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the air-conditioned rooms at the top of the stairs

I was really disappointed by the story MSNBC tried to tell yesterday. I was hoping we'd discuss the empowering nature of blogs, and how anyone, even celebrities, can use blogging software to communicate with people. I hoped to point out that blogging is very egalitarian, and it doesn't matter how famous a person is offline, if their blog just isn't relevant or interesting, nobody will pay attention once the novelty wears off, and they'll be stuck with little more than a promotional tool that is largely ignored. When we started out, I tried to explain that I was a "blogger with a high-profile job", rather than a "celebrity blogger," but they just weren't interested in hearing that. Instead, they did everything they possibly could to turn the conversation to She Whose Name Will Not Be Spoken, Britney Spears, and other vapid media whores darlings who would probably vanish in a puff of smoke the instant the media stopped fawning over them.

I thought that MSNBC would really "get" blogs, since several of their on-air hosts have them, including Keith Olbermann, whose bloggermann is absolutely fantastic. Seriously, that guy should be on TV.

I tried my best, and I'm sad that I lost an opportunity to help introduce to a large TV audience a powerful (new-ish) way to communicate. Unfrotunately, I left feeling like it was further evidence of the Mainstream Media's inability (refusal?) to understand what blogs truly are, and why blogs matter.

While I was on the air, I mentioned a few blogs that I think are fantastic, and a few people have asked me to link to them. So here are the ones I can remember:

  • Nickerblog is written by my friend Shane Nickerson. Shane and I are part of the "I keep my blog because I want to write the way you do" club. He's an amazing writer.

  • + busblog is written by Tony Pierce. Tony just won a bloggy, which he fully deserves. When I won my bloggies, I don't think I had earned them, yet. Tony completely earned his.

  • Neil Gaiman's Journal. Neil Gaiman gave the world an incredible gift when he created Sandman. Then, presumably because he likes us all so much, he gave us American Gods. He also gave me the greatest honor in the world when he wrote the foreword to my book Just A Geek. Like most bloggers, he writes about whatever is on his mind, but because he's one of the finest authors in a generation, it's always interesting.

  • James Wolcott is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. He clearly doesn't need a blog, since he's a contributing editor to a respected magazine, but he does it anyway. More evidence of why blogs matter, if you ask me.

I think I mentioned a few others, but by that point in the interview, I just wanted to get off the air and back home so I could finish my latest Games of our Lives, which is about one of my favorite games of all-time. If someone remembers and wants to link it, put it in the comments or send an e-mail, and I'll update accordingly.

As Balance to the MSNBC piece: Salon's featured story today is called Attack of the Celebrity Blogs. I was hopeful that Salon would get the story right, but when I saw my name in the first paragraph, I cringed and expected the worst.

I have never been so happy to be wrong in all my life.

There are as many different types of celebrity blogs as there are celebrities: We have blogs from celebrities who have fallen out of the spotlight and who want back in, at least in some marginal way (Rosie O'Donnell); blogs from celebrities who are too big to need blogs but who still maintain them, at least in some cursory faction, to maintain the illusion of intimacy with their fans ( Gwen Stefani ); blogs from celebrities who actually seem to enjoy recording their thoughts about mundane day-to-day activities and manage to do it in a conversational, entertaining way ( Moby ); blogs from celebrities who feel strangely compelled to lecture us on the meaning of the universe ( Fred Durst ); blogs from celebrities who feel strongly about politics ( Barbra Streisand ); and, most fascinating -- and most readable -- of all, a blog from an actor whom few of us have thought much about in recent years but who has become a kind of touchstone for many people in the readersphere who are simply attempting to do what they want to do with their lives and finding it more difficult than they ever imagined ( Wil Wheaton, who appeared in "Stand by Me" as a child actor and in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as a teenager, and then seemingly dropped off the Earth's surface).

