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Off the top of my head, without any editing, a stream a consciousness:

Man, I really want to write, but I am just out of ideas. It's not that I'm "blocked," or anything, I just can't think of anything to write about.

So I'll just make myself write, and maybe something interesting will come out.

Maybe it's because there's not too much going on in my life right now: no auditions, nothing really exciting at home . . . I've just been working on rewrites of Just A Geek, and collecting some other weblog entries that I really like, (but couldn't put in JAG) for their own smaller book.

Just A Geek came in at over 350 pages today, and "Dancing Barefoot" comes in at about 90. I'm applying for ISBNs tomorrow.

I did some heavy rewriting of SpongeBob Vega$ Pants, to clean it up and make it flow better, and while I did that, I relived those five days. Jesus, what a great time that was. What a great con.

Jesus, I really hate Puddle of Mudd, and POD, and all those shitty bands that sound like them.

I've been trading calls with Adam from Creation about the Grand Slam show, and it sounds like he's excited to have me there. I've been thinking about conventions a lot lately, because I talk about them a great deal in JAG, and realized something: I have ALWAYS had more in common with the fans than the franchise, and attending conventions, as a speaker or a paying fan, is something I'll always love to do. Now that I have stories to read, a website to talk about, and comedy shows to do, I don't feel any angst about doing the shows. I can't tell you enough how great that feels.

As I get closer to finishing JAG, and it's younger brother (which requires far less work) I've been looking for printers . . . and actually got some quotes today for the first printing. It's very exciting, and also terrifying.

If anyone reading this has experience with a printer, and you'd like to share comments about that printer (good or bad) I'd really like to hear them.

I mowed my lawn tonight, and my shoes are grass stained and smelling like a summer morning.

When I mow the lawn, I like to listen to Jimmy Eat World on my car radio. "A Praise Chorus" is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. This afternoon, I didn't listen to the radio, but I did sing "Dogs" from Pink Floyd to myself as I mowed in a circle, rather than the diagonal lines I usually make.

My cool neighbor moved away on Friday. He's like 80, and Anne and I both felt like he's moving away to die. He'd lived in his house since 1951. That made me really sad. Now his house is empty, and will remain that way for a long time, according to neighborhood gossip.

Ferris wants to go outside.

Nolan is watching WWE. I remember when I was a kid, and I'd get up each Saturday morning to watch WWF when it was on KCOP here in Los Angeles. I loved it, once I figured out it was fake.

Anyone remember M.U.S.C.L.E. figures? The Dark Tower game from Milton Bradley? I bought a new GURPS 3E last week, to replace my old and falling apart copy. Boy do I love RPGs.

This was more fun than I thought it would be, but I can guarantee you that I'll read this in a few days and want to take it down. Well, I feel pretty satisfied now. Maybe I am blocked.

Does everybody really love Raymond? Because I really don't.

Anne just walked in, and Ferris doesn't want to go outside any more. Now she just wants to run around with Anne.

I really love Anne a lot. She is TRULY my "other half."

I have Red Hat 8.0, and I want to install KDE 3.1. Has anyone else done this? Is it going to bork my machine like it did when I tried to upgrade on Mandrake 8.2? Why can't I get CUPS to work?

I have to go make dinner: Falafel, tabouleh, and hummus. How Greek^H^H^H^H^H Lebanese of us.


This one time, at computer camp... oh never mind, it's a bit of an old joke...

as corny as it sounds...i really liked todays log. your life is as exciting as mine.

yay, i' near the top...

i have blocks when i write my journal too... sometimes i have lots to write but dont have time or dont know how to wri it and other times i have plenty of time and bugger all to write about! gah!

elias xxx

sometimes the entries where you just sit down and type whatever comes to mind first are the most entertaining, insightful forms of catharsis known to man.


Oh, GREEK ... i thought you said "geek"

I dug this entry. I like the random ones people post the best. It makes them seem more real instead of just words on a screen, I guess.

"I have to go make dinner: Falafel, tabouleh, and hummus. How Greek of us."

Thanks. You had to mention that as I sit on the couch watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

More Ouzo, please.

Life is not all drama and action. There are slow times and quiet times and even down right boring times.

I like this log because it gives me insight into your life and mind. I find it informative and entertaining but logs like this can also be soothing and reassuring.

You don't always have to have a punch line. Just let me peek into your life and I will always come back for more.

Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes just letting it flow is what you need to do. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying cons more these days - it makes the experience tons better for the fans who attend when the guests enjoy themselves and aren't just going through the motions. My family is considering coming to the Grand Slam, for Saturday only if we do make it, and we will definitely come to see your part of the show if we are there.

I like to listen to music while I mow the lawn too. But it will be a few more months before it will be time for that again here in Texas. :-)

Looking forward to the book(s)!

>Falafel, tabouleh, and hummus. How Greek of us.

you mean how arab of you? unless they have those things in greek cuisine too?

try fattoush it's the best!

You gotta love the slow times in life.

As for 'experience with a printer', my parents own a print shop. But we're all the way up in Canada. Its a fun place to work. Don't know of any printers down your way. Sorry.


What exactly is a falafel?

Yay Randomness.

My favourite kind of ness.

I love the feeling of just letting your mind unravel for a time, especially as people seem to be educated to keep a rein on their thoughts

"Dont day-dream, you'll never amount to anything dreaming etc"

I'm glad to hear there will be more Vegaspants. I was re-reading the archives and it remains a favourite of mine. And son of spongebob vegaspants as well....

Would you ever consider doing a UK convention. If you would i'd be happy to gather the UK monkeys to the flag and apply pressure to the organisers.

I find mowing the lawn like a haircut. It's so fresh and open, it always feel like i can start again and shrug things off and i suppose literally it is. Perhaps all of the bad things in life an be put down to hair. Perhaps haircuts and lawn mowings are a kind of cathexis/catharsis where you literally remove the problem, if only for a time until it comes bag. Does that mean bald people are happier? *makes notes*


No. No i do not love Raymond.

I love how you love Anne though. I kinda know how you feel, but to hear it from other people is so refreshing.

People dont say it often enough...

My god that was a long and incoherent post that nobody probably wanted to hear.


It's 0242hrs here and my mind is wandering....to my keyboard apparently.

Goodnight all.

For the KDE 3.1 upgrade - use the Konstruct tool kit. It's "a build system which helps you to install KDE releases and
applications on your system. It downloads defined source tarballs, checks
their integrity, decompresses, patches, configures, builds and installs them."


Happy upgrade ...

...if thats what you write when you cant think of anything to write...I would love to read the book when you have known what to write....somehow I dont think its gonna come to new Zealand..

I'm a bit sad..I think we are gonn lose the Americas Cup...

2 feet of snow puts my day in reality. It happens here every 10 years or so. Hearing that howling wind is cool and nerve twisting at the same time but I survived.
I thought you were taking a break from updates. Hmmmmmmmm. Do not be to hard on the bands that you do not like because its only Rock and Roll.


Yea! Did well photoshopping Wil as a Homestarrunner cartoon.
It's a play on the cartoon from the store shwag. And I hate Raymond. But Peter Boyle rules.

I love "Animals"! Though it always struck me as odd that, on an album called "Animals", 3 of the songs are about Pigs. (Though if you count "Pigs (three different ones)" as three tracks, the rankings end up as Sheep 1, Dogs 1, Pigs 5. (Which of course reminds me of Monty Python episode 1, "Whither Canada". But enough parentheses).

Glad to see you enjoying some stream of consciousness writing. I've been doing that quite a bit in my "Joe Millionaire Play-by-Play" (yeah, yeah, I actually watched it). I just had a woman write me to ask whether one of my sarcastic comments was for real ("Yes, maam, Zora really /is/ a man!"). *sigh*.

But then, I'm getting off topic, so I'll stop here.

From Spike Jones, the director of "Adaptation," comes an exciting new film: "Being John Malkovich II: Being Wil Wheaton." See the world through Wil Wheaton's eyes for 15 minutes!

Starring Jim Carrey, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu... and Wil Wheaton as himself.

Randomness is wonderful. It's hard to sit and write about *something* all the time. I tried to sign up for one of those web journals and when I finally found one, I forgot my password the next day. So I'm still stuck with pen and paper. (Note: If anyone knows a good online journal that is free, please let me know.)
And you know, sometimes out of those ramblings come the most amazing idea. Not that I have any, but I'd like to say that I just watched Joe Millionaire (well, intersperced [that was hard to spell] with the Senators-Rangers game) and am sad that I did. My life is truly boring. The saddest thing is that I have so much that I should be doing.
Sorry, it appears as if I am trying to hijack your blog.
Well life is good, keep it coming!

streaming straight from the mind...unfolding as they will unrelated thoughts from a relative time...there's no better way to say what you want to say if you can't find the words to say...so say everything and the thought is in there somewhere...along with everything else that happened on the way to the show...at the show...and on the way home...the heart of improvisation lives on in the writings of one who just lets it STREAM!...way to ramble wil!

"Hulk smashed grass. Now Hulk greener. Hulk walk dog now."

