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midnight ravers

I've heard from tons of WWdN readers that Just A Geek is shipping from Amazon, and is also starting to show up in stores!

I also found out from my publisher that at O'Reilly dot com, they've put up an entire chapter of the bookthat you can download and read, and print out, and feed to your pet turkey.

I got my author copies a few weeks ago and, contrary to what you may think, hardcover books are not the best choice for late-night cuddling . . . papercuts and — okay, I've said too much already.

I know that it's not the first time I've said this, and it certainly won't be the last . . . but I want to thank everyone who has read this lame website over the years, and everyone who supported Dancing Barefoot, and Just A Geek. None of this would have happened without you guys.

Rock. \m/


i was looking for it at super-walmart yesterday...not there yet.

i forgot to mention...i've got some influence at the local library...so next time i'm there, i'll demand that they get "just a geek"!

So when's the signing at Mysterious Galaxy? Eh? Eh? San Diego's not that far away...

I am beyond happy for you, Wil. The success with your book is nothing but deserved. I had my signed copy shipped from California somewhere after you did a reading I couldnt attend. Stupid east coast! Why must it be so far from the West??



Good work, Wil!

Sounds like things are purrin' along, Wil!! Congrats on your recent "successes" and hope there are many more to come! I'm ordering a copy tonight... : )

Take care,

We're putting together some signings right now.

So far, July 18th at Border's in Hollywood (Sunset and Vine) and August 6th at Powell's Technical Annex in Portland are confirmed.

We're working on a date with Mysterious Galaxy, as well as Vroman's in Pasadena.

(check out how I totally didn't geek out just now. :)

The UPS guy just dropped it off. Poor dude had a towel over his shoulder. It's been in the mid 90s all week, humid as hell, and since I amazoned your book I now have to live with the guilt of adding one more stop between Mr Ups and his hard earned Cold One. But it will be a good book, so I think I can live with that.

I GOT MY COPY!!!!!! (Amazon!)

Reading it now.


Wil Wheaton killed my pet turkey!

But in other news, great to hear about the copies coming onto Amazon Wil!

Might be easier for us Scots across the pond in Blighty to get hold of a copy now! :)

k thnx

Congrats!!! :) If you get a signing set up at Mysterious Galaxy, I will totally be there - it's just a block away from me! :)

Woo! I'm looking forward to receiving my copy so much. :D Now you need to come to Indiana for some face time, so I can get it signed. ;)


Darn it! We're going to miss you in Portland by a day. My wife and I are going to go visit Portland for the first time starting August 7th. A visit to Powell's is (of course) on the itinerary. Oh well. I'm ordering the book from Amazon now. Hope the signing goes well. We're from Sacramento, so maybe we'll catch you there or in the Bay Area. Good luck with the book tour.

Congratulations, Wil. Reading your site the last three years has been a pleasure.

Congrats, Wil! Just read the chapter that's available online, and predictably, I *cannot* wait to read the rest of what you've written. Just make sure to make it out to the East Coast for a signing or two, alrighty?

.. And THANK YOU, Wil, for providing this wonderful blog of yours over the years.

oh, go ahead and geek out wil...it's good for the soul!


I just want to say that the book was great. I got it Wed morning night and couldn't put it down. I was even reading it at work which lead my boss from Russia to aske how I knew about the "cool blogger." I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future.

Gee Wil,thanks for the excerpt. I guess it's fair to say that your book will be in a PDF format besides the hardcover and paperback version?

My copies of both Just a Geek and Dancing Barefoot arrived yesterday. Despite the fact that I was already reading Ovid, a Logic textbook, and Goblet of Fire, I'm about a third of the way through JAG already. I've laughed, I've cried, I've read bits to my s/o. I'd be done already if it weren't for that whole homework/sleep/class/work thing.

However, I can already definitively say that you rock.


