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see if you will a picture

My pal Sean brought this lovely photo to my attention.

It should give the restless WWdN reader something to do for, oh, six or even eight seconds today!



From the comments, it appears there are STILL guys dreaming of seeing the top of your head!

Gotta love ya for being such a GREAT sport!


I'm glad you can take such things in stride. I laughed hard at some of those captions.

Thank you very much for a great blog!

Alan Tomlinson

Good god, man. and I thought Levar had the most shame wearing the Fram on his face. Nice to know you don't take yourself so seriously, tho, keep up the good weblog. :-)

WOW Kool Pit. of you at such a young age.

>It should give the restless WWdN reader >something to do for, oh, six or even eight >seconds today!

I can't even REMEMBER when I could masturbate that fast.

I hate myself.

That was just to keep my comment related to the post, I'm really here to desperatly parasitize this site's popularity by linking to my blog, The Hand Of Munger It's ever so frightfully clever, and everyone's missing out on it!

The comments on that pic where hilarious! I just had to add my own comment! It is awesome Wil, that you can be so cool about everything!

I am a loyal WWDN reader and think you totally rock!

That was hysterical. You're a really good sport to take things like that in stride.

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