Awww shucks Wil, you sound so sweet when you talk about Anne like that! Seeing your ramblings is better than not hearing from you at all so bring it on!! Can't wait for your book - hopefully they'll sell it here in Australia but if not, I'll just order it from Amazon anyway.

wil: i was looking at your "blue hair" picture on the left side of the screen...and i thought man...that picture would make a great album cover for PINK FLOYD...of course the yard behind you would need to be covered with ripe bananas and kites...yeah really!

You know, sometimes you do your best work when you are not really trying to do anything at all.
It's funny but you show more of your soul when you "just write".
Something always comes out. :)

Wow, that was quite the different post.
Anyways, keep it up Wil.

Let us know if you get KDE 3.1 working with Konstruct. I'm itchin' to upgrade, and I'm a'fear'd of the instructions... I'll get more gumption if'n you suss it out.

Why'd I go all hillbilly all of a sudden? :-S

No Wil I don't think everybody really does love Raymond cause personally I think it sucks. The way you talk about Anne is so sweet. AAWWW. Your day is about as eventful as mine...went to class...watched Meet the Parents (God I love Jinxie Cat) how about you? We're watching Dr. Strangelove in my International Relations class next week. When my teacher said this I turned to my roommate and said, "Mel, Wil Wheaton recommended that movie!" Amusing stuff. Plus we're watching it on Sean Astin's birthday. Ok, I'm sure that if you read all that you really didn't care anyway. Take Care Wil. Love ya!

Printers... if you're looking at an offset press (which would require some upfront investment on your part, as well as maintaining inventory) I'd recommend DeHarts in CA ( http://www.deharts.com )

If you're looking to go digital, and not have to mess with keeping an inventory, plus have immediate access to Books In Print, and auto listing in Amazon.com and B&N.com, as well as distribution through Ingrams, I'd recommend Lightning Source ( http://www.lightningsource.com )

Buy more than 10 ISBNs, too... it'll help getting into brick and mortar stores.

Yes, I remember MUSCLE figures, the little orange/pink fellas. I think they were advertised as some kinda pro wrestlers. I doubt that I ever would have remembered that Dark Tower game without having been reminded of it. I had a buddy in elementary school who had that game.
And as much as it pains me to admit it, I see a lot of myself in Raymond. I was astonished to learn in the course of my first real relationship that I was the one to say the most boorishly insensitive thing and the worst possible moment and then wish I could go back and redo the previous seven seconds of my life. I always figured I would be more of a sensitive romantic than that.

Great post. It is wierd because I am watching WWE right now and looking at my collection of M.U.S.C.L.E figures on my computer desk.

GURPS is the best RPG ever. Too bad all my old gamer friends live someware else. I used to mow in my old rubber bottomed mud boots they work great and dont stain. Realy looking forward to reading just a geek.

OPA! Anyways I had only five muscle men and the only one I can remember is the one that was just a brick wall. Anyone had that guy?

Everybody Loves Raymond is cr@p. The same people that have made this trip into a comedic juggernaught are the people that made Full House, and Home Improvement such non-comedic mainstays on nineties network television. Does anyone ever want to see a rerun of The Cosby Show? Full House? Home Improvement? The same fate awaits Everybody Loves Raymond.

What's shocking is that a comedian with such a lightweight act like Seinfeld, could create perhaps the most brilliant live action comedy of the television era (MASH, and I Love Lucy aren't quite up to snuff in my view). Seinfeld was rather dull in my view, as a comedian, just as Ray Romano was, yet Seinfeld and Larry David created something that only The Simpsons could rival in its sheer brilliant. The same definitely cannot be said of Everybody Loves Raymond.

To call Puddle of Mudd a shitty band is one thing, but to call POD in the same group is something totally different. There is no, * NO * other band out there that in my opinion deserves respect like POD does. Having seen them before they made it huge (for $1 no less), upon their arrival to super-stardom they have not lost their touch with what made them huge. God. Prayer. Religion. They actively preach at their concerts and let people know that they could not be where they are, without His grace. So I'm sorry that you don't like their sound, but if you would ever listen to the lyrics that come out of that band's songs, I assure you your opinion would change.

Please, judge the book by it's content, not it's appearance.

I like the freeflowing journal entries!

Don't knock the lazy days, man. My life is so hectic right now, I envy the bored!

Gods I HATE Raymond. That is the most inane fucking show on television. Seriously, are Americans really that .... oh wait, we did put George W. Bush in charge...

By the way, cheers to Senator Byrd (from the link in your last post).

I'm a big fan of the random entries, its fun and insightful... To be honest with you I really miss the days of just a bunch of random entries. Too much structure is a bad thing...Keep it up!

Nice to see you're feeling better about writing, I wish I could put into words how reading your blog is a bright spot in my day.
How does one spell baklavah? I've been craving it for a week, but it would mean a trip through Canadian winter to the market, although the comic book store is next door to the market...calling me...calling me...
Speaking of Canada...how about Toronto Trek this summer?
When I lived in Asia I developed a love for WWF/E. When there's nothing on the tv in English, wrestling still works, even in Cantonese dubbing. Shots to the groin work in a universal language....

Hi Wil -- My husband has had six books published and is working on his sixth. He may have more information on the printing stage but mostly from the point of having to edit proofs over and over again. ;-) You can always ask him more questions, you can find his contact information on the web page I included. Good luck, it's a nerve wracking process, especially the first one. When you do have in paper, make sure to have a book party, it's a good way to celebrate! -- Rachel

GURPS r00lz.

One thing I noticed when the, um, first edition came out was how much the GURPS manual read like Inside Macintosh Volume 1. Two totally modular systems put together by geniuses who thought of everything and simultaneously knew it wasn't done yet.

Oh too cool, I thought, and the AD&D Monster Manual retreated to the bottom of The Box of RPG Reference.

Made my friends switch. Drew prerequisite charts for the Magic System myself. And I still have this idea for a Freaky Side of the FBI module inspired by Twin Peaks and the X-Files. "Scully, No! It's the Black Lodge!" -- will Mulder meet Dennis/Denise? Didn't Frank Black move to Seattle.....

I loved the Dark Tower game. We just played with the electronic tower and ignored the bored most of the time. I refuse to give up my old dying cell phone because it is the only one I've heard that uses the sound effect from Dark Tower.

"praise chorus" is definitely an inspiring song- i can see that it might be a good lawn-mowing tune. on a related note, "hear you me" made me cry, and i can't think of another time that i cried to a rock song.
and yes, POD is definitely shitty.

This is one guy who most definately does NOT love Raymond. That's gotta be one of the least funny shows I've seen, including non-comedy genres.

And damn it, Wil! Why do you get the wicked true love deal and I don't? Live it up, man because I've still gotta wait for mine. Bah!

LOL, u just kept writing and writing and this spontaneity really makes a fan like me happy. :)

Why do you hate American food so much? If you hate American food so much, you should just move to

that place where they eat tabouleh

wherever that is

Hmm, what about something like iUniverse.com or xLibris.com for the book?

Or did I miss the part where Wil already has a publishing solution and doesn't fancy print-on-demand or saddling Eager Reader with somewhat scary sticker prices?

Probably. I was napping. Sorry. Is there any more dip?

Have you considered going through a regular publishing house? There are disadvantages of course --having to submit to an editor, getting only a small percentages in royalties, waiting a long time to go to press, not being to control if you go out of print.

On the other hand, you get access to their marketing and publicity machinery, their editing expertise (if it's a project they believe in) and their distribution network, and you don't have to put any of your own money up.

Selling a self-published book can be a full-time job. Of course it will be easier for you because of WWDN & all your blog fans. But on the other hand, as a celebrity, it would probably be easier for you to sell to a publishing house than for most people (particularly if you chose one with a ST connection...).

Stay away from RedHat Linux 8.0 - not because it is bad, but because RedHat 8.1 is about to be released over the next month, and it includes KDE 3.1, besides fixing a huge number of other issues (and introducing a whole lot of new ones ;). I am using the 2nd (and probably final) beta, and it rocks.

Note that RHL 8.0 is a .0 release, and it shows - more than a CD's worth of updates released so far. ;-)

Great post Wil!

Try mowing your lawn in odd geometric patterns, like maybe a whale or a person, or a mule. Thousands of years from now people will think the people of Nazca took vacations in southern California like the rest of the world did hundreds of years later.

On second though, mow the Apple logo into your lawn.

I really don't love Raymond either. I don't even get why my wife loves Raymond. "There's something about Raymond".


Hey. RPG playing guy. Come play in our Saturday night game in Santa Monica. We have a regular group that plays all sorts of things, from GURPS to SaS to D&D3e to White Wolf stuff to Legend of the Five Rings.

We also happen to have two professional designers in the group, which is nice, because we like to think that we know what we're doing. ;-)

Drop me an email, and come on down some night.


You may want to check with Meisha Merlin for publication - they picked up a couple of my favorite authors and are publishing their new stuff and keeping their older stuff published (and on the shelf at my local B&N).

The site: http://www.meishamerlin.com

Hey, Wil--

I'd checked the Creation site recently and found out you and your improv cohorts would be performing--am very much looking forward to it, as I was unable to get to the show in January.

