are/were truly influential people engender massive positive and massive negative reaction from people. Having the courage to be real online and in pubic comes with that cost. But, of course, you do have an alternative: you could water yourself down, blog only what people will like, be boring, be Max kicking the coke machine day after day, be someone else... Then, your "hate" mail will dwindle, but so will you... into obscurity.

"Shared pain is lessened, Shared joy increased." Go ahead and post while you're emotional, how else can we help you carry the load?

Wil, I share your fears and pain about the current madman running the country. I say this without reservation, because if Bush was a decent guy, he wouldn't be proposing all sorts of BS economic changes that clearly make the rich richer, and do nothing to spur economic growth. Anyone with an IQ over 130 knows that the way to stimulate growth is to put more money into the hands of those that will spend it - mainly, the poor and middle class. More spending means more demand, and more demand means more jobs. It is a very simple equation. That is why Clinton's tax increases on the rich worked, and that is why Bush's policies are wrecking our economy - and since this madman couldn't care less about the welfare of the common people, this fact alone proves he is a danger to the world as well. I love my country just like right wingers claim to love it. I served my country for 20 years in the Air Force, unlike most right wingers who are closet chickenhawks. And in a matter of only 2 years, I have seen the following - NATO on the verge of breaking up, deficits return, over 2,000,000 jobs lost, constant paranoia in the news just like during the McCarthy Era, and all the goodwill that 9-11 brought to this nation evaporated before our eyes. No one disputes that Saddam is a bad person. But he had nothing to do with 9-11, and our government is now lying increasingly to try to make us believe otherwise...while our real ememy is still alive. heck, Bush hasn't even mentioned Bin Laden for nearly a year! We must take back our country in 2004 - if there is a still a country to take back. I ache inside like I have never ached before - a totally disgusting feeling towards the man installed as President 2 years ago, who has no vision whatsoever of a better world for all.

I know exactly how you feel. Within a period of 6 months I had two parents die and funerals to plan, a baby born (my daughter), a new job start in a different field (I'm a chemist and the job is genetics), my PhD thesis to finish, and a thesis defense to prepare for. It was way too much to deal with in such a short time. Friends were talking amongst themselves about how long it would be before I blew up or brokedown (I found this out later). I eventually ended up in couselling for depression and anxiety.

The one major thing I learned is that its better to let it out than keep it in! Rant away....thats what we're here for :-)

Keep up the good work, and remember that you are your harshest critic.


Hey wil-

Heck with them trolls and jerks who obviously have nothing good to say about themselves. Hey at leas tyou aren't on the surreal life.


Hi there.
I wish this damn country of mine will get it's cultural ass into gear and start getting some American, English and Australian books over here, because I want to read yours. It's surely refreshing to know that you are human...yeah yeah, I know, I'm an ass. Being a simple girl with a simple life in a VERY simple-minded world can lead to one being slightly dellusional to the humanity of others.
It's not that I think you as being plastic or untrue, it's just that tv gives you a glossy outlook to life and when you see an actor doing their stuff on screen, it doesn't seem to register in your mind that they have a life, a name and definately an intolerance to plastic people only liking them for their looks and the character they are portraying. I hope to God I have moved past that.
Anyway...I could KISS you!!! I seriously thought it was only me and my father who were like "Wha...?" with the Iraq/Saddam/Bin Laden/America crud. Having access to English and American news channels has also given me the inside look to other veiws...including Holland's (my country now, but I'm orinally Australian). I can understand what you mean about the propeganda, it sux to put it blankly...there is NO critisism or opposing views and all they do is cover one side of the events and not even try to delve into thing deeper facts, like information pertaining the whole Iraqi situation...I've lost track as to HOW this whole thing started. Didn't the Two towers fall 1 and a half years ago? Why Iraq? Why does the American government want to divest Iraq of their weapons when they won't do it themselves? (it's like telling a person who will do anything to survive to give up their shield, the one thing that is protecting them from the cannons aimed directly at them...it won't happen).
Ok, enough now...WRITE THAT BOOK the way YOU want to write it, if people are negative, focus on the ones who are positive instead...they are the ones who count more and it usually means people will like it. Smile, be pissed when you want to be...be who you are for you are loved for it.
Ta Ta

"Kingdom of Rain"

It is pouring rain today and I am listening to my mood music.


If you have never heard of this band please give them a listen.Click the link.Click discography.Click albumsPpick an album to listen to.

I recomend Stars Die,The title song,Stars Die.


Dear Wil,

Just wanted to take a second to say thank you for posting. It is hard to say what you did, even more so on the internet of all places. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Good luck

Hi Wil,

I happen to love your emotional posts. I've said it before, but I'll say it again:

Thanks for your honesty. It's refreshing and incredibly courageous.


PS- You've made us all happy monkeys by posting again. :)

Good to see you back so soon. Are you sure you don't need more time?
I feel like I am in a similar state as you are at the moment. Sometimes life just spins you in circles and the only way you feel you can control any of it is to scream. Well, that's how I feel. I used to have a good friend to whom I would write my heart out whenever I felt overwhelmed. Doing what you've done in your last couple of posts. Writing (or typing) what I'm feeling somehow gives me a way of controlling it, even though I can't really control it.
What am I getting at? I don't know. I've just had a bad day, the first time I've felt this low since I've started university. I am doing what *I* want to do, for *myself* but somehow, other's questioning that can really crush me.
Now I am "posting while emotional." See what you've done to me? Now I am going to go before I say something more... the point of my post is gone. But thanks for being you, it makes me feel that there are other people out there who struggle to think, make their own decisions, to really live their lives the way they wish, and that the unthinking, unfeeling are alone.


Don't let 'em get you down, Wil.

We love you!

I'm writing a screenplay that I am very passionate about. Several people gave me lots of feedback, and told me where the "wrong spots" are... I changed the script to reflect all the input.... I read it, it sucked. I tore the entire thing up, re-did it with my vision in mind and completed it.

It's now on track for production, and I'm happy I got MY (underline that please) story out, not theirs.

Q: Have they ever done it?
A: No
Conclusion: Don't listen to them.

Thats all the lesson I needed.

I honestly cannot wait until the book comes out. Keep doin' what you are doing!! And right on to all "UnAmericans".

Wil, don't let the small minded fools give you any guff. Be yourself, and keep up the great writing.

Most Americans are against the war, as is shown in poll after poll. They will only support action if the U.N. agrees. The polls indicate the public wants the inspectors to have more time to search Iraq. Bush, and his Oil junta are on a different time table. People should follow the money trail to see the roots of Bush's agenda. This junta came to power via a coup by the Supreme Court and people need to keep it in mind that Bush's rule is totally illegal and illegitmate.

As for his supposed popularity... Interesting that when any poll asks if Bush should be re-elected in 2004, only about 45% say yes. So, this notion that he's popular is as much of a lie as all the other lies that spew out of that junta in the White House on a daily basis.

Best to you and yours...

if you're "anti-american," i think most of the country is "anti-american." don't believe the corporate pollmasters, if people were truly informed, more people want peace than than this old white mans war for oil.

and absolutely post when youre emotional!

Alot going on right now. It can get very tough on you and everyone around you. This might seem very silly in your present mood but do not for get to breath.


It's all been said so I'll sum up.
Never posted, read a lot
Loved the post
Be you because we like you that way
Stressful week - war talk scary
Angry, scared, angry, marching this weekend - the least we can do
With you & behind you, man


There is absolutely nothing we can do to "be prepared" for terrorism, so why bother with the fear? I've never understood fear--it alienates us from our sense of self and causes deterioration of social welfare. We stop talking to one another, we become paranoid, we become hateful...and honestly, what the hell is the point? Better to love, or try to love, despite the hate.

Wil, good luck with the book. Writing is hard, and writing a book takes a lot of discipline. I can't wait to see it. Don't try so hard to please--if this site is any indication, who you are pleases people plenty.

You are and ass clown!

Wil -

It's all been said. Keep cool. We're with you.
Much mojo going your way.


Also, I wanna second what everyone else has said: post while emotional. If you don't, you're denying yourself the opportunity to find community when you need it.

All your monkeys are here for you.

Wil, sweetie, I can't wait for the book to come out. I am positive it's going to be fabulous. Quit listening to the Rich Fucking Assholes.


if it's any consolation (and i'm under NO illusion of thinking i'm the first or only person to say this), for ever 1 person that's going to rip you to shreds, there's 2 who are silenly supporting you.

you're human. but... you've been on tv. there are feeble minded people out there who still believe that this drains you of humanity. but you are human. just like me. just like her and him. just like the assholes who feel the need to try to you feel less than that.

but you are supported. take time away. new perspectives are always good. we're not going anywhere.

as for your book: it's just that. YOUR BOOK. not anyone else's. this means youcan put whatever the hell you damn well want in it, and none of us have any right to tell you otherwise.

you are supported. by so many.

*happy mojo up*

I'm so glad you decided to keep posting when you can. Checking your site for new updates is one of the things I look forward to every day. I know your book is going to be wonderful, you've worked so long and hard on it. Remember that we all support you, and we're all here for you!


Unamerican? Yeah, I guess you can lump me in with that large group... I fear for this country (which is why I'm bailing and heading for OZ or NZ asap).

Don't let the stress and pressure get you down - just take care of one thing at a time. Just remember: People are tools; individuals are cool. ::am cheesey::

First, glad to see you're back. Don't let those assholes get to you. You are 100% correct. President Clinton spoke at the University of Texas tonight and spoke for peace. There was also a student protest/march on campus. It was the largest anti-war march on campus since the Vietnam era. The "liberal" media gave equal mention to a small handfull of "pro war" people who were protesting President Clinton as "anti-American". I beleive these people don't know what it is to BE an American. A true American questions the actions of our government and speaks out when they beleive what our government is doing is wrong. I am so sick of the "Bush Agenda" I can't stand it. I honestly beleive he is going to force this war upon us regardless of the opinions of the people and our allies simply because he believes it will take people's minds off the fact that he can't kill Osama Bin Laden and try to boost his popularity for his re-election bid next year. I want you to know I have the utmost respect for you. You are truly a GREAT American.

I completely aggree with you on the whole "Terrorist Warnings" I mean, even I can see that this is just a way to get America fired up for the war that we KNOW is coming. Bush has decided to finish what his father did not. I, for one, am against with upcoming war.


You arent unamerican...just uninformed and unwillin to listen. Still like ya !


Wil, take it easy man. I've been a steady reader of your site for a long time, you write very well. None of your worries should lie anywhere near your book; if you've used but a fraction of the ability you have, then the book will be excellent. Yeah and I hate assholes like that too, someone should tell them that you REALLY ARE a responsible adult and not their grandson.

A word from the other side. I heard that a group of appeasers (anti-war nuts) wants to impeach Bush. Yeah, that’s a great idea, lets let Saddam stay in power a guy that is a murdering psychopath and kick Bush out, who is an honest, good and upright man. The appeaser perspective is twisted. The number one job of the US Government is protecting the American Citizenry. Is it better to ‘contain’ (no lib has explained what this means) a psychopath until he makes nukes to deliver to terrorists or strike Israel, or stop him? How is that containment?
It is never good foreign policy to fear the enemy and base decisions based upon that fear. Yet this is the appeaser’s main argument, do nothing due to the fear action may anger those who already hate and seek to destroy us.
As to Wil’s constant desire as to appear NOT Anti-American, this brings the statement to mind, “He doth protest too much.” I personally don’t believe that you are “anti-American” for not wanting war, but to anyone with a clear consistent mind we see that appeasement has not worked in the 12 years since Gulf War I, Saddam is still up to his old tricks. He lies, cheats and hides his weapons. The UN resolutions do not call upon the inspectors to go on an Easter egg hunt and find this stuff, it is the job of Saddam to disclose these weapons and allow the inspectors to oversee the destruction of those weapons. So far, Saddam has not reviled that he has ANY weapons EVERY NATION knows that is a lie. It has already been decided that he must lose all his W of MD. That is not open to debate. There is no current viable alternative to removing from his command these banned weapons, because of his own refusal to disarm. It is not possible to chase him and catch these weapons. They must be seized and destroyed. I too would prefer no war, but it is not likely at this time, if Saddam refuses the directive, the rest of world has given him.
As far as the North Koreans (DPRK) are concerned, let us be honest, the appeasers don’t want war with Saddam, it is unreasonable to think that war with the DPRK would be acceptable to those appeasers. In fact, it is possible to deal with the two nations differently. The US has the agreement of the Chinese, that the goal is to have a nuke free Korean peninsula. Therefore, it is possible to end that conflict diplomatically. The DPRK is much more reasonable than is the Saddam regime. I have personally met with members of their diplomatic staff at the UN, and believe that peace there is attainable. Let us not forget that the current difficulties with both Saddam and the DPRK would not have been as dire or immediate it had not been for the irresponsible lack of action during the Clinton Administration. The Clinton Administration, never at anytime made any diplomatic gestures to give Saddam the message he needed to comply with the UN resolutions. He was allowed to slide far too long. His danger has just risen and is to the point he will, if he does not already, possess nuclear arms. It is estimated that between 0 and 36 months he will be in possession of at least one (1) Nuclear weapon, such as a warhead. In the case of the DPRK, they would not be in possession of nuclear weapons were it not for a treaty made by Jimmy Carter on behalf of the Clinton Administration. In that treaty, the DPRK was given a nuclear plant, paid for by the US in exchange for a promise that they would not develop nuclear weapons. It is this plant that made it possible for them to make nuclear weapons. The Pakistanis also gave support. This was obviously a failed policy. That said, I do recognize that the DPRK has a delivery system theoretically able to reach the US. This is obviously of great concern and should be taken very seriously.
In terms of France and Germany, these countries are the most responsible for the proliferation of W of MD. In the case of Germany, a spy working for the German Government sold to the Iraqis, information on the NATO design for nuclear weapon programs. The spy was then captured and tried for treason, found guilty by Germany, and given the sentence of expulsion from Germany. He now resides in South America. This seems like a light sentence, does it not? In the case of France, the French sold Iraq Nuclear power plants, one of which was in the late 1980’s, was being used by Saddam to produce nuclear grade fissionable material. The French, have and continue to sell Iraq weapons systems, and is also one of the greatest trade partners to Iraq, as is Germany. The question is why would a nation so rich in Fossil Fuels (2% of world total) need a nuclear power plant? Especially when one considers the rather light industrialization that occurs in Iraq, then and today.
The Soviet Union also gave Iraq biological weapons, including Anthrax. This is true, especially if one looks at the attack plan of the Iraqis, when using biological weapons. The plan consists of three stages, the first using bacteria (ex. Anthrax), on the military of the opposing nation. This helps to disrupt the opposing military as well as weaken their fighting force. The spread of biological weapons dispersed through the air (aerosolized) is slight and the area in which primary infection occurs is quickly dissipated. The second and third levels include the use of other biological weapons, which are generally more powerful, but are applied after the weakening from the other rounds. This then allows the main military units to invade and gain territory. It is likely that the Soviets also gave the Iraqis other biological and chemical weapons. Especially when one considers that the Iraqi plan is identical to the Soviet plan and it is confirmed that some of the other biological strains are of Russian origin, including the infamous Anthrax that caused such a problem for the USSR in Sverdlosk in 1979.
The question you must ask yourself is this is it worth fighting the Iraqis now and destroying these terrible weapons, or is it better to wait for the inevitable when the weapons WILL be used, either on the US or our allies. I don’t believe that Saddam is worth the life of one US citizen or the citizen of any ally. Do you? It is important to stop him now, before he gains even more and dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Or, would you and the other appeasers prefer to see Americans die? That is what WILL occur if we do nothing.

Ya know, I stepped away for just a little while and all hell must have broken loose. Wil, the world is full of assholes and they all seem to find their way onto the internet. Sorry you had to deal with them I guess you need to start a toilet list just for these assholes to go to. Second, I am right there with you on the whole war subject. I wish the President would knock off this silly shit and get back on the domestic agenda like he needs to be. He is starting a war when there are people in our country that are homeless or close to homeless. People who are trying to get by on nothing. Students graduating from High School who can not afford college and there is little to no financial aide for them to depend on. This all sounds like it should be a Mad Magazine story or a skit on Saturday Night Live. It just can not be real that we are going to war like this.

Glad you're back. Writing when upset or emotional can be cathartic...I do it all the time. It can bring out the best of you as well.

Patrick, we need not use such foul language. Am I to take from your statement that no President should be involved in a war, when homelessness exists in the US. So, we need not go after any terrorists, or even defend ourselves from armed conflict with another country? Ridiculous. Even Bill Clinton went to war when there were homeless here in the US. Do you remember Yugoslavia? Do you remember his attack on Afghanistan?
Also, you facts on college Financial Aid are totally uniformed. Every student who is enrolled in a state university is able to get either subsidized or unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans, up to $5,500 a year. Many in need, ex. Low income, are also able to access over 1 Billion in other grants, such as the Pell Grant. Many more are eligible for emergency funds above this amount. In fact in this budget which is over 2.2 Trillion, for this fiscal year, include increases in Education spending. No student is left behind in Bush’s plan. Hope that helps!


Hang in there about the book. If you're uncertain about it, toss the manuscript in a closet for a week to give yourself a break from it.

Yeah, RFA's suck. They should all be taken down a peg or ten.

I do have a long term solution for Shrub.

VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN 2004!!!! If you're in certain precincts in Florida, you should be able to vote twice. Please make both of those votes for the Democrat. Of course, the REALLY sad thing is that the next president will spend his entire term cleaning up all the shit that Shrub has started.

Like your last post Wil. I am in total agreement with you.

Anyway, I've got my own problems right now to say the least, so if your pressing issues right now are trolls on your website and whether or not a book you're writing is going to be successful or not, dude, you are a VERY lucky man. Don't forget that.


By the way, I watch Arena whenever I can and I dig it. Tell Fat Man I said what's up!! :)

Red Dog
San Fran, CA

I got it, the very next time some pompous SNOT rich fucking asshole talks to you like that, you treat them like your own personal TROLL...or you can just think about all the nasty food they get from servants and restaurant employees who are more then happy to spit in their food. :D
PS:So when's the move???...
Happy Valentine's Day...and Prez Day and Thanks for giving us another chance day.
"Wil the troll killer." My HERO.

You know Wil, you sat there a took a lot of shit from those Rich Assholes before you finally stuck up for yourself. I am glad our Government is not reacting in the same fashion to the enemies we face. I think you are ignorant and naive about the dangers we face, and it makes me sick to read the posts from the fearful masses. I respect your opinion, find you to be a true American, but wish you would offer some solutions instead of taking shots at our leadership. Get over the election and remember 9/11. Give some thoughts to our troops and forget about whether your goddam book is going to be worth a damn.

you said that you weren't really getting any joy from the blog because it's a chore. my opinion is that a blog isn't about keeping the readers of the blog happy, it's about expressing yourself. No matter how much the concept of the blog has evolved, it's still fundamentally someone writing in a journal, and sharing it with the rest of the world. So this post is what it should be about - personal, emotional, maybe even angry. Wil, don't worry about keeping us happy with cute posts or brilliant writing - we're happy that you're even here. You write what you're thinking about, what's bothering you, what you want, and the rest of us will deal with it on our own terms, but whatever you do, you should do it for yourself.

In your latest post I could relate to the 'emotional response'. It is so easy to 'react'. All the self help books try and teach me how be proactive, but the human in me keeps popping out. I personally believe that you (Wil) have no real responsability to maintain this site on a regular basis. It is YOUR outlet. It belongs to YOU. If you have other things to do like 'live your life' please do so. I know that you will eventually sort out your book woes. Finally my advice regarding 'hateful emails' is to just glance at them and NOT actually read them. They won't sting so much and you can click on that very handy 'delete' button.

It's not un-American to think that way. It's un-dumbass. Terror alerts used to mean something. Now I just change the channel. It's like that boy and the wolf...but anyway, good luck with the book. I hope it works out for you and eventually you can come back here and enjoy just dropping a line to all us crazy fans and supporters of yours. I know that I have enjoyed it, and that's enough for me. Good luck with everything.

Funny you write the things you write at certain times, Just tonight I was writing a paper about our little "war" and every thought that you said crossed my mind... I just thought that was kinda weird. More to the point, I love this site and think the world of you so keep on doin' what you do cause we all respect that!!! Peace and much happiness :)

I spoke on the phone with my landlady tonight. She was more manic than usual, and ended her conversation with "Between the rain and the possibility of missile attack, I've been worrying about a lot today." Can't say that I agree, but at least my bedroom's not flooding again... (yet)

Wil you worry too much!
It seems as though u have a lot going on in your life, but somethings you just can't change. You 've just got to run with it. There's no point wasting energy and time on things u can't help and all het up about it.
But things like War everyone has to worry about. And the crap propaganda and "hysteria" .
But look don't worry about the book. If you wrote it anything like you write here you'll be completely fine.

Hey, not many people ever publish a book in their lifetimes, so even if your book doesn't smash the charts, at least you went for it!

Post when you damn well feel like posting. You are one in a hand full of people who actually make some sense. By the way, some of you best writing is when your all worked up (emotional)... hell mine too!
Your loyal fan,

You're too sweet. You should have told the woman to kiss your ass or just told her off. You'd have felt better and her opinion of you would have still been the same. ;)

As for this war...I agree with you. Folks are out of work, jobs are outsourced to China and other unfriendlies while our own people are jobless because of it, and he wants to play soldier.

Doesn't he realize that this could precipitate REAL trouble? *grr*

No, I didn't buy duct tape and plastic. Whatever happens, happens. But I feel bad for the poor folks who live in D.C. and N.Y.


I know what you are dealing with.

I have people almost every night who screqam at
me.. because of there little problems and having
a shity life... my supervisor tells me to just
brush it off... when it just feels so right to
tell these people where they can stick it.

as for the war redoric, being scared is what he wants us to be.. to be un-sure, terrified even..

now I know it's doesn't sound like the politically correct response... but...

I've read in scripture, that
"when you see these things, rejoice! for the
end is near."

these "times, difficult to deal with" are just
part of the "last days".. and yes, I know
that the pain, suffering and death all around us
is a terrible thing, but certain promises were made to answer for these events... and to quote
another epic novel...

"don't give in to your fear Luke"

"it will always lead you to the dark side of
the force" :)

now then; this "book" of which you "write"

will we be able to get it through your web site?
or will be able to get it at any bookstore?

take a good long breath, relax and see in your
"minds eye" all that you HAVE RIGHT NOW....

it can only get better for you.


The worst thing is that there are, and may always be young men and women that die for nothing.

I am not talking some type of grand death of a warrior, but the corpsy quiet loss of a fellow human being.

I don't give d*mm that it seems brave, or patriotic, or "needs" to be done. There are small, quick, and quiet methods that can be used to achive various goals.

I can't deal with seeing another mother cry for the loss of her child!!!!!

Every once in a while, I find something that makes me feel good.

Trawling the 'Net on a humid evening, I find the website of an actor who is in one of my favourite shows on TV, one of the few ones I actually need to switch over from the PS2 for.

