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the color of infinity in an empty glass

Back when I was promoting Dancing Barefoot, (which has gotten a really nice bounce in sales this last week -- I'm sure because of WWdN readers -- so thank you!) I talked about it a LOT on my site. Partly, that was because Barefoot-related things dominated my life at the time . . . but it was also because I've been told (and experienced firsthand) that books only sell as well as their authors promote them. This is the best way I have to promote my books on my own, so I'm going to do that in the coming months. I just want to be honest about that right now. If this sort of thing bugs you, stop reading now, and go check out the best combination since Gretzky and Kurri: They Might Be Giants and Homestar Runner. Seriously, you guys.

Still here? Okay. Here are a few mid-morning Geek things:

  • There's another excerpt from Just A Geek at California Authors dot com. I am a huge fan of California Authors, and it's very exciting to be mentioned by them.

  • I've been thinking a lot about how to describe Just A Geek, because I've already heard a lot of people (especially booksellers) mistakenly assuming it's a typical celebrity bio (it's really not. I worked very hard to avoid that trap, and I hope it's more David Sedaris than David Caruso) or a Star Trek book. I'm working hard to correct this misunderstanding (and hopefully reverse the "pushback" it's created), thusly: Just A Geek is as much a story about Star Trek as Stand By Me is a story about walking down train tracks to find a dead body — sure, it's part of the story, but it's not what the story is about. It's really a story about my journey from trying to be someone (or something) to please everyone else, to discovering that I'm happiest when I'm just myself — Just A Geek.

  • I hear that the major chains are shelving Geek in Television, or in Sci-Fi. I'm not too crazy about that, because I think it belongs in Biography. So if you're looking for it in Biography, and you can't find it, go look in Television. I'm trying to get them to move it, but so far I've been unsuccessful. And if you really want to help me out, you could ask for it, even if you already own it, or don't plan on buying it. That sort of customer inquiry filters back to Bookstore Mountain, and the Bookstore Overlords may decide to give it some better shelving in stores. If that happens, I'll . . . uh . . . well, I can't afford to buy everyone a cookie, so I'll just have to offer even more of my eternal gratitude :)

  • I have three confirmed readings and signings for August: August 6 at Powell's Technical Annex in Portland, August 15 at Borders in Hollywood (on Sunset and Vine! Cool!) and August 21 at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. I'm also working on a SUPER COOL event at the ACME. If that goes off well, I could end up with something very cool.

  • I'll be on The David Lawrence Show this Thursday from 7-10 PDT to talk about Just A Geek, and I'm sure I'll get to read some selections from it. I'll post all the specific information about it on Thursday.

That should do it for today. Thanks for listening! Go reward yourself with Corporate MoFo's hilarious explaination of The DaVinci Code. (I'll admit it: I read the DaVinci Code, and I enjoyed it. It's the first "popcorn" book I've read since Hunt for Red October) CMF wins a cauldron of bonus points, too, for working Frank Zappa and Frank Capra into the same column. Good work, Ken!


w00t! First post!

The ever important first post huh Pamster?

I really really need to go order myself a copy of "Just a Geek" I absolutely cannot wait to read it.


You're coming to Portland! YAY! That just made my morning :).

Glad you're coming to Portland! I stole my boyfriend's copy of "Just a Geek" before he got to read it and so far, its excellent.

I always thought a 'Television' section in the bookstore was a bit of a goof. Hope you get the placement you're pulling for soon.

I wish I lived in a cooler place. We always get screwed over in Norfolk, VA. Though Shatner showed up once for the first Star Trek convention I ever went to...I was only 10 and those people kind of scared me...


Anyway, I can't believe people would be that dumb to categorize it as any sort of typical literature. What I love most about the writing is that it is so honest and emotional...and there's no elitism in it.

I hope no one compares it to Star Trek Memories or I Am (or Not) Spock.

I just picked up the book at Powell's Technical this weekend, and read it all that same day. It was awesome. Truly. I seriously laughed and cried, and not in fake movie-promo way.

Anyway, I think they had it in the "internet culture" section or something like that. It took me a bit to find it. However, they had posters all over the freaking store about your appearance on the 6th. Oh, and they had Dancing Barefoot up right next to the register! Next to some Buckminster Fuller postcards. And when I bought it the guy said, "Hot off the presses!" all cheerfully.