Also looking forward to both JAG and Dancing Barefoot (even though it's the first time I've heard of the latter). I enjoy your site very much, and it's generally the first thing I check when I get online. Your insight and honesty and humor and willingness to take a position continue to impress me.

And don't knock streams of consciousness--follow them long enough and you may come to wisdom...

Best regards to you, Anne, the boys and the critters!


p.s. I don't love Raymond either.


Wil, I'm working on my first book and so know the feeling of not knowing what to write. Separate and apart from being blocked, there just doesn't seem to be anything to say sometimes. I do have to say though, your stream of consciousness writing just now... it has some spirit to it. It made me smile. I felt I was dealing with a real man who has beauty in his everyday life.

I always wanted to be a writer too, Wil. When I was a kid, around about 8 or 9, I had these blueprints for the Enterprise from TOS. I used to spread these things out on the floor (there were 14 sheets I think) and sit in the middle of them, attempting to write my own TOS episode in a spiral notebook. I had no idea at the time that TOS was produced back in the '60s. I was such a naive child LOL

I still remember the plotline to my episode. It had something to do with some sort of plague that would make the crew go insane. In my story Checkov was the first to fall victim to this plague and I had him take over the ship from the Battle Bridge. Yep, Kirk's Enterprise had one of those too. it was in the secondary hull, somewhere around deck 17 or 18 or something...not really sure. It was somewhere behind the Main Deflector Dish...

Obviously I never made it into the writing business ;}

> I mowed my lawn tonight, and my shoes are grass stained and smelling like a summer morning.

Must be nice to be able to see your grass. I just removed 18 inches of snow off my driveway and it is still coming down. The last 10 inches came down in 2.5 hours!

Can't wait for JAG to come out. Until then, I guess I'll just have to read your blogs. Keep writing!

I can second Meisha Merlin for publishing. They're good for small press, and they're good guys, too -- I worked with 'em at White Wolf for a while.

Reminds me, why don't you call van Citters at Paramount/Viacom and ask him to put you in touch with the guys who do all the Star Trek novels? Maybe they'll give you a favorable publishing deal.

(I'd offer to help, but my company just publishes RPGs and card games, not novels.)

Dunno if it's still available, but there is a rather nice tome on KDE called "Practical KDE" via Que. Very well written with many details of operation and installation.

Hey Wil

1st. Send some dinner my way, i can use some celeb cooking.

2nd. The hp psc 2110 is the greatest printer of all time. I strongly reccomend it.

3rd. If your lucky a meth lab, or a brothell will move next door to Uncle Willy's house

4th. When are you going to watch my kitty.

Okay, so I'm having 'puter troubles and didn't even get the last part of what I wanted to post in up there in my last post...ARGH!

Anyway what I was going to say was that if you were bored at some point and wanted to read a bunch of useless rants from a real opinionated asshole, you could drop by http://encryptedmind.blogspot.com/

Hell you never know, there might be something in there that might spark a thought for you LOL

How LEBANESE of you!

Hope it was yummy!

GURPS Indeed! Everyone knows that the HERO System is far better. Not that I am anti-GURPS but....nah, I am anti-GURPS. Not to mention Call of Cthulhu. I am just pleased as punch that you revel in your geekdom.

When I tried to use Konstruct, it died with the following errors. Anyone know what this means?

make[5]: Leaving directory `/home/wil/konstruct/libs/qt-x11-free/work/qt-x11-free-3.1.1'
make[4]: *** [build-work/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/Makefile] Error 2
make[4]: Leaving directory `/home/wil/konstruct/libs/qt-x11-free'
make[3]: *** [dep-../../libs/qt-x11-free] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/wil/konstruct/libs/arts'
make[2]: *** [dep-../../libs/arts] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/wil/konstruct/kde/kdelibs'
make[1]: *** [dep-../../kde/kdelibs] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wil/konstruct/kde/kdebase'
make: *** [dep-../../kde/kdebase] Error 2

Dark Tower by Milton Bradley rocks! My best friend's brother had the game... and he never let us play it. We would wait until he was down the street at his buddies house, throw down our Barbies (The Dating Game was the only thing we'd play with Barbie's... we'd put up a screen so the other player couldn't see if her Barbie was picking the Ken, Luke Skywalker, or Shawn Cassidy doll. The goal was to make them pick Shawn Cassidy with his goofy hair.) and run into his room to play Dark Tower. We always seemed to misplace the Citadel piece. What a great game!

I saw it at an antique shop for $100 today- and I think it costs that much on Ebay for a working tower and board with most of the pieces.

Why don't they make cool board games like that anymore???

I sure do remember M.US.C.L.E figures... I thought that they were weird and wasn't a fan. BUT they're back!!

I work at Toys 'R' Us, and I found them to be hangin in a nice stripe in one of the action figures aisle on Saturday.

They're still weird.

I think that they should bring back Battle Beasts. There's a toy to remember.

I dont' know how anyone could like Raymond.

Nice stream of random thughts there, Wil. Now, for some REAL fun, print out that entry, and run it through the "William S. Burroughs Cut-Up Method" and see what happens.

Okay, just in case you DON'T know what a WSBCUM is:


Comparing Puddle of Mudd to POD are not alike. POD are wannabe rappers and I still haven't decided on what Puddle of Mudd is. I don't care for either :)

Comparing is not supposed to be there. Sorry.

Well, I'm an XP nut through and through but I did try KnoppixKDE, which is a Linux install with KDE 3.1 which boots of a CD-ROM and does touch your installed OS - worth a try, doesnt take long to burn to CD as an ISO and try out
went back to XP of course...

Wil, ya been sparking up a bud, bud?

Wil. Just say no.

Hey, Wil.

Not sure if you'll read this, but I see you wanted advice on a printer.

I am a self-published author and I got a LOT of good tips in a book called "The Self-Publishing Manual" by Dan Poynter.

As for a good printer, I used McNaughton & Gunn in Saline, MI. Why? Because I did all my reseach and finally I called Dan Poynters office and found out who he used.

Hope that helps you.

Not everybody loves Raymond...
Some of us hate his guts, in fact. :)

I have to add my vote to the pile of those that like the stream of Wil's consciousness. Very cool post. I have a tendancy to think like that too, so it made it easy for me to keep up when it switched from thread to thread.

Have a great day!

Last time I published a book we went with the company that printed Tony Levin's "Beyond the Bass Clef". I can't find the name of the outfit right now, but if you'd like I can track it down or shoot Tony an email.

GURPS? Bah! When you're really hardcore you'll spend a few months trying to finish off your Villains & Vigilantes collection, like I've been doing.

Once that's done, time for some random superheroes, baby!

We do not love Raymond!!!!
So Australia gets a shitload of American TV. Raymond comes on a couple times a week... and invariably one of us shouts out "i do NOT love raymond!"

To add insult to injury... we also get Becker...

The good bit it we get lots of Simpsons and South Park (free, no less).

But, to re-iterate, veryone does not love Raymond... we HATE Raymond!!!

*ok calm down....*

I like Raymond and Puddle of Mudd. Sorry about that.

Hi Wil,

Really liked your post - I enjoy "random thought" blogs.

On the Linux issue, I have to agree with the advice to wait for Red Hat 8.1, or even go for the beta.

Funny thing about Everybody Loves Raymond - when I first heard about it, the first thing I thought was that a title like that just begged people to say 'Fuck you, Raymond!'. I didn't think the show would last; I don't understand why it is still around.

Another thing I don't like about Raymond is the way they use the kids; I hate shows where the kids only show up to be cute, to be rude, or because the story somehow specifically REQUIRES them. Too many shows use TV kids like TV pets, and I think that sucks. So I guess I have to say it - fuck you, Raymond.

Good luck with the books.

See ya,

Another Wil


*URGE...TO ..KILL......RISING!!!*

Had a flight to the US last month where all they played was friggin 'Everybody Loves Raymond'over and over again!
Now I know what true hell looks like....Its cramped seats with tiny TV's for all enternity with %^%&% Raymond!

*pant pant*

Ok.....I'm better now.....

For those of you who don't speak German, I decided to try out my rusty skills on NYC's post there:

"Wil is the Fuehrer and his decisions are final. He is not to be questioned, or you will be interdicted (squashed, made taboo, whatever). That is true freedom! (This next bit is rather more free-hand) And it's just what the organizers of the "peace" protests in Los Angeles want from you, because they are Communists. Stalin would be proud! All hail Wil, the new Fuehrer."

Some notes: Fuehrer (the extra "e" signifies the dots over the "u") literally means "leader", but in post-WWII German it's *never* used except to reference Hitler. Similarly with the "all hail" bit... That has cultural baggage galore.

NYC: OK, you don't agree with Wil, and you seem to think war with Iraq is a good thing. Heck, *I* don't really agree with Wil on this point. But, well, 1)if you think he's talking crap, then don't read posts about the war. It's Wil's site, not yours; 2)if you're going to spout inflammatory shit, then at least have the courage of your conviction (or, hell, just the balls!) to do it openly -- and since this is a site run by a native English speaker, that means *in English*.

i like raymond...but i definitely don't love him.