To my delight, he turns out to be an extremely hoopy frood! This guy really knows where his towel is; thoughtful, intelligent, not afraid of feelings and one of those people who's brain is wired in just the right way. The way that makes you actually SEE what is going on around you. The way that makes you acutely AWARE of things most people have a big "Not my problem" sign for.

It really cheers me to find people like you. It gives me hope to know that another human has stopped and said "Hang on, almost everything being spouted by the RFA's who run our 'democracies' and 'free media' is a load of the most potent fertilizer, the smell of which I cannot abide".

Wil, you have made me happy tonight. Your work is cool; your writing brings joy.

Cheers; if you ever drop by, I'll buy you a beer, mate!

Wil, I've been coming to your site for as long as i can imagine. You've taken a lot of bullshit in your time, and taken it well. But anyone can only take so much. Myself, i can understand that you've crossed the line of patience, and you've had a titfull (as we say in britain). You go write your book, enjoy your family, because they are the real things in your life. If you go off for a while, trust me, all the good guys will still be here for you when you get back.

I know i will :)

Sorry to hear how you feel, Wil. I really know... everytime one gets a blow from some muppet, one tries to be prepared for the next time, tries to tell oneself: "Well, they don't know me, they can't hurt me..." I want to kick myself everytime when I allow someone to hurt me, but I just don't have the elephant skin it takes, and it seems you don't have it either. But I guess the good about that is that what goes in easy, goes out easy as well...wearing your heart on the surface makes you vulnerable but caring and sensitive to others as well.

Wish I had anything wise to say, but instead, it's just an e-hug and the assurance that for every troll out there, at least 100 people love you for who you are.

About the book... yay, welcome in the world of writers. When I first had a story torn to shreds, I felt like I wanted to give up writing. But I guess if you write fr an audience, you partly need to write for that audience, and people are trying to help you make it the best book possible. You'll be fine. And it will be a book some people will love, some people will hate, and some people will never read. You can't please everybody. So don't try. ;)

Won't even go into political stuff... you've said it all...

Bless you!


Firstly with regards to the RFA babysitters...*urge to kill rising........* As someone said already. "Fuck em if the can't take a joke!" You acted with dignaty and restraint. They showed themselves as narrow minded pond scum.

With regards to the war...

I live in the UK. Poodle boy (The right honourable Tony Blair) is utterly ignoring public opinion in his support for the war that almost 70% of the Brits don't want! Cheer up...you have a frothing bigoted maniac in charge of your country, but we have a frothing bigoted maniacs lapdog in charge of ours!!!!!
I totally here you about the news services not doing their job. I like to think of myself as pretty well informed about Iraq as I do my own research (God bless the web) as well as watching the BBC news, CNN and so on. It is staggering the level of ignorance out there.....Here's a jolly little fact I found out from my MP when I wrote to him to register my objection to the war.

"A staggering 42% of the Iraqi population are made up of children under 15 years of age" (Source is http://www.desert-rescue.org.uk/)

You guessed it...when Shrub pushes the button and starts to rip innocent civilians apart (With Poodle boy yapping at his heels the whole time) the 'collateral damage' that we will be murdering are kids! Honest to god F*cking KIDS!!!!!
This world is so screwed up I don’t even recognise it….


It's good to see that you dusted yourself off and got right back on the horse. That's not always an easy trick, especially when people and events have cut you a little too cruelly.

Some days, life seems like it's going right down the sh*tter and it takes every ounce of fortitude not to go full-tilt psycho. Then, you break. And that's okay. We humans are made of fragile stuff, no matter how strong we want to be. This is something that happens to every one of us from time to time. As far as I am concerned, you have handled it just fine. You got back on the horse. Not everyone does.

Internet Trolls are interesting beasts. These pesky individuals feed off of the shell shock and negativity that they engender in others. It gives them a giddy sense of power, kind of like the way a thirteen year old feels when they put a flaming bag of poo on their neighbor's front step and ring the doorbell. They excitedly whisk themselves to a safe, concealed location, yet one just close enough to watch their handywork in action.

Yes, these little tards laugh their asses off while you stomp out the flames, cursing audibly, and attracting the attention of the curious. Yes, they get a real charge out of it. And, yes, they are sick, sad, little bastards.

It simply never occurs to an Internet Troll how hurtful they can be, just like it never occurs to a thirteen year old with a flaming bag of poo that they just ruined their neighbor's good mood along with his shoes. It's all about clueless immaturity and the thrill of being a no-good putz. One can only hope they grow-up and get a life someday.

Don't allow yourself to take these genetic abberations seriously. When these rejects come running to your door with their little flaming bag of poo, give them ol' Uncle Willie's boot. Have a good laugh at their expense and chalk up another victory against these chumps. After all, you are a success at what you do, even if you don't feel that way all of the time. All these jerks have is a computer in their mommy's basement, little meaningful human interaction, few accomplishments, and the cartoon porn they downloaded off of KaZaa to whack off to at night. F*cking screw 'em. They are not worth your time or concern.

As for your book, everyone is their own worst critic. Most people want to be perfect in their endeavors, foremost and especially, artists. It is frightful for anyone to share their work with others. What anyone would want to hear is glowing praise, and it is a crushing blow to anyone's ego when they just don't hear that. Realistically, you are not going to get praise and approval from everyone. Every artist has critics that think their work is crap, and everyone is a critic.

The important thing is to write for yourself because it pleases you and it expresses who you are. You can't look to other people for that any more than you can look to other people to make your decisions for you.

Take a deep breath and forget about the damn book for a few days. Then, set aside some time to read it all again. Then, read it as if you are reading it for the very first time. Thereafter, if you feel that you have done your very best, you genuinely like what you have written, and it is what's so, then leave it the hell alone. If you don't like something, then change it. Rinse and repeat this process until you can put your head on your pillow and sleep peacefully at night, content with your accomplishment.

And don't worry about the critics. Most of them have never written a goddamn book anyway.

I wish you all the best! Keep the faith!

Bad Kitty

BTW, loved the cartoon, especially the silence of the lambs reference. Heh.:D

Good to hear from you again friend.
Enjoy your break.


"Personally I am always very nervous when I begin to speak. Every time I make a speech I feel I am submitting myself to judgment, not only about my ability but about my character and honour. I am afraid of seeming to promise more than I can perform, which suggests complete irresponsibility, or to perform less than I can, which suggests bad faith and indifference."

Written in 66BC by Cicero, the world's Greatest. Public. Speaker. Ever.
I read that last night and thought of you.

Cynthia -- oh, goody, it's not just me! I have two days to finish researching and one month to write the next thesis chapter. I should be in the library. Where am I? In my room, saying "hi" to the HMIC... And the whole, "Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? And, gosh darn it, do people like me?" rant is *much* too familiar... Ah, yes, it's next week I have Existential Crisis, part XLVIII. ;)

Wil -- Reminds me of what my bachelor's thesis advisor told me when I just couldn't turn the thesis in because I wanted to tweak it some more: "Eventually you just have to let it go whether you think it's ready or not. Because you'll *never* think it's ready". Don't worry, we have faith in you!

As for war... Well, YES, we should be going after the DPRK. They *have* nukes. The problem is that nobody in DPRK lives in that special place we call "reality" -- it's bloody likely that if the civilized world said, "That's not how you play here", they'd loose their nukes, convential missiles, and nulti-million man army on the south. And they can level Seoul no problem, which doesn't look very good, given they're allies and all...

As for Iraq, I just don't know what to think. Yes, oil is a big part of it. Yes, innocent people will die. But, at least in my mind, Saddam Hussein doesn't rank in the "amusing scamp" or "eccentric random" catagories of leader -- he's a megalomaniacal, uncaring despot who's responsible for the suffering and death of millions of Iraqis. To me, anyway, we as Americans, as free people, have a moral obligation to spread our blessings (ie, freedom), and there doesn't, in this case, seem to be any other way to do it. And, well, if US foreign policy is now based on spreading freedom and democracy through the world, I think that's a good thing.

But what do I know?

I'm glad I dropped by here this morning, you're probably only the second American I've encountered online who feels the same way I do about the whole Iraq business. But at least it's okay for me to be anti-American, I'm British. Of course, in the current situation that means I'm against my government too, but that's okay, I've never liked them very much and we don't seem to be afflicted too much with patriotism in this country.

The whole business strikes me as the US government trying desperately to find something to be seen to be doing given their dismal failure in finding and dealing with bin Laden. What was it they taught in history? Oh yes, whenever a government feels insecure in the domestic arena, one of the best ways they can deal with it is to institute an aggressive foreign policy, which distracts attention from the crumbling schools, nonexistant police and dismal medical services.

Anyway, it's nice to know at least some other people in the world are at least marginally sane. In some respects at least - writing a book has to be an insane thing to do, but I also have to say that it's one of the things I most wish I could accomplish. One day :-)

Look forward to reading yours.

Oooops, did I mention it? You are a good writer! You say what you have to say, it's gripping, it's fun, it's alive, it's real, it's rich, diverse and it's easy to identify with.

I reckon that is what most people want in reading someone's story. And I guess you've got the hang of it.

And bloody hell, give yourself a break. It's your first book, dude! :) And the writer that thinks his book is perfect is yet to be born. I have read so many books and interviews with and about writers to see what they have to say about how they do it, and all of them were never a 100% happy with it. Funny enough, many many readers thought the books are perfect. You'll have to say something special for a person and you will never know what it is.
Relax, let go and write for the joy, and the rest will fall into place. :)

I'll keep this short and sweet, Wil. Blowing off steam doesn't make you an asshole. It makes you a HUMAN BEING, especially in this age of "Duct-tape and Cower".

I'm done.

Hey, Wil,
Don't worry about posting when you're emotional. Everyone feels stressed, and you should be able to take out your stress in your blog. Isn't that what it's for?

There are people here who really care about you, Wil. I think many of us have become caught up in your life so that we take joy in your sucesses, and feel pain at the pains in your life.

And, well, I'd give you a big hug right now, except I don't know how comfortable you'd be with that. Yeah. So consider this a hug if you want it, or not a hug if you don't.

I'm sure your book is going to be great, Wil. You're a really funny guy, and I'm sure most people here are going to race out and buy it. Go with what you want, because that's what we want.

I hope you feel less stressed soon.

And I'm glad the movie was awesome.

And the media is so much to blame for all of this. Fear sells, right? So therefore fear is good. If there's a war, people will want more news, so they'll sell more.


I wonder if History will treat this better than the Vietnam war? Or worse.

Hope you feel better soon, Wil.


Glad to see you're back. You saved me from having to write a long post about how you shouldn't let a bunch of a-holes drive you off the net.

Anyway, about these terror alerts. Can you imagine the field day the news media would have if a major disaster happened and no warning was given? I mean, big headlines like "ADMINISTRATION WARNED BUT FAILED TO ACT." I'm not saying you're wrong about the timing being curious, though I disagree with you about the danger Iraq poses. But, in these days of the 10 second soundbite, image seems to be far more important than reality. I guess you're used to dealing with that because of your line of work.

P.S. Good luck with the book. I know how hard writing can be. The fact that you're your own worst critic shows how serious you are about it.


I can kind of commiserate with your feelings on your book. I loved to write, until we ran some of my work through some program that told me I wrote at a 6th grade lvl. I was so insulted by the stupid thing that I haven't written anything substancial since. As others have posted, you really need to just write for yourself. You'll never please everyone and you KNOW that there are people out there who'll hate it and not even read it. Some narrow minded people like to form their opinions from the opinions/rumors of others. If you're proud of what you've written than that's all that should matter. I wish you the best of luck with it, but remember, even if it doesn't hit the top ten best sellers list, it's a major accomplishment of yours and you should be proud of that.

oh yeah, and who says you shouldn't post when you're emotional? To me, that's what blogs are all about. Got to get it out somewhere.

Just my 2 cents.

stay sane :)


"I wonder where the fuck the critical voices are who should be questioning this stuff. Where are the other voices in this vast wilderness? Isn't anyone willing to speak up?"

They aren't there, at least according to the polls.

Hey, my friend! I agree, do the book the way you want it! I'm waiting for it to come out and have been telling my local Barnes and Nobles to order massive quantities. Like the other posse member said, we support you and will (wil?) no matter what the bastards say! For every one Fucking Rich Bastard there are a thousand of us posse members!
Love ya!

Basically, all I thought of has already been said - no real surprise there.
But since I believe you should give positive mojo to others as often as possible, here we go:

Regarding your book:
- Trust your instincts. Anything else will make you unhappy. It's a book by Wil about Wil.

Regarding your blog:
- It's your site. It's risky and curageous to bare oneself on the internet - and you don't have the benefit of relative anonymity 99% of the other bloggers have.
If someone doesn't like your site, they should just go somewhere else.

Regarding your thoughts on the general situation:
- I don't think you're unamerican.
Opposing war is a sign of sanity.

Just because humans tend to choose violence to solve conflicts, it doesn't mean it's the only solution.

At some point, Dubya will realize this is not a regional conflict. It affects the whole world, and we're all in it together.
If this war comes and gets out of hand, this might be the last war ever to be fought.
Because there won't be anything left.

The only chance we - the People - have, is to stand up and make our voices heard.
Silence won't make them stop. Protest might.

Now that I've probably depressed everybody even more, I'd suggest to grab the chance of tomorrow's Valentine's Day.
Don't watch the news. Don't read the papers.
Just for tomorrow, spend your day with someone you love.
Because love is still the strongest feeling humans are capable of, and it grows if you give it away.

I'm totally with Lenny:
"We've got to let love rule".


Don't let them get you down. While you and I disagree on the war thing, we do agree on the nature of trolls and the internet. You empower people when you let them hurt you. I know screw em is not always an easy attitude to take with you. but hell man.. screw em.

You know who scares me more than Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden? George Bush and the American media. *We* need a regime change.

And, Wil, your emotion is what makes your writing compelling. Don't edit it out.

Oh, and as far as your neighbors go, I suggest filling their Lexus with baked beans.

Concerning your book, I think the best piece of advice I have ever heard about the creative urges we get was from Martin Mull. (Yes, THE Martin Mull). I can remember watching Martin on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as a kid, and he was showing off several paintings he had done. Turns out Mr. Mull had a bit of talent, and the paintings were pretty darn good. At one point, he said to Johnny, "We all have this novel, or this painting, or this song that is inside us that we NEED to get out. It may only be for us, but we NEED to get it out". Your book is something you NEED to get out. Screw us and screw the world if we don't like it. It's not about us, dammit. It's about you. As long as you like it, you've done well.

Same goes for blogging, btw. :)

come to canada, bring the family...

we are all too silly up here to get our acts together for war!!!

:) huggles

Stop your damn belly aching!

As long as peoples lives are being treated as commodities to be bought and sold as our government(s) see fit, I too have some sentiments pertaining to the crisis(s) at hand.
When times get me down, I imagine disemboweling a stranger off the street. I wrote a book about it in prison, but not too many people bought it. Although Salman Rushdie ordered an autographed copy. The way I see it, due to the miracle of modern medicine, people are living longer now than ever prompting a superfluous population much larger than desirable. If a few die, so be it. It is true that the good cannot be sorted from the bad in this fashion, in which would be desirable to destroy only the bad populace, but there will still be some good left, this I promise you. But whose discretion is it to kill another human being? Apparently we will let the government sort that quandry out. One can only wish that which ever God you choose to worship would clarify that whole "Though shall not kill" clause.
To the people who call you "Anti-American" because of your views of the war, screw the obtuse plebians, you are only Anti-Government, which is most likely the sentiments of many. You can love this great country and hate your elected government, that is your rights as dictated by the Constitution. Perhaps it is time to bring up the parallel of Israel and Iraq. Iraq invaded Kuaite, we destroyed Iraq = somewhat justified. Israel "Reclaims" (a kinder word than invade) Palistinian lands and we give Israel thier yearly subsidy, free taxpayers dollars to promote this aggression = justifiable. That's one that nobody wants to touch.
Fearing your government makes you a subject, and fear is what the bush admin wants. (note the sans-capitalization of bush's name, now that's proper!) I will not fight a war I do not believe in, but as far as our soil, Stand up for the rights of Americans, fight till you fall then get back up. If anything is to happen to our great country, the guilty will pay, and perhaps, this time, the guilty will be us.
Love yourselves, do good work, and may you be above average. Hate makes Hate.

The whole Patriot Act stuff is absurd, and I believe too many of our freedoms are being stripped away in this day and age.

However, a war is necessary.
I'm shocked that Colin Powell's address to the UN wasn't enough proof that this isn't more than some rich boy's personal crusade.
I hope that one day people look back on all this and realize just how naive they were. Peace is all well and good, and I hate war as much as the next man, but some fights need to be fought, and we're the only ones capable and willing to do it.
North Korea is begging for it too. They know we've invested alot into deployment around Iraq and they're gambling we won't shift focus or mobilize in a second area. Whether or not they've the balls to back up their bluff I do not know. We'll see what happens.

California is not reality.Move.Live outside of yourself.Be free from the shackles of introspection. War may not be the answer but neither is Hollywood.

Nice to see you back.

Enjoy your log, most of the time.

I think you are wrong about terrorism and connections between Iraq and Osama and his followers.

Watch a 3 part documentary called shifting sands. Thats the reality of Iraq.

Saddam used to pay Iraq families of terrorists who kill themselves for the 'jihad'.

Soemtimes people get so comfortable in their 'rich asshole' neighbourhoods they loose touch of how things are in other places.

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans have grown complacent. It sad, really sad. How can people care so little about the truth and reality?


Hey Wil,

I can totally relate to your experience with those Rich Fucking Assholes. My wife is a chef at a gourmet store that specializes in catering and prepared foods. This store is in a rather exclusive area, so most of her clients are Rich Fucking Assholes. I have to basically give up any hope of seeing her around any major holiday because Rich Fucking Assholes can't cook for themselves! I couldn't enjoy Christmas with my wife because Rich Fucking Assholes couldn't cook their own dinner for one day out of the year!


Yay for you! Yay for us! Don't let the bastards (any of them!) get you down.

I, too, am nervous about the next few weeks. When the 1991 war happened, I was too buried in school to pay attention to the build-up of troops in the Middle East.

Now that I'm older, and not buried in books, I'm scared. I was wondering this morning on the way in to work this morning as to whether or not this was the beginning of the end for this country.

Did anyone catch Bill Clinton on Larry King Live the other night? His ranking of threats to the United States were: 1.Bin Laden et al. 2. North Korea and 3. Hussein. He spoke about how N. Korea's only industry is weapons production. It is all they make and all they have to sell, so now that food aid has been taken away they really have no other option but to sell even more weapons indiscriminately.

By Clinton's estimation, if they are not stopped in the next 6 months there could easily be devastating weapons in the hands of the highest bidder. And yet Iraq is #1 on the agenda.

I am Canadian, but for my entire life I have grown up with American influences, primarily through the media. I always felt that the US and Canada had much more in common than not, but in the last few years I've really been noticing the differences. In fact, if you'd asked me last year where I presumed I would end up, I would have said either New York or Los Angeles because I'm and indie filmmaker and have always planned on moving south. That was until recently.

I think if I were offered a terrific job on a great series right now I might turn it town if it meant moving down. And it saddens me because I've always felt such a companionship with the US, and I still do with individual people, but the government, oh my god!! What happened? I think the system has everyone so confused and so brainwashed that many folks can't tell up from down. Maybe they never could and now the Bush administration is taking full advantage. I don't know, but I'm very concerned for all you wonderful people down there, not to mention the rest of the world.

And you know what concerns me the most is that there are many, and I mean many, educated, intelligent, questioning people like yourselves out there who are screaming from the rooftops, telling the world of all these continuing injustices perpetrated by the current administration, but it's not doing a damn thing. What does that say about the system? Yikes.

Did you know that Canadian landed immigrants (which to you would be legal aliens) from certain specified countries will soon be required to obtain a Visa to cross the US border? Basically all Muslim countries, and of course certain countries are exempt, like Britain, France and Australia. So, let the racial profiling of Canadians begin! Yipee. Oh, and I believe the Visas cost $100 and take 2 months to process.

What's going on!!

Thanks for reading.


I was under the impression that Canadians always made fun of Americans through their media sources.
You should stick to beer and hockey, leave the real buisness up to the US. I wouldn't pay to go to Canada anyway, you think Canadians would feel the same about going to the US? Learn to drive.

Two thoughts:

1) America is insane. But, coming from Canada and living in the UK, this is obvious.

2) Put the book down! Right now! Don't pick it up again until you've forgotten what you've written. It's the only way to keep yourself from f(*&ing it up to the point where it makes no more sense. If possible, leave it for six months, but even two weeks will take the edge off.. you just need to forget what you wrote.

If you do it right, you'll come back to it, read a paragraph at random and think, "Boy, I couldn't have put it better myself!".


Cool. I can be anti-american with you, cause I agree with you.

And it seems that all the blogs that I check out are written by anti-american folks, cause they are all posting about this same topic (Osama & Iraq, including me. You are not alone.

Hang in there, and keep posting. I love your blog. And I hate Rich Fucking Assholes too.

yesterday i taught a class of college english students in Oklahoma how to evaluate information when doing research (Oklahoma the same state where the military is going to use crop dusters loaded with DT & egg-whites to test the national weather service capability to track bio-chem attacks) i used PM Blair's plagiarized dossier on Iraq as an example of poor research practices and even worse judgement/ethics and asked the students can we rely on this kind of logic to go to war?! an hour after that class was finished a planned peace rally took place on campus in front of the library. if kids who grew up in rural religious-right Oklahoma can see through the smoke screen there is hope.

glad you are back. :)


Word of advice, from one writer to another - By all means ask people what they think of the work you've done, ask them to correct the grammer, but damnit boyo, don't ask them how to make it better or how to fix it!

They don't know.

This work is from your mind, it is a work representative of you and whether it is joe blow or Leon Uris telling you that "here's how you fix your book", don't listen. Fix it how you think and feel it needs to be fixed, not how other people tell you to - that just makes you CRAZY!

Do it from the heart.

Write it how you feel and think it needs to be written.

Don't let doubt creep in. You want to edit yourself, fine, do it , go for it...but don't let well-meaning spell-checkers dictate your gift.

That's all I have to say. Looking forward to reading the book.



regarding the rfas: consider the source. they don't sound like much of a source to consider.
regarding the book: use the force, luke. (oops, sorry, wrong movie). write what you want to write. your editor should take care of the rest.

Wow, look at all the muppets here to howl about all this "unamerican" activity. Serve 'em up stir fry; they're propagandalicious!

*sigh* I wrote to my Dem. congressman, and he wrote back. I wrote to my Rep. congressman, and he's not even acknowledged my note. I'm going to DC with my sweetie over the weekend and it's going to be pretty interesting. A friend from London called up yesterday "Just in case your Mr. Bush unleashes Armegedon". *Sigh* and a half.

Keep up your postings, Wil. If enough people say "Duh... this is a STUPID war" maybe enough people will get off their butts and write their congresspeople. As the paraphrase goes... "The only thing necessary for the forces of evil to overcome us is for good men to sit and do nothing." If people just bitch to each other, it does nothing.



