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Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!

Man, I love this game.

I have so many Atari-related memories . . . I could go on for pages and pages . . . another day. :)



Yup. I still have my old Atari collection downstairs...must have 120 cartridges.

Somebody made an 'extended' version of adventure for the PC a few years back.

It was damn impressive...emulated *every* little thing about the game and added a whole new section.

Say, Wil...by any chance did you ever play any of the Eamon adventures? They were text-based, like Zork, but they were free. They included the source-code so that other people could write their own Eamon adventures. The local computer store had a huge binder full of 5.25" floppy disk Eamon adventures.

Some were hilarious, including one based on Star Wars and one based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail (that one was written by a friend of mine).

Lotta fun...

River Raid was total win, I still have my atari and games, best old school gaming there is.

Yeah, back in the day - we didn't even need real graphics to play games. Heh.


Oh. My. Gosh.

I so need to buy this.

"For my husband." Uh-huh. Because I'm not Geek Girl. *I* don't need this.....

Zork! Man I loved that. Astoundingly enough, I have twin 15-year-old brothers who were really into Zork a few of years ago.

Wil, have you ever played the more recent Zork games that have graphics? They're terrible. What's the point? Those original Zork games were almost literary in their descriptiveness.

I LOVED my Atari!
Then I got a ZX Spectrum with all the cash I possesed. £100 irish, but a few years later I returned to Atari with the 502ST. (Anyone remember Hunter, or Midwinter? Oh...Oh...remember Prince of Persia?!?!?!?)

Oh for the days when all I needed was my Atari and my Lego...


Adventure rules! I bought the Atari 10-Games-on-1 joystick for my brother for his birthday. That was the best $25 I ever spent, and it wasn't even on myself!

Those kids don't know what it was like to only have atari and pong. They have been spoiled with xbox, ps1, ps2 and all that crap from SEGA. There is nothing like the classics. Someday they will be in our shoes. And there kids will think GTA is crap.

I loves me the retro-Flash gaming.

I even wrote a little something myself:


this was the first game I ever found an easter egg on. you could somehow do something and pass through the wall somewhere and see the developers name. anyone remember?


I love dark tower.

Do you have instructions? I forget how to play.

Yeah, I remember that easter-egg, sort of. You had to be holding something, I think a key, and then I think you could walk through one of the castle walls. I thought that was so cool at the time. Or maybe it was the chalice? Anyways, I played this Flash version Wil linked to a few months ago, it seems like it only took 10 minutes to finish. I can't remember what was so cool about it when I played it on a 14" orange TV with a little orange controller that would break.

heh I know what you mean, actually I am eager to find a few parts I need to get my olde atari fixed, so I can keep on playing... no matter how many new games and interfaces are created, my favorite one will always be the atari

Wil -

I'm currently working on an instructions page, but if you need your fix now, there's a very good layout of the rules at:


And I have to switch the locations of the Tomb and the Bazaar. But it's close to release 1.0. I'll try to post somewhere when she's ready to dance. Should be fun, until Hasbro's lawyers poke me with a sharp pencil.

The Adventure Easter Egg:

You had to get the secret 'dot' and two or three other objects in the 'hallway'.

That combination would make the side wall passable. You could then enter the secret room that said "Created by Warren Robinett" who actually wrote the game. My understanding is that they never credited the writers for Atari games so this was his way of signing his work.

Pretty cool.

Warren Robinett actually has his own website:

When I saw the word DUCK I thought "AFLAC!".

Sad isn't it..?

It's like being in a real dungeon!

Except it's on my color television screen!

How do they do that?

Very neat link...the evil duck keeps eating me though ;)

Very neat link...the evil duck keeps eating me though ;)

The dragon's belly is shaped like a square and so am I!

It's funny because it's true.

so, it's over one you bring the chalice back to the castle? that's it?

And what's with the big black croquet hoop...?

Very cool nonetheless. Ahhh... Memories of huge "California Games" Olympics on my brother's Atari 2600... And "Asteroids". Damn, I loved that game. Especially when you just zoomed up the screen as fast as you could till you blew up. :)

Wow, that was definatly a flashback. I used to love Atari Adventure, even though the little duck/dragon people scared me when I was a little girl. Thanks for the link wil! You should post others if you have them :D

I thought you were talking about me for a minute. *stands uncomfortably close to HMIC*

Atari still rulz!!!!! Honest, I was never terrible fond of Adventure. For the super old school cartridges on the 2600 I'd choose Video Olympics or Circus Atari.