Loved the light-hearted post. Shucks Wil, I laugh my head-off at Raymond. I think I have pent-up frustration at my mother-in-law...
Enjoy your day!

Hope you leave the entry up. Random thoughts are fun to read.

Pardon me as I go rescue my husband's mouse from our toddler before he deletes something important...

Wil, sweetie ... WHY are you going the self-publishing route? Do you know what a disadvantage that puts you at in terms of distribution? Don't buy into the stupid "New York Publishing Mafia" myth--try the big houses first. If that prospect doesn't thrill you, try the small press. Meisha Merlin's a good one, and you might also want to try Wildside, which is outgrowing the "small press" label. Their URL is http://www.wildsidepress.com/. Don't spend your hard-earned money when you can get someone else to front the costs.

Don't like Raymond...but can I come to dinner?


No direct experience with publishers/printers, but some of the companies used by web comics folks might be an idea - talk to the comics folks and see if they have any horror stories/good tips.

Off the top of my head Plan9 (http://www.plan9.org/) does Sluggy Freelance (which rules) and User Friendly, and also do non-cartoon books. I don't know who Christopher Baldwin (http://www.brunostrip.com/bruno.html) uses, but his books look fantastic.

Good luck, wish I had the talent & gumption to get writing. Nearly did a Doctor Who book once. Okay, perhaps I should keep my "talent" under wraps...

If living in California is like that everyday, I SO want to move there... Been at -20 degrees Celcius and below all month here in Ottawa. And thats not even mentioning the windchill factor. I'm tired of this. I can't wait for Spring... I want to mow the lawn in February too!!!!


As I predicted you are a hypocrite. As soon as you noticed the volume of opposing voices to your anti-American anti-war sentiments you censor those thoughts by removing the comments section. I bet you are the first to FIGHT for free speech...unless of course it is speech that is in direct opposition to your own beliefs.

Wil - I got the exact same error. I tried a 'make clean' just in case, and it still did the same thing.

Next, I'm going to try to *shudder* reboot, and try again. I haven't had to reboot since installing my NVidia drivers for X about three weeks ago; which, incedentally, was the same day I finally made the switch from Windows. Yay!

man...i also enjoyed todays post...
kinda quiet, easy going...slice of life type thing..
wow...and to read that you dig pink floyd and were singing 'dogs'?
shit man...i thought you were cool before, but now you've achieved 'SERIOUSLY freakin cool' status...
man..i love that album...been a big floyd fan for years....

do i love raymond...
uh....not raymond so much, tho he does have his moments..and he is a pretty solid comedian...
but that cast is great..
brad garret as his brother robert has an amazing sense of timing, and his wicked deadpan delivery kills me..
and peter boyle is a legend..
loved him ever since i first saw him in taxi driver....

that being said, tho...
the gist of everybody loves raymond was done better when Ray ramano was just doing his voice over on Dr. Katz as one of the patients
it was the same stuff, and obviously still all about his family...but wwwwaaaaaayyyy funnier...and the squiggly cartooning was perfect...
cheers on the book wil....man...i am SOOO looking forward to this...

and by the sounds of it, you're publishing it yourself?...i mean...you're looking for a printer?

wow...how totally cool...
very Ani DiFranco of you!

smart decision...
youre gonna sell a ton of books man...make sure you print enough...
or atleast ask us here or let us pre-order so you don't print to many/ or to few...

later dude...


Not only do I not love Raymond-
I hate Raymond and refuse to watch that half hour of television.
I'm glad to see some folks share my views

Dark Tower was cool. All I can remember of it was the bazzar and brigands, though. First RPG I played. Very, very fun and didn't take days/game. More like a couple of hours, but it was a long time ago. Maybe it took less time.

#1, I totally agree with the green, mowed lawn shoes. I don't particularly cherish the act of mowing the lawn, but I definitely appreciate that summery/springy smell.

#2, Anything Greek = Good. Just for the record.

Wil, based on your question about publishers I would strongly encourage you to read this article:


Celebrities a lot less interesting than you have gotten their autobiographies published by the mainstream press. Spend some more time trying for that before paying a publisher. Having a complete, polished manuscript should be a great advantage to you. Good luck!

What problems are you having with CUPS?
My problems always seem to center around either the printer driver or the config file in /etc/cups

Just use Mandrake 9.0 (9.1 will probably be out in March or April).

Dark Tower rocked. I can still remember some of the sound effects. It *might* still be at my parent's house. I'll have to check the next time I'm there.

I loved Dark Tower. I think I still have it somewhere. The sound of the crypts opening would freak me out at first. I used to get so tense waiting to see if I was in for a fight or not. Oh, yeah, good times.
Thanks for bringing that memory back!!!


*GULP* You mean.... the WWF is FAKE ?!?!?!?




Just this week I'm putting final touches on my own book before it goes back to the publisher. They've had it for some weeks, with a copyeditor who has queried me on stylistic points, clarifications of some things in the text (it's an astronomy book), etc. Now I have one last chance to put in her corrections, any corrections I want to make (plus additional images and illustrations), before it goes to be typeset and laid out on paper.

One thing I've learned after doing a half dozen books myself is to ALWAYS keep a pristine file of the stuff you send to layout and typesetting. When you get back the typeset copy for final approval, go over it with that pristine printout to make sure that every word gets on the pages. Believe it or not, layout folks occasionally miss lines and words, esp. over page breaks. When you are happy with it and approve the copy, then go back and match the page numbering scheme on your personal electronic copy with the layout on the proof pages. When you go to update for a second edition, it will be fairly easy to fix any typoes, etc. that made it onto the page anyway.

It sounds like you're self-publishing, so I don't know much about that. But if you ever need services of a copy-editor, well... I know how to do that. Copy-editors are invaluable as dispassionate "back-up" readers. They help you fix pesky stuff like commas, grammar booboos, and point out where story flow needs to be tightened, etc. It's not the same as acting as the writer, but the CE gives you "real world" feedback from the POV of the reader.

Anyway, be sure whoever you get to do your printing allows you at least one typeset draft to look over and make corrections to as part of the service.

Good luck! You're almost there!

I work(Computer Tech) for a printing company that's pretty cool. A Mid-size printing company in Ann Arbor called Malloy Incorporated. As far as geekness goes we print all the O'reilly books ( and a good portion of Peachpit books too). And it's a family run company, so no corporate bs.

But I'm looking forward to reading your book no matter who prints it.

wow, I can't believe you said that you hate puddle of mudd and POD in one sentence then in another you state that Jimmy Eat World has one of the best songs you ever heard. Thanks for that laugh out loud moment! I really appreciated it.

Whenever I hear that "Everybody Loves Raymond," I immediately think of this National Enquirer cover I saw at the grocery store. It was the lady who plays the mother on the show. She looked extremely angry!

The headline?

"I hate Raymond!"

Guess you had to see it.

Wil, loved this entry! Hope you don't take it down later. It's neat to just get inside your head and see where your thoughts ramble. I do that on paper a lot, myself. This was a fun read!


Hey, I still have my old muscle men. Yes, I had the brick wall guy as well, if fact, there were many different guys made out of 'brick'. Most of them has some kind of sun pattern on them as well.

Clear Skies.

If Riker would have listen to you in the first place, the Traveller would have never taken you to the outer rim of the universe.

God damn you, Riker....

...God damn you


Thanks for the stream. It was a delight to read!

"Flubber" was on USA the other night, and you were very cute and smug.


Ahhh, Dark Tower, the goodness of memories. Thanks for that little ride down the stream.

Hehe...sounds a lot like my online journal...Jimmy Eat World rocks, man. I think "Get It Faster" is one of my all-time favorite songs.

I hate Raymond.

For the record, even though I COMPLETELY disagree with your ENTIRE political beliefs system, I still have huge amounts of respect for you as a person, actor, and writer. Isn't this a great country we live in?


If you're having problems with CUPS, try the following:

1) make sure that cupsd is running:
/etc/init.d/cupsd start
2) add it to your services if it's not:
chkconfig --add cupsd
3) configure your printer. RH8 is good with its tools that way. Buy you may even try the web utility:

Hopefully that works for you.

Oh, and keep on writing man. Journaling is a good way to keep going about it. :-D

Jimmy eats world sound like someone is strangling a cat. Puddle of Mudd and all that sound like them are pretty good to me.

Difference of opinion.

Ultimately very interesting to see what streams from Wil's mind as well as to watch what people pick up on and comment about.

Wil, you might look at garnome. It's supposed to be able to install Gnome or KDE but under a separate directory so you can try it out before installing it on your system:


Dark Tower runs on eBay for $100? Why doesn't MB still make the thing? I betcha you could get a computerized tower together super-cheap, and still make hella hella profit off of it.

Oh well. I would like to concur with everyone who sings Dark Tower's praises. A better board game has never, but never, been devised.

Well, maybe chess is up there.

And allow me to throw my take into those who thinks Wil needs to take another listen to POD as well. I still remember hearing "Selah" for the first time and being blown away. And since that was two or three years BEFORE "Rock The Party..." well, you tend to have more invested emotionally in bands you knew about way before everyone else.