I was so glad to see you ARE posting Wil.

Yesterday morning when I left for work I put a
"WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER" lawn sign in my yard. It is sold by the Quakers..and has a dove with a olive branch also..when I returned home last
night it was broken in half...




No matter what the right-wingers tell you, you are NOT anti-american for thinking that attacking Iraq is a bad idea. I don't want to get on a rant here but you are not the only person to feel this way! ugh.

From the outside looking in; I'm a Canadian that just can't fathom what is on the mind of the current US administration. Weapons of mass destruction? Uh, who just recently threatened the possibility of using nuclear weapons against Iraq? Who has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world? Man, you guys scare me some times. Then you hear a voice of sanity & reason. Keep speaking your mind, Wil.

*Sending calming mojo to Wil* It's gotta be really rough putting yourself out there for the world to see. You've done that here and have been well received. I think your book will earn the same possible attention. I'm glad you didn't rewrite your book to please others because then it wouldn't be you.

SCM, your comments are troll-like and uninformed.

the fact that you asume that canadians are all hockey playing beer-drinkers, perhaps says more about you, and your lack of education, than us.

read a little
travel a little
learn a little

it's always better to say nothing and be thought a fool...
than to open your mouth, and remove all doubt.

on a lighter note...
is the title of this latest post 'kingdom of rain' a reference to the song by 'the the'?
from the mindbomb album?

WOW! If you get this far, Wil, I add my voice to those who support you. RFAs exist everywhere--how wonderful that you used positive energy to combat their negative energy. As Albus Dumbledore said in HP2, "It is our choices that make us who we are". (May he rest in peace, by the way). From what I've read, your book will be great. Keep on plugging and don't let the bastards get you down. I'll be very happy to pay for any kind of copy. By the way, Piers Anthony has an index of online publishers, which he surveys periodically. Just another resource for you to consider. But it is hard, because you have to walk that fine line between trust in your editor and trust in your instincts. From what I have seen, you can negotiate that walk well. Sometimes you just need a break to reacquire your perspective. And exes can be anal orifices, and not even rich. As long as you have the kids, there will problems there. Again, from what you've posted, you have the depth and strength to deal with that. As for our country , I am quite heartsick. I was in college from 1970-1974, and, quite frankly, distrust any word that comes from the mouth of any politician, regardless of party or country, now. I DO think, however, that the young men and women who will actually be putting their lives where the pols' rhetoric is, deserve our support. Oh, and I've voted Democratic for as long as I can remember. My best to your family. Hope you and Anne have a lovely day tomorrow, and just remember, Nolan and Ryan have a great stepdad! :D


Love ya but, we're going to war and it needs to be done. I believe that the fate of our nation and the world rests on killing Saddam and every terrorist out there by any means possible.

Come to Atlanta and get away from the left coast for a week or two. I've got a great house, two dogs, beautiful wife, plenty of cool toys and you could work on your book!

Wil --
I'm a mod on a board for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This bunch, brought together for something other than critical thinking, have posted rather stern reactions to the Clone of the Attack. You'll have to wade through the first two posts, though, to get to the good stuff.

As for the book, make it as good as you can, know that you are laughin'-asses-off funny, and trust that people are going to buy it.


Wil Has a Posse

*Standing firmly behind Wil and supporting him 100%*

We love ya Head Monkey sir!

Take care of yourself and your family and enjoy this break.

Dear Wil

On behalf on the surprising number of Canadians who post here (and I'd thought there'd be, like, two), I invite you north. I just think you'd feel saner there. Perhaps Vancouver. Pleasant weather (if one can accept the rain), hamrless people, etc., acting work - think of all the movies of the week that would be thrilled to have you, etc. Or Montreal - very cheap, very exciting place to live, full of arts and culture, etc. Not to mention, geeking jobs aplenty north of the 49.
Please consider said invitation seriously, because, as everyone in the westcoast milieu (N or S of 49th) will point out, the stress is NOT WORTH IT.


I gotta million of 'em...

You're back!!!

[Does happy Snoopy dance]

Hi Wil,

I just wanted to say that it was really nice meeting you and I really look forward to reading your book whenever it does come out. Take all the time you need - I'm sure it's worth the wait.
I was such a spaz when I said hello... Sorry, I guess I was really star struck (tongue tied). I hope I didn't bother you much. I have been going to this shop off and on for the past four or five years now. It was just really a shock to meet you there, but a pleasent shock.

Have fun playing GURPS.

Take care,


ps - my heart-felt support for you and our country. May tomorrow bring something good.

The American People didn't elect George Bush.
He won the election in the high court.

It's worse for me in the UK. We actually elected Tony Blair. Unfortunately his government doesn't have a foreign policy of its own.

Our respective governments have a cry wolf policy, which is terrorising our populations by drip feeding propaganda whenever public support for war seems to wane. The latest attempt to link OBL with Saddam is just laughable, considering that for months prior we have been told that OBL is a fundamental Islamist who despises the secular dictatorship of Iraq.

The really sad thing is that Saddam has a history of disregarding human rights when it comes to his own people as well as agressive actions to his neighbours. The administrations and governments who armed him in the first place are part of history now, and any recriminations to our current governments are misplaced, but surely Saddam's history is relevant as he is still in power. He should be treated as a criminal and the UN be given the mandate to bring him to justice, with the full support of our governments as opposed to unsanctioned unilateral action.

That's something I have been meaning to get off my chest for ages now, and thank you Wil for the forum to do that in.

Jan 18:

500,000 in D.C. according to CNN
200,000 in San Fran.

There were anti-protest protestors saying we were anti-American. There were 20 or so of them to our 500,000. If protesting the status-quo is anti-American (which is a ridiculous idea in the first place), who, of those two groups, is anti-American? Disagreement is healthy...healthier than being mindless robots.

Wow, I've posted too much on this thread. I think I'm going to go tend to my own life now :-p

So... 467 entries for your last log - monkeys got your attention, eh? I'm glad :)

Nice to see you back so quickly!

I guess StrongBad did his job well - awwwright!

It's a bad scary time for everybody. Fueled mainly by propaganda in my opinion. Personally I think everybody should post when they are emotional. It keeps us all honest.

Hi Wil,

I'm a Canadian who pops by now and again to see how things are with you (Did you know that "Tribute" did an article on your website? They said it was great.) and I must add my own little "don't let the bastards grind you down" message. So don't let them. Grind you down, that is.
I was reading the "ways to prepare for terror" stuff on CNN, and I can't believe how reduculous it is. The U.S. goverment wants everyone to think that terrorists are going to break into their little suburban houses in somewheresville and turn thier homes into terrorist bunkers.
Terrorized by the potential possibility of terror.
All the "stuff you can do to protect yourself" listed involves buying things, a large quantity of things, too. Buy batteries, duct tape, plastic sheeting, bottled water, anti-terrorist kits. And don't cancel your travel plans, because that would stop you from spending money.
It makes me feel better to see other people are thinking the same kinds of things as I am, because there are so many people who DON'T GET IT. Or don't care. Or don't want to know. My b/f and I were talking to someone who believes everything on the television, and that Bush has done a good job of running the states. So I pointed out that people are being fingerprinted based on thier background arrested for having the same name as someone who's been profiled, large corporations are being given tax breaks while people can't afford basic heating, women's rights are being taken away bit by bit, and gay people are still being arrested just for being gay. She wasn't aware of any of that, but she still thinks Bush has done a great job of leading his country through such tragedy.
So, I understand the frustration. I must, if I just spent all that energy writing all that.
This Saturday there are more protests going on all over the world. Good. I'll be there, that's for sure.
Don't let the bastards grind you down,

Right on, Wil! I'm so sick of everyone (especially the insipid mass media) accepting our unelected president's word on everything. We've run out of things to hang on Saddam's head, so now we'll (once again) claim he's in league with bin Laden. Too bad no one's found any credible evidence to support this claim! We're not terribly concerned about North Korea, and even less concerned aobut any of the dictatorships we actually support, but we're ready attack innocent Iraqi civilians? Clearly, oil runs thicker than blood.

Saddam's not a nice man, but he's no threat to us. Israel, maybe. Then again, Israel's a threat to most of the Muslim world. Maybe our actions (including continued support of a thug like Ariel Sharon) have something to do with most of the world opposing us?I'll continue to speak out against this unjust war no matter who wants to stop me. That said, maybe this whole thing will backfire on the Bush Baby just like it did on his daddy over a decade ago. Guess what, Chimp Boy? People are out of work and things aren't getting better. It's still the economy, Stupid!

I was about to apologize for going on this lengthy rant, but I'm not sorry. Too many of us have stayed too quiet for too long while *our* current regime trampled civil liberties and let corporate criminals run wild. Dumbya's personal vendetta with Saddam is too much. Wil, it's hard to keep one's chin up these days but keep trying. Your family loves you, your posse loves you, and your work on WWDN tells me your book is going to be "as good as (you) thought." Take some time off if you need it. You don't owe anyone (except maybe yourself) anything. Peace!

Those rich fucking assholes... I hope you can see the good things in your life and the positive supportive people around you. And to everyone else, fuck 'em. Those sorry-ass motherfuckers will get theirs sooner or later.

As for war... It's definitely depressing. I've pretty much given up hope for peace. I don't think Dubya is capable of rational thought.

I think there's a lot of interest in your book which is terrific! And whether it becomes a New York Times best seller or not, you will probably have equal parts of positive and negative feedback. I think that's just the way it works. Just remember that there aren't many other people in the world with your varied talents and experiences who have their own posse. That's gotta rock right?


Now I've got that old The The song in my head...


Sorry about the Rich Fucking Assholes Wil. If it's any help I'll volunteer to babysit. I'm not a teenager (just close to it at 21) and I live in Pasadena. I work for Caltech and am bored as all get out . . .and. . .well kids are fun just so long as they are over the age of 2 (I can't understand babytalk for some reason).

And posting when emotional isn't always bad- sometimes you just have to vent and I think most of us understand that completely. I totally understand the uncertainty about your book as I recently had some people at work tell me since I didn't have a PhD I'm not a real scientist and I wouldn't know how to conduct or complete a single experiment. Don't feel bad- some people just need to feel like they have some power and they get that feeling by trying to squash anyone and everyone.

Damn... People telling Wil *he's* uninformed, that Hussein's hell-bent on taking over the world (like Bush isn't?), and that the polls show most Americans *support* a war? Everyone's entitled to their opinion, misguided as it may be, but that's exactly what the Bushies want to take away from anyone who disagrees with them... Wake up, America.

Oh, and Wil? Don't worry about being called "un-American." I feel more and more un-American every day. Could any Canadian WWDN monkeys offer advice on how to look for jobs up there? I want off of this ride.

Just two words: MOVE QUICK!
Those people are what my grandmother would affectionatly call a pack of bastards.


Go to Mr. T's Bowl and have a heart-to-heart with that freaky blonde space-alien bartendress / owner's wife hottie.

It'll help, trust me.

As for your neighbors...tell 'em Pasadena has re-zoned the neighborhood, and all your homies west of Fair Oaks and north of Raymond are moving next door.

I don't think any sane American *wants* war. Who wants to send their children off to die in some hellhole?

That being said, I do think that the price of Peace is paid in blood. We, in America, just aren't accustomed to what it takes to maintain the peace. Honestly, we've enjoyed the peace we have due to the sacrifice of others.

And, no, no American should ever be called unAmerican for not wanting a war. However, all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

I know the fears you have about your book. Like it is the last chance you have. It is not so. I know it because I can see it from a distance. There is lots of opportunity around you. You are not doing too bad. I can see that you can´t see that when you are in the middle of it.

Sorry, but we have to grow up at one point. Learn to enjoy the challange. Either that, or it will get you in the end.

I often wonder if I talk to myself here. If so, that is ok, too. I love to hear myself talk.



I hate Bush, the idea of war, the fear of leaving the house because the media says I should be. I hate that my students are going to have a 1/2 day off (we never cancel school), so I can go to an inservice about "No Child left Behind". Ironic? No Child left behind, except for all the ones that are at home instead of in school because we need to listen to Bush's federal implementation of standards that make NO sense. Federal education...George Bush. Me UnAmerican? You? How about George going against the will of the people!

Hey Wil

I think some of your best work is the emotional stuff. I know how many posts you get saying how much we love you and how wonderful you are, but my advice is this - just do what it is that makes you the happiest. Whether its your book or your site or just looking at your wife and realizing just how lucky you really are. Its not so easy to do, but you are a great writer and a great guy. At least thats the way I feel from reading your Blog everyday. I hope it wasn't my email that pissed you off!!!!Just kidding.

Hi Wil,

For what it's worth, I agree with you about the war and your book. I mean, I don't have any experience with either (writing my own book nor fighting in a war), but I understand the stress. Although I don't consider myself a religious person, what I say to myself to get through some of my most stressful moments (and there has been some doozeys for me over the past 5 years) is "This too shall pass."
I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your writing on your website and that you are a great actor, I've enjoyed your performances on Star Trek and the low budget movie, The Curse. I hope that you are in alot of things soon. I think you have alot of talent.
Good Luck to you,

you're STILL reading "Bringing Down the House?"
Thank god you write faster than you read, Wil!

Just joking with ya!


This website and your blog are a part of my day. I read what you write and laugh/cry/rant/giggle with you.. and then marvel at the way you place your words so lightly in your posts.

You make me want to write again.

*offering my support along with everyone else*


Well, I haven't read through all 266 posts, but

We're all here for you Wil.

We got yer back. Take a look in the 'box.

Re: the war and all that...

I would love to live in peace, as I'm sure even President Bush would. What I don't hear much from advocates for peace is where to draw the line before war is required. Being Chamberlain seems like a really good idea until history proves that Churchill might have saved the world. Tough choices to make without the benefit of time. But hey, I'm just a geek without the answers, and I'm trying to give those with the horrible job of making those decisions some benefit of the doubt.

But, welcome back Wil, hope you can be happy.

And, of course, my love to Christina Aguilera.

1) In regards to writing the book : remember the definition of brave is doing something even though it petrifies you.
2) I will be buying your book, and not at the discounted Costco price either ;)
3) I am sorry that people are mean to you, its so uncool both in person and online.
4) In regards to war and terrorist attacks, my plan is to buy a 5th of an alcohol of my choice, and keep it near in the event of anything nefarious I shall go into that dark night giggly. If it is my time, so be it.
5) so get your mack, your swerve AND your groove on Will time's a wastin' and I'm running out of things to read. xxoo

All of this "unelected President" talk is crap.

Bush WAS elected. Accept it and move on.

Wil, just disregard the nay-sayers and other dren out there. As a fellow writer (don't you dare call me an author), I can relate to the trepidation concerning your book. Remember to write for yourself and the rest of the world will read it. I can relate to the ex-hubby problem also. My wife's first husband for years was an a-hole and we couldn't avoid him since we all worked at the same university.
Hey, we are doing what we can to stop the Bush War, he is just too stubborn.

Hang in there Wil! You'll make it through all this crap. Looking back on your archives, I remember you use to say that when something bad happens, something good will happen to balance it out! Look into the future because I'm sure good things are bound to happen! Don't sweat it about the book, because I am sure it is terrific, and I will be one of the first to buy it Wil! Don't worry, be happy! GOD BLESS!

this is mostly directed at the last end of your post... i blame the dumbing down of america for most of this, they arent smart enough to read a little into these types of things just the way bush likes it... and who pays the wages of the news, corporations, all they tell us is their propaganda and whe they want us to think and since bushy is on their side put 2 and 2 together... if you want real news you have to go read/watch something england based... the guardian isnt bad, UK paper, and around here CNNfn comes on at 1 a.m. which is english CNN much better news because they ask questions that people in the US get fired for asking...

ps- those Richassholes..... were RichHUGEassholes
welcome back

hey wil,

the ex stuff will come in waves. its a pita, but you guys will overcome with love and each other and family and, well, us (and major hugs to anne, i KNOW what the sod ex partner does to life, doing it now:( )
the book - hey, *I* like your style, enjoyed the extract, and am another guaranteed buyer..but in the end dude, you write cause you have something to say. if you reach just ONE other person, you have made a difference in life. and thats a rare and wonderful thing that people can do..
but have faith, WE do...so many people writing who believe in you
and yeah, take a break, im just meandering back after a month off to concentrate on baby growing and relationship (yep, including pita ex) stuff....this place is a community, and its home..
"home is the place, that when you go there, they have to let you in"
thanks for creating a comfy home for us unca willy:)
the war blows, my australian gvt is supporting it DESPITE the clear wishes of the australian public to not be involved unless there is a clear UN resolution. marching on sunday to protest. doesnt make me anti-us, just anti war.

and yeah, post when emotional, good and bad, wtf not - wouldnt you want us all to feel safe to do so?

hugs and mojo and a nice cup of tea, r:)

What happened to "no entries because I'm so depressed" thing? Figures....what else would you be doing?

You remind me of Ethan Hawke--wasn't offered anymore scripts but now is a "writer"

Re. slightly above: no, no he wasn't. Bush was appointed. Accept it and move on.

Rather than be upset, distressed or worried, you should rent the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup." Or buy it, if you're feeling flush. Take two doses of Groucho and post again in the morning.

Wil, you ain't the only getting labelled anti-American. I served 6 years active, 6 years reserve in the USMC (including Desert Shield/Storm) and currently oppose our drive to take a second shot at Saddam.

For opposing the coming war, idiots who've never served a day in the military, have affixed the "pro-Saddam" label to myself and like-minded colleagues. I am far from being "pro-Saddam." What these chickenhawk warbloggers and neocons fail to grasp is that opposition to a war doesn't mean love of a dictator. And it certainly doesn't make someone "anti-American."

Over a 12 year military career I took the oath of office at least 8 times for reenlistments, promotions and on historic occasions. Each time, I swore that I would "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic" and "that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same." Not once did I swear to agree with the President of the United States on any issue at any time, lest I be branded anti-American. Blind obedience and conformity are anti-American. The willingness to openly criticize government and politicians is truly an American trait.

Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

look at this way, if they (the terrorists) really do strike again, they'll hit hard and heavy here in Washington, DC. of course that's no comfort to me as I live here (in DC), but for the rest of you who live elsewhere....

ok, there was a point in there....


While I don't agree with your stance on the IRAQ situation, I am sorry to hear about all the crap you are going through. I do look forward to your book being published...don't worry it will be just great...as far as the blog-trolls, dont worry about them...brush them off...there are web-trolls everywhere...and they are typically all the same 10 people with 20 different email addresses.

Take Care!

Hey wil...
You can't depend upon ANYONE other than yourself regarding anything creative.

You are making a big mistake by letting others influence your work. You have shown us all many times exactly how creative and delightful your writing is.

YOU have the be the one pulling the strings. Once you start relying on other people's ideas and opinions, your work becomes the work of a committee, and it's not YOURS anymore!

Don't give a shit for what anyone says but YOURSELF regarding your work. And regarding the idiots in DC, they're going for the big power grab no matter what anyone in the world says. But they're pissing off a whole shit-load of people, and I think it's gonna come right back around and bite them in the ass in 2004. Assuming we all live that long.....

I want to read your book. And when I read it I want it to be a book written by Wil Wheaton, no one else. Your book will rock. It's only natural to be affraid when doing something new. Keep the faith and trust that it will be appriciated us your audience on the net. I for one will be purchasing a copy.


Hey Wil, writing a book is stressful business, publishing it (I would assume) doubly so. It's kind of like flashing people - any feedback you get you're likely to take personally. But think about it. Your website has umpity ump readers who think your writing is cool, so your instincts and your abilities must be pretty good, right?

And if you want more confidence builders, go to Barns and Noble and look at some of the books you wouldn't normally read - tawdry romances, crummy mysteries, biographies of Martha Stewart. Glance through them and remember the words that have inspired great writers since the days of James Fenamore Cooper: "*I* can write better than this!"

And then note that what you're reading was published, that the writer was paid for it and is, to quote Stephen King's essay in the 1989 Writer's market, "[...]a professional writer, whatever the literati say."

So have faith, Wil. Don't stress about it, don't *worry* about it too much, just write the book so that the editor is happy with it (remembering that your editor is in it for the company, for whom the success of the book translates directly into money, and they've done this hundreds of times.) Just do it.

Blah, blah, blah, liberal blather. Hey you guys hate America so much, go the hell to France and live amongst the Frogs and their filth and stinch. Also, the French, Germans, Belgians, and Iraqis can S my D.
Oh, Wil good luck on the book, I need a good laugh and toilet paper.


You rock, Wil. Thank you for saying what I've been thinking for months. Thank you for posting it where other people can comment and agree without feeling quite so afraid or paranoid. What really scares me is the fact that I'm not afraid of the "terrorists" - I'm afraid of our government and where it's leading us. It's nice to know other people have those thoughts and feelings too, and that not everyone is following along blindly.

I look forward to reading your book.


Just finished my first novel and have been putting myself through the torture of getting critical feedback. The. Process. Sucks. It took me quite some time to get past the fact that those who criticize, don't know how to critcize, and even when they say things like "this is wrong," or, "change this to that," you have to add the silent "It's my opinion that..." at the beginning, because that's all it is--just their opinion. No better than yours, no better than mine.

And in looking for an editor, I know exactly the fears and self-doubts that clamp down on your head and refuse to let go. Joel Rosenberg once told me, "I'm perfectly capable of saying to myself, 'Gee, that's neat, I wish I -- oh, I did' and 'Shit, what idiot wrote that -- oh' within the same paragraph." So, it's not just you. Promise.

Keep these in mind: J.K. Rowling was turned down by every single publishing house in England before getting her first Harry Potter novel grudgingly accepted. She kept all the rejection letters, and finds it endlessly amusing that no one will admit to having told her No.

And it's always the song that almost didn't make album that tops the charts, the idea that no one else liked that eventually takes the world by storm.

So relax, friend. :)

Ok, all you screw-ups and under-achievers. If you don't like it here in the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD then leave. Go to Canada where the exchange rate sucks and most of your hard earned money (whatever you can make a McDonalds) goes to pay taxes for a Socialist country.

You lame-arse idiots. You and I are so lucky that we hit the gene pool lottery and fell out of our mama's wombs in this country. Think about it, you could have been born under some freakin tree in Africa and be eaten alive by lions, killed by your tribe or sold into slavery. Or, you could have been born in China and make all of $120 per year slaving away in some unsafe GUBMENT factory.

You've got it made here. And you want to run the risk of throwing all that we've worked so damn hard for? If Saddam does not die and we don't kill every terrorist in the world, then we are in jeapordy of loosing our way of life.

I, for one and many, love this country, our President and the great life we have. You all better smarten up or life may be very different years from now.

At times it seems like the richer you are the shittier the personality you have. I honestly don't mind being poor. Most of us folks are pretty down to Earth & would understand you running a little late.

I can see why you were pissed off & yea all the Terrorist preparations madness is bizarre too.

Duct tape for my windows? If deadly chemicals are right outside my window I don't think duct tape is going to save me.

argh...yea...the world is truly becoming a weird place.

P.S. Good luck with the book. You're a talented guy & don't ever second guess yourself. It'll all work out find in the end.


