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straight, no chaser

I have this compulsion to write and create. This is good, because I'm supposed to run in a manuscript of Just A Geek RSN . . . but I'm really only good for about 2 hours a day. Longer than that, and my brain just churns out garbage. Sometimes and there's value to garbage: It's easier to rewrite garbage than fill up a blank page, but more often than not, the gargabage* is just garbage.

So I put myself on a schedule, which I've kept very poorly the last two weeks. When I'm done with the Writing Stuff part of my brain, I activate the Other Stuff part of my brain: the Other Stuff I've been digging on recently (when I'm not getting wasted by a freakin' OWLBEAR when I'm two freaking moves away from beating Sokoban) is web development.

As a result, my lame HTML skills are growing by the tiniest bit each day, as I crawl all over the web to find useful php scripts, web references, and books to fill my head with learnin'.

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from Yahoo! that informed me my lame Geoshitties site would be *gasp* sent down the Memory Hole because it hadn't been touched in so long. Losing "Where's my Burrito" would be like losing an embarrassing but important collection of yearbooks, so the first thing I did was wget the whole thing, and then I made a tiny change to the index file. Hopefully, that will mollify Yahoo! for another year or so.

Going over that site really is like looking back on photos from 1987. There were several "I can't believe I thought that was cool" moments, especially when I viewed the source!

Hey, at least I didn't get a tattoo, right?

*(that was supposed to say "garbage," but "gargabage" is such a wonderful word, and so perfectly descriptive, I'm leaving this happy accident intact.)


Writing is a funny thing that way. But so is web design, I do both and when I'm trying to work on a web page I find myself writing more, and when I have to write I find myself working on web things. So I think it has more to do with the unconscious part of your brain working when you don't want it too. Creativity, is something that sneaks up on you so, this is why you get great ideas when your alone at a bar, or walking down the street, or when I get all my ideas in the shower. When you want to do one thing, your mind wants to do something else.

I say don't fight it though, if you get an idea or an inclining to work on some web stuff do it, that will turn on the writing part of your brain, and you'll be educated on a new web site idea too.


Hey first post... cool.

And this is why Geocities isn't a fun place. How many clicks does it take to close down a geocities website for an hour? Ah-ah-one........ah-ah-two.........ah-ah-three......Ah-Three clicks and I then get:

"Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!
The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information.
Access to this site will be restored within an hour. Please try again later.

Need extra data transfer? Sign up for GeoCities Pro or Webmaster. Learn more. "

I guess I'll have to see the old site at the rate of a page a day or so.

I clicked the Link and Got "The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer."......Opps

I really like that it describes a lot of what I do too. Thank you so much for your informitive e-mail. I hope I will definitely put it to use. I just worked a double at my crappy job and energy is drained to it's optimum low but I am still trying to write. Once again thank you for being a real human and not just some actor trying to make more money than he knows what to do with. Your friend always Gregory

Webmonkey is the shiznit for learning webstuff. I taught myself CSS and Javascript thanks to that site, and occasionally I check the HTML cheat sheet when I forget something as simple as the code for font color. (I'm so used to just defining in the beginning with CSS that I wonder why anyone would want to use straight HTML for webdesign anymore.)

The blue hair is rockin'. How long's that picture been up there? Was it photoshopped?

Clearly all you need to do is post a story about your old website every now and then. Then it will get "wildotted"(tm), and you can go on happily ever after.

Ha. I was checking the geocities site and it went down. They are going to love all the bandwidth you are taking form them Mr Wheaton.

Haha, ok I clicked the link to the geocities site and now it's exceeded its transfer allocation. You've probably gone and pissed them off in an entirely different direction =P

I do exactly the same thing - I have to force myself to keep to a schedule when I'm writing, whether it's fiction or autobiographical or technical writing. Otherwise I find myself sitting in front of my computer at 5:00 p.m. on the day my draft is due staring at a blank page. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of stress and panic, so I've had to put myself on a forced schedule.

That said, I agree with Chris, which is why I keep a notepad near the bathroom & one in the car, so when I have my brilliant ideas in the shower or while I'm driving I can write them down before I forget.

