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Test Pattern

I've had it with blog trolls, hateful e-mails, and the general idiocy that seems to overwhelm otherwise normal people when they connect to the Internet.

I just don't understand it. Where is your humanity? Do you treat people you see in real life the way you treat me? Do you go out of your way to insult and belittle people? Is your life so miserable, so empty and meaningless, your self-esteem so low that you need to attack me? Honestly, what have I ever done to you? Really. What have I ever done?

Dealing with this shit has become a huge and unecessary distraction, so WWDN will not be updated for the near future while I finish "Just A Geek" and take care of some other RL stuff.

I just . . . I just need a break. In the meantime, check out the archives. There's some stuff in there that I'm really proud of.

. . . I'll be enjoying Channel 2's TEAM COVERAGE of STORMWATCH.



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Good for you Will. playa hatas simply suck ass!

ps - first poster....Dooda dooda!

First post and first time posting.

You will certainly be missed. *pout*

Well, I'll miss reading your updates, Wil. And, I know what you mean by spiteful, stupid comments and emails that seem to come with having a blog. Maybe they should require a license to use the internet. ;)

Wow, I don't know what happened, but you're right, you don't have to deal with shit from people online. I've noticed that too, the internet can often bring out the worst in people. Anyway, good luck with the book, I know how hard it is to get a book just the way you want it (from personal experience).

Boooooo!! Grab a monkey with a sense of duty and decorum and give them Moderator's rights on the comment screens.

Don't let the bottom 3% of the net's population get you down.

"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." -- Thumper the rabbit

Who are all these people who have time to seek out other people to be rude to?

Brush them off, it's not worth the hassle. I'm always amazed that one negative comment on my blog can outweigh 10 positive ones.

Looking forward to the book.

I'm sorry you have to put up with hateful people/email. Just remember there are more people who support you/admire you than who are... like that.

Well, you'll be missed.

But I happily await the book. *s*

Wil, you hit it on the head when you said:

"Do you treat people you see in real life the way you treat me? Do you go out of your way to insult and belittle people? Is your life so miserable, so empty and meaningless, your self-esteem so low that you need to attack me?"

Most people who WASTE their time picking on others are so pathetic, it's their only form of entertainment/human contact/self esteem.

They need therapy (or an a** kicking).

And remember, most people who like you don't post things while the minority who are pissy-jerks feel the need to express themselves. All the time. I know there's such a term as verbal diarrhea, how about virtual diarrhea?

The internet takes the face off people. They don't feel like they're as responsible for their actions, I don't think, because the person they're hurting isn't *really* there.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder how good of a thing the internet is.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, I guess. I like reading you and I'm sorry that I didn't tell you that your posts made me happy until now.

I know what you mean, Wil. And I would do the same thing. I still think the good out-weighs the bad, though... At least I think so...

Hey wil - Check your hit counters! Then count the number of emails you get from those idiots. For every One of them, there's probably 10 of us who quietly support you. Don't let it get you down, and Don't give up on us!


I am not sure what went on but I'm sorry to see you go. It's been a good experience to see the human behind the actor. I wish you the best of luck and I hope some day you decide to come back.

Hey, Wil. I'm the guy who sent you that copy of The Story of B a while back. I never thanked you for the kind note you sent in reply. I hope you enjoyed the book.

Just so you know, it's not just you. Comment trolls and email a-holes are like a particularly virulent disease that the internet transmits with 100% communicability. I recently went through a bout of troll invasion so vicious that I almost deleted my own blog, and all because I dared to voice an unpopular opinion where others could read it, and didn't hide behind anonymity. I wish I could dismiss the phenomenon of trolling with a flip, "It happens," but that doesn't acknowledge that trolling hurts. Even the criticism of total strangers hurts.

I come to your blog regularly, and though I rarely comment, I do enjoy reading your thoughts. My wife and I keep an eye out for your guest appearances on shows like The Screen Savers because of your blog. We look forward to your guest appearances, and you book. I imagine we're like a lot of your readers: we really like you, and maybe we don't do a good enough job of letting you know that.

Take a break, write your book, and disconnect from all the BS. It's the best thing for you. We'll be here if/when you come back.


I understand that idiotic comments irritate and upset you. But doesn't it seem to you that most people here care about you and shower you with warmth and support? Perhaps your decision to stop the updates is a result of your feeling overwhelmed, but that some part of you finds it preferable to blame the small number of jerks than to own up to your own feelings?


Wil, I just wanna say I love reading your weblog. I loved your character on ST:TNG, and I feel your pain on people sending spiteful e-mails ... I have a weblog and feel it every day:

here's one: http://spacemonkeymafia.com/weblog.php?entry=404
another one: http://spacemonkeymafia.com/weblog.php?entry=407
yup, another one: http://spacemonkeymafia.com/weblog.php?entry=408
more!: http://spacemonkeymafia.com/weblog.php?entry=473
What's this? Another one? Yup!: http://spacemonkeymafia.com/weblog.php?entry=492

Things I do to deal with them:
1. insult them in my weblog
2. wrote some ban scripts so they can't come to my site anymore, thus eliminating their ability to comment in my weblog
3. laugh at how stupid they sound in their e-mails (does anyone who sends insulting e-mails EVER sound intelligent?!?)
4. ignore 'em

Don't let them win by quitting ... ignore them and keep doing what you're doing!!! FIGHT THE POWER [of idiocy]!!!

Yikes. Sorry that whatever happened did. Like others have said -- you'll be missed. Good luck with wrapping up "Just a Geek" and living in the real world.

Take care.

Probably a bit of both, Cynthia. Good call.

Good luck with the book Wil. I'm gonna miss you!

Is that the reason for the curt response to my post about your webcam in WWDN? Most of us here ARE your supporters. Well, I'll miss seeing this site's updates.

I'm really sad about this Wil. I really enjoy reading your update, though this is my first time commenting.

I respect your decision...I've had problems with trolls on my own site, though undoubtedly nowhere near the scale you would have to deal with. But I do want you to know that your thoughts will be missed by many.

Count me in the group who enjoys reading your updates, thinks very highly of you, but never posts or sends emails. Well...I guess until now. :)
Take care

And the stupidest part of the whole deal? Those same people are gonna e-mail back and harass you for making such a "whining" and "negative" post.

It's too bad too, because the repetetive stupidity of 5% or less of people have a habit of ruining it for the rest of us. Ahhh I can't blame ya Wil.

Good luck with your continued work on the book, I can't wait!

That's a shame Wil, one of the 1st sites I check dailiy when I kick the 'puter on, is WWDN. Sorry to hear your getting so much shit....just got to remember, the world needs losers too, and sometimes they get riled up. Just ignore 'em like I do :-)

I'm really sorry to hear that Wil. Some people are just a pack of bastards who'll try to pick on other people because of their own inadequacies. I've only just found your blog and really enjoy it so I'll be glad when it eventually returns. Oh and can't wait to get "Just a Geek" in Australia.

I'm a lurker, too, but I love to read what you write, Wil, and I'm bummed you won't be updating for a while. Don't let the noisy bad apples get you down.

In this day and age in which we live it could hardly be described as conducive to a sensitiveness of the needs of others.We have built a wall of sophistication and hardness.Much of the world is calloused and indifferent toward his fellow man.

Abraham Lincoln once said...

"I am sorry for the man who can't feel the whip when it is laid on the other man's back."

Wil,this is your site to do with as you see fit,allowing others through there actions to control this site is an injustice to you and a victory for them.

The positive *MOJO* faaaaar out weighs the negative *mojo*

Happy Troll Hunting--->

Hmph. I was directed to your site by a friend's blog. He is presently taking a hiatus because of various financial and hatemail related reasons. Now I start to enjoy your site and you fall prey to the hatemail stuff. Phooey.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm another person reading your site, enjoying it and not spreading the trollness.
Quote of the moment, from a lecture given a few hours ago at my university by Salman Rushdie. On meeting Paul McCartney: "All I can say is that all the cool Beetles are dead"

I'm sorry that you won't be updating, but I understand how the hate trolls can be annoying. Best wishes, good luck on your other endeavers, and remember that some of us read your page because we are fans of your work and find your posts interesting.

not that i have any personal experience with this but one of the sites i visit daily, other than yours, posts the hate mail and then writes replies to the sender and corrects anything they say incorrectly.... not really a way to solve the problem but might make you feel better even if you just do it in your head... this is what they get most excited about is making you go crazy because of them... anyways this is my first time posting so i will say i really like your site

Sorry to hear, Unca Wil.
Just remember that there are more people who like you then there are f*cknuts.
I wish I could say "Ignore them. They'll go away, problem solved." and be right. Truth is, people are f*cknuts.

Hope it works out for you. Stay positive.

I leave you with a quote:
"Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed." Mark Twain.

Sorry internet jerks got you down. I've been reading yr blog for months now but this is the first time I've responded.

It isn't only the internet where people are nasty, of course. Since I started working in retail I've learned that people show their true colors in any situation where they feel there won't be repercussions. That could be a faceless attack online, or that could be dealing with a clerk or a waitress whose job is on the line.

For what it's worth, I see you as the kind of guy who's always nice to the waitress. That matters a hell of a lot more than the silly internet penis-contests bad geeks get into. Man, when I die I don't want a fancy obit that says I had this achievement or that acheivement, that I was really smart...I want a whole bunch of people standing around my grave feeling really bad that I'm gone. It's like Jimmy Stewart's line in Harvey--I'd rather be pleasant than "really, really smart."

Those people, Wil, when they log off and shut up, all anyone's gonna feel is relief. When you go, people miss you.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and hope things go well with your book! I'm looking forward to when you join us all again. Just know that there's a lot more people rooting for you out here than you'll probably ever realize.

You are so right about the attitudes of some people when they get online. I have to deal with a lot of them myself because of my political and religious beliefs. I just wish those of us who truly support you could give you enough praise to compensate for those who are total jerks. I shall miss your updates and look forward to the day when you again keep us updated.

WilPower forever!

Trolls suck

Wil doesnt suck

I come here to read about wil. I like wil to be happy. If stopping posting to finish book because wil doesnt feel like dealing with jerks more power to him :D

I too avoid places where I get personally attacked. *Note I do not avoid here*

Those people have as much time to hate people as I spend spreading happiness and nonesense. I wish there were more people like me.

*anti-webmeanies mojo*

Good luck, Wil! Everyone needs to shift the focus every now and then. We'll certainly miss reading your updates, but we'll be here for you when your ready to come back. We're not all assholes, and we do care. Take your time and make a great book.


Did you ever get the feeling that the people who are responsible for all the bad e-mails and such are just the "adult" version of the playground bully that chased all of us other kids around the school yard during recess? Or the ones that we had to look out for on our way to the bathroom, office or other errands that we did while we were at school.

I am one of the silent ones in the background that support you. I may not buy a lot of merchandise or agree with everything that you write about. I can say that most of the stuff that you do write about brings back a lot of memories. But I do understand your feelings and how hard it must be trying to juggle everything that you have going on right now.

I'm going to miss your updates and I can't wait for your book.


Wil -- wow! I don't know what happened, but I hope the negative email vibes don't prevent you from working productively on the book -- take it easy and let the creativity flow. We can wait . . . and, you seem to be BOTH smart and pleasant (see 'dyfferent' above).


At the risk of sounding like a jerk, this isn't a real thoughtful entry of yours.

Why give all the good people out there less cred than all the asshole spammers and trolls?

Lot more good karma out there among your fans than there are the jerks ... you're punishing everyone by the silence.

Still, do what you gotta do.

Don't let the bastards grind you down, Wil.

I'm sorry it had to come to this, but we'll all be here when you come back.

But things are starting to look up. Alan Greenspan just bitch slapped the Bush tax cut, spring training is just around the corner, and Willow has her happy back.


I for one am going to miss your updates. I'm sure like the vast majority of the people who come to your site look first to see if you've updated it, hoping that another fabulous story is there for us to read (it's so easy to actually visualize your stories, that is so cool). Or, even better, is when you talk about your acting carreer. So many of us root for you to get a role so we can watch our head monkey practice his craft. It was way cool watching your movie on PAX and thinking back to your posts trying to remember what you might have been going through on that day of shooting (i.e. sore back).

Try and think like a politician, imagine the hate mail and b.s. they get everyday (know matter where you are on the political spectrum). They just have to let it roll off their back and move on. You too can do that (hard as it is). Hell, no politician in the world has as high of approval ratings as you have from WWDN supporters!

Please don't let those those few bad apples spoil it for the rest of us. Or, if you prefer (and your mother will hate) fuck 'em! You have exactly one metric-ass-load of fans who love your stuff, and I for one look forward to the next update.

Hang in there,

that makes me sad cuz you're a pretty cool guy... "blog trolls" as you so eloquantly put it are assholes and don't have a life. they just need to relax and realize that everyone's got their own thing.

I hope that this latest post was written in haste and exasperation. Wil, this site has reintroduced you to your fans, the true you. I would like to think too that we have been very supportive of you thru your career ups and downs, and we have laughed with you at the absurdities of life. Don't turn your back on us because a few jackasses post something for shock value, or send ugly emails. That being said, I have a thin skin myself, and if someone started sending me hateful, profane email- it would hurt me. I guess you have to weigh the good of having hundreds of online friends against the bad of a very few degenerates. I am sorry that the bad won out.
Katie in TN

Go book! Looking forward to getting my copy.


Take a break, the internet will be here when you get back :-) I know that when the faceless communications of the internet gets on my nerves nothing helps more then enjoying a night out, or quality time with the family (anything that doesn't involve ASCII). That will restore your faith in humanity.


Well then, I wish you luck with your book! :-)

Just ignore the idiots, eventually they'll make their way to the bathroom and drown in the toilet.


We all need time off from stuff whenever the negativity seems to outweigh the positivity. Concentrating on your book is enough writing, and I'm sure that when you check your e-mail after putting so much effort into your site, only to see those dumbass e-mails must be horribly frustrating. Good for you to be able to say enough, and step back for a while.
Remember while you're away that those idiots are a few people who don't know you. When they get to me, I always turn to by foundation of love and support: my family.
So enjoy your book, have a good time with Anne and the boys, and whenever you're ready, us loyal ones will be here waiting for you.
chin up, smile on!

Dang. I'm so sorry the numbnuts overwhelmed you, Wil. I'm going to miss your frequent updating, especially your politically-oriented writing at this particularly vulnerable time. Your absence will be felt quite keenly, and for absolutely selfish reasons (your blog is one of the highlights of my reading day) I hope against hope that you might reconsider. You've forged quite a connection with so many of your readers that I hope whatever good thoughts we have about you get sent your way and can give you the strength to get through (or rise above) dealing with this crap so you'll return to the blososphere refreshed.

Wil --

Now that you've vented, please don't let the haters win by stopping what you do on their account. The world is full of people who are f*cked up, but in real life they have to go to a bit more trouble to project their problems onto other people. The internet makes it possible for them to do it very easily, ergo, when the opportunity presents itself they take it. The answer to the questions of whether they are like this in real life, and is their self-esteem just that low -- is yes on both counts. However pointing that out to them will likely do nothing to stop them, if they had the capacity to control their impulses, out of shame or any other motivation, they'd already be doing that.

If you don't want to have to sift through the garbage I am quite sure that there are people here who would be happy to be your personal garbage sifters. There is just no way to be visible without also being vulnerable to these people, so deputize a couple of trusted friends and take your mind off of it.

Thanks. And I'm sorry this is the first time that I'm responding to you on here. I don't always have a worthwhile comment to make.

Way to go morons! Some of you had to ruin it for the rest of us!


I don't blame ya Wil. people are stupid...95.6% and growing with every child born in this country.

Hey Wil,

I am currently at work where I do technical support for an ISP using chat and e-mail software. I'm sure you have heard a lot of the stories about some of the phone calls that agents get with this job. Well imagine doing this using chat and e-mail software where the personal rapport is further removed. We deal with a lot of crap directed at us that 98% of the time is no fault of our own. Personally, I am able to do this job (and even enjoy it most times) by remembering a few things:

1) it is NEVER personal

2) shouting and flaming is the battlecry of the ignorant (it's amazing how diction, spelling and grammar are almost always at an elementary level with these people)

3) we provide a service to people and if a very small and insignificant percentage of people use it to inflate their wounded egos then we should just take comfort in the fact that we have a life

This is the first post I have done since first discovering your site about a year ago. I'm an actor as well and I credit this site for pulling me back up after a lot of down times with that profession and in every day life. Don't let the few assholes out there diminish what you have accomplished so far. I believe you are only beginning to get a glimpse of what you are going to accomplish.

Sorry that there's some idiots who have nothing better to do than diss you on your own site.


I've been checking your site out for a while, and I feel like I can relate to you....you're a sensitve thoughtful man who cares about the world around him.

Thanks for a great site....and I hope that you do a book-signing tour!

good luck in this and all your endeavors....you really have inspired me on multiple occasions (this website, Stand by Me, and ST:TNG, just to name a few).

hey man..
look, goofs like that are just par for the course ...
they were the jerks in school..
the ass's at work..
they're everywhere...


they are overwhelmingly outnumbered by folks that not only like you, but come here everyday to check in and see how you are...
ya dig?
there's a lot of folks out there that look forward to reading your site..
assholes like that shouldn't spoil it for the rest of the posse...

as i'm sure you've noticed, you're government is on the verge of blowing the absolute crap out of iraq..
and as we all get closer and closer to that becoming a reality..i guess i was kind of hoping to read more of your views, and to see a bit more of your political writing...

but thats a tad bit selfish of me..
on the whole, i can totally see your point..

finish the book, and come back when you're refreshed, and can tell us where and how to buy it..

but do try to drop in now and again in the meantime..
even if it's just to say 'hi'..

cheers man...
and like the rest of the folks here said..
'dont let the bastards grind you down'

except in this case, i'd switch bastards to '13 year olds on their moms computer, in desperated need of adult supervision'

and also.
look on the bright side..
my wife is a highschool teacher..
and has to deal with jerky kids like that all day long..

peace out wil

No shit man, I drove home in this light drizzle and turned on the TV to hear the news describing the "blizzard-like conditions." LA is something else, ain't it.

my two cents...

