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fish on -- part one

The phonecam art show I was in was called SENT, and it was at the Standard hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The building used to be the headquarters for an oil company, or an accounting firm, or something like that, and the new owners have held on to just enough of the steel and marble architecture of its former identity to give it a space-age, ultramodern feel. Think Tomorrowland in about 1978.

My wife and kids were out of town, so my friend Burns came with me to the show. We hung out and talked with lots of people, but after a couple of hours, I got antsy.

"Do you have to get up early tomorrow?" I said.

"No. I'm going to the Dodger game at 1," he said.

"Want to get out of here and go play cards?"

"Are you finally taking me to Odessa?"

"No. It's Saturday, so it's a dance club tonight," I said. "I hear it gets pretty crazy."

"Plato's retreat crazy?" He said.

"You stole that from my blog!" I said.

We both laughed.

"Let's go to Commerce," I said.


While I said goodbye to Sean Bonner, one of the curators of the show who is also a very good friend, this über hot girl who I was convinced had been giving me "the look" all night walked up to us.

"Can I ask you something?" She said. I held my breath.

If she says, "Didn't you used to be an actor," I'm jumping out the window.

"Sure," I said.

She looked at me with deep, blue, swimming pool eyes and said, "How did you get into this show?"

I exhaled, and pointed to Sean. "I know the curator."

Sean laughed. "He's also a pretty good photographer."

"Well, I liked your pictures. Especially the one of your speedometer."

My brain furiously looked for double entendres, so I could have a beer drinkin' story to share with the guys.

"Oh, really?"


"Thanks," I said.

"You're welcome," she said coyly, as she turned, and walked away.

"Goddamn," Burns said. "How come girls don't talk to me like that?"

"Because you're not married." I said.

I faced Sean. "Thanks for letting me be part of the show. We're taking off to play poker."

"Are you going to Odessa?"

I shook my head. "No. It's a dance club on Saturday nights."

"I hear it gets pretty crazy on Saturdays," he said.

"Plato's Retreat crazy?" I said.

"Are you quoting your own blog?" Burns said.

"Yes. Yes I am."


We said goodbye, and walked to the elevator.

"That was pretty good," I said. "From the moment we decided to leave to the actual leaving, only ten minutes elapsed."

"That's got to be some kind of record," Burns said, as we quickly descended forty feet to the first floor.

"This place would be very cool," he said as we crossed the hipster-filled lobby, "if it wasn't for all the hipsters."

He was right. We navigated our way around several Von Dutch shirts, and into a cloud of clove smoke just outside the door.

"I guess ten is prime time for the place on a weekend," I said.

"Looks like it," Burns said.

We hooked around the corner of the building, onto Flower street, and down a steep driveway and into the parking garage. A neon sign flashed "PARK" then "HERE" on a red wall.

"I keep expecting to walk into Quincy, or Rockford, or one of those guys here."

"I don't think this is James Garner's type of place," he said.

"No, but this garage is right out of 1980. I bet you the A*Team would have parked their van in here." I said.


We got into my car, and headed to the freeway. The click clack of stacking chips was already in my ears as we drove away.


This entry is soooo funny. I think you're right about the whole "Why don't girls girls talk to me like that?" "Because you're not married." That is probably totally true. Anyhew, I love the "Plato's retreat crazy?" too. Great entry Wil. Brilliant, just brilliant.

The A-Team huh?

For ten points what show replaced it?

And your an uber geek if (like me) you actually liked that show.

Hey Wil, I was directed to your blog by a friend who said you're smart and funny--and she was right. She didn't mention you're a good writer. I'll have words with her later about this.

Also diggin' your geekitude.

Congrats on the show and the new book.

There's good reading here so, to quote the big man, I'll be back.


I think its very cool that the über hot girl did not say "Didn't you used to be an actor?" I bet she knew you were, but also knew that you are human as well. I agree with the über hot girl though, I as well like your pictures. The one of your speedometer is really cool. Too cool Wil...wish I lived in California, so I could have went. Looks like it was great.

Came early for my shot of geekness for the day.
And got it!
Yeah for the A-Team!

woohoo! a poker entry! more, wil, more!!

Quoth Jeremiah:
"The A-Team huh? For ten points what show replaced it?"

And I say Pah! The A team is irreplacable. Peppard, Benedict, Dwight Shultz...

Ditto Battlestar Galactica!

WSOP Episode #2 tonight... wil's got a new poker post going... life is good!!

And about that speedometer double entrende... um... maybe she was wondering how fast you were? Okay, I'm stretching here...

