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Who's Watching Our Cats?

According to The Onion, I am.

This is too cool!

I had an audition for John Doe again yesterday . . . but I didn't nail it. I have a call for CSI later this afternoon.

Update: The role, which was about six lines, shoots tomorrow, and I haven't heard anything, so it's not happening. I'm actually sort of glad . . . if I'm going to be on CSI, I'd rather have a bigger role that I can do more cool stuff with. While I was out there, I ran into Scott Grimes, who I've known since childhood, but haven't seen or spoken to in almost a decade. It was great to see him, and we made plans to get our families together for funtimes. So it wasn't a total waste of time and miles on my car. ;)

Busy, busy, busy . . . and you expect me to watch your damn cats? There'd better be Anchor Steam Liberty Ale in the fridge, buddy.


WooHOO! First comment!

Let there be Wil-Power!

BTW, hope you get the CSI one... I don't watch John Doe, and even the presence of the great HMIC won't make that happen (I hate FOX- they killed Dark Angel AND Titus...) but CSI is probably the best show on TV right now...

Much mojo for CSI today!

And you better be keeping a good eye my cat. Be careful, because when he gets in a mood he likes to bite. And he only gets one bowl of food a day. He's a little on the chubby side...

Oh, and your darn Ale is behind the milk in the fridge. *mumbles under her breath about costing and arm and a leg*

Read some of the reasons why Nemesis failed cause Wil wasn't in it enough in the comments of this Slashdot post:


Funny stuff

Yea, I hope that you get CSI, then I could get my wife to watch you. She only know's what you look like from the TNG says...

i hope you get the john doe gig, that's a good show. i heard it was being cancelled though.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Anchor Steam Liberty Ale........

I personally think CSI would be really cool.

Hey, you're one above God in heaven.

So you got that going for you.

I loved the "Baby's Third Through Eighth Words Registered Trademarks" bit too.

Oh, and *mojo* for CSI.

Hope you get 'em Wil.

Hey, Wil, good luck on CSI. That's a really good show and people watch it! Ever since FOX stopped showing The X-Files, the network has been a graveyard for shows... I don't think people watch it anymore. But CSI is a really good show... yeah! So break a leg!

Anchor is the name of the brewery. So Anchor Steam is a beer, and Anchor Liberty Ale is a beer, but Anchor Steam Liberty Ale is nothing at all.

But I too prefer the Liberty Ale to the Steam. So there you go.

No Anchor anything, but there's Guinness and Abita Purple Haze!

Hey Wil

saw this link reported on slashdot today - Rick Berman finally answers the question as to why Nemesis tanked (answer: he doesn't know).


If you landed that part on CSI, it would be so much coolness in one place that I think my head would spontaneously explode.

But hey, it'd be worth it. Yeee! :D

::mojo ahoy::

Hey Will,

I have 5 Guiness in the fridge - please leave me at least one...

Thanks dude,


Is there no discussion about PAX movie? I saw it with my girlfriend to learn that she is a huge Wil Wheaton fan. We stumbled upon it and lo and behold, my girlfriend of 2 years comes out as a WW fan. Terrible movie though. We enjoyed it anyway.

Cripes, I'd have to leave you a pony keg to watch my psychotic cat...

Mmmm. Anchor Steam Ale.

Is there some cat-related piece of trivia I am missing that would make them put your name on there? Or is it just some weird joke on how you spend your time? Anchor steam liberty ale? Is this good beer? like "Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Beer" kinda good? I recommend Red Hook Hefeweizen with a lemon, oh is it delicious.

Would you watch my dogs?

[sending mojo your way for CSI]

Hey, thanks for looking after our cats, man. You helped make our 6-month vacation a possibility.

Here's an extra $1 for changing the litterbox, too.

I hope you get on John Doe. That's one of my favorite shows right now.

The Wrath of Wil

Search for those words here: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/02/04/1742245&mode=flat&tid=97

Hey Wil,

Found this music vid of Leonard Nimoy singing some song about Bilbo Baggins.

Someone was hitting the wacky tobaccie alittle hard back then....

The san diego union tribune mentions WWDN in their article in the currents section, "A penny for your Blogs". Aint it cool?