The story goes on to make many of the points I had hoped to make on TV yesterday, and ends with some unbelievably kind words about me and WWdN:
The overarching point of that entry [about CSI] may be that celebrities aren't like you and me, except when they are. WIL WHEATON dot NET is appealing because it's written by a regular person with intelligence and a sense of humor. When he's lucky enough to do the work he obviously loves, he also has a pretty interesting job. But while his readers leave lots of comments congratulating him on his "CSI" performance, there are plenty more who are eager to offer advice about the sick cats. In the end, that's what writing -- and reading -- blogs comes down to. The Inner Self isn't the stuff of everyday life: The cats with the kidney problems are.

Wow! How cool is that? Like I said, I have never thought of myself as a celebrity blogger. I've always thought of myself as a blogger who once had a high-profile job. While MSNBC completely missed that point, and chose to focus instead on viewing blogging through the traditional "celebrity" filters, Salon completely grokked it, and I'm really psyched that they chose to use my blog as a favorable example. That's really, really cool.

. . . this has been sitting here since I got up this morning, and I've been reluctant to publish it because it feels like a big old "Yeah! go me! I rule!" pile of shit . . . I want to say how happy and flattered I am that Salon chose *me* as an example of Some Guy with a blog that doesn't suck . . . but I just can't figure out a way to quote it without feeling like I'm jerking off. I hope it doesn't come off that way.


Hi Wil!

My first time in the neighborhood - I'm here via the Salon link and thought I'd say howdy. Howdy.

So, the other night my husband was frothily anticipating an episode of CSI, and I was hurrying to finish my dinner before the gross bits appeared. I mean, you know they will, and at the worst possible moment. Lo and behold, I saw your name and perked right up. Cool I thought. Yon Wil shall make an ironic turn on his squeaky-clean goodness and be a dastardly killer. Fun shalll be had!

I sat back to await your entrance where you would be just too charming enough to make Marg Helgenburger get that "You're goin' down." look in her eye.

Needless to say, by the end of your scenes my jaw was grazing the carpet. I tried to communicate utter cool of your performance to my husband, a poor soul who has great gaps in his popular culture references. Don't feel bad; he's never seen The Wizard of Oz, either.

Anyway, having sat through many a moment of me waxing rhapsodic about various aspects of performance, direction, set design, etc, he knew just to let me wind down. (Luckily for me he finds it adorable.) So, when I was through, he said earnestly, "Yes, sweetie. He was really, really creepy and upseting."

One unbiased opinion, one very: you rocked.

Sorry the MSNBC thing wasn't so hot, and that your cats aren't doing so well. I've got two furry girls myself, and life would be much duller without them.

On a pragmatic note, I've found an awesome product that really gets rid of accidents that can come of kitty kidney disfuntion. One of your commenters may have already told you about the hilariously named Anti-Icki-Poo. It really, really works. Even on antique persian rugs. Checkout http://mistermax.com/

Very cordially yours,

Bead, who apologizes for her geek girl squeeing on her first post. But dude, I was proud.

This is definitely not a self-absorbed blog entry in any way. Why keep kudos to yourself, anyway? Besides, your entry is balanced in that you cover both the positive (Salon) and the negative (NBC). Keep it up!


It doesn't come off that way at all, Wil. You're an interesting guy with a great blog and you're getting recognized for it. I enjoy reading your feed every day.

Hey, congrats Wil! I think it's great that Salon really paid attention to what blogs are, and used yours as an example. Including those paragraphs about yourself here make you look just like what you are - a real person who's psyched and delighted that someone understands and enjoys your blog. I enjoy it too!

Wil, you're a great writer and an interesting person, too. It's time that this combination was positively commented upon. Your blog does not suck- it rules! I always ask myself this question when evaluating a blog- would I want to hang out with this person and just talk about stuff? Heck, yeah! Your blog is the next best thing.

Nah, you're allowed to jerk off when good stuff happens. We all are. Not that I hold stock in Salon, but hey, mainstream media had a common-sense moment! Here's the hand cream, have at :)

I picked up your books this week, while my girlfriend was out of town. Friday I came home and she ran out of the bedroom with you- I mean, you're book, and said "I like him!" I now have approval to attend a con if you're there. Huzzah for Geek-fu!