*throws confetti*


*throws confetti*

Has anyone else had their preorders disappear from Amazon? I checked my pending orders today and it wasn't showing there anymore, nor had it shipped - it's just gone. Weird. Guess I'll have to reorder - don't want to be the last kid on the (virtual) block to get a copy. ;-)

semi-unrelated, but will you have any copies with you to sign at the SENT show? (I think I may go to that)

just wondering...

congrats and hope to see you soon

I want your book, but I'm buying a video game, sorry...
(- -)
( $ )\m/
@ @

Mine will be here in one hour. Comeon mail, hurry up!!!!

Wil, I'm really happy for you, and glad I could be a small part of what's clearly a life-changing experience.

I think this is the first big taste of a successful writing career.

See you in October, if not before.

Congratulations, Wil!
We'll be waiting patiently for you to make
your way out on Rt. 66 again!
Amanda in NM

we got a copy in the other day, good stuff! any signings in tx? :)


Congrats on the release of the book. I hope it does it well--I know I'll be getting a copy.

I'll bring a couple to SENT, lomara. Thanks for asking :)

wait, so who wrote the introduction?

Actually, as far as I had heard from our Area Marketing Manager, the signing at Borders in Hollywood has been moved to August 15..... You may want to check with "your people" to confirm, this is the new date I have been given....

I'm hosting the event, so I super-stoked! Can't wait to meet you and read Just a Geek!

Yup yup! I got mine yesterday and I was getting ready for bed when I thought, "Well, I just read the intro and see what Neil said." 30 minutes later I was a couple chapters in and didn't want to go to sleep. Damn you, Wil, for writing such compelling stuff in such a warm way! Okay, not really, thank you for writing such a great book and next time we need more words! More pages! ;)

WHOO HOO...just got confirmation that it was shipped. Can't wait to read it!!


Was that an option for purchase, or only your author's copies?

Yay! How exciting! Thank you for giving us the privelege to read some of your work, pre-edited and pre-published, here in your blog. :)

I'm upset. JAG arrived yesterday afternoon so I had to stay up until I finished reading it.

I almost missed my first class today because of you.

But the lack of sleep was SO worth it.

Wil, you so totally rock! Loved the sample chapter! I think I may have to take a long lunch tomorrow and go on a quest to find JAG!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Yesterday I was checking Borders online for a couple of textbooks (grad student-type stuff) and decided to check to see if JAG was in yet . . . finding out that my local store had a copy! I immediately rushed to the store, and after wandering around for a while to find it (they put it in the TV section for pete's sake! -- an O'Reilly book in the TV section?? What's next, the infamous Sendmail "Bat Book" being put in the cute furry animals section??!) I bought it, along with Richard Stallman's book to keep up the Geek theme. I spent the next day enjoying every page, footnote, and appendix in JAG and just finished it 30 minutes ago! All I can say is, WELL DONE . . . and keep writing you fool! This is GOOD STUFF (TM)!!


Mozel Tov Wil YOU deserve it.


It's really awesome to see "my publisher" and "O'Reilly dot com" in the same sentence!

A note for all you folks who love the book, please post good reviews on Amazon for Wil, it looks like some bozo is writing dumb reviews just to keep the rating down.

OK. I've been lurking for a while and not buying, but the sample chapter grabbed me, so I hit Amazon and bought both books. Excellent writing!

I think Katrina got the first boxer copy, but don't quote me on that. lol
Congrats on the release... I think it is going to be a hit.
Now I just have to figure out how to get my 'autographed' copy of JAG to match my Dancing Barefoot. :P

Any arizona cons coming up?

Amazon just informed me that my copy of JAG is on its way!!!! Woo hoo!!! I am also in the middle of reading Goblet of Fire (some Potter kid) but might have to put it aside for JAG!!! Already read the chapter up on O'Reilly's site.

Just too cool for words wil. Rock on!

Just how much a geek are you?

I went to a cool campground in rural New York last week. It was for a gathering of The Church of the SubGenius™ - X-Day, as we call it. When on July 5th, at precisely 7:00 AM, the pleasure saucers from Planet X (also known as the X-Ists) would come to rescue us from this cruel mudball Earth.

Naturally, we were duped by Bob again this year.

But in the meantime we all had a great time partying and slacking off. And as part of our yearly events, we held what is known as the Bulldada Auction - Items of semi-coolness that we feel comfortable parting with in the hopes that MAYBE the 7:00 AM arrival would happen.