Hi Wil,

Please be extra nice to Herbie, our Persian today. He likes to murder bugs so if you happen to find any bring them on in. He is quite an expert at dispatching spiders. However, when the legs tickle he will spit them out, only to eat them later (after much claw action) when they are more "still".

Otherwise, he's a regular cat.

Have fun and no laser pointers please.

hey -- good luck with CSI. i don't watch john doe either, so like other posters i'm sending you mojo for csi. the way i see it, i'm grooving on anthony michael hall's "dead zone" show as of late. i wasn't going to watch at first because i can only SEE him in the breakfast club, or, coming out of a bathroom stall with panties in his hands for all the school to see. his career seemed to have tanked, but this dead zone program (and his role as bill gates) have impressed me greatly.

speaking of revived careers -- i watched book of days. i loved it. i'd watch it again.

i'm "stupid in love" with wil wheaton.

rock on.

Thanks for watching my cat. You've been a real help.

hmm...yes...auditions...good luck!


We have CSI here *points at TV*

That means nore Wil than we can possibly imagine....for an hour at least.

And you had Onion recognition. Truly you are great.


Inspiring first post. And so relevant. Thanks Dake.

*Waits for people to tell him to stop being a troll*

It's my problem. I will deal with it.

Come Igor. To the Audition Mojo-Tron! Away!!!!

Ahh the good ole Onion!! They never fail.

Mojo on the CSI audition, Wil....

The cats? Oh, God, the cats

I'm a big fan of CSI. I hope you nail the part. All the best.

Her Name is Phoebe and she gets a big bowl of dry food for the day and a largish scoop of the canned in the morning. (Partials are in the fridge and new cans are under the sink.) We will be back on the 15th.

Wil, I for one would be honored to have you watch my two cats. Assuming, of course, you could handle the "TerrorKitty and Hairball" duo. Trust me. The younger cat is a major terror, attacking anything and EVERYTHING that moves, makes noise, or just sits there, including any and all inanimate objects, the other animals, and TOES. She isn't even afraid of the watergun anymore. I honestly believe she is the only cat I have ever seen that will, completely willingly and without hesitation, jump into a sink full of water and like it! The other cat is just a typical feline, shedding her solid white fur all over anything she sleeps on. This of course is just about anywhere in the house, with preference being baskets full of clean laundry. :}

As far as CSI goes, all I can say is that I hope you get the part. I personally don't watch it, but will probably make an exception for episodes that you are in. Hopefully you'll get to play a character that stays alive throughout the entire episode and not the luckless sap who ends up with a severe case of rigor mortis in the first 15 minutes...

As far as the baby who's first were were all trademarks, I wonder how long it will be before the owners of those trademarks slap lawsuits on the family, trying to get royalties out of them.

Wil, if you get on CSI I will be the happiest camper in the maritimes!! Good luck!! Hope you get it! :)!

Good luck for both spots on "CSI" and "John Doe", Wil.

We watched "Book of Days" the other night and I thought you did quite a nice job with the role, even if the movie was a little bit heavy-handed for me.

As for the cats ... no Anchor Steam, but we are well stocked with New Castle ...

Ooh, Wil potentially making appearances on real TV shows. Cool!
Think that the airing of your movie (formerly known as Boise and I can't remember the real title) had anything to do with it?

Face it Wheaton, you're an actor. Don't fight the dark side.

I think Wil should be watching Phil Spector.

Heya Wil,
   Now, I don't have a cat but my upstairs neighbors do and when you come and catsit DON'T BE A STRANGER, y'hear? I gots an arseload of beers in the fridge (Sam Adams' Cream Stout and Winter Lager) and a copy of Toy Soldiers I bought second-hand from a rental store; come on down, bring the cats, I'll bust out the houkah and we'll have a grand ol' time. I also taped "Boise" but ... sniffle ... it's just too soon.

   And when you catsit my parents' cats be careful of the black one, she loves to have her tummy rubbed, but she's a bit flatulent.


Major mojo for CSI!!!

I wonder if Uncle Willie will be get to be a dead body? I wish I could be a dead body on CSI, that would be so kewl.