Hey, I just found your site and have been enjoying it immensely. I think it's great that you're willing to be so open and share bits of yourself like this. If I run into you someplace, I'll be sure not to mention that I was in love with Wesley as a teen. :-)

Sorry to be so repetitive, but love the speedometer shot.

Also, I love the fact that you're so open about your geekiness. Maybe if more geeks came out of the closet we really would inherit the Earth.

Quoth Wil:

"Goddamn," Burns said. "How come girls don't talk to me like that?"

"Because you're not married." I said.

If I weren't so completely satisfied in my marriage, I'd go cry in a beer because of that 100% true fact.

I can't wait for Fish On -Part 2. I swear I have become addicted to Wil's blog!


Next time, I'm in.

As it turns out, Joel's game sucked for me.

I love it when you post stories like this, Wil. They totally rock.

it's all wil's fault. i am now officially addicted to the world series of poker and the celebrity poker challenge.


grr... why don't we have an "Odessa" here?

great start... I look forward to .. the rest of the story. ;)

I was addicted to WSoP long before I discovered WWdN...my first year was when Robert Varkonyi came out of nowhere and took the title. He was so geeky, he reminded me of an ex-boyfriend. ;) Missed last year, due to not having cable :( but glued to the screen for this year. I didn't realize there were so many tournaments within WSoP; caught part of a 7-card stud match over the weekend and had to explain the game to the spouse (he's learned Texas Hold 'Em from watching the TV shows, I learned Stud from my older brother while my mom was working on Saturdays).

What does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing...

Wow... when I saw the title, I had a feeling this was a poker entry.

I was at Commerce on Sunday. Didn't finish ahead, but it reminded me how much worse the players are than at the small poker room I normally play at. I really have to make the trip to LA more often for it.

Very well-written. Slimy, yet satisfying. (jk) Anyway. I just wanted to say that I really find it disarming how you approach the fact that you still think girls are hot even though you are married and you enjoy having them flirt a little with you... even tho you seem to handle it like a geek. (Which is really cute). It makes me feel good cuz I can feel your fidelity oozing through the screen and it's great! Helps me think that some men might have a few ounces of decency left in them.

Hey Wil and all us monkeys...

Years back when the Bicycle Club was still new... I heard stories that some teams of cheaters were to be rather common at the card tables. And since I don't speak any language but English [sad especially 'cause I'm half Korean and my high school French teacher's efforts were ultimately in vain.] I, like others wouldn't be able to catch the verbiage and/or hand signals from guys standing behind me to a guy or guys playing my table.

Any idea if that goes on? And is the Commerce Casino a much more legit place, compared to smaller card clubs in L.A.?

Thanks much,


A-Team ran from Jan 1983 to March 1987 on NBC. Despite the March 1987 eps most people feel that the Dec 30th 1986 eps was the ending of the show.
So that would have been a tuesday.

Looking at historical schedules agree that A-Team was on Tuesdays at 8, at least in 1985.... Tuesday at 8 in 1986 (when a-team only had half a season) and 1987 was Matlock. So I guess Matlock.

Now if you mean what repaced it that I would have watched on Tuesday nights.... well nothing else fits the bill for me: Who's the boss/Growing Pains or The Wizard(?) in 1986 and Houston Knights(?)in 1987.

So now you're adding "photojournalist" to your list of accomplishments, eh? What a Renaissance man.

Drag, I'll be stuck at Del Mar racetrack with my vacationing parents during your MystGalaxy signing day... That figures! =P

Looking forward to more poker content in part two. It irks me when friends of mine use the funnier part of my blog(s) and pass it off as their own brilliant conversation. Oh well. If it wasn't worth stealing, it wasn't worth much.

great entry. i wondered if you'd stop at Commerce as I drove by it on the way home. hope you had fun and at least won your gas $$ back. my boss practically lives at CC and the Bike. I occasionally hear stories...


"this place would be very cool if it wasn't for all the hipsters." i live in chapel hill, and that is true of every bar i hang out in.
i love this blog. and, just so you know, i went to Borders and both of the Barnes and Nobles and asked about your book. but i'm going to get it from my friend's comic book store. :)

hehe I LOVE that little part where your friend burns gets jelious. There needs to be a building for Geeks in geek style. ;-)

Man I miss living in California where there is a nightlife which consists of more than bar life. Poker nights are fun and sounds like you enjoy them a lot! I love the fact you are a geek. I grew up on Star Trek the first series and The Next Generation and Wesley was a great character - even though he seemed like he needed to get laid because he was so uptight all the time! LOL! I haven't found your book in any Canadian bookstores so I'm just going to have to get my ass in gear and order it from AMAZON.COM. Thanks for your candid views into life Wil - keep em coming!

The A-Team was entertaining because it was a bunch of crazy people doing crazy things.