I wanted to let you know that we all get feeling like that from time to time. In collage, It was explained to me a little better and the explanation always makes me feel a little better.

I can tell that you are excited about your book. But you are also afraid and anxious about whats going on with it. When you feel excited and afraid at the same time its a good thing. You are growing as a person. You are branching out into the unknown and thats where the feelings are coming from. When I realize that I am feeling these feelings, I usally get a rush of positive feelings since I know that no matter if a fail or succeed, I have grown, which means I have succeeded.

I also have to wonder if America knows what the world thinks of them? Unfortunately, what can the rest of the world do? Most of the countries are scared of America. America is the same people who said that they would "storm the world court if any of it's troops were charged with war crimes". But, I'm one of the people who lives in a country that knows how much of America feels. I'm not sure how many people in America believes that Osama is joining forces with Saddam. But the world knows that it's crap.
Maybe that's scarrier, we know, yet America won't be stopped. My country "harbours" alot of terrorists, what's to stop America of invading Canada when their done with Iraq? Or France, Germany, any country?

It's good you're speaking out about the war but let's take it further.

Why don't you join folks like Susan Sarandon and her husband Tim Robbins on the protest marches.

There's one in SF on February 16th.

You're famous and so will be heard even more.

Good luck with the book. Write the book that you want to write. Listening to suggestions is good, but ultimately you need to be the one who is satisfied. It will be your name on the cover. I, for one, am looking forward to reading it.

Your blog has been a breath of fresh air in a country where anyone who disagrees with the government is deemed anti-American. Personally, I consider believing and practicing the ideals of America- including freedom of speech- is patriotic.

I totally feel the same way about Bush. I don't think war is justified, the people I talk to don't think war is the answer, and the rest of the world sure doesn't seem to want us to go to war; Why the hell are we speeding down the road to war then???!!


1) When your boys see that you have called their friend's parents "Rich Fucking Assholes," will that be a good lesson for them? Will they be proud of you? Something about "think globally, act locally" comes to mind right now for some reason.

2) If a bridge in New York blew up after charges were placed on the pilings by men in a zodiac boat at 3 a.m., and then it is learned that the men were sighted and reported but no attempt was made to check them out, would you criticize "the authorities" for failing to act?

Have a nice day.

I've been reading this site for... I'm not sure how long. But I've got to tell you that this is probably the best post I've seen you put up. It is certainly one of the best un-American articles I've ever read. I salute you! Vive la liberté!


Well I think you changed your mind, but you know what, I've often found when I get into that pissy, angry-at-the-world mood, taking a break from EVERYTHING related tot he computer for about a week really helps.

Also, you could always let Lady Wheaton take the helm (no ST pun intended) for a while. The last time she posted, it looked like the Monkey Masses were thrilled about it, myself included!

Yep, you could let her tell us all of those wonderfully juicy little secrets about you. You know, things like whether you slurp your spaghetti, wrap it around your fork, or use a knife, or if you are a Ford or a Chevy man, is your glass half full or half empty, tastes great, less filling...all of those important manly dilemmas >;}


I was at the 15th Anniversay Con in Pasadena when you gave a presentation from your book. I told you this then and will gladly remind you...your book will be AWESOME! There is absolutely no question about it. You stole the show from the rest of the cast. You are very talented and have NOTHING to worry about, although I understand that kind of pressure. It's normal, but you WILL BE GREAT! So, have you looked into Cold Fusion yet? You said to remind you. Hang in there and will see you next month at the Grand Slam.


It's been pointed out that there's a big problem with duct tape, plastic sheeting, and an air-tight room. Um, AIR.

As for your post being "un-American," I think one of the most American things you can do is state your opinions and encourage debate.

I hope it stops raining in L.A.

Hang tough, don't let the bastards wear you down. I truly wish you sucess with the book. I agree that voicing your anti-war opinion is not unpatriotic as long as you give thoughtful well reasoned arguments and don't spout out untruths like "It's all about the oil!!". Now in the spirit of American free speech I would like to voice what would seem to be a minority opinion with you and your readers/commenters. I am pro-war with Iraq and I thank God that George Bush is President of the USA at this crossroad of history. While war is a thing to be avoided not all wars are unjustified. Does anyone here think Nazi Germany under Hitler did not need to be put down? All those with an open mind should read this essay by Mr. Bill Wittle at his website: http://www.ejectejecteject.com/archives/000027.html

Hopefully it will change some of your minds.

As for me I lay the blame for the current Iraq and radical Islamic fundamentalism terrorist situation on Presidant Jimmy Carter and his administration. When the "students" took over our embassy in Teheran in 1979 and that situation was allowed and abetted by the Iranian govt. that was cause for war. If the US had forcefully corrected the situation at that time and put down the newly Islamic fundamentalist government of Iran many of todays problems would not be with us. Islamic fundamentalism would have be squashed in it's infancy and the Iran-Iraq war probably would not have occured (which helped Saddam aquire much of his military hardware/knowledge from the USA because we wanted to punish Iran thru Iraq). Which all eventually led to the first Gulf War and the current situation we are in now.

Thoughtful not hateful comments welcomed. Good day all.

I saw you on the screen savers a while back. I noticed your url in a review of Opera last nite on the screen savers. WOW I guess I should pay more attention to the net. This is what I have been lookin' for. I feel the same as you about the alerts and such...It is so 1984, it's scary. I have wondered why the media and other voices are not speaking out about this iraq crap.....But the sad thing is that I know people that actually what this war. I have family in Ventura that are all over kicking Saddam's ass. They buy this stuff hook line and sinker. I look at them and think how could I be related to these fucking idiots. Well I've gotta go get more duc tape. See ya

You're BAAAAAACK! I'm so glad!

The day we all accept everything that is going on in this country, is the day we WILL lose that great freedom to COMPLAIN about it. Take a chill pill, UNCLE SAM and Big Brother.

Please don't let the jackasses get you down, whether they are RFAs or blog trolls or whatever. Personally, I don't think you're un-patriotic for feeling like you're being spoon-fed a load of garbage by the government right now. I think anyone with three brain cells to rub together feels the same way, but also powerless to stop the train.

As for your writing woes, have you ever read On Writing by Stephen King. It's a non-fiction book in which he talks about his life and writing process. He has some very insightful things to say about People To Read Your Stuff, as in who to pick, how to take the things they tell you, etc. And it's just a darn good read.

Anyway, keep up the good work, hon!

"Don't post when emotional." I so identify with how vulnerable you feel, but there is a real up side to being decisive when emotional. I just figured this out, and it feels profound to me even if it really isn't. Last night, I resigned from a volunteer position I really love right in the middle of an e-mail shitstorm. Did it while I was emotional, right? Today, I realize it was totally the right thing to do because interaction with some of the other people involved no longer felt safe. If I hadn't done it then, I would have talked myself out of my instinct about what isn't safe for me to be in, and thereby brought even more shit down on my head in the coming months.

Today, I'm sad to let go of the job I've been enjoying, but relieved to not have to keep defending myself against the assholes. That takes a ton of energy that I just don't have. And my reptile brain knew it. So the lesson for the day is "Express yourself when you're emotional. It might be messy, but it's true."

Feeling vulnerable about your book is probably going to make you feel vulnerable about everything for a while. But you are brave to even write a book and put it out there for everyone to have an opinion about. I'm not that brave at all.

Off the soapbox now. I just had to rejoice in the wisdom of my hindbrain!

What a surprise, another know-nothing Hollywood leftist. No wonder I never liked the stupid, whiny, Star Trek character--the actor was a whiny Hollywood moron all along.


This is why we cut his speaking parts from the movie. If he keeps it up he doesn't get on the DVD either.

Gee, Wil -- are you gonna go cry now? Get over yourself, man! I'm a writer, too, but I don't go online to whine about how no one likes something I wrote and how unfair it all is. Oh, the humanity!

As for the war stuff, say what you want, think what you want, do what you want. But if you are going to continue to let leftist propaganda blind you to the truth of the threats we face as a nation, then you're dumber than you sound. We’ve got a maniac opening a WMD Wal-Mart in Baghdad, but you don’t want to hear about it. But refusing to acknowledge the facts won't make them go away. It's one of those things you learn when you grow up.

And then you have to go get all upset about terrorist warnings. I'm quite sure that if someone had told you on Sept. 10, 2001 that we were about to be attacked, you would have dismissed those warnings, too. Now the gov't is trying to give us fair warning, keep us informed, and all you can do is bitch and whine about it.

Your biggest problem is living in freakin' Pasadena. Get out of La-La Land and into REAL AMERICA and maybe you'll learn a thing or two about reality. In the meantime, spout off all you want while those of us with some sense go save the world. Again.

get a grip, tool.

Turn down the volume on your internal monologue. Nobody wants to hear it.

I am not sure I agree with you. I did 10rs as a Air Force Intelligence Analyst. I have been stationed at Kunia Station, Hawaii; Osan AB, South Korea and National Security Agency, Ft Meade, MD. (and even put in some time on a ship for my job). I have worked both of the current issues this world is facing. Saddam is VERY dangerous and YES he is now working with Osama. Osama may not like Saddam but he dislikes us far more. Old saying goes,"the enemy of my enemy is a friend."
North Korea isn't a problem. They are more about talk then about action. They just want to black mail us for food and resourses. They have been in a severe drought for years.
I have served under 3 presidents, and believe me, the right man is in office.
I am not a Air Force Reserve Flight Medic. I will probably be deployed to the middle east. None of the military want to hurt anyone in Iraq. BUT we also don't want to have to keep dealing with Saddam. The 1st Bush wasn't allowed to deal with him, Clinton chose not to, and now we have too.
As for terror alerts. Better knowing that something might happen then being hit and being caught off guard. Quite a few countries have lived like this for YEARS, we have just now joined the club. It isn't nice but it is now reality.
I feel for your emotions over a new book. Can't imagine what that feels like. I wish you luck.
Thing is from all the above. We are Americans, and we will be just fine.
Take care of yourself

Waaaaah!! Mommy, the bad men don't like my book! Waaaaaah!

Get your head out of your ass and look around. Forget about your feelings and focus on the facts.
Junta? Do you even know what the word means?

Get back to acting, that way you can speak intelligently and without worry.

So, I wonder if we could poll the whole bunch of "Stand By Me" kids to see what they think about the war. Actually, besides the has-been trekie lamers who populate this site, nobody cares. Jerry Connolly is too busy making "movies" and earning money. River's dead but we all know what he'd say. Keifer, attending NA meetings. Corey-(Bwahahahahahahahaha)? That really doesn't leave too many others, does it?

You've been an actor w-a-a-a-y too long. You need to get out of the ozone layer and into the real world before it is too late, kid.

Grow UP!

"We are marching directly into a war, though there is massive public resistance to it.
We are marching directly into a war, and the media, the supposed 4th estate, isn't doing ANYTHING to keep people informed -- they're just propagandizing for the Bush Junta."

Will. if the public only gets propaganda what exactly do they think they are massively resisting? Perhaps "massive" isn't quite the right word? Or maybe "propagandizing" was a poor choice. Logic can be such an elusive thing!

Pull yourself together, you girl! Do you wile away your days stairing into the mirror and contemplating your feelings, drawing flowers on your note book and daydreaming about boys? Awww, thought so.

I am glad to see I have some fellow patriots out here. Reading most of the above comments makes you think that to many people are against us.
There are a few things that kill me.
One: Who do these actors think they are? They are actors/atresses. Not our foreign policy people. It isn't right that they go to other countries and bad mouth their own. The Constitution that allows for freedom of speech also allows for people to leave. If these actors want to do some good. Join the USO and support our troops and Pray for our country/president/troops. But that of course would require religion and being thought of someone but themselves.
Two: Anti-war protesters. Do these people really understand who organizes these things. Most of the organizers are Pro-Iraq/Saudi/who ever, Communist, or Anti-American. The biggest one is ANSWER, which is run by the Workers World Party...i.e. Communist. If any of these groups had there way in this country, those protesters wouldn't be allowed to protest against our gov't. They would be jailed or killed. And the other big group is NION (Not In Our Name) with people like Al Sharpton and "Hanoi" Jane Fonda. She has done enough I would think.
Three, and last, news organizations. Most of them are so left leaning that they only report what they want. I thought their job was to report the news, THE NEWS. As a whole. Again, just like communist.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Nice to see some one stand up to those rich bastards. :) I like how you handled the situation, the way you did it was perfect.

I'm sure the book will be great. If an editor has some comments, don't worry. Take a look at the editor's sugestions, maybe try adjusting it that way and see how it works.

Here's a little story :)

Spider Robinson, a great science fiction writer, started out submitting to Analog magazine. Ben Bova, the editor then, would send the story back saying something like "Cut it down to 10,000 words." Spider would look at it, cut it down some, maybe from 25,000 to 23,000 words and send it in with a note saying something like "This is as far as I can go." Ben would send it back with the same note. Eventually Spider would get it down to 10,000 words and before sending it in, would read through it and think something like "Wow, that is better." And would send it in and it would then be published.

I guess there's a moral to this story. Basically, sometimes the writer's ego can get in the way without the writer knowing. Of course sometimes editors can be real assholes.

Anyway, keep you hopes up, keep up the good work. Rest a bit and take a break from posting when it feels like a chore. I could tell another story, but that one above took alot of space.

Awww, ain't that sweet? Lil' Ian's gonna kiss lil' Wil's fragile ego and make it all better. Now you two girls run along and play with your dolls.

Wil, lose the attitude and focus on your work or you'll be relegated to off-Broadway productions of Cats and Les Miserables for the rest of your life. Rum Tum Tiger is as much a cage as Wesley Crusher, set yourself free man.


He already HAS been relegated to the trash heap. All he can hope to do now is salvage his self-respect. Getting rid of the blue hair and the wussy attitude would be a really good start.


I was sitting at my computer, bored out of my brain, doing everything I could to distract myself from a series of chapters I have to copy edit (not very professional, but it's Valentine's Day in Australia and I'm single, therefore moderately depressed), and on a whim decided to check your site, though I'd made a note: "Wil's not home right now, leave a message and get back to him in a week."

And you're back!

About your observation: "why aren't people speaking out!?" Here's something a friend sent me, an ex Aussie author now in the US. It's about YellowTimes.org, an alternative news source.
It just might shed some light.

This is a cut and paste from the e-mail she forwarded me. To shed a little light, this is from a 55 year old ex-pat Aussie grandma who is a best selling author and as it happens, in shock at what is happening to her new country of five years.


YellowTimes.org Shut Down!
Stifling the Voice of Reason

by Firas Al-Atraqchi

February 11, 2003

The well known alternative news publication YellowTimes.org was just shut down without explanation by its hosting company! It recently published an article by an Iraqi nuclear scientist!

The campaign to stifle dissent and censor any questioning of current U.S. policies vis-a-vis the Middle East in general, and Iraq in particular, has reached new levels.

Websites which host alternative views, and/or views that contradict U.S. foreign policy are no longer tolerated on the Internet and are systematically coming under hacker attack and political pressures to "relocate."

YellowTimes.org has for the past six months withstood intense hacker attacks as it publishes views that directly question, criticize, and berate the U.S. official line regarding the impending invasion of Iraq.

"In addition to e-mail spoof attacks, I think they are attempting to overload our servers through denial of service attacks, forcing our website to go offline. Similar incidents happened last time we released an article from Imad Khadduri," says Erich Marquardt, YellowTimes.org

Imad Khadduri, an Iraqi former nuclear scientist who was instrumental in Iraq's nuclear weapons program in the 1980s and early 1990s, has
charged that recent allegations concerning the competence and progress of the Iraqi nuclear weapons program are baseless and untrue.

In an article published on YellowTimes.org before it was taken off-line by its hosting company, Khadduri painted a dismal picture of Iraq's scientific community with many out of jobs and scrounging for work after the Gulf War and subsequent allied bombing reduced any nuclear hopes to rubble.

Khadduri has also charged Khidhir Hamza, a former Iraqi scientist with whom Khadduri worked, with fabricating and exaggerating his importance in
Iraq's nuclear program outlined in Hamza's book "Saddam's Bombmaker."

While several YellowTimes.org writers have been lauded for bringing previously unpublished news to its readers and informing the public of
news that has been virtually "blacked out" from mainstream North American media (CNN, New York Times, etc.), a marginal number of readers have
found the website to be "sick and diseased," and "unpatriotic."

Those who charge that intellectual debate is unpatriotic forget the words of John Adams, one of the forefathers of the U.S. Constitution:
"The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking,
and writing. Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean the characters and conduct of their rulers."

Or perhaps they forget Thomas Jefferson:
"The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure."

Are more websites about to be "shut down"?

For its part, YellowTimes.org is committed to continuing its ethos in providing its hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors with alternative
news and views, and is not taking the recent shutdown lightly. "This setback is not going to stop us from speaking out against leaders and
governments who commit gross injustices against humankind," said Marquardt.

"Believe me, YellowTimes.org will be back."


Sorry to stick in such a long post, folks, but I thought it might be interesting.

Wil, in regards to your book, let it go and just rework the bits you changed to appease the opinion of someone else.

Like your incredibly popular site, your book will sail only if it's you in the boat. Throw everyone else overboard! :-)

Personally, I can't wait for it.

Thanks for speaking out, Wil. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

I haven't heard anything out of Todd Bridges - his dissent must have been crushed by Tom Ridge's Conformity Ninjas. Thank Jeebus that we have a backup emotionally stunted chilhood celebrity to speak for us.

You are the critical voice in the vast wilderness, Wil.

{bites lib somberly}

You are.

By the way, I just read the thing about the rich fucking assholes. They totally overreacted and are complete fuckwads. It was half a fucking hour, for god's sake. The only people who would think they were in the right are other rich fucking assholes who don't have a clue.

And just think: those two assholes have to put up with each other Every. Day.

Karma, dude. karma. Believe in it.

Hmm. Maybe a "rich fucking assholes" t-shirt to complement the "william fucking shatner" one?

Yeah, those darn rich assholes. Kiss my butt you little creep. I have to work for a living while you sit on your lazy ass and bitch all day while collecting your residual checks from when you did work for a living. If you can afford to live in Pasadena without a job then you are a rich asshole. So quit bitching about your brethren pinko.

What I find interesting about Wheaton and his Bush-hating fans is that they seem to think they and only they represent "the people". Bush is supposedly going against the wishes of the people of the United States while every poll in the country, even one run by the Greens says he has a 60+% approval rating and most of America (60+%) is behind him on the war. So it seems that the guys saying that Bush is going against the American people are actually claiming that only those who agree with them that Bush has already secretly killed millions of people in secret camps all over America (and don't tell me you Lefties don't believe this) are actually American. If not, then why don't they simply accept that they're on the losing side on the issue?

And as for the hackneyed "Squashing Of Dissent" complaint (i.e. "Just because I say that America is a terrorist nation doesn't mean I'm Anti-American" / "Just because I want Saddam and his sons to continue to brutalize Iraqis in peace doesn't mean I'm Anti-American" / "Just because I think that America may have deserved 9/11 doesn't mean I'm Anti-American") that's just plain and utter bullshit.

What has happened is that, for the first time, sensible people have decided to stop letting the foolish, morally and intellectually vacuous incomprehensible natterings of the glitterati and their college professor gurus simply slide by without comment. Now, horror of horrors, they're actually hearing criticism where before they'd only heard silence or applause from sycophants. That's the sound of the free speech that they claim to champion ... and contrary to their expectations, it's not an echo of their voices.

It shows how pampered Wheaton and his buddies really are that they can get on prime time TV, call Bush a Hitler and his administration a junta and denounce the vast majority of the country that is on the other side of this issue as jingoistic and racist ignorant hicks and then claim that their right to free speech is being curtailed because somebody else dared to use their own free speech rights to counter their brain farts.

What makes it even more obvious how pampered and lucky these Idiotarians are is the fact that they use the words "junta", "dictator", etc. so freely. They remind me of a shallow spoiled teenage girl who thinks her parents don't care about her because they wouldn't buy her a BMW. It's obvious none of them know what living under a "junta" is really like. I do. They don't know what it really means to fear for your life because you said the "wrong thing". How can Wheaton really know what living in a junta is like if he is not afraid to print this shit on a web site?

But the people of Iraq sure do know what it's like to be at the mercy of totalitarian state. Boy, do they. To pampered people like Wheaton and other Hollywood glitterati who cannot even begin to comprehend what they're going through, it's very easy to demand "peace" when they know they won't be suffering the continued kidnappings, tortures, mutilations, murders and rapes (not to mention gas attacks) that the Iraqis are subjected to by Saddam Hussein, his sons and his other assorted Thugs. They're not going to pay the price for "peace". The Iraqi people are.

Until, of course, Saddam constructs a dirty bomb and gives it to some terrorist group who blows it up in the "fashionable" Hollywood, Frisco or Upper West Side Manhattan neighborhoods where the glitterati meet for cocktails and key parties. After all, Osama and his buddies have even less love for gay people than they do for ordinary Americans ... and those areas are pretty gay-heavy. But until then, the glitterati would continue nattering on about their so-called "peace", sip Chablis, make estimates about millions of civilian deaths (due to their great experience and knowledge of the military of course), nibble on brie, and discuss their next trip to Cuba to bask in the gaze of Fidel.

But in the end, the fact remains that the peace movement cannot credibly claim to be for peace for the sake of the welfare of the Iraqi people. The vast majority are simply there because they're deluded enough to believe that claiming that motive makes them morally superior and "brave". But there is nothing "brave" about it. Protesting in the USA is a no-risk venture. Even those few idiots going over to Iraq to be human shields are not brave. Every single one of them concedes that Saddam is evil and should be forced (by peaceful means they cannot elaborate, of course) from power. But that's before they get to Iraq ... once there, they're Saddam's perfectly behaved and humble guests.

But if they were really pro-Iraqi welfare, they could kill two birds with one stone and display their bravery for all to see. There is a way to stop the war and free the Iraqis of their oppressor ... Saddam and his upper echelons should step down and go into exile, to countries that would accomodate them, i.e. North Korea, Libya, Cuba, France or even, provided the city council and the Federal Government reach an agreement, Berkeley. The human shields could have aimed for this. They could have started protesting, leading marches, calling on Saddam to resign ... in Iraq. Now that would be bravery.

Wheaton did not make a single argument that made sense in his puerile and ludicrously effeminate whine. I think he and his glitterati buddies should actually spend a while doing some research, paying attention to not just the "fashionable" side of the issue, gain some modicum of knowledge before opening their mouths. Until you know something about the issues at hand, stick to your areas of expertise. When we have a crisis demanding that we get more people wearing clothes that leave you 80% naked, changing sex partners more than they change their underwear, acting like spoilt children, and raising the divorce rate sky-high, no one will complain when you give your opinion.

Until then, shut the fuck up.

Who would have guessed that you would turn out to be more messed up than Corey Feldman?

Great post Mr. Knight!


Stick at it, and don't let the bastards get you down. Its a real shame that for every cool person on the Net, there are several morons as well. I'm glad that you feel able to keep coming back and posting your thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears, because you have important things to say, and people need to read this stuff.