So I'm biased. So sue.


Who the hell is this Raymond guy anyway. I never heard of him until the show. I watched a couple of them, GEEEEEEZUZ, what's funny about a bunch of people who get their laughs out of making sarcastic and hurtfull jibes at each other....

Come to think of it, some of my family is like this....sigh.....their not funny either.


There is nothing quite like a challenge.

Circular mowing sounds like fun.

Do you start in the middle or the outside?

I may want to try that, but alas.. mine will be oval, darn rectangular lot.


I've got nothing against Raymond, though I suppose the show at this point dulls how much I really enjoyed his stand-up stuff.

And, you know, I'm sure Puddle of Mud is no Christina Aguilera. Or Avril Lavigne even. Go Napanee!

love it, wil. when it seems that nothing's really going on in your life, it means that there's nothing bad happening. and that's a very good thing. i totally dug your post today, because it's a lot like the ones i write in my blog. except for no one ever comments on mine. see, you're popular! ;)

I do not love Raymond. Quite the opposite in fact. Your post today reminded me a lot of mine. Long, random, and rambling. Can't wait for the book. It's on my list of things to buy this year up there with two towers. Cheerio.

I hate the fact that my color printer will not work unless both the color and the black cartridge have ink...even if I only want to print out a black and white document. That really sucks. Also, I have to buy origional cartridges, specifically made for that machine. It will not accept substitutes. Very picky. And maddning... when it just won't work at all for no specific reason!

Envy me, for I still have Dark Tower and play it every couple of years. It's on my parent's basement fridge, awaiting four D batteries. "blip.. blip... [whirrrrr] blip-bleeeeeep!!"

You're having trouble with CUPS because its horrid for personal use. It was designed by IBM and company for network print servers, and basicly takes an admin to work with. Its like sendmail in this regard.

Try http://pdq.sourceforge.net

Its a simple, scripted, print queue. No magic filters, no strange password/permission problems, its pretty easy. And the linux printer o-matic can generate pdq files for all printers that work for linux, too.

I never really got into 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

Narna, I too am in the Land of the Long White Cloud. I also think we are going to lose the Americas Cup. But it's only a boat race, and better to let it go to the Swiss than back to the Yanks. No offence.


Dark Tower was the best board game EVER. My little brother got one for his 8th birthday, and we played that thing night and day for a year. Then one of my much-older sisters, who was married and had two kids of her own by then, told my mother it was Satanic and she should take it away from us. So she did. At the same time, she confiscated all of our D&D stuff and hid it away in the closet. Years later, when my brother and I were in college, we found it all in the closet. We tried to play D&D but found we'd forgotten most of the esoteric rules. We put batteries in the Dark Tower but it wouldn't work -- the motor is fried, I think. Do you suppose we could get it repaired somehow? And did anyone else have the same childhood experience with well-meaning but seriously misguided parental units?

Thanks for the post!

Yet another very enjoyable posts. I really enjoy when you talk about fun, carefree things, like mowing the lawn or Ferris wanting to go outside. I also feel the same way about my wife, she is my "other half" as well. Good luck on the book and with the pc stuff.

As always my best to you and your family......


If you're having a M.U.S.C.L.E. craving, I highly suggest you visit the I-Mockery Mini-Mock on M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. It changed my life. It's available at this address:

We ran it at fark quite some time ago and it blew my mind.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure falafel, tabouleh, and hummus are middle-eastern foods. They certainly sound Arabic. However, Many middle-eastern countries border on the Mediterranean, and therefore there's a lot of crossover foodwise. Schwarmas, Shish-ka-bob, etc are common in greek cuisine, as well, I believe. Ouza is, of course, forbidden in many arab nations.

Wil, it looks like you may have missed the line where the error actually occurred. The lines you posted were just what happens when make encounters an error, and pulls out of the make. Somewhere up further there should be a gcc error, or install script error, which tells you what actually happened. If not, see if you can find in the Makefile a line that says "CFLAGS=", and then add -Wall to it if it's not there already. Then you could post any warnings that gcc throws off.

Another possibility is to use make -k, which will keep trying, even after it gets an error.

I've written before (when you hurt your arm) about what I learned in my training to be a massage therapist, but my day job (or what I do to pay the bills) is as a print production manager - I purchase print for a living.

I've found that the best deals on printing are not found in cities. Your preference may be to have it done nearby, but pricing for printers in city areas tend to run considerably higher.

I work in the NYC metro area and I've never used New York City printers for that very reason. I've used printers in Kentucky, Minnesota and PA in the past to get better pricing. I wish I had some contacts to give you, but I work primarily with PA, southern NJ and upstate NY vendors now.

One word of advice, don't work with brokers - basically a middleman who use their experience to justify inflating costs. I'm sure that there are many printers who will walk through the process with you.

Good luck and I've left my email if you have any questions.

When I worked at Atlas Games before moving to LA for grad school, we printed a lot of books at a Michigan printer called McNaughton & Gunn. They were very inexpensive for short runs (2000-5000 copies) of softcover trade paperbacks and full-size (8.5 x 11) books. Check any Ars Magica Fourth Edition softcover, or pretty much anything else released by Atlas since 1995 or so, for quality. If you're looking to do hardcovers, check out a Minnesota outfit called Bang printing. I'm less familiar with them, since most hardcover printing at Atlas began after I left the company. If you drop me an e-mail, I can probably track down contact info for either of these printers.

Falafel is Israeli, you know. Yummy, too.

And, I can't say I love Raymond, though for some reason my parents do.

That should be "...its younger brother..."

Sorry. Got me all in editor mode. ;)

OMG, I love this post!! Doesn't sound "thought out" It's just you!

What's this GURPS crap? I guess it's all well and good for DIY settings, but stick with the originals if you can.

Modular gaming system. Pffft.

Long-time reader, first time commentator.

The best way I know to combat writer's block is to tackle it head on. Keep a notebook with you at all times and set a goal of five pages and just write. Don't worry about your writing looking like cr*p or not making sense, just get the words down. That's why God made second drafts. This is the only system that works for me, I completed my last two manuscripts by hand.


Pink Floyd Rules!

Nobody loves Raymond. That's the joke.

And yes. RPGs are great. I spent this weekend at a gaming convention. You should come up (to San Ramon, CA) next year for DunDraCon, if you get a chance, or go to one more local to you. Much fun and silliness!

Hi wil, Why don't you start a "Wil cooking" section on your site. Doesn't have to be fancy, but if you don't know what to write... I'd love to see how you made that Falafel etc..


...feta cheese is great!:) hmmm...
once my printer is drawd in halfly a paper and writes out: No paper...and there was 10 more under that one...harrrrrr!!!!

Hey Wil, if you are looking for publishers, check this out...I work here and it sounds like we do what it is that you need done. Very ethical company with a good track record, worth a peek.

Oops...forgot link


I have a Dark Tower game. Loved it from moment one. Sadly the tower no longer works (I think the motor bit it, as opposed to the little computer dieing). The reason Milton Bradley doesn't make the game anymore is that they had stolen the concept from someone and lost the infringement court case. Hence, working copies of the game sell for high dollar numbers (comparatively) on Ebay today.

I'd still be playing it if the darn thing worked.

Is everything ok Wil?

Something seems very wrong

Just checking,


Ok I'm gonna try this again seeing as last night it said i wasnt allowed to post I dunno what that was about.
Anywho, Sundried tomato and basil hummus on pita bread is the stuff dreams are made of, I must say.
Its awesome to put random thoughts, it clears your head especially when you are having problems writing. I am suffering from writers block wiht my screenplay right now myself. Its cool though I will overcome it.
Never fear Wil, everything will turn out the way you want it to if you really strive for it. I have all the hope in the world.

Oh yeah I forgot, uhh Not everybody LOVES raymond. I mean he seems like an ok guy but really, love is a bit strong of a word dont you think? Well hes cool i guess but yeah the show does sharply intake air.(suck in case there are people on ocean time out there).
I downloaded one POD song in my lifetime and thats all I ever will download. Give me Depeche Mode, Nada Surf, Placebo, anyday.

The Wil I know is back...from this post, seems like everything is good unlike last week.

Stop killing trees!
Go e-book.

Here you'll find lots of editors to choose from:


Don't forget my royalties... :P

Ouzo, mmmmmm...

Don't you just love it when your kid runs up to you after school and throws her arms around you and states that she loves you? Makes my day. Then she goes into the house and either loses the remote, or breaks the irreplaceable.

Thought this entry was a good place to comment about that.

Hey Wil. Wut's up? While I was designing my webpage for practice for my job at AMC, I was inspired by your website. Please check out mine and post a comment and tell me what you think. That goes for everyone else too. It's not much, so don't please give me any sheeat for it being lame.

Ypu don't like Everybody loves Raymond? hmm

I don't love Raymond either. In fact, I don't like him at all. ;)

Uhmmm, ....well.... falafel and tabouleh aren't really greek. You can find them at greek restaurants, but these are not truly greek specialties like moussaka, tyropita, souvlaki etc. Falafel and tabouleh are from Egypt.
I know I am being anal, my therapist tells me that I focus too much on details, but I thought I'd mention this....

glad to see your back!