Our auctioneer was none other than Dr. Hal Robins, the announcer from the SpikeTV show "Conspiracy Zone" with Kevin Nealon. Dr. Howll also is the voice in the game "Half-Life", which I'm sure you've played before.

And one of the items we auctioned this year was a 1975 original Gary Gygax DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS set. (I asked if it came with a +1 mace, sadly no it didn't)

I know that if YOU been there to see it be auctioned, you would no doubt have pulled five $100 bills right from your pocket and handed them to Dr. Howll personally to have that classic D&D game all for yourself.

I forget exactly who bought it, but it went for around $10 - I know you must be kicking yourself now over such a travesty in the collectible RPG market. I doubt we'll see another of those original 1975 D&D sets again for any future bulldada auctions, Those are scarcer than hen's teeth.

My copy of JAG arrived Tuesday.. Somebody at Amazon must like me.

Well, I've gotten a chance to read -- and finish -- the book. (Good reading for the 4th of July weekend.) The writing style is what I've come to expect: very smooth, easy to read. (Took me about 7 hours to read, and that wasn't even "speed" reading. The book deserves a closer look than that.) The blog entries sprinkled in make the book easily relatable to anyone who's read the site for any length of time.

(By the way, if your life was populated with characters from LOTR -- Sean Austin not withstanding -- would your mom be Galadriel? She sure sounds like it, save for the whole "Dark Queen" thing. But I digress...)

Overall, kudos. Easy to read, enjoyable, and a good chronicle of your personal growth. Rather interesting biography, insofar as the genre is concerned. Any signings planned in FL? (Should I be looking somewhere on the site for this 411?)

Lame? LAME? Wil, your website is, by far, one of the most interesting and entertaining reads on the internet. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of "some guy who disappeared from STTNG". But I stuck it out for a couple of days, and I found myself laughing along with you, sympathizing with you, hoping with you, crying with you...

In short, you are one of the very few writers I've found that has the courage to say what you REALLY mean, what you REALLY feel. In that, you have earned my respect (in two days!), and you have inspired me to be better at everything I do.

I know calling your website lame was an attempt at self-deprecation, but as I'm certain any regular reader will tell you, while funny, it has not been true for a long time.

Keep up the excellent work.

so excited!!!

I've known that I wanted to get Just a Geek for a while now, but reading the chapter online confirmed it. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for letting us all know it was out there.

I was going to mention that today to everyone. I work for B&N in Chicago, webster place store. I will make sure we have plenty of copies of it and will be promoting it proudly. Go to your local BN and order it we have plenty of copies. If you dont like BN go to Borders :)

I so can't wait to read it

I picked up my copy of JAG at Borders this past tuesday. I'm almost halfway through and it's great!

I ordered mine yesterday and already got the email saying that it has been shipped. I should expect to have it next week. And just two weeks after that I will be able to get it autographed in Vegas! rawk \m/

My B&N nearby said JAG wasn't coming out until August. I guess they were wrong. Well, I guess they won't be getting my business now :-) That reminds me, I have to write forum to tell them to have you on the show to promote the book.

If it wasn't good,we wouldn't read it.

my copy showed up today from the big A, which was very convenient since i'm sitting at home after undergoing some especially painful oral surgery yesterday. nice timing, wil! and i'm enjoying it much!

I got my copy from Amazon today and it is sitting on the side table, taunting me. I know that once I open it I won't be able to close it and I *must* get some work done tonight.

Sooo tempting...

Kudos... to the best seller's list... and beyond!

Amazon UK has it now

Not sure if it'll help, but I've just written a script that has posted it as a stock suggestion to 60 UK library websites.
Wil, if the book gets ordered by UK Library services and you find out, let us know?

I ordered mine 2 days ago togehter with a copy of Dancing Barefoot from amazon.de. I really would like to know how many Germans except for Patti and maybe Sonni buy this book.

That's some well-written stuff Wil. Good use of narrative with enough Wheaton-brand humour and emotion to make it feel real.

It was better than CATS... I'm going to read it again and again

I started reading the book the other day after receiving it from Amazon. It's hard to put down. I've also been listening to the Clinton book. The two provide an interesting juxtoposition, but I think Bill's book is a look back, while JAG is a look forward.

I'm really enjoying it!

Picked up my copy yesterday at Borders (northern Virginia). They had three copies, in the tv section (which threw me because I was looking in biographies. C'mon, Wil hasn't been on tv in decades, unless you count Spike.) Anyway, loving it even more than Dancing Barefoot. Putting in the unedited posts, then commenting on them in hindsight is a really strong format. And the part where you killed those hookers? WOW. Didn't see that coming. ;-)

And best of all, it's 700 pages shorter than Bill Clinton's new book.

Awesome news! I'll have to go check out my local bookstores today! Congrats!

Excellent! I read the sample chapter at the O'Reilly Web site and it was great.

Too bad the haters are already out at Amazon with some negative reviews. But don't let them get you down.

got JAG and DB from amazon yesterday. was on my way out to eat and the UPS guy flagged me down (yeah, he's been to my house so often he recognized my car LOL). took JAG into the restaurant and didn't get a chance to read anything because of all the people asking about the book. how cool is that!

add another vote for a booksigning in tx...someplace central would be nice. hmmm...dallas maybe? (i know a great little bar where a certain authour could get a few free pints *wink*nudge*)

great job wil!!!!

Wil - I rec'd my copy of JAG yesterday! I cant wait to dive in...and how cool is it that you have published a hard cover book!? Yes, its not cuddly on the outside, but I have a feeling it will be cuddly on the inside! Well done, and yay for you! :)

Yes! I got my copy in the mail yesterday and stayed up until 2 a.m. reading it. I've already cried once while my husband stared at me like I was crazy. Maybe I am. . .
Amazing book so far. I wish I didn't have to come into work today or I would've finished the rest of it. It's just what I was hoping it would be. Great job!

Hey Wil,

I have spent the last few nights reading (into the wee hours) Just A Geek and I LOVE it! I can't wait for another book, Wil! :)

I bought Dancing Barefoot about a month ago (finally!) and was reading it while visiting my mother. For years, she has really disliked William Shatner based on interviews and such, even to the point where she wouldn't let me watch Rescue 911 as a kid because he was such a "jerk." So when I got to the part about WFS, I made her read it (and the rest, too!)and since then she has referred to him only as "WFS" (the full name, of course) and probably forever will. :)

Thanks for making this girl's mom suddenly really cool. :)

Oh yes, I was reading through the comments and was reminded of the awesome introduction. I can't believe I forgot to mention how cool it is that Neil Gaiman did that for your book. Incredible. I am such a huge fan of his. And now both of you in the same book. . . I really should have skipped work to finish it. I hate being a grown up.

congrats Wil. You continually impress me with your myriad of talents and projects.

Is a spoken work CD of rap songs on the horizon?

(Futurama/Star Trek reference for those who saw THAT episode.)

That's awesome Wil.

I haven't had a chance to pick up Dancing Barefoot yet, but with my birthday coming up maybe I can convince someone to pick up both books for me.

Keep up the awesome work Wil, I know you have inspired alot of people to reach for their goals.


Most of the negative reviews at Amazon are being slammed by readers as "not useful," so I would not worry about that. A lot of us can relate to auditions gone bad (in my specific case, job interviews since I am not an actor), and not being appreciated by management.

Hope to see you at a book signing sometime soon in the DC area.

And call Sean Astin if you haven't already done so...

I just got my copy yesterday, and I can't wait to dive in. I look forward to seeing you at a book signing in the great northwest. Congrats on getting your second book out. I think that is just about the coolest thing, and I aint even blowing smoke up your a** either. Good luck on your next one.

wil, i've already blown through half of 'just a geek' and i am quite impressed. you really set the bar with 'dancing barefoot' and 'just the geek' easily makes good on your first (second? first and a half?) book's reputation. congrats!

I received my copy from Amazon yesterday, the order form said Paperback, but I received the Hard Cover. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Keep up the good work and good luck with the book.

'Tis an awesome book, Quadrupleyoo.

Yay Wil! *claps* I can't wait to get my copies!

Got mine yesterday from Amazon and read the intro (freakin' Neil Gaiman! Sweet), the forward and the first chapter. I had to quit because I'm in the middle of another book I want to finish but I'm chomping at the bit to start back up again. So far it's a great read.

Congratulations Wil. This is just the start of a long writing career.

I got my copies of "Just a Geek" and "Dancing.." from Amazon yesterday. Why do new books smell so good? The fresh, crisp never-been-cracked-open smell rivals that of New Car.

I had way to much fun last night, reading bits of both books and watching DVD's of "The Prisoner" at the same time. My geek cup runneth over.

Don't forget the East Coast when you're thinking of book signings, Wil. We on the right side of the country want to fawn over you too.

Congratulations Will! Break the mold!

This is too cool.

Kindly advice, buy 'em from independent sellers!!

In Tacoma/Pierce County give King's Books a call. John or Pat (used to work at Powell's and now have their own slice of heaven here) should be able to order it for you.


I'm about halfway through, and enjoying every bit. You really convey your emotions well in this, and I have no problem feeling happy, angry, sad, etc right along with you.

Good work so far, Wil.

I too just got my copy of JAG yesterday, and forced myself to wait til lunchtime today to start reading it - 'cause I knew if I started last night, I wasn't going to make it in to work today. Awesome stuff! However, the back cover pic makes me wonder just HOW MANY FRIGGIN' GEEK POINTS do you HAVE???? :)


I just received my copy of "Just a Geek" today and hope to read and finish it over the weekend. I wrote a quick note to ask you a question but received a response that your mailbox is full. You must be getting lots of e-mail about your new book!

Do you plan on offering your new book in audiobook format? Say for download from audible.com?

Congrats again, and best wishes --



I read the free chapter from O'Reilly's web site and I am hooked. Your writing is amazing and I feel like I am there with you. I used to do some auditioning when I was little (I'm in law school now), and your description of THAT ROOM with the harsh lighting (and poor acoustics) really brought back some memories.

If your book is in stores I'll pick it up as soon as I get home. :-)


Dude, Got it on Wed, and it rules! I can't put it down. I can't eat, can't sleep, must read the book. in fact, right now as I type, I'm drawn back to the geek... gotta go.. read now, type later! Great work!


The problem with the book is that it arrived yesterday. Does my boss understand that I need to be home reading? No. Does he understand that I'm tired because I was up late reading the book. No. Why don't these people have their priorities right?

I'm having fun reading JAG. Your writing style is so relaxed and casual and inviting that it's like being wrapped in a blanket of words.

But we need a book signing in So Cal!

Great writing! I'm just sorry that getting your feelings hurt at an audition is an entire chapter.

I just received an announcement from Amazon telling me to order this book. More interestingly, was why they sent it:

"We've noticed that customers who have purchased {I'm Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking} also purchased books by Wil Wheaton." That's Alton Brown, of Good Eats. Nice company to keep!


A while back you said something about a "virtual signing" or an online signing where we could download your signature and paste it (literally) in our book. Is this still a possibility? Please let us know.

Thanks ! ! !

Freeman :)

Amazon has confirmed that they've sent mine - woohoo! Unfortunately I'm out of town for the weekend, so I'll have to wait until Monday.

HIya Wil, Two great things happened today! I got cast in a movie and your books arrived from Amazon! Guess what I'll be doing in my off time!

Congrats to you and ME!


I got mine today from the UMD bookstore! It is stylin', and I fangirled all over the place. The poor bookstore man thrust it at me and ran away.

I was very happy to see the Amazon.com email that mine shipped...I went ahead and ordered it from there instead of through my library discount in case you get more moolah that way...

Either way, I'm *demanding* my library order a copy.

Congratulations Will!

I haven't been able to buy the book yet, but Chapter 9 made me tear up. I can't wait to read the rest. Congratulations!

WOW Wil,

Chapter 9 is great. I can't wait to read the rest of the book. My only disappointment is that I have to wait a month until my birthday, because I'm sure someone will be getting it for me then.


Hi Wil,

Great book. I got an advance copy last week (I work for a book chain) and read it avidly over the holiday weekend. You've got some good stories, but the way you tell them makes them even better. Thanks for sharing the other side of cons that we fans don't usually hear or see, and the daily reality of a working actor in Hollywood. Must go and see if I can catch some reruns of TNG this weekend.

Hope all is well with your family and good luck with parenting teenagers...


Mine arrived in today's mail! Greatly looking forward to some reading time this weekend...

Congrats, Wil.

Dammit, Bordersstores.com says it's NOT in at my store. Fine, it shows up at everyone else's...

This won't stop me from going there in person and then hitting the indie bookstore looking for it, mind you, but still! I wanted to buy it in person for instant gratification!

just a geek is #32 on the amazon.ca hot 100 list.

song of susannah is #79.


Apparently, your art show is a big deal:

Click Here

I'm on the East Coast, I so wish I could go!


I got my copy a couple days ago and been devouring it. So here's what I wanna know: Wil Wheaton's NOT edgy??? Are they SERIOUS? A guy who openly writes a blog, and then a book, about how he chats with porn star Asia Carrere, smokes cigars,says "fuck!" like it was an everyday word, gambles, and has the balls to call somebody William Fucking Shatner to everyone who will listen? What else do they want? Do drugs? Beat your wife? Turn into Whoopi Goldberg ripping the President?

Cheers and congrats, I like the book.


Just received JAG from UPS today. I ordered directly from o'reilly, and was very pleased that the book was hardcover. I was expecting softcover. I haven't gotten past the intro yet, but I expect it to be a wonderful read!

JAG is #47 on amazon.com


Okay, I posted a quick note somewhere around eight hours ago, after my boook arrived.

I finished it ten minutes ago, with tears in my eyes.

You just plain rock, Wil. It's a terrific book.

Hopefully I will find more coherent things to say over the next few days as I try to blog and post about JAG everywhere I can think of. Then it's a list of people to hound into buying their own copies.

/descends into wibbling, between the late hour and the emotional riot

I'm posting on WilWheaton.net. I can't believe this. Wil, rock on chicago.

Oh yeah. See, I don't have Credit Cards, and most book stores around here say (much to my personal dismay) "Who?" when I as about Wil's books. So, I butter up my boss, pass him the dough, and have him get them for me online. That's how I got Dancing Barefoot.

Well, tonight, I was prepping to do just that for JAG, when I went to Amazon.com to get the specifics. And what did I see at 4am EST?

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 47

Rock. On. Wil! \m/ You SO deserve this, man. I think it's safe to say that Wil Wheaton is back with a vengance. Read the review by mez2112 from Pittsburgh. You might need to call Logjamming and beef up the bandwidth a tad: looks like you're gonna end up with plenty of new blog readers.

And just think. This 15 minutes, you made for yourself. Yeah, the WWdN folk helped, but YOU gave us the reason to BE WWdN Faithful. You have a brilliant career ahead of you...

i just read the chapter you can DL at o'reilly.

fucking brilliant.

I can't wait to get this book.

Congrats! I wanted you to know that here in Sonoma County, CA, I attended a play last night, and what was the first thing I saw when I opened up the program?
A half-page ad with my favorite blogger from O'Reilly dot com, advertising JAG.
I was so excited for you.
Way to go!

I ordered my copy from Amazon, and it said that it would be in paperback. I was extremelly happy when I received it today and it was in hard back, though the invoice still said paperback.

It looks wonderful Wil, and I am looking forward to sitting down tonight to read it.

Marinda Darnell
Northern Indiana Cell Leader for Steve Jackson Games
MIB # 1010

Wil, are you selling your book at the Las Vegas convention?? I would rather buy it from you in person if I can. We loved your reading so much last year that we couldn't wait to meet you and get Dancing Barefoot.

Great to see some good news about your book. Anyone who reads the web site should like the book. Good Luck!



Glad to hear about your two books being published. Knew you had in you, was just waiting for the rest of the world to find that out. Now if you could explain Linux to me. :)

Ok got a bunch on order for my store so I cant wait till I get it next week. Unfortunately the display code for B&N says to put it in the Star trek section. So if you go to B&N look for JAG go to the Star Trek section. I'm meeting with the buyers in a couple of weeks so I'm hoping I can convince them to move it to Biography where it should really go or if you know of a better spot let me know.
So excited about reading it since I loved Dancing Barefoot.
sean in Chicago

I think that everyone should go to amazon.com and post a review. Make it 5 stars and stick it to those jerks that write the stupid reviews.

Just my 2 cents


Is JAG available as an eBook? It's just that getting stuff shipped to Oz takes forever...

They're here???


Now when are you going to start your book tour? I scour the L.A. Times Book Review every Sunday so I won't miss it!

Way to go, Wil!


I'm really looking forward to reading JAG after thoroughly enjoying DB. But, does anyone know why Amazon UK says "Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks"? Are they shipping JAG by boat now?

This is not totally related to this comment, but I tried to donate my gmail to the troops about a month ago, and haven't heard back from them. They said they'd e-mail me when someone needed one. So, what's up with that?

I just got back into town, and JAG was here. Whoo!

Mine arrived last week and I am super happy. I am very impressed by forward by Neil Gaiman. Wil, that is crazy, big time stuff. Very impressed and happy you had a non-Trek star write the intro. Although it would have been equally cool to have William F'ing Shatner.

I am enjoy this book just as much as I enjoyed the first.

I went to Borders and they had 1 hardcover copy way in the back corner of the store. I asked if they had paperback yet and they said that it was the only copy in the store. (the borders website said that paperback was already available).

I went to B&N and they weren't getting any copies for another 3 days.

Our copy of JAG arrived last Wednesday. Love the back cover. \m/

Grats Wil! Looking forward to your next work!

Once again, I convinced the e-tailer I work for to stock it.

And again, I brought a copy.

I downloaded and read chapter 9 of JAG. Geez! Wonderful story! I can't wait to read the rest of the book. You HAVE to do a book tour in L.A.!!! I want mine signed!


You rock, Wil!


Bravo Wil! I finished my book last night, stayed up late 2 nights in a row to finish it. You have done a wonderful job with this book, I sincerely hope there will be another! My husband kept looking over at me while I was reading it because I kept laughing out loud. I don't often react to books outloud, and I am a bookaholic. You have come a long way, reap the rewards, you done good! Oh, and call Sean, I think you underestimate the power of friendship. Sean always strikes me as a sincere guy, he probably really would love to re-establish your friendship. If you are ever in Florida for a signing, I'll be there!

Got it last week at my local Borders. Read it in a day. Wonderful book! It really made me think back alot to times in my life growing up as a geek but not wanting to admit it, and finally giving into it and becoming much happier.

I just posted a blog entry about Dancing Barefoot, which I really enjoyed:


Can't wait to read Just a Geek!

Dave C: E-tailers like Amazon often use phrases like "Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks" because they either decided not to stock to title or they sold out and the supplier is either a small publisher or known to be rather tardy in shiping their orders -- neither of which could be said about O'Reilly, so I don't know why Amazon uses that disclaimer in this case. Basically, they're making sure customers are prepared for a bit of a wait.

Kenny: as far as I can see there is no paperback edition available simultaneously with the hardcover - at least it's not listed anyhere I can find. Amazon often posts incorrect format info -- sowing seeds of confusion that quickly bloom as people request the non-existant edition in their local bookstores. I'm sure Wil can set the record straight on that point, though.


Wil, I loved the book! It is hard to wear you heart on your sleeve for all to see and you did a great job. It was easy to read and difficult to put down. I wish you well with your acting but in my mind, I think of you as an author. A brilliant author. Keep it up Wil, I'm sure there is lots more just waiting to pour out!

I got my copy last week and am about half-way through it. It's great! And my cats seem to like it, too. It must smell really good. Thanks for the great read!

Wil, I know you already have a ton of "congrats" to sift through - but please let me just add this big one to the list. Seriously - great job! I've been following your journey for quite some time now, and as an aspiring/struggling writer myself I will tell you again what an inspiration you are. I came into my office today to find my copy of JAG waiting for me and now I'm desperate to get out of here and start reading.

Way to go Wil - we are all so proud!

Hi Wil,
Loved the book! It's as good/better than Dancing Barefoot. I work for Powell's Technical Bookstore and can't wait to have you back in August. Your fans are some of the best we've seen.

Good luck!!

Yes, today I got my copies of JAG /and/ DB which I ordered together. I've only read the intro to JAG so far because I'm just home from work. I'm excited though and hope it's every bit as entertaining as your blog.

-- Eric

I just got my copy and I have now taken like 30 breaks at work today to read. Shhhh...don't tell on me. My day is almost over and I am halfway through the book. I can't wait to get home and finish it. I have really been touched by your honesty. I could never have imagine sharing this much of myself with anyone and that you are willing to do this makes you a truly special person. Thank you for writing it Wil. I can't wait to leave so I can finish it.

Would love to be able to buy your books Wil,
but I've just spent tons of money saving my dog's
life. Hopefully I will have some money soon.
Best Wishes

Nice cover, Wil!

Got my copy today and can't wait to read it. I'm reading TranceJen's book right now, as soon as I finish I'm going to devour yours.


I'm on page 87 of JAG. You're speaking about Aunt Val: "I remembered how tangible her love was, how forgiving and patient and tolerant she was..."

Your words are so similar to a phrase from the Bible: "Love is patient, love is kind; it is not jealous, it is not rude...love hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails." (1 Cor. 13:4-8).

Freeman :)


When JAG goes into its second printing, you may want to correct a typo I found on page 76: "Something that is really shitty for me right now, as an actor, is that I *have* don't have..."

Freeman :)

I saw O'Reilly's booth at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco at the end of June. They had 2 copies of your book on the shelves of books they were displaying. Sadly, they disappeared by Wednesday. :-(

I have pictures, e-mail paul at my domain (see the URL) for copies... I might have e-mailed them to you already. Don't remember exactly, Wil.

man Wil, what are you doing to me? You're a good guy with a sweet disposition. Why can't you be a heartless ditzy slimeball like all the stereotypes portray you actors as? Huh? Well???

Dude, if I had a film - you'd be in it! :)

(of course, I'd have to pay you in peanuts, but it's the thought that counts)



Just got my copy from Amazon yesterday. So, when's the mid-west book signing? I'll be there, even if I have to travel. Having total fan-girl time here since I opened the box!!

Way to go Wil. I am so damn proud of you.


I got it - read it in one sitting last night. What fun and what good reading.

For me, it is as if Icarus decided that flying was just as much fun as touching the sun and thusly skipped the sun part.

I just read the sample chapter and zipped over to Amazon to order both books. Wil, your life is cool and interesting; keep on doin' it :)

Got it Saturday, and even though I've been uber-busy, I'm already to Act III. I just wanted to thank you for writing it...I'm really enjoying it, and I'm telling everyone within earshot to buy the book!

Great Stuff Wil!
I read the chapter posted at O'Reilly and it was fabulous. I'll be ordering/buying my copy as soon as I can.

Congratulations and see you out there...

I read the book last night (Tuesday) and enjoyed it immensely. What I like about Wil's writing style is that his prose just flows, it's conversational like he's in the room talking to you.Also his little one liners are really funny like when he gets something right he reflects that he's really glad after all that he showed restraint and didn't stab his brain with a pen
all those times he felt unhappy with his decision making. Lets hope it's one of many more books from Wil!

I got my copy of JAG yesterday. It's hardback, not paperback. Sweet!!

I'm halfway through, and it's a great book.

Great jorb, Wil.

I have to admit... I did not know about blogs until a few months ago... and found out you had one just now. Will read more and congratulations on the book!

Look forward to reading it and visiting the site more.


i'm not going to write a i love u coz i don't. u had ur claim to fame and now its over. that's life get over it.

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