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lend a hand

Hey, take a look at this, from Alan Graham:

I normally don't ask for help, but this is a situation where all I can do is make an appeal. My friends could make all the difference in the world. My wife recently became the Director of a non-profit art program that serves thousands of children . . . in a major budget crisis. They have no usable computing gear (their ONE Dell is ready for pasture). So I donated a lot of my personal gear and time . . . including one of two computers I plan to donate (we're not rich, but I do have some stuff I can spare).

Well this morning my wife fell and injured herself . . . and the clamshell iBook I donated . . . which now has a cracked screen. Cannot be used and cannot be fixed (screen is more than the machine is worth). We're not asking for one penny . . . but are looking for some folks who might help, out there in the blogosphere, to turn those lemons into some lemonade. I don't have the money to repair the machine (and not asking for any), but I could use a little word of mouth.

Alan is a great guy, and it would be really cool to help out. Take a look at his page, and learn about the program (The Children's Art Network) his wife is directing. It's fantastic.

If you know someone who has some extra Apple computer stuff they don't want or need, or maybe have a connection to a Dickensian Mysterious Benefactor, pass it along, okay?



I've been following your site for a while, and love it. You've got the best celeb site going. And in my humble opinion, once a celeb always a celeb.

Anyways, about the comp crisis. My only advice is to get on the phone to your local universities. I know at my university, Simon Fraser University, they have a huge area called "Central Stores" where computers come to be reallocated, and ultimately to die. I'm sure you'll be able to find some retired door-stop model apples and macs and such that no one wants from universities.

Give that a try.

Keep on geeking!

Hmm... I have a friend who's ibook's motherboard went bad. Its repair is about that of a new computer. I'll ask him if he is willing to donate the screen.

I've got an old PB1400 with a g3 upgrade card in it that does NOT have a battery, but works wonderfully when just plugged in. It could probably use some more RAM, but when delivered I will probably have forgotten to erase the HD with all my graphics programs on it. Probably.

If it's not too late, my wife and I would like to donate it (we both teach computer art as well). Feel free to let me know where to send it.

Whups. Missed the link the first time. I've contacted him. Keep up the good work, Will.

I have a nifty TRS-80 (Trash 80ty), works like a
charm...prolly wayyy too big to carry tho.
I will get back to you on this, but I know a
school Superintendant that might have an answer for you.

Is it about OK to place my own appeal in this venue? Many thanks, if this is really possible.

I can help fix the iBook or out and out replace it. I do work with many non-profit, as well as profit, orgs in the Twin Cities. It's what I do for a living. Have Dana contact me.
Great site by the way! My son, who happens to have a Will Wheaton officially autographed trading card, turned me onto it.
We didn't hate you in ST:TNG. We hated the clairvouyant chick.

Aaron Porter

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