Hrm...my favorites: almost anything from Activision, Ms. Pac-man, Phoenix, Crazy Climber, and Frogger!

Use to be an odd thing you could plug into your 2600 called the Supercharger which used Audio tapes. They had some of the best games EVER.

Anyway...thanks for the Retro Memories.
I will always be a child of the 80's!

Atari still rulz!!!!! Honest, I was never terrible fond of Adventure. For the super old school cartridges on the 2600 I'd choose Video Olympics or Circus Atari.

Hrm...my favorites: almost anything from Activision, Ms. Pac-man, Phoenix, Crazy Climber, and Frogger!

Use to be an odd thing you could plug into your 2600 called the Supercharger which used Audio tapes. They had some of the best games EVER.

Anyway...thanks for the Retro Memories.
I will always be a child of the 80's!


That is...wow.

I prefer SB ducks. i got to level three.

I made a badge to celebrate.

Ok..funny this should come up cause I posted a like about this in the forum a few weeks ago. "Old Video Games" . Adventure was the game I wore out my controller with. We had to tear the controller apart and play with the touch buttons that the controller contacted on. FYI, those are not duck, they are Dragons. The black U is a magnet to draw items to you when you hold the magnet. As the levels move up there is more to explore. Man how I loved Adventure. Such an awsome game! I even found a site to down load it to my computer. I play it all the time still!

Ohmygosh... I made a scene in a store the other day when I saw that joystick thingy... I was SO excited when I saw it... Could barely contain myself---Then I turned the package around and it said something along the lines of: Now you can play what your Mom and Dad used to play...

MOM and DAD??!?!?!

Oh the humanity...

LOL Wil...I'm sitting here in my office with two Amigas, 3 CoCo's, Intellivision, Colecovision, Atari 7800, Sega Master System, all with every cartridge and game you can think of.

Your son is just a little to young to remember all this stuff. My kids (19-23) grew up with this stuff, and love it so much they've already divvied up the games in case I have an...accident. :-)

CURSE YOU WIL WHEATON!!!!! Now I have ANOTHER addiction!

Must return the favor....


(Curses.... the magnet doesn't work like my old Atari did. You could hold the magnet at the door in one room and draw the key from the next. )

Oh, I used to LOVE this game!! I forgot all about it! I remember that secret dot. I used to be really impressed witht hat secret room. LOL!

Unfortunately, I can't download this game for some reason. I just get a green number 1 and that's it. Very upset here!

Ah...Atari,how many hours hast thou pillaged from my youth?

Wil,here is a video game parody site you might find ha,ha,heh,heh.


Heh. Oh the years of time lost to playing games. I wasn't an Atari user, but a Vic/C64/Apple/Amiga user. Omega Race, Raid over Bungling bay, Karateka, Lode Runner, Empire, Star Blazer... On and on and on...

I now try to restrict my gaming to my PS2.

O my gawd! I'd completely forgotten about this game!!!

"Superman" was a strange one too. Reconstruct a bridge, save Lois and do something with a helicopter then get back to the phone booth to change back into Clark in the least amount of time...

And then there was that Star Trek strategy game that you could only buy at Sears - talk about zero graphics!

Yup, I spent months on end playing Zork, PlanetFall and a few others. I used to play all the side scroller Dukes Nukems also.

Wil if you read this we still want to send you an X-Arcade to review if you'd like.


wil: you have encountered one of the most interesting challenges of parenthood...the generation gap.

And you know what game sucked the most?

That stupid ET game.

It /so/ wished that it was as cool as Raiders, but it totally wasn't.

Angelwwolf, click on the reset button on the game. Works just like old times!

This has nothing to do with anything really, but I thought you should know:

The man who runs this fine page saw your delightfully popular blog, and in particular a post with 234 comments on it, and came up with an idea.

If he can get 234 comments and equal yourself by Friday, he'll give £100 to the UK charity Comic Relief that night.

Just, you know, saying. Seeing as you started it. :)

Er. You strip HTML, so "this fine page" is at: http://troubled-diva.blogspot.com/

I need to get one of those Atari stix...where do you get them at? Does Toys 'R' Us have'm?


Deja Vu!

Wil, can I ask you a serious question?

Oh...Well, okay...but I'm going to ask anyway.