I think this entry is wonderful Wil, not bad in any sense. I can understand your dissapointment, and it is wonderful that Bloggers have someone like you who cares about Blogging and what it truly represents.

Okay, I've been lurking for at least a year now, but I feel the need to comment on this one.

Repeat after me:

"It's okay to be good at what I do"
"It's OKAY to be good at what I do"

You're good at what you do, Wil. That's okay. You even got some big recognition for being good at what you do. I'll even add my little you-have-clue-who-I-am second to what Salon had to say about your blog.

Anyway, you were my first cute-guy-on-tv-crush, and as such, you will always be a celebrity in my book, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I have never before felt compelled to comment, because everyone else seemed to sum up my thoughts so well, but this one I just couldn't let pass.

You grok grokking!

I'm also glad you posted so that we can check out Salon. It's nice to know there's a media outlet that really does get it. So thanks! :)

If my name looks familiar, it's because it's related to Ipstenu's name; I'm the girlfriend in question. I must say, though I never liked Star Trek and didn't like Wesley as a character when my former roommate would insist on watching the show, I did think you did a great job at portraying the character. You did a terrific job, especially given how slug-stupid the scripted lines were. One thing I noticed, as a (very amateur) actor myself, is that even when you weren't saying anything, your face was never dull. You were really engaged in the scene going on around you. I've been in the nameless chorus of quite a few musicals, operas, non-musical plays, and such, and one thing my directors have always told me is that I'm their favorite nameless walk-on -- because I'm always engaged in the action, reacting to what's happening. By this standard, you were absolutely the equal of any other professional that found himself or herself on ST:TNG. The part stank, and I'm sorry you had to play it, but you really did a fine job.

That said, yes, I adored your book "Just A Geek," and reading it has helped me decide that I will, after all, attend my twenty-year class reunion when it comes around. If anyone has a problem with the fact that I'm not the major star I said I'd be, well, it's their problem and not mine. Here's to you, here's to me, and here's to everyone else who's happy in their own lives and their own skins.


Hey Wil?

"Yeah! go you! You rule!"


I can only echo what everyone else has said so far, and I can't think of a more interesting way to do that, so I can only say this: Never feel awkward about letting us know when something good happens.

One of the reasons we all come here is because we love to know when things are going well for you. One of the reasons we love to know when things are going well is because you are such a compelling and engaging writer. You've let people know that you are a regular guy, not an arrogant, stuck-up, Hollywood-is-King, I'm-better-than-everyone-cuz-I'm-famous brat. You have made people feel like you are their friend. As a result of that, you have built a community here. One where people come to remember that we are all more alike than we are different. One where we look forward to hearing what's on your mind because we know that it will be interesting and relevant. And it will make us all feel a little closer to you, and to each other. The world needs that right now. Never stop bringing us the good, the bad, or the ugly.

It doesn't come off that way. I'm very glad that at least someone gets your blog that's in a position to seriously spread the word.

Rock on. Congratualations.

Speaking of which, Mr. Wheaton...don't you have an exciting announcement to make to your loyal readers? Hmmm...or is it classified until there's an official announcement?


I'm in agreement with violajack; you're doing fabulous things for the cause of blogging. Not just becuase you're trying to give MSM a clue, but because you're a really good blogger!

Not to mention you're totally right; it's not about famous people prattling, it's about -people- saying things that are relevant, and doing it in an engaging manner. Goes back to the "you're a good blogger" thing. :-)

It's not being arogant or tooting your own horn... and it still wouldn't be if you didn't make the "i hate tooting my own horn" comments, even though that's a sort of transparency and full disclosure. ;-) You're doing exactly what we like you to do, telling us what you know.

Hi Wil,

I got here through Salon.com. I usually don't read blogs, being technologically conservative, but the Salon article convinced me that your web-page was worth a visit. I am happy to see that you take pleasure in your work and that whatever pride you feel is well-deserved and well-earned. I wish you the best.

On the one hand, if you don't acknowledge that you think you did well, how would we know when true congratulations were in order?