Anyway, congrats on the book! It is great.

So, will you be making your way across the country? To, say, Boston? It is, of course, a very geek-filled area!

Just finished the book last night and loved it. Passing it off to my bf, who doesn't like Star Trek (except for singing the battle music from the old show) and doesn't read your site but really wants to read the book. Rock!

Cool. Thanks for the tip about that DaVinci Code thing. I read that book and enjoyed it, too... even though it was almost like a choose-your-own-adventure book. I really had it figured out pretty quickly, but it was still entertaining. :-) I'll follow that link later, but just wanted to say thanks and I think you handled that whole post very well.

Can't wait to read Just A Geek. Hope it's not as hard to find as Dancing Barefoot (In Michigan, none of the major/local bookstores seem to have it)
Of course theres always the internet but, it's just a last resort for me.

Anyway, hope you have a good day!!

It's funny that you mentioned this Wil. I was in a chain bookstore (B. Dalton) this past weekend and I was looking for Dancing Barefoot. The first place that I looked was in Biography, by the way, but I couldn't find it. Next I was going to check in Sci-Fi since you were in ST:TNG but I asked the lady at the register and she looked it up and found it but their store doesn't carry it. Hopefully my little inquiry will get them to stock it.

hello Will, strange you should mention 'Stand By Me' as you were name checked in a BBC radio documentary about the song on BBC Radio 4, broadcast at 1.30pm in the 'Soul Music' series. It should be available on the BBC's playback feature.

Soooo....in that big gap of time between August 6 and 14 you could theoretically be anywhere for more possible signings...say, anywhere between Portland and LA...like, San Fran (natch) or...ooh, how about Eureka, CA? We'd like that a lot. *rediculous, pleading grin*

well, except for mondschein's use of the word irregardless, the article was spot on.

I just finished Just a Geek last night. It was a great read. It even brought tears to my eyes at some points. I did think it was funny that the subject listed on the back cover is Sci Fi/Biography since it really has nothing to do with Sci Fi. I'm glad to see you are coming to San Diego; I will definitely try to make it. As I mentioned in a previous post, my cats enjoyed the book, too. They both made sure to mark it as theirs.

I have compared Just a Geek, when asked, to Nimoy's book I Am Spock, in that I think they're both books about someone's growth as they move from one place in their life to another, about coming to terms with the things they can't change as they change the things they can, and both taking place during and in and around the phenomenon that is Star Trek, containing personal anecdotes that give the reader insight into Trek, into show business in general, and most compellingly, into the writer. I wonder who will be DS9 or Voyager or Enterprise's Wil? It's happened twice, now--it's a tradition!

Thanks for a great read. I've been recommending it to all my friends, and on my own weblog.

Zettgrl, I was just about to post the same thing.
How could a writer use that word? Tsk.

Must order a copy of Just A Geek so that I can go stand in line to get it signed!

Argh! Coporate MoFo used the word "irregardless!" My inner English language nerd screams in abject agony and terror!

Oh, sorry, off topic.

Carry on.

I totally understand how the use of "irregardless" is irksome, but it does make me wonder...

If it was a cool bastardization like so many other words that people on the net created out of short"hand" necessity, humor, & attitude... then would "irredgardless" be "unirksome"???

Just my 2cc brain center giving it's 2 cents. [plus, I get change!]

Re: the article, I agree with the reviewer's recommendation of Perez-Reverte's "The Club Dumas." Good stuff, that. But avoid the Depp movie based on it, "The Ninth Gate."

Elliott Bay Books in Seattle loves to do Book Signings. Their Website: http://www.elliottbaybook.com/

I know that we would love to have you up here for a visit. :)

Do you know what times you'll be at the various signings? For those of use who live near, but not in the cities where you'll be promoting, it would really help to know what time to show up! (I'm sure it's worth an hourlong drive... ;)

Elliott Bay Books in Seattle loves to do Book Signings. Their Website: http://www.elliottbaybook.com/

I know that we would love to have you up here for a visit. :)

Hey Wil! I just ordered Just a Geek from my local bookstore and I can't wait to read it. Dancing Barefoot was a great book and I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories...and to repeat what someone else said, come to Boston!!!!

I already threw a fit (not really, but basically) at my local B&N) when they didn't have Danicng Barefoot, so another trip is in order to see if they have JAG, and where it's filed...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some East Coast signings! If I must bow and make offerings to the uberlords at O'Reilly, I will. Even just a stop in NYC would rule, I'd totally drive out for that one! In other words: The East Coast Monkeys Want Wil!

And hey, don't worry about promoting yourself on the site. Since I have a band and write FanFiction in my spare time (when I have it), I do alot of shameless self-promotion as well. We all have to do it. Won't bother me at all, nor will it take away from my WWdN fix...

I haven't read The DaVinci Code, but I did pick up one of Dan Brown's other books, Digital Fortress. It's kind of a combination of a Clancy-esque or Ludlum-esque spy thriller with cryptography (not quite as good as Cryptonomicon, but definite geek material). It was definitely worth picking up the paperback at Costco.

Now I'll have to hit up the Tattered Cover in Denver (subliminal hint to Wil? Hmm?) and see if they have JAG in stock. Rock rock on!

There are probably a few out there like me- who ordered both from Amazon last week. I've wanted both and they were both available. (Made a lot of people glad when I mentioned this in a thread on /. - I guess Dancing Barefoot was not available recently or something?) Anyway there are probably a lot of folks out there like me who kind of put it off- and now are grabbing both. The tracker thing tells me they will be waiting for me when I get home today.

Erbo - I also enjoyed Digital Fortress. Enjoyable, and also reasonably technically accurate (I'm a computer nerd). This is contrasted with Jeffrey Deaver's The Blue Nowhere, which had a well-written style, but got several of the technical details wrong, which irked me.

Have to find JAG now :)


I would love to read your book. But at the prices it is currently selling in Canada: $36.95 ($25.86 on sale) for a paperback, it is just too expensive. I will have to wait for it to show up at my library.

Why is Just a Geek so expensive? Paperbacks here are generally in the $10-$12 range.


Hi Wil,
I am so glad to here that you were coming back to Powell's Techinical Annex in Portland. I got my copy of "Dancing Barefoot" signed there too. I didn't realize till I was reading JAG, that that was your very first book signing. I remember how excited I was that day to hear you read, and get my book signed, so it was cool to know that those of us there were part of your first signing. That is cool! Looking forward to it again!


Thought you might be interesting in a possible reason the booksellers are shelving your book in the Television and Film or SciFi sections. I'll warn all the other posters, this could be a bit boring.

I used to be a Library Technician, and one of the classes I had to take was in Cataloguing and Classification--ie, where do you put the stuff so people can find it. Most small booksellers go by the same rules as libraries, and most libraries (particularly those using the Dewey Decimal system) no longer have a dedicated Biography section.

Instead, they classify books based on other criteria. For example, a biography of Norman Schwarzkopf would likely be found in the U.S. Military History section. Similarly, a book on the history of the Motown record label would be found with either books about business in Detroit, or Music.

Because you've included the words "Star Trek" in your subtitle, some cataloguer probably decided that it was the biography of someone who had been in a Television show or Film. Or, they could consider it "companion reading" for those ubiquitous Star Trek series books. Either way, it means your book will be found in strange places.

Oh, and before anyone else says it, YES, the Dewey Decimal system sucks rocks.

TMBG, You rock!

I owe you one.

I'm eagerly waiting for JAG; unfortunately for some reason amazon.co.uk has decided that it's going to take 4 to 6 weeks for them to get me a copy.

Re-checking "your account", it seems they have upgraded that to 1 to 2 weeks.


Alternative Explanation

I got the funniest email from Amazon this week, recommending JAG. Can someone explain this?

"We've noticed that customers who have purchased I'm Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking also purchased books by Wil Wheaton. For this reason, you might like to know that Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek is now available in paperback. You can order your copy at a savings of 32% by following the link below."

Hmmmm... something I didn't know about this crowd!

still loving JAG.

Hey, everyone read the link Wil posted to "Corporate MoFo's hilarious explaination of The DaVinci Code". In paragraph seven, the author used the fake word "irregardless". As discerning WWDN readers know, you can use "regardless" or "irrespective. "Irregardless" is not a word. Write the editors of the New York Post and help them with basic vocabulary.

Can I add my "voice" to those clammoring for a more east coast visit. Well, I'll settle for midwest. Any state around the Ohio river will do for me. :)

We want to share the love to wil. Hope you can overcome your not liking to travel. The fans will make it worth it!

Congrats again!

At Chapters ( http://chapters.indigo.ca ), I found (and subsequently bought, just last week) Dancing Barefoot on a shelf marked "Science - General". Very helpful.

I just recieved your book "Just a Geek" in the mail! I couldn't wait for it to arrive!! I've already devoured the first 50 or so pages.. I would've read more if I wasn't dog-tired. I also recieved one of your Autographed Dancing Barefoot books. I really loved taht one and I'm sure when I'm finished, I'll have loved this one with just as much vigor! Keep writing.. don't stop now!! :)

I have a book by Eric S. Raymond as well! (*The New Hacker's Dictionary, 9th Edition (I believe it's the 9th printing?) It's really good.. and it's awesome that you got the opportunity to meet him.

Have a great day! :)

Hey Wil,

Just to let you know Amazon.co.uk are being real slow at getting your book. Didn't have this problem with Dancing Barefoot but after pre-ordering months ago and getting a delivery estimate of July 5th...still nothing.

I don't know if there's anything you can do to satisfy the needs of your UK fans and I also wondered if anyone else in "blighty" was having the same problem...


dude! August 15th at Borders H'wood! I love that store. That means you can take the MTA Red line there and see a movie at the Arclight too. Wee!


I thought I'd let you know that I found Just A Geek at the front of the Borders book store in North Attleboro, MA. It was featured in the New Non-Fiction section. There were a whole column of your books, right at the entrance!

I just thought you'd like to know that it isn't always hidden back in the Television section :)

Didn't see Just a Geek, but hubs & I did see Dancing Barefoot in the Sci-Fi section of our local B&N. Didn't have the cash on us, but we will be getting it soon.

Portland will represent. See you on the 6th Wil!

Oh, I'm so there at the Sunset and Vine signing! I work at the CNN studios a block away - how frightfully convenient! (And my folks are up in Portland, and will be thrilled that you have a confirmed date at Powell's. Yes. It's a family affair, geeky.)


Cool! My calendar is marked and alarm is programmed!

I can't wait, Wil!


I work at a Borders, and we don't have a Biography section at all, so I think that your book ended up in TV as the next-best alternative. I checked our inventory computer a week or two ago, and we had "Just a Geek" on order ... I'm sure it's there, or will be soon! If your book tour hits the Seattle area, come do a signing at my Borders in Bellevue, WA! That would be SO cool! (More exclamation points!!!)

I don't have a copy yet, but it sounds great and I'll be ordering one soon from O'Reilly. By the way, it's insanely easy to get a wholesale discount from them at rather low volumes, if any readers are in the mood to try reselling Wil's book.

Keep up the good work. Everyone, seems to be having a good time with this book.


congrats on the bio, though i think you should have titled it:

"i'm with slashdot. we don't lie."

I am jazzed about the Pee Wee Herman reference in the chapter posted on O'Reiley's website. Just put in my order, will be here tomorrow, i cant wait to read it. I read Dancing Barefoot in one sitting and loved it . I miss the times you would co-host Call For Help, I know there are looking for a new Co-host for screensavers, it would be rad if you got the job. no worries if you dont. thanks for the great page.

Think outside the genre, Wil. Just because Magic Shell isn't itself a type of ice cream doesn't mean it shouldn't be next to the ice cream at the grocery store. A lot of people browsing television and science fiction books are likely to recognize you, so of course your book belongs with those kinds of books if you actually want people to buy it.

The real question should not be "Why is my book shelved with television and science fiction books?", but "Why is my book not shelved with biographies as well?".

Wil, I want to translate your book into German ;) No, I'm serious, I think people from Germany should be able to read it, too. :)

Hi Wil,

You're going to be in Portland on my last day of vacation (was born and adopted there, and may end up moving there).

I'll be at Powell's for your reading, and to buy Just a Geek. Luckily I have a late flight out that night so I won't miss it!

From the mind of a library geek: Bookstores do a great job selling new books. Librarians do a great job classifying information (books, websites, CDs, journals, etc.) -- new and old -- so people can find it. Even when the publisher prints SciFi, a cataloger can size it up and write lots of other cross references or even choose to place it in his / her library near Sedaris.

Alas, in a quick WorldCat search, "only" your movies show up, Wil, so I can't show you folks what I mean. WorldCat (link)is the library world merging with the search engine world to give searchers the option to find the book, movie, etc. they want at a library instead of buying it. Possibly not popular with authors, but great for grad students on a budget.

Too bad I'm on the east coast. I guess I'll have to suffer by buying the book unsigned.

I tried to read CMF, but stopped after I read the word irregardless. I hate that word, and my respect for any writer drops a couple points when they use it.


A couple of things regarding shelving. First, I got my copy of Dancing Barefoot at a Barnes and Noble. It was shelved with the Star Trek books, which makes a certain amount of sense, but might not be where you want it to be. I got JAG from Amazon yesterday. I suspect they shelved it virtually. ;-)

A number of authors have had skewed sales due to cross-shelving. A notable example is Robert Silverberg, whose book The Realm of Prester John should have been shelved with Elizabethan books, but was shelved with Science Fiction. Critics liked it, but stores put it in the wrong place because of his name. When SF readers picked it up, they disliked it because it wasn't the typical Silverberg that they were looking for. Many Elizabethan readers never saw it.

It seems that you are up against the same challenge, here. Perhaps you can request that O'Reilly send a note along with shipments of the book, stating that it should be shelved in Biography.

Good luck!

Way cool! Haven't seen it at Barnes and Noble yet, but have been seriously looking. Tomorrow is my Barnes and Noble Day so will make sure and see if I can't locate Dancing Barefoot.

You know, here at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Lexington, Kentucky Stephen King did a book signing....ahem....*cough*....it would be really cool if you could come here and follow in his footsteps.

Can't wait to read your book!

if anything, isn't it more non-fiction, or in the "short story / short essay" section, if there IS one?

well Wil, you've done it, you've writing a book that has no freakin' genre! :)

On Amazon it says:

One person recommended: Atlas Shrugged (abridged) instead of Just a Geek.


Picked it up, but haven't read it yet (still working on another book this week).

The local Borders here in Boise had both JAG and Barefoot in the Trek section. That was only after I had spent 30 mins looking in Bio, fiction, and finally Fantasy/Sci-Fi did I find it there.

When are you going to head out to the east coast for some singings? Like, say, Atlanta? I would love to get you to sign a copy and get a chance to shake your hand.

Think about heading this way!


I bought Dancing Barefoot from Amazon and read it last month, and it was wonderful! I reviewed it in my blog and posted my comments on Amazon as well. Can't wait to get Just A Geek now. I think I'll see if my local Barnes & Noble has it before I order it online.

Hey Wil,

Can't wait to get your book, from what I have read on your blog, it's sure to be a best seller!! If it isnt, then SHAME on the MAN, who runs the corporate book machine. By the way, I put a link on my blog to your blog, I didnt use the buttons you had because I am HTML-Retarded to a degree, but its there none the less. When I get the book I will make sure to put a 5 star review online. Blog located at timmyjstudios.blogspot.com in case anyone is bored. Keep up the great writing Wil.

Just about done with it and LOVING it. Its a great read and cant wait to really promote it right, at my store.

Wil, I work for B&N and I'm going to be meeting the buyers next week so I will tell them that they need to change the display code for both JAG and Dancing Barefoot to bio. It will sell much better there. I am a trekkie so it doesnt bother me that it wont be in Star Trek section.

Keep up the good work


Wil, I'd just like to say that I just special-ordered both books at Borders, since they seemed to not be in any hurry to get them in on their own.
I HATE special ordering, btw, especially when they tell me that it could take them 1-6 (six?!) weeks to get the book, and I can't help but think, "Goddammit, I could get both off Amazon within a week and with free shipping, and I wouldn't have to wait for flaky teenagers to give me a phone call about it, either."
So I did it for you, Wil.

I haven't seen "Dancing Barefoot" or "Just a Geek" in my local bookstore. We have the smallest bookstores, and they only carry Danielle Steel and other poorly written garbage.

I love Homestar Runner!

I saw TMBG last night in Columbia, MO. Awesome. The HR video is great, too. Are you being considered to co-host the Screen Savers?


I've seen other authors run into similar problems. Military SciFi author John Ringo ran into sales problems with one of his recent books because the cover depicted an elf-babe and a dragon (his books usually feature heavy hardware with large explosions). The book was still very much his style, just a slightly different setting, far-future nanotech instead of near-future heavy combat. Don't worry, word-of-mouth is *still* the best advertising ever.

The link headlines to the Corporate MoFo article bug me almost as much as the use of "irregardless" does. The article is NOT a review or explanation of The DaVinci Code at all. The DaVinci Code is mentioned only to introduce the book he's really talking about, Holy Blood Holy Grail. Not quite what I was expecting.

Argh. So much for that earlier post. Borders's system for special orders is broken.

*mumbles vague obscenities a la Yosemite Sam*

You would not believe how I ended up here...but I must say, I'm glad some anonymous person sent me the link! I really enjoyed your "warning" entry for first timers. Isn't blogging great? :)

Glad to say Wayne Gretzky was an EDMONTON OILER and we're damn proud of his hockey ability....even though the evil Peter Pocklington traded him to LA. Wayne will you ever return to the OILERS??? We're really missing you right now!
Come out of retirement!

I haven't seen Geek yet in my local Chapters in Ottawa, Canada - but Barefoot is in the 'Science' section with books on physics and chemistry - go figure!

Wil! No! You're making my entire vacation seem like 5 days too late! I'm in Edmonton, but will be in Portland on the 15 and LA on the 21st! I guess I'll have to try and make the drive down to Diago.. :) Good luck!

Please come to NYC for a signing dude!!

Hey Wil,

I work at Borders and JAG is shelved in TV SHOWS. We (Borders) don't have a biography section, so to speak. Biographies are placed in the section from which the author's work is best known. I could push to see if we could get it moved to star/director biographies though (which is the closest thing to any biography section we have and it's very small).

BTW, I still think you should come sign at my store. :)

Way way off topic, I know, but...for those who made it through Wil's post, and then made it through the Da Vinci Code "expose" (fun fluff, I enjoyed reading it)...I very, very much agree with the recommendation of "Foucault's Pendulum" for someone who wants DVC done better. One of my favorite books of all time.

Er...um...besides Just a Geek, of course.

as to placement of the book in bookstores,
i'm not clear whether your preference is a business decision based on market research, an informed judgment, or an intuitive/emotion-based decision. it is my limited understanding that tv drives books sales -oprah's book club e.g.- and i'd think that the tv or trek or sf section is where you would want to be, not ghettoized back in biography. but that's an uniformed judgement based on my own biases - ask the folks who know.
kat's idea of a german translation is an interesting one - i don't know anything about the translation end of the publishing industry, but it would be my guess oreilly would probably do a print run of a german edition if kat writes it and you authorize it ("authorize", hmm, irregardless)because german is big market for techical stuff. i don't know whether japanese consumers prefer to read you in english, or what
countries have seen enough badly dubbed trek:tng
to generate a market. yes, we know you aren't wesley, but for those who do judge a book by its cover, your brand identity is linked to trek and sbm. at least one commenter said the biography section sells well, that could be true.
another topic: did you know anthony montgomery, a trek enterprize actor, is the grandson of wes montgomery, a jazz legend? anthony is cool, has some of your humour and energy, and wants to make a documentary about his grandfather.
http://www.indystar.com/articles/9/161218-5699-062.html i thought you might want to say hey, encouraging words or suchlike.
and i plan to post in the politics forum soon about an eff-type project i'm doing.
are you selling autographed copies; are you an oreilly wholesaler? do you have a preference which online outlet people buy from, which is cheapest that still gives you the full cut?
aren't these rhetorical?

Hey, Wil. I realize that this comment is number 69 [69!] in an old thread, but here's the scoop. I work at a big book box ['b' but no 'n'] store in Virginia. We don't have a Biography section. And personally, I like that. Biography is so damn subjective. We shelve Just A Geek [which is great!] in Television, but we do have Dancing Barefoot in Humor. Just letting you know.

Jesus, screwed up on the first post here in long months. That would have been number 79, 79. Say it to yourself quietly.

Hey Wil, I love the Gretzky and Kurri reference!

/Lifelong Oilers fan

HEY! Come do a signing in Orland Park, IL. At the Borders. Its across the street from a Hooters. Two things i love in close proximity... Boobs and Books.

I made sure to buy your book at the bookstore. I helped up your numbers by 1. I loved your book. I can't wait for more.

Wil, can you try and let us know about web links for the stuff you do? It's great hearing about your ACME sketches if you live in the US and are able to watch, but us Aussies are left in the cold. Love your writing, love your website, but I think us Aussies just want more, dude.