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My taxes, hard at work.

Now this is just stupid.


It sure is!

stupid!? i'll have to register you with Mr. Rumsfeld...he's lookin fer you anti-freedom (fries) types!

No, that is beyond silly. France chooses to disagree with us, that is there right. It is downright petty to change the menu items.


The French Embassy in Washington had no immediate comment, except to say that french fries actually come from Belgium. Go France!

You mean like your last movie? ;-)

Stupid, yes, but it really doesn't cost anything.

Hey i'm not american, and i hate to think my money was going to anything as pointless as that. But then again it probably is.


"This action today is a small but symbolic effort to show the complete disregard of many on Capitol Hill for the intelligence of our so-called constituents," said Ney, chairman of the House Administration Committee.

Oh, wait, that was a paraphrase ... means about the same thing, right?

ah ha ha ha ha! sorry, but that is kind of silly, and funny. and doesn't surprise me one bit.

Any bets on whether Republicans will stop swilling Champagne at taxpayer expense? Or do you think they're too stupid to notice it's French too?

I guess Lance Armstrong will have to compete in the Tour De Freedom next year.

During WWII sauerkraut was called "Liberty Cabbage".......

Hey, so now we can have freedom kissing! Freedom dressing! Freedom braids! Freedom ticklers!

Feh. I'm about to go into one of these fine establishments, order some "french" fries and if they won't take my order - I'll leave.

How stupid can you get. Wait. Don't answer that.

If you thing that's stupid. What about being arrested for whearing a "give peace a chance" t-shirt?

just read about it on Pravda...ooops... i mean CNN.com...(same difference these days...)

freedom fries eh?
good lord...

this irrational anger and hatred of France, and french people in general is ridiculous...
personally, i find it heartening to see countries standing up against the current regime in the US...

i just find it sad to see that some folks mistake the worlds anger at the white house administration and your current leader as 'anti-US' or that we (as the rest of the world) don't like the United States..
total rubbish...

of course we like the US.
we like it plenty...

hell, the folks i've met while traveling through america were amongst the nicest i've ever come across..
and there's you, of course, wil
and folks like Kevin Smith...
i mean really, how can you hate a country that has actor/writers like you and kevin?

we like america, and americans just fine...

not so keen on that bush guy tho...
or the rest of the hawks that are whispering in his ear...

anyhow...take care wil....
and as always..if you're looking for PROPER journalism and views on the upcoming masacre in the desert...

(gotta plug them...my bro-in-law helps run the site, and it's always got the latest from Chomsky, Zinn and Fisk..how can you go wrong)


Haha! That's too much! I can't believe it..I'm proud to be an American and all, but good Lord.......

Yeah, the roomie and I were talking about this just this morning.
We think better names would have been Dictaters/Dictater-tots and Texas Toast

God Bless America...Please!

Now taking suggestions for the renaming of Texas Toast to something more appropriate. Blood For Oil Toast?

I don't think it is stupid. What I think is stupid is the French not supporting us. The French will only want somehting done when Iraqi troops are marching down the Paris streets, or when Paris looks like Beruit. I intend to use the "Freedom" moniker myself.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not attacking Wil. I am simply disagreeing with him. Thanks!

Reason 105 we are a doomed species

What's next, Freedom Dressing? Freedom Braids? Freedom Kissing? Freedom Ticklers?

Maybe I'm just overtired, but when I read the "Belgium" line I couldn't stop laughing.

My parents have a vacation house in Beaufort, NC, and my dad talked about the café that apparently started this rubbish a few weeks ago. Funnily enough, my dad the dyed-in-the-oil Republican thought it was a stupid thing to do as well. Love to hear what he'd think about our representatives wasting time on it.

That will be french fries for me on my next order, thank you.

This makes me want to move to NC just so I can vote him out of office.

Actually, it makes these people look downright ignorant. Makes 'em feel good at the expense of intelligence and makes 'em figure that they'll look good to their constituents. I'd like to think that folks are smarter than the congresscritters who swill at the public trough and don't have the balls to stand up to a president who expects the rest of us to sacrifice our loved ones in a war that isn't yet justified.

Oh. Wait. I forgot. He's justifying it by calling everybody evil. And curtailing civil rights. And stomping his foot while getting mad at France and others who may just possibly be seeing this with clearer vision (i.e. no blood-lust besotting their thoughts) than our leaders are at this point.


You think this is stupid?

We had the millenium dome.


It's nice you exercise your freedom of speech in the US without reprisal because apparently we in the rest of the world aren't allowed to.

Y'all think about that now.

If you want to that is.

No pressure.


(Any responses please see me in the forums so we dont clog up the comments)

Of course my traiterous friend Jeremy stole all my Freedom jokes and posted them first. BAH!

Yeah, I'm a bastard. But at least I can spell 'traitorous'. :)

I worry about the state of our country. This is ridiculous.

My sentiments exactly. I covered this story a little differently on my web page: burka.blogspot.com (or tomburka.com). BTW, I invite rich Republicans to "throw out" French champagne, wine, etc. by sending the bottles to me. Or even Wil.

Damn right that is stupid. It sounds very junior high and yet very appropriate for the Bush administration's "you're either with us or your against us" approach.

P.S. Clay and Jeremy are goobers. ;) *smooch*

Time to burn Frances McDormand at the stake.

This is just plane sad, pathetic, and stupid. French toast and french fries has always been a favorite of mine. It's no wonder I have little faith in this world sometimes.

How much of the taxpayer's money will be used to change all of the menus? Because they will have to get new menus.

Ha, yeah, I just read about that, like 5 minutes before coming here.

Freedom fries.... ah... national security...

It's actually pretty frightening. It's just the kind of xenophobic behaviour that can lead to long-term conflict. Just watch the predjudice arise in your own communities. Any French citizens in the US (UK, or even here where I am in Australia) will now be targeted by rednecks. Oh joy.

Why don't we just give the statue of liberty back?

Sorry Wil I missed that. I was freedom kissing my fiancee.


What's worse is that neither "French fries" nor "French toast" is French in origin!

Though if they are looking to remove French wines from their menus, I think that I could take some off of their hands. All in the name of freedom, of course! ;-)

These are sad, sad times.

in repsonse to "freedom"'s comment, I must remind him/her (more likely the former;) that the French OPENLY supported the UNANIMOUS UN military action in Afghanistan. They agreed with the direct link the U.S. PROVED to ALL UN SECURITY COUNCIL MEMBERS between the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and 9-11 attackers. Oh, they also provided 10% of the bill for Desert Storm, openly supported our military strikes against Libya in the 80s. But yeah, I guess we need to ignore their cultural contributions (even though most did not come from them in the first place). Yet no one has boycotted chicken nuggets, a DISTINCTLY French invention, as anyone who bothered to go there would know. They just don't care until they've been invaded. That whole thing in the Ivory Coast is because their are Iverian soldiers marching down the Champs Elysee, not because they are stopping a civil war and genocide.

Viva La.......Wait.


"The French Embassy in Washington had no immediate comment, except to say that french fries actually come from Belgium."

that is awesome. hahaha

McDonalds goes overboard trying to be PC....

Would you like French, Belgian or Freedon Fries with that?

I'd like to "Freedom" kiss that chick from Alias... :).

This crap is ridiculous!

Okay, now I'm the only practicing Republican I know under the age of thirty, and even I think this is dumb. But really, are we entering an age of widespread and entrenched francophobia? No. Nobody will remember this in a year's time. It's a blip. We're not going to invade France and drive the inhabitants into the Mediterranean in a bloody rout. Though god knows, it's not an entirely bad idea...

These folks are idiots, though.

Hmm seems we made a mistake electing bush....my lil sister could been a better president...i mean he wont even accept to take a iq test in public how sad is that

So I suppose I need to start serving freedom roast coffee...?

(This whole thing is so freaking stupid.)

So after all of the times that France has stood (and fought) by our side, we've decided that they are no longer worthy enough to have their own opinion. Never mind that Russia and Germany agree with them - are we going to go back to calling German Shephards "Alsaysians" like we did in WWII?

Next forum will consist of freedom cream pies.

My thoughts: "You must be at least THIS SMART to be in Congress." Term limits, man... term limits. But more importantly, thank you for posting this alternate article, CNN didn't have the bit about the French Embassy pointing out that french fries come from Belgium. That's priceless. I love it. XD

Other than that, I'm an advocate of freedom-kissing, how about everyone else? ;D

Saw this today too, and went immediately to Fark...LOL
If there are folks out there that don't believe there is a LOT of propaganda going on, well, this just proves there is.

I agree that is stupid!

The ironic thing about this is that French Toast (mentioned in the article but not in the headline; also changed to "freedom toast") was called "german toast" until WWI...

God bless America, eh?

This is not only stupid, it's actually, well, stupid! That didn't come out right.

French fries are called French fries, *everyone* knows that. So if they suddenly become freedom fries, doesn't freedom become synonymous with French/France?

Cool - I'm going on a school trip to Freedom on Sunday!

You have to wonder what the French ambassadors think about this.

I mean, on the one hand they're thinking Americans are obviously idiots because the iffy potato treats they're complaining about are not French, they're Belgian. That came out loud and clear in the dry comment from the embassy. :-)

On the other hand, it's got to be at least a little worrying on a symbolic level... it reminds me of another news story I read. A French official was saying "We didn't say anything before, because we were afraid of making relations between our countries worse. But right now, they can't get any worse, so we decided to come out with it."