Why is it, that everytime I get my mind back into 2003, you bring something up that sends it travelling at warp 9 back to the 1980s?! Sheesh!! :}


Well, anyway, I have the PC versions Zork I, Zork II, Zork III, and Beyond Zork. I believe all of the original Zork games have been released into the public domain. So, if you would like copies of them, let me know, and I'd be happy to get them to you somehow. That is, if you don't already have them.

I am assuming, of course, that you do have a Windows box and would be able to use them.

Now, if you will excuse me, I know a certain Troll brandishing a bloody axe that really needs to be dispatched ;}

[email protected]

I was disappointed; I actually downloaded a 2600 emulator and the original ROM. That way I got to play with the bat, etc. from the game. And yeah, homestar got me wanting to play it too.


I heart you, Wil! Had you not linked that Atari site just now, I never would've re-discovered my favorite old Atari game =D See, I was like, 4 when I inherited my cousin's Atari, so I have these memories about this crazy console with wood paneling and some games, but I just couldn't remember the names of games and stuff =D

Atari Force! Man, I played that for hours and hours and hours ...


I remember when my dad bought me my Atari system. and donkey kong and my favorite game of all Pitfall. Thanks for bringing back that memory.
All my best, Matt.

Your awesome Wil. Thanks for the link. Holy Crap, as soon as I saw the game pop up it flooded by the memories of hours spent playing that game and the damn dragon eaters. I downloaded and played the game and the more I played the more I remembered what I needed and how to get the trophy. I think you get an A+ for the day man.

I loved atari, however... how do you get past this idiot? He keeps killing me before I get into the room! grrr

The Flash Version of ADVENTURE is missing the Purple "Bridge" Item... other than that, just like I remembered... when I played it... last month on my Atari Emulator for my PDA. :)

-- Mitch

This has nothing to do with anything really, but I thought you should know:

The man who runs this fine page saw your delightfully popular blog, and in particular a post with 234 comments on it, and came up with an idea.

If he can get 234 comments and equal yourself by Friday, he'll give £100 to the UK charity Comic Relief that night.

Just, you know, saying. Seeing as you started it. :)

Posted by: Ben on March 13, 2003 05:17 PM

Wear your red nose with pride Ben.

Peace and love everyone

wow. talk about dredging up memories from my youngest days... dayum... turning 19 in august and I BARELY remember having some of these systems... heck I had a sega master drive for the logest time and an old atari even when all me mates were playing SNES.... heehee... gonna go out find an emulator and play a game of zork now! lol

I have to agree with the kid on this one. Its like saying I would rather watch black and white TV instead of cable and colors. Change sometimes is great!!!!!!!


Hell Yeah Uncle Willie! Atari kicks ass - I swear I spent half my childhood watching with admiration as my older brothers conquered each game. When it was finally my turn, I would last for a whole 20 seconds or so, and then I'd be watching them again for the next 40 minutes. I just loved being the younger sister with no eye-hand coordination ;)

My mom wouldn't buy me one when I was a kid ! Oh,the humanity !!

Seriouly though,my friends did have one and I stayed over their house playing that thing all the time.I still love playing those games !

To all the people saying Atari and all the old-school games aren't as good as the newer stuff:Atari systems had poor graphics compared to what we have now, but they tended to have incredibly addictive gameplay. Of course, there were quite a few duds, but who can forget games like Asteroids? Pac-Man? Combat? The classics have a lot of fun gameplay left in them. Plus, with all the electronics advances in the past 20-odd years, you can pack the entire system plus ten games into a joystick and sell it for $25. Sometimes the latest and greatest games have nothing going for them but flashy graphics; graphics are great, but nothing beats out gameplay.

i'm listening to his album right now. it's really quite nice. the game was maddening.

Had an atari st fx myself. Man how many nostalga moments does that one bring up. Was such a move from the old BBC Model B! still frogger and dizzy kicked proverbial arse!

Aw man, I should so be doing my lab work and not just playing this!


Seriously now, stop writing such a damn good website, and stop introducing me to things like these. I procrastinate far too much as it is, and really, you're not helping. I've got 5000 words to write for a dissertation by the end of the day, and I need to crack on with it.

Oh, and one more thing, what GPS for Geocaching do you recommend?

Speaking of old Atari games... we got a set of arcade games for our pc it has all of the old titles. Astroids, SpaceInvaders, Centipede, etc...
Since we have gotten this my kids have been addicted, yes they have all those new games console and pc but they love the old ones too. Why? I don't know but somehow they think they are really cool.