Raymond annoys the shit out of me. The SHIT. *shudders*
Dude. If you're gonna be at Grand Slam, that gives me like, the best excuse EVER to go down there and visit my friend Olivia. Score!
Viggo Mortensen uses Percival Press. *nods* (I know nothing about publishing, wish I did, but here's percival's website: http://www.percevalpress.com/home.html They're not taking submissions right now, I just read..but yeah..thought I'd show you anyway)
I love Jimmy Eat World man. Annoyingly enough, before I knew who they were my sister lit their show when she worked at the Great American Music Hall in San Fran. I could've gotten in for free and everything, but oh well. A Praise Chorus is one of my very favorite songs by them. Go us!
And dude, don't take this down, it's kick!ass. I love random stream of consciousness entries.
One last thing:
It's so wonderfully nice to see some one so in love with their partner. Little random sentences proclaiming your love for Anne, so sweet. I'm happy for you and I hope you have the luck of long-lasting marriages my parents and paternal grandparents have had. (grandparents 50+ years and my parents, 32)
Hugs and random proclimations of, "Wil Wheaton Kicks Mad Ass!" to you from me. :-)

Somewhere, in my parent's house (God, is it scary when you stop referring to it as "home"), there's a rather large can filled with M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. I have no idea what I ever did with them in terms of actually playing with them, but man, were they cool. I'd completely forgotten about them until today.

You should do entries like this more often, by the way. I really enjoyed reading it.

Mowed your lawn? I hate you people. I haven't seen grass in months, and I wont for a few yet. Stupid snow. I get to shovel that crap whilest you're mowing your lawn. Which is easier? I'll let you decide.

So you didn't have much to write today? Big whoopty do. Don't knock stream of consciousness, todays log was funny and quirky and entertaining as hell. Also made me see you more as a person, just like me, than some of your other stuff.

You do good work. Thanks.


This is what it's all about.

We, as monkeys, come to your web site because of logs like this one.

Honestly, i like you as a person, i think your a interesting gye. I could do with out the political stuff, but hay, no one is perfect...

Keed up the good work and keep not replying to my E-Mails---> I don't understand but I'll cope.

Smile Bitch... :)


well if you are looking for somthing different/new to listen to, you can always check our stuff out. We have all our tunes up for downloading, so check it out if you want!

[ Throatmotor.com ]


1)I have no cable, but I've seen 'Everybody Loves Raymond' a couple of times when I visited my out-of-state brother. Thought it was good (but I was comparing it to 'Will and Grace' which I thought sucked).

2) Life is dull and boring for everyone. Welcome to early middle age.

3) Unilaterally attacking Iraq is both a) stupid and b) immoral. I understand that reasonable and morally serious people may disagree... but they're wrong :-)


There is something so sad about your neighbor moving away that really impacted me. I've been thinking alot about my grandma (died 2001) and all the photos of her that I inherited.

There's one where she is sitting on my grandpa's lap in the mid 70's and I remember that kitchen like it was yesterday. There's another one where she is in her 20's with her sister on a beach eating snowcones - looking funny - with big smiles, big swimsuits and bobbed hair.

Who holds onto all of these memories for the next generations or do they just get lost? Since 1951 that guy lived, loved, laughed in that home and I hope someone is holding onto those memories.


i got a whole bucket of muscles still in my room

Hey, I'm looking for help in spreading the site http://www.runtheusa.com around. Two running friends of mine are heading out to run across the country. More information about what's going on there is in this post on my site: http://sps.bigwhoop.org/archives/000438.php

If you know of anyone in or around the towns along their trans-continental route, please, I ask that you get in contact with them. If nothing else, please help me get news of this site spread as far and wide as possible. If you could post about it, that would really help I think, but anything of course (except donations, not looking for that). Thanks.

KDE 3.1 should be available over the redhat network, I've installed it without incident. Mandrake 8.2 was borked no matter what you did to it. And CUPS is a bitch, good luck with that.

SOC aplenty.
Me likey.
Keep it up.


Recently the cool neighbor behind me left. He was something like 82. Was a sweet old man, always giving us fresh stuff from his garden, chating with the kids, ect.

After his family sold his house, he came back (presumably for the last time) to show the new folks how to prune the grape vines.

He wandered up to the low chain-link fence and told me that he'd recently had a tumor removed from his brian, and that he'd just been diagnosed with cancer. How the hell to you respond to an announcement like that?? All I could do was look him in the eye and say, "That really sucks Jim." (How lame.)

Later as I sat at my kitchen table watching him continue to prune his grape vines, I realized that I'd never see him again. It hit me that in a way he was saying good bye to his house in his own way. He was truly going off to die.

sigh...this term really sucks.

I don't like Raymond. I thought I was alone. I feel better now.

dinner sounds good.


Tabbouleh and Hummus-YUMMM!

Don't forget to micro some pita bread-it makes the meal!

Seriously, its too bad about your neighbor-but maybe he couldn't afford to stay in his home cause of high loan payments or something, and hopefully he found a place to live that will take those worries away. Thats what happened to us, and I know having a home is everyones dream, but with an apartment, someone else has to fix the plumbing or pull the weeds or pay the taxes!

Is the Grand Slam you're going to be at in Pasadena? If so, I'm there! Looking forward to
"Geek" and getting the chance to say thanks in person!

Hope Dinner was good!

Hey Wil. P.O.D. ain't that bad...though Puddle of Mudd is absolute shit.

Wil that was very touching about your neighbor and I know how you feel I felt like that when my Grandmother moved away when I was a kid. Also, Puddle of mudd isn't a shit band i mean you gotta like that song "she fuckin hates me" thats a good song lol.

oh and Chucky P.O.D. is absolute shit and Puddle of Mudd isn't I think you got that one twisted around.

As can be witnessed Wil has censored my voice again. He marches with Communists and quotes racists. He says go to the soapbox, but refuses to let me register! He is a hypocrite of the highest order.
I will not return to this site, it is just pure leftist pablum.
And to ChimChim, you seem to lack any ability to understand Wil's level of hypocricy, he has a free speech banner on his site, claims to be a free thinker, when it is really just re-hashed Stalinist-Leninist censorship and politics. Peace be with you my brothers. Hitler and Senator BYRD would be proud of Wil and his hysterics. Oh ye suckers!



P.S. Wil I am a member of the working press, and have consistently given you good press in the past. That changes Friday.
After my piece, lets see if they still let you near Tulsa, or anywhere else in the MIDWEST, enough said!

Peace. has valid reverse DNS of dialup-

This comment is off-topic, and has been deleted.

Nice entry. Wil's 'stream' for today shows how a commitment to writing even when you think you don't want to and have nothing to say really pays off.

My new year's resolution this year is to write every day --- email and /. comments don't count, my blog, journal, and handwritten letters do. The discipline of writing something every day, even if I'm scrawling in bed past midnight, has made a big difference.

Here's something I wrote in a run down motel after a very very long day of driving: http://annmariabell.com/alternate/blog/blog.html#diary

I've seen NYC's most recent comment, and I take it this poster is but the latest example of neoconservative blog-trolling, along with the hateful e-mails directed at Wil. I have some comments about this behavior I'd like to make at this time.

I'm amazed and saddened that the supporters of George W. Bush who engage in this behavior seem utterly ignorant of how their venom and vitriol reflects on the cause they support. These people are the very same ones who are the first to condemn this sort of behavior when radical leftists of the "PC" ilk express themselves that way. So then why do the neocons think it's okay behavior for themselves to be perpetuating? If the only answer they can come up with is something on the order of "We're right and they're wrong", then they are totally deserving of the label "REDNECK". After all, that is how rednecks think and act.

And I find it nothing short of laughable that people who are being as hateful as they can be are screaming "censorship" when their hatefulness is getting the flushing it richly deserves. You are a guest on somebody's web-site, and if you act with extreme immaturity towards that person, don't be surprised that your crappy attitude isn't welcome!


I respect everyone's right to have their own opinion.

But I am not obligated to provide a forum for you to express that opinion. If you'd like to discuss things, we have the message board.

If you will please read the TOS, you will see that off-topic or offensive posts will be deleted.

You are no longer welcome to comment on this website. Please take your comments someplace else.

I'm not going to ask again. If you keep it up, I'll be forced to take legal action.

Fair enough. I will no longer post off-topic to these comments. I have fallen victom to my own outrage. I appologize for posting in the wrong place. I'll see and hopefully debate you on your message boards.



I suppose I'm kind of Off-Topic, too, so it won't bother me if you delete my little scolding of the blog trolls. I'll repost it in a more topical "comments" section.

Hugs and smoocheroos,
Mr. N.

Wil rocks. Wil is awesome. This is his site. He can say what he wants on his site. You cannot say whatever you want on _his_ site as you are a guest here. 'Nuff said.
/unecessary protectiveness of cool dude she doesnt actually know

You know? I have oft refered to that Raymond show as 'Nobody loves Raymond'. NO one I know likes it. I sure don't. Sort of the way I don't like Seinfeld, but at least Seinfeld makes me chuckle.