Ugh ... who are those bozos out there, and why didn't we have a checkbox on the voting form that said "i prefer non-bozos in office, thanks"? The US has been bullying and threatening even its allies with insults and threats of trade sanctions. The impact to the US's diplomatic reputation is really going to be terrible in the long term.

I can understand the frustration with France... Isn't it better to run a few menus instead of doing something else to France?

Let's see, how we can count the ways getting rid of Saddam hurts France, shall we?

1) 80+ billion dollars (US) owed to France from Iraq.

2) 81 French companies show at a trade show in Iraq this past October, all of them get multi-million dollar contracts.

3) France supplied the breeder reactor (the kind that produces weapons grade materials) and fissionable material that Iraq bought long ago (that the Israelis took out).

4) French Oil Companies currently hold more than half of Iraq's oil production capacity.

5) Lagardere SCA (French Company) owns Elle, Car & Driver, Women's Day, and other US magazines... who owns 90 Million in stock in this French Company (about 2% of it)... Saddam Hussein!

6) French aircraft parts company circumventing UN sanctions and delivering banned materials to Iraq via UAE and Jordanian companies (owned by Iraq).

So, I don't mind a few xerox copies of a menu... Seems like a rational thing compared to the crapola France has been up to.

i wish this was a joke ... really, i do. {sigh}

in a way, highly amusing. in a much more real way, sad. i guess people just look on TV at his brow knotted in concern for his country ..aww...and don't pay enough attention to what is actually coming out of his mouth...well at least some of us can boycott. ugh, i cant even picture eating something called freedom fries, next theyll be making red, white, and blue striped ketchup, just ugh. (by the way, i always thought chirac sounded more like some klingon or something than a french diplomat...i mean it really is a perfect star trek name...)

They should do away with calling deep fried julienne potatoes, 'French Fries' and call them 'Chips' like they do here in the UK. 'Potato Chips' could then be called 'Crisps' like they are here in the UK.

Who needs France to confuse everyones language, when the UK does just as good a job! lmao

*only joking fellow brits. I'm in a funny (haha not peculiar) mood!*

You're so right,that really is so stupid !

reading these comments...i worry about the country...this generation is as dopey as mine.

On the plus side, if they're voting on what to call fries, they're not voting to go to war. What else can we get them to rename?

Never underestimate the stupidity of people.

Of course we could exercise good judgment by not eating as many french fries because they're so high in fat, rather than make ourselves look silly by banning them or calling them something new due to xenophobic rage.

Naw. That would be common sense. Who'd expect THAT from our leaders...

""This action today is a small but symbolic effort to show the strong displeasure of many on Capitol Hill with the actions of our so-called ally, France," said Ney, chairman of the House Administration Committee. "

whoah. whoah.

...of our so-called ally, France????


do we really want to be saying that?








uh. whoah!

Capital Hill better get it's head out of it's "Freedom Fry" laiden ass...this ain't some kind of game.

I'm going to phone this place up, and tell them I'd like to order 500 bucks worth of "pommes frites."

Bush says: Boohoo! France wont play with us in our Iraqi sandbox! Now we got to hit them where it hurts and change the name of our carcinogenic fried potatoes. I bet they will be very offended and rethink their position.
The french were probably offended with the name "french fries" in the first place.

FREEDOM FRIES? Freedom to develop cancer and become overweight?

What's funny is how many so called "Americans" forget that if it wasn't for the French, we would still be ruled by Britain or some other alternate history would have come out.

you're right, f*cking pathetic.

However, my partner Emma is property manager for Woolsthorpe Manor (Birthplace and family home of Sir Isaac Newton- in the UK!!)

It's just opened again for the new season, and someone arrives this weekend,
goes to the (small) coffee shop and demands that she only be served British food stuffs. "Under no circumstances would she eat any French Food"

God some people are just a waste of skin and oxygen!

"This action today is a small but symbolic effort to show the strong displeasure of many on Capitol Hill with the actions of our so-called ally, France," said Ney, chairman of the House Administration Committee.


Just one more reason why I, as a Canadian, would love to see the American government absolutely obliterated. I'm not French-Canadian or anything like that, it's just one more notch in the U.S. government's dispicable arrogance and self-righteousness. I have no problem with the American people in general, however, so don't anyone label me as anti-American or racist.

After a visit to my local bakery, I've realized that our govt. is trying to make the American citizen look like a idiot...In my attempt to be P.C., I tried to order some French bread and could only say "bread" and point...when I wanted some French pastries, same thing, I said "pastry" and pointed. The clerk looked at me as if I were an idiot that crawled out of a cave...Of course, this tale is fictitious, but isn't this just what our beloved leader wants from his Lemmings..err..citizens...

Don't take offense, but this is the sort of press that makes the world think all Americans are utter fools. And to be honest, the people in question aren't doing the US any favours. The world is on the brink of war - who gives a damn about french fries? Freedom fries? The 'Land of the Free' is so often far from the truth anyway.

anyway, I think french fries are only called that in North America..
Australia/New Zealand/Ireland/UK call them chips (except in McD's and Burger King) and the French call them Fried Potatoes (Pomme Frite) ?

"The French Embassy in Washington had no immediate comment, except to say that french fries actually come from Belgium."

The word for the day, children, is "dumbass."

maybe we could sue the french for their fatty, starchy fries! dont let em off the hook my friends! call em French "Death" Fries and lets litigate!

if the fat clogs we must sue the frogs!

What's next? Are they going to re-edit Better Off Dead and change the classic dinner scene to include Freedom Bread, Freedom Toast, Freedom Fries, Freedom Dressing and Freedom Water? Where does it all end ?!?

I really want to go to that restauraunt and say, I would like a hamburger, and some FRENCH FRIES. Saying the last bit so I could be loudly understood throughout the place.. see what would happen.

So the French dissagree with us, so what, that doesnt make them part of the axis of evil. Or wait, with Bush, maybe it does..

On the plus side, the British "chips" is a way cooler, and shorter, word.

Truly stupid. As a non-American who still likes the country a great deal I have to say the current crop of poly-ticks are really making the entire nation look bad.

Bush has to be a blowhard at this point in order to have the slightest prayer of re-election, but what those cretins have as an excuse eludes me.

Truly scary as well to watch CNN and hear reports about how the US is going to pee all over the UN if they don't knuckle under and attack no matter what world opinion is like.

DMCA, the new Gestap... Homeland Security, excuse me... young men who have "facilitated software piracy" going to jail for years even though they never made a dime in profit from it... Land of the free? I feel a lot more secure and free where I live at the moment, thanks.

Hard to even call it the land of the brave at this point, knowing that the Iraqi troops stand about the same chance as your neighbourhood kindergarten would against the US army.

this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while, somehow tragic but funny as well... mmm so what's next? claim the gifts the two nations have given each other back just like some couples do after they break up?

Where's my Victory Cabbage, damnit?!

Wil, you're the best friend I'll never have. I know so many Americans who have a sensible position on Iraq, it's incredible there's such an almost-McCarthyite atmosphere there!

I've been wondering about something for a while, though. Please enlighten me if it's practical for you. Why. Did you used to pronounce s as "sh" when you were little? Like "That's okay captain - I undershtand". It's just got me in a bit of a conundrum, because (being in the UK) I've only experience of one other American pronouncing things that way - Jodie Foster. Where does this accent come from? (P.S. Unwarranted "sh" sounds can also be traced to the inhabitants of a certain Gaulish village circa 50BC, when intoxicated (see your comic collection), but I didn't want to mention this (despite doing so!) so as not to seem offensive - I'm just curious!)

Cheers. Don't let the Bushiites get you down.


I live in NC...and the next time i go into any restaurant I will ask for "french fries" instead of my usual "fries" I will now make a point to say french!

Je pense que je serai outlawed aussi tot parce que je parle un peu de francais...ou peut-etre maintenant je parle un peu de liberte...

and the belgium line was hilarious...

Oh. My. God.

I did a double take when I read this article just to make sure I wasn't somehow forwarded to The Onion! I'm not even gonna start on this, anybody with more than one neuron in their head has already realized anything I would say about it.

And the article somebody posted about the guy being kicked out of a mall for wearing a Give Peace a Chance t-shirt? He could face up to one year in prison for refusing to take it off!?


That's it, I'm moving to Canada.

You're absolutely right, Wil. That _IS_ stupid. Next thing you know, we'll have Disarm Dogs, the Superpower Salad, Liberty Lasagnia, Patriot Pizza, and Constitution Chilie. Thanks for yet another laugh, man. Really brightens the day ^-^

ugh... cras, asinine or just plain stupid?


It's sorta like elementary school... Wimpy little retaliations in light of a bigger problem.

I wonder if they will rename Louisiana, and the french quarter...

LOL french fries are even a french food..nor do they originate from france..hahaha another million dollar toilet seat story.

Thanks for the laugh wil.