Me I played more of those cute games like pac-man, donkey kong and Qbert. I think I still have one of those miniture arcade games around somewhere.... Pacman I think.

Nolan....probably didn't really think it was lame, but just wanted to say that, because thats the age he is right now. ;)

We had the Atari system that had the keyboard attached, so you could use it like . . . well, at that time, a 'real computer', to program games. It was kind of like playing DOS games or something. We thought it was so freaking advanced. ;-)

I didn't have Atari as a kid. I had Intellivision. Just as good, if not better, really. I must have had about 75 or so cartridges, thanks to the VG industry crash of '83. They got SOOOOO cheap after that! I just recently found a small stash of game carts in my basement, all of them were the games I played to no end. I think we can blame systems like that for helping us become the Geeks we are today. Long live classic gaming! And tell Nolan that the systems he has today are spoiling him. Give him the "When I was your age" speech. That works... Sometimes... LOL

Long-time reader, first-time poster: My sister and I were just reminiscing the other day about our love for Adventure and Circus Atari! Thank you so much for the link to the 10in1 product. Of course, my husband will not thank you for the loss of interactive time together. ;)


"It is pitch black. You are about to be eaten by a grue."

I wish they still made the text-only versions for the PC. That would be cool... and SO much better than the graphical crap they turned it into.

There is an annual interactive fiction contest where people write zork-like games, people play and judge them, and someone wins. The result is more text adventures than you can shake a stick at.

I can't seem to find the link to the contest, but here is a address for an archive of adventures:

Damn you Wheaton! Here I was, all set to work, when I decide "I'll just pop over, real quick like, and see what Uncle Willie's up too." Then all of a sudden I was playing Adventure of the next half hour.....I still have an Atari and a bunch of game cartridges. Got the whole lot at a garage sale for $5 a few years ago.....grew up with it - I was the first kid onteh block to have one, and was I ever cool.....man.....

The best thing I ever got for my Powerbook was an Atari emulator:


and a couple hundred of my favorite games from when I was a kid:


I have over 300 games in my Atari 2600 collection. I also programmed two cartridges for the Atari 2600.

I am a huge Atari geek.

Hell, I still had my Atari 800XL hooked up and played with it until I got an emulator for my PC. I loved it.


Every Activision 2600 game ever...but only for PS2! There's always a catch.

Oh man, not only do you like Atari but you like Strong Bad too??
My childhood suspiscions were right - you ARE the man for me!!

Homestar Runner got me going on Atari and Adventure again too.

I just got the Jaaks 10-in-1 controller that has Adventure on it, but they flarged the easter egg. Instead of the message it just says "text?" in blinky letters.

Also/also, I found out (while researching the easter egg) that Warren Robinett addtly made the games Rocky's Boots and Robot Odyssey. Yes, it is no mistake that the catacomb mazes in Adventure and Robot Odyssey look the same: made by the same m4d c0d3r :)

Now if the lot of you will excuse, I've some Godel Escher Bach to read.

- - Heckler, kook of Ellington..

I loved Adventure. The dot was great. I used the bridge to climb the castles and take shortcuts by picking it up and dropping it little by little.

Zork ruled. We drew our own maps before we finally got one out of a magazine.

I don't remember how many times the thief killed me or I got eaten by a grue. And how about the platinum bar? Bar...Bar...

Also, remember the tanks in Combat? You could fold into the corners and come out the other side of the screen for a sneak attack.

Zork and Hitchhiker's Guide inspired me enought to write 3 different Zork type text adventures in Basic for the Apple IIe.

I also loved the Spy vs. Spy and Pool of Radiance games for the Commodore 128, and still have a Timex Sinclair.

I wish I knew how many hours I wasted playing Jupiter lander on the C-64, Karateka and Dragon's Eye on the Apple, or just programming Joust and such out of those big books for the TRS machines. I think I've even got an old Wico joystick and trackball in my dad's attic, along with a busted Ti-44. I've still got a magazine ad for the IIgs that showed the retail price at over $4k.

Real old school... I've even got my wife playing Super-Breakout and Pong on the PC.

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i ust played that gay ass game again to make sure that it realy does suck......it does and your all complete idiots for playing it.

i just played that gay ass game again to make sure that it realy does suck......it does and your all complete idiots for playing it.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease.