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too cool

I just found out that Dancing Barefoot is number three on Mysterious Galaxy's 2003 Paperback Bestsellers list!

I know for a fact that this wouldn't have happened without WWdN readers. Thank you :)


Hey, comments are back! Righteous!
Oh, and congratulations on the bestseller list, too. :)

Congrats Wil! So when is the O' Reilley printing going to hit shelves? BrendoMan needs book badly.

Congrats Wil :)

And the book tour! Don't forget about the book tour! There's a new Barnes & Noble opening up in Madison, WI this spring. I'll be highly disappointed if you and "Just a Geek" aren't there for a visit soon after! (It'll be warmer then in Wisconsin...really!)

So not a surprise--the book rocks! Can't wait for Just a Geek!


Now bring it to New Zealand already! :p

Congrats on your book.


You're a VERY good writer, Wil. I'm enjoying your blog, and I intend to buy a copy of your book.

Congrats on doing well for yourself after what must be a crazy "child-star" kind of childhood. I'm enjoying this new body of work of yours. Keep it up, and enjoy!
Ribqah in Birmingham, AL

What?!?! A book by THE coolest celebrity by far: a bigger geek than I am (I do CM and server support at a biotech co.); a bigger GAMING geek than I am (I'm a MIB/Steve Jackson Games volunteer); a funny and tender writer (great blogs about family life with non-geeks); outspoken about privacy, our country, and things that matter.

When Monolith Press is accepting orders again, I am SO there! Yes!

You're welcome!

a Mysterious Galaxy customer


Well, we couldn't just allow you to spend loads of time on that book and then just let it flush down the toilet could we!?

Congrats Wil!! I am looking forward to Just a Geek! Promise us here in Canada that you will bring both here? And even more wonderful... make sure you stop in Mississauga. You have two big fans here, at least.

Well it also helps that it is a very good read. People I have lent my copy to agree, you wrote a good book man!

I found it on a "Best of 2003" list at popmatters.com also:


Good for you, Wil! I was finally able to finish the book last night. It was wonderful.

Hee... How cool! That makes me feel all the more happy about having introduced you and Maryelizabeth way back when Dancing Barefoot first came out. It's been fun to watch the book gain the momentum it has, and I'm delighted that the connection worked out so well for you! =)

Congratulations, Wil!! I would be more than happy to add my name to the list of those who bought Dancing Barefoot, but a copy does not exist in the greater Oklahoma area. Get the O'Reilly print out already!! :o)

I'm a writer myself, and I plan to have a blog soon, just still looking for a decent host. Book deals are the last thing on my mind, but I'm glad to hear that your book was one of the best sellers in 2003!

Congratulations Wil, this calls for a six-pack!

Abundant accolades, 'Barefoot' really rocks. Super about the "Best Of ;03" popmatters.com thing, too. I totally agree, and treasure my copy.

Congrats Wil! That is awesome. You must be very proud.

Go Wil! I plan to bring it with my to australia to read. :)


You rolling through Canada on tour?

You are the biggest jerk on the planet! Your books and your blogs are pedestrian bull-crap. You have a way too much high opinion of yourself. No one wonders why you haven't done crap since "Stand By Me", and why you were soundly renounced for your "work" on ST:TNG. We all know you are a class one FU. Anyone who dares to criticize you gets blocked, deleted, banned from your oh-so prescious website. Screw you, you talentless fat pudgey old mole-boy jerk! You can't take any negative opinions. You delete anything against you. You only allow glowing praise. What a jerk. Frigin BORING!!!

Great job wil!! Were all proud of you!!

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