Wil- I respect your right to have your opinion- however, I disagree. This is not stupid, it is irrelevant. You cannot use the actions of a few people to totally dismiss the pro-war stance. My step-brother is in Kuwait, and I would never disrespect his sacrifice and the sacrifice of my family by making fun of this situation. We are here expressing our opinions- a luxury that they don't have in Iraq. I think that we can disagree peacefully, without sinking so low to insult people who do not agree w/ us.

Singling out France because of their opposition to the US & UK (government) agenda of bombing Iraq reminds me of a story my German fiancee told me about the DDR (East German communist government prior to German Unification).

Familes who were opposed to the Communist party were singled out and ridiculed... schoolchildren who did not join the Pioneers (junior communist party) were excluded from certain after school activities.

All in all.. the activities of these US businesses seem very communist to me.. a great day for the country that is supposed to represent the essence of democracy... instead of respecting the right of opposition it jokes at it... I suppose it represents the elements of society that will follow a government regardless of what position it takes.. would Muppet be the correct term to use?

*shakes head in disbelief*
Never ceases to amaze me!
*walks away shaking head some more*

I posted on this on the Religion/Politics "American/French bashing" thread, but the moderator deleted it. My comment was: "Do you realize how fucking childish this looks to the rest of the world?"

I don't use the F-word much, but it seemed appropriate here.

Truly. Freakin'. Amazing.

Stupid enough that you brought it to our attention. HAHAHA

Well... we shouldn't call them french fries. We should be honest about that. They're deep fried artery cloggers. Yum.

"Why don't we just give the statue of liberty back?

Posted by katster at March 11, 2003 01:47 PM"

I hadn't thought of that until you posted it. Maybe I should write my congressperson. Hey Wil, who is the congressperson for Pasadena?

"Why don't we just give the statue of liberty back?
Posted by katster at March 11, 2003 01:47 PM"

OMFG. This is too funny. Can I write a story for BBSpot using this? "Bush to return Statue of Liberty to France"

Did none of your read ANIMAL FARM?
You sound like a bunch of Pigs only now it's "D" Good, "R" Bad.

Get you head out of the sand and WAKE UP!!!
The world might be black and white, but the whole Republicans bad thing had gotten crazy!
If you people spent 1/2 the time thinking through your "RDDB" beliefes, you might realize that your supporting RED China, and yes, the people WE as AMERICANS hate the most. REPUBLICANS!!!!
This whole concept of your is stupid!!

Wil, don't get me wrong your intitled to your own ideas. But please know the facts first!
You owe it to yourself and to the rest of us.

If all of you have any questions about your beliefs just ask, I'm more then willing to explain them to you --- [email protected]

Also, FYI only 15% of all Champagne comes from France, the rest comes from the same country that saved FRANCE's ASS afew times the beautiful USA!!!

Finally, Blood for oil, that makes as much sence as Blood for Steel of have none of you heard of WW2?

Wil, I'm starting to understand why you don't respond to my E-Mail!!!

Smile Bitch,

"I don't think we have to retaliate against France. They've isolated themselves pretty well,"

This statement is really funny to me. With all that's going on we as Americans have to ask ourselves if we're not the ones isolating ourselves. George Bush a Republican and is now leader of the free world,is only speeking to those who voted for him, Republicans; gun wielding, southern republicans. This group only makes up a VERY small percentage of citizens of this so called "free world". Istead of telling his supporters what he's "gonna" do, he should take some time and listen to the popular opinion of the rest of the free world. We are a hated people, and it's deffinetely NOT going to get better. We are entering a very interesting and vexing time. Hopefully W has not set the ball rolling on this great nation's demise. Sorry to turn your web app into an opinion platform wil.

C/0 the rest of the world

DHampton above wrote:

Je pense que je serai outlawed aussi tot parce que je parle un peu de francais...ou peut-etre maintenant je parle un peu de liberte...

*scratches head in bemusement*

"Errrrrrrrm........ can I have chips with mine?"

First off, I think Wil should totally write that BBSpot! Too damned funny!

Second, this isn't an Anti-Republican sentiment. This is an Anti-Jackass statement. The Propaganda Potato Products things was STUPID. They couldn't find time to do something USEFUL so they decided to change the names of French Fries in the House Cafeterias.

I posted my own personal rant on my own Thingie (http://tinkrbel.greyduck.net/archives/000109.php#000109), but the people on this comment section have cheered me up considerably since I wrote it...

thanks for reminding me that i am NOT surrounded by idiots -- I am just governed by them...

I remember when the French Government was carrying out Nuclear tests on Pacific Islands sometime during the mid-80's. The Australia community decided to carry out an even worse campaign, and boycotted French products and the French culture in general.

So if it's any comfort to our friends in the US, you aren't the first ones who have carried actions as foolish as this.

I have so many comments on this, that I literally am exploding from too many at one time, and I cannot choose.

lets start with this. The french aren't exactly famous for taking something and dipping it in a vat of hot lard. Idiotically, at some point, some misguided american called them "French Fries". The french always laugh at us about that. Not only are french fries, not french, neither is french toast.

So, while the french rejoice at no longer being associated with a food they consider wholly American, disgusting and unhealthy, we think we're throwing them a huge insult.

If we wanted to insult the french, we could have always re-named chitterlings "French ham" or scrapple "French meat". Or we could have simply referred to the gunk that builds up underneath your sink strainer as "French residue".

But please, the only thing that is being insulted by this gesture is my intelligence.


FYI - 100% of Champagne comes from France, anything created ouside of the Champagne region that resembles a wine with bubbles it is called sparkling wine. Any 12 year old who has seen Wayne's World knows that.

Your Ignorance is B lis S

Well, that is about as childish as it gets. So, what I gather from this nonsense is that my country's leaders are saying that anything French should be boycotted to show displeasure with what they consider to be anti-American?

Can you say CORNY!

I go to an authentic French restaraunt occasionly, owned and operated by a large French family. I guess that means I am anti-American.

A good friend of mine was born in France. He moved to the US just 7 years ago. When I carry on a conversation with him, I guess that means I am anti-American.

My sister wears authentic French perfume. She buys it through friends of hers that live in France. I guess that means my sister is anti-American.

Hundreds of thousands of people born and raised in the United States visit the Statue of Liberty every single day. The statue was a gift from France. I guess that means those hundreds of thousands of people are Anti-American.

My roommate has a calandar on his wall in his computer room. The calandar has a picture of a chateau at the foot of some mountains in St. Anne, France. I guess that means my roommate is anti-American.

My parents enjoy a sip of French wine occasionally during a quiet dinner. I guess that means my parents are anti-American.

Another friend of mine was born and raised in the United States, however she married an American man who has a last name that is French in origin. I guess that means my freind and her husband are anti-American.

I don't want to see my country's fighting men and fighting women die in a war on foreign soil under the guise of a regime change that will benefit the entire world, when the only real beneficiaries will be rich assholes that already line their pockets with the blood, sweat, and tears of average people who work hard to provide a decent life for their families. I guess that makes me Anti-American...

This makes me want to cry. I grew up in a loving home with parents who proudly protested the Vietnam "conflict" and hoped that my brother and I would never have to do the same. We aren't a perfect people, but we are certainly capable of patience, peace, and tolerance. Every time I turn on the news I am reminded that we are so far from that ideal. I love my country and I have always been a proud Texan, but I ache that we as a nation can't act responsibly. I speak out against war because I do love my country and I speak out against Bush personally because I am proud of my state heritage. (BTW, Bush only lived in Texas for a few years anyway, so I certainly don't claim him!)

Wil, I am proud of you for continuing to post your ideas and desires for peace, even in the face of those who would call you "anti-american".

Yeah, I saw that. Come the fuck on! Please.

I think it rocks! Man, I think France is worried they have to surrender if we attack Iraq. It's hilarious and a nice shot at such a two-faced country.

I just think it's plain silly. It reminds me of when we were kids in grade school and called each other names. The most amazing thing is how much press it got. Apparently, the cafeteria where they filmed this nutty display had nine camera crews.

Lovely 15 minutes of fame.

This makes me sad. How selfish and immature. Republicans are burning old friendship bridges in such a way...that they will never grow back.

Artisticspirit, did you ever think that *they're* the ones burning the bridges? They NEVER agree with us whether we have a Republican president or a Democrat for a president. France's government is filled with a bunch of ninnies.


Oookay....now what am I supposed to say when I want fries? Yes Id like a lareg order of FREEDOM fries...>_

Can we say petty??? Yes, yes we can. *rolls eyes* Come now, children, play nice or no ice cream! *walks away mumbling something about how stupid congress is*

It's Liberty Cabbage all over again!

Aren't you glad to know that congress is focusing on the important things?

::bangs her head against the monitor repeatedly::

Rather interesting. Personally, I think this will only bring more people against us rather than for us. It was a childish thing to do and just shows that our government feels it is beyond reproach.

I fear for the days to come.


hahahahahahahaha, those crazy Americans.....

J'aime le fromage.

Why do we have to just sit by and be mentally abused like this by our own govt. I cant believe the...OMG...I can only think of curses right now. (count to 10)mumblemumblemumble....where's the complaint box??? oh YEAH. RIGHT.

Ok, this is going to far....
Now French Stewart, Harry from 3rd Rock will now be known as "Freedom" Stewart.
Filmography at http://us.imdb.com/Name?Stewart,+French

Keep in mind that this was initiated and passed by Reps. Bob Ney (R. Ohio) and Walter Jones (R. North Carolina).

