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words as weapons sharper than knives

I've got several "irons in the fire" as they say over near the chuckwagon, so producing original material for WWdN is going to be difficult for a few days.

However, in a shameless effort to keep you around, I'll do my best to link at least one amusing / interesting / useful link a day until I can scrape some stuff out of the creative portion of my skull.

Today's link is to Something Awful. Specifically, a hilarious article Lowtax wrote called "How To Be An Internet Tough Guy.



Take your time, Wil. We'll still be here when you get back!

>> until I can scrape


Hey wil....we won't be going anywhere....good luck with everything...tee hee

take care

Is that like cerebral pate? And if so, what kind of wine would one serve with that?

...makes you wonder how the other half die"

oh, sorry, just singing along.

never fear. life happens. we're all aware of that.

Well, at least we get some leftovers.

Ok, "Red Bull gave me wings and I flew into the ceiling fan" - that cracked me up - made my day!

Dammit Wil! I sound like Patric on one the episode of All good things on TNG when hes yelling at Jonathan that he isn't going crazy. Anyways I like seeing things from the creative side of your brain. Hope to see something from you soon and good luck.

Keep those fires going, but don't set yourself on fire! Take time our to play.

I could never leave :-)

Wil, it's been a fun ride. Thanks for making all of us feel like we were a little part of it.

Thanks to your efforts, everyone here can say they have a celebrity uncle.

Eric B

As if we would even think about leaving. Face it...you are stuck with us forever.

Hey WiL!
What happened to AudBlog posts? I really liked listening to them. It was probably one of my favorite sections


Zack makes an excellent point. Audblogs rawk! You could talk to us while you put your poker in a fire or whatever...

First of all, I'd also like to say I would never abandon this site. It's one of my favorite sites to check on. Secondly, I'd like to say I agree with Zach and Abby about the audblog...I miss those terribly as well! Good luck with whatevers going on right now. Hope to hear from you again soon!

Links are fun, but right now focus on what you need too, we ain't going anywhere bro. ;)

Strike while the iron is hot!

Hmmm...while I applaud your busy schedule and await news of what happens next with you, Sir Wil, I wonder at the link today....is that guy who writes it 17 or what? I don't think I've heard anyone over that age use the word "fag" in some bizarre derogatory way so many times in a row...although I'm hoping he is satirizing the guys who do use fag as an insult in chatrooms...it's just weird...does anyone else who tunes in here get tired of that homophobic crap that seems to be the only way people think they can be funny? That said, have to add, Wil, I've recently seen a couple of vintage TNG episodes that feature you, and man you can act. It's great the way those episodes hold up so well. I know you're into the cool writing trip now but I do hope there is more acting stuff coming your way.

Wil, I hope a number of them lead to substantial (and paying) work. Furthermore, that one leads to steady, longterm work. Job security can make up for the occasional bad script.

Hopefully, these irons in the fire will be forged into awesome stuff...

Linkage is good. We'll stick around. =)

Enjoyed the link but would enjoy an audioblog better, and if you don’t do one soon, you fag, I’m gonna take that iron and shove it right up your…….. like I said, enjoyed the link.

I agree an audblog once in a while would be awsome. And the links are good (not as good as the real thing but they will do in a pinch). And it's nice that you consider your readers and still put up something while you have a life outside of writing for our enjoyment.

Take your time, I know what it's like to be too busy, focus is good, and if that means shelving us that's cool. We may get a little dusty but we can hang for a while.

P.S. Dam you for getting that INXS song stuck in my head.

It's all about conditioning, Wil. We're no better than rats at the feeder bar. (Check out http://web.sbu.edu/psychology/lavin/Marc%20and%20Krista%20fi%20120.htm )

:) Sue

Hey don't worry about it, I haven't had time to come here for almost a year now so I've got a LOT to catch up on! Missed seeing a fresh point of view though!

It's funny - I was just thinking that I wish we could ask Wil questions and he could pick one every once in a while to respond to.

Now, 5 minutes later, I see Uncle Willie is at a loss for material. So, here goes.

Are you planning to see A Perfect Circle on this leg of the tour?

(Of course, I'm hoping for some creative response that discusses the differences in APC and Tool and all that - but you're the writer.)

-- Chad

I read this article a couple of days ago. My friend Robert @ retroCRUSH has gotten many a wonderful e-mail from those friendly toughguy ICP fans.

"Then I added, "never forget" and said the Pledge of Allegiance because every time I see the numbers "911" I think of the tragic day when Dale Earnhardt crashed the Challenger space shuttle into the Twin Peak Towers.." I know it's bad, but this quotes sticks out in my mind. It's just such a funny mismash of true events.

I don't know how the people at SomethingAwful continue to come up with such hilarity week after week. Good stuff all around. Thanks for the link.

just let me know if you need me to ghostwrite on WWDN for you...i'm quick...i'm easy...and i'm cheap...just keep doing what you're doing...you seem to be on quite a roll...when i first visited WWDN a couple of years ago you were not the happy camper you seem to be now...i'm so glad for you that you have so many irons in the fire...ain't it great being busy!

Perhaps one of those pokers in the fire is a certain geocache with your name on it? :-)

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