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I'm in an art show called SENT that opens this Saturday.

SENT is a phonecam show, featuring work from a very eclectic group of people, and I'm honored and lucky to be part of it. I've always wanted to work with Weird Al and Glen E. Friedman, and this is probably the closest I'll ever get . . . so I'm going to enjoy it. The images I sent (har) are very different from what you usually see in my moblog, and I think they mostly don't suck.

The opening reception is free, and it would RULE if WWdN readers came out to share the love.

Here's the info:

Date: Saturday, July 10.

Time: 7-10 PM

Location: The Standard Hotel 550 South Flower Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

The exhibition runs from the 10th until the 17th.


Cool that you are a part of that Wil wish I could attend :)

Cool that you are a part of that Wil wish I could attend :)

Congrats on being included in the show! Since I don't live anywhere near LA, I'll just send over some "feel good" mojo in that direction. :^)

Oop! I didn't think that'd post twice since it gave me an error the first time I tried posting, sorry about that.

Wait a minute, I'm the first post! Woooo!!!!1 Finally after years I've made it! I am totally teh geek now :D

I'll come to your show if you come to mine next time you're in San Diego ;)

When are you going to do something in the Bay Area so your peeps there can see you?

Sure, I'll show up. Well, that is, if you send me the airline tickets. 1st Class tickets. Also, a hotel room would be nice. Not a motel, a hotel. A WWdN reader needs to go in style, right? I'd also really like a steak dinner. I understand you grill a mean steak. Or was that someone else? I get so confused, there are so many blogs.....

Oh, and if the hotel room puts cream and sugar on the coffee stand, I'm gonna trash the place.

Oh, ok, so I'm not going to make it. Darn.

Hope it turns out well for you.

That sounds cool! Have an awesome time. I'd totally be there, were it not for the, um, pacific ocean and all.

I'll be there. Heard about it through Steve Diet Goeddes and I just happen to be making a trip down there this weekend anyway for a shoot. So Yay! SDG, Wil Wheaton and Weird Al. Rock on!

Hey - can you send it to my phone?

Hmmm...I can go. Maybe I will. Don't forget that the work of the wonderful Warren Ellis will be there too. And Weird Al!

Hiya, Wil.
I looked @ the SENT pics, which are indeed very nice, and I was struck by this thought...
Is there any chance that your fellow artist credited as Meeno is Meeno Peluce, who I vaguely remember as being Soleil Moon-Frey's brother?

Wil, that's really cool! If I didn't live down South, I'd be there!

serafina - yep, that's him.

Damnit! I still don't live anywhere near close enough to go , and that really looks like a great show... but I went to the site before you posted this and it says that they are posting the show on the website simultaneously to the live show if I am not mistaken.. so that will have to do for me!

Can't wait to see all the entries.

Sure would be nice to go for once though.

I'm so lame because this is totally unrelated, but your book arrived in a nice box from amazon.com today and I couldn't be happier! =D

Hey Wil! I don't suppose you make it to Arkansas very often do ya? Well, I sure would come down and show love if you are ever over this way. So that means I'll se you like...never. :) Your photo rocked. That was smart techie thinking.

Anyway, on a different note, I was hoping you'd share with the WWdN readers about how well the book auction did. If you ever get a break you should post it. Best of luck in all you do.

[email protected]

Interesting concept. Congratulations on being invited. That's so cool! Makes me want a phone cam.

Since they list the invited artists in alphabetical order, you're listed right before Weird Al.

Are you going to tell us how they decided to invite you?

Whoa, your link goes to the SENT site and the SENT site has a link back to your site. How circular!

Dude, you're in an art show with Weird Al? How cool is that!!!!

Pretty cool, I'd guess. If you can get a picture of the two of you together and post it, that would be almost as odd as the photo I have of Alice Cooper and Salvador Dali together.

Is it just me or is technology just getting a little out of control? I mean, a gallery for the first photocam art show? An art show for pictures taken using a mobile? WHat?
BUT good luck with it will, I'm sure your photos will whip the little asses of everyone else!

Wil, please check your e-mail. Sent you some timely news concerning Gmail4Troops - with a scanned attachment.

This sort of thing makes me almost wish I lived closer to California. Almost! Congrats on getting the pics in the show. I checked out some on the moblog and they are really pretty cool.

Hey Wil, since JAG is almost out, get O'Reilly to send you on a little book signing tour. I'll come out to show the love if you come to Cleveland for sure! My copy on order at Amazon says it's gonna ship on the 9th. I cannot wait!!!!


Sounds interesting! Would love to see it myself. Ah, but I live too far away! *sigh*

Hey do you know if Todd Louiso has a blog? :)

Cool beans, Wil! Love the pics. Wish I could go, but since I live, ya know, IN MICHIGAN... you get the idea... :P LOL... Have fun!

So when are you coming on tour up to Washington?


Congrats dude! Your writing is 10 times the level of creativity you get through your acting! (Not saying you're a bad actor, but you are a supreme author!)

BTW: You ever get gentoo installed?

Don't want to sound like a broken record, but...

When do the East Coast Monkeys get to share the love?

Other than that, congrats on making the exhibit, Wil! All I get on my camera phone are hotties and rednecks doing stupid things. Once I caught a guy driving a truck with an "I (heart) Sheep" sticker on the bed cap. Scary creepy.

Now, I'm off to the small-town festival to rot in the sun for 6 hours...

ohhhhhh, someone else sent that link to me as well (i am fairly certain they got it from your website) and it is extremely fascinating to look at. Some of these pictures are better than what I take with my camera. And then there are those that are just fantastic. I liked yours, it was glowy and shiny in the dark... I like glowy and shiny things.... mhmmm shiny... erm yes I mean...

I wish I could attend the gallery as I really enjoy multimedia art, but it's all the way over there! *points across the continent* so I will have to stick at ogling at the pictures online.... oh well...

i'm going to stop rambling now,

Thought you'd like to know about this, Wil (in case you don't already)


I'm definitely going to try to make it, Wil. So very cool that would be!

(Okay, that's some weird syntax right there...)

Woo hoo.
Finally an event that I knew about ahead of time and can go to!

FYI: Boing Boing has an entry about the SENT show, some pics from invited artists, and a link back here. Good stuff....

Hey Wil, represent the VW love! :)

Wish I could see the rest of your photos. Pretty cool to be featured with Weird Al and all those others!