So I guess the only other question is....

Las Vega$ or Miami?

If you DO make the CSI audition (which I'm sending mojo for), please tell us which episodes so non-watchers of the show can check it out. Good luck and stuff!

Well, I don't have any cats (yet). But you could watch my 8-year-old who likes to crawl up and down the stairs on all fours. And I hope Pete's Wicked Ale is good enough.

CSI! DUDE! Good luck on it!

Hey Wheaton,what would happen if a cat fell *cough* * cough* out of an open window with a buttered piece of toast on its back?



You should really try for a part on one of the Law and Order shows. There are 9 of them I believe, so your chances are good. Plus I'd think you'd make a great psychopathic killer.

Mr. Wheaton:

Will Romulan Ale do?

As far as for cats, it appears the neighbors' cats have been using my flower beds as a litterbox again. Time to get the phasers out.....



I clicked on The Onion link but I don't see an article or anything about you!

I'm sending mojo to you for CSI anyway. :-)

How about some Legend's? http://www.legendbrewing.com/ :-)

Sending good vibes for CSI! That's one of the best shows on currently. :-)


GO Wil GO!!! Glad to know you are keeping busy. *Happy busy Mojo* to ya! :) Break a Leg at the audition!

Good luck with CSI! I will definitely, definitely watch you in that! CSI is the finest show on TV today. :)

the question isn't whether wils watching the cats.
but are the cats watching wil?

not sure what that means tho...

kick some butt on CSI man....



I LOVE Anchor Steam, I'll have a ton in my fridge, come scoop the kitty poop!

CSI would be cool, just as long as your not the one that gets killed. But if you don't get the job, i'm always looking for someone to watch my cat. Just kidding. I wish tons of good MOJO on your auditions.

Wil, if you're planning on watching my cats, you better pack some really warm clothes. They are strictly outside cats and the temperatures are going to drop below zero tonight.

Musta been because you totally nailed "The Book of Days" Congrats!

You rock Wil, if I had cats you could watch them anytime. Just found the blog. Good luck for CSI

Good thoughts for you on your reading! I hope you get CSI-good show!

I don't have a cat-but if I had one you and Anne could watch it for me! No beer-but I make a great quiche!

Hey wil. I don't have any cats for you to watch, but my rat I'm sure gets lonely when i'm gone. :) But hell you can come over and have a beer with us anytime, but please if you do come over to watch my rat and bring a beer can you bring along Mr. Grimes? That would make me one happy monkey :D

You knowing and hanging out with mr scott grimes makes me go all fangirly. funny I dont really do that over the mention of your name. . . . .

Sorry to hear the possible CSI gig didn't work. I get you when you say it would be better to get something with more meat though.

Cool to connect up with good friends... nothing is more valuable than the true and lasting friendships that we hold throughout our lives.

Have a good night.


No cats, but drop by for a beer anytime.

And good luck on the auditions, as always.

Forget the cats! Watch my goldfish, instead! His name is Herman the Wonderfish, he's 9 years old, and he thinks he's a dog - waiting patiently by the corner of the tank until someone comes into the room, and then he literally leaps out of the water with fishie joy.

He'll provide you with hours of entertainment! He's amazing! He's fantastic! Wherever there is danger, he'll be there! (OK, maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch... we'll leave that part to Dangermouse.)

Well, being as I am not an actor I can't really say much about "only 6 lines". If it were me myself, I'd bust my @$$ even for just 6 lines, only because I'm not a famous Celeb like you ;}

I am glad to see, though, that you're better than that, and you don't whore yourself out to any and every director that comes along in order to get even the most remedial and dull parts of any script you can get your hands on. :}

CSI seems to be unafraid of using actors that we recognize, (Jolene Blalock & Joey Slotnick have both been on) so this bodes well for you. Hope to see you on the streets of Vegas (or Miami) soon.



Wil Wheaton starring as...

Victor or Victom ??

I hope it's more like science guy...

I just want to stop in and say that I used up all my moderation points today on the /. article on Berman not being able to find his ass. And I mod'd up your post. hehehehe


Seriously, as a fan, I think he's bad for ST. *sigh*

I know better. Wil is driving in a slow speed chase through Passadena at this very moment.

