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love plus one

I haven't had a haircut in almost two months, even though I am married to a hairdresser. I guess it's like the shoemaker's kids being barefoot.

As a result, my hair is huge. It stands up about four inches off my head, and sort of curls around like Wolverine . . . and not in a cool way.

Yeah. Scary.

Anne got a good look at my Marge Simpson-lite hair this morning.

"Holy crap," she said, "your hair is wearing you!"

"Yeah. I can't seem to make a goddamn appointment with my hairdresser, and despite the Logan look, I can't snikt it off."

I flexed my hands to show the lack of Adamantium claws.

"You lost me there," she said, "I don't speak nerd, remember?"

"So if I told you that my huge hair is a 5 point CHA disadvantage, that wouldn't mean anything to you?"


"And you wouldn't know that I'd mixed D&D rules with GURPS?"

We looked at each other for a moment. "That's right, baby, you're married to this!" I thought, mentally making a saving throw vs. Irritated Wife.

"May I please have a haircut?" I asked, politely.

"Yes you can," she said. "Let me get the hedge clippers."


Mwhaha! Yeah, us nerd girls are few and far in-between. Though it is amazing how something can look cool on paper (Logan's hair) nad yet look pretty darned silly on a person (a la X-men the movie)

Don't get me wrong, Wolverine's cool and all, but wow. That's some hair.



Excuse me, sir. I speak "nerd."

(I hope *someone* gets the "Airplane!" style reference.)

I'm with you there, as far as letting the hair go. At least, sometimes I'm there.

You may have to get one of those Bow-lingual-type things for Anne, except one that translates nerd/geek/l33t.

I didn't know you mixed AD&D with GURPS. Then again, I've never played anything with GURPS rules.

Ariel in the South Bay

Being a gamergirl, surrounded by geeks, and married to King Nerd...I couldn't resist posting a comment.


(Unless you want to mix 3E & GURPS. That I can't prevent.)

Now. I need to check my RuneQuest sheet and see what my geek skill is. I think I need to hit a 90 or below...

i totally relate to this. my girlfriend simply DOES NOT understand my nerd lifestyle. i don't play D&D, but i do play a little game called heroclix -- a strategy game using comic book hero miniatures.

How did the haircut turn out? Were you able to reverse the polarity of the Logan-Fro?

Crapfully Crap,

My girlfriend speaks geek... and she also, for whatever reason, likes me to have a beard. Then again, she would find guys like Wolverine, or even Beast, to be teh sexay. Go figure.

Anyway, while I have had a beard before, I usually end up shaving off the sides (sideburns/jawline) and just keeping a goatee. It's grown out to about 4 inches before, but for the first time the sides are around one inch long, and they're starting to do this crazy thing where they sweep out to a point just like Wolvie. I still having quite decided how I feel about that.

By the way, I found this article in a post on www.nutkinland.com, and the folks there are discussing the idea of inviting you to join the message board. Maybe you could drop into this thread: http://www.nutkinland.com/showthread.php?t=6405 and say hello? It's mostly made up of gamers, but it's not entirely devoted to gaming... weird humor makes up a good portion of it too.

Geek speak...ah...what fun.

I wonder what gaming systems you're familiar with, and perhaps you should make your gaming skills a focus for a next post.

If you're not already aware, I would direct you to spend a day or two reading up on 8-bit theatre, loosely based around the original Final Fantasy game, which has random geek speak thrown in for those in the know, and a few other interesting tidbits. The site would be www.nuklearpower.com


-M.P. Reyart

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