This didn't come from the White House, and it's not right to lay this idiocy at Bush's feet. They've got their hands full with idiocies all their own.

Now, if it wasn't for France being the first country to recognize us as a independent country during the American Revolution (disregard the fact that they did it for their own purposes), we might not be here today! We might be in some penal colonies in "New Holland" (Australia) ---The French helped us GAIN our freedom. And how do we repay them?? With "freedom fries"?? Good god, this makes me want to move to France, because this is downright shameful. Don't the people who made this decision have anything better to do? Just because we don't like the anti-war attitude of France and their stanky armpit smell doesn't mean we can act ridiculous if they happen to disagree with us. Good grief, I'm going to go fall on my sword now. This makes me angry.

Quoth Shawna K:
"Now, if it wasn't for France being the first country to recognize us as a independent country during the American Revolution (disregard the fact that they did it for their own purposes), we might not be here today!"

I think it's safe to say we repaid that debt in WWI. And we repaid it again (and with a helluva lot of interest, I might add) during WWII.

Hey ToastedAmigo,

There's no doubt about that, I totally agree. But we must remain friends, oui? Because the only weapon France needs if they got in a war with us is B.O., and they have plenty of that. We got nothing on them.

Seriously, it's just too dangerous to start fucking around with one of our biggest allies...Excuse my French.

This is too much. I'm actually starting to sympathize with the French (being British, that doesn't come easily).

Seriously, France has been an ally of the United States for over 200 years - longer than Britain - and now because they disagree over one very contentious issue they have become the enemy.

It seems that the US is trying very hard to create enemies these days.

Vive la France!

p.s. Anyway, they're not French Fries, they're chips.

In related news, 'American Cheese' goes unmodified.

Thank you for not going off on Dictaters/Dictater-Tots or Texas Toast!

I think this makes the US look childish and silly, its the kind of thing you would expect to see on a playground, not in a country's governing body. I realize it only took the work of two boot-licking senators to get it done, but someone should have been monitoring recess!

France is not my enemy! Vive La France!

I think it's kind of fitting, seeing as how there's nothing french about them in the first place, it's a totally meaningless statement to make.

Vive la France ! Je pense la cafe est stupide. ( I also pense my French is rusty but c'est la vie ! )
Now all we have to do to be rebellious is know
" un peu de Francais" or study Matisse or read something about France -- be wild, be crazy, start with something about the caves of Lascaux ( sic ) Cro-magnons and Neanderthals both had more sense than these people and yup, they were both French ( I know, they were " all " over Europe etc.)
== Adieux, KPFW

Anyone hear the great editorial on All Things Considered today about this? The point was that changing the name will not punish the French; it will make them very happy! There is nothing the French hate worse than the name of their country appended to lousy American food. If we *really* wanted to irk the French we would put "French" in front of a whole mess of foods and products that they despise.

Someday we'll all think back to this and laugh. Then the autodoc will inject more medication and tighten the straps, and we'll drift back to sleep.

I'll say! I propose that we create a new battalion and fill them with every elected official in Washington with Baby Bush at the general. THEN, we send them to Iraq and put THEM in the very front of the invading force. Baby Bush'll cancel the war in 10 microseconds!



Scott T

If this wasn't so very, very sad and pathetic, it'd be funny. This is just yet another frightening example of rampant 'patriotism' (read propoganda) that has been spreading as of late.

The French don't want to go to war in Iraq, they're entitled to this opinion. Our government's actions have been exceedingly childish throughout all of this; the US vs Them attitude, ignoring the opinions of the international community, the high-and-mighty attitude where we assume that we're completely in the right, oh yeah, and the fact that our President is ignoring protests from US citizens about the impending war. And no, I'm *not* bitter.

Canada just keeps looking better and better.
sorry for the longish post.. I'm new here but I had to vent.. this stuff bugs me.

They don't even take a french procduct to do french-bashing? And why freedom? I thought it's freedom to make up your own mind: take or do not take part in a war.
What's coming next? You won't be allowed to do french kissing anymore?

Silliest damn thing I've ever seen. Can't wait to eat at a fine "Freedom" restaurant.


I think they missed another opportunity in their moron quest to bash anyone who thinks different. I noticed in one of the articles I read on this today that someone had referred to having to order "Hamburgers and Freedom Fries" from now on. I guess these guys in Congress don't know where Hamburg is? I thought they were just as pissed at the Germans...

And can you still get Frankfurters there as well? What about Chicken Kiev? You know, pull the Russians into the mix as well...

Is anyone else reminded of "simpons" justice? "Let’s go burn down the observatory so this never happens again!"

Never has this word been more appropriate:

"Also, FYI only 15% of all Champagne comes from France, the rest comes from the same country that saved FRANCE's ASS a few times the beautiful USA!!!"

Ok...that level of ignorance must not go unchallenged. Actually 100% of champagne comes from France. That is because champagne comes from a specific region in France called, surpassingly 'Champagne'. What the USA (or anyone else) produces is simply 'sparkling wine' and not Champagne.

*Ends public service announcement*

P.s We have taken to referring to the US administration as 'Washington 90210' over here in the UK. Its like testosterone has repulsed reason....*shakes head in disbelief*

Just seen Craig beat me to the punch there.....
Sorry Craig
*looks ashamed*

I thought the most telling part of that article was the "restrictions on French participation in any postwar construction projects in Iraq."

Does this mean that by starting a war the US gets to decide who is allowed to make money from rebuilding the stuff they blow up?

It all comes down to how much money is involved. Stop me before I get on to the deals on the Afghanistan oil pipelines that have been going on.

When will the war start against North Korea? They scare me much more than Iraq but there isn't any oil to fight about!

The French are traitorous bastards. Though this won't change anything at least it will make us feel better. Jacques Chirac should pay a visit to Normandy some day and remember where his honour lies.

If the US's democracy is one where someone with a different opinion than ours is treated the way these politicians are treating France, we are living in a bubble. If the United States is the most powerfull nation in the world, then we are, indeed, living in a shitty world. Why can't we all just get along???

no offence to the actual SMART Americans, but you guys are just retarded.
One more reason i'm glad to be Canadian. Self-thought......oh, and poutine :D

Hey Wil becarefull! You'll be arrested as a suspected terrorist! (And as we know from Guantanamo, if you are a terrorist you have no rights - at all.)

Geeze any one else read orwells "1984" Victory Gin any one?...Long live Big Brother!!!This shit while purely reactionary and silly on one level scares the hell out of me!

Space Hamster There is one BIG diffrence in oz protesting the french back then...YOU were getting to allsorts of yummy RADIATION from french bombs...instead of doing subsurface testing they wanted to show off their nukulear(hahahahaha) might in public(in the cold war era prob not a bad idea to show the russkis you had a lil' sumthin for them) In my opinion(as humble as that might be) The french goverment is doing what they are supposed to....Representing the french people not their own intrests! Imagine how easy it would be to rubber stamp dubbyas warmongering and thereby reap the rewards of being america's puppet. Unfortunately dubbya and the crew implying the UN(which I detest anyhow, but thats another story) will "loose its legitimacy" just goes to show that WE(read the us goverment)only supported the UN as long as it GAVE legitimacy to our actions.

I'm not really sure why this is any different than dressing up in a skeleton costume and carrying a sign that says "No Blood For Oil." It's just a symbolic statement.

First of all, the US is not a democracy, it's a republic, much more like ancient Rome than Greece. Second, America Jr, or as some like to call Canada, doesn't seem to have much to say publiclly either. Heh.

ROFL. That is just ridiculous. I'd prefer that our representatives take care of more important business (like listening to voices of many Americans opposed to war) than acting childish and changing the name of food to try and hurt France's feelings. *rolls eyes*

This IS a joke ..right?? Some ONION thingy or something?...



The world may end at any time and THIS is WHAT


But not as stupid as tens of thousands of Americans, British, and Canadians dying in Normandy in 1944 for a bunch of ungrateful Frenchies.

I love it when people dredge up history in order to bash the french. They show their selective memories. They always point to World War 1 or 2. Never do they bring up their vital role in the American Revolution, which we might have lost without their support. When we were fighting against the _British_, and again in 1812, but of course they're our best buds now.
And the only consistent complaint I hear when you bring up WWI or WWII is that the French didn't fight very hard. Ha! Neither did we. In both cases, Americans waited until both sides were completely knackered before coming in and finishing the job.

My point I guess is that there's two sides to every story, and I get frustrated when I hear people framing their beliefs around oversimplifications. The french, and french fries for God's sake, are not our enemies. They're the voice of reason.

Now the real question is, does France really care?

I agree it's petty, but let's be frank, our society has become so neutered by the Politically correct society we have created that this qualifies as news. In the old days when America had any moxie, we'd do what "had to be done" regardless because we could be confident that we are doing the right thing because our values were true, and the political climate more clearly defined. I have a hard time with the blindness being shown to history, the French have not always been impotent and surrender-prone. We wouldn't be the USA without their assistance, and I believe that needs to be kept in mind. However, The USA more than repaid that debt in WWII, and ever since France and Germany became pals they have consistently avoided conflict while being all too happy to vote for U.N. troops (largely American) to go to places like Kosovo and die.