Respect is due.

As for the War. It's bullshit. The only solid link between Saddam Insane and Osama Bin Fuckhead is that they were armed and aided by Western Powers in recent decades (thats right folks, the US and British governments were happily selling GUNS and BOMBS to Saddam while he was gasing Kurds, and the US aided and trained Osama's fanatics).

Martin Knights view on the "squashing of dissent" seems to me to be...squewed. See, on the surface, his point seems valid, but Wil is not talking about..."Just because I want Saddam and his sons to continue to brutalize Iraqis in peace doesn't mean I'm Anti-American"...
What Wil is talking about is THIS...
"Just because I don't see how carpet bombing an already ravaged nation is going to stop the tyrant in charge/just because I don't agree with the "its okay to kill them, theyre Iraq's/just because I don't see how bombing Iraq will prevent another 9/11/"
The dissent is not about pandering to, or appeasing a disguisting regime, its about the morality of making a pre-emptive strike against a severely weakened state which will most likely cause a conflagration across the whole Middle East, cause the creation of hundreds more terrorist cells and lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children whose only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There must be a differentiation between hatred of America and an opposition to bloodlust. The evidence against Iraq gets shakier by the day, while the need to act against states like North Korea gets stronger. I am opposed to war against Iraq because I am unconvinced that Iraq poses a significant enought threat to justify a ful-scale pre-emtive slaughter, and I oppose it because I cannot see how it will defeat Bin Laden.

There is no current link between Bin LAden and Saddam. None. The last Video message from the sick bastard proved it. Out of his own rancid mouth. He declared that he would support the "ordinary people" of Iraq if they struck out against the oppressors, of which he listed Saddam as one. Saddam is a Secular leader, Osama is a religious fanatic and to him, the Iraq leader is worse than we are.
So...how will killing Iraqis stop Osama from thumbing his nose at the West and from commiting more atrocities.

I know bombs wont do it. What they will do is recuit more terrorists.
Mo Mowlem, ex-British Minister for Northern Ireland, and the person who kept the Peace PRocess going, knows this well enough. I quote "Bombing Iraq will not eradicate terror or Al Quaeda. It will initiate a strong rectruitment drive for them"

Is this war really about the welfare of the Iraqi people?
If so, why is it only now that action is to be taken. We knew the Iraqi people we being oppressed years ago...we sold Hussain the weapons to do it.
If so, why are Bush and co making such a big deal about what will happen to the oil fields. This is a Government that is in the pocket of big business, it is thick with oil money. Coincidence.

I don't buy it. Theres more to this than suspected violations of UN resolutions (if it were only about that...then Israel would have been censured years ago) and possible WMD's. There are many states which have WMD's and are in better conditions to use them aggresivly.

I don't buy it, and neither do thousands of others. I'll be joining 40,000 Scots tomorrow in a Anti-War march in GLasgow. More marches will be happening all over the world.
The truth will out. I support Wil on this.
Find Osama, stop the terror.

No death for oil, no slaughter for lies, no sacrifice for chickenhawks.
No unjustifiable war. NOT IN MY NAME.

I now await the tirade of infantile abuse which will no doubt be hurled in my direction.

Wil, Nothing pisses me off more than people with nothing better to do than rip on other people. I just don't see the point. I, personally, have been an admirer for a long time and was thrilled to see you have a site and one with such great content. Keep your head up. We're always with you!

Mr. Fluffy,
I am not going to through abuse at you. I just think you have some of your facts wrong. I wont argue that the US had something to do with Sadam and Osama. We've had quite a bit of people we have helped turn against us.
We didn't supply Iraqs arms. Iraqs weapons come from Germany and France. The nuclear reactor that was bombed by Israel was French. Also, there are some Indian Co. involved in selling chemicals and bldg chemical plants. Even before the Gulf war Iraq was using Soviet equipment.
In case you are wondering about my qualifications, see the above points from me.
I have been in the position to see things. Powells briefing was right on. Unfortunately we have lost some intelligence abilities. What makes things classified, for the most part, is how we get it or who we get it from. And now Iraq can figure out what phones/radios have been compromised, and change them. BUT Powell presented everything he could safely and with minimal damage to resourses.


Sorry about my dumb sentence structure. It's what happens when you cut and edit and don't reread.
My other post are:
07:01am and 07:40am today


IS this the real Wil Wheaton?

Anyone who thinks fluffy simply has "bad facts" is sorely mistaken. He's BRAINWASHED, just like his lefty buddies. Colin Powell could present a video taped confession by bin Laden and Saddam sitting there admitting that everything the Bush administration has been saying is true, and the French, Germans, and American lefties would all find some excuse to claim it doesn't really "prove" anything. You simply can't convince people who refuse to be convinced.

I could refute every point fluffy-boy made with little effort other than the typing it would take, but why waste my time on someone who lives his life believing in crackpot conspiracy theories and attending rallies with rabid anti-Semites? Better to save my efforts for those who will actually listen.

So you are now awaiting “infantile abuse,” fluffy? You mean like when you call those with whom you disagree names like “moron,” “bastard,” and “chickenhawk.” Here’s a word that maybe you should go look up: hypocrite.

...from the Regular Guys on 96rock in Atlanta...who moved from the left coast to be in the RIGHT side of the coutry:

Give WAR a Chance!

Blood for Oil!

Pacifists are Pussies!

When your a rich fucking asshole, you'll enjoy to move back into your current area.

Lefties, listen up. Righties we knew this all along. From Neal Boortz, www.boortz.com


Yeah, sure. It’s all about oil. You’re right. How could anyone possibly argue the point? Here … let’s look at the massive evidence:

Saddam Hussein has steadfastly refused to abide by more than 17 demands by the United Nations that he divest himself of weapons of mass destruction. He has refused … but it’s all about oil.

Saddam Hussein has used chemical and biological weapons against his own people … but it’s all about oil.

Saddam says he has no nuclear weapons program. Inspectors find over 3000 pages of documentary evidence to the contrary … but it’s all about oil.

Saddam says his missiles can’t fly more than the allowed 150 miles. Inspectors find engineering plans and other evidence which shows that Saddam’s missiles can fly to Tel Aviv and beyond. He lied … but it’s all about oil.
Saddam Hussein is on record as saying that his goal is one Arab world with one Arab ruler located in one Arab capitol. That ruler would be Saddam and that capitol would be Baghdad. But it’s all about oil.

The UN inspectors were sent to Iraq not to find weapons, but to verify that Saddam had disarmed. Hans Blix says that they have not disarmed … but it’s all about oil.

Hans Blix says that Saddam Hussein has not accepted the fact that he must disarm. But it’s all about oil.

The United States has an energy policy. All major industrial nations have energy policies. But the fact that the US has an energy policy means … it’s all about oil.

Dick Cheney used to work for Halliburton. Halliburton is an energy company. This proves it’s all about oil.

When Dick Cheney became Vice President Halliburton didn’t completely divest itself of any and all involvement with the oil industry. This proves that it’s all about oil.

George Bush used to work in the oil industry. More proof that it’s all about oil.

Convincing evidence, Isn’t it?

Lefties, see the light and come to the right. We have more FUN!

There you go again. Do you honestly believe that Al Qaeda is the only Islamic terrorist organization on the planet? Why is it called the "War on Terrorism" instead of the "War on Al-Qaeda"? After September 11th, America did not just go after Al-Qaeda, we also went after Abu Sayyaf in the Phillipines and started putting the screws to such lovely organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. Al-Qaeda is just one of many terrorist organizations that would love to destroy America. It was also the only one to get really lucky.
What you seem to ignore is the fact that there is a terrorist organization, (not Al-Qaeda but very possibly affiliated), based in Iraq whose leader is known to have spent some time in Afghanistan with Osama and who seems to have developed a close relationship with the Iraqi government, which is not known for its scrupulousness or rationality and is not particularly squeamish about mass murder. Even if this man, Zarqawi, a known terrorist who loathes America as much as Osama Bin Laden, had no connection with Al-Qaeda, doesn't the possibility of him getting access to a dirty bomb scare the shit out of you?
As for argument on "carpet bombing", how do you know that's what's going to happen? How do you know that the military is not going to use a more sophisticated targetted strike program? Do you have any experience in the military? On what basis do you make the projection, with the level of certainty that you do, that "hundreds of thousands" of people would die? Hell, this same thing (including the "conflagration" thing) was said about Afghanistan.
Did you say the same thing when Clinton sent missiles to downtown Baghdad for a full 70 hours in 1998? If you had actually been following the news you'd know that 60% of Saddam's troops gave up without a fight in 1991 and that morale is even lower and the Iraqi military even weaker, today.
You forget that a great deal of people in many of Iraq's cities rose up against Saddam after the Gulf War, despite knowing that they could be killed. Thousands upon thousands were cut to ribbons. Some are still being tortured today. They were willing to risk their lives for the freedom. They only stopped fighting when they knew it was futile when it became clear that America had broken its promise to come to their aid. What makes you think they're not willing to, now? What makes you think life in Saddam's Iraq is worth living? And after he dies, one of his psycho sons, both of whom are known to be even more demented than their father, would take over ... just like the Assads of Syria ... and life would continue being hell for Iraqis.
And as for your point as to whether stopping Iraq from being a state that gives terrorist a free haven and a marketplace to buy WMD would prevent another 9/11 ... that's a bit fatuous. Did America do anything to deserve 9/11? What makes you think they'll hate us any less? Is doing nothing a guarantor that they'll not attack us again? At the very least, regime change in Iraq, other than freeing the Iraqi people from Saddam's tyranny, removes Iraq from the list of countries terrorists may freely operate in. If an attack occurs, it wouldn't be using weapons manufactured in Iraq.
And also, note that North Korea is the problem it is now because we chose to ignore that they were in the process of creating WMDs. If we had attacked the problem back in the 90s we won't be here now. And if we don't deal with the problem of Saddam Hussein now, what would happen when he is able to showcase a working thermo-nuclear device? Physicians (of which Iraq has plenty), material (which are no way near impossible to obtain) and time is all he needs.
And as for your apparent trump card that the US was responsible for arming Saddam, thus we should leave him alone ... that's also fatuous. Because it then makes it the duty of the United States to rectify its mistake and dis-arm Saddam. Britain had dealings and traded technology, some with dual purpose capabilities, with Nazi Germany prior to the war. Did that mean that Britain was unjustified in attacking Nazi Germany (Note that Germany hadn't attacked Britain or any declared any such intentions when Britain declared war)? After all, they (or you) had some responsibility for arming Hitler ...
As for your point about Saddam being a secular leader and that Osama or other Islamic extremists would not deal with him; that's just dumb. Osama hated us yet he still worked with United States Special Forces with the Mujahideen against the Soviet invaders in Afghanistan; the man is a lot more pragmatic than you think. Nazis hated Bolsheviks and vice versa, yet Molotov and Ribbentrop signed a treaty. Hamas and Hezbollah hate each other but they still sometimes work together. And in case you think Saddam is above exploiting religion to rally extremists to his cause, why do you think he added "Allahu Akbar" to Iraq's flag, is building one of the Middle East's biggest mosque, publicly boasted of having a Qur'an written in his blood, and has instituted what is for all intents and purposes, Shariah law, in Iraq?
I'm a Muslim so I know these things. So here's the thing ... you're marching tomorrow because you hate George Bush, not because you care anything about the Iraqi people. Because if you did, you'd be holding up a "Saddam Must Go!" sign and touting it as proudly as your "No To War" sign. Otherwise, you're saying "Save Saddam!".

PS: Notice that I didn't call you a name, even once.


you should close the forum until the war is over and people have come back to their senses.

If they want to vent their entirely unhuman pro war tirades, they should run their own website and not abuse yours to spread their fear and uncertainty.

America is probably nearing its darkest age yet and most of the Americans just can´t see it coming. I guess this comes from being a young and inexperienced country.

I hope all of you come out on the other end alaive and being a little more wise.




Not to mention the fact that the absolute easiest way for us to get the oil would be to cut a sweet deal with Saddam where he gives us the oil and we let him do whatever he wants. But this is too logical for the lefties who would rather believe in bizarre conspiracy theories than listen to reason and logic.

By the way, guess which three countries have multi-billion dollar oil contracts with Saddam right now? Yep, you guessed it: Russia, China, and France. So who has the ulterior motives here?


Yes, we are nearing our darkest days because we have such a disgusting subculture of America-haters who will excuse any tirant out there as long as it pisses off Middle America. Add that to the jealous and holier-than-thou EUniks, and you've got a real witches brew.

Shut down the site? Great idea! After all, no one wants to be bothered with pesky opinions which they don't agree with. Now I see why you like Saddam so much.

And young and inexperienced? Just how old do we have to be before we get more respect than that? Seems to me that after saving Europe's ass twice in the last century, they would stop spitting such pathetic bile.

Hitler posed no threat to the United States either. He didn't have chemical or biological weapons. He didn't have a big enough Navy to attack us. But he was a madman and that use to count for something. We use to try to stop the people who inflicted genocide. Nowadays we just join the same European Chorus that refused to stop Hitler before it was too late. Instead of acting against dictators we attack Bush.

Oliver, you aren't French by any chance are you? Or are you just one the surrender eating cheese monkeys schnitzel eating lap dogs?


You're forgetting that in the screwed-up, conspiracy theory world of the leftist wackos, Bush IS a dictator, while Saddam is a democratically-elected president (he got 100% of the votes with 100% turnout, you know). What a bunch of loons.

I'm relieved to see so many comments agreeing with the IMHO spot-on rant on the looming war and so-called anti-Americanism (sign me up too). Where were all of us on Election Day? There have to be more, millions of people who don't want a way. Speak up and speak out. It's only one small spot here, but if there are enough of us, the powers that be can't ignore us, can they? (I guess that's a good question too, huh?)


Surrender-eating? :-)

Eddra Fallin.

Im impressed, really I am. You managed to slip the anti-semitic charge against me. How, I'm not so sure, since never in any of my posts (and certainly not that one) have I ever made so much as one anti semitic comment. And before you start frothing at the mouth (or something), I should point out that expressing a distaste for the actions of Ariel Sharon and the IDF is not anti-semitic. I would have to be attacking them for their religion for it to be anti-semitic. Im not.

I also note that instead of being a someone who has used all the information that they have been presented with, and been able to discover for myself and then form an opinion on...im actually brainwashed. Uh huh. Are we sure this isn't a pot/kettle situation?

On that "getting info" point, heres a good place to start.

Its a pity you seem so convinced that I won't listen, because I would love to be provided with solid evidence, lacking all spin, simply the clear unvarnished truth...that proves that a pre-emptive strike against Iraq (with all the civilian deaths that would accompany it) would be justified. I really would. Its not been forthcoming so far. There is no smoking gun.

I note that I was right about the infantile tirade of abuse. Only one person bothered to respond in a reasoned manner.


You really should try to stay on your medication. It makes all those delusions so much less pesky.


two people. amazing.

When the terrorists show up on our coastlines with guns, and raid my house, then I will fight the war for oil that Bush has brought upon our nation. Until then, I will not be afraid.

Whoops. I meant cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Me again....The BBC isn't exactly the best place to get centered news. When I was working in the intelligence field we didn't trust BBC or their American counter part CNN (we jokingly called Classified News Network). So please don't believe everything you read on BBC or CNN.

Like I said before. Powell gave plenty of reason to go after Sadam. I really don't see many civilian deaths. Although, not to long ago Sadam said he would use his own weapons on his own people and blame us. He also puts SAM's and AAA's and things of that nature next to mosque, hospitals, and schools. (Which is against LOAC (Law Of Armed Conflict). We didn't hit those targets during the Gulf war because of that.

I am telling you, there is plenty of evidence out there for us to attack Iraq. I really wish that Powell could give more info to the world. BUT that would risk too many lives and we would loose to many resourses.

Sadam is starving his own people not our embargos. He really needs to go and I think that it will happen with minimal casualties.


I've read your blog for a while now (the feed to it is THE single reason I finally forked over the cash to Livejournal for a paid subscription), but haven't ever posted a comment.

I gotta say now, though, that you totally rock. Must admit I wasn't a Wesley Crusher fan, but I am now a huge Wil Wheaton fan, which seems more realistic to me anyway. I will be buying your book, and I know it will be worth it.

Thanks for saying what I've been thinking all week. And I don't think either of us are UnAmerican...it's not UnAmerican to want people to stop and think instead of bleating like sheep and following the first loud voice. Disallowing nailclippers on planes to avoid terrorist acts makes about as much sense as putting roller skates on a fish, but when the masses panic, these things suddenly seem "reasonable" to the herd until someone yells, "HEY, THE EMPEROR ISN'T WEARING ANY CLOTHES, PAY ATTENTION!"

Please don't let those who are easily led or who think with their emotions instead of their gray matter get you down. They're louder, but you're definitely not alone.

Thanks for...dunno. Playing "Munchkin" and being a technonerd and having a brain and being articulate and interesting, I suppose. Hang in there!


Whether you personally are anti-Semitic or not, the fact is that much of the anti-war movement has adopted this stance as part and parcel of their tirade. Reports are legion of the anti-Semitic signs and remarks at numerous anti-war rallies. As the old expression goes: lie down with dogs and you’ll wake up with fleas. Rabbi Michael Lerner of San Francisco, a radical in every sense of the word, has recently gone public with his criticisms of the anti-Semitism he sees in the movement and has now been banned from speaking at this weekend’s rallies for his trouble.

And no, criticizing Sharon is not anti-Semitism. But criticizing Sharon to the point of comparing him to Hitler, while simultaneously giving a virtual free pass to the Palestinian terrorists (or even, heaven forbid, excusing their actions) as much of the anti-war crowd has done, IS anti-Semitic.

Your say you are willing to listen, but the rest of your words belie this point. If you truly don’t understand that Iraq is in severe material breach of the numerous UN resolutions passed against it, not to mention the ceasefire that Saddam signed in ’91, then I don’t know what to say to you. And if you can sit there and really believe the pathetic drivel about “blood for oil” when it makes no logical sense that this is the case, then you’ll believe anything to bolster your preconceived ideas. As I stated before, you simply can’t convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced.

As for your “infantile abuse” claim, I still say you are a hypocrite. Demanding “reasoned” responses to the irate message you posted is a joke. When you post stuff like that, very few people are going to bother trying to engage you in a calm debate.

You tell him, Eddgra!

I just love how Fluffy claims to have disregarded "what he's been told" and has been able to discover information for himself and form his "own opinion." So did he spy on Iraq himself? Maybe he did the Sean Penn tour and was able to declare based on his stay at the Baghdad Hilton that Saddam has no WMD. Puh-leeze.

It appears increasingly likely that when an American-led coalition liberates Iraq, it will do so under the authority of 17 U.N. Security Council resolutions rather than 18. As a matter of international law, this will not make a difference, but as a matter of international politics it could prove to be a very big deal. France may have destroyed the U.N. as a serious institution.

Just to review the events of the past few months, in November the Security Council passed Resolution 1441, which demanded that Saddam Hussein comply "immediately" with the 16 preceding resolutions, declared it his "final opportunity" to do so, and promised "serious consequences" if he failed to do so.

The French, in an expression of sheer contempt for the United Nations, are sticking to the position that 1441 doesn't mean what it says. Presented with ample evidence that Iraq has fallen short of the full compliance the U.N. demanded, Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin made news excuses for delay: "The option of inspections has not been taken to the end." Never mind that Resolution 1441 plainly and repeatedly states that compliance must be "immediate." Instead of sticking to the letter and the spirit of 1441, the French ask us to take seriously such nonsense as an Iraqi "presidential decree" "banning" weapons of mass destruction. No wonder, as Daniel Henninger points out, Paris is now the laughingstock of the world.

An 18th U.N. resolution would have been worthwhile, if we could have gotten one. It would have pre-empted the false argument we will soon hear that America is acting in defiance of the U.N. In fact, it is France and its minions that are defying the U.N. by insisting that its resolutions be ignored for the sake of keeping Saddam in power. But the contrary argument will carry some weight, especially among those, both here and abroad, for whom resentment of America's power is their highest political principle.

Does this mean that President Bush's strategy of going through the U.N. was a failure? Not necessarily. The perfidious French and Germans were probably never going to be persuaded, but by making a show of his respect for international opinion, Bush probably made it easier to build an extensive alliance in support. And if the French want to destroy the U.N., is that really such a bad outcome? Last September the president issued a challenge:

All the world now faces a test, and the United Nations a difficult and defining moment. Are Security Council resolutions to be honored and enforced, or cast aside without consequence? Will the United Nations serve the purpose of its founding, or will it be irrelevant?

It appears that France, which holds a veto on the Security Council, has boxed itself into a corner. There's still a possibility that it could back down and support an 18th resolution, but given French obstinacy to this point, it's getting hard to imagine a circumstance in which it could do so without looking even more ridiculous than it already does.

In effect, President Bush posed two questions to the world last year: Can the U.N. be saved? Is it worth saving? It appears now that, thanks to the French, both questions have been answered in the negative. It is a clarifying moment.

Hi Wil,

Well let me start off by saying that I love your work. "Stand by Me" is one of my favorite movies of all time and I think your a really good actor. But when it comes to politics your a dumb ass. I don't know where you got the idea that most of the American people are against the war but that'sooooo untrue. Flip on CNN and the polls will tell you that 68% of the American people support a war. Where do you think terrorists get the funding to run airplanes into the world trade center??? It's from regimes like Iraq. We have more than 20 countries on our side in support of the war. I don't wanna a war either but it is needed for peace in the future. If your so anti-American then why don't you move to France with the rest of those pussies. But that's just my opinion........no hard feelings.

Wow. The rich-fucking-asshole story is incredible; nobody has the right to treat someone else like that. They wouldn't even have that right if you were their kids. :(

But i'd like to disagree with you: you *should* post when you're emotional. The fact that you do, that you share your emotions and what you're feeling and your humanity, is what makes this site as good as it is: you're a real person, not some celebrity talking head ... and, ok, yeah, you can piss people off by posting when you're emotional, but ultimately, those emotions, what you are feeling, is what you *are* ...

Don't hide yourself for fear of offending.

America wants a war to show to the others that how BIG they are!!

Hey, that cartoon is super cool:))!!

Wil, I've never written a book before and I greatly admire you for doing so. I have to say, though, that I believe that YOU know how best to write your book. You have an excellent sense of style to your writing; and if a rewrite doesn't feel 'right' with you, then it probably isn't. My suggestion is to trust yourself. You know what's right. Your readers want to hear how you say it, not how some editor wants to rearrange it. You can bet that I'll be standing in line to get a copy of your book when it's published!


Sometimes it is extremely gratifying to be petty. Usually it's best just to daydream about it, especially when the pettiness deals with 'getting even' with Rich Fucking Assholes. So, I offer you this method of getting even with the RFA's - submitted for your use or amusement. When the RFA's have left their driveway exposed stroll over with a bottle of armor-all. Use the armor-all to write your favorite bit of profanity on their driveway (I suggest Rich Fucking Asshole). It will dry quickly and be invisible until the next time it rains where it will stand out like a neon sign. My kid brother wrote "Hi Dad" on our driveway 20 years ago, it still shows up big and beautiful to this day every time it rains. =)


wil -

a bit of advice: turn down the volume on your internal dialogue. no one wants to hear it. your whining is pathetic. do yourself and the rest of us a favor and shut down your weak-ass blog.

This is a little late in coming, but I'm glad you've decided to stick around, Wil. WWDN is part of my daily online ritual, and you've got a lot of good things to say.

And, hell, you're just being your own worst critic when it comes to the book publishing thing. Cut that out, k? ;)


I've never posted before but I have recently stumbled across and read your blog (wow, It's big) and I think you're a great writer. It's amazing how you have opened up your life on this site! In my humble opinion, you have an uncanny ability to capture situations and express your emotions in words. Remain true to yourself and you will have a great book!

Huh, my 4-year-old wants to watch Flubber. How about that?

Thank god-or-whatever-entity you feel as you do about the war. I share that view...and will probably get into some serious trouble for it. If you hear of a seventeen year old in northeastern Nebraska being suspended of lynched for her political views, it was probably me.


I've been visiting your site fairly regularly for months now, originally attracted because I was a TNG geek.

You're obviously quite talented and have a great sense of humor. And as this is your site after all, you are entirely justified in posting whatever you wish.

That said, I strongly disagree with your stance towards Iraq and the Bush Administration. I beg you to re-read what James Taranto posted above; check out James Robbins (http://www.nationalreview.com/robbins/robbins021103.asp) and V.D. Hanson (http://www.nationalreview.com/nr_comment/nr_comment092001b.shtml). These folks -- and many others -- have made clear, concise and unemotional arguments as to why the United States should act.

Just as being a "peacenik" doesn't mean you're anti-American, favoring military action doesn't make you a bloodthirsty warmonger.

One final thought: let's assume for a minute that all accusations of Iraq's posession of weapons of mass destruction are totally baseless.

Shouldn't Iraq's human-rights record be enough to motivate moral and civilized countries to free an oppressed population?

Oliver said:

    America is probably nearing its darkest age yet and most of the Americans just can´t see it coming. I guess this comes from being a young and inexperienced country.

Now, by any standard, the level of stupidity and historical ignorance in this statement is astounding. For instance, Germany is MUCH older than the United States, yet it produced Hitler.

France is MUCH older than the United States ... yet it produced Robbespierre and Napoleon. Not to mention the Vichy bastards.

Oliver must be high ...

Three words: Peace Through Strength.


You're most definitely not un-American.

You just talk out of your ass too much. Especially with that screed on the "Bush Junta." Boy, was THAT a stretch.

And how about this: if you don't want to be scared, then maybe we ought to get rid of any kid of national terror alert system we have, eh? That way, when the VX gas starts seeping into your house, or the dirty bomb goes off, you can just sit in your chair with a dumb smile on your face, safe in the knowledge that the government isn't scaring you. That is, until you DIE.

Uninformed and non-thought out opinions like yours are EXACTLY the reason so many people in this country support Bush, and why so many are conservatives.

And btw, this is to all the lefties on the board:

.,,|,, o.O ,,|,,.

Hi, Wil

I tried to email you but the damn thing didn't work; all I wanted to say was that, if you're worried about the book, email it to me and _I'll_ tell you what I think. I hate to see a writer in distress.

all the best,



The plural of lexus is _lexi_. The people who drive them are _lexons_. And their children are _lexicons_. Honestly...

all the best,


bob on a lightbulb, will.

Wil, you are writing for you so do exactlly that...write for YOU not for anyone else! if you really tried to please everyone where would you be? do it for YOU...it is your and only you matter to it...unless you are gonna to but 'writen by Wil Wheaton &...&...&...' then write what you want to! :-)

OK...all I have to say as a Canadian is that I am scared living next to the USA - and very frustrated by the unethical, greedy and just plain stupid things that the American goverment is doing.

flippin "son of a bush"

Hey, Vancouverisland --

You guys don't get out much up there, do you? What a pile of crap!

But heck, let's be honest here: I'd be scared, too, if I lived in a country with immagration controls as weak as yours. You never know WHAT kind of freaks you're letting in. Also, it must be scary living in a country where the socialized medical system guarantees such long waits for treatment of almost any type of medical condition. As scared as they may be of America, your fellow countrymen sure don't seem to have a problem sneaking below the border to have their surgeries done.

You guys are just the North American version of the Euro-weenies -- you bitch and whine about the U.S., but you sure don't mind taking the free military defense we provide you. While your own military falls into ruin and low morale, you spend your money on social programs in the sure knowledge that we'll come to your aid if there is ever any real trouble. Personally, I think it's high time the U.S. told all you ungrateful wusses to take a hike and to handle your own damn defense.

Of course, that assumes that someone would actually want to invade your country . . . oh well, I guess you really don't need a military after all. Never mind.

This one is for Eddgra Fallin and Liam.

Whatever your feelings on the vileness of anti-semitism, I object to being labeled as anti-semitic simply because I don't support war with Iraq. It was an innacurate and unfair accusation to make. i give no free pass to Palastinian terrorists. I recognise that there is a cycle of violence in the the situation and BOTH sides are guilty of atrocities. Suicide bombers are guilty of blowing up buses, and the IDF is guilty of not giving a flying fuck about Palastinian civilains.
I quote "this is a great victory for Israel" - this was from Sharon after a missile was used to destroy a block of flats, killing one terrorist (good riddance) and fourteen innocents, including a four month old baby. Its not a good situation and there is no way that one side can claim full justification over the other.

As for the rest,

"Reports are legion of anti-semitic" - have you tried looking for yourself? Have you been to see one of these rallys? I know there are some groups who go (such as the "Free Palistine group) who are anti-semitic, but it is unfair to tar the whole anti-war movement with the same brush.

"Iraq is in severe material breach of the numerous UN resolutions passed against it" - true, very true. However so is America and several other states, including Israel. How about North Korea? THe country that likes to say "we have nukes and we aint scared of you!".

You call me a hypocrite, yet you refuse to produce the evidence. According to you, I am a hypocrite because I classify Bin Laden as a Bastard (what else would you call him), Internet Trolls as morons (insults are arguments to these people) and Bush as a chickenhawk (he has never served in war and was legally AWOL for several years yet now calls for war), while asking for reasoned arguments? Come on. Im an intelligent guy. Take the chance and give it a go. My E-mail is right there. I don't mind. I would rather a discussion instead of this sniping.

"Fluffy claims to have disregarded "what he's been told" - WRONG. I claimed to have taken all the information presented by both sides and then looked for more...and then made a decision based on ALL OF IT.

All I am saying is that war may do more harm than good and that the justifaction for it has been so badly presented that is is hard it know what to believe. If we are to go to war then I want to know why. For real. I'm sick of being lied to. Im sick of propaganda. I'm sick of twelve year old post-graduate dossiers being presented as up-to-date intelligence.
I will march against WAR. not against Bush, not against America, not against Jews, or Muslims...but against WAR.

Bin Laden is still out there...attacking Iraq will not stop him.

Hey VancouverIsland, if you're scared perhaps you'd better go back and hide inside your Mother's womb(If you ever left, the pusillanimous tone of your post suggests you've never ventured far if at all from that shelter). Aside from the defense umbrella we've provided you for the last 58 years there's no place else on Earth where you might be safer. I know a lot of good, decent, moral Canadians and it sickens me to see what a pathetic bunch their fellow citizens are turning out to be. I think your countryman Mark Steyn speaks quite well on the sad state of affairs in your country and how it has impacted our view of you as a people: "But, since the war, our flabby Dominion's position has weakened further. Not to be alarmist but I'd say the US is coming to regard Canada the way Australia regards Indonesia. Yes, it's geographically close, an important trading partner, a cheap vacation destination and a nominal ally, but it has to be pushed and chivied into taking even the most perfunctory action against obvious enemies, and everyone knows that all kinds of dodgy characters have the run of the joint. Bali was a soft target for the terrorists because it exists in both worlds - a western enclave in bandit country. Canada also exists in both worlds: we're the country that supports both the Princess Pats and Hezbollah.

Washington knows that now. The big story since September 11th is that they finally see us for what we are: foreigners."

Don't worry though, we'll still protect you. It's what the good guys always do, protect the weak and the stupid from themselves and the truly evil.

He isn't talking out of his ass, he is expressing an opinion he formed based on information he was given. Talking out of one's ass requires lack of information.

The Bush administration *can* be viewed as the Bush Junta if you look at how they've used terrorism to make people conform to their hard right agenda (see pre 911 and post 911 dealings).

Another good post by Wil. Glad to see you are sticking around. You should probably get rid of these comment boxes since it is just a fricking breeding ground of trolls who are bored with the condescending assholes at Slashdot.

Grow up and scratch the childish language. You sound like a baby with all the cusswords - Are you really that immature?


If you go back and read my last post directed toward you, I clearly stated that I was NOT necessarily accusing you of anti-Semitism. You say you are not anti-Semitic and I will take you at your word. What I AM saying is that associating with anti-Semites, whatever the cause, is repulsive. I am sure you would suddenly see the logic in this if pro-military-action folks started attending marches with Nazis.

Your claim about Israel being in breach of UN resolutions, by the way, is false. There are various kinds of UNSC resolutions; some are mandatory, others are in a separate classification that is more or less a condemnation (kind of like a non-binding resolution in the Congress). ALL of the resolutions against Israel were of the second type, whereas ALL the resolutions against Iraq were of the first type. None of the anti-Israeli resolutions mandated that Israel do anything, so Israel is not in violation of anything. This argument is a red herring.

As for my accusing you of hypocrisy, I stand by my statement. You accused others of being infantile and hurling insults, but you did the same thing. That's hypocrisy. And no, you didn't call bin Laden a bastard, you called other posters bastards: "Stick at it, and don't let the bastards get you down."

As for why we need to either go to war or threaten it seriously enough that Saddam caves, the evidence is all there, if you will just choose to see it. Way back months ago the evidence was not as great, and yet the UNSC passed Resolution 1441 unanimously. France was a major player in this effort, and the resolution clearly called for complete compliance by Iraq. It was very explicit that Saddam either had to declare or show proof of destruction of ALL his WMD. Now the French and German weasels are saying that they didn't really mean what they voted on before, and that endless inspections are good enough. With Saddam's track record of deceit, the fact that a handful of pacifist UN inspectors can not find these weapons should come as no shock, especially considering the fact that France refused to go along with aggressive inspections when 1441 was passed. In the meantime, North Korea and all other hostile regimes are taking note of the UN's lack of resolve and lack of seriousness, and they are only being emboldened. After all, why follow the rules when there is little chance of facing consequences?

We are basically being told that we should follow the lead of a corrupt organization (the UN) that can't even put its pants on in the morning. Half of its member nations are dictatorships (so the votes that are cast are representative of the dictators, not the people), Libya has been put in charge of human rights, and even in an obvious situation like Kosovo, the UNSC had to be drug kicking and screaming to make them do the right thing. You mentioned all the bluster in the UN about Israel, but note that there has been nary a whimper about Arafat’s support of terrorist organizations. And this is who you put your trust in? Puh-leeeze.

I, Palindrome --

Perhaps you should move to a country with a REAL junta so that you can have a little freakin' appreciation for the real meaning of that term. You and Wil are so full of it that it's not even funny. And if Bush is "far right" to you, then you must be so far to the left that you think Nader is too conservative. Please go buy a clue.

Wesley Crusher - boldly taking idiotarianism where no geek has gone before!

Oh well, at least he has a place to whine about his failed career and bash America.

Dear Eddgra Fallin,

I apologize if you think that that my opinion was directed to hurt the American people. I could sit here and be petty by picking apart things wrong with America but what is that going to solve.

Obviously pride does breed prejudice.

Peace brother

Just remember will,
WE DID NOT ELECT BUSH! he must be stopped from killing us all in a war that is unjust. write your congressman and the president, unfortunately that's all we can do. Your partner in pain, Spencer

It's the 21st Century equivalent of "duck and cover".

The following is taken from Victor Davis Hanson's book An Autumn of War:

Q. Violence begets violence. What did war ever solve? Do we have to reply in kind-to get down to their level? Haven't we learned more than "an eye for an eye" in the last thousand years? You cannot bomb in my name."

A. Violence can, in fact, breed an endless circle of violence (note Northern Ireland)-but only if there is no clear moral consensus, and it is practiced solely in equal measure. But overwhelming violence in response to great evil, while tragic, is not therein evil. Such a military response constitutes real humanity and bravery because it is not rhetorical or cheap, and stops the killing on the part of the killers.
Those who work in peril 20 hours a day on carriers and behind enamy lines did not ask for this war, but they are nonetheless fighting to ensure that their own children and those of others to come do not have to make the sacrifices they are now so bravely enduring.
War--whether to end slavery, to ruin the Nazi death camps, or to dismantle the Japanese military--has in fact ended grear evil inflicted on millions. And if we don't reply now--as we didn't to Hitler after Czechoslovakia, the Italians in Ethiopia, or the Japanese in Nanking--murder unchecked goes on to kill millions. Ask the Cambodians, Bosnians, or Tutus. We have learned from the last twenty-five hundered years that human nature is unchanging and that the well-intentioned efforts to disarm and outlaw war are dangerous--and that such utopian pacifism is always at someone else's expense: usually those poorer, less educated, and not so "sophisticated" as yourself.
Can you please tell me what you would have advocated on December 8, 1941? And if we cannot in your name bomb the source of our terror, can our domestic forces at least use deadly force here at home to protect civilians from more crashing airliners and suicide bombers?

(written on Nov 1, 2001 and published in National Review Online on Nov 2. excerpted from An Autumn of War, a collection of published articles published after the events of 9/11.)

my two cents:
"The Bush Junta"? President Bush is not that facsist Saddam Hussein, Wil. You're fighting in the wrong field. "Are the American people so soporific that they can't see this bullshit for what it is?" Got it in one Wil. All us good 'ole boys is just too dumb to unnerstand. Hey, what does soporific mean anyway?
Wars have never been fought with 100% moral perfection, but they are fought so that the mass murder and atrocities will end. And insulting those who bear the burden of safe-guarding your comfortable existance (thereby insulting the rest of us who are on the same page)doesn't make you sound anti-American. But it makes you sound foolish.

- Karl

Alan said:
"Not to be alarmist but I'd say the US is coming to regard Canada the way Australia regards Indonesia. Yes, it's geographically close, an important trading partner, a cheap vacation destination and a nominal ally, but it has to be pushed and chivied into taking even the most perfunctory action against obvious enemies, and everyone knows that all kinds of dodgy characters have the run of the joint."
Yes, you're right, our (Canadian) leaders are pretty dodgy. The same thing has been said of the current US government by a lot of Americans. As for not taking action, well, go tell that to our Navy men and women in the Gulf risking their necks to inspect shipping traffic, and to the families of the Canadian dead in Afghanistan your pilots accidentally bombed. Our government was one of the first to be onboard right after September 11th. And as for not standing up in the case of war, do you want to talk about when the US entered WWI and WWI vs. when Canada did?

Hey Fluffy,
I’m back it’s your old pal NYC. I can’t believe that you are still against this securing of the peace for Iraq. You are really too good a guy. Come on you admitted Saddam is evil, you admitted he is torturing his citizens. I thought I got you to agree with going toward the light, the freedom and democratization of Iraq. A pity, you still coddle Saddam.
I look at the pervious posts; you are certainly very anti-Israel, that doesn’t necessarily make you anti-Semitic, after all, you are an Arabist, and Arabs are also Semites. I believe that one can draw a case for association, when one protests with known anti-Semites. You are above that, I would hope.
To me the reason France and Germany are against the war with Iraq is two-fold. The first, is the money and oil connection. Both Germany and Iraq have trade, the highest in Europe, in both weapons and technology. France, has a deal with Iraq for oil which is very lucrative for the French, it is over a $20 Billion deal. Yes, an oil-for money deal. Germany I have discussed in the past, they are by far the worst. They need to stop giving weapons and technology to this monster; so far, they have not. The second reason is that both France and Germany have very anti Israeli governments, and are in my opinion anti-Semitic. They know that a free democratic Iraq would make Israel a much smaller target for attack and make their job (protecting Israelis) much easier. This is not something the appeaser nations of France and Germany want. Also, France is no longer an ally to the US, she has been since before I was born, trying every way possible to fuck the US. France would not allow President Reagan to use their airspace in hitting Libya in the 1980’s, the involvement of the US in Vietnam was a direct result of French Imperialism
and the desire of the US to help and ally. We can go to the Vichy France, the other multiple times they have fucked us, but we need not to do so. And tody so they choose to do the act again, and once again, no lube.
Also, you facts on Israel are wrong. There has NEVER been a security council resolution against the Israelis. There have been some in the General Assembly, but those mean absolutely NOTHING. They are a joke, and everyone in the know, knows this. The real power resides only in the Security Council, and Iraq has more resolutions against them than I wish to count.
By the way the DPRK (North Korea), is a threat but in way to the same level as Iraq, even with Kim possessing nukes. They can be and are being dealt with, as they should be.
The main problem with the world today is the jihadists, amonst which include both OBL and Saddam. Saddam has funded Hamas, what makes you think he isn't supporting OBL. Spurious I don't think he is, aside, why not? They have the same goals - to destroy the US. War makes strange bedfellows - look at the Nazis and the Japanese and Italians. Hitler should have hated both, neither were his defition of "Aryian". Look at the US and British with the Soviets in WWII, mortal enemies since the inception of the USSR. Strange times yield strange alliances. So today we have the French allying themselves with the new Hitler - Saddam, as is OBL. I'm not suprised. I'm suprised that you refuse to see that, bieng British, you should be especially keen to spoting these evils, and not appeasing them again, until it is almost too late.
By the way, Hans Blix is a German, is it just a conincidence that he is now bending over for the Iraqis?

Be the light Fluffy,
your old pal,
P.S. I read that more people in the UK reported their religion as Jedi than Jewish, Seik, Hindu and something else (can't remember), is that true?
May the Force be with you.


I believe that as Americans -- the most free and most fortunate of all the world's people -- it is our duty to fight for everyone's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Why should we be the only ones to enjoy these inaliable rights? This means destroying evil wherever it resides. We must stamp out terrorism wherever it breeds. We must defend democracy wherever it struggles to survive (and yes, this means funneling billions to our friends the Israelis, the most courageous free people on the planet). The people of Iraq have suffered long enough under the thumb of their brutal, murderous dictator (as have the Afghanis, Cubans, and North Koreans). We have let them down in the past. We must rectify this now. So I say MAKE WAR, NOT LOVE TO SADDAM (AND HIS FELLOW TYRANTS). Too simplistic for you?

A little advice about the book: the more you correct it, the more you're gonna hate it, trust me!
A little advice on war: Millions of people are going through the panic, fear, anger stage. If it happens, it happens to all of us. Never alone
A little advice on life: If you're feeling bitter towards other people, ignore them and make yourself feel better :)
Annie xxx

I am not all that old, but I did come of age almost 20 years ago. People were still being shot for attempting to make it across the Berlin Wall and Nuke'm Ronnie decided the best way to kick Russian butt was to build weapons so fast that they would go broke keeping up.

Oddly enough it worked. But I remember talking to my parent and grand parents who still have the image of Nikita Kruchev banging on the table with his shoe screaming "We will BURY you" burned into their brains. Even though he was willing to kill us and even though people paid untold millions to create bombshelters they were never used, well except as a Brendan Frasier, Drew Barrymore vehicle.

This is not to say something bad couldn't happen, September 11 was bad (not as bad as orginally stated 30K people puleeze.) For the 10s of thousands family members of the few thousand who died in a nation of hundreds of millions it was bad, most of us felt bad and moved on.

It did give me the opportunity to see what life would be like without airplanes. I live in a large metropolitian area and it was downright eerie.

It is interesting that Blix has stated that Iraq isn't doing everything it can but that there is no cause for alarm. Kim has his finger onna button, and the terrorists we are interrogating are so desperate to get out they will say anything. What was once certain isn't so certain anymore although I am not sure what that will mean for us down the road.

While life here is not as good as it was a few years ago it beats the livin hell out of most periods in the past AND may locations in the present. People feel the need to do something they should be thinking about the consequences and if they don't think us going to war will help they should join the effort to stop it. Or they should decide the trust the gubbiment but we as a nation seem to care more about who Evan's decision than we do about this issue.


Hey Wil,

You know, I worked for a decade at a major electronics company throughout the 90s, and we had a saying in the factory... "There comes a time in every project when you have to shoot the engineer and start production." Ok, it was meant as a joke, but in reality, it carries a lot of weight.

In my case, I recently had my first ever "professional" writing assignment published in a major magazine. While it wasn't anywhere near the workload of an actual *book*, I know what you are going through. I wrote, and tweaked and rewrote and tweaked some more. I agonized over, felt frustrated by and questioned every single word that I wrote. It was only a measly 600 word review, but I must have redone it completely at least a dozen times. I'd finish it and walk away... the next day I'd read it over and HATE EVERY FUCKING WORD OF IT. Cut, paste, delete, rewrite.

Then that slogan popped back into my mind. It was time to shoot the engineer. I took my final draft, made my final tweaks, crossed my fingers and sent it in. The responses I have gotten from it have all been positive, I realize now that I worried entirely too much about it.

I don't know if you'll scroll all the way down to this post or not, but I hope you finally decide to shoot your engineer and start production. You have a lot of fans, (and you have even more people here who have actually taken time to get to know you to some extent) that are really looking forward to your book, myself included. You'll never write the "perfect" book that won't get some negative feedback, because you can never make everyone happy! So fuck it... write it so you are happy with it and be done with it. Stressing over it does no good.

good luck man. I'm really looking forward to reading it. :-)

As for the trolls, hell... look at all the positive energy flowing your way from just THIS thread! You have a lot of people who care about you and think you're a great guy. Fuck these piss-ant bastards that have nothing better to do than talk shit. You're lucky, you can ignore them. They have to live with themselves. :-)

Peace, mojo and goodwill

Qwitcherbitchin and get a life. Or a job.

never commented before, but just wanted to say...there's nothing wrong with taking constructive criticism from others. in fact, it's almost always a good thing...but you have to remember that you're never going to be able to please everyone with every sentence. it's impossible. don't second guess yourself after hearing it, because your writing will suffer. besides, i can tell by your writings on the site that you're talented- i bet your book will kick ass. :)

It *is* Ok to be scared or feel anxiety about your book. I always feel anxious when I post a work of my writing somewhere. I wonder if it's good, if people will like it, etc. You can't please all of the people all of the time. People just have different tastes. You have to go with what feels right to you. Writing is an expression of who we are, what we are thinking, and how we are feeling. Don't let other people alter your perception of yourself.
As for the war thing, it's a sad fact that there are people who want to destroy America. Civilians don't really know whats going on for sure bc the military can NOT disclose all of their info bc the media just leaks it and more people get killed/hurt. The media is purposely trying to instill fear bc they want to see people panicking bc they think it makes "good" news. The govt itself is trying to prepare people and keep things safe. There is a real threat but not as badly as the media is making it seem. Saddaam is a mistake that the US made and they are now trying to get rid of him. Is that moral? I don't know. Probably not. Is it a good idea to do it to protect us from future attacks? Probably. War is ugly.
But we should be glad we aren't living in someplace like Israel. I have a friend, Eyal, in Israel. He told me how he has nightmares about the bombings and such. One day when he was passing out gas masks to civilians, his base got bombed and some of his friends were killed. He has to live in real genuine fear for his life and the lived of his loved ones. We should be thankful that we are not in that situation.

The people that you so kindly refered to as “freaks” have not done anything to harm us such as bomb Canada for anything have we…oh except for the USA – when then bombed and killed our own soldiers not too long ago…Ya thanks for the defense as we have soooo many enemies… Ya our medical care system sucks, compared to yours which is sooooo great…sorry for coming down to support your medical care system – those damn sick people they’re so “sneaky”. You make think that Canada is "using" the USA, but where do you think you are getting a lot of your water, wood, oil, and electricity from?

Vancouver Island was just expressing an opinion, which I thought was supposed to be respected in the USA due to "freedom of speech". I am an imigrant and I am not a "freak" - actually you are an imigrant too...just one with seniority. It is the uncontroled and unjustified anger like what you expressed that is disturbing and truly scary - no wonder there is so much violence in the US.

Synchronicity , actually I didn't say that Mark Steyn did. He's a well respected Canadian columnist who is regularly published in a number of respected publications in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Like I said I know a lot of Canadians and grew up with Canada as part of my normal daily life(Stampede Wrestling and Captain Canuck comics were a staple of my childhood). What distresses is me is that the Canada that I grew up knowing has changed so radically that it is frightening. I know what Canada has and does continue to provide to the world. But the elites who control your country are destroying it. Everyday I see Canada becoming less Canadian and more, well, Old Europe. I know that a sizeable percentage of Canadians would like to stop this degradation but they can't stop fighting each other long enough to strive for their common interests. So while the moderate to far right won't work together the left are united largely by a cultural inferiority complex as to their relationship to the US. It's very scary and I fear for Canada's future.

Don't worry now about the writing being "good". At this stage, that shouldn't be what it's about.

What you should be asking yourself is: is this the book I want to put out? Are these the things that I want to put out in front of the world, the things that I want to take from myself, free myself from bearing all their weight, and have people react to? I suspect the answer is "yes".

And if it is "yes", then that is fine. Some people will react well to it, some people will react badly to it, and it all may have no logic. Just as there are people who troll you for their own need to feel better than someone, and just as there are those who will kiss up to you for your fame, people will react to your work based more on what's in themselves than on what's in your work.

They like it, they don't like it, it doesn't matter so much. What matters is that you put it out and give them the chance to react to it.

Hey, Mala --

Since you're new in this country, I'll cut you a little slack and let you plead ignorance, but here's a little lesson for you: freedom of speech DOES NOT mean freedom from criticism. Vancouver Island is free to say what he wants, and we are free to disagree with him. See how that works?

Unfortunately, you must have been talking to some of our more left-leaning citizens, because any time they get criticized, a lot of them start bitching and moaning about "censorship," "hostile environments," and "fascism," as if those complaints have any basis in fact.

Vancouver Island stated his view, others responded, free speech wins the day. O.K., civics lesson is over -- now go read some Jonah Goldberg or Mark Steyn.

Dear Will,
Take some advice from somebody who knows. If you let what others have to say get you then you're giving them unnessecary power over you and that compromising your ability to think and act clearly on your own behalf. Allow me to go into more detail,I was born with a disability (I don't want pity or any of that patronizing crap, if had enough that to last me a lifetime). If had let people tell me what to do or say I would not be where I am today (a newly graduated college student with an income coming in and generally enjoying life) In short, give them hell, because you're the only one who can, it's your life after all.


Hey there. How you doing? Its good to hear (read?) from you. I'm not going to go into a big post just now, because I'm exhausted and am going to get some sleep. I'll get back to you tomorrow - when I'm awake.
I so tired because I just spent all day being part of a 60,000 strong anti-war march. I didn't see any anti-semitic sentiment...I saw a lot of people, young to old, from all walks of life (including war veterans!) who don't agree with the case for the war as it currently stands. Most of those who I talked to would like to see Saddam toppled...we just don't see why we have to drop 8000+ cruise missiles on Iraq (estimated numbers...) to do it.
Maybe there were anti-semites in the march...but I was marching for peace and nothing else.
But im too tired to explain my feelings about this just now. Anyone...ANYONE...who wants to talk to me further on this, my E-mail is [email protected]

Oh, and the Jedi thing is true...it was a protest against religion being included in the census.

Chow for now.

Wil, you're 30. I'm 30, and I stopped caring what most other people thought years ago. Mind you, you probably don't have as sad a music collection as I do...

As for the war thing, your postings remind me that not all Americans are blind Republicans who follow the oil barons and whoever else runs your country, and by that definition, the world. One million people protested against this war in the UK today, and all the pro-war lobby can argue is that this is a moral crusade against a bad man. Saddam is a bad man, but then so is Robert Mugabe, and I don't see anyone rushing to Zimbabwe's rescue.

Yeah, no one is trying to stop Mugabe yet, not even the people he's getting ready to starve to death. Heck, the French are embracing him and welcoming him with open arms. Too bad more people can't follow in the footsteps of those moral giants.

Yes, Nick P, all of us who are in favor of being willing to use military force if necessary against Iraq after twelve years of defiance are just drones who have no minds of our own. After all, how could we possibly disagree with you if we actually thought about what we believed in?

Hell, if it makes you feel better to tell yourself that, then knock yourself out. I'm sure you were/would have been against the arms buildup that finally ended the Cold War, too. Silly lefties -- ever since Vietnam, you've been on the wrong side of every serious geopolitical debate that's been had.

I think a poster earlier captured the tenor of this entire string quite accurately:

"Peace in our time"

Don't worry about Saddam, he doesn't have any WMDs.

And if even if he does have 30,000 tons of chem-bio weapons, he's no threat.

He wouldn't dream of selling them or giving them to Osama and friends, would he? Why, they hate each other, they have nothing in common. Just like Germany and Japan in WWII.

And if we don't do anything, the terrorists won't think we're weak and indecisive. Ideas like that NEVER cross their minds.

When Osama and Hamas and Hezbollah say they want to kill all of us, they don't mean it do they? They've never done anything that would make you think otherwise, have they?differently

Let's just let it be, who cares about the Middle East?

Saddam would never try to conquer the Middle East, and even if he does, so what? He can determine the fate of the world economy, what business is it of ours?

Bush is just an insane rich guy. Rich TV and movie stars know much better how we should conduct foreign policy. Martin Sheen and George Clooney, there's your real leaders.

Better to just close your eyes.

And close your ears. That way you won't have to hear the screams of millions when they're dying under clouds of Sarin.

My Pledge To Hollywood's Anti-War Spokespeople.

I promise to join your cause with the following conditions:

1. George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Ed Harris and all the rest promise to NEVER, EVER appear in any movie or television show in which they portray American soldiers.

2. As believers in peace at any cost, said actors, and including Wil Wheaton, will NEVER, EVER again appear in any movie or television show in which any violence shown.

3. Said actors will immediately forsake any and all royalties for films and television shows in which they portrayed American soldiers or in which there was violence. They will also agree to return all payments and salaries accuring to them for their portrayals in said films and television shows.

That includes you Wil, because as I remember you were in a television program in which war and violence was a central plot theme.

Do these things, prove that you are not hypocrites and I'll happily join you.


Thought I was going to bed a while back, but I'm still not there. Been up thinking for a while. You know, it finally hit me after the rallies today what is really going on. I mean, I was standing there today protesting for peace, when it suddenly hit me: I'm surrounded by fucking communists, anarchists, and other assorted radicals. These people don't want peace -- they are just using this whole anti-war stuff as their latest excuse to protest something. These are the same people who were out marching in the anti-globalization protests, and many of them are former anti-Vietnam protesters, still out here regurgitating the same tired old rhetoric. Do these same people really give a rat's ass about the people of Iraq, or the oppressed people of any other country for that matter? Hell no! They're too busy protesting the Marines holding a few fucking terrorists in prison down at Gitmo to care about the REAL problems in the world. What a bunch of losers!

So the upshot is that I have now seen the anti-war protests for the sham they are and I have come over to the rational side. Let's go kick Saddam's ass!

I read this post on Friday night and it's one of the reasons I went to the war protest today. I have pictures here:


Thanks for the kick in the ass. Good luck with the book.

Hey Fluffy,

Thank God, your eyes have finally been opened! I'm so glad to read that! Vie ve la Fluffy! I personally would not want to be seen demonstrating - demanding the protection of a known serial killer and general sociopath.
You know I think that Saddam should be viewed this way.
The best way to demonstraye this is to imagine that the Mayor of Edinburgh was murdered and the murderer took over his office and starting making laws on the old Mayor's letterhead. Anyone not cutting the mayor in on a piece of the action in the city is killed. He then tries to go out and take over other towns the same way. Hey, that is a description of Saddam. Then flash forward, people in China start protesting to protect this guy, the mass murderer and guy acting like he has an actual legitimate government, but it is just a criminal enterprise. That would be truely offensive wouldn't it?
Well I am offended by those who would protect this crook, this madman, Saddam. God help us Fluffy!
I too saw, on the tv, the protesters, and like 90% are older than dirt. No wonder they were protesting, they were probably thinking their social security would be cut if we invaded Iraq. Maybe Geritol will be rationed.

May the Force be with you,

So I had to be on the streets around Grand Central late this afternoon, as the demonstration was breaking up. Now, I grant that there are morally serious people against the war. I just didn't see any of them today. This is what I saw: a child whose parents hung a poster around her neck that read: MORE CANDY AND ICE CREAM/LESS WAR AND BIGOTRY. I'm not making that up. I also saw this slogan on a poster: THE IRAQI PEOPLE NEED OUR LOVE, NOT OUR BOMBS. Ooh yeah, and mean people suck.

I also saw a woman carrying a poster that had an image of President Bush with a Hitler mustache drawn on. I nearly lost it over that. What kind of decent person would have anything to do with a movement that likened the President of the United States to a genocidal mass murderer? To hell with these people. Just to see them walking the street is to put oneself in touch with one's inner Teamster.

By the way, one of four lesbians I stood with as they tried to cross the street said, "It didn't snow today. Goddess was with us!" It was that kind of day in New York.

This for the PRO-WAR people-

By the logic you're using to justify a war with Iraq, we can apply that to over 30 more countries in violation of U.N. resolutions with levels of human rights violations equal or worse than that of Saddam. If we're going to go in to war with Iraq (Which we obviously are) when do you expect it to stop? I personally would bet five hundred dollars Iran, Pakistan, and most of the middle east with stances of hostility against America (in their population) will fall. Then what? Do we take it to Africa who has tyrants worse than Saddam, slaughtering their own people? I don't dispute the problems with Saddam, but the world has many more leaders like him. It's not a matter of there being a case or not, it's a matter of are we prepared to tear this world apart, smash any who oposes us, even long time allies if they stand in the way?

What I'm seeing in America, a country I've grown up loving and supporting is the beginning of a tyranny. We're starting with a administration who honestly believes we're doing this for the good of the world, with a majority of the country (people like yourself) under the perception "for the good of the world, for our safety, and for freedom we will liberate those who stand in our way."

With this mindset, we won't stop. We will vanquish our enemies, smash our alliances, and destroy anyone who stands in our way.

In this war do you truly believe we're going to be able to properly implement a nation-building strategy for these liberated nations when our former allies stand agaisnt us? We can barely keep Afghanistan in order, outside of Cabal the country is in total chaos - Now before you spin off the media hype that "we liberated their women, it's freedom and apple pie in Afghanistan!" I just spent a month over there (I'm a photojournalist) and I've never been more scared in my life. There are countless factions and forced fighting for power and influence, the government only has power within the capital because of U.S. special forces (All America is willing to commit to nation building, already making its promises to ensure Afghanistan develops properly irrelevent.) Afghanistan is in TOTAL and utter chaos, worse than it was when the taliban arrived. Sure, women have the rights to be unclothed in public, but they're too afraid to go out in the streets for fear of being raped, murdered, or worse by the very military alliance, the heroes we supported in this liberation. You expect Iraq to be any different?

The question is not if there's enough evidence to go to war - we've clearly established that it's irrelevant when we can hold the past actions, and a "lack" of proving cooperation as enough to go to war. If I knew the Bush administration could handle this situation properly I'd fully support getting rid of Saddam - but you need to see past your black and white view of the world, President Bush and his administration is just as every bit incompetent as President Clinton in regards to walking the walk. He has the talk, he has the moral clarity, but his implementation has been nothing short of a disaster. You cannot blame everything that has happened domestically (the economy, and 9/11) on Clinton - Bush who was the active President burdens every bit as much responsibility.

I simply don't believe President Bush or his administration is prepared for the necessary development of a post-war Iraq. I can already see it being given off to our allies (who will be eager to kiss-ass for their resistance when their stake in OIL comes in question) as we charge off to Iran, Saudi Arabi, or the next hostile country. This will not stop with your black-and-white view of the world where critical opinion is considered treason. The more you support an administration, the more critical you should be. A true American who supported Bush and the war would be more critical of him and his administration than some idiot off the street against the war who doesn't like the notion of fighting. What so many of you have demonstrated if blind faith - both pro-war and anti-war alike, trusting your 'trust worthey sources' with out stopping to ever understand the other's side.

It's so frustrating seeing you people argue in black and whites, liberal vs conservative - the world does not work like that. This is NOT an us vs them situation, we're Americans in this together. Each perspective offers a valid view, a piece of the bigger picture. You're unquestionably convinced, lots aren't convinced... perspective and angle - each are no more valid than the other. Till you accept that we're going to keep running in these same loops that we have for many years. A few years down the road another Power abusing democratics idiot like Clinton will get elected, the conservatives will decree it to be the end of America. A few years after that another shot-gun billy joe moron conservative will get elected and liberals will cry America is doomed. Get it together folks, we're in this together, not against each other.

Interesting post Mr Moss. But then you accuse me of exactly the same thing. You assume I oppose all war because I oppose this one. Maybe we're both guilty of over-simplification here, me especially as I should know better.

I've read enough history in my time to realise that there is no such thing as black and white, only shades of grey (and Saddam is a very dark shade of grey, but then the USA, UK et al are hardly whiter than white) and those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I'm not blind, I know Saddam is evil and - in a perfect world - would not exist. But I reserve the right to question any war, especially when what it entails is blood and guts and innocent blood and nothing very pleasant at all, while the arguments being formulated by politicians to support it ring hollow when we know that revenge and oil and our own vested interests are what are really driving this conflict.


Sorry to disappoint you, my friend, but the post with the date and time of
"Posted by fluffy at February 15, 2003 05:07 PM"
was not posted by me, since I was asleep at the time, because that was at about 2.00am here in Scotland. It was instead posted by a theiving, lamer, scumball who used my Alias and e-mail address to post a fake message displaying his/her own sentiments instead of my own. To say that I am pissed off by this is an understaement of the highest order. I had just spent an entire DAY marching for peace, and some fuckwit undermines and demeans that effort and the sentiment that went with it.
I would also like to point out that at the protest in Glasgow, there was a very wide variety of age groups. Sure, there were old people, many were Soldiers themselves (the full military uniform and medals gave it away, but there were also a hell of a lot of kids, and the majority of the people I saw were 20-40 years old.

To the Asshole who stole my Alias

You have posted a message that I find insulting and sickening, and you have used MY name to do it. You, sir, are lower than scum, because you are too afraid to take responsibility for your own sentiments, and have cheapened me and my beliefs for your own repugnant enjoyment. Be sure that if I ever find out who you are, that you will be dealt with. Libel and defamation are the resort of the weak. If you have a problem with me, I suggest you come forward from under your rock and face me with it. Until then...
fuck you and die.

Hang in there, Wil ^_^

You're not alone in how you feel about the situation with Iraq, we both often talk about ourselves. My only wish is that I could have joined one of the marches yesterday, I don't think a war's good for anyone, regardless of what Bush says.

The RFA story was a sore reminder to me of how ungrateful people can be at times, we've been in the same boat ourselves and it's not funny when it happens. In the end though it makes us grateful for the few real friends we have, in the real world and on places like WWDN, and we count you and Anne as two of them ^_^

Thank you for the Soapbox, probably the sanest place I've been on the internet and certainly the most welcoming. Hang in there, good luck with the book and don't let the bastards grind you down.

} {
^_~ & O_O

Wow, fluffy . . . real "peaceful" there. I guess that same spirit of peace is what led to so many of the protesters being arrested for fighting.

And before you fly off the handle, it wasn't me that used your name. Just didn't want you inflicting any "peace" on me.

Nice to see you back. ;) Great post.

Hey, Paco –

I am not going to try and match you word-for-word, but I would like to respond to at least some of what you said.

First off, don’t call us “pro-war.” Someone would have to be a sadist and a moron to actually be pro-war. What we are for is using the credible threat of military action as a means of outing Saddam. If that means that we eventually have to fight, then so be it, but all of us would much prefer that it didn’t come to that. Before France and Germany turned up the heat in the UNSC, the Saudis were trying to get Saddam to leave voluntarily, or have his generals stage a coup. Those efforts have now cooled considerably thanks to the Franco-German actions. All the anti-war people love to talk about the inspections and what Saddam is doing to “comply,” but they conveniently forget that the ONLY reason we even have inspectors and any other concessions is because Saddam believed Bush & Blair’s threats. Without saber-rattling, we’re still nowhere.

Next, please stop with the tyranny nonsense. It’s just so asinine. If America wanted an empire, we would have one by now. We’ve had military troops in Germany for over fifty years, and yet we obviously don’t control their government. Similarly, we have had military operations in numerous nations since WWII, but we haven’t annexed any of them. If we were just trying to take over the Middle East, why didn’t we take over Kuwait at the end of the Gulf War? It’s just a nutty argument.

The “we just want the oil” crap is so ridiculous on its face and so discredited that I don’t even want to argue it anymore. If you really believe that, then you have forfeited your right to appeal to logic and reason.

Yes, Afghanistan is a cesspool, but it was much the same even before the Soviets invaded. Unfortunately, they have a deeply ingrained warlord culture over there that is resistant to democratization efforts. But at least al Qaeda isn’t able to freely use it as an home base and training center anymore, and that’s a good thing for the entire world.

I do not have an pretensions about how difficult it will be to rebuild a post-war Iraq. I do have some hope in this regard, however, as Iraqis are more educated, more Westernized, and more secular than most of their Arab brethren. If any country over there can democratize, I believe it’s them. But even if that were not the case, I still think we have to do this (again, if it comes to it). Even the shrinking violets of the UN admit that Saddam possesses tons of biological and chemical weapons for which he has not accounted. The inspectors are not equipped to find these and shouldn’t be expected to. If we are content to settle for eternal inspections rather than true disarmament, the same old cycle will repeat itself. After things have calmed down and the world has turned its attention to other things, Saddam will become even less cooperative than he already is, knowing that it is unlikely that the inspectors will say much or that the UN will give him their full attention again for a while. Meanwhile, he’s got some pretty terrible weapons and some really nasty friends . . . .

If you can live with this constant threat, then good for you. I can’t however, I and don’t think we should have to. Coddling Saddam only encourages others who would be like him. Dealing with him in strong terms sends a signal to other such regimes that they will not survive if they try to follow in Saddam’s footsteps. You are right that the choices here are not easy, but in the end, I don’t see how we can NOT deal with Saddam in the strongest terms possible.

Hey, I don't want to sound all weird or anything, i guess i will....those notes to not post with emotional should be followed by all especially me....

I am sat here, tears streaming down my face...i hate that you feel so upset, angry..down trodden even! its upsetting to me becuase as crazy as it sounds i love you! i'm not the most intelligent person especially when it comes to politics but i know all this is wrong, there has to be another solution!!! There was a supposed bomb in the town where i worked the other day in the same place the last one was, where two young boys were killed, the whole place was locked down and a controlled explosion done, why are people so insane...what do they gain from it?? Is nobody safe??

With regard to your book, never doubt yourself! I can only speak for myself but i know i have every faith in you, it's not for us to decide what is good or bad....just be happy with it for yourself...you know your capabilities, and as long as you are proud of you work that will outshine any critic. I will be buying it with nobs on!!!!

I had a lot more to say but i can't see the screen so i'll leave it there!

With love and respect, you're my idol, and my inspiration....you're a star!

Andrea xxxxxxx

Wil, your RFA article really struck a cord with me, and it made me MAD. I have dealt with people like that a lot, and it drives me crazy that I think of the best come-back line like, ohhhh, 2 hours later. At the time I usually say something eloquent like "Oh yeah?!" while going red in the face.

I think I have to take a conflict resolution course.

Speaking of conflict resolution, I'm reminded of when I was a little kid, and I was scared that there was going to be a nuclear war and that we were all going to blow ourselves up (rocking back and forth on the floor with my teddy bear - now, not then).

Oh man, can't we all just get along?

Maybe if you lived or worked in nyc you would understand the threat of terrorism. I guess being the terrorism expert that you are you can actually judge what is a true terrorist alert and what is not. I guess all that training you did playing make believe on star trek gives you the proper background to tell us when we are in danger and when we are not. Fine, you dont want to believe we are in any danger, and president bush is making this all up to keep us scared thats fine. But, if there is another terrorist attack, and another 3,000 people are killed you will come back here and admit you were very wrong.

From columnist David Thomas of the Sunday Telegraph (UK):

"Maybe we are not so phlegmatic, after all. Maybe we are exhausted by the weight of our own history. Maybe, like our cheese-eating fellow-Europeans, we have become unwilling or unable to meet threats head-on, and defeat them. And that is where the advantage swings to America. You could say they panic - although it is only fair to point out that mockery of the Homeland Security department's advice was at least as scathing in Middle America as it was in Middle England. But one could also say that Americans come from a culture which still believes in taking action.

If Americans think they are going to be gassed, they buy gas-masks. If they think they might go thirsty, they buy water. And if they think their country has deadly enemies, they expect their President - whoever he is - to find the person and blow that sucker away.

British phlegm is the response of a nation that has lost the capacity to mould events, and decides, instead, to endure them. Americans may not have so much phlegm. But they do have stealth bombers, aircraft carriers, and the 101st Airborne Division. And who needs phlegm when you've got all that on your side?"

Hey fluffy, were you the one carrying the "Peace In Our Time" sign celebrating the legacy of Neville Chamberlain. Were you cheering your brothers and sisters who called the NYC police Nazis and Fascists, who attacked officers and beat then in the street. Thank whoever used your name, if only for a short time you were thought of as a moral, rational man(or woman, or gender challenged, or whatever the hell you are).


No. I was in the march in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND with over 60,000 (the Herald newspaper estimates between 60,000 and 80,000) peaceful protesters. There were no recorded arrests in that march, and in the LONDON, ENGLAND march, there were over one million people and only 3 recorded arrests.