I think everything **everything** is 50/50 good/bad...there's as many jerks in the world as there are good guys...I guess the best thing we can each do is just collectivly put our thumbs on the scale and tip the balance towards the good...so, thanks Mr Wheaton, for the entertainment and community your blog provides...I look forward to purchasing your book, and any further updates to this blog that time and patience allow. Don't let the bastards grind you down!

wil, lots of luck with your book- you are a great writer & we all anxiously await your book's grand debut!
but, like most everyone else, i'm going to miss reading your entries. it's ok, though- you gotta do what...you know.

Some people are just mean. :( It's annoying that people like that exist and make it tougher for nice people.

Wil -

Isn't it funny how people won't put anything hateful in this public forum, yet they'll e-mail you personally and belittle you, etc.?

Just goes to show you what kind of people they are -- they won't stand up and be recognized by criticizing in public.


You do what you need to do. Heck, it's not like you're beholden to advertisers on the site who expect updates/new content according to a contract. The pussies out there don't understand that you have a life.

You do what you need to do, and rock on.

Good luck as you get the book finished. I am looking forward to getting a copy as soon as it's published. (You'll at least pop back in to let us know a date, I hope!! :-) )

Love and happy-making mojo to you!

Thank you to those who have ruined this experience for the rest of us. I for one love reading this website. If you don't have anything productive to say, shut up!

The next time you get hate e-mail, you should put that person's e-mail address on your website so all of your loyal readers can harrass him with hate e-mail.....Give him a little taste of his own medicine.

If you can't take the flames, stay outta hell. Cmon Wil, everyone gets flamed, suck it up.

BTW - what the heck does "RL" mean?

Just curious.

awe sweetie,
i enjoy reading your entries, but do what you've got to do!

take care,

wil, i dunno what kind of online problems you've been having but let me put in my vote of


glad the book is going well and you are taking care of RL stuff. Good luck and don't forget you have a good part of

7060+ people

who care in a good way about you!

and if you need a farking good laugh, don't forget about:


I hate that a few creeps have caused you such grief. Ever since I got on line nearly 9 years ago, I've had problems here and there with idiots who think they can type whatever they want because no one can see them face to face. My husband says to tell you "they suck donkey balls." He says that a lot. He's apparently fixated on donkey balls.......Should I be concerned?

But anyway, please don't go away on their account. Especially since I learned two great new words today. "Asshats" and "positivity." What would we do without WWDN??

Jennifer ~ wordmeister and daily WWDN reader. Heck, I've set WWDN as my home page!

Oh, and GO STORMWATCH! 6+ inches of snow here in Wisconsin.

Wil, I work with kids, so I'll tell you what I usually tell them. "It hurts when someome dosen't like you, but you know what? As long as YOU like YOU that's all that matters!" They usually go beat the shit out of each other afterwards, but at least they have something to think about when they are doing it! Come back when you are ready, we'll be waiting. Think of it this way, the longer you are away from here, the quicker we will get to read your book. Not a bad trade off.

Good for you, Wil. Make good use of your time off and come back when you feel like it.

I've been reading for awhile and haven't said anything, not thinking there was anything for me to add. But it seems like its time to cast my vote: I like you. And I've liked you and looked up to you since I could watch tv.

we're behind you 110% wil no matter what you decide (i JUST found this site today), all the jerks out there are just jealous they don't have half the creative zest you got. hang in there and just don't even deal with the hate-mail. it's not worth the energy. just find what stirs you at the moment for creative inspiration and i think the rest will fall into place.

Thanx for ruining it for all of us WWDN readers, you ppl who generates/generated the "blog trolls, hateful emails, and the general idiocy" should all burn in fucking hell! Most of us live a busy sometimes stressful life, and don't appreciate hateful and harsh things that are being said to us, Wil or anybody. I totally agree with Wil, you don't need to deal with these unnecessary shit, just go focus on the REAL meaningful things that are happening to your life, such as your family, your work, your book, your dog, and your rl friends. If other WWDN readers/fans can't accept that you have a life besides being a slave to your website, they are just selfish bunch of people. Wil, keep focus on what you want to do, not what other ppl want you to do, that being said, return to updating WWDN whenever you feel like it, cuz I know I won't die if you never update it, but I will remain a loyal fan no matter what. :)

The assumed obscurity of being online and "untracable" makes it very easy for people to do things they wouldn't do in person under the premise of "what's the harm?" or maybe more accurately, "What's the harm to me?"

Then, because you are well known, people will presume to know you because they know some things about you. People will seek you out, and read all they can about you, and somewhere in their minds feel that you are their friend, when it is a completely one-sided feeling.

Unfortunately, it only takes a handfull of unwanted elements to create enough hassle to outweigh the average.

Take care of real life, yourself, your family. Online is less important as these people, we people, don't directly affect your life so much except through this medium.

Keep yourself happy.
"You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time."

/insert more rambling here

wow! Just so you know WWDN is the first site i check out when i sign on. I am sorry that all the trolls are ruining it for the rest of us. I think this is the coolest site ever. I can't wait for the book to come out, but i will have to admit that I will miss the blog. I guess I will have to find a different number one site. Wil you rule and so does your web site. I for one will miss you.

Giving up on all us loyal and nice readers just because of some mean emails? Thats kinda mean of you Wil...

I can't improve upon the great words of support that have already been posted here. I am a first-time poster here, but I wanted to add my thoughts to those already posted.

It is a normal and healthy thing to feel hurt when you are unjustly attacked. The important thing is to keep it in perspective and remember that you are loved by you family and friends (their opinions are what matter). The trolls who have hurled insults your way are nothing more than pathetic, unhappy people. They disserve pity, but not credence.

As for me, you have my respect. You level of openness and vulnerability on this site shows your true character, and those of us who are fans of this site can see that.



May you be blessed with powerful enemies- these trolls are not worth your energy nor your time. They are not your true enemies in life. Flames suck, they hurt and are completely idiotic but they should not, are not, powerful enough to keep from doing something you love. You love, or did love, this site and many people tune in everyday to read your words. I don't know what the emails might have said but not posting is exactly what they want you to do. Don't give in to their ignorance Wil, please keep your voice strong. Don't leave your true fans in the dark. Don't punish the rest of us because of the words of a few assholes.

I totaly agree. Take all the time you need, Wil. I understand. It sucks having to put with stupid people who get online just to be rude, ugly and insulting to others they dont even KNOW.

*sends BIG HUGS* Hope you feel better =o)

Hey Wil--
Been reading since the Onion did an interview with you. First time posting. I'll miss the updates, but I'm looking forward to the book. That's the right place to put your energy. I, and apparently everyone else, will still be here when you can come back. Happy writing!

Wil. I think that you owe us absolutely nothing. You put your stuff out there and we take it as it comes. I note in some of the supporting comments a tone that suggests that you somehow 'owe' the people who 'like' you. I don't agree. You are free to put your stuff out there as often or as little as you want, and if the assbrains are getting you down, that is understandable. i think your first responsibility is to yourself and your family and we who drop once in a while are waaaay down the list.

I will be said to see you go quiet for a time, but I will be happy to read whatever you offer in the future, including 'Just a Geek.'

I havent been here long, found it in a search engine cuz I need to know how my fave actors are doing every ten years or so...:)
Would you ever think of doing a chat sometime? I have so many questions to ask you.
Good luck with the book. TTFN, honeybear. haha,JK.

I haven't written before, even though I've enjoyed your weblog for about a year now, because I didn't want to sound stupid with the "Omigod, I've loved you since I was 10!" post I assumed you got swamped with. No really, I did. Because I loved you on Star Trek. I loved Wesley on Star Trek, for so very many reasons.

First off, when I was growing up, my Father always tried to get me into the original series and other science fiction. It was interesting, but with fe exceptions, I didn't really feel it the way he did. Cut to '88, and here was something that my father and I could bond together over and something I could relate to. Because there was a kid on the bridge. And he was a lot like me.
I was the girl who got the chemistry set for Christmas when she was seven, the one who entered science fairs even though it wasn't required at her grade, the one who wanted to go to Space Camp, and the one who got teased mercilessly for it. And I know it's hard to be a nerd period, but it's a whole other level when you're in 5th grade and reading books on ichthyology for fun, and you're a girl.
But you helped me through it by playing Wesley so well, by putting so much of yourself into him. Wesley was super smart, and he had friends, and he had respect, and he had found somewhere he could be appriceated and be happy. You have absolutly no idea how much that meant to me as a little girl. It made me see how the problem was other people, not with me, and that eventually I would be in a situation where I would be appreciated for my talents. That hope is was kept me going when I continued to get ridiculed by my peers and even questioned by my teachers as to if I wanted to do something more "appropriate" or even if the work I was claiming was mine all throughout high school.

And, maybe not as important, and please understand that I mean no offense to your family, but I had the biggest crush on you for the longest time. First on Wesley, but then I stated collecting just about every picture and article on you that I could find. Three of my friends and I in college had a monthly ritual of a "sleep over", and Toy Soldiers would always be one of the movies we'd watch. We had to because of the game we invented which required us to pick our favorite character. Yours was always mine, kind of like the thimble.

I was thrilled when I found your website. I admire you for your activism, both im women's health and civil rights. I was delighted to find such similarities in our taste in music, books, movies and video games. The log is so witty and so unlike anything else out there that it is the first thing I check when I'm online to see if there is a new posting. I guess maybe the crush is still there a little.

So, please, what you have been receiving has been the input of a minority. They're just vocal.

And all you've ever done to me is provide years of enjoyment. Really.


Be there for yourself and your family now - and we'll be here for you when you are ready to come back.

You'd think that by now you would have learned to simply ignore the people who have nothing better to do but harass others.

Most people learn to do this their first few months on the Internet. Ever posted on a message forum? Been in a chat room? Posted on Usenet, even played a multiplayer game?

This is to be expected. It's not personal against you, even if the attacks are personalized *at* you for one moment.

When you let a "griefer" win, you've just made his or her day.

I mean THIS kind of chat, of course.:D

I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to hack MT's comment system to support filters like they have on Fark. If so, Wil could configure his site to automatically punish people who step out of line. I'd be down with that....


Wil, this is my first post, prompted by your frustration with the mean comments of a thoughtless few.
I have often wondered how you juggle everything. When you wrote about the blog software, I briefly considered starting one. The task of coming up with something of interest on a regular basis put me off. Let's face it, most peoples' lives are dull. Few of us are privileged to have an interesting life, let alone the ability to bring it to life using the printed word.
Wil, you are one of life's contributors. Hundreds of people look to you for your take on life. I suspect that part of the appeal of your site is the enjoyment of a story told honestly. The progress report of another human living on the same planet. An emotional journey.
Thank you Wil for sharing your stories and having the courage to expose yourself to the ridicule of idiots.
Hope you feel better soon.

Give 'em hell Wil! Can't wait for your book.

Wil, this is my first post, prompted by your frustration with the mean comments of a thoughtless few.
I have often wondered how you juggle everything. When you wrote about the blog software, I briefly considered starting one. The task of coming up with something of interest on a regular basis put me off. Let's face it, most peoples' lives are dull. Few of us are privileged to have an interesting life, let alone the ability to bring it to life using the printed word.
Wil, you are one of life's contributors. Hundreds of people look to you for your take on life. I suspect that part of the appeal of your site is the enjoyment of a story told honestly. The progress report of another human living on the same planet. An emotional journey.
Thank you Wil for sharing your stories and having the courage to expose yourself to the ridicule of idiots.
Hope you feel better soon.

I have a theory (although technically a hypothesis really) that people are deevolving back into monkeys.

Man, all it takes is a few ass****'s to screw it up. It's so easy to be a coward, hiding behind an e-mail screen.....geez......

I, too, will miss your regular updates....your's is one of the few sites I check daily to see what's new and am disappointed when it slows down.

But, I know this takes a lot of your time and energy and sometimes you just need a break, especially when they're taking potshots at you. Can't wait for the book.......

Glad you're taking care of yourself.....


Damn. Having just had a recent experience with taking a break, I've gotta say you probably need it. Enjoy the extra time with your family and your life. :)

I'm going through a low point in my life right now, and reading your stories every couple of days has really meant a lot to me.
Wish I had told you sooner.
Hope to see you back soon.

Aw, wil! We love you! But don't worry about me, I have discovered the wonders of the WWDN Soapbox and it's changing my life!

Really. No sh*t.

Anyway, do what ya gotta do. Remember what Mr. Rogers always says...

"I'll be back
When the day is new
And I'll have more ideas for you
And you'll have things you'll want to talk about
I will, too

It's such a good feeling..."

Hehe. MOJO TO WIL!!!


I totally symphathize about the trolls. I have owned and moderated several e-mail lists, so I know about trolls!

We'll be here when you come back!

Sticks and stones. Remember?


Glad you're taking a break if you need one, I'm one who believes you owe us nothing. Come back when and if you feel like it. Hope the book and other stuff goes well, and that you find your happy place again! Best of luck!

I recently locked my online journal against anonymous posts for this very reason, and no longer have a web form up for people to send me email through. While there are some people who are willing to be obnoxious when they're named, many would rather do so in a much more cowardly fashion ... because, apparently, their lives really, really suck.

This is not my problem. This is not your problem. It's a pity they feel the need to try to make it someone else's problem rather than correcting it themselves, but why not take the easy route? Anyway, I hope that the breather helps. You're an excellent writer, and deserve only comments from people who appreciate that about you, at the very least.

If someone has something nasty to say to you, do what I do: Post it publicly, including with their e-mail address. That'll teach 'em.

this is my 1st post.I only discovered your site a few months ago. I am very sorry that you have to put up with idiots. I checked this site everyday for your updates and will miss them so much. I've been reading everyone's comments and I'm so touched by everyone's outpouring of support for you. I hope you see you are cared for and respected by many. We'll be waiting, Wil, come back soon. Take care of your business and the wife and kids.

Let it go, Wil. Half the world is crazy, and the other half stupid (minus 2%). Good luck on your book. I Will buy it, order it, borrow it--get it when I can.
Make it so, Mr. Crusher. I stand by you to the end.

Hello Wil Wheaton,
I got your autograph a couple years ago at the ComiCon in San Diego.

Wanted to express my feelings about the people who are belittling you and stuff. They need to STFU!

I've always thought you were a cool... role model of sorts. I grew up watching you in movies and TV. Keep your chin up, you do a lot of good that the people insulting you don't benefit from.


That's a pity. It's sad when losers who would get their butts kicked in real life if they piped up like that, feel free to do so in the "anonymity" of the 'net.

Pay no mind to them, they are worthless.

Come back soon. Plenty enjoy your scribblings and the hell with the trolls. Fuck 'em.

Bonz, who mods and admins at several sites, so have been called all sorts of both creative and crude things.


I'm sorry the trolls have you tearing your hair out. Breathe deeply, brush them aside, and do what you need to do. If your book is anything like your blog, I'm looking forward to reading it.

BTW - you were great in Book of Days. I certainly hope you get some more parts soon!


Aw, gee, Wil, I'm going to miss you. I check this site every time I sign on. On a selfish note, I'm always a bit disappointed when you haven't dropped us a little note. Not that you owe us anything. But, you're just so fun to have around, like a good friend. I look forward to our "encounters." You've revealed so much of yourself, evoked so many memories and pointed out so many things I would have missed. Not just the stuff on the Internet, but the moments that makes life wonderful.

Take the break and finish that book. I can't believe you had the time to write all this stuff AND have a life. It takes me forever just to get rid of that awful spam mail I get every day, and I really don't use the 'net that much at all. On my vacation last year, I had to find an Internet cafe so I could check my mail and delete all the junk so my mailbox wouldn't overflow.

Enjoy your time away, participate in Real Life, and make more memories. I'm just happy that you chose to so generously share a few moments of your life with us.

good luck wil! come back soon, i can't wait for the book either.

I'm mostly surprised why anyone, who knows the net, would actually get the least bit offended by trolls. Why waste the energy.

Everyone knows they're just pathetic little pricks with no self-esteem. And with the anonymity of the net, they feel their e-penis grow giant when they (try to) put other people down.

I hope the break helps. I would suggest to never ever reply to a troll anymore. It's like breaking the prime directive of anti-trolling :)

I was going to come up with a little "Animal Planetish" piece about trolls, but then I thought someone must have done that already :) I found this


Take as much time as you need. Finish the book(I know it'll be kick@ss), spend some time with the fam, whatever you need. It's not a bad thing to put yourself first ( I would say take a little Wil time, but it didn't sound quite right). Even though I doubt my chances of ending up with signed copy of your book, you can bet your..umm well whatever you want, that I'll get at least one copy in my hands somehow.

P.S. Just wanted to let you know that I've loved all the work of yours I've seen and wished I could have seen more of the recent stuff.

Don't worry about it Wil, we've all been there (well, most of us who have been on the Net for any length of time). There's always someone looking for a chance to anonymously throw virtual tomatoes (or rocks) at someone else ... it doesn't even matter if you're a "known" individual or not, as they are just looking for the first convenient target.

Taking a break from Net life for a little while is almost certainly going to help. What I find is that over time those little sniping comments from the idiots sort of build up until I reach a boiling point and they really start to get under my skin more than they should. At that point I find it hugely helpful to just leave the Net alone for a while and concentrate on real life, rather than start saying things on the Net that I'll regret later. After a little break I'm much more able to once again not let myself be affected by those types of comments, and to simply file them where they belong (in the bit bucket).

Hopefully a break will also help you put the finishing touches on your book, so there's a double bonus. I'll look forward hopefully to your return sometime thereafter.

Whatever, dude. It's your site. No need to get So Mr. High and Mighty about it. The majority of your readers don't seen to take issue with you. Why let the other bastards piss in yer Cheerios?