I agree that they have the right to disagree, I would however ask that when the terrorists start blowing up coffee houses, the eiffel tower, and the Louvre, that they keep their collective tears to themselves and let us do what we must.

That said, we need to be careful on Iraq, it's only the head, not the body of the beast we need be concerned with here.

To Scottm:
You talk about all the business France is doing with Iraq. What about all the business our Vice-President Cheney did with Iraq throughout the 90's? His company, Halliburton, made a TON of cash by re-building what oil equipment we destroyed in Iraq. Now they want to destroy Iraq again. Hmmmm I wonder who will make BILLIONS rebuilding the infastructure that we destroy again? Sounds like a sweet deal for some corporate chums.


And guess who won a contract on the 6th of this month to fight oil fires in Iraq after any US-led action there?

Yup. Halliburton.


Too bad we can't just rebuild all the innocents we'll kill there too. Did you know 50% of the population of Bahgdad is under 15 years old? And our "Shock & Awe" idea of sending 3000 cruise missles the first day will mroe than likely kill THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of innocent children?

Yeah. THERE'S a great way to bring peace to the world. Kill the children of the people who hate us already. Great idea. Keep it up sparky. Maybe we'll make the ENTIRE world hate us soon, rather than just most of it.

Back in the days of WWI, saurkraut was renamed "LIberty Cabbage". I kinda thought we evolved from such stupidity. I guess I was wrong.

Besides, aren't "French" fries supposed to be from Belgium anyway?

Will we now say "My girlfriend is HOT! She gives seriously good "freedom"."?

Will our slivered green beans now come in "Freedom Cut" style?

Imagine what sort of a PARADISE we would be living in right now if this energy they use to promote bigotry were used instead to eliminate poverty or cancer.

Forgive the geeky Star Trek reference, but I somethimes think it's a GOOD thing we're not a warp-capable species.

Someone please explain to me what Trackback is all about.

And 160 comments?! oh my God..I'm glad of getting a single comment a day on my blog. Cool site though, keep it up.

It's all about money. The French don't give a rip about Iraqui lives, they just want their multi billion dollar oil contracts to continue unimpeded.

When I first read this, I wasn't even going to comment. I was just going to read what everyone else had to say. So I've read through all 161 comments and I've seen some real anger over this one issue.

Yes, I agree there are far better thinks to waste time and money on then renaming cafateria food. (hungry childern, battered women, aids, etc.) But we as Americans need to at least stand up and support what government we have. WE put them there. For better or worse, this is OUR government. So we'd better make the most out of it.

Please, have your opinions and share them (that's what makes this country great) but also remember the men and women fighting to give you that very right!

Maybe if someone would have stopped Hitler early on, millions of lives could have been saved. Remember, a mad dictator is still a mad dictator regradless the size of his weapons. There's no telling how ruthless Irag can become if not stopped now.

So much for not leaving a comment.

what I don't understan is - why all the hate ?
France simply disagrees with agressing a sovereign country that poses no threat.

The threat to world peace is the US !
US bombings list here:

It's not just stupid, it's infuriating. The US won't have any allies left by the time George Bush leaves office.

I can't believe how murderous some Americans are. How dare they disapprove of the French trying to block Bush's attempt to kill hundreds of thousands of people in the name of "peace" to remove a dictator he's already got contained thanks to the US and UK troops in the gulf.

"And the only consistent complaint I hear when you bring up WWI or WWII is that the French didn't fight very hard. Ha! Neither did we. In both cases, Americans waited until both sides were completely knackered before coming in and finishing the job."

This comment is so utterly ignorant and contemptuous, it boggles the mind. Do you really feel comfortable flippantly dismissing the efforts of the hundreds of thousands of French and U.S. soldiers who died in the first two world wars? You really should be ashamed of yourself.

NPR's All Things Considered commentator James Poniewozik did a great commentary on this. In part it says: Forget "freedom fries," says commentator James Poniewozik. A real French cultural chauvinist would rather see a Republican Guard unit on their street than a Burger King. If you really want to annoy the French, don't take their name off crappy American foods -- put it on more of them. Pop Tarts? Make them French Toasties. Hear the whole thing at: http://discover.npr.org/rundowns/rundown.jhtml?prgDate=03/11/2003&prgId=2

A big hello to any "Freedom-Canadians" who may be reading this.

How sad. I never thought it would get this silly, but I don't think even John Cleese and his silly walks could be any worse than this. My brain hurts.

What tax money is being spent here? I missed that part. As far as I can tell, all they've done is posted a sign.

Lighten up, folks. You say there's more important things to spend your money on, and I say there's more important things to be bitching about than the Congressional menu.

It may be stupid, but I support the sentiment.

*LOL* i put almost the exact same thing at my blog yesterday... http://www.somethingclever.net/weblog/blog.htm

That just goes to show you... they can take the French out of French Fries... so why can't we kick the Dipshits out of Congress?

What morons!

France GAVE US the Statue of Liberty...

although the congressmen's intent was to snub the french, the phrase "freedom fries" could also be interpreted as a noun and a verb. much of the international community believes us to be frying the freedoms of others. perhaps they're right after all.

A restaurant and a couple of dingbats dont represent the American people...do they?

OK, some of these responses are just absurd.
You people act like this is an action directly supported by our government.
I remember seeing something similar to this on news a few days ago where restaurants in the nation were changing the name of french fries to freedom fries because they were losing sales due to protesters (the same protesters that poured french wine into the gutters in protest). This is where this ignorance and stupidity originated - the PUBLIC. Apparently this is a story about a FEW dumb republicans watching the news and deciding to mimic a dumb idea in their local cafeteria
(quote: Jones said he was inspired by Cubbie's restaurant in Beaufort, N.C., in his district, one of the first to put "freedom fries" on the menu instead of french fries.)
I'm shocked it even made news. This isn't costing you a damn cent as far as taxes go. Get off your high horses, stop your bitching and THINK for a second, and come up with some real arguments against repbulicans. This is just media karma-whoring.

Do you remember all the people marching against going to war with Iraq. That was because they were expressing there First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech. As silly as this may be this is another form of that same right. If they want to change the name of food in protest, let them do it.

Day late and dollar short, I know...

Freedom Fries - yes, it is stupid. And no, I'm not going to loudly order "French Fries" somewhere because they are unhealthy to begin with, and I only eat them in shameful secrecy ;-)

Man with Peace T-Shirt:


Scroll down and read the complaint. He was arrested because he was accosting other shoppers and making himself a nuisance. This would have been the same as if he were selling herbal viagra, or selling Girl Scout cookies without permission, or just running around shouting "I am the great Cornholio!" He was told to exit private property + he didn't = trespassing.

And some of you call Americans murderous. What about Saddam Hussein? How many children and women does he kill and rape every year to extract "confessions" from their fathers/husbands? How many does he kill because he (not the UN sanctions) holds back money and medicine from his people? How many people does he kill by encouraging suicide bombers with monetary awards? If wanting to use force to stop all that is murderous, then I guess I am a murderer.

Hmm, after seeing that 53% of readers at CNN.com agreeing with changing from "French" to "Freedom", maybe I was premature in slamming only the U.S. government and not including a good half of American citizens. Depressing and infuriating.

In response to this silliness, I have made a change to my band's website. For the time being we are only selling CFDs - Compact French Disks.
I'm just doing my part to balance out the stupidity with ... irreverance.

p.s. It's at superpickle.com. I'm not trying to squeeze in a plug, just add to the conversation.

Admittedly, I'm not sure if I like having "freedom" and "toast" in the same phrase.

Did you know 50% of the population of Baghdad is under 15 years old? And our "Shock & Awe" idea of sending 3000 cruise missles the first day will more than likely kill THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of innocent children?

Yeah. THERE'S a great way to bring peace to the world. Kill the children of the people who hate us already.

Posted by Jason at March 12, 2003 06:47 AM

Is it just me or is there a Herod-esque vibe to this.

I don't think any tax money was spent...

At any rate, it may be silly, but according to an AOL poll, the majority of people who took the poll support the idea of freedom fries. (shrug)

Had to respond to Magius who said it was media-karma whoring to speak out that we think "Freedom Fries" is silly. Uh... just what do you think it was to get on the news by changing the name?? The restaurant that poured the French wine down the toilet was so altruistic about it that he hired a PR Person BEFORE doing it, and refilled one of the bottles with water to redo the "pouring" for a newspaper shot. But of course *he* was being altruistic, *he* wasn't media-karma whoring. Yeah, right...

And kids, here's a prediction for you: after the bombs start to fall look for France (and China, and Russia, et al) to release a statement that says something like "We have always supported the UN mandate to disarm Iraq and our staunch ally America."

All is not what it seems...

All I can say is "The hell?"

I suppose it will be freedom kissing and freedom doors next.

I dunno, personally I'm impressed that Americans have found a way to boycott French fries without having to resort to not eating them.

so with all of this hasty anti-french food re-naming going on...why not think big...ask france to take back the gift they gave us "the statue of liberty"...'cause we're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore!...just in case i'll add...(I'M JUST KIDDING!)

i guess it's "irish kissing" for me from now on!

Considering the way that things are going with this whole Homeland Security stuff...(unprecidented powers for government agencies, gradual erosion of civil liberties etc), shouldn't they have called them "Not-so-free Fries" ?