I think your pictures from 1987 are way hot. Keep them coming honey! They brighten an old lady's day. Tell your mom I say hi.

Dubya takes a trip down memory lane.
"Mr. Gargabage, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL."

Writing is such a cerebral exercise. When in full throttle mode I might get in up to 4 hours a day of really good writing and then I have to get away from it.

I like gargabage. I plan to steal it.

Did you see your pal Sean Astin on Bill Maher's show tonight? He was very intelligent.

Geocities only cares about popular "unchanged" websites. A guy I knew passed away in late 1996 - Geocities deleted his fansite for a popular rock band three years ago. His personal sites, though, are still there.

Good luck on the book. I can't wait for it to come out.

"And I say, bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish. Thats the way we do things, lad, we're making shit up as we wish.."

That would depend on what the tattoo was of and where you would have gotten it.

Hey Wil, i checked out your old site at around 3:36 eastern time saturday morning. I clicked around a few times and then it got F A R K E D. Sorry about that ol chap!

Ha ha. I must have caught it at a good time, I got no such error page...

Anywho, this site takes me back! My first web page was a Geoshitties site, a tribute page to Ranma 1/2. Back then, corporate mass ownership hadn't become "the thing to do," and Yahoo! hand't yet bought it and turned it into the heap it is now. Coded that bad boy in Notepad and learned HTML by viewing the source of other pages. Those were the days...

Back to the Dungeons of Doom (I think you've started a resurge in the Nethack craze). I play the Falcon's Eye version myself.

For those of you that want to see what the page looks like I did make a mirror of it for this very reason last year for wil.
Unfortunately you will have to deal with lycos adding a scrolling bar on the side but other than that the site is the same.

I thought I had sent the acct and pass to wil last year.. I think I must have because I lost it myself so I can not change it to match his changes.. but this is the way it was last year.


Only try this one if the geoshitties one is not working.

oh man, your mentioning of potentially losing a box of valuable yearbooks full of memories just reminded me again that i *still* haven't come across the box that had all of my annuals that were packed in our last move.


Hey, what's wrong with tattoos? I got one a few years ago, and I'm quite proud of it. I guess you have to get the right kind. Don't go get one while you're drunk. You will live to regret it.

Gargabage is totally Gargamel's garbage. Though, I doubt he had any, since he never ate anything, because he never could catch those smurfs.

I read an interview once with Randy Newman and he said that he sat down to work for two hours a day. He sits down at the piano in the late morning and writes. Two hours later, more or less, he stops. If it was a productive morning, great, if not, oh well. But he still stops after two hours. Creativity, real creativity, is very draining and can not be forced. You are in very good company.


Alan Tomlinson

P.S.Blatant self-promotion: I've got a new blog and would love for people to look at it and go, "What kind of idiot would write that?" It's political and obviously I think it's worth reading. I feel like such a whore writing this. Check it out if you want.


As long as your trying to improve your HTML skills, how about dropping the "line-height:10pt;" stuff from your css? It's a real pain to read text when the lines overlap, and depending on the fonts available and other restrictions (like "don't show fonts smaller than X" for those of us with failing eyesight), that's what happens.

Generally, setting any height in css to an exact pt size is a mistake. I have the screenshots to prove it if you're interested.

I'll keep trying to read your site though. Beats working...

Wil, bless your sweet self for fixing the line-height stuff in your css. My eyes don't bleed anymore when I read your site!

Now, about content... :-) Uh, keep up the good work? Seriously, you rock.

I always get crushed by the Owlbear too. Haven't been able to get past the second level of Sokoban.

Good luck with the writing and creating.

I was an avid Star Trek Watcher, I admit, though I saw you, Wil, not only as Westly Crusher but in a myriad of other shows as well, including one or two from the series "The Outer Limits". I don't see you as a "used to be" actor. Talent as your's does not simply go away or fade in time simply because one gets older. If anything, as one gets older and more experienced their talent becomes diversified. I would not mind seeing you star in a major movie or two on the big screen. Though, admittedly, neither you, nor any of your characters you play, are the type I would ever be interested in, except as friends, I do believe your acting career is far from over. You've alot to still offer.

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