On the other hand, we - as a group of seemingly like minded individuals - seem to like the things that you do. And so we'll probably congratulate you when we feel like you deserve it.

On the gripping hand - your 'Games of our Lives' link is b0rk3n. it's missing the "http://"
, but we won't subtract any geek points for that.


Getting linked by WW rules.

Getting MENTIONED on MSNBC and then linked by WW rules more.

Getting mentioned on MSNBC and then linked by WW in the same paragraph as NEIL FRICKIN' GAIMAN rules infinity.

You know how you felt when NG wrote the forward to your book? Blown away and such? Yeah, it's kinda like that. Thanks once again. I am speechless.

this kind of post is why i love you!
:o(hehe, he said it feels like he's jerking off) :giggles:
you're making me blush!

Grew up watching you on Star Trek, you were awesome.Hey, what's Ashley Judd really like? Like I said before, grew up watching your show, then I went to college, earned a degree, joined the Marine Corps, saw the light (became a Democrat), have a blog (http://civilcoldwar.blogspot.com/). Hope you're a progressive. Your site is fantastic. Semper Fidelis

Wil, don't feel bad about tooting your own horn. You are a great writer, and I wouldn't keep coming back to your blog, and neither would all the other people that read your blog, if it wasn't interesting, poignant, sometimes sad, other times exuberant. You have something to say to the world, and obviously it's meant to be a continuing dialog rather than every once in a while when a book of yours gets published.

Keep it up.

As far as MSNBC is concerned, they're all a bunch of mouth-breathers anyway. The mainstream media is more concerened with Brad and Jen, or Ashley and Nick... They're not even worth taking the time out of your life to read or watch.

Glad that Salon grokked the blog phenomenon. Salon and the Register are two media outlets that really seem to be in tune with what's important in the world today.

Congratulations on your mention in Salon.

Doesn't come across that way ... not at all. You deserve the recognition that you get, and I enjoy it when I hear about it. And it is so true about MSM. They have become a caricature of their former selves.

Hope your cats are feeling better.

I have my doubts about MSNBC ever coming to terms with blogging. Use it? Sure. Get it? I doubt it.

Once upon a time there were three networks, and they each had credibility galore. Now there are thousands of voices governed only by a meritous gatekeeper. MSNBC, ABC, and CBS think blogging is a phase.

Once upon a much earlier time, newpapers were local and in fierce competition with other local rivals. Opinions expressed had this amazing quality known as variance. So I think MSNBC, ABC, CBS and the monoply echo chamber are a phase.

Kudos on the Salon shout-out Wil.

"an example of Some Guy with a blog that doesn't suck"

That's precisely why I read your blog, dude. Same reason I read anyone's journal -- it's interesting to read. I find the cat stories equally as interesting as the CSI stuff.

I think you are entitled to a pat on the back for showing the unenlightened world that blogs and bloggers, at best, are mainly very interesting and unique people, and that's reason enough to read blogs.

Thanks for representing all of us, in one aspect or another. Even if you didn't mean to. ;)

I have to say, you are the light of my life. I don't mean that in a crazed, psychopath way, but you do. If I have a crappy day, I'll read what you have posted, and it makes me happy to know that there's someone out there who can be truly honest.

My grandpa died today, so I came on here for a refreshing look at society. You are fantastic, Wil.

I'm happy that you are so awesome.


If any one of your loyal monkeys doesn't see that they are witnessing a Wheaton Rennisance then they're batshit insane.

In addition to the most important personal/family roles, you're excelling at television roles,

you're the uber-geek resident video game guru of the entire internet,

your blog is considered by the mainstream media as a premier example of the medium (and they consider you articulate enough to act as the blogsphere's spokesman),

your on-stage sketch comedy is consistantly excellent, and garners rave reviews,

and to say your two books have merely a 'cult' following would be akin to saying She Whose Name Will Not Be Spoken '...kinda likes the c*ck'.