"Pretend-you're-free fries"?

You could serve them with "Delusions-of-Freedom Sauce" and "Which-one-did-we-elect?-Burgers"

Well, now that the freedom fry issue is resolved, they've got a LOT of work to do in Lousiana...too much stuff for the old memory hole, where will they even begin? First up, gotta change the name of that "Mardi Gras" thing, 'cause frankly I think people will find it offensive with its current, french-sounding moniker. Very uncool. What about french horns, by the way? Congrats on the movie, too, Wil. I jumped some farker's ass in your defense (ooh, Wil's popular, must trash him to make myself feel better!), not much anyone could do about the Peter Pan photoshops, but then again, I'm sure you saw that coming a mile away. Heh.

I agree, but beat you to posting a rant.

Of course, nobody reads my blog. Perhaps I should audition for Enterprise, or something.

"Pretend-you're-free fries"?

I thought the whole idea was to *not* eat French food?

I just keep remembering the mom from 'Better Off Dead' (who was also 'Mattie Ross' in True Grit).

"We have...Franch bread and...Franch fries and...Franch dressing!"

Excuse me while I go FREEDOM-kiss my wife! Pucker up for AMERICA baby! (sarcasm on full tilt).

No, Will, what is really stupid is that we are thinking about giving Turkey $30 billion for their help with this stupid "war". Now, we have been fighting to get the space station built for twenty years. The cost has just about reached $30 billion and there is a fight every damn year to keep funding.

Why in the hell should we give this money, without appropriations thru Congress, to the Turks???

Dana Curtis Kincaid

You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, would it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.

"A Late Delivery from Avalon, Babylon V" - Marcus

It's not stupid. Just very, very sad that the greatest democracy on Earth has sunk so low.

David, Dublin, Ireland

Come on people, it's funny. Laugh. :-)


So, let's put this into perspective...

The US has blown off Kyoto, ABM treaty, international justice, UN, consumes 25% of global oil, contributes 30% of global pollution despite making up 4% of the world's population, consumes more drugs, legal and illegal than any other nation on the globe. And now we're blowing by the UN to erase a couple hunnert thousand Iraqis to secure fuel for our SUVs for 6 more months. The US suffers epidemic levels of morbid obesity because of its addiction to fast food and Must-See TV and what is the focus of our Congress?

Fried potatoes.

Beacon on a hill?

Try nation of raging, substance-abusing assholes.

We've become the Chris Farley of nations, except when this Tommy Boy lies down in his own pool of vomit it is funny to no one. And like most substance-abusing assholes, it's funny for about three minutes until that substance-abusing asshole gets in his car or sets his house on fire.

America, you have a problem.

We need an intervention.

And yeah, I'm calling you an asshole and I'm calling me an asshole. If you're a sober, left-leaning, clean-cut taxpaying father of four, you're an asshole. Do you coach soccer and recycle your pop cans and use your SUV to get there?


Maybe you drive a fuel efficient compact and grill with propane instead of charcoal.

You're still an asshole.

Gee, I'm sorry to be so down, but the rest of the planet is sick as shit of watching us gorge at the trough while they suck our exhaust and duck our Righteous Christian Cruise Missiles of Democracy.

Bush is right, but he has not made his case very well. This is not about oil. It is about nonproliferation.

The purpose of the U.N. is not to promote peace, it is to counteract American power. Even though there are major accountability problems in US foreign policy, as it is the only major policy area that the people have almost no control over, the USA is damned no matter what it does.

If the French and the Germans think they know how to handle Iraq better, then let them try to handle it on their own if they are so smart. If it were the Eiffel tower that got blown up, rather than the trade centers, they might have a more direct interest in stemming this thing. Then again, I'm sure they paid a nice price to ensure that THEY did not get hit.

They had "freedom fries" on the menu at the cafeteria at the NASA Ames Research Center --- a friend who works there made an alternative suggestion for what to call a plateful of artery-clogging fat & carbohydrate fried potatoes.

Check out this menu item for Monday:

Turkey, Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom Melt W/ Peace Fries

You want a perfect metaphor for America in 2003?

Here it is...

"Unlit bonfire collapse at Texas A&M kills at least 4, injures 25"

Drunk-ass Texas frat monkeys waste time and money to erect a fool's edifice which will burn for five minutes all to dazzle and distract their cheerleader girlfriends long enough ("Look, Ashleigh, burning logs!") to slip roofies into their Zimas.

Log pile collapses, people die.


But then...

"We gotta build another log fire as a tribute to that other log fire!"

Abe: (Wearing a headset and twiddling knobs on a control panel) "Come in, come in...Mayday! I'm losing your transmission..."

Man at the Krusty Burger drive-through window: (Yelling) "I said FRENCH fries!"

Abe: (Surprised) "What the...? We sell... french... fries?"

this isn't the first time this has happened, in WWII sour kraut was renamed liberty cabbage

Bush is a clown and a fuck-up.

I mean that sincerely and not one word of the above sentence was put there without careful consideration. I know presidents are called many nasty things during their tenure, but I have no doubt that this president most thoroughly embodies "clown" and "fuck-up" in ways to which presidents within recent memory can only aspire.

This whole freedom fries thing would be a sad, sick joke if this kind of shit didn't happen THREE times a day with the trail always leading back to Bush and the GOP.

Here's Powell's latest shovelware at the behest of our Fuck-up-in-Chief.

Iraqis: "Smoking gun" made with duct tape

In reaction to France's declaration that French Fries originated in Belgium, the Belgium Embassy has declared Belgium waffles are of Frech origin.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

So the actor French Stewart is now Freedom Stewart? He's in a bad Inspector Gadget sequel AND he has to change his name? Poor guy.

OK. I came in earlier today thinking you guys are mostly reasonable, if a little "left" in your thinking. However, I have, after reading all 208 posts, come to the conclusion that either a) you all come from Canada (love the beer, can do without your Celine Dion) or b) did not vote in the last election.

Facts are facts people. This is our country, and I am the last one to suggest you aren't entitled to your opinion. However, like certain vegetarian friends of mine, I have to take issue with the high moral stance a lot of you are taking. We are America, we contribute the pollution and make decisions (like Kyoto) that aren't popular, but guess what, we do ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING around the world.

Someone is burning the rainforest, call America, someone is killing Serbs, call America,
AIDS is a problem, call America....
The list goes on and on. Unless you have NEVER driven a car, eaten a Big Mac, folded a twenty dollar bill and put it in your leather wallet, we're all responsible. Do you own Nike shoes Mr. Liberal Ivory Tower dweller? Then guess what, you are part of the problem too. How would you like it if I spent my day camped out in front of your house protesting the sweat shops that your shoes were made in?

Fact is people, it's our government. We don't have to like what they do, but in order to do it, they had to have some sort of mandate from (gasp) us. I know what you're going to say...G.W.B. didn't have a mandate in the first place...OK, fine, but he's here now and that's that. Do something about it in 2004, like teach the disenfranchised to work a damn voting machine and quit your bitching.

As for me, I'm a gun owning, sports car driving, former Texas resident who wears leather shoes, eats steak twice a week, and enjoys the hell out of French wine, Belgian beer, and taking the piss out of liberals who are blinded by the dogma of their political religion. Part of the problem with this country is that neither liberals nor conservatives (my chosen group for therapy) are willing to take responsibility for making a real difference.

But I tell you what, I disagree with all of you. But I am glad you are all here. Keep embracing your right to express these views, and do this 28 year old conservative a favor - keep in mind that if you didn't live in a place like America, you could be shot for doing so.

Long story short, treasure your views and beliefs, but understand from whence they came, and be proud to have the freedom that comes with being an American.

But I still don't like Celine Dion.

>> Part of the problem with this country is that neither liberals nor conservatives (my chosen group for therapy) are willing to take responsibility for making a real difference.

That's ALL of the problem.

But do you like Celine Dion?

F*ck it! I'm moving to Iceland!!!!!!!!

If only Congress would restrict itself to such petty foolishnesses; their larger, more frequent, and much more expensive follies are not nearly as entertaining.

There are 11 American Cemeteries in france
maintained by the US Government
Honoring 66,033 Americans Killed fighting for the

Aisne-Marne Cemetery France
3,349 Americans Killed

Somme Cemetery France
2,177 Americans Killed

Brittany Cemetery France
4,908 Americans Killed

Oise-Aisne Cemetery France
6,253 Americans Killed

Epinal Cemetery France
5,679 Americans Killed

Rhone Dragungnan Cemetery France
1,155 Americans Killed

Lorraine Cemetery France
10,933 Americans Killed

Meuse-Argonne Cemetery France
15,200 Americans Killed

St. Mihiel Cemetery France
4,437 Americans Killed

Suresnes Cemetery France
998 Americans Killed

Normandy Cemetery France
10,944 Americans Killed

66,033 Americans are Buried or Missing in France. Thousands more who died fighting for France are buried or honored in the US.

Thanks France

Please remember these Dead Americans
when you go shopping, for the French seem to have forgotten them.

The British, Italians, Spanish and many others in all parts of the world are supporting
the US and its leaders during a very difficult time. The USA is in danger and now France will stand to protect us and free people around the world from a man who would see millions die in chemical, biological, and nuclear attack.