Well, Wil I can surly understand your feelings about hatful fans but remember there was many people who like you too and to say your not updating the site anymore due to these other people being rude to you is kind of like punishing all of your fans because of the mistakes of some, or at least your post sounded that way to me.

Dude, I totally understand the burning out and the need to prioritize & focus... but you don't have to give us a "better" excuse than simply wanting to do just that.

That being said: bear down & drive on the book-- full steam ahead. Then have a nice long rest. Those of us who've had the pleasure and privilege to come to know you and root for you will still be here.

We'll miss you though.

The whole troll thing... I'm sure you must have seen the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? You know these guys are Comic Book Shop guys with crusted underwear or 10-year-olds just getting over their Polly Prissypants tea party obsession. The common clay of the Infotainment Superhighway. You know. Morons.

Come back soon Wil. Those trolls can just shove it up their nose.

wanna use this one? Your polterguist trolls may come back again. Ya never know.

Hey Wil:

To be honest with you, I used to absolutely hate you back in the TNG days...not you personally, of course, but your infamous character. In fact, the gang and I used to annoy the HELL out of a friend's brother by calling him "Wesley".

Now that I've grown up, I find myself popping by your site (and to a lesser extent hunting down your /. journal) every day to see your take on what's going on in the world. I think if I could go back in time and tell my younger self that I would become a fan of Wil Wheaton, I probably would have laughed. If I would have mentioned that I find myself sharing many of the same opinions as you, I think I would have died of shock.

My friend, you are one of the good ones. Don't let the bad ones get you down...they don't mean anything personally, they're just idiots who hope to get a rise out of you. Remember, we're talking about the same sort of people who you see crowding behind a news reporter so they can get their stupid faces on TV. They want attention; unfortunately, you've given it to them. I'd recommend you don't in the future.

What was I saying again? Aw hell...you go do what you've gotta do. You know that we're here for you if you need the mojo (I can't believe I just wrote that...it sounds so hippie). Write that damned book so I can buy it, take a break if you need to...enjoy life a bit. When you feel like you have more stuff to relate, come on back...we'll still be here.


Aww! NOOO! Stupid trolls. Where's Bilbo when you need him! I'm gonna miss you Wil! Good luck with your book.

I'm sorry the trolls got you down, Wil.

Please come back when the book is ready and the hatemongers have crawled back into the holes they came from.

In the meantime, take it easy and remember, we've got your back!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves: Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

- Nelson Mandela (Inauguration Speech, 1994)

I'm a big fan, Wil. God bless you and yours--and best of luck to you with whatever decisions you decide to make.


Don't let trolls get you down. Every time you see a post from an obvious troll, just picture them sitting in front of their computer in their parents basement. Then realize that they will be like that for the rest of their lives and pity them.

Whoa! Halfway through the article I was about to say "Settle down, Beavis.", but I get the hint that you've been going through some pretty stressful times of late. If the choice came between taking a break away from WWDN for a while or eventually going mushroom cloud on someone (imagine all the WW-haters who would be screeching "See? I told you he was an a-hole."), you've made the right choice.

Devote some time into stuff you LIKE doing. You've been doing great since you've decided to take control over your own life, and as much as we like hearing what's been going on in the World of Wil on a daily basis, we'd prefer to know that you're happy.

So, do what you have to get done and stop back when you're tanned & rested. We'll wait.

PS: On a positive note, you've never told us that your likeness was done by (the now late) Al Hirschfeld, you lucky dawg you.



I know I would enjoy my job a lot more if I
didn't have to deal with the drunks and ladies
"of evening class" that I get on a regular basis.

one must take care of ones mental health first.

take care.

Sad to see that people are hassling you. I've got to admit that I read most of your archives with surprise several months ago. Perhaps I was out to lunch, but I never even realized that there was a major backlash against you and your Star Trek character. I began watching it after my freshmen year of High School in the summer of '90 and always thought you did a superlative job (perhaps I was predisposed to being a fan based on your terrific performance in Stand By Me, but I don't think that's it)and I hate to think of what it must have been like.

I even got a chance to listen to you after you left Star Trek when you were interviewed by Live 105 (San Francisco, Alex Bennett Show in '92 or '93) about Newtech in Topeka (you were there with Dana Carvey's brother who worked with the company, and some woman I think named Kiki S. who was a spokeswoman for the company)and about your career as well. The Video Toaster was really going into production before it was brought on line supposedly with Babylon 5 a few years later, and it just sounded as if you were getting a fresh start and trying to find your way in the world. Contrary to how you often refer to yourself in this period, I thought you came across as someone trying to find their way in their twenties with plenty of baggage, but plenty of positivity as well.

Anyway you came across as a great person then, you were impressive throughout your acting career, and your web site is also a tribute to your passions, your seeming down to earth nature, and your sense of humor and honesty. I hate the fact that a bunch of jackarses are feeding you a bunch of b.s. and treating you like trash but I respect your decision. It never ceases to amaze me at how the internet can really free the 'inner punkarse' in a lot of candyarsed individuals who would never have the cojones to say to someones face, what they do online. It doesn't help that nearly always what generates these kind of foulmouthed responses is absolutely nothing but the convoluted mental sickness of the poster, themself.

Anyway good luck in all you do,


M'eh. Most people in the world are clueless anyways. A lot of them are idiots, and a lot of them are very petty. The more famous you are, the more vulnerable you are. So, fuck 'em, it's the cool people that matter.

Just to drop in one more bit of wisdom, "Life can be like a bowl of cereal. Even if you pick out the fruits and nuts, you'll still have to contend with the flakes.".

And if you chose "None Of The Above", well, you've got nothing but a bowl of air for breakfast, don't you?

WTF am I babbling about? I'm not too sure myself (I must stop posting bollocks after 1AM). But what I THINK I'm trying to say is that these yabbos are a part of life at large, no matter what. So, if they're gonna be out there anyway, you can handle it by either letting them effect you, or you can take charge and not let them get to you. Let them know that only Wil controls Wil (Well, OK, maybe the wife has some admin access to Wil too, but that's it). And from what I read from you, you seem to be on the right track.

Don't let them make you their "bitch".

Sorry to hear that Wil. You're a swell guy. I'll miss your posts.

But then again, I really want your book. I look forward to seeing you finish that.

You'll be selling signed copies right?


George Carlin put it best (paraphrase), "Think of how stupid the average person is . . . now realize that half of 'em are stupider than that!"

Don't let the a$$holes get ya down, Wil.


Wil I feel the pain you feel and understand the anger but please do not let a hand full of a** holes yanking your chain keep you from letting the rest of us who enjoy your coman down to earth interactions with us pay the price. We enjoy your comments on everything in general and feel like you are like us just another coman Joe. I wish there was something I could do for you to help you cope. I'm sorry that you received such an email. Wish I could read it but since this is only like my third time here I do not know where to find it if you've even posted it. Any how looking forward to your book and hope to see you back on soon. Good luck. Some one who cares. Bones662001.

Your decision makes sense, but boy am I disappointed. I just discovered this site. You are intelligent, funny and extremely insightful. It seems to me that the majority of the people you attract share those traits. I am so sorry that there are a few notable exceptions. Please remember that their rude comments are in no way a reflection on you or WWDN. Believe it or not, I know people who think that The Simpsons is a stupid show. If that isn’t proof that some people out there simply have bad taste, I don’t know what is…

I believe the U2 song Acrobat says it all:

"Don't let the bastards grind you down..."

Take care, dear. :)

while i'm sad to see WWDN on hiatus - i'm happy 1) you're getting your book done, and 2) you're putting your foot down on all dems playa hatas.

here's to wil

fargo, nd

*wants to hug the Wil*
I can totally understand your frustrations about the damn annoying trolls and whatnot.
There are more important things (ie your family and book) than this blog and the bulk of us here can respect that. Good on you for doing what you need to do to keep your sanity!

Man, It's gonna be rough not having you around. I dig your wit and humor and it often makes my day whole-hairy-assloads better. Don't let the poo-flingers keep you from doin' your thing. Nevertheless, do what you have to do, just don't let this be your last post. It would suck if that was the way you left us longtime loyal fanboys.

Much love and respect from above,


I Visit this site because I like your work. Just wanted to say that.

Enjoy your break, Wil.

As a newcomer to your site, I've been dipping into your blog archives for a few weeks now, and I'm really enjoying them.

I'm looking forward to reading your book when it's ready. Good luck with it.


First time poster, long time reader. It sucks that the trolls got to you. I know how you feel. I run a streaming radio station for fun. About a year ago I was getting a flood of negative feedback telling me that my site sucked, my music selection sucked, etc. I got so pissed off one night, I did something similar to your reaction tonight, I pulled the plug. The gear went into the closet, I even let the URL expire. But you know what, a few months later I pulled the gear out and fired the site back up. I haven't regreted it for one moment since. Perhaps you need to step away for a bit, but remember, there are far more people out here who enjoy your site then there are mindless jerks who just don't get it.

And as The Toasters say, "Don't let bastards grind you down".

Dear Wil,

I have truelly enjoyed popping in every day to check if there is a new bit of Wil Wisdom on the site.
I am sorry that the noise of a few is so much louder than the support of the rest of us.
Nevertheless, take your time out, finish your book and spend some time doing the (other) things you love most.
But remember that there are many, many people that enjoy your wit; there is a legion who admire your bravery in sharing your feelings experiences and thoughts; there are people from all over the world (I'm in Australia) who find your style enticing and who can not wait to share time with you and yours again.

Until your ready be safe, be well and enjoy your time away.


This is farewell, farewell but not forever
This is farewell until we're back together
(This is so long for now; we'll meet again somehow
Until the day we do, I will be thinking of you)
This is farewell to life the way we knew it
This is farewell, but somehow we'll come through it
We'll meet another day, you and I
This is farewell,
farewell, farewell
Farewell, but not good-bye

i will miss you will! there's a lot of people who like you!

I just stumbled across your site a week ago and read your archives within one weekend.
I'm sorry you won't be updating that frequently, but I wish you all the best for your professional and private life.
Your writing is touching, witty and poetic, and I'm already looking forward to it.

Take care - and don't forget to drop us a line once the book is published.

Wow! Wil Wheaton is going away!??? And it's not even Christmas!!

I hear there's a plane going to Iraq for the other Human Shields. Just a thought...

You're awesome, Wil. Don't forget that. :)
Good luck with your writing. I can't wait to read the book!

Am I allowed to hug? What the hell... *hug!*

Good for you Wil - have some *you* time, and I hope you feel more positive soon.

I am really sorry that a small % of the visitors here are jerks. As you can see from the support above 99% of the people who come here really enjoy your work and appreciate getting a glimpse into your life.
I understand completly that you need to take time to focus on the book and just chill and as someone said 'We loyal monkeys got ya back'
Take as long as you need to smell the roses....we will be here when you get back, missing your wit but understanding your need for some space.
None of us forget that this is not only purely voluntary for you but you have to pay to do it as well!

Play with Anne, Ferris and the kids dude, we will see you when we see you.


I will miss your posts like you will most likely never imagine. It's been a daily ritual to check your site for updates for the last year, and I will miss you. Your writing has enriched my life and I am lothe to see it go away.

That being said, take a month or two (or six or twenty) off if you need to. This should be something you do for fun, and if it isn't fun, stop. We will all be waiting for you to come back, so don't worry about us.

We'll talk again, even if it's just when we buy your book.

Thank you

*hugs*, Wil.

We Love you Wil! Please don't be put off just because some dickheads decided to abuse you because they've got nothing better to do, they probably haven't even read your website and know hardly anything about you. I bet they go around to most websites abusing the owners just because they're bored. So these comments that they make aren't personal.
Just remember, there are plenty of us out here that respect you and are there for you.
Good luck with your book Wil!

I've always been amazed at how many people love you. Every time I read the comments there are people saying how they've never written before but they love/admire/respect you. That you have become a part of their lives in this intimate and unexpected way.

It's pretty incredible when someone finds something that can really touch other people, really makes a difference in their lives. It's kind of a gift to the world.

Of course, sometimes giving this can be a struggle- putting yourself out there makes you vulnerable to other people who are afraid of that kind of emotional honesty.

I think you're a lot stronger than those people, personally. I think your candor and trust really mean something both in what you give and receive.

Good luck with whatever you do, though.

As someone above said most of us who read and really like your blog don't post often (I've been here for months and have only joined in three or so conversations I can remember. For every troll that posts there are twenty people who like what your doing here who dont post, perhaps in the future we should, then you can see the real balance.

Come back soon, but get the book done first!

Andrew Milne(Ophois)

hello again... I've been thinking...

and to those who have pissed Wil off!

keep your snide comments to yourself! and
please take your business elsewhere!

how many other Stars like Wil have a web site and
take a fraction of the time Wil does to maintain
it for those few, way to few who spend our time
enjoying it.

I can only think of what cowards you people are!
hideing under some little cute alias, giving
your useless 2 cents towards Wil.

this is Wil's soapbox, he sets the rules..

you don't like it! leave it!

all I hear these days are stars (HA!)
like "jAY LO" harping on how difficult her life is with 70+ people who run to her every whim, beck and call...

Good for you Wil!

and when that book of your gets published.
I will be getting one of the 1st editions..
hoping that by chance, luck or shear wil, I'll
be able to get it signed by Wil at some book
function down hear in san diego. and then one day, I'll have a original, signed 1st edition
that I can pass on to my children and great grand children..
(a book worth millions!!!)

now with that said, I have only 1/2 left on my lunch break, and I've got to make my tuna sandwhich!

later, Mr. Wheaton


I'm really sorry to hear that the incessant trolling and flaming that seems to be so much of the internet these days has been focused on you so much. I'll miss your updates and all of the cool stuff you have to say and I'll look forward to your return when you're ready. Good luck with the book, I can't wait to get ahold of my copy!

F*** 'em Wil. Just respond with a camwhore link and delete their sorry ass!
Gonna miss your updates, but I look forward to your return when you're ready.


I have been following this site for ages and it has become one of my favourite sites - I can't believe it's not going to be updated anymore.
But, I agree - you've done nothing wrong and I don't see why you should put up with people; especially when they don't know you; throwing hate mail at you.

I hope the book is a success and I can't wait to read it.

wil, people are jerks. Have an Anchor Steam, laugh at their expense, write your book and enjoy the STORMWATCH! The ones who rag have done nothing of importance, said nothing of importance and are nothing of importance. And you have a great wife and a couple of kids, and... you can dye your hair BLUE whenever the hell you want to. How many corporate slugs in the world can say that, eh? Yeah, i thought so...

Blog on, brotha. If i can afford the book when it comes out, i'll be layin hot rubber all the way to the store for it. ;)

Aw, sometimes I almost wish my site DID get hate mail. At least I'd know someone was reading. heh. But I know how it can suck. Even when you know it's all bullshit, sometimes it just sticks in your head.

But I've loved this site ever since I first stumbled across it. I guess I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said by everyone else, but I really wanted to add to the chorus of "I'll miss you"s and "come back soon"s. Because I WILL miss you while you're gone. You're ma Uncle Willie!

Dear Mr Wheaton,



I have no words...

You will be missed.

I feel guilty even though i haven't put anything but nicies.

Why is that? *has internal struggle*

Such is life.

Come back soon...

Yours Despairingly,
English Ben

Will as i'm an avid reader and have yet to post a single think i thought today would be my day to stand up and be counted, Don't let the minority win, you're one of the sanest Americans with a voice (This is a UK post) so don't give up on us all. Your insights are often tickelling to say the least and it [reading your weblog] gives me something to do in between the mind numbing hours while i work on Uni projects.

Keep up the work we do appreciate it

I really love your blog, it's like a never-ending story. A well-written, touching one.

I never posted here so far. But now I want to tell you: I'll miss you, Wil Wheaton!

Just like many other people around the world.

I'm looking forward to your book.

I can completely understand why you'd need a break from all that crap. Some people are obviously very sad and have no lives! Otherwise they're just jealous and too proud to let it show.
Chin up, Wil!


Don't let a handful of bottom feeders get you down. They are a small and insignificant (emphasis on small) population and are not even worth the effort of thinking about.

I look forward to reading your book. In the meantime, you will be greatly missed.

All the best,


I'll miss reading your weblog, and I'm sorry to hear that you feel harassed. Weblogging shouldn't be a chore, so if you feel so crappy about it, then I guess it is best to take a break.

Happy book-writing =)

I haven't posted here for a while, but i'm still a regular viewer of your blog wil.
People who do things like to you or anyone on the net are not worth the time of day, and yet it still hurts when you read the messages, even though you know it shouldn't it does. This people are worth nothing, just bullies who can hide.
I will miss your entries, but take your break and get your book sorted.


Life in a Glass House
Once again, I'm in trouble with my only friend
She is papering the window panes
She is putting on a smile
Living in a glass house

Once again, packed like frozen food and battery hens
Think of all the starving millions
Don't talk politics and don't throw stones
Your royal highnesses

Well of course I'd like to sit around and chat
Well of course I'd like to stay and chew the fat
Well of course I'd like to sit around and chat
But someone's listening in.

Once again, we are hungry for a lynching
That's a strange mistake to make
You should turn the other cheek
Living in a glass house

Well of course I'd like to sit around and chat
Well of course I'd like to stay and chew the fat
Well of course I'd like to sit around and chat
But someone's listening in.

i think alot of these trolls do what they do because are jealous of you...and the love and friendship you have in your life...as bad as they are they are to be pitied...because being cruel is the way they act out their frustrations.

If someone is not a fan, why do they bother coming to your website just to insult you? It makes absolutely no sense. How empty can a person's life be if they only feel better by making other people feel worse? I think these jerks are confusing you with a character you once played. They think you are Wesley, not Wil. How sad is that?

Wil, know that you do have fans who honestly care.

sorry people are so rude. I think its a sad - but also a good thing to take a break and focus on RL stuff. take care and don't forget about us ;)

Wil, I don't blame you for getting mad. I get fired up at trolls when their idiocy is not even directed at me. You have shown real character by putting up with all the internet jerks with as much class as you have.