Nothing you've said in your past posts comes off as anything but well-grounded, and informative. You're constantly giving props to others. Taking a second every once in a while to give yourself a few strokes only proves you're human like the rest of us, especially when it's so very well deserved. I know that I would have trouble remaining so humble.

Thanks for being my first and favorite read on an almost daily basis.


When did blogs become so serious? Sometimes, you just run into a site and leave a comment because it's fun.


You know... MSNBC missed something quite important when they did their report. You aren't Wesley Crusher to us. You're Wil Wheaton... the guy nextdoor with a lovely wife, two cool kids, and the most loved cats ever. You're a friend because you share your life with us everyday. Maybe some read it because it's you... but I read it because it's quite interesting and funny. Everyone is entitled to be a real person, and what they don't see is that you are too. High profile job or no high profile job, you're still human.

Plus, I'm not hanging out waiting for Gwen Stefani to post... I get your thoughts delivered to my LJ friends list, and that's good enough for me. You're a friend. One day people will see through the "omg-he's-a-star" barrier and realize that you're on the same ride as we are.

I think you got your point across at MSNBC that blogging is done by many great authors, but that doesn't "sell newspapers".

Out of all the Celebs they could have chosen that have blogs, they chose you! This is a good thing. You did a great job. The hosts/producers decided how they wanted the show to go and tried to make you follow.

I think alot of people saw you for the first time in a while and have wondered what you were up to. I'm sure alot of people didn't recognize you on CSI. MSNBC did mention you were on CSI and gave credit to you as an actor.

Being on MSNBC was a good thing. Anytime you are acknowledged as an actor or a writter by the media, it is a good thing.

Keep it up.


"I want to say how happy and flattered I am that Salon chose *me* as an example of Some Guy with a blog that doesn't suck . . . but I just can't figure out a way to quote it without feeling like I'm jerking off. I hope it doesn't come off that way."

No, darling, I wouldn't say at all that you are jerking off. Precious little sincere praise comes our way in life, its best to savor it when it does.

I adored you when you were Wesley (and I was 12), but I must say that I really have come to admire and respect you as the well-rounded, intelligent, funny, and wonderful person you have become. You never let me down and I will always be thankful for that(proving one does not need to be a sell-out "media darling" or a strung-out druggie to be a part of the Hollywood scene). And you do what I wish a lot more "high-profile" people would do, you try to make the world more livable and you show us fans that you care because you tell us about your cats.

Even if it did come off as jerking off, it's relevant to the point you were making...and it is acceptable to post self-praises, makes for a good read too. But no, it didn't come off that way. I'm glad someone nailed the idea of blogging...

I'm waiting to hear some more about the CSI adventure, bro. Loved the episode.

Keep us posted on the cat...peace out.

"I hope it doesn't come off that way." Nope, not at all.

You did kinda have that "get me the heck outta here" look on your face. Oh so serious and perturbed. I thought it might be because MSNBC got the story so wrong and that guy from the other blog didn't grok the whole thing either. (Plus he just looked nervous and scared.)

You're in my "I wanna write like that someday" list and you have moved me to tears more than once.

Your performance on CSI rocked! (to sound like just about everyone else.


Freeman mailed me a link so i could download your scene in CSI here in Holland.
Great job Wil ! Realy cool and great acting.
Still sending a daily dose off kat mojo....

Toot that horn! There's nothing wrong with being proud of something you've been recognised for - especially when it's something like this. Way to go!

And you're definately on my "writerly" list. You're always a good read. Cheers.

I have to agree with Salon about you..

When first coming to your site, I felt from your writing that you were talking to/treating everyone like they had been long time neighbors or old high school chums that you still kept in touch with on a regular basis.. You make your readers feel at home..

Now if I could ever learn to do that I would be happy..

Rock on Wil..

Keith (Xgaming) Dick

I don't know what it is about your writing, Wil, but you somehow manage to give off a humble vibe to me and pretty much everyone I know that's ever been to your site.
This entry doesn't come off like an "I Rule!11" posting at all. At least, not to me.
Oh, and slightly unrelated:
*It's always weird whenever I read about Tony Pierce in your blog because he's a friend of a friend and I had no idea his blog was so popular until you began mentioning him.
*It's beyond cool that your current WWdN Patron ad is for the commercial that would not be aired. Because yeah, I totally belong to that church. Woo!