I really don't like Seinfeld, he's irritating. I do, like stand-up, though. A friend did stand-up for the first time last week and she kicked all ass, and she had an improv bit about going to a monster truck rally.

Which brings me to WWE. Only my story comes from the days of WWF, when friends of mine went to a big wrestling event in Hamilton (a steel town about an hour out of Toronto). They were there, with all the mulleted masses, holding up a great big sign, like the sort that say, "Crush the Rock," and whatnot, only theirs said, "WWF Promotes Literacy" ! God, I wish I'd been there.

I remember the M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. All my friends, who were mainly boys, had them. I didn't have them. But not for the reason that I wasn't allowed to have Transformers or GI Joes (because they apparently promoted violence), rather because my mother said, "Ech, they're so ugly." Okay, ya, they weren't works of art.

Speaking of art, I have to start thinking about getting ready for Ad-Astra (sci-fi con in Toronto) because I'll be there selling art in the show. Alan Lee is the artist guest of honour, so hopefully he'll draw a big crowd, who will then buy the cheaper work of aspiring artists like me.

But mostly, I have to think about going to bed. You offered your stream of conciousness and, in return, I've given you one of mine. By the way, I'm looking forward to your book. When it is mine, I will slot it between the autobiography of Boy George and Bunny Years, the partially autobiographical account of the playboy bunnies, which I found in the garbage in nearly mint condition.

I also found a book on Marx and Engles, printed in the USSR in the (we think - it's not dated) 1950s. It was sitting on this junk couch outside the little appartment building where my pal, Megs, (big wrestling fan) lives. It was just sitting there, like someone had gotten up from the couch (on the lawn) to go to the bathroom and had left this book there. One of the better finds in my somewhat eclectic book collection.

My cat just walked by and yelled at me. Time for me to play with her.


I'd suggest getting your book printed in Singapore or Australia because they're cheap and goood. In fact most books are printed in Singapore or even Hong Kong & with the US dollar doing well against the OZ dollar or Sinagpore dollar you'd be laughing.

Wil, thank you for finally advertising what I've been thinking about passionately for years now: not everybody loves Raymond. Truly, I feel closer to you today after reading that you don't like Raymond or Puddle of Mudd, either. Cheers.

Start writing sci-fi like WFS. There ya go!

Wil - we love ya, so don't feel pressured to entertain us at all costs. Really :)

I love Raymond! Sorry. But I think that show is hilarious!

hey will - try the kde redhat project on sourceforge :


if you install "apt" for redhat you can just edit your apt sources file then apt-get that new kde. it's not so bad really :)

I feel about Everybody Loves Raymond the same way I felt about Dharma & Greg: the parents are far more interesting than the title characters.

There's quite a few shows out there like that, shows that centered on the wrong people.

Doesn't your literary agent take care of all the printing mumbo jumbo? I don't know. That's why I am asking.

Or are you self publishing it?

Or do you have a literary agent?

So many questions. I am asking, because I will be in these exact footsteps within the year, hopefully, and have no idea where to go, and what to do....

I do these streaming entries from time to time as well. They are quite refreshing. It always amazes me just what is really on my mind.


I remember M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. I had a whole slew of 'em when they came in one colour. Then they started molding them in multicoloured plastic. It disapointed me. I stopped getting them.


Dark Tower - the love/hate relationship you can't get away from.

Ever try Hero Quest - the MB board game? Talk about the greatest board game ever! It's for those times when you just don't have the energy for a true RPG.

Everybody loves Raymond Chandler.


You may think that you have run out of ideas, but,if this log is any indication of your writing talents, all I can say is KEEP ON WRITING!



Check this out - about half way down is a photoshop including starring Wil! Not as cool as the Homestarrunner/Wheaton, but still...



Ever read The "Chronicles of Amber" by Zelazny? They turned it into a great diceless role-playing game a few years back. A lot of fun.

Check it out.

Wil, honestly....do you EVER have time to read
all of these replies? If you do, my "kudos" to you! Well, I of course am MORE than looking forward once again to seeing you at the Grand Slam in Pasadena (which is right next door to me!)
I will definitely buy "JAG" as soon as it comes off the presses!! Can't wait to have you sign it for lil' ol' me! Why don't you listen to DMODE
while you mow the lawn? Come to think of it, nah!
The awesome hooks on their songs might make you mow "other" people's lawns, and who would want that, right?! L8er, bro. :-)

P.S. I LOATHE Raymond! Yes, it's that extreme.
I don't get people who watch that retarded show!

So I'm sitting at my own comp, listening to some bouncy J-Pop, and you know what I want some Mickey D's...

Anyways, thanks, wil.

I'm glad you found Anne.



I like Red Hat too. I use it at work and I used to use it on my home computer (I've also used debian and netbsd). Lately I've been using gentoo on my home computer though and it is really a lot of fun. Among other things, it already has kde 3.1 and gnome 2.2. The install takes forever, and you can't be afraid of editing etc scripts, but the instructions are clear (I found them that way anyway) and there is a certain high water pants pleasure to be had from compiling everything from scratch. If you have a spare computer or partition, you might want to give it a try.

So if you're going to Creation's Grand Slam does that mean you aren't going to Creation's Official Star Trek Convention in Vegas????? I was really hoping you'd be there! I have tried to contact them to let them know but their contact link doesn't work anymore!

You're lucky to be mowing the lawn. Ours are snow covered up here in Canada! :)
Can't wait for the book!


Re printers:

before all copies are printed, make sure you get a proof copy, which is the printer's example they make up, of what all the copies are going to look like. Proofread it very carefully, check font types and sizes, make sure all pages are in the right place

the printer should then produce all the copies of the book exactly the same as the proof copy

if there are errors in the final copies, that weren't in the proof copy, then the printer must redo the work for free - often they will try to charge you again if they have to fix mistakes - but if the proof copy was fine and the error has then appeared in the final copies, it's the printer's responsibility - you'll have to be assertive about that however - that's why it's so important to read the proof copy carefully

check the final copies carefully before paying. Read one copy thoroughly then grab a few others - from different parts of the pile, the bottom, the side etc - and make sure they generally look OK, they are bound properly, no flaws in the cover, etc. Check the inside back cover, as well as opening the from the front, as any flaws in the finishing work might not be obvious from the front end

still be nice, polite, etc - but you have to be assertive and firm as well - speaking from experience :)

Falafel, Tabouleh and Hummus is Lebanese... not greek :)

KDE 3.1 is pretty cool...
We (roomie & I) installed it on one of our machines. It did kind-of bork things up for a bit. We had to fudge around with some settings, because for a while it wouldn't let us log in. But after resetting passwords and such it seems to be working fine.

Hopefully that's the only glitch. :)

i worked in commercial printing (magazines) for about 6 years. if you have any questions about printing in general, i'd be happy to help you where i can, teach you about signatures and impositions and stuff like that.

i don't know any good book shops, though. i'm more of a periodical guy myself, but I'm a whiz with quark, postscript, eps, pdf, and stuff like that, if it helps.


Which is more important: peace or freedom? or Falafels?

If you're at peace, you are free.

What the hell's a Falafel?

Peace doesn't necessarily mean freedom.

Will, I can get your Redhat working, I'll bet. Shoot me an email if you can and I'll help you out. Right now I'm wondering if you have installed apt for rpm. Also, what exactly is the problem in CUPS? Email me, man and we should get it fixed in a couple of emails.


the mysterious foods you mentioned wil...what are they made of?...innards and such...or are the dishes of a more benign origin.


Sorry that NYC is being such an ass. I'M a member of the working press and believe me, any of us who are legitimate and honest DO NOT use our work to wreak revenge on someone we don't agree with. NYC is either a child or a blowhard -- but I doubt he is a member of the press. If he is, he shouldn't be.

As a journalist I've always taken as my "motto" Capt. Picard's speech to Crusher et al. in the episode where Wesley et al are caught doing a starburst maneuver and a cadet dies. Picard says, (and these words have always been with me): Your first duty is to the truth!

As a journalist (granted I'm a science writer, but it applies across the board), my first duty is to the truth. If NYC is truly a journalist, his duty is there too -- not to his own putrid little vengeance.

Wil, it's your board and your blog -- and if NYC or others who act like children when they don't get their way can't play by the rules, then fark 'em. But I have to say this: NYC, you defame what it is to be a journalist (if you really are one).

Okay, enough from me. I've got a book of my own to get to the publisher. Keep on keepin' on everybody: no matter what your POV, if you can discuss it civilly, you're aces.


Hey, Gwalch, where've ya been?

Whenever I'm blocked, I usually try to get as far away from my computer as possible. Go to Huntington Gardens, bring some motivational classic or a book of strategy (try Sun tzu) or How To Think Like Da Vinci, read a chapter or two and with out trying something will pop into my head. Stream of Unconciousness !!! It's Great!

Paul is dead?

I LOVED Dark Tower. I haven't thought of that since Junior High, maybe even 6th grade. My best friend, Laurie, had it and we used to play for hours (or so it seemed).