I hope you'll be back soon!

Miss the frequent post but I for one am willing to wait. Good Luck with the rest of the book. Can't wait for that either!

Hmmmm Trolls....
I noticed that your blog has been kinda slow for updates lately but I understand since you are trying to get your book finished. I have been surfing in now and then to see if you have put up anything new but I rarely read the comments as they alway seem to be the same like "Way to go Wil"....or "woo hoo Wil" and hoping for a good "Mo-jo".

Always the same.

You will always have Trolls and Idiots who have nothing better to do than put other people down.

I work in Afghanistan and some of the things that keep me in touch with the real world is reading the For Better or For Worst comic strip online, Fark and your blog on WWDN. When you have the time to post something on your site, I will be there to read it.

We are a wreck, we are such sheep...I to would like to know what he has ever done to anyone who knows him only through his public life. Why is it that people, not all but some think they need to disrespect those in the places some reach in their personal and professional lives....Damn, it's just a pity....:O(



Just wanted to throw in my support. Take the time off you need and come back when you're feeling better. Just look at the ratio of love vs. hate you have already though... above my post there are 167 people who support you vs. 1 bottom feeding asshat. That's a pretty good love/hate ratio, I'd say. :) *hugs*

Hi Wil-
I'm sorry to see that you need a break, but I'm glad that you're smart enough to take one when you do need it. I'm reaching that point myself- after 6 years at the same job with mostly horrible customers, I don't know how much more I can take. My customer service has run out. I had a woman argue with me yesterday because she was charged tax on her 20 cent copy- she owed me 21 cents, and was very snitty about it. When I told her it was the government that charged her tax, not me, she actually argued with me. I just sighed and said, "OK, well, it's 21 cents." And she gave me a look that could kill and said, "I *heard* you." I don't think I can take any more, and I wish I could take a break from it too. Anyway, Wil, sorry to digress, but I totally understand your need for a break, and while I always started my day with WWDN- it gave me a nice lift at the beginning of what I knew would be a rotten day- I will keep checking back in the hopes that you've written. I hope your break does you a bunch of good, and selfishly, I can't wait for your book. I hope you go on a booksigning tour- I want you to autograph mine in person! :) Much love to you and your family, Wil.
Love, Alicia

Wil Just want to say that I wish I could say the right thing to express to you how much this blog and the the Monkeybox has meant to me. I have and hold nothing but the highest respect for you..Dude. We are all lucky to be able to be a part of something original and special on the net. yeah other people and celebs have Blogs but obviously not at all like yours. There is stuff about you that I envy and wish to find in myself. You make it easy for me to try and be a well thought out person because I see you doing it. All I can say is the world is not perfect. Some days humanbeings make me really sad and depressed...BUT some days I see in everybody hope and beauty and a kindness that is amazing..Just completely breath taking. I have seen so much beauty in you. I am NOT saying that I know you in any way but I hope that I do know something right about it all. Today is going to be a sad day I guess. When you come back.....Will be a happy day. And for all the time inbetween I shall give what all monkeys here give freely and kindly....Patience and understanding and peace filled **MoJo** I never claim to be brilluantly articulate but I hope what I have said does something good and doesn't come off weird. Take care Wil and look both ways before you cross the road.

Hey Wil, I have a shimmering elven longsword you can borrow-it's got a +3 damage against trolls! :)

*sigh* We'll be here when ya get back, buddy.

Wow, what just happened?

Gonna miss you for as long as you're gone Wil. Youre blog is a part of my day.

Take care of yourself.

Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I totally agree with everything you said... those are just worthless, useless human beings with no respect for other people's talents... "just try and do better than me!" is what I say....

Well, I would certainly support you in what ever you decide to do, as I'm sure lots and lots of people here will as well.

By the way... two days in advance... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Sorry that some people are being mean dumbasses. Your fans, including me, will miss you while you're gone.

well,I didn't read allthe comments, but Iw anted to say by not posting, it's like letting the Terrorists win type mentality.

Let 'em say (whoever they are) what ever they want!

You obviously have at least 178 people who are behind you!
(make me 179?)

Yeah, some people are idiots. They think it's cool, funny, blah blah blah. I'd say don't take it personally, Wil, but everybody does. Just keep in mind that there are more people out there that love and support you than there are people who don't. As for that one person who told you to "get a life and make something of yourself that would actually make your kids proud," (not actual quote) that's bs. You've already done so much. If my step-dad had written a book, acted in a movie(s) that made people happy, walked a helluva long way to help cure breast cancer and played hide-and-seek with me, I would be extremly proud of him. Stay cool, Wil.

I'm sorry that there are people out there that have discouraged you away from your own site, Wil. However, I will sit here in further anticipation of the final release date for your book and how soon I can reserve a copy of it.

Do what you gotta do Wil, I'll keep popping by now and then to check on ya!


OH NO!!!! What am I gonna do without my Wil fix???? This is so horrible! I am so sorry Wil for the people that have been so rude to you. It is one thing to express your opinion. But it is another thing to belittle and to degrade yyour fellow human beings. If you don't like what someone has to say, that is fine. If you do not agree with someone's opinion, that is just dandy. That is why it is so wonderful to live in America. We don't have to be afraid of having differing opinions. We can express ourselves freely without the fear that we could be arrested or even harmed. But for goodness sakes, let's take some pride in the fact that we have this freedom. Don't abuse it. Don't let your right to free speech hurt someone else. I think the reason we have free speech is so that we can express ourselves WITHOUT hurting others. So, the hate mail, the rude weblog reply crap,... WE JUST DON"T NEED THAT!!!! Take it somewhere else. Please. It just isn't necessary. We all love Wil too much, and we are willing to stand up for him. He is one man, with thousands of people behind him. BACK OFF!

And Wil, you take all the time you need. Though we will miss your posts for the time that you are gone, we will be eagerly anticipating the release of your book. Have a nice, well-deserved break.

Have a pleasant break. We'll be thinking about you.

Well done!! Regardless of how many positive remarks you may get, many forget that it only takes one person and one hit below the belt to drop a person. Insensitive fu@ks! You don't need that sh@t and really you don't owe anybody a fuc@ing thing. You were even man enough to give an explanation. Your a good man Mr. Wheaton, and though I've never met you, I feel like your another person in this world that is fighting the good fight. Focus on the book, the family. Live life Wil Wheaton! Live it like tomorrow won't come! See you around...

I host Mark Wahlberg's official website and it's true that the trolls really do come out at night. I have been lucky to have a moderator named Lianne (herein "Mark's Biggest Fan") who monitors the site gratis and weeds out the trolls. We also have an automatic email approval process before anyone can post, something I think which is sorely lacking in MovableType. I'll check out some of the Movable Type sites to see if there is a comment registration hack that you can benefit from. Outside of getting Your Biggest Fan to moderate the comments for you, this is the second best bet.

Finish up the book in the meantime. We're all looking forward to that.



You're like the little brother I never had!

...Who just happens to live in another country.



I do have a younger brother.

But we've always told him we found him on the doorstep.

Have I mentioned I know how to box?

Airmile points anyone?


Sorry to see you go. Your witticism and outlook will be sorely missed while you are gone. Don't stay away too long.

This is so terribly sad.
There are many ignorant and stupid people out there - but don't let them win - there are also many good people out there, too!!
I just found this website a few weeks ago and I like it so much. Your sense of humor really hits me - please go on with this side - and also good luck with the book..

sorry to see ya go Wil. Ive seen(and experienced in my own way) what your going through before. Just like running a race you just "hit the wall" and need a break! Honestly dude youve got a full plate!! Family,all sorts of work,and adding acting ,writing a book and a blog on top of starts out being really cool and fulfilling...at first, then the joy gets sucked ouut the whole shebang and ya' gotta go to your core and REST! Cant wait for your book and I hope someday you'll come back to your blog even on a part time basis

We all tend to forget that first and foremost you are a human being with a family and life of your own. You are not here for our amusement, although I find you extremely entertaining! It is good for you to remind us that we are not your property. That you are here because you want to be and you can leave if and when you want. Enjoy your rest! I do hope you come back. I look forward to your book! Will it be released here in Canada soon as well??

Whoops. Just looked it over and realized theres room for misinterpretation there in the last post. I meant air miles to bitch slap some trolls. [ Not Wil ]

The doorstep part is totally true. Just ask dad.


ugh.... that should have read, you are not our preoperty...sigh. I still have trouble typing with a baby on my lap...

Sorry, Wil.

It's situations like this that remind me why I don't allow comments on my blog. Because despite the fact that I feel pretty great about myself, there are a lot of people out there who just enjoy hurting people. You know this already from your acting experience, and have had to deal with it before; unfortunately, the Internet just makes it easier for all the "Die, Wesley" people to shoot their mouth off.

I didn't really follow your career beyond TNG until your Slashdot interview, but since that time, I've gained a great deal of respect for you. I honestly appreciate the effort you have put into keeping us up-to-date on your life. Thanks for caring enough to be frustrated at all the negative feedback.

Hi Wil

Let me delurk long enough to say that yes, I treat people on the Internet the way I do in RL. I'm polite, respectful, and considerate. Not everyone is an asshole.

Sorry to learn the bottom dwellers have gotten so bad. Too bad there's no way to shame them... or maybe zap them with some electricity.

Have a good break, I (and many people just like me) will still be reading you when you return.


*Looks around the room.*
What did you people do???

Seriously, Wil - good luck with the book, we'll be waiting here when you get back.

I think we have all been in the spot when you were having a pretty decent day and one negative comment makes the whole day seem like crap. All you can do is remember that the people making those comments don't know jack about who you are really. anyone who bases someone's whole life on insulting others just proves they have no life.

Kudos for not giving the flamer credit. Like others, I want to know the details, but were you to provide them, you'd simply be acknowledging that he or she really got to you. The beauty of this post is that you got back on the horse. Granted, it's only long enough to state that you're not posting for a while, but you give those faithful readers enough mojo to keep checking back, day after day, to find a new post. I'm sure that you have little doubt that you have far greater fans of your work than anti-fans (are they called snaf?). This site, your new book, the movies and shows that demonstrate your comedic, dramatic, and emotional acting ability, all are significant demonstrations that you have a worthy purpose. Be well, Wil, and know that those flames never burn.

Hey Wil,

Like Karoline, I was surprised to find that anyone didn't like Wesley Crusher, because that character was very validating to me. I was a geek before the word was used,(I'm 43), and was an adult when STNG came on. And the other kids in school were very hostile, much the way people reacted to Wesley, now that I think about it. I ended up dumbing myself down so I could be safe. It was great to see a smart kid who wasn't treated with condescension (by adults) or hostility (by peers). It's also quite a relief to be an adult.

Anyway, thanks for letting me into your head a little; it was really interesting and fun. Your site is the first I check when I get online, and I'll miss your thoughts. But I support you taking care of yourself 100%, so bless you, and I'll buy your book when it comes out just to prove to the moneylovers that you've got a potentially lucrative fan base, even tho I usually borrow all my books from the library. Good luck to the writer you, and to the actor, break a leg!

My thanks go out to those hosers (yes I said HOSERS!) that feel it is funny or their God-given right to go out and criticize someone else, Wil especially. Most everyone that comes to this site look forward to Wil's updates. They seem to becoming fewer and farther between than every before and then some HOSERS (I said it again!) go and piss off the one person we are here to support. Now there won't BE any updates for awhile. Great, thanks a lot. Hey HOSERS (there it is again), what TV show were you ever on? What movie have you been in recently? What game show hosts have you slammed in person and on TV? On a more serious note: Wil, several earlier posts mentioned that they thought for every one bad comment you get in here that you get ten good ones. I bet there are more good ones than that! Granted I don't read your e-mail but I can't remember the last negative comment in a post. I know that you have a life and so do we, but sheesh don't let the few HOSERS (once more with feeling) ruin it for the rest of us. Good luck with the book!

Yet another of the faceless masses who have made a home of your site. I check it daily and almost never post. I making with the positive waves, and hoping for your quick return. Good Luck with the book.

I wonder what happened--I have always viewed this webpage as a Wil love fest. I rarely see people flaming Wil in here.

Wil, just tell us who those nasty buggers are and we'll send Strong Bad their way ;)

Have a productive brake & hope we'll see you soon!

I enjoy your site Wil it is entertaining, I'm sorry to see you hassled by people who really have nothing better to do but Bitch and Harass people.

Well... It's hard to know what to say, because I don't want to make you feel all guilty, Wil; it's your life, not ours, and you just happen to be nice enough to share it with (pick one): total strangers/ your internet friends. That said, I will miss getting to hear all your faboo funny stories.

But, if you need a break, *take a break*, my friend. Go off and finish the book, hug your kids, and show your wife a nice time. Your loyal monkeys will still be here, and we'd rather have the friendy Wil we know and love than someone who doesn't have any fun with his blog.. Cheers!

I'm pretty fierce... want me to scare them all away?

um... I mean *grrrrrr*

I've figured out one thing about the internet... it allows people to be arseholes... I got a random hate letter from my ex-boyfriend's roommate months after we broke up... As scooby doo would say, "arooo?" What the @#$#@ was up with that, ya know?

I can only imagine the amount of hate mail you get because you're an uber-cutie and I'll always have a crush on your inner geek.

And well, forget about the weenies... every now and then you gotta focus on what's important in life... No no, step away from the karaoke machine. I mean the things that you'll be proud of one day, not grinding your enemies into a pulp. That's just temporary satisfaction.

What have you ever done? Where is my humanity? Gone, just like my ip from your site wil. Did it ever occur to you that some of the people might be trying to have fun with you, see if you are a cool guy? No, all you ever did is act like a tool and ban them from your site. This is what you get wil, you play down free expression on your site and this is the kind of blacklash that you are going to get. Sleep in you bed wil, you made it.

Hi wil!
Sorry if you were feeling unloved. Heh. It's true that there are many of us who read your site and draw something great from it, but never post to let you know.
Hopefully now these comments from everyone have shown you that your site does reach most people in the way you want it to.
Don't let the other idiots grind you down :)

Good luck with the book!

I haven't read the comments!

So please Wil come back. Your blog is always either fun to read or a worth a good thought. And everybody knows trolls suck and can only in D&D be extinguished by flames. So this means they have to kiss one of my many monkey asses.

Grüsse Götz

Ok...how sappy will this sound?

Wil, thanks so much for your updates, among being enjoyable to read about you and to read about your day to day life, it is also a great big help, in so many ways. You get my day started at work, first business of the day is to read your logs and either get a smile, get a thought, or get active. :) (thanks for the geocaching info :) ).

I would just like to say thank you, thank you very much, for being you, for adding a bit of your personal life so everyone can get to know "Wil".

Poo on them, *comment courtesy of my daughter*.

I look forward to your book and to your return to the I-Net. :)

Toronto, Canada

Enjoy the break, buddy. We'll be here when you want to come back.

Hey Will,

Hang in there and don't give those detractors any credit or attention.

And, you always have a women's football player at your disposal should you need to apply the smackdown...=)

You rock at your blog, so stick to it.
=) Tara

*happy relaxing, restful mojo for Wil*

*nasty, irritable, thorough beatdown for the trolls*

Honestly... some people.

The simplest answer to your questions is yes. I'd say that pretty much sums up board trolls.

On a lighter note though. There are plenty of people here who enjoy what you write and look forward to reading it. And I'd say you have a pretty good supply of support here or "mojo" as you would call it ;)

Skip over what the morons post. Just remember they're still living at home in thier mothers basement. Wondering what it's like to have a boyfriend/girlfriend (as the case may be). They're miserable people that just want to make everyone else miserable too.

I think you're brilliant.

Wil, sorry to hear that some asinine people have not treated WWDN and Wil Wheaton with the respect they deserve. What you have done with this page is pour your heart and soul out there. You've chronicled your successes as well as your defeats, and that takes a lot of balls.

I think those people who trash you for what you do here only wish they were half as interesting and accomplished as you; they only wish they had at least a modicum of success against which they could compare the string of failures and shortcoming their lives probably are. It's pure posturing protected by the anonymity of the internet.

I understand if you need to take a break, but I sincerely hope that sometime in the near future, you'll get back to updating WWDN. I think this page is remarkable. Even though your life and the lives of your readers are quite different, it's a credit to you that your stories and posts always offer up something that we can all relate to.

Just remember, Wil: for every asshole who tries to rain on your parade, there are thousands of kind, loyal readers who really appreciate what you do here at WWDN.

Stay strong, Wil. Good luck with the book, and please don't be a stranger.

Wil, I'll really miss your posts! I'm sorry you've have to put up with assholes who think it's their mission in life to make others miserable. You are a totally cool person and I completely understand that you need to get away from the jerks. I'm looking forward to your book but I also look forward to the day when you post again. Don't let the morons get you down!


From what I see here, you have an avid group of supporters. I don't know how many derogatory comments you get daily, but what does it matter? In the end, the only one you have to answer to for what you have done with your life is G*D.

You are a kind and caring young man who has a lot to offer this world. You provide many people with much enjoyment through your writing, and if you let those few people who are bent on destroying you emotionally with their perverse comments win by driving you away from doing something you have a talent for, you would be doing all who support you a great disservice.
Sometimes I don't agree with all that is said in your BLOG, but I still come back every day to read your posts. It is refreshing to be able to take a peek into the life of an individual who is not afraid to speak what is on his mind.
If I disagree with you, and it really upsets me, I would simply state that I disagree, and list the reasons. I would not, nor should anyone ever 'tear down' another person just to build up their own esteem. And this is exactly what some of these jerks do, because they are living such shallow and pathetic lives.
Please don't give up on your BLOG. Take the time off you need to complete your book. Take time to refresh and rekindle your spirit, and then return here to us with a renewed sense of purpose.

And - BTW - Don't let this drag you down to the point that it affects your personal relationship with your family.

Wishing you the best until you return.