That last line said it better than anything.


Hey Wil...

Sorry to hear about MSNBC's pushy "interview". Great to hear about Salon's article. I've never been to Salon.com before... read it's "Salon Fact Sheet" to see what type of site it was... seems cool and respectable.

Then I read the article and I liked it. All except for the innaccuracies about Gwen Stefani's "blog". [Dat don' look like no blog, to me!] Read more below in my letter to their editor if yer bored.

I'm glad the writer, Stephanie Zacharek, was accurate and also digging/getting the gist of your blog. But, damn... she's a "Senior writer for Salon Art & Entertainment" that made either an oversight or was NOT thorough [read: lazy].
That doesn't help my first impression of Salon.com. I'll just stick with WWdN, Slashdot, etc.
I still can't stop telling everyone how much you rawked on CSI as Walter!
For sh*ts 'n' giggles... my "letter to the editor" of Salon.com follows:

Hey there...

Overall, I really enjoyed the article about celebrity blogs by Stephanie Zacharek. But part of it was innaccurate. http://www.salon.com/ent/feature/2005/03/19/celebrity_blogs/index.html

The link for Gwen Stefani's blog isn't for a blog... it's just the "journal" section of No Doubt's website. I don't know if she has a blog. Don't care. But if she does, that isn't it. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

What is wholly innacurate is Ms. Zacharek's comment of "(Stefani's blog is filled with boring stuff along the lines of "Thanks for coming out to our tsunami benefit...". A quote she attributes to Gwen, which was actually a post from the bass player, Tony Kanal. Verify it at the link from your article at http://www.nodoubt.com/journal/

A good article with one glaring innacurracy. Eh... life happens.

There was nothing wrong with this Blog entry.

Now get some handi-wips, and clean off your hands -- adn that keyboard!

Yeah...about tooting your own horn? Keep it up, Wil, and maybe someday you will ascend to the rank of Deity.

Of course, I have to tell you, it ain't all cabana boys, tribute, and being bathed in warm olive oil. (Well, cabana girls for you. Or would you prefer serving wenches in a Hall? The Norse Package is popular with the guys, I can tell you! And don't ask me why olive oil. It just comes with the Deity territory.)

Seriously. Do you really think you'd have as many readers/fans/Posse members as you do if you were an arrogant, conceited bastard? Honestly...could you *get* any more humble?

Fuck tooting your own horn...tattoo "I ROCK" on your forehead backwards. That way you'll never forget it. Or doubt it again.

Or better yet, do the butt-dance. Everywhere. Except in elevators. Things can get...complicated....

And when you're ready for that Deification, let me know. Becoming a Deity is like joining a gang...someone who is One already has to jump you in to see if you're worthy. Oh...that doesn't sounds right, does it? Sounds *fun*, of course, but so not right. Bad Goddess.

Of course, you'd have to choose a Realm to oversee, too...perhaps something along the lines of "God of Subtle Superiority" or "God of Remarkable Authorship". Think about it and get back to me.

Being a Diety isn't for everyone. Just ask any one of us. Until then, you keep singing your triumphs from the rooftops. It's awesome.

The Goddess of Justice and Vengeance

(Yes, that's my Realm. Not as easy one, I assure you, but ever so rewarding and a whole lot of fun! And the cabana boys aren't that bad, either, if I can just get them to mix a decent Tequila Sunrise!)

I have to echo the person who said, "You're not Wesley Crusher to us, you're Wil Wheaton." When I thought about posting here I got nervous, not because an actor I know might read my comments, but because *Wil Wheaton*--the writer, blogger, video game reviewer, and all-around geek icon--might read them. You're not a "celebrity blogger"--the "celebrity" part was only the stepping stone to, well, whatever it is you are now, which is so much more than a celebrity. It's a lot richer, a lot more interesting, and I think a lot more fun for everyone involved than mere celebrity. Until places like MSNBC get it, I hope you keep trying to get it through their pointy little heads. And keep telling us the people you've talked to who *have* grokked it, please.

You never sound like your jerking off when you're proud of something. It's okay to toot your own horn!

We anon readers, who somehow think of you as some far away relative that we never see in person, are very proud of you. :)

Oh, and my husband also got an earful during CSI about how you auditioned for one part and how your height made it okay for them to cast you. He doesn't even have to read your blog to get the updates!

Hooyaw! Go you! You do rule! And there's nothing wrong with saying it or feeling it! You deserve it.

Neil Giaman ROCKS (and I love his site too).
And, what I like most about your site is the simple fact that you speak to us readers as if we were your neighbors. You're not afraid to take chances, you're not afraid to let your readers see what really goes on in your life, you keep us coming back for the simple fact that you are just being you---something I don't believe too many in Hollywood are capable of. When I make a visit here I don't feel as if I'm reading a plastic celebrity stie; the kind of site that, most likely, is written by someone else and only on the net because it's the*IN* thing to do. Goodness, we have enough of these people running around and, from someone who truly enjoys the work you do, I'm thankful that you're not one of them. :)

Just a howdy from a new reader. People have been pointing me here for ages but I finally just got around to actually reading.

So glad there's noticable people in the blogosphere lending it some credence. Some of those "celebrity blogs" are just such utter shite.

I'm enjoying reading, and feel free to jerk off all you like, that's part of what it's for. ;)

I enjoy your blog. I find it interesting. Your view of the world is different than mine. Sometimes extremely different. I don't remember how I ran across your blog. I read it and enjoyed it. I would not have returned if you didn't have something to say that intrigued me, inspite of your celebrity status. I have been sitting for a while trying to remember how I accidently came across this blogg. This is going to drive me crazy all day.

At least SOMEONE got the point of blogging.
Don't worry Wil... I don't know many people who actually WATCH MSNBC anyhow.

Congrats on the WWDN mention, though.... You have a great blog and it's good that it's getting more recognition!

Wil - you also got a mention in a story from yesterday's foxnews.com about actor Rick Schroder.


Regarding the blog issue: I think the journalists who don't blog (and even the one's who do to a certain extent) are not ready to acknowledge that there is a force out there that is just as powerful as they are and as the potential to reach a far larger audience. It's a territorial issue.

While not all publicity is good publicity - you did get your name out to people who might not have known you for anything other than Wesley. And that's always a good thing. :)

You're a good actor, but a much better writer. Years ago, I attended the Writer's Room in Winter Park, Florida, first with Sloan Wilson (Man in the Gray Flannel Suit) and then with Philip Golabuk (Sunset Grill Chronicles). In all I find about good writing it's the author finding the universal in the particular. Cats and all.

I wouldn't worry about the "Go Me" feelings you got, Wil. None of us see it that way, obviously. And besides, after all the hell you've been through with your career, you deserve this kind of positive attention. You've earned every kind word said about your blog, your books, and you as a human being, and that's nothing to sneeze at in any way, shape, or form. And that was a very long sentence with many commas...

Screw MSNBC and the media for their whole Celebrity Worship ideal. It's morons like those in the "mainstream media" who give all the attention to J-Lo (who's nothing more than a big ass with a piss-poor acting career, she should have stuck to dancing on In Living Colour) and She Who Will Not Be Named But Can Be Seen In A Grainy Home-made Porno Flick. Why people give a crap about these empty, vapid little attention whores is beyond me, when there are people out there like you who actually connect on many levels with their fans.

Just remember this, Wil: You're more real and relevant than the J-Lo's and the French Capital Hotel Chains and the Went In For Knee Surgery, Came Out With Bigger Boobs attention whores out there. You may not have the fan base they do, but your fan base is way more important, because they make so many connections with you, and stand by you no matter what.

You're a lucky guy, Wil. Enjoy the success you so rightly deserve, and we'll be right here, walking down the path with you through your words...