Oh my god.

You're having a flamewar over fucking french fries?

The terrorists have won.

Thanks France. Without you, we will still paying taxes to the queen ;)

I can't believe this is real! French fries nor french toast are even French. They must be laughing like crazy at us right now. So am I. How are we the most powerful nation in the world when our leaders are such idiots?
People please remember that this war has NOTHING to do with freedom. It is about oil and Bush remaining president. If it were about freedom we would be going after people who actually had something to do with September 11th.
PS Is anyone else surprised that Bush didn't somehow blame the Columbia tragedy on Saddam Hussein? I am embarassed that he is our president. He is such a *%&$#&" idiot!

It's not a flamewar, Wil. People are passionate about this. It's not about french/Belgian/freedom fries. It's about the idea that we would turn to something so ridiculous to hurt a country's feelings (which isn't going to happen anyway). It's about respect, wasting our time, and a hundred other things.

Besides, you started it.

wil you brought this to your site, the war began with your opening salvo. here is a reality...

everyday, every minute more and more countries are getting really bad weapons including nuclear ones. many of these countries are lead by unstable leaders (as opposed to more stable bomb weilding nations, ie. the orginal Soviet Union, UK, etc.). Having these weapons keeps these bad people in power. THEY create terrible living conditions and suffer for their people. THEY threaten Americans and others in free Western thinking countries with death from these weapons.

You want to feed the Iraqis wil? You want to educate them? Give them books not war? Try with SH as their leader! For every Iraqi that might die in a US waged war their have been countless Iraqi men, women, and children who have been killed by their own goverment.

Here is the side bet... when the US comes and liberates, when they don't slaughter citizens in the streets... I PROMISE you the Iraqis will treat us as liberators, dancing in the streets, buring the posters of SH, and finalling be free. AND THEN we can feed, educate, and HELP the Iraqi people. And at the same time protect you, your wife, your step children, and the very economy and encourages the average American to spend their free time watching tv like Star Trek and movies like Stand By Me.

Bush is stupid? Mindless? He is a former fighter pilot, Harvard MBA graduate, former owner of a major league baseball team who earned millions, former govenor of a major US state. Lets anti up the resumes.

who really gives a shit anyway what fries are called? home fries? fried potatoes? taters? curly fries? krinkle fries?? so what??? sure it's crazy that they did it, but it's their cafe, their menu. y'all need to settle down. the catering service where i work just calls 'em fries. i prefer the steamed veggies anyway.

hey you should all be happy that your governer isnt the presidents brother. oh and what is a french tickler?

Yeah, that is stupid. They did that during World War I, too. They got to calling sauerkraut "liberty cabbage." Who knows what they did for bratwurst? And I think that's just... a little overdoing it. And all the French said was that French fries come from Belgium. That was funny.

They actually had to have a meeting and discuss the changing of the menu. With all that is going on in the world, they were having a meeting about re-naming french fries.
I think all they really accomplished was showing France and the world that we are a nation of 3rd graders. Side with us or get bombarded by spit balls.


No. He faced a criminal penalty for not leaving private property after being requested to do so by the owners of the shopping mall (yes it is private property), and consequently by refusing to leave he committed the criminal act of trespassing. Inasmuch as the shopping mall was private property and not a library or some other public area, the owners are well within their legal rights to evict the trespasser. The obvious free-market penalty on the mall would be not-so-favorable publicity and/or possibly lost customer sales.

"Oh my god.

You're having a flamewar over fucking french fries?

The terrorists have won."

Posted by wil at March 12, 2003 02:56 PM

Wil, you sound as if you are surprised by this. I can't imagine why you would be.

Oh yeah, it certainly is. These idiots seem to forget that without France, there would not even be a USA. Dumb asses.

SimonTemplar said it best: www.xanga.com/simontemplar

Erm, David? Bush went AWOL for a year during his "fighter pilot" days: http://awolbush.com

You can go here: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/bline/2002/08/07/stories/2002080700090900.htm to read about his accomplishments with his MBA and the Texas Rangers.

And how much dancing in the streets do you think the Iraqi people will do with their legs blown off by the MOAB?

Back on topic: Mmmm ... Dictator tots ...

Posted by Angelwwolf "according to an AOL poll, the majority of people who took the poll support the idea of freedom fries."

Yeah, there's a completely unbiased source!
I love it when people rely on polls for the truth.
No I don't really.


I hardly expected to see this run a full second day but it has been interesting reading to say the least.

Thanks for the oppurtunity Wil, you are a good guy.

Vive La France

If we want to take a look at Bush's resume, lets not forget that he's been arrested three times and only got off from a charge of corporate corruption in the Oil Company he worked for because the Investigator, who was appointed by Bushs Senior, Said there was not enough evidence...

Oh, and he's never actually fought in so much as a single military action...

What a great nation is this, that can't accept different opinions without going "Weeeeheheheeee, they don't play with meeeeee! Booohohohohoooo!"?
Ah, i forgot: There is God's Will (tm) involved.
Heads up, we "old europeans" don't mistake you people with your government ;-)


Ok, they're not the healthiest of foods, but fries (and they ARE) from Belgium taste really great when you know how to prepare them, and judging from five weeks in the New England area, you guys and girls have no clue.
Same thing for waffles. Go to Belgium, have a waffle. Taste the difference.

The food is more important than the war. I don't mind its fattening properties too much, we pay $15 for a doctor's visit or, if we're too fat (and you beat us there hands-down), the doctor makes a housecall.

We've got oodles of Brits, French, Americans and sundry nationalities parked under nice white stones in Belgium and thank you for the sacrifice but I'm not going to bleed for the poor American troops in the Iraq theater today. No soldier has ever had as good a chance of making it back alive as the US fighting man/woman today (except special forces who are taking a lot more risks but they like that short of stuff anyway). The casualties on the allied side of the first Iraq-coalition party were negligible (something the parties involved won't think as light about).

Do two things : stop wining about the war. It's our natural state. The boys and girls who prefer armed conflict should zone off a nice, big piece of desert and get it out of their system. It's a waste of money but you don't care about that because waging war is more important than giving your elderly a decent pension after a life's hard work.

Second, bomb the snot out of Iraq, why don't you. I've been hearing all the yammering about the fight for freedom (it's worth a smile the first few times, I freely admit it) for months now and I'm sick of it. I want to hear some news. Newsflash (!): the war on Iraq is not news, Palestinians blowing up Israelis is not news, Israelis blowing up Palestinians is not news (in fact, that one is more like a cultural phenomenon, like Texan square dancing but without the annoying music), the Russians bombing Tchechen people and getting their heads blown off : all of this is not news. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Tell me something I want to hear. Do something useful, put all that PhD potential that makes the MOAB such an interesting proposition and make me a working star drive. Impress me.

No apology for the long post. We've been yapping about nothing for very much longer than my post.

And Will, I love you baby! Never change. Loved you then, love you now. Keep your groove thing going.

Word, or as the French would have it: mot.


Jesus....all you o'riley factor idiots get the saddam/hitler connection out of your tiny lil' brains....saddam has been in power around 35 years he's an OLD MAN that only keeps power by opressing his people. If he was gonna be hitler it would have been 30 years ago before his whole population HATED him. As for all the americans who have died defending france..SO? what does WW1&WW2 have to do with Iraq? NADA,ZED,ZIP,ZILCH!!!! and honestly we should have kept our snouts out of WW1 too...that had everything to do with expanding our "sphere of influence" and protecting american BUSINESS INTRESTS in europe and ZIP to do with protecting the french(although they brain washed our fighting men into believeing that, just like they are brain-wasing them into believing we are liberating Iraq)

"(Cheney) is a scholar and somewhat of an academic, and has studied our history and America's place in the world, in history, and believes that all the progress of the last century, or a goodly portion of it -- eradication of tyrants and communism and fascism and Hitlerism -- was a direct result of the strength of the United States of America and their willingness to use their strength for good," said Mary Matalin, former counselor to the vice president. http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS/03/11/sprj.irq.cheney.role/index.html

Now THAT's funny...
Wait, actually, it's tragic.

Thank God I'm Canadian. (no anti-American slurs intended, but how can reasonable Americans put up with those "insert your own insult" that call themselves your leaders...?)

I can't believe how childish this is.
Someone hinted that the US are the only country practicing freedom of speech.
Then why have there been reports of black lists for actors who oppose Bush's politics?

It has also been pointed out that 'dish-renaming' has already taken place during the World Wars.
So have boycotts and campaigns against foreigners.

How long until French restaurants in the US have to close due to lack of customers? How long until French classes (do the US even teach their students foreign languages?) are being cancelled?
How long until people originating in 'Anti-American' countries are discriminated against?

There are already 'Don't buy at French stores'-campaigns on the net.
In Germany, they treated the Jews that way.

A country whose president doesn't know the people living in Greece are called 'Greek' and whose Governor of Florida doesn't know Spain is a monarchy should have other things to worry about than food.

Petty and childish.

I wonder whether the French will lower themselves to this level and start to boycott McDonalds.

Check out this editorial from the St. Petersburg Times.


as i survey the carnage left behind in this french fry flamewar...i can't help but think that JULIA CHILD "the french chef" is probably thinking about going into hiding...such a shame...she's a great lady!

