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come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach

If you're not reading bOINGbOING every day, you should start right now.


I mean, as soon as you're done enjoying the majestic WWdN.

For those of you who are still here, I present a terriffic article I read at bb this morning: Confessions of a Car Salesman from the wonderboys at Edmunds.com.

It's filled with useful and sometimes shocking information, that anyone who buys or leases a car should know. That's not surprising, since providing consumers with just that type of information is what Edmunds is all about. The unexpected thing is, it's wonderfully written literature, too. Are you listening, This American Life?

You are?! Well, why won't you put me on your damn show then?! !?!111

Oh. Sorry about that. I mean, uhm . . .

Yeah. It's a really great article, and worth your time.

Okay, now you may be dismissed. :-)


yes yes we all read that site thanks to you :)

Perhaps you'll be on This American Life when that book comes out (wink wink).

Actually, the only reason I read bOING bOING is because Uncle Willy suggested it.

Oh, and lookie there. It's time for STTNG on TNN.

The world of illness can be stopped. It just takes a little luck.


I bought my current car, a 1984 plymouth K car, from a charitable organization 2 years ago for 200 dollars. After reading that I went out and gave her a kiss on her faded vinyl top....and a quart of oil.

What was the date for Wil's spot on "This American Life"?
*tap tap tap*

Wow, that was an interesting read. Very well-written, for an exposť on car sales.


Like Glengarry Glen Ross, but for cars.

Weird, I was just listening to Nirvana the other day! ;)

Or maybe you'll just have to settle for Fresh Air instead of This American Life.

Dude! I got a friend who does web work over at Edmunds who hooked me up with that article a while back. I guess everyone knows these guys are crooked, but it's still heartstopping to get the "insider" story. And did you see the headlines today, in fact? (Just saw it on CNN but can't find a link yet.) About how dealers are supposedly getting us all the best deal on financing when in fact they're ripping us off? I know, everyone's shocked.

Yes sir, mister talisman...

I bought my first car when I was 16. I got it home to find out that the locks didn't work and every time it rained, the back seat flooded.

And nobody cared. I was a naive kid, and car salesmen piss me off even more now. Thanks for the heads-up on this puppy!

The Edmunds story is only about seven months old....

...and boingboing sucks. It's like the recycling can of the web. *Rarely* do I find anything interesting that hasn't already appeared on /., Fark or MeFi.

Of course, one day BB may find *my* site wonderful and link to me, in which case the above comments are null, void and otherwise non-existent because BB will rule.

Aha! Good thing you posted this. I'll be in the market for a new vehicle here very soon, and this article is rather useful.

But then again, my uncle owns a Ford dealership here in my wee little PA town. I know I'll get a good deal if I go to him. His brother (of course, also my uncle) is a bigtime politician, and if he ripped off family, it wouldn't look very good...

All site should have Trackback, so that I could figure out who linked me to this article first. Regardless, it was worth reading a second time.

OT: Did you ever go to eat a pork sausage and find it has hair growin' all over it? *giving you a look that still chills you to this very day*

phriedom-- After I swill back some cans of swine, I'll let you know.

That's "cans of swine," by the way. Not "Kansas Wine."

*pondering the Dead Milkmen-Primus connection* hmm..

Speaking of The Cure, a couple of weeks ago, when Talkback was broken, I heard one of my all-time-favorite songs "Just Like Heaven" on the Musak in my grocery store. What does that mean? Has the coolness just been sucked out of everything I thought was cool? Or does this mean that we have ARRIVED and society is recognizing us? Or both? Wil, since you have introduced me to many geeky-cool things, I bid you opine on this bizarre development, please.

The article was posted on Fark on August 24th, 2003. I'm looking at buying a car in a month or two and I'm trying to decide if I should or shouldn't reread it.
The whole experience is all the more tragic because it's 2004 and I still can't get a flying car.

No one has mentioned the great 'B' movie Suckers. As I was reading the article I thought I was reading the script to the movie, minus the Hollywood ending where nevermind, I don't want to ruin it.

Hey Wil! Here's an html hint--whether you wanted it or not. ;)

If you insert the command target="_blank" after the url in the a command thingie . . . then it will open the link in a new window. That way we can look the noteworthy page, close the window and WWdN will be there waiting for us.

Here's an example: visit TWG

*sigh* Of course it doesn't work in this modified browser window, but I swear in works normally.

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