I have no idea what the marches in US were like, but there was no violence at the one I was at.
Its a shame that there was violence in the NY march, but thats not my fault.

Hey Really Fluffy Guy --

I think Alan's point (and the ones made in the Rod Dreher post) are still perfectly valid. The fact is that you guys are out marching with nutcase extremists who have no compunction whatsoever about using "fascist," "Nazi," etc. as cheap insults and insist that this is all about oil or Bush's dad rather than deal with the real issues. ANSWER and other such groups have explicitly defended every single dictatorship on the planet including China, North Korea, and Iraq. How you can march with such psychos is beyond me. Reports are now coming out that the leaders of these groups are "thrilled" with the response they've gotten -- not because they are truly anti-war, but because they see dissension in Western democracies as good for their Stalinist and anarchist aims.

If you people are REALLY serious about peace, let's see you jetison the loser Commies that are currently leading you. Then maybe some of us will take your arguments seriously.


Fluffy, I too am offended that someone would use your screen name. I had made real progress with you and now someone f-ed it up.
That said, I'm really offended at you and those like you defending a mass murdering sociopath like Saddam. Why the hell do you cats love that guy? It's disgusting. Saddam like watching people being dissolved in acid while still alive. He burns people alive, he tortures them in many ways, and still their is 'peace marches'. Who the hell wants this guy in power, it is sick. It is like you guys think Bush is worse than Saddam, that is demented. Is it all just political differences? Is it just anti-Bush hatred? It is unbelieveable that Saddam is the most respected guy in the world to you types.

Well, I was going to post some encouragement to Wil, as is that not the point of this thread, but hey, first things first:

NYC, hello, remember me from a few months ago? Well since you decided to crawl out of wood work I thought I would say hello and wish you well. Yep, that's right no rants, no heated views on the impending war. Just to state that I am against it just like Fluffy but this is not the time or the place. (beside just had an excellent weekend on retreat so wanting to keep that feeling of the mountain top for a few more hours).

Fluffy, I cannot believe someone would have to stop that low as to steal your nick it is very low and dirty indeed. I am glad to hear that you had a good time on the march I hope you gave a shout or two for me.

Anyway, Wil, I cannot say much to encourage you as what may encourage me may not do it for you (that doesn't sound right... too tired) I just wanted you to know that this blog was the reason I started my own little one.

Keep up the good work and keep your head high, remember that if you aim at the moon and miss you will still land amongst the stars.

Catch ya all on the flip side (if we last that long...) >


My man! How you doing? Was your retreat a good experience?

The march was amazing. The numbers of people, the dignity of the protest was really moving. I also notice that Blair moved his speech forward by several hours so that he wasn't trying to talk his propaganda over the sound of the protest outside. And this is the guy who said he would never change his timetable because of protesters!

See you Tuesday! My first post of my BLOG will be up tomorrow, hopefully...

Wrong, Lurch. This IS the time and place because Wil brought it up. Besides, SOMEONE needs to counter this B.S. with some common sense, something which seems to be severely lacking in the anti-war movement right now.

Let me make myself perfectly clear -- if someone opposes the war, that's just fine with me. I don't care, and I don't claim that that belief makes you anti-American, anti-Western, or whatever. What I can't stand is seeing people oppose the war for dubious reasons (e.g., just because they hate Bush) or delusional reasons (e.g., they think it's about oil). I also hate seeing them talk about peace, while attending rallies sponsored by Stalinists, and welcoming all kinds of radical factions which are for all kinds of revolutions, but certainly not for peace. It also pisses me off that you guys talk about avoiding war, but you don't offer a viable alternative. The only thing you ever mention are the inspections, which are only in place because Bush threatened . . . WAR. You all like to claim that you are also against Saddam and that he has to go, etc., but what's your plan? Nada. Zilch. Zero. You don't have one. So until you people can actually come up with a reasonable, viable plan to deal with this menace that doesn't involve having pacifist "inspectors" supposedly doing a task that they are neither equipped nor given the proper latitude to do, I don't want to hear your bitching. Get off the damn fence and tell us all your grand and glorious plans for dealing with Saddam and getting rid of his WMD and maybe we'll have something to talk about. "Let's make love not war" and "Give peace a chance" are fine platitudes, but they are NOT realistic plans of action, and they don't work in the real world!

No sooner did I post my last message than I ran across two editorial pieces in today's newspapers that make my points exactly, and do it with style.

The first is the editorial from the Daily Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2003/02/17/dl1701.xml&sSheet=/opinion/2003/02/17/ixopinion.html), and it asks the very pertinent question, "What happens if the marchers get their way?" It's conclusion: everyone will be worse off, except for Saddam and all the Saddam wannabees.

The second is a column in The Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/antiwar/story/0,12809,896660,00.html) by a lefty who says that the main obstacle to peace in freedom in Iraq is the left. Makes some excellent points.

This should be required reading for any of you who are against the war, especially you, fluffy.

hey, i'm soo glad you're back. i know its taken me a while to read this, but i'm sure glad you didn't leave for too long!

I can't wait for the book to come out, i'm wicked excited! also i showed this post to a friend of mine who is very very anti american after reading a book called "why people hate americans", and she appreciated it greatly! As do i!

you go dude!

as i've said, great to hear from you, and we love you!!

from Rach

Amen to the left wing rant!

>> Where are the other voices in this vast wilderness? Isn't anyone willing to speak up?

Hey Wil, you're speaking up, as well as several million people around the world did past weekend.

There were so many US-Actors in Berlin last week than never before at a Berlinale and every single one of them spoke up. Dustin Hoffman held an astonishing speech. George Clooney just spoke into every cam around, that we germans should relax: It's the US-government thats the outsider, not we.

Duct Tape: We had this in our news and they were making comparisons with the "duck and cover"-propaganda during the a-bomb hysteria in the sixties.

See ya, head up,

My own objection to much of the peace marchers is not that the fact that they're marching ... but the fact that they're claiming to be motivated by concern for Iraqi people.

But as many people have pointed out, out of the 500,000 Iraqi exiles in the UK and hundreds of thousands in other countries around the world, hardly any attended any of the peace marches. They're the most supportive of this war. Do Fluffy and Co. believe they have any more concern for Iraqi lives than these people, most of whom still have families in Iraq?

Fluffy, you claim to believe that Saddam should be forced from power and disarmed. How? How would you do it without the threat of force and if the threat doesn't work, without the use of force? Without the threat of force, would Hans Blix have gotten his team into Iraq? Give me some way in which Saddam can be removed from power without force, because he's not stepping down.

And at least, acknowledge that the price for your "peace" is also paid in blood. Saddam tortures, mutilates, murders and rapes countless Iraqis every year. Hardly any Iraqi you'll meet has not had a family member who has been subjected to Saddam's tender mercies ... even Saddam himself.

I submit to you that no matter how many people are killed in Iraq, they would not number anywhere close to the number of people Saddam has killed since he came to power. And it will not number anywhere close to the number of people Saddam and the son(s) who succeeds him WILL kill over the next few years if allowed to remain in power.

And that's even dependent on whether or not "8000+ cruise missiles" are actually part of the US plan ... something you cannot say with any degree of certainty.

And as for the guy, Paco, (the "journalist") who is claiming that Afghanistan was better off under the Taliban (which is an asinine statement on its face), aren't you being a little bit unrealistic? America is not God. It's just been over one year since the U.S.A kicked the Taliban's ass. The fact that Afghanistan doesn't as yet look like New York means things are actually worse or no better. After well over two decades of civil war and entrenched warlordism, how can you expect that everything would be perfect after just one year?

Since the war began in Afghanistan, 127 schools, 400 wells, and 26 medical clinics have been built. Roads, bridges and other infrastructure are being built as we speak/type. Over $900 million has been spent by America alone on such projects and even more is on the way. You may quote Chomsky, Zinn and bow down to Fisk all you like, but DO NOT make light of the work being done by our soldiers in Afghanistan. They're doing work you're too self-rigteous to even acknowledge let alone do. Hate Bush all you like, but don't you dare use the people of Afghanistan or Iraq to give you cover.

By next Sunday, over 700,000 Afghan women would have been given shots against tetanus. That would cut down the number of new-born infant deaths from 11,000 per year down to a few hundreds. The number of women who die in child birth would collapse by at least 80%. Did the Taliban even care enough about the women of Afghanistan to even consider doing this? Did they care enough about their new-borns, boys talk less of girls?

I don't think you went to Afghanistan as a journalist, Paco. You went as an ideologue with your mind made up.


Let me give you a clue: Hollywood actors are idiots. If they're on your side about anything, then you're probably on the wrong side of the issue. Clooney, in particular, is a sick fuck. He recently publicly made fun of an old man suffering from a debilitating and fatal disease, and then later repeated the "joke" and refused to apologize. And you want to be on the same side as this asshole?

I had to look up the word "soporific." I'm going to try to use it in my vocabulary in the future -- I'm just too sleepy to attempt it right now.

Note to Wil: Don't post at all.

In all seriousness, your post truly suck shit. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just tellin it like it is. Sasquatch.


If you have such a low opinion of Wil's posts, why do you even bother coming on this blog to read them, and why do you bother posting comments about them?

If you dont like the content and you cant post something constructive, don't bother. Go away, and waste someone elses web space.


Hell, you've wasted enough space -- why not let Annette take a little, too?


I directed a few questions at you because you're probably the most intelligent of the anti-war brigade here.

Are you gonna answer them?

PS: I'm not pro-war, I'm anti-Saddam ...

On Friday I was working in my office looking over the starting point for the protests in Melbourne, Australia; and I don't think I've ever seen so many people together. It's the biggest protest in 30 years, and amazing to even consider having a good few percent of the population in one place at one time. Interesting to see how the press have covered these events when they seem to agree with the cause (as opposed to, say, the usual anti-globalisation protests).

Yet it doesn't stop our Prime Minister and our UN representative shooting their mouths off and bolstering Bush's delusion that the world is right behind him on this. Our PM has even made the seemingly stupid comment that he's not going to listen to what the people want.

There's just been too many lies and mistakes, too much shaky logic and leaping to conclusions, and too little consideration given to alternatives to war. Bush has either wanted a full-scale war all along, or wanted Saddam to believe he did. Nobody supports Saddam, and maybe something needs to be done, but I for one am not convinced that this is justified, or the best (or even a workable) solution.

Hmmm... he is 65, maybe he should be forced to take retirement. Or someone could surprise him, maybe bring on a heart attack... :)

"If the gas comes and it seeps into your house and not the old ladys, won't you feel really dumb?"
Wow, have a little foresight.
This warning of taping your windows is the new duck and cover. Its to gather more support for the way

Gee - i hope we go to war soon we we can take this plastic off of our windows.

How can this NOT be transparent for people???

the real terrorist is bush.

Chriscwej -- lies, mistakes, and shaky logic? Congrats! You've just described the anti-war effort to a tee. Although you would also have to add ulterior motives, hyperbolae, and downright sleaziness to the list. Oh sure, all of you SAY you are against Saddam, but how many of you actually bothered to protest against him? I think that tells you everything you need to know about the real goals of the peaceniks.

Adam -- you're an idiot. You have not only shaved your head and drunk the Kool-Aid, but you evidently still think the mothership is in orbit.

Mr. Wheaton,

Thank you for your words. Saddam graet man. Bush is Hitler. Saddam only want peace, Bush only want war. Islam is Religion of Peace. Death to America! Death to the infidels! Thank you for your support of our cause.

Hmmm, may as well go back to using my origional alias...

Martin Knight

I'll try answer your questions as soon as I get time, its just that I'm hideously busy at the moment. I get home from work and have to rush off again almost immediatly (and those gits at work won't let us spod the net, even at lunchtimes).

Please be patient, I'll answer as soon as I can.


Even Hezbollah is taking a harder line against Saddam than Chirac and the peaceniks. This is pitiful:

"It is now urgently up to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, said Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, to avert a war that would be 'among the greatest catastrophes in all of Arab history.' Nasrallah called on Saddam to meet with Iraqi opposition leaders, to step down in favor of a government of reconciliation and to declare immediately to the United Nations whatever weapons of mass destruction he still has. Sheikh Mohamed Kawtharami, one of the founders of Hezbollah and a senior member of its politburo, ‘We have no intention of becoming a pawn on Saddam Hussein's chessboard.'"

Link: http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/world/5206227.htm


I was 2/3 of the way through my book (which was originally a 2 author book and I was the only one writing and my publisher was looking for a second author to take care of my weak points) and we thought we'd found someone. She skimmed the book and then tore it to pieces.

Her most common refrain was "You can't put that in a technical manual." It took me a week of reflection before I came back and told my publisher I'd finish the book. She didn't like my humor (shrug) That's ok. And she was right, those type of things shouldn't be in a technical manual but I wasn't writing a technical manual, I was writing a readable, usable book ;)

So buck up, take the constructive criticism when it's good and let it roll off your back when it's not. I look forward to reading JAG, just as I do popping in on your blog.



I sympathize with the stress and anquish writing that book has brought you. Keep the faith and do it for you rather than trying to please the masses. You'll do fine.

As to the Iraq situation, I cannot say that I agree with your position. If the relaistic threat of war is not the motivator for Sadam then please tell me what you think is?

Talk about assholes. I had my domain "joe jobbed" a few weeks ago by spammers.

What a mess that was to have it all straightened out.

I'm still figuring how many thousands of people got the email because Iwas getting about 10-20 bounced messages per day.


What the hell are you talking about?

This is absolutely classic! Check it out . . .


Brad, that was AWESOME! Thanks for the link! I don't know who the reporter was, but he did an excellent job.

More proof that "anti-war" marchers are actually pro-Saddam, whether they admit it or not. Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Amir Taheri reports on his experience with the pro-Saddam mob this weekend:

I spent part of last Saturday with the so-called "antiwar" marchers in London in the company of some Iraqi friends. Our aim had been to persuade the organizers to let at least one Iraqi voice to be heard. Soon, however, it became clear that the organizers were as anxious to stifle the voice of the Iraqis in exile as was Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The Iraqis had come with placards reading "Freedom for Iraq" and "American rule, a hundred thousand times better than Takriti tyranny!"

But the tough guys who supervised the march would have none of that. Only official placards, manufactured in thousands and distributed among the "spontaneous" marchers, were allowed. These read "Bush and Blair, baby-killers," "Not in my name," "Freedom for Palestine" and "Indict Bush and Sharon."

Not one placard demanded that Saddam should disarm to avoid war.

The goons also confiscated photographs showing the tragedy of Halabja, the Kurdish town where Saddam's forces gassed 5,000 people to death in 1988.

A 78-year-old Iraqi grandmother managed to reach featured speaker Jesse Jackson and asked if she could "have the microphone for one minute to tell the people about my life." Jackson's response: "Today is not about Saddam Hussein. Today is about Bush and Blair and the massacre they plan in Iraq."

Here's an article from an Iraqi exile who doesn't agree that war and invasion are the only answer:


just a quick point...

I've noticed that there is a hell of a lot of generalisation going on in this whole debate. According to James Taranto, every "anti-war" protestor who was at the march in London is actually pro-Saddam. Since there were between 1 and 2 million people at that march, I suggest that a fairly large number of people who were there were simply there to show their horror and fear and disgust over the impending war, and not actually supporters of Saddam at all.

None of the people I met in the GLasgow march were pro-Saddam. They all hated him and wanted to see him removed from power...but Like myself, they didn't believe that a massed invasion was really the way to go about it.

This is such a volatile and murky situation, with difficult moral issues (juggle if you will, the morality of wanting Saddam defeated, and the morality of not wanting thousands of innocents to die in the process), that we should all be careful to avoid generalisations such as "all those who are anti-war are really Saddam-lovers" or "all those who are pro-war are sadistic buchers".
C,mon, humanity and human opinions are diverse and varied...lets try to remember that.


You are misconstruing Taranto's point. What he is saying is this: it takes two sides to make a war, but your crew is only actively protesting one side. Even if you are strongly against U.S./U.K.-led military action in Iraq, only the absolute far-far-left (e.g., ANSWER) absolves Saddam of any responsibility for the current conflict. But despite the fact that anti-war protesters pay lip service to the idea that Saddam is a bad guy, NONE of them protest against him! In fact, as was pointed out in an earlier post, anti-Saddam signs were actually CONFISCATED by goons at the London rally.

Even if you think Bush and Blair are wrong, Saddam is the provocateur here and clearly the one most in the wrong, and yet NO signs and NO speeches are directed towards him. Instead, we see multiple posters and banners comparing Bush & Rumsfeld to Hitler, and calling Blair a lap dog. Clearly, something is seriously wrong with this picture. When the leaders of democratic governments are being called Nazis, but there is virtually no criticism of the real mass-murderer, you really have to look at what the hell it is that you are doing. On top of all of that, Saddam is (rightly) looking at these marches as vindication of what he is doing. After all, none of the protesters seem to have much of a problem with him, at least as evidenced by their signs and speeches. So in addition to being fundamentally flawed from a philosophical and rhetorical standpoint, the marches are bolstering the resolve and self-esteem of a brutal tyrant. Great work, guys!

Peace in Middle Earth in our time

MINAS TIRITH (Gondor News Network) - Thousands of peace activists took to the streets of Minas Tirith and other cities of Middle Earth today to protest what they termed a rush to war with Mordor.

“We need more time for diplomacy,” said a key member of the Middle-Earth Security Council, Saruman the White. “I am not convinced by the evidence presented by my esteemed colleague, Gandalf the Grey, or that the Dark Lord Sauron presents an imminent danger to the peoples of the West.”

Many of the people protesting war in Mordor agreed with Saruman’s remarks. “Sauron says he’s destroyed his Rings of Mass Destruction (RMD) and that’s good enough for me,” said one fellow carrying a sign that said “Elrond is a Balrog.” Another demonstrator urged, “Give the RMD inspectors more time. There’s no reason to rush to any judgment just because Mount Doom is belching lava, the Dark Tower is rebuilt, and Osgiliath has been decimated.” A third protester piped up, “I haven’t heard a single bit of convincing evidence connecting the Nazgul with Sauron. I think they destroyed Osgiliath on their own initiative without any support from Sauron. Besides, it’s understandable they’re angry with Gondor. We haven’t done nearly as much for the Orcs and Goblins and Easterlings as the Nazgul and Sauron have. It’s understandable they throw their support to them. It’s our own fault really.”

As the protesters continued their march through the city, they chanted, “No blood for Mount Doom,” voicing a common sentiment that the leaders of the Western peoples are really seeking to get their hands on the powerful Mount Doom, where the One Ring of Power was allegedly forged.

Gandalf the Grey was unavailable for comment. A spokesman said he was in an undisclosed underground location, which sources have revealed is codenamed: Moria.

"Mr. Nobody" -

That fact that a left-wing academic, Iraqi dissident or not, would oppose the war is not exactly headline material. He no doubt also believes that Islam is a "religion of peace."

heheh bite me..

again for the second time.....bite me...

again for the second time.....bite me...

again for the second time.....bite me...

again for the second time.....bite me...

Wil, read your advise to your 12 year old self and apply it to your feelings about the book. For every person who loudly screams that they hate it, there will be another who quietly likes it. It will balance out.

americans... blah.

I'm reading some of the stuff Wil wrote and some of the comments on those nonsenses, and well, all my daubts and thoughts about americans were in place and right.

Wil is nothing more than a guy that, as a kid, happened to taste what is it like to live a rich life and be popular, and now, without the money, all he's got is low IQ americans "supporting" him. I started to wonder why the hell would someone read all the nonsense he writes and even post comments on that, but it came to my mind: "americans". Another guy that needs to realize the facts and live a normal, off-line life like everyone else does.

I won't be back to read whatever someone might write as a reply to this, so it would be good for you to keep your comments for yourself, and just keep doing what you used to do: kiss wil's ass and even "donate-pay" him to do it. Once again, "americans".

And yes, Wil, you're FAR AWAY from being a geek/propeller head. Way too far. I realize you want to be one, but it just doesn't work the way you thought :(

PS. america screwed my country BIG TIME. You low IQ folks have no history, but have yet almost destroyed everything we have built in the past 800 years.

(if you think this has nothing to do with you, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU SUPPORT YOUR LEADERS WHO DO THIS SHIT?!)

And yes, my english sucks (but hell, here in Bosnia I learned most of it in freakin bunkers/basements with joyfull sounds of detonations and gun shot, people screams and everything that goes with a war), so keep your grammar error fix-ups for yourself.

And oh, I wrote america without capital "A" on purpose. Go figure, low IQ nation :)


Ah, yes -- it's always nice to read such enlightened comments about low American IQs from someone who obviously has such a high IQ himself.

As for your country being screwed up, I'm sure your beloved former leader Milosovic has absolutely NOTHING to do with what has happened to you (I am guessing from your tone that you're a Bosnian Serb).

At any rate, please get a clue before you attempt to lecture anyone else on pretty much anything.

There's an interesting article in the New York Times magazine by liberal feminist Susan Sontag that makes many strong points. It's worth reading in full, but here are some highlights:

-In the first paragraph, she mocks "the widely held vision of Helpless Europe being dragged into a bellicose folly by Big Bad America."

-She observes that contemporary Europe is "precisely designed to be incapable of responding to the threat posed by a dictator" and that Europe's self-conception "renders obsolete most of the questions of justice -- indeed, all the moral questions."

-Sontag deplores Europe's inaction "in the face of all this irrational slaughter and suffering," and observes: "Of course, it is easy to turn your eyes from what is happening if it is not happening to you."

-In answer to the placards at antiwar demonstrations, she says: "For Peace. Against War. Who is not? But how can you stop those bent on genocide without making war?"

-She argues that a dictator need not pose an immediate threat to those outside his borders to justify taking action against him: "Imagine that Nazi Germany had had no expansionist ambitions but had simply made it a policy in the late 1930's and early 1940's to slaughter all the German Jews. Do we think a government has the right to do whatever it wants on its own territory? Maybe the governments of Europe would have said that 60 years ago. But would we approve now of their decision?"

-She rejects as "grotesque" any attempt to equate the casualties inflicted by the . . . bombing with the mayhem inflicted on hundreds of thousands of people" by a genocidal dictator.

Here's her conclusion:

Not all violence is equally reprehensible; not all wars are equally unjust.

No forceful response to the violence of a state against peoples who are nominally its own citizens? (Which is what most "wars" are today. Not wars between states.) The principal instances of mass violence in the world today are those committed by governments within their own legally recognized borders. Can we really say there is no response to this? Is it acceptable that such slaughters be dismissed as civil wars? . . . Is it true that war never solved anything? (Ask a black American if he or she thinks our Civil War didn't solve anything.)

War is not simply a mistake, a failure to communicate. There is radical evil in the world, which is why there are just wars. And this is a just war. Even if it has been bungled.

Stirring words indeed. A powerful case for liberating Iraq. Only Sontag wasn't writing about Iraq, she was writing about Kosovo. The article appeared in the New York Times magazine, on May 2, 1999. She is, of course, now agreeing with her fellow lefties and is completely against military action in Iraq.

And now, as Paul Harvey would say, you know the rest of the story.