The cats bit is in the STATshot graphic.

No Brian, actually, he booked a flight out of the country, but unfortunately was arrested in Russia. No OJ syndrome here bud!


(Wil, where in the world do people come up with this stuff anyway?! Sheesh! =/ )

I hope we see Wil on CSI (and not "CSI: Miami". Sorry, but I'm a huge CSI fan, and IMO, the Miami spin-off sucks.)

Good Luck to ya!

PS: if, by some twist of fate, you DO end up on "Miami", do me a favor and tell the director some reasons why the medical examiner should be wearing some scrubs while operating on a corpse, (or should at least be wearing a face mask. It's all about keepin' it real, yo.)

after reading the update....I just want to say that I feel that you will get something big soon. I knock on wood for you. And about cats......beware of the black ones.

WebNut... That's hilarious! I stand corrected. I should have known Wil wasn't such a bad driver.

Please stop watching my cats. They have become very nervous and can no longer sleep.

You can watch my cat anytime.

They even like the PAX network and 3DX infomercials.


Rock on Wil, Much love from above.


P.s. No anchor steam, just Black Butte Porter and Full sail Amber.

You sure as heck don't want to watch my feline bitches. Especially the fluffy one. She is psycho. But if she likes you, she'll sit on you lap, WHETHER YOU WANT HER THERE OR NOT.

Try sticking 'cat' and 'wesley' into Google.
The site at the top of the list is for a lost cat. Second up is a guide on how to dissect cats.
As you Americans say: "You do the math."

Hey, they spelled your name right! :)

Must be alll those Kittens in BAC, right Wil?

I am not really a fan of CSI. But if you get a role on it Wil, I will watch. Too bad about John Doe...I love that show.


I just wanted to say;"Thanks for keeping an eye on my cat for me while I was on vacation, I owe you one."

Wil on CSI?
what would the character be a a techno-geek?
wow that's a stretch :)
I hope you get it, that'd make my favorite show even better! break a leg!

Heh. I saw that on The Onion this morning, and came straight over to see what you thought.

p.s. I hated you, but now you're cool. I'm working on my friends.

p.p.s. "WooHOO! First Comment!" on WWDN? How lame is that?

You have to do CSI, just so you can report on whether Marg Helgenberger is as hot in person as she is on TV.

You name the beer, it's in the fridge.

Much CSI mojo.

I just found this site and I thought you would appreciate it. Check out the sermons and WWJD thong in the store.


Liberty Ale is, by far, the best IPA ever brewed. Not to dismiss Stone Brewery, but Anchor rocks.

Liberty Ale is such a 1, it is almost a 2.

I love CSI! I hope you get the part. I don't watch John Doe, so I'm much more excited about your CSI opportunity. Good luck!!

6 lines, that really sucks. There is always other auditions out there. Have you ever thought about doing voices for animated movies? And bye the way, if you watch my cat, i will make sure my fridge is fully stocked for you.

CSI? Too cool! One of the best shows on tv. Well, if you are on it Wil, it will be time to finally force all my friends with bad taste in tv to actually watch it. 2 reasons for the price of one, as it were. Break a leg and all that.

I'm glad that your not upset about the Csi audition. I swear if producers knew how to make a great show they would hire you. Oh, well, here's looking to the future.

Am I the ONLY person who's never heard of CSI?


What is it, anyway?

We don't get any good TV channels here in my Fortress of Solitude atop the Paraguayan Himalayas, I'm afraid.

CSI Mojo.... hell here's some John Doe mojo too (I like the show, but it has "limited run' written all over it.)

Now, what do you think about getting on your 'evil persona' duds and auditioning for a "designer drug" kingpin on "fastlane"?? :D

I HAVE heard of it but NEVER watched it.

Wil being on there would give me a GREAT reason

(Not only are the cats watching the Monkeys are


anyhow, here's a little plug for 'ya, wil... someone wrote about you on the Pop Candy chat today... posted on usatoday.com. what fun!