This is off on a tangent, but does anybody know what the record is for most comments to one of Wil's posts? This topic has gotten a much higher response rate than most of his other writings.

The whole thing is just so silly. I doubt France was ever all that honored to have a potato recipe named for them, anyway.

Unbelievable. This is what my own state senator is devoting his precious "representative" time to? I am sickened. Doesn't anyone realize that France has been around a helluva lot longer than the United States and may have some greater insight into international affairs? This kind of thing really ignites my inner expatriate.

I guess I see it differently.

Since America IS a free country, they are welcome to boycott anyone they see fit in a peaceful measure.

Other groups, both Left and Right, do it everyday for environmental, abortion, or whatever topics.

No harm done. You got a laugh. They did too.

Is it any more stupid than wearing a ribbon to advertise a cause? No, obviously not. Just as you would raise an eyebrow at someone who mocks another for wearing an aids ribbon and wonder what that person's real agenda was...I wonder what your real agenda is.

In reference to an earlier post of wil's:

Hey wil, you're right; the bushies definitely have idiocies of their own to deal with...the idiocies of left-wing appeasers like you.

As far as this whole french fries deal goes, get over it people; i doubt that in the long run that anyone is going to care what the hell fries are named after. Renaming french fries to freedom fries is stupid, but let's not forget that the histories of governments doing stupid things is endless, no matter who is in power; if you want proof, check out:


This website alone shows that the penchant for governments to act stupidly, wherever they are, is UNIVERSAL. Which means that all you Europeans,51st staters...err, I mean Canadians, and other various foreigners have no right to gloat about anything. Your governments and the people governed by them are just as DUMB and PATHETIC as ours can be.

I misread the article at first and thought this was actually a House Resolution. (It wasn't, the esteemed congressmen that have the important task overseeing the kitchen just decided to do this to get some camera time.)

So I went to the house.gov site to look over the record to see how this was done. I wanted to see if it was one of those 419-0 unanimous consent things, or if there was a real vote and if we could see who voted against it. Of course I didn't find a resolution, but I did find other funny examples of your tax dollars at work.

On Tuesday, for example, our House passed H Res. 122 "recognizing the bicentennial of the admission of Ohio into the Union and the contributions of Ohio residents to the economic, social, and cultural development of the United States." ; H.Con.Res.77 "commemorating the 60th anniversary of the historic rescue of 50,000 Bulgarian Jews..."; H.Res.19 "designating the room numbered H-236...as the 'Richard K. Armey Room' ". The following day they passed H.Con.Res.85 "expressing the sense of the Congress with regard to the need for improved fire safety...in the aftermath of the tragic fire..."Not actually doing anything, just expressing the sense. It is just astounding how much "not doing anything" goes on.

Since when is a government looking after its own interests a point of ridicule with the US Congress?

For Shame! For Shame!

Changing the menu of the House cafeterias is not looking after government interests, its just a photo-op. It is childish.

Ha! I had to join the comments section. I used to live about 15 minutes from Beaufort, in Kinston, NC.

(you know, the place where the plastic factory blew up about a month ago)

Beaufort is a cool place to visit and is actually the birthplace of Pepsi. (lil history for ya)

And on top of it all, 'Cubbies' has the BEST cheese steaks in eastern NC! It's so funny when you hear about small town people on the internet.

Oh, and I agree that "Freedom Fries" is freaking stupid. I mean French Fries aren't *french* are they?

Got to love the south!

Prior to WWII, French Toast was called German Toast.....

yes, but all the name changing, ex. "liberty cabbage" was because of war with the named country.
Does this mean the US is at war with France ?

Oh, for pete's sake! What's next? (the icecream formerly known as fr%nch vanilla?!)

Am I to be banned from the local mickey D's because I refuse to patriotise my fries?
Next we'll be eating red-white-and blue fries too.
ROFLMAO,...."freedom-fries,"...roflmao....that slays me!Shall we ban the word swiss from the cheese industry as well?

Oh, for pete's sake! What's next? (the icecream formerly known as fr%nch vanilla?!)

Am I to be banned from the local mickey D's because I refuse to patriotise my fries?
Next we'll be eating red-white-and blue fries too.
ROFLMAO,...."freedom-fries,"...roflmao....that slays me!Shall we ban the word swiss from the cheese industry as well?

*sigh* Alright, alright,....I'll confess,...I laughed at America once I read the posts here,....well most of them,...but one really made me think. And finally smile because someone has the right of it, thanks spudnuts, you're thinking clearly and I agree wholeheartedly.

"Please remember these Dead Americans
when you go shopping, for the French seem to have forgotten them."

Having lived in France, let me say the French have not forgotten the Americans who died in France. My entire time there, I was treated with the utmost respect by the people of France mainly the Parisians. This is the kind of babble that serves to destroy rather than build alliances. The French disagree with this action of war. That does not mean they are anti-American or turning their backs on us. They disagree plain and simple. They have that right. To say they have forgotten the dead Americans buried in France is ridiculous.

Lets all take a deep breath and calm ourselves. People are going to die. Many innocent people are going to die along with the guilty. This is no time for bashing the French or anyone else for that matter. People are going to die. Good people die right along with the bad. That should sober us all so that we take time to ponder the fact that many more cemetaries are going to be built and many more bodies placed in the ground.

It is easy to be pro-war and brave when the closest WE will get is watching it on CNN or Fox News.

We Americans seem to think we won WWII single handedly; we didn't, and it's doubtful we could have.

It's true that our grandfathers made an important contribution and were a great help to their grandfathers, but that hardly means that France must forever march in lockstep to whatever orders we give them.

The fact is that poison gas technology is a century old, nuclear technology is nearly sixty years old and long-range missile technology is fifty years old. It is going to be impossible to keep a lid on this much longer.

We need to adopt a policy that consistently favors human rights, so that we don't end up constantly using military force to destroy the monsters we created.

Osama bin Laden, Manuel Noriega, and Saddam Hussein all received massive amounts of military and monetary support back when they hated the same people we hated. The new millennium demands a little more foresight than that.

Okay, stupid indeed, but I doubt it cost much. Maybe a couple man-hours of trying to think of a name. "Spanish Fry? No, too close to something else. British Fry? No one will eat it. American Fry? Hmm, catchy movie title."

This is the about the same calling your friend stupid names because you disagree. It's childish behavior that undercuts the love-hate relationship we have with the French. Where would we be without the, "Oh, those French are so snooty." and the, "Oh, those Americans are so obnoxious." back and forth.

My opinion, if we want a war, we only do it with the U.N. If we can not convince France and they veto, we don't go to war. If they are wrong, we rub it in their face with the ashes of our dead, do a little dance, and say, "I told you so." thus continuing the fine tradition of mature relations with those who disagree with us.

Someone should send them a used "freedom letter".
Type "French military victories" into the search field of Google.com and hit "I'm feeling lucky"

Raised By Chaffinches blogging away in good olde Englande.

Are they going to be "freedom-kissing" in their office closets and running off at lunchtime to get their "freedom-manicures" too?

I didn't read the 200+ comments, and no one probably reads these comments after a few days like me :-P But French Fries were supposedly named that as an insult to the French. From what I heard they were called that by British soldiers in North America who were fighting the French. They imagined their French rivals floating in boiling oil. So renaming them is really a compliment!

Wow. I am now officially disgusted with our government. and am once again tempted to move to New Zealand and be a sheep farmer.
Don't ask, I don't know.

I live in Canada and have to say that the "Freedom Fries" thing is one of the most pathetic things that the United States has done in, well, weeks.

Personally, I think that the France should take back the Statue of Liberty in retaliation. I think it would be the perfect one-up-manship.

And no, I am not French Canadian. I'm Anglo Canadian and proud of it.

I'm glad to see that the United States does worse things with their people's tax dollars than Canada does.

- Gail

RE: wil's comment that he should write a bbSpot article about Bush giving back the Statue of Liberty -- see related bbSpot article "France Demands Return of the Statue" at http://www.bbspot.com/News/2003/03/liberty.html :-)

Freedom Fries huh?!?
Sorry - but "French fries" are in fact not French, and if you were to order "French Fries" in France, you would only cause your waiter to be quite confused. They call this what is actually an American dish "Pommes Frites". Furthermore, I am sick and tired of my fellow Americans constant emphasis on "Freedom". How ignorant and naive!!! Do some traveling and see the world. Having been to over 90 different countries all over the globe, I can assure you that we are not the only "Free Country", and in fact there are a few countries out there where their citizens enjoy much more personal and economic freedoms than we have or have ever had. Example, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. We rank at number 6. Wake up America!!!

This has items related to the War on Iraq, you just have to read a bit.

- Gail

With Love, To America, From Canada



Who needs the Onion when you've got our government?

- Sharp

Lighten up. It was a joke...It is good to see that congressmen have a sense of humor. Besides the French are an easy target: all the ego of a superpower, but without the bad aftertaste...

That was freaking funny. Wil, you know I love your web blog and your website and will forever be your monkey but I gotta tell you a little something....I have stopped buying Pierre (excuse the spelling) mineral water, etc.
In find it funny what they did.



To ostracize an entire nation for having thier own oppinion, is distinctly unamerican.