Gotta go do my kid's night night ritual...no Dark Tower for me tonight.


For printing, try Oddi Press ( http://www.oddi.is/ ) in Iceland. They publish McSweeneys Magazine ( http://www.mcsweeneys.net/ ) and a host of books by McSweeneys - type authors.

Good luck to you!

Just another rabid wilwheaton.net fan in Estonia. I linked you on my site, and am duly dropping a note.

Best of luck with JAG. I'm looking forward to reading it.

M.U.S.C.L.E. figures OWNED

I've never liked Raymond.

M.U.S.C.L.E. figures always weirded me out. They were always so freaky, and pink.

Tzatzki rules.

Can I just say that self-publishing is a bad idea. Although you will get a much larger percentage of the sales money (all of it!), this will not make up for the fact that sales will be very limited. Publishing it yourself makes it look like noone else would publish it for you, which makes people think it is crap. Even thou it probably isn't.

Good luck with the book. I would love to make an attempt at creating something of that magnitude some day, but I think I need more life experience first. Also, writing about personal stuff is often painful. How do you keep from pissing off family, friends, old friends, etc? So many things that are worth writing about will make some one look really bad or at least different from how they see their life.
Thanks for sharing your daily thoughts.

I like Raymond...

***runs for her life***

I think you should write about what it is like to be famous. The good, the bad, and all. I mean everybody wants to be rich/famous but is it really worth it? I wouldn't know, but you would.

What the heck are you talking about? Everybody Loves Raymond is an excellent show! That show is hilarious. You're missing out!

I LOVED the stream-of-conciousness post. I ENJOY your blog, even when you're just babbling. That's what blogging is all about. Trolls suck. This is YOUR HOUSE, you can do what you want. *** :) ***

Glad you're back,Wil. Good to see normal service resumed, edited or not. Don't worry you're still doing a great job, and I'm looking forward to reading JAG. Talking of which, will you be making copies (signed ?) available through your store somehow as I would really like one but being outside the US will probably not find it easy to get one. Bet 'Seastreet' in Estonia and a few others will have the same problem.....such is your international following, Wil.

Any time you install or update anything on linux, you have a chance of something going wrong. Red Hat and anything else using rpm as the package manager, runs into problems with dependencies. Conectiva, a Brazilian Red Hat clone, has done a lot of work with combining apt-get with rpm in Apt-RPM, which handles it better. But, you should probably roll your own and go with Slackware, if you want to really learn Linux. Basically download source, compile, install. Or run a Debian based distro and feel the power of Apt-Get! Muahahahahaha! Or ditch the x86 world and get PowerMacs and install fink with Apple's Xfree. Then simply fink it to compile from source, apt-get or dpkg to install from precompiled binaries. Once you use Mac, you can never go back. Muahahahaha. Well, you could, but that would be boring and those new 12" and 17" AL PowerBooks sure DO look good. :D

Everybody Loves Wil

I hate Raymond!

Since the post was about stream of consciousness, I feel obligated to go offtopic on something Wil should probably like anyway...


This is probably old news to hard core Niven fans, but it's new to me. According to Larry's website (spectifically http://www.larryniven.org/exclusive.htm - look for comment next to "Albacon Trip Report"), the next Larry Niven story collection will be titled Scatterbrain. No dates, but it will at least include "Albacon Trip Report," which is a set of reflections on a trip to the WTC three weeks before the towers came down.

Again, likely old news to some, but I thought it'd be neat (if OT) to post here.

Does everybody really love Raymond?

ha ha ha

good luck on the writing... maybe you should get out and see a good jamband? just a thought...

thanks for the good reads

I have a whole lot less going on in my life and never know what to blog about. Don't worry, it happens to all of us.

Quote of the year:
"Does everybody really love Raymond? Because I really don't."
Thanks for making my day.

wil.. you need to post :( and how's the lawn by the way?

elias xxx

Wow ... this post reminds me of school ... so totally and completely random.
I like the part about Ferris wanting to go outside, because my dog wants to go outside but when I open the door she just looks out then looks at me. She also chased my best friend around my kitchen. Hee hee.
I love random. Tis the best.
:) The Fishy

Because I am an idiot ...I forgot to add this;
This is the most extrememly sad thing that has ever happened at my school. Rock music is officially banned. I go to a Catholic school and our head priest banned Rap and Rock recently because "they believe that mother is the first half of a word"; we are oppressed! OPPRESSION! "Do you see him repressing me? Do you see him? Do YOU?" We can't bring our CD players to school w/ any rap or rock music or we get detention. Like it matters, I'm already banned from computer class. But it ticks meoff because you know what ... that's against my rights. I brought this up because I think POD is really crappy and I would never listen to it, but Puddle of Mudd is okay, not great. And the other day one of my guy friends got his POD cd kidnapped by our homeroom teacher. But... anyway.
But you know, I'm only an 8th grader. I guess I don't know what oppression is. But then again, my school doesn't allow us to wear coats even though our school has no heat because we can't afford it.
Sorry that was sort of on topic but off.
:) Love the Fish

can i reiterate a question from another poster? (reiterate? is that the right word to use? anyway....)

What exactly is a falafel?

I dont even know how you spell it!!! do we have them here in the uk? what do they look like?

Falafel, tabouleh and hummus are actually Lebanese dishes, I should know, by mother is one of them!
Its all good food anyhow. Enjoy!

wow... i'll sleep soundly in the knowledge of knowing what Falafel is... :D
ok, ok.. i'm sarcastic.. so sue me...

elias xxx

I didnt think you were going to post anymore because you were having a little fit waaah! waaah!

Check the URL... Falafel are little fried balls of chickpea or other-bean paste, hummous is a dip made from chickpeas, and, uhmm... Wil, what else did you have for dinner at the beginning of the week...? ;)

They're really, really REALLY tasty. And now I'm *soooooo* hungry! Stupid BF, not showing up so we can go eat dinner... I'm gonna go break something now...

Check the URL... Falafel are little fried balls of chickpea or other-bean paste, hummous is a dip made from chickpeas, and, uhmm... Wil, what else did you have for dinner at the beginning of the week...? ;)

They're really, really REALLY tasty. And now I'm *soooooo* hungry! Stupid BF, not showing up so we can go eat dinner... I'm gonna go break something now...

Hey Wil,

I'm running KDE3.1 on RH8... the compile is a real bitch, so some kind folks have provided some RPM's. If you go to kde-redhat.sourceforge.net, there is an apt repository with KDE3.1. It seems to be running just fine on my system.

I love falafel, and have tried every restaurant around here looking for the best place. Of course, my mom makes the supreme garbanzo roll, but for anyone visiting Vancouver, the best middle-eastern restaurant is actually out in the ‘burbs. Gourmet Pita in Delta makes a wicked falafel, for only five bucks.

Nothing sets friend against friend, husbands against wives, brother against brother like a good game of Risk. It’s fun just for the back-stabbing.

And if anyone is tired of American rock radio, do yourself a favor and check out the Canadian stuff that gets no play in the states. Go to a huge-selection store (like Virgin or something) and find “Beautiful Midnight” by Matthew Good Band. No single album can be the definitive work, but it’s a good place to start.

Funny how even after watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, people have no clue what Greek culture is. "Falafel, tabouleh, and hummus" are Arab, and in town it's mostly just the Lebanese that eat it, although hummus is a guilty pleasure of our family.

And no, we don't do the Windex thing.

Ah yes, Dark Tower. I remember it and I still have it. *sigh* It harkens me back to a simpler time in life, where things weren't so complicated.

Where one's life is measured in coffee spoons, I measure mine in boardgames and RPGs.

Yes I remember Dark Tower. Fabulous, although it did rattle a fair bit when the central column of light-up images was revolving.

Where did I put mine? In the attic, I guess. Still working as far as I remember, too.

Ah, fond memories of younger, geek-spent days ;-)

Oooooo, dude! You just said the magic word....M.U.S.C.L.E.! "Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere"

These toys were based on a Japanese manga/anime called Kinnikuman or Muscle Man. They were a such a big hit in Japan that they were sold here in America... only without the benefit of the manga or cartoon show that they were based on. These days, a second generation manga and cartoon have been made and it plays on American TV as "Ultimate Muscle" on the Fox Box, Saturday mornings. New M.U.S.C.L.E.'s are being sold, too.

The brick dude is a super villian called Sunshine and he is a very popular character, not to mention highly collectable.

Anyway, if you or any of your readers are interested, the AKIA (American Kinnikuman Information Archive) is chock full of info about the toys, managa, anime, not to mention if anyone is looking to buy or sell.... ^_^


Hey Wil,

I really enjoyed this post. Looks like a helluva lot of other people did too.


You probably didn't even know Byrd was in the KKK till it was pointed out to you today, did you? For such an intelligent young man you are not very well informed. Go ask the Iraqis in 10 months whether they were better off before or after the war. Ask the Afghanis, Kosovars, Bosnians, Haitians, Panamanians and Granadians as well. War sucks, but sometimes you have to do it. Appeasement leads to the rise of tyranny. Read some history... I still enjoy your site and wish you the best.--scott

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