Atlanta, GA: Hi Whitney. Jerry O'Connell and Corey Feldman have been on Jimmy Kimmel Live the last two nights. River Phoenix is no longer with us (maybe they could book Joaquin), but perhaps Wil Wheaton is looking for a place to plug his fine website. What do you think?

Whitney Matheson: Well, young men are Jimmy's target audience... look for appearances by Ralph Macchio, Alex Winter and Jon Cryer on future shows.

Hmm, not sure how much fun it would be to watch our cat since he died last week.

But hey, if all it takes is a few dozen Anchor Steam's then we're all good. Roll up!

Although I am curious how you got chosen to be the celeb in the Statshot. Must have been a funny round table the editors had.

I hope not to be annoying, but what about those political or at least critical and witty issues that used to be the highlights of your web site ?
Not a single word about the worsening international situation, why ?
Did you join the "the-sun-shines-bright-on-my-old-kentucky-home-I-don't-mind-I-don't-care community" ?????

I really didn't want Ashcroft spying on me, so I'm really grateful to you for sacrificing yourself and watching our cats.

Thanks, Wil! And good luck with your auditions.

Good luck with the audition Wil. You rock hard tasty abs washerboard style!

The big question is WHY are you watching our cats, what is it they are doing when we aren't looking that you find so fascinating?

Hey Wil! Do you mean the "Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal"? (R.A. Wilson)

Wil on CSI as an evil and/or smarmy dude would rock. Sooooo anti-Wesley. :)

CSI! Way cool!

Hey Wil, my cats would look after you, if you wanted...they are so darned independent. All cat stories aside, though, I saw John Doe a few times, and while not brilliant, there was something interesting about it. And all the best regarding CSI...that obviously would be really cool. Now if only you were pals with Kieffer Sutherland, "24" could be yours...I'd think you'd be great on that. Ah well, enough pussy tales from me...take care and good luck on the auditions. Deb

Alf would be happy to watch your cats for you.

with some fava beans and a nice chianti

Six lines? Phh...forgetaboutit. John Doe is a better show anyway. Dominic Purcell is interesting to watch. And I thought Scott Grimes was great on Party of Five...which was a great show, too. The best looking TV family ever, the Salingers.

Much mojo for CSI even if you didn't get this part, they might still want you to do something else.

On an interesting side-note, one of the crimes in the second season of CSI was based on something that happened in my home town a few months earlier. In the show, a man was found buried and covered with lye. It turns out that he was hit by a drunk driver who decided to drive home and ended up keeping this man IN HIS WINDSHIELD for three days until he finally bled to death. In reality, a nurse did this in Fort Worth, Texas. She is still on trial, although I can't imagine why. It is painfully obvious that she did it and she even admitted to it. She said that she went into her garage occasionally and apologized to him while he was begging for her help. I think that she should be thrown in prison for a good, long time because there is no excuse for doing what she did.

just thought i would let everyone know that Cat's are better than dogs :)

"I auditioned but I'm sort of glad I didn't get it?"
No no no..... admit you're a little disappointed! If you didn't want the part, you wouldn't have auditioned!
Anyway, good luck in the future... sorry some of these auditions haven't panned out. I read your comment about the acting pants... you'll get to run naked through the periwinkle waving your pants in the air in no time!

Wil, while you're watching my cats, be sure and keep MogFish and Elfkin from scratching on the couch and please be sure to revere The Beed. Beedrull will be so distraught if he is not revered. Oh, that's right, you just watch... damn cat voyeur...

Do you clean litter boxes as well? I hope so as I hate coming home to smelly cat.

w00t! CSI????? I love that show! Watch, your episode will be the highest rated of the season. Don't forget to let us know!!!!

Which one is it? Anchor Steam or Anchor Liberty Ale? One's a lager, one's an ale.

six-lines on CSI, eh?

well, that pretty much kept you away from being the "body-of-the-week" -- so that's positive.

try for Alias. ethan hawke last week. christian slater this week. i'd say they're ripe for some Wil.

All cat watching should be done with Quebec - particulary the 9% with the flying canoe on it.

I mirror the other guy's experience. I saw nothing on The Onion about Wil. I even did an in-page search and looked through the archives. No Wil. No cat comment. What are you people smoking?