"Long time reader - first time poster." Yeah - I too noticed some people being cruel in their responses. That's so sad that that's how they wish to spend their time. Enjoy your R&R, and I look forward to reading your blogs, and your book, again when you're rested :-)

we'll miss the updates.

it's a shame that people out there either get off on the belittlement of others, or have no other outlet for their stress than to take it out on folks they don't even know.

take some time and clear your head, your book will be all the better for it. and when you're finished, your true fans will always have copies of your writing they can refernce when you're too busy with real life for updates!!!

Well, just hafta to say something positive I guess. I love your blog and I've been reading for about a year. I'm looking forward to getting your book and I really appreciate what you do. Thanks for enduring through the hate. :)

Like many others above, this is my first post. I've been a long time reader of WWDN, and you have one of the best sites out there - and certainly the best blog. Take the time off that you need, but come back soon! You will be missed, but I also look forward to seeing your book. Best of luck!



No worries mate. We'll wait for the book... :) and as for the negativos, have them talk to the hand. What's really important is your self, your family, and your friends. Listen to them, not to the lamerz with no life... (wait, that might include ME!! Augh! :)

Screw the jerks who get their kicks being hurtful. May they all come down with a nasty, itching fungus.

I love reading your posts, and I'll miss them. Good luck with the book, Wil, and come back soon.

Wil, you're doing the right thing. I can only imagine how much time WWDN requires, and you with more of a real life than I'll ever have.

Sometimes it helps to remember that an insult from an angry idiot is a form of validation.

Sorry to hear the twits getting you down. I found this site by accident. I sent you an email asking a question, you responded with an answer. Which, was in my book, pretty damn cool. Then I read your archives, you are a hell of a writer and a hell of a person. In fact I am playing Car Wars after a 14 year abscence again after reading something you wrote that made me yearn for those simple caffinee marathons of gaming in college. Sometimes your politics don't jive with mine, but it does not make you any less of a person. And just cause I may disagree does not keep me from coming back and reading your blog, nor does it make me wanna troll and flame. You have a lot of fans, we attorneys have a saying, "Non Illegitimi Carborundum." Translation, Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down.


Sounds like you get as much hate mail as an avowed Liberal Democrat in Oklahoma. Hang in there. The haters don't matter.

Its seems that the the hard core trek-nerds are the rudest of the internet lurkers. I read some of the TrekNation and the like, because I am a non-hard core trek nerd, and I find that these people are NEVER happy with anything. They claim to be Trek fans, but hate all things trek. They write rude things about the different series, the actors, the producers, writers, costumers...everyone. Its unbelieveable. Consider the source of the nastiness, and remember, that while you are out doing auditions, plays and whatever else you need to do to support your family, these guys are either in 8th grade in Pigknuckle Montana or 40 something year old assistant managers at Burger King along the interstate somewhere. Fuck 'em.

Please add a check mark to the column for don't let them get you down. I can't possibly understand what you may be dealing with, but I hope that you can ignore it. Remember, when Hank Aaron was approaching the home run record he recieved death threats but was able to push through that and do what he was destined to do. Push through this.

Hey there. I can only imagine the crap you must have to wade through from dorks who think flaming you is "fun".

For what it's worth, your true fans will always be here, cheering you on.

Good luck, and I can't wait for the book!

Do you people have no compassion for trolls? We're not the one-dimensional pure evil monsters you watch in Lord of the Rings. We have feelings too.

Darn you all, darn you all to heck!


I'm sorry I crapped on your lawn. Can we have sloppy make-up sex now?



I really DO NOT want to beleive this!!!

How can the people that love you function without OUR WIL update??

First the damn War and NOW this?!!

HOW do we even get thru anything without OUR
Mr. Wheaton, sir?

Most of the people that come here DO seem to
really love and appreciate your efforts.


Take care of yourself, Anne and the boys..


Just promise to come back when all your personal stuff is thru!!

you go boy.


While I stand behind you on your decision to take a hiatus from WWDN and concentrate on the book, I feel that it is a shame that the rest of us have to suffer because a handfull of assholes can't behave like adults. These idiots are laughing right now, as they have managed to get under your skin, get attention, and subtract from the enjoyment that the rest of us have in reading your blog.

I know you are highly against requiring some sort of registration, but it has been my experience that this helps tremendously in keeping the jerks out.

Beyond that, I can only suggest as someone else did that you allow readers of WWDN to apply for a type of moderator position. This would NOT be a paid position and this person would have no control over the site other than being able to weed out unwanted reader comments to the blog.

The only catch to that is that I don't know if Movable Type has the ability to allow you to designate a moderator, and you would have to draw up some specific guidelines that the person MUST follow so that he/she doesn't remove posts that you personally do not object to but that he/she finds offensive. That, of course, requires precious time that you just don't have.

If you decided to do such a thing I would normally be more than happy to help you out on it. Unfortunately I am an ASP/VB programmer and know very little about PHP or even Unix/Linux for that matter, so I'm not so sure how much of a help I could be, but would be honored to make an effort.

'Till next time!

There are tons of people out there that say, do and write hatefull things. This kind of stuff should stop and stop NOW! 90% of us love this site, periodicly check the site for one of Wil's postings (I check 3 times a day). Now we are all getting punished because some "A" holes that disrespect Uncle Willie.


I hope to hear from you when the book and personal stuff is finished.


Nil Illigitmatus Carborundum.

Do what you need, live life as you wish, enjoy the special things you have.

To hell with the idiots.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up--for you the flag is flung--for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribbon'd wreaths--for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning

Hey Wil,
I just wanted to let you know I will miss your updates.
People who do all that stupid hateful crap don't have a life and are pathetic themselves, which makes them miserable shitheads, so they have to make everyone else miserable,like them,that's the way they operate.
so Wil my advice don't let them get the best of you.

First time poster, long time reader.
Just another quiet fan, lurking daily.
There's more of us than you know :)
Don't let um get you down.
There's only one way to deal with ignorance: ignore it.

I'm a proffesional lurker, and decided that, if there was any time to say something, this is it. I just want you to know that there are a lot of people out here who support you and would gladly give vicious noogies and indian burns to those jerk who feel the need to send hateful stuff...
I'm looking forward to the publication of your book, and even more to day you decide to come back.
Oh- and thanks for still being cool- you're my only teenage crush that is still worthy of the sighs (I don't even want to talk about Corey Feldman!)...

I'm a proffesional lurker, and decided that, if there was any time to say something, this is it. I just want you to know that there are a lot of people out here who support you and would gladly give vicious noogies and indian burns to those jerk who feel the need to send hateful stuff...
I'm looking forward to the publication of your book, and even more to day you decide to come back.
Oh- and thanks for still being cool- you're my only teenage crush that is still worthy of the sighs (I don't even want to talk about Corey Feldman!)...

Take the break, it is well deserved.

Work on the book and make you and your family happy.

We'll still be here when you get back.

Wil- I'll miss reading your blog in the interim but look forward to your book. I'm not sure what it is about blogging that makes some individuals think they're instant pundits with license to trash, but it is a stern reality. I had a blog for a while, inspired by yours, actually, and just stopped because of all of the crap I had to deal with from my family and friends because I didn't portray them in the light they wanted to be portrayed in, and I also had to contend with total strangers who just bashed what I wrote... just to bash what I wrote.

Blogs are like art (I guess because they are): they're a labor of love. They're also like TV: if readers don't like what they see or read, they should change the channel. Best wishes to you and your family.

ok, i too, am a lurker. i am sorry about your having to deal with jerks online, and i understand your need to get away for a while(though, hopefully, not too long..) thanks for taking the time to do this site for so long, and letting us geeks in on your life. good luck with everything, and you know we'll be waiting for any wil news..

hmm...there seems to be more than one miriam in this world.

This place you've created, this haven for many people, is one of the best things on the net. And it really, really sucks that there are people who are trying to ruin it. It is incomprehensible that anyone would want to say or do anything to hurt another person, even through the relative anonymity (sp) of the net.

That said. The bad always sticks out in our minds. Just remember that there's 50,000 monkeys at 50,000 keyboards, who aren't wrong, and who support you.

Lots of lurkers posting on this one. :) See how well you're liked, Wil? We'll miss you, I'm sorry for the crap you apparently had to deal with, people suck sometimes. Probably good to take a break once in a while. Anyhow, good luck with the book, I'll buy it. ;) Hang in there.

Take a break for a bit Wil - try not to let the trolls get to you man. It's tough sometimes.

####sucking minion of Drew,


all i can say to those stupid people is GGGRRR!!!

I eagerly await the book, and i'm sending you some happy mojo.....we all need it from time to time!

loads of love

Take a break, do the business, and get back to us...soon. Do not feel intimidated or offended, it's people like you that make us regular monkeys happy so forget the others. Recommendation: cancel email and only use soapbox.


I just found out about your site about a week ago, and I like what you do with it. Don't let those imbicles get you down with what they write. They usually have more problems than they say you have. Just let it slide off your back.


Kick 'em in the nuts, Cartman-style, and go on with your life, Wil. You rock!

damn, whoever sent you those rotten emails needs thier kneecaps fixed.

send me thier IP's, and i'll send guido over.


good for you Wil!! As a blogger you are not alone, I know of at least 3 other bloggers who have thrown in the towel in the last 2 weeks and taken their sites down because they are sick of being harassed for being themselves. Take care of yourself and your family and keep safe.

Can I get a what what?

Dont let the a$$holes get u down wil.

And I second evan. IP's please...


I got a coupla nice emails back from you here and there, probably when you didn't have to junk it all due to a hate flood. I'm sad to see you lock up the playground. Hope you can bring it back to life someday.

I'll continue to support that Soapbox, and I hope to see you there time to time.

Best regards, take care,

-- Jeff.

Wow, too bad. :( You would have never lasted in the forums on Ratemybody.com tho. Looks like we add Wil to the "Internet Victim" list...


You tell 'em Wil! Good luck on the book and the rest of your RL stuff.

I believe the U2 song Star Trek Sucks says it all:

"Don't let Wil Wheaton get you down..."

Take care, whiner. :{

Hi Wil,

I don't know you personally, but I do know this.

In my experience, the people with the least humanity tend to speak loudest and most often.

Don't let them get to you. Trolls are a waste of energy.

Best wishes,


I just wanted to add to the love. Your life (as presented on your site) and your site are awesome parts of my life.

Have a good break, and forget about the people who are bastards to you. They just have wil-envy.

Hey Wil,

Like everyone else, I think this is a sad, sad day. I'll miss you words, they often made me laugh or think.

I say, just put up a page with the email addresses of any of the jokers harrassing you. Your friends and fans will do the rest.

Unka Willbur

Hey Will!

Sorry to hear that the trolls have been attacking fortress Wildot once again.

Please try and remember that for every moron out there, there are at least 100 people who appreciate and love you for who you are and what you're doing.

From a fan to the dickwads out there:

Thanks arseholes. A lot of us enjoy the site and the blog. So sit back in your parent's basements and gloat in your baseless little delusional power kick, and declare your false little victory, and wonder off and bug some other person courageous enough to share their thoughts and their lives with the world.

Oh, and PS: If you don't like Wil, or the site, don't fucking come back. And while you're at it, grow the fuck up and try getting a life.

Hey Wil,

This is the first time I've visited your site. I got to it through fark.com.

All I'd like to say is that you are Wesley-fucking-Crusher. I grew up watching you on ST:TNG and some of my favourite episodes were the ones that centred on your character.
I think a lot of kids my age felt some kind of a connection to your character, because you were getting to do something amazing. You brought that character to life.
So what ever those haters write, doesn't compare to the amount of support and LARGE fanbase that you have. I think it's great with what you have done here. I read about an appearance you made in Sacremento on RetroCrush. I thought that was excellent.

Oh, and let me not forget Stand By Me. You played Gordy if I am not mistaken.
An awesome movie. One of my all time favourites.

Dude, you're a star!


Eh hem. *blush*

Sorry for the profanity in my above post people. I gots a little angry. I run a blog too... so please consider it a childish, pent up little moment of self-therapy!

Sounds like your liberalism finally got to you. Take a break listen to Rush Limaugh and Savage Nation and get back to reality. Good luck with your recovery :-)

Part of human nature is to seek forward progression. Attain a goal, move up from there. We like to think that once we've reached a certain level, we don't repeat that climb again.

In maintaining this Blog and this site -although there are of course many well intentioned people- Wil opens himself up to a similiar experience that has been proven in professions such as the mail room. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much stamina you have, *every new day* brings a new mountain of challenges, with no end in sight, EVER (in this case, dealing with Trolls seems like a never-ending quest).

This would occasionally wear down even the most enduring of persons. A break -even from a good thing like WWDN - is a needed, necessary thing from time to time.

Wil has graciously, and amazingly, created a place where we can all join to share lives, ideas, thoughts...I discovered the site a few months back and now am a happy contributor (both via posts and $$$ for the bandwidth).

Take your well-deserved break Wil. We'll chill in the meantime. Create yourself an alternate login other than "Wil", and enjoy the site you created as one of us. You'll see that the good far outweighs the bad.

Wil, I like checking in on your site and I'm excited for you with all the things you have going on. Take care of your business man. No hating from this corner of the Universe.

Wil! Just post the obnoxious emails and laugh at them.

Instead of letting them bother you, use them as material.

Please don't be so discouraged. You are dealing with the small percentage of idiots in a world of well meaning people.
I will miss you...

Wil, don't do this. Most people who love this site don't post.. it just the few assholes who always talk trash.


Take a real vacation, bro. Pack up the family and go do something fun. And, no, don't work on the book; save that for when you get home. When you're ready, come back and play with your website. It's supposed to be FUN and RELAXING for you. Don't let it get ya down.

I've had this happen to me a few times, as far as I can tell it seems like the internet gives everyone a virtual tank and they lose all fear of retaliation. It's not like you can physically hurt anyone online, so harassing someone has next to no consequences. Unless of course you find out where they live and post this info, that scared the hell out of one of my harassers once. Well, good luck with whatever you do next.

You know what i say, Wil? Fuck the fuckin' fuckers.

Hope you come back soon.


Please, take time today to look in the mirror and reevaluate your existence.

Thank you, drive through!

My daughter and her friends appreciated your words of experience this past weekend at the California Thespian Festival... 1400 aspiring creative hearts were with you... Hang in there, Wil.

Oddly enough, I shut down my own weblog last week for the exact same reasons... You're not on your own Wil, I think that a lot of bloggers are sick and tired of this crap.

No,no,no....ok. I'm sorry. Love the site. Good luck.

JCT and the Funk town ballers

Damn thing added a "www" to the front of my blog address, or the cold medicine just kicked in. Why the hell am I even bothering?

Wil, Real Life is way more important than this site, and even way-er more important-er (good grammar, eh?) than the clueless jerks who foul this site and your inbox with their foolishness.

Enjoy your time working on the book, and having fun with your family and friends. We know you will be back when you are ready. In the meanwhile we can always talk amongst ourselves. The Soapbox is a great place for that and I encourage anyone reading this who hasn't visited it to do so.

You will be greatly missed. I'll have to read though the archives for a smile! :)

We love you here Will.

Screw em, Wil, they are just jealous. I mean you were on Star Trek, what the hell have those goobers ever done?

Well, crap!

Life is more important than Blog... don't let simple minded assmonkeys get you down.

Chico, don't get discouraged. The man - he ain't so hard to understand.

There's good in everyone. You can see the morning sun if you try.

No worries, Wil. I don't understand why some people turn stupid and base on the net. I've enjoyed your site and sort of connecting with who you are. It's been interesting to get some sense of you after seeing you act on TV. Thanks for what you've done and I hope that you enjoy every success. -Andrew

Consider the source: an anonymous coward.

I figure if you cannot be a decent person--even in situations where you can get away with being an asshat--then you're an asshat 100%. It's an all-or-nothing thing. It says much for the other 97% of us that we either lurk and just read, or when we post, we don't abuse the privilege.

I'll return to lurking now...

I live in NYC, which is under a heavy threat of terrorism. Yet I, like most New Yorkers, try to live a normal life. To do otherwise is to let the asshats win.

Hey Wil, I've never posted anything on this site before, but I wanted you to know, I've been a fan for years and years, I even own 3 copies of Toy Soldiers, which I had to buy since I watched it so much....I'll admit I have a crush on you, but you can't let people get you down....and if anybody else wants to say bad things about you, just tell me, and I'll go beat them up!!
Have fun in life,

I guess I don't know exactly what kind of abuse you have to deal with Wil, I don't read your e-mail (or DO I? ;-) ) but I read almost nothing but good posts in the comments on every thread.

I understand if you feel overwhelmed and need a break to finish the book and deal with life but "don't let the bastards get you down" ('nother U2 quote).

Besides, when they act up, just give then the double deuce http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail24.html

With Crap^H^H^H^H^HMojo,

Man, I hate people sometimes.

Remember, Wil, we love you. Don't let a couple of loudmouth morons with small weeners make you forget that.

Wil Rules! Wil Rules! Wil Rules! Don't let the asshats win! Let them eat Spam!


We want updates! Come on! If they pick on you, I will beat them up.

You go Will!

(points at other guy)

postive luck, mojo, & wishes your way...but know you will be missed.

Hi, Will! SO sorry to see you go... *pout* I hate blogtrolls too. Evil little things... I'll miss reading your updates. You take care and we'll be ecstatic when you come back!!!


Good for you Wil, you clearly have a lot of integrity. I had no idea things were really that bad for you. But you are much bigger than all of that, and this is a really...classy move on your part. Well done.

Hope you're back soon...and I'd hate to say it, but maybe people should have to join your site in order to comment, so you can delete those who don't deserve to read about your life. Maybe that's not the best way to deal with it, I don't know, it all depends on you.

You are the "man" himself. Whatever that means.


Dunno if this helps, but I just blew one of them up. Funny thing is, I didn't realize he had been a bitch to you until afterwards. Oh well, happy accidents...

Well, I guess it isn't just me. The world IS generally more bellicose and disagreeable with that testerone-infused nitwit in D.C. Don't let them (whoever's harrassing you) get any satisfaction Will. Keeping on posting. Go say !@*# 'em.

Hey Wil. If you come to San Diego and want to know where to get a nice cold one with some scenery and nice people, let me know and I'll give you a couple of places. You might like getting out of LA and down here where the air is a little cleaner and people a little less wound.

We're just an hour or two away down the coast and a**hole bloggers all live where it's cold, I imagine.

Get loose, recharge your soul and take care of business, friend.

Best, Andrew

Man, first Chris Jericho, now you.
Farking trolls.

I hate to see good sites stop updating because of internet freaks, but I don't blame you either. After all, you're doing this site for YOU, not any of us! But please remember, for every one freak, there's at least ten of us that see you for more than Wesley, and anxiously await your return. :)

just my 2 cents... we love ya, wil! and we'll be here when you get back! have fun writing and take some of the internet drama off your head. there's really nothing to be done about it... just realise that they're just dumb, and let the words that come out of their mouths/fingers slide right off of your back. *hugs*!!!!

Good luck finishing the book, Wil, and I hope to see you back here soon.

I'll be sure to order the book for our library.


Though I know you probably won't get this far down the comments, just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of good mojo. I have a friend that recently went through something similar. She took a hiatus and is now back. Sometimes you just need a break. Just don't forget to come back! We love you!

Ah, Wil
There are a LOT of assholes out there, but as you see, they are WAY outnumbered by the good guys! Just check out the ratio of good posts to jerk-offs.

And if they really have nothing better to do, send 'em to http://ellensaysno.com/Tour_Diary.htm
We know how to deal with them there!

I'll be checking every day anyway, waiting for news of the book, and your return to posting!

If you stop doing updates, the internet terrorists have already won.

And another lurker comes out to play...

Wil, you're great. I'm not going to make this into a "doon't leave us" post (don't leave us!!!) because I know this is what you need to do. Hurry back though, and drop us a quick word now and again... or at least play in FARK on occasion (because there are NO asshats on FARK)

Seriously, as an aspiring actor, reading your blog has been ... inspirational. If you're ever in Ohio (after this October), I'll buy you a beer.


"Don't let the bottom 3% of the net's population get you down."

It's not the bottom 3%. I ran a large gaming site for a number of years, and if we missed an update or weren't the first to cover a new game, all we got were constant complaints.

We never charged subscription fees, or even asked our visitors to register for all our content, but bitch and moan is all I heard.

You can block it out for a while, but eventually you just get tired of it.

-Retired Webmaster

Wil, Wil, Wil. WTF?

If I were to stand NAKED in the crowded streets of NYC, bent over, I can gaurantee you somebody would slip me the sausage. Guarateed!

But this does not mean everybody would slip it too me!

I think Confucius said that, or maybe Bart Simpson.

Never give up, okay. And I would suggest not bending over in NYC with no cloths on either, but that is entirely your choice.

Finish your book.

Enjoy your break.

Ignore the trolls.

Last night, I dropped by WWDN around 10pm EST and was astounded at Wil's post. I've been reading this site for over a year ever since the day I sat at my laptop wondering "Hmmm, what's cutie Wil up to these days?" and googled his name. Since then, WWDN has been like an addiction. I check it several times a day not only to see what Wil has to say but his monkeys as well. Like most who visit, I rarely ever post a comment, but I do have the most annoying tendancy to tell my roommate what Wil has been up to lately.

Its odd for a Hollywood entity to suddenly become human to a lay person's eyes. The snippets you read or watch about them don't give you enough detail to build the correct vision of the person's character. Roles in movies or television turn into pigeonholing. So when the actor/actress reveals who they truely are, its like this epiphany. Misconceptions change. Ideas reformulate. Opinions crash and burn. But why is it so rare?

It takes a confident person to be able to say "This is who I am, deal with it!" Wil is just a guy lucky enough to be able to say that. He's shared his thoughts and fears and quite frankly some terribly embarassing truths about himself and his past to anyone who wants to listen. Dealing with yourself in such an open manner in a medium where people twist their "online" personality into that of a cold, calculating, and annoying weasel leaves you vulnerable. That vulnerablity is tangible; something someone can latch onto, warp, and convolute for their own purposes. It can make them feel better to bully others around, or it can mask the fact that they themselves have or are experiencing the same thing. Its the weak minded person who tries to boost their morale by dampening others.

Wil, take this into consideration during your time off. Last night at 10 pm EST, only 51 people had replied to your message. Today by 2 pm EST, its almost 300. Take all our good mojo and stick it into your book or into your family. We can wait, some of us less patiently than others, but when you come back, we'll still be here. Maybe even with a few fun ideas on how to shake off the trolls. Thanks for sharing your life with us.


PS: I personally enjoy being a Grammar Queen (especially when it isn't my own work). I got a giggle out of the several times the word "celerities" was used in above Troll posts. I personally wouldn't mind a page posting the worst Troll messages, so I can laugh at them. We'll leave it up to your discretion whether or not you leave the email addy attached. *big grins*

I'm sorry that a few bad apples spoiled this for the rest of us who do truly enjoy reading your blog.

Wil - first time posting :( Great timing, eh? I've been reading you regularly for about 6 months and I really enjoyed your work. I felt like I knew you (though obviously, of course, I don't. That's just a comment on the outstanding writing you do.) I'm so sorry that whatever drove you away happened. Take a breather, relax, and remember

#1 All the good people who care about you
#2 Your family and 'real-world' friends who are going to be there for you long after this "Internet" thing is a memory
#3 That you can't control what other people think or do, only how you yourself choose to live your life.
#4 (With apologies to whomever I cribbed this from) That the only two things that are infinite are the universe and human stupidity - and I'm not entirely sure about the former.

Any time you want to talk, I know that anyone on this list will be there to listen! Most of us have been there, the pointless attacks from people we've never met, the long hours updating for little or no perceived return; certainly we may not have experienced it on your scale (how wildly successful you've been here! Many of us do envy you.) but it hurts whether it happens one time or a thousand times.

I know, I rambled. Anyway I wanted you to know you have my support. Take care and I'll be watching TV and the movies for glimpses of you wherever I can find them :)

Fuck off Wheaton. You're nothing more than some washed-up actor who is recognized only because he's lame enough to have a "weblog." Well la tee fucking dah. Trolls are all a part of the business.

Oh well, I guess you'll at least have the collective blowjobs from Drew Curtis and the rest of the retards at Fark.

So shut up Wesley.

Hey Wil! I don't blame you for needing a break. We all do sometimes. You go and work on your book..be with your family..be Wil Wheaton..be happy. The majority of us here love you and support you totally..we will still be here..we always have been..probably always will. Just remember that for every troll that flames or belittles you..there are 100 monkeyboxers waiting in the shadows to kick their a$$. Love ya, Wil! Take care..be safe!

I've posted before so you know me, but really Will stiffen up. Don't be such a little asshat. So some people made fun of you, what are you in high school. Running away never solves anything, but apparently you are not familiar with that. What little respect you have gained over the years has been erased by this one hissy fit. Good luck in what ever you do, oh never mind you'll probably be to busy running away to do anything. I for one am very disappointed in you.

Hmmm... Wil, I guess Novacaine Hurricane proves your point. Don't blame ya, man.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry people give you so much shit. It's undeserving and born out of jelously. You've done cool things in your life and you have a great family that you love (obviously). These other shitheads are trivial and not worth you time.


Adding my voice to the chorus of jeers at the trolls and losers of this world who flamed you here. I read some of their comments on yesterday's feedback and I see more of them prancing around in today's. I can only imagine what their fertile little peabrains have come up with to send you in email.

I fear they've just gotten started on their feeding frenzy. They think they've won. They haven't.

So, take your time -- enjoy the family and do the Real Life thing. All of us who have ever had any public face time go through this -- and you just have to take some time for yourself.

I will say this -- I am extremely proud of you for putting it out there for the rest of us like you have. It takes more balls and brains to live your life as you have than any of these losers who have been hassling you will ever have in their cheesy lives.

When people like that do stuff like that to me or my spouse (who's a performing artist), I just keep reminding myself that the biggest joy in life for one of these cheese whizzes is to live in mommy's basement, jacking off in front of the computer with the lights off and hoping mommy won't discover them. Uncharitable of me, I know, but there you go.

Anyway, I enjoy your site, it's one of the first places I visit each day, and I'll keep coming back. The soapbox lives!

Take care, Wil. Enjoy the weather whenever it finally clears up out there, and give that family a hug for the rest for us.

Whatever dude. Life goes on. If you can't ignore the trolls then you should get off the Net. don't let the door...you know.

Wow, sorry to hear that Wil. I don't come here often, but I was delighted to read your page when I first found it, and continue to have sporatic visits. Enjoy your hiatus, and come back soon!


hahahaha loser space dork stops weblog! whatsamatta wil, can't take criticism? go write your lameass book, fucktard.

horrible second-rate actor. oooh look at me i'm space nerd wil wheaton!


Maybe if you cry some more they will stop.

Waaaaa waaaaa .....

Ferget'im Wil.

Folks just get brave when they are behind a keyboard.

Oh no! Don't let the little trolls win - be a bigger person and shrug them off!!

Peace ;)
FLA Chickie

c'mon man. you're screwing all of your fans for a couple of trolls. there's not a lot of other celebs out there who are so accessible and cool. anyway, good luck w/ the book, you rock.

What you need is a nice cold Warsteiners!

That'll make it all better.

Aphid, you're a miserable little prick troll who still lives at home with mommy. I know for a fact Will gets more poontang than you ever will; I mean, outside of your family, that is.

Wil, my fave movie is Stand by Me. You rock. Peace out.

I find this amusing. Give me a break Wil, you're like the little whiny kid who takes his ball home because nobody wanted to play by HIS rules.

Ignore the freaking trolls you sissy!

I hate you and your blue hair and I don't even know you.

PS: People who read blogs really need to find a hobby or do something with their lives.

Sure thing Dahlia...let's resort to mindless name calling. What are you, a troll? ;)

What kind of a name is that anyway? You some kind of curry muncher from India or something?

Welcome to the end of human society Mr. Wheaton. I hate the jackasses too. There seems to be a growing clan of souless assholes in the USA. You're a very cool cat and I see no reason for anyone to annoy you. I hope you have some names and adresses so I can introduce to these slag my Uncle Ruger when the ball drops.

I'll never forget meeting you at ARC. There's nothing like talking about mundane stuff over donuts and coffee with a Hollywood dude. Here I was hungover drunk, so poor I had to ride a bicycle to the location, gabbing about Sacramento with a guy who once was directed by Meat-head ( no, not George W. Bush ). That beats the day I got smacked by Telly Sevales.

Wil, good luck and "Bob" bless ya. You're far too cool to take the shit being shovelled. All I can say is the day is soon when the TV-Eminem-No School morons, the teenagers snorting crank, the trailor-trash dung-eaters of America will get theirs. The people that are annoying you are nothing more than that, and, soon, they'll have to learn how to eat rat steaks. Good riddance to the swine. Keep on truckin' Wil, you're a cool dude.

Hey, Wil

I totally understand that you are fed up with morons. I think that you and I agree that we have to deal with so much negativity and crap on a daily basis, things that aren't even directly related to us but nonetheless bring us down. We don't need to be on the receiving end of blind social incompetence.

It was stupid in high-school, and it's still stupid now - bullying is useless, fruitless, and non-productive. Who needs it?

First time poster, but looking forward to future interactions.

I'm sorry that these dickless peckerheads keep popping up. They only attack you because you've attained what they never will, you've got friends, fans, and people who actually care what you think. These little virgin shits live in their parent's basement and sit around attacking people at random they know you could/would kick their ass in real life. Don't let the scourge of the internet get you down. Best of luck. Later Wil

I agree and disagree with you, Wil...

I agree because trolls do suck and truly don't have anything better to do than to get on their IRC channels and sat "w00t i just trolled wil wheaton" however...

I read this:

"Do you treat people you see in real life the way you treat me? Do you go out of your way to insult and belittle people? Is your life so miserable, so empty and meaningless, your self-esteem so low that you need to attack me? Honestly, what have I ever done to you? Really. What have I ever done?"

And thought, you know... Everyone can fall victim to a troll. Not just you. So in that way, you're not really that special or unique, you're just a target for these f*cks like anyone else. Hell. I got trolled all the time and still do (A year after I left) a certain geek blog, and I'm just some "nobody" chick that lonely tard boys felt was worth badgering.

Hang in there.

Well said, Wil. Like you obviously know, they dont know you and you haven't done anything to them, so you can't take it personally. But sometimes you just need some time off. Take care.

You can tell your site is FARK'ed. ;-)

Will: I can't stand the character you played in ST, but you've done nothing to me, and I don't even dislike you, much less hate you. (then again, I've never hacked your site or sent hatemail, so its likely none of your rant was aimed at me) Good luck with any future acting. I understand that being typecast is a bitch.

It seems to be going around. I just came to the decision last night to lock my journal. I deleted nasty comments, guestbook entries, and will soon lock everything. It burns my butt because I enjoy meeting new people, new readers. But maybe after the asscracks go away, I'll be able to reopen public shop. I'll be looking forward to when you come back!


Fuck the little bastards. If you leave, THEY win. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction since that *IS* obviously what they want.

Christina Aguilera is a skank bag.

not sure why.....but try to say hi once in awhile...you have more people out there who arent here to bash you than those who are.


Props and support brother. If you're ever in Atlanta, come join us at Dad's Garage Theatre for some improv--we'd love to have you.


How many of these trolls have had the guts to go to an audition? How many of them have had the guts to go on camera? How many of them have the discipline to write a book? How many of them have had the balls to
try something in front of millions? Do any of them know what it's like to try and succeed? Or to try and fail? Then, how many of them have the decency and courage to record these things for fans? How many of them have a body of work that has even earned them fans?

Don't give them the satisfaction of letting their opinions matter to


I can't believe you set your phasers to "Done"...but I don't blame you one bit. Take some time off...maybe these asshats will start taunting www.powerpuffgirls.com instead...


sorry to hear about the hiatus. i can understand wanting to concentrate on the book. Don't let the few asshats who post negatively keep you from doing WWDN if you want to. Then they win. There are many like myself who quietly lurk and support that you don't even realize we are here. Thanks for what you have done and good luck.

Don't quit because of some lowlifes with nothing better to do than hassel people. If its any consolation within 3 generations their gene pool will be so dialuted through "brotherly and sisterly love" that the only trolling you'll get will be a meaningless string of letters caused by a combination of eating and attempting to mate with their keyboards. Keep your chin up fella, rise above it.


Please don't let the bedwetters get you down. There will always be the emotionally arrested that try to make their tawdry lives seem better by attacking others. Understand that most of us appreciate your work and want to keep in touch in some small way. Work on your book and hang in there.

Gosh...this is disappointing -- the trolls I mean.

Wil, you had a good-spirited, creative community going here. So sorry to hear it's been spoiled. After reading a couple of the messages, I'm too afraid to leave my real email, in case I'm attacked as well.


Happy and creative wishes to you and your family.

Wil, I just wanted to add my name to the list of people who visit your blog every day -- because we enjoy reading what you write -- but who haven't posted to let you know we were here, and having a good time.

I hope that this isn't a permanent goodbye ... but if it is, thank you for everything you've written here!


I just wanted to post something but wasn't sure what to say....

TTFN, Wil!

shake those haters wil! toy soldiers was on the other day. had to visit on that day too.

Don't let the bastards get you down.

Remember, you are writing for us--not them!

The post from CATCH AIDS YOU F*CKING FAGGOT illustrates what happens when people are deprived of an education and the fundamental guidance of parents with IQ's over 20.

Mob mentality...One flamer starts the fire, and then a few other gutless sheep join in. Humanity has zero to do with it. A detached, socially retarded individual seeking a cheap buzz by seeing his post on a respected and respectable site (like yours). Jon, do everyone a favor and unplug.

Also a first timer here.

No sweat man, take a break & come back fighting.

The trolls are just bitter because their tiny penises are really sore from all the compulsive masturbation.

I'll miss your updates!! Good luck and creative thoughts to finish your great book!!:)...and I thnik you are not "Just a Geek"!;)
Agi from Hungary

Boo hoo.. fall down go boom... my pee pee hurts.

Just be happy that the bastards waste more of their time writing that crap than you do deleting it. :-)

Seriously, you can control how you react to insulting material, putting the power back in your hands. You know it's not worth your time, so shrug it off.

Furthermore, you rock, so you have nothing to worry about.


You rule the web!

Most trolls are either little kids who like the chance to fight w/ no consequences, or adults who live pathetic lives and can't get laid.

They have no right to breathe the same air you do, much less be on your website.

Best wishes for continued success in your career! JTM


I enjoyed your humor and wit on the site. Sorry that the world feels that just because you're in the entertainment biz that it means they can treat you like shit. Good luck with the book and hope to see you back here someday.

i'm so sorry.
i never post, just read stuff.
while it's true i never liked Crusher,
you rock.
love your blog.
bring it back soon.
down with trolls.


Sorry to hear you are going offline for a while and I hate the reason why (some people are complete assholes). Please keep us posted on the release date of your book. I can't wait to read it!

Best of luck!


You rock Wil! Don't forget you have extremely cool and loyal fans.




If you can't put up with everyone on the net, don't bother coming online.

Now just pick up your ball and go home, you baby!

I just want to say how funny it is that people say that "trolls are just a part of life on the internet, get over it!" The sad thing is that that doesn't have to be so. It's just a few children that ruin things. It's a possibility that the world wouldn't have to be filled with mean, horrible people who have to belittle others to make themselves feel good, unfortunately, it's not a probability.

However, there are small sections of the net (and many of us here know of one very close by) that are havens against hate and abuse, and we can hold those places close and make them examples as to what life can be without the people who are there to do nothing but hate and tear down. Trolls ARE a part of 'net life right now, but we can fight against that behavior. Don't just accept it!

Sorry to say that I am just a lurker, I read all you have to offer and enjoy it, but usually do not post anything because of the lower 3% fill the net with grime, clogging the paths of education.(I know more about people and communucation since I started reading here)

come back when you are ready... we will wait.


Will, my love, if you stay online... I will suck you off! I'm not a slut this is a one-time offer for one guy only! ;)

Sigh, well... now I'm sad. This is the only blog I read. Whatever shall I do.

Wil, don't let the bastards get you down. I spent some time working as a moderator on the message boards on Excite (well, you know, before it went belly up) and, after having to deal with what I can only assume should be referred to as board trolls, had a really hard time relating to people after the experience. I learned there are more morons in the world who are willing to express their opinions than those with something to say. I will leave the question open as to what category I fit into ;).

Anyway, have fun with Anne and the kiddos. Pet Ferris for us. Good luck on the book... can't wait til it's published!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


*makes lame party analogy here*

(Hi Jeff, hope you're reading this. Allow me to tell you to fuck off, you insignificant piece of shit. Go back to eating your Doritos and syadmining Fark.)

Well, that sucks.
I'm another one of these readers-who-never-comment people. I've enjoyed your site over the past year and am sad to see it go. Good luck with the book!
Oh, and for the record, I certainly hope you don't "catch AIDS". Hey, maybe he meant it for Wesley - I mean, Wesley was quite rude to Geordi on several occasions. I'm not aware of any hardcore Geordi-defenders taking over blogs, but you never know...

Fark said it all. "Asshats harass Wil, no more updates for awhile."

When you're ready to deal with the asshats again, you'll always have your loyal fanbase backing you up. ^_^

I really am a hot sexy chica! Let's shag, baby yeah!

You f*cking pansy ass. I used to think you were cool in "Stand By Me", but as you grew up you just became more of a puss.

You sucked on TNG, you suck on G4, is there anything you don't suck at?

Oh, wait a second, your .4 second cameo in Nemisis was pretty good.



You've got to get some zen about the trolls, but I also second the notion of a "troll watch" so that those of us who would defend your honor can do so. Although it'd probably get you in trouble for doing unto others as they've actually done to you. Good luck with the book, and come back soon, please!

I'vw never posted *anywhere* before, but I think you're nice, darnit. Good luck with everything.

The solution is simple; gather as much information you can about the trolls, and post it in your weblog.

Your droves of loyal fans will take care of the bastards post-haste. =]


Not sure if I'm alone here... But I love boobies. They're great. Such wonderful little sacks of fat.

That is all.


Finish the book.

The blog can wait.


PS. Thanks!

De-lurking to say, Wil, you rule.

I have long admired your killer sense of humor and your deeper understanding of life.

Jerks like that are JUST trying to get a rise out of you and push your buttons because you've become so well-loved by most of the Internet community. Ignore them! Easy to say, hard to do, I realize, but they don't know you; they've never met you, they have no idea who you are as a person. So don't take it personally... take a break for awhile, realize they're just turds with warped moral perspectives on life, and go on being the hilarious and charming guy that you are. :)

I hope finishing "Just a Geek" goes well, I'm looking forward to it! I hope you know that even though a lot of us don't respond to your blog (like me, this is my first time) you have countless fans out there. It be a real treat to be able to meet and talk with you, and I don't mean because you're an great actor but becuase you're a sweet, funny, handsome, down-to-earth guy.


I hear ya on the trolls bit. And I don't blame you at all for taking a break. Something about the unnecesary evil that they bring about can really get to a person. I'm a 'troll hunter' by hobby, trying to understand the menace. And one thing I've come to realize with all the trolls I've gone up agianst is that their choice of friction over function is a result of some deeper pains in their own life and this is the only place they can vent, make someone else feel as bad as they do. They'll never admit it, but more often than not, it's true. So you can deilght in the fact that you can just turn it off, and revel in the blessings you have away from the computer screen. You've got a lot going for you that you can be proud about, so like you've already stated, take a break and enjoy RL. We'll still be here when you get back, minus a troll or two if I can get at some of these IP's...

First post, long time lurker. God bless, man.

Hi Wil.

Just been on the phone with Counsellor Troi. She says she feels you've been looking for an excuse to stop having to do the weblog every day. She says she'd noticed how you posted more and more rarely as time went on, so it was inevitable you'd find a good reason sooner or later.

Don't worry... "We've all been there"!! (P.S. Riker says you were really cool when you were younger.) Don't stop...

I will miss Wil.
I'll stay a One-assed monkey, you'll always be the Silverback.
Can't wait for the book.



Hi Wil.

Just been on the phone with Commander Shut the Fuck Up. He said he feels you've been a dickwad. He says he'd noticed you were being more and more of a dickwad as time went on, so it was inevitable you'd become one sooner or later.

Don't worry..."We've all been there." P.S. Jordy says "Shut the fuck up dickwad!" Stop...

Paul is dead?


When I first heard about the site I was curious. Then I got hooked. THen my friends got hooked. Then we all realized just how much like us you are (frightening or comforting depending on how you look at it). After that it was decided to make you an honorary member of Conrad Grebel College at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada).

I think we all understand why you are doing this even if we wish you wouldn't. Either way we stand with you. Good luck with the book and I hope to see some new posts summarizing how you kicked some troll ass!

Cheers Wil and all the best!

Hey Wil,

I first found this website from one of your apperances on The Screen Savers, and thought it was really cool. Your entire take on Windows/Linux, and how you switched over to Linux and what not let me know that i'm not the only one who does that/thinks that way. I tried to check/read your website every few days, but i've never posted a comment till now and just wanted to say Thanks for putting forth the time you did into this site, and even for posting that you wouldn't be updating for awhile.

Sorry some people just tend to be assclowns. I'm sure we'll all be checking for future updates though. Goodluck with your book, I look forward to buying it and reading it when it's due out.

--Look at all these good comments? Quite a loyal following. Look forward to your return.

You said it yourself: 50,000 Monkeys can't be wrong. Let this sit around long enough and you'll probably get 50K posts about how much we miss you.

And even then it won't outweight what some assholes will say.

Have you ever thought about posting without allowing any feedback? We'd still be here. Or using some system where you have to e-mail in the comments, like a mailing list or something. With a valid e-mail address.

Anyway, good luck with the book. Be sure to say something real nasty about the trolls in there where they can't respond in any way. Hah Hah!

Nobody can defeat the trolls! Keep talking, little people, for KING TROLL will live on! If not here, then surely at the Fucked Company messageboards. You think this is bad? FC is nothing but trolls!

Well, the page got Farked, and that seemed to draw even more trolls in. Most of them have not read your site and have no clue who you are. If they did, I don't think they'd be spamming you.

It seems to me that the trolls when if you stop posting, and the other 99% of us who visit this site on a weekly or daily basis to see what you have to say are out of luck. Turn off the comments so you don't have to put up with them. At least give us a glimpse into the life of Wil every once in a while.

This whole post comments is sad. It's good that people want to give you support, and I want to too. It's understandable that sometimes, especially when you have other things going on, that other people's crap is hard to take. People who lash out for no reason are upsetting. What always makes me wonder, is that do they really think that they're 'hey man u suck' comment is really going to change your life? that suddenly, you're going to think, "hey, this random ass is right...i do suck!". and what is even more saddening, is the people who lash BACK at the idiots. Sticking up for what you believe in, or people that you admire, is important, i know i do it everyday at school and work. But when it just gets to back and forth ranting and stupid comments, that's when it's best to just stay back. i've read this post and comments a few times already, and just now decided to comment. usually, i back out of stuff like this. i figured by now, it doesn't matter much anymore.
i hope that when you DO come back, that everything will go back to normal, cause i think that's what is going to be most important.
good luck with everything you do wil, and like the others, it sucks that you feel you need to leave, but rather leave for awhile, than flip and take down the whole site or something. sometimes, ya just need a break. enjoy yours.

The Terrorists Have Won. :(

NO WWDN! WHAT WILL I DO? WHAT WILL I WEAR? You see when it comes down to it you are not responsible for me, I am, Wil ol’ buddy, I am. That you choose to share with me, with everybody, is all candy. I have nothing but pity for those that know only hate, BUT THAT IS ALL I HAVE FOR THEM. Not my precious attention, not my precious thoughts, and most certainly not my precious time.

Now, how ‘bout auctioning off a signed manuscript with bloody red corrections in the margins et. al. I am sure that the cash can make you forget about the trolls and if not, dude, I think Clarrisa wants to do ya! Not Anne but isn’t it great to know that someone wants to do ya?!?

Dammit. I'm sorry, Wil. I'm sorry that you had to deal with the asshats of the Internet. I, too, know what it's like, and yes, I understand the need for a break. I took a month off a while back because of the stress. Trust me, take as long as you need; those who love you and respect you will still be here when you come back. :)

It does suck Wil, but if you need a break, just take one - don't rely on the opinions of 400 people who want to be your friend to raise your weak self-esteem.

Stupid fucking trolls.

We'll miss you, and we'll be right here when you're ready to come back. Decompress a bit, enjoy your family, finish your book(& have the publishing co. put it up on Amazon for our overseas monkeyboxers), and come back here when you feel refreshed and eager to talk to us.

Another Net personality lost to trolling... Truly, hell is other people.

Good for you, Wil. The tine to stop blogging is when it starts to become un-fun. While the caring of many people never fails to surprise me the number of a-holes on the net shocks no one. As a celeb, you become more of a target than anyone else and the thing that all of these people fail to understand is that you're just a guy, like the rest of us. With dreams, ambitions, cares, feelings and a limit to how far you can be pushed.

Screw it. Do what's fun for you and if you come back here you come back.

We thank you for sharing part of your life with us here and there are many of us that appreciate the view you've given us, the chunk of your time and life you so freely gave.

Thank you, sir. Be well. Be happy.

The captain's chair is yours.

Oh and ^&%$ the lamers.

Another one of those people who has read your site with dedication but never posted in... I'd just like to say that I support you and hope that you can overcome the minority of clowns causing this. I am constantly amazed at how low some people can go on the 'net and yet how sites like this can survive as havens of intelligent discussion and truly emotional writing. Come back soon!

P.S. I fully believe that more than half of University of Waterloo students read WWDN on a regular basis.

Man, you should just chill out and look at some HARDCORE PORN!!!

Hey there. I started reading WWDN after finding it on Fark. Sorry to hear you have trolls under your bridge. Just try to remember that they are the ones with the problem(s), and that you are better than they are. Don't let them get you down, and good luck with the book.

wish i could take a break every time someone got me down. i understand that hurtful comments are sucky, but... putting yourself in spotligh sort of opens the doors to criticism. I know, i know, people being nasty isn't criticism- but it's part of putting yourself up there.

Danged trolls and idiots.

Don't let them phase you Wil. They don't know what their talkin about...

You rule, and that's all that matters. ;)

um, hi , it's ok...

look at this , at least you're famous....no one here can say that.

wil -- sorry to see you go. we'll miss you... come back soon!

Ah Will,

After reading some of the nasty comments sent to you I feel sad. Thats a shame. I really enjoy your site, you and what you write make me smile even when things are tough. So thank you. And even though its unrealistic, I hope people stop being nasty to you. For the record I think you're a great actor, an even more talented writer and probably a really nice guy. Take Heart at least that most people wish you positive things and happy smurfy thoughts and nuts to the rest of them.


Uh... so... what exactly happened now that pissed you off?

Sorry about that Wil.

It turns out that down here in the deep bunker at Internet Master Control someone accidentally bumped the Asshat Slider and the percentage of visible asshats was not representative to the actual asshats by some orders of magnitude. Not only does this horribly skew quantitative assesment of the asshat phenomena it... well... just looks bad. We at Internet Master Control pride ourselves in our work and will put the Asshat Slider back to the 1-3% range that it should be during the next maintentance cycle. Sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as the parties responsible have been found they will be sacked.

p.s. please don't sue us. it was an accident.

Hello Wil,

I just discovered your site a few days ago and was delighted. I'm a huge fan of Stand By Me and I enjoyed ST:TNG. Good luck with your book. :)

Sendin' some mojo to Wil from the Rocky Mountains...

I've got a coffee mug at home that says, "Don't let the turkeys get you down." If it'd help, I'd send it to you.

If anyone I knew had made nasty comments to you, I'd feel like giving 'em a taste of the ol' LART myself. Unfortunately, some folks don't seem to get the message even when you point it out to them "with extreme prejudice."

But working on the book is a Good Thing. Once it comes out, I've got to get a copy. (Please tell me you'll be making a book tour, and you'll include a stop at the Tattered Cover in either LoDo or Cherry Creek! :-) )

-- Eric
(Technical Director, Electric Minds)

Holy Crap Man, look at the posting on this, apparently a lot of people like you. It looks like a post or more a minute here. That should give you an indication of how the majority feels. I will always remember what my mother once told me, Son if you don't stop that you'll go blind. Not sure if that helps, but my braile keyboard thinks it might.

"Illegitimis non carborundum."
Lat., "Don't let the bastards grind you down."
-Gen. Joseph Stilwell.

Two words Wil, two words. Fuck em'.


Whatever makes them feel better, man.

Don't stress.

Come on Will, adjust that bra, tighten up that girdle and get on with life.

Wil: I have been one of the silent supporters,
but this situation has caused me to want to

I get the sense that you are trying to learn
to "be you"...the real Wil, inside, but it hurts
you when some on the outside don't like the real
you. Not to make this about me, but I have
been trying to do the same thing for about 10
years...trying to be the real me inside,
who happens to be pretty "different". I find,
however, that I finally, at the age of 43,
got sick and tired of not expressing who I
really am inside...and, actually, I think I
am pretty cool (inside)! I still have to
"catch" myself when I find the old "conditioning"
kick in...like when I purchased a black
raincoat from the Gap, and then said "f*ck it",
and went back and exchanged it for the bright
PINK raincoat! It sounds trivial, but it
was a big deal for me...conditioning from the
past, and those who want us to just "not make
waves" is very strong, and takes time to let
go of.

Well, I have said enough, I guess, except to
say that I have always love your Wesley Crusher
role, and always will. I expect that some of
those haters that you alluded to were the ones
who were belittling the movie you just did,
called "The Book of Days", due to its "religious"
nature. I loved it! Especially for its "message". There are still many of us
who love a movie with a wonderful, compassionate

So, all I am saying is...and it is a lot harder
than we think...BE YOU, WIL. I really mean
that. The little I have learned about you
from your wonderful posts on the WWDN has
left me with the impression that you are finally
learning who YOU really are inside, and you
just want to shout it to the world! (and I can
say, without hesitation, that you are a
wonderful person, Wil and everyone else
should be honored and grateful to get to
experience the real WIL) Well,
I give you "permission" to shout, Wil!!!


P.S. If you feel you have to take a break
from the website, I completely support you, and
will wait with anticipation for your return!!

In light and love, Jan.

I'm sort of amazed that some people are going to the lengths of saying that they loved your character on TNG in an effort to make you feel better.

I mean, jeez. The character sucked pretty hard. Anyone who says different is selling something. ;)

Just think though... people are willing to stretch the truth even to that extent to make you feel better. That says a lot more about you and the impact of your posts than it does about ol' Wesley Crusher, IMO.

Do whatcha gotta do. Recuperate. Recharge. But don't forget you've got a lot of REAL fans here.

Dude , at least you were on the Goonies , no one else can say that....

Hey Wil,

I ran a popular BBS for many years before the advent & popularity of the Internet. Of the 800 or so "regulars", there were always a couple losers who insisted on trolling, sh*t disturbing & just generally trying to garner attention from me that they couldn't get in "real" life.

Initially they pissed me off. Almost to the point of wanting to shut down the BBS. Finally, I decided to start having some fun with them.

I put on my detective hat, did some logging, observing, & sneaking around and started tracking some of them down, eventually managing to find a couple phone numbers. You would be *amazed* at the response you get when you call one of these losers personally out of the blue & ask them "What's your problem?". As soon as their supposed veil of anonymity is gone, they revert to the sniveling cowards & social misfits they really are. It's hilarious!

It never seemed to lessen the onslaughts of trolls, but the few that I was able to track down and surprise made putting up with (and mostly ignoring) the others worth it. The act of actually using your wits to track them down is a blast & quite an ego boost when successful. ("I have tracked the troll. I am the Uber-geek!")

Obviously this will only work for e-mail trolls, but anything posted anonymously on a "guestbook" with a fake e-mail address & no validation or verification should be ignored as complete claptrap anyway.

Just my 2 cents...

Please do consider coming back.

Heck. Even the guestbook trolls can be tracked via the webserver logs.

Nail a few down to the company, call them up, and by golly, chances are some troll will get a severe reprimand.

Neil, I liked wesley crusher! :p

course I usually like the crappy/insignificant/etc characters :D

Wil: your blog is more entertaining than slashdot these days :)

ACK! Will, sorry there is the @$$hole element bothering you. I hate that element myself, and have had the dubious honor of being at the receiving end of 3 hardcore @$$holes blasting me constantly online. I can relate!
I hope your other stuff gets taken care of, and you come back soon. I'm gonna miss the updates...dang, just added a feed from here to my journal, too. : )

Go Wil! My husband is an ensign in the Navy and counts your TNG stuff as inspriation when he was younger. Now we're both Wil fans in the general sense. Trolls ought to be tarred and feathered then turned loose in a horny ostrich pen.

People are like that in the real world. I work in customer service, and they treat me like a subhuman. Whatever happened to the golden rule?

I'm another fan of your blog that seldom, if ever, posts but I just HAD to let you know that I too love ya Uncle Willy! I know it's easy to say to "don't let 'em get ya down" but we aren't the ones being bashed. Just don't focus on their negetivity. I think now would be a good time to resurect the "7 Things I am Thankful For" just to get your focus in the right place! Don't worry about posting it, those 7 things are for you right now; enjoy the break because you need it!

Oh, and for the hate emails, just sign them up for all the junk/spam mail you can. Yahoo offers a lot of them!!! Drown the nasty f*ckers in spam!

Love ya Uncle Willy!!!

Dear Trolls - please stop whining. We reserve the right to treat you in accordance with the intelligence you display to us. Keep it up, you have no idea how entertaining your stupidity is to the rest of us.

i love you.

good luck.


The net is classic "mob mentality" at work. The most horrible elements of humanity come out when people are given a public forum and annonimity. I am sorry that people chose to bring down someone who seems to already have his feet firmly planted on the ground.

I do want to say thank you for showing all of us that Hollywood and all of its trappings doesn't always corrupt people who are exposed to it.

Thanks for sharing your humanity with us. It is a very personal thing you do.

Way to let the assholes win.

Now quit being a drama puss and get back on the horse before someone takes you seriously.

Hi Wil,

The one day I decide not to check your site, you say you're not going to post anymore?!?!

Well, just remember, there are people who love and support you... many you don't even know! There are even ones who want to help!

What can we do to make it so that WWDN is not a chore & brings you the joy it brings thousands and thousands of monkeys?


Wil, I've been around a while...and I always thought you kicked ass. hey, man...good luck cooling off, huh? and I'll be looking for that book...

I think from now on...no more lurking for me. come back to us when you feel better, man! we'll all be waiting for you here...

Who is Wil Wheaton?

I swear, I go through the phase once a month now where I hate the internet. I still get all snotty sometimes, remembering how it *used* to be when folks were a bit more even-headed and polite, and it was a little playground for me and my tech friends.

Of course, this was back in the early 90's, so I'm not that much of an old-timer. I'm old enough, though, and I've mostly had it with misinformed opinions, ad hominem attacks and online brats.

It's easy to lose patience. Don't beat yourself up about it.

Wil, If you ever get the chance, read "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" by Richard Feynmann, who was a physicist involved with the Los Alamos project. You won't be disappointed. I might also suggest, "Surely you're joking Mr. Feynmann" It should lighten your spirits a bit.

This is what happens when you are famous then start a look at me website all about yourself. Ive learned a lesson.

You realize we may never see the confused semi-naked girls in wwdn thongs pictures. now they'll never love you, looove yoooou, loooooooveee yooooou!

ah well. who needs em. my vintage wil glossy 8x10s keep me warm at night.

also, jimmy kimmel live had on jerry o connel, then corey feldman the next night, and i was really hoping you'd be on the next night. the guy can't get guests, heck you can be cohost for a week.

We love you Wil. Who cares about all those haters out there. They have no right to dis you. Your doing your thing, if they can't accept that, then they suck!! Much Mojo to you! :)

I understand your pain Wil.. We will miss you. Hope to see you back sometime soon.. Mean People SUCK!!

That is the Sick Sad Truth

The Voice

Don't let the losers win!

Isn't it sad how Southern Californians react to rain? Stormwatch indeed.

Dear Wil,

Assuming you see this comment amongst all the rest; just remember that your fans will always come back for more. Haven't posted to WWDN before; consider this a "G'day mate, nice t'meetcha!".

For what it's worth, I'm one of the apparently rare people who not only liked and / or sympathized with the character of Wesley, I wanted to *be* Wesley. (Well, I was about the same age). No, I am NOT bullshitting, and that's the f**king truth. I certainly never hated Wil the actor, before or after TNG -- quite the opposite, really; I think you're a fine actor. Of course, I also wanted to be Data quite often, and Worf occasionally (specifically, whenever he got to fight someone); hell, I would have even quite happily been Barclay -- I just wanted to live on a frickin' Starship! *sigh*. Suffice it to say that I never bought into the whole bullshit "hate the annoying kid genius character" phenomenon that came with TNG. Discovering a year or so ago that you were also a geek with a website, having survived TNG sane and whole cast you in a new light for me. I gotta say I respect someone who can go through Hollywood and emerge sounding normal and well-adjusted.

Anyway, peace out. Take your time doing what you need to do, even if it's only cooling your jets from getting steamed at the malodorous, dickless wonders that have nothing better to do than flame you. Lemme put it another way: You're their whole reason for existing online. If they're so damn sure you suck, WHY do they expend time and effort on repeatedly telling you so?
The answer is it's the only time someone will notice them in their sad, lonely little lives. The fact that it's someone whom they're most likely jealous of is a bonus to them. And as some of your fans have already pointed out in these comments, a major reason why trolls and flamers vent online is because they're too chickenshit to do so in real life (even if it weren't for the hordes of your fans who'd kick their frickin' asses if they dared to spew such drivel to you at a convention! Harhar! Oh, that's a lovely mental image :). Their cowardice prevents them from even revealing their RL names. (I don't have to mention mine, since I'm not pretending to be a big man by dissing someone.)

Now, to address the f**ktards out there who're flaming Wil: we know you're actually just one guy, pal; pretending to be several different people. You're obviously jealous of Wil for some reason (are you jealous that he kissed Ashley Judd or something? Oh, are you stalking her? That explains a lot.) Tell me, Mr Troll (or are you Ms Troll?), how many movies have you appeared in? How many TV series have you acted in? Stage plays? Coffee-house readings? Mime performances in public? What's that, you say? "NONE"? Well gee, what a surprise!

So tell me, Mr Troll, on what basis do you dare to consider yourself someone capable of passing judgement on Wil Wheaton? Do you feel tough when you rag on someone who actually has fans?

Ultimately, I and the other fans of Mr Wheaton appreciate, admire, or just plain respect the guy and his work..... and the fact that he's techno-literate, and the fact that he isn't a pretentious arsehole, despite being an actor. So keep trolling and flaming if you want: you are *nothing* to us. Nothing. And since Wil keeps being himself, doing what he does, you will continue to mean nothing to us. The fact that you can't get over your hatred, your insecurity, your jealousy, or your immature, warped need for misaffection simply proves that you're unworthy of notoriety or respect, both online and in real life.

Final word to Wil: If you ever get the chance to come down to "Armageddon" in Auckland (comic & sci-fi convention in lil' ol' Noo Zillund, home of Xena and Frodo), I'll definitely come along to say hi, and maybe smuggle you in a bottle or two of the local hard stuff. We've had quite a few assorted sci-fi stars visit here (people from Trek, B5, Farscape, etc), yet the only one I gave a damn about seeing (so far) in person was Claudia Christian. And I think she's sexier than you, to be honest. No offense. :)

Later, bro.

/end moderately-fanboyish weregeek rant

Wil, you da man. I hope you'll still stop in to Fark and keep us up to date.
Do what you need to do and we'll be waiting for your return.
Peace out.
-Kevbo (Total Fark tag here)


Go to Mr. T's Bowl and have a heart-to-heart with that freaky blonde space-alien bartendress / owner's wife hottie.

It'll help, trust me.

Wil, people who judge you by the characters you play are simply immature idiots with no life of their own.

Sweetie, that shit is what God gave you a delete button for. I use mine more times a day than I like, myself. After a while, it does start to hurt... After all, you're doing something you enjoy (WWDN) and you're providing it for FREE. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Take your break and get back to what's important to you. To hell with the bloggers who don't know you at all. Trust me, I've done the same thing myself. I even re-tooled my site to be less "offensive" and require less input from me just to get them to leave me the hell alone.

Yes, Virginia, there ARE freaks out there.

Have a good break, Wil, and do whatever the hell you need and want to do.

At one point, the trolls and annoyances got to me with my collection of BBS related textfiles and writings, and so I ended up writing an essay about it on the site to describe the unique situation. Maybe you could read it, Wil: http://www.textfiles.com/thoughts/haters.html

Being anonymous to some people makes them feel they can treat others like dirt. Wil, these idiots are a small percentage of the internet. Just feel good in the fact that they lead a shallow, miserable exsistance. Don't let them get you down.

Oooo, someone musta really touched a nerve with what they said. Hope yer doin better.

Screw em Wil. Somehow I get the feeling trolling Wil Wheaton is the high point of that kid's life.

Just remember: Soleil Moon Frye just loved that scene in Stand By Me with you and River Phoenix at the end. I don't know if either of you are already in committed relationships, nore have I cared to research that, but I say build on this! (Plus you two got that whole "kid-stars-with-clean-police-record" thing going on. Go for it, ya shameless pimp!)

The only people who post negative stuff on blogs are fools who do not have the nerve to act like that in a face to face conflict. Ever notice how tough people are in email but not when they meet you? Wil, Forgetaboutit....

That kid just needs a hug...

Will, shame about the prats who have nothing to say but hateful crap. There is no excuse. Go get your head in order, forget about this idiot and do whats important to you. I enjoy visiting WWDN, but I like many who have posted before me understand that what you do is not for gain and we get enjoyment from it. But you dont have to do it! Sort out you book, see the family a bit more. You have nothing to lose.

When (if) you decide to return, the following that you have built up will still be here. All the best, take it easy..

Don't you realize that you set yourself up for insults when you, a celebrity, run your own website? Not that you were ever that big in my book. Just some retard on the nerdiest show on television a few years back, I really don't think that you have a right to complain about how people are treating you on the internet.

Hey, Wil;
I haven't commented here yet, but I just wanted to ad another positive one to the mix. I enjoy your Blog, and I'll check back often hoping you pick it up again.

As far as other people passing judgement on your decision, don't let 'em. You gotta do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy. (But again, I hope you come back soon.)


Hey d00d;

j00 r0x! c0m3 b4k s00n! 3y3 5h4ll q0wnz j00r N-M-E's w17h my r41lgun!

(Translation for the L337 impaired follows)

Hey Will

Don't let the morons get you down. Here's what you should do instead - give me their IP's. You'll never have to worry about them again. *evil grin*

Cheers bro.

I just love how all the negative posts here are by anonymous people.

How about actually putting your email addresses on the posts so Wil or a few thousand of his supporters can email you a good rebuttal?

Being upset at a person who acts childlish is like being upset at a flame for being hot. It is their nature.

When you are on a higher portion of the stage, expect to hear the childish ones trying to get your attention. But acknowlegde too the vast majority that appreciate your words.

Don't let them stop you.

i'm sorry to hear that--i enjoyed your site and your updates. nice to know that there are celebrities out there with actual valid opinions...

good luck w/ your free time if that is what you decide to do, tho' i will miss your great site.

Sorry to see you go dude. I really enjoy your site and other works. Keep on doing what you do best. Cheers



I just don't get people on the internet sometimes. It's like getting online gives them the right to forget everything their mama ever taught them, number one of course being, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Is that so hard for people? And why, of all people, would you hash on Wil? I mean he's like the nicest guy on the internet.

Don't let it get you down too much Wil. For every one of the losers being down on you there's probably tons of people who enjoy what you have to say, and think that you're really cool.

Good Luck with the book and stuff!

::Sending out good luck mojo::

Be decent and don't let the gutter get you down. You know we all have more faith in you than the ones who'd like to spend their energy being asinine. G'Luck on the book, writing well is NOT as easy as it may seem to some...

Congrats, man, be free. RL rocks: cowardice is part and parcel of the vicious E-mail - they say to you the stuff they can't say to anyone in RL - and all the cowards on the Internet are anonymous. It's not going to go away.


Hope you have some fun with whatever you do, but I vote for something away from the computer's glow. Hug those family members some, even those kids getting you in trouble.

Sad to see what anonymity sometimes frees folks to say, I suppose. Badmouthing a fictional character on at TV show is one thing, but Christina Aguilera? Come on, that's going too far.

I hear ya and support ya. Take a break, but please do come back.

My 2 cents.

(My URL is NSFW btw)

Dude, you're a successful performance artist, you're in a realm where many of us (including the flamers) wish to be. Don't let a bunch of internet retards get ya down!

As much as I admire someone like yourself coming out of the depths of obscurity your public self had fallen into after tng, what did you honestly think was going to happen when you threw yourself out on the internet? You think even people like Pacino don't get hate mail? If you want to be out there, be seen, grow a few or just ignore the flamers but don't expect sympathy. They do it because they can and not be hurt in return. To take anything like that seriously is as lame as posting it in the first place. I've never met you and will probably never meet you, but I thought you might like some perspective.

=( I'm so sorry that people are such bastards, Wil. I always liked you and thought it was cool that you had this web site. You do seem so more down to earth than most of the Hollywood crowd.

I know it's hard, but don't let these asshats get you down. They're just stupid jealous loser types.

It angers me that people think that just because somebody stars in a TV show or a movie that they're not human beings with feelings too.

=( *hug* I hope things get better for you.



This is my first time commenting here, but not reading. I've always liked what I've seen here, and just wanted to echo what some of the others have said about looking at the good/supportive comments and saying to hell with the trolls and idiots who have nothing better to do with their time than to harrass you. It's not worth it to let them bug you.

Never bad to take a break though - I just recently had a real asshole decide to not only attack me, but bring my family into things as well, so I had to take a break to clear my head.

Hope to see you back blogging again soon, and remember that you've got plenty of fans (old and new) here to support you. :)

Where is your humanity?
They have none.

Do you treat people you see in real life the way you treat me?
No, they are only brave on the internet because they are cowards in real life.

Do you go out of your way to insult and belittle people?
No, they would not do it if they had to go out of their way, this is why they haven't accomplished anything with their lives and thus find satisfaction with harassing you.

Is your life so miserable, so empty and meaningless, your self-esteem so low that you need to attack me?
Without a doubt, yes.

Honestly, what have I ever done to you?

Really. What have I ever done?
Oh, one thing, they are jealous. You are a (small)part of Hollywood. You are famous. You are smart. You are well liked. Your wife is hot. Your kid is great. You have positive real world relationships. You have bravely shown a little of your soul to the world. They have none of this and so they strike out at you to make themselves feel a little empowered. It's actually, quite sad.

Bummer about not getting much satifaction from WWDN lately. I'd bet from all the Screen Savers publicity and other sources that there are thousands upon thousands of readers who are delighted by your work. They just don't email to say so. Maybe you should get a micro pay system going. Charge a small amount per week for access and then give it away to a dog charity or something. No doubt even a dime would keep the idiots out.

I want your hot man chowder!

I always knew you were a pussy. Can't take a few trolls? You freaked out at the first sign of a Ferengi, you snivelling little shit. I always thought you should have been shot out of a photon torpedo tube. Now I know my feelings were right!

You. Gigantic. Pussy.

Its pretty pathetic that there are people out there that get kicks posting obscenities on an internet forum. I guess its the only way they can feel like a real man. Get a load of this guy's postings before me. What a loser. He actually took the time to come up with three different names to post with.

I know what you mean. I've had some bad experiences and wonder who to trust initially now!

Sarah let me guess, you are either a lesbian or a virgin (or both)?


Wil you are a man with no scrotum to have to have a breakdown like this. I think you took a little more of Wesley Crusher with you than you'd like to admit. In any case, this just proves my theory that you are one of the biggest pussies in Hollywood today next to Penny Marshall.

Hang in there, Wil.

A friend from another board mentioned this site - about how cool it was that you had a blog and upon arrival I gotta say it is even cooler that you are into Linux and a do it yourself kinda guy. Understandable about the troll and the b.s. that comes with the internet available to every loser with a computer. It is sad what the net has become and it had such potential - still does if you don't let the trolls get you down. Hang in there. BTW the board that your site was mentioned was http://www.sanitycheck.net/babble/index.html Check it out if'n yah like!

Frankly, I don't understand why anyone dislikes you - I think it's mostly jerks with too much free time on their hands.

You'd be welcome at my casa any day of the week ... if you knew where I lived, I suppose.

Damn the man. And the horse he rode in on.

I'm shocked at the poor taste of some of these posters. I find your writing to be first rate and will no doubt be buying any book you write. And your right about Bush, he needs to be replaced NOW! Take some time off, Rest, Relax and Regroup. Don't worry about us, Take care of yourself and your family. Hang in there, We love you and wish you well.

There are a lot of jerks out there. If they have nothing better to do with there time than cause trouble for you, then they are the ones with the problem and are simply not worth the time and effort it takes to be concerned with them. Hang in there Wil. One day it will all come around and bite these morons on their collective asses. ;o)

Somebody told me about the neoconservative political motivations of the negativity being directed at Wil, and I'd like to comment on it at this time.

I'm amazed and saddened that the supporters of George W. Bush who engage in this behavior seem utterly ignorant of how their venom and vitriol reflects on the cause they support. These people are the very same ones who are the first to condemn this sort of behavior when radical leftists of the "PC" ilk express themselves that way. So then why do the neocons think it's okay behavior for themselves to be perpetuating? If the only answer they can come up with is something on the order of "We're right and they're wrong", then they are totally deserving of the label "REDNECK". After all, that is how rednecks think and act.

And I find it nothing short of laughable that people who are being as hateful as they can be are screaming "censorship" when their hatefulness is getting the flushing it richly deserves. You are a guest on somebody's web-site, and if you act with extreme immaturity towards that person, don't be surprised that your crappy attitude isn't welcome!

Fuck you, you whining little shiteater. I knew I should have had you shot out an airlock when I had the chance!

Can't let that be the last comment on this entry!

Good luck with your book.


I have only been visiting your site for the past couple of weeks but I am certainly enjoying it. Your writings have made me laugh but also sit up and take notice of certain things. You challenge me to think and I would like to thank you for that.

I wish you much luck with the progress of your writings and hope that your absence from this site isn't too long lived.


Fuck you, you whining little shiteater. I knew I should have had you shot out an airlock when I had the chance!

You limp-dicked piece of crap. Waah, waaah, people on the Internet are being mean to me! I think I'll go home and never write here ever again because GOD FORBID THE FACT THAT I AM A PUBLIC FIGURE AND POSTING TO MY OWN PUBLIC WEBSITE MIGHT MAKE SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING RUDE OR MEAN.

God you're such a loser.

Get over it, Wil. Simple as that.
Step away for a week, a month or a year.
Take deep breaths and ride a bike, or your wife.

Pay your bills. Pet your cat.
Cope with real life pains and pinch your fears.
Put your heart on the line and get kicked, that's life.

I'll punch you in the face for a dollar.