I saw the last couple of minutes of the MSNBC thingy. Now I know why you weren't looking happy to be there. I'm so sorry that they don't get it. Although, I'm not really surprised.

It's not jerking off, sweetie. It's you sharing with us. If you don't tell me, how will I know? ;^)

Still thinking about y'all and sending love.

You've been getting lots of good press recently! :D

. . . your blog is wonderful and warm and heartfelt and very very human . . . it's why I tune in :) . . . and I am glad that salon.com got it, and got your blog . . . and glad that you told us about it :) Katherine

I wish you wouldn't worry so much about how your blog reads as far as patting yourself on the back. One of the reasons I read it is because your emotions come through and it isn't wooden. When you're pleased, it shines through, as it should. I loved reading the joy in your post about the Salon article.


Masturbation is a normal, healthy party of your sexuality. There's no need to be ashamed of it. Althought it's generally considered proper to do it behind closed computers, I think we can all appreciate the occasional public wank.

Besides, you do rule. :-)

Keep wanking,


You have more guts than me, I didn't watch MSNBC, because blogging never gets the right explanation, and they just slice up people's interviews to fit their view.

Oh, and you know what? Half the time I forget that you were even on TV or in movies, because I see you as the most awesome geek on the net.

Whatever people what to remember you for, you're Wil Wheaton, end of story. You're not a character or a puppet. You're that cool ass dude with the popular blog. And I'll never miss an entry!

PS: I love how your mind is in the air-conditioned rooms at the top of the stairs... that's so where everyone's mind should be.

We live in such a bizarre culture, where both masturbation and feeling pleased when someone compliments our efforts are somehow shameful, yet so many other behaviors that are truly repulsive and unhealthy in the extreme (legislating what goes on in my bedroom leaps to mind) are "normal."

Celebrities, actors, authors, artists: at a certain level of success they nearly all have publicists or agents or the like who would normally be emailed and asked to toot the horn while the Praised One who sent the triggering email sits back and modestly toes the dirt for public display.

I, for one, prefer the direct approach. Perhaps internet discourse--blogging in particular (and MSNBC will never explore THIS idea, you can be sure)--can change the definitions of what constitutes appropriate arete at times like this so that, one day in the future, no apology for this sort of reportage will be required to remain "a good guy." You are celebrating well-deserved praise. That's fine. (and so's masturbation, but imo only in front of very close friends.)

hey whats the link to Moby's site? does it have a billion comments every day like zach Braff's?
i think its funny how many people devoted a comment to the last line of your entry today. :)
looks like i missed you at Borders the other day. drat
hurrah for salon! hurrah for Wil!

You know you've made it when you get your name is Salon and it's for a GOOD thing!!! Salon ROCKS! And not just because they have Joe Conason, which is a very good reason. They've earned extra points with me because they were so kind about you Wil. It's not the celebrity that draws us here. It's your writing. Blogs are about the writing and the social commentary. We want to know what goes on in your life and you happily tell us. It's amazing!

It was really cool to meet you at last year's Gnomedex. I know that the guys who played poker with you had a great time.

No Wil, it did not appear as though you were jerking off...I will say this though...If more people spent their free time jerking off instead of comparing dick size the world would probably be a much happier place ;)

No, it did not come out like you were bragging or anything, be assured of that. It was a very enjoyable post to read. I'm happy for you. Oh, and I will be praying for both of your cats.


Wil (dearest goofball),

Here's the thing. Yes, you're a "celebrity" in that you were captured on film and some folks remember you. I find it hilarious that your blog gets lumped in with Rosie and Barbra's, as if they even know how to TYPE. ("Assistant girl! Peck at those buttons...and always show my left side!")

Too bad Dante didn't get around to classifying levels of fame.

Look, I saw "Stand By Me" once or twice, and watched you in "Star Trek: TNG" (maybe it was that tight outfit and the tidy hairdo, but YEP, I thought you were gay too). And maybe I'm a nut for hearing you had a site and being curious enough to check out your life. Maybe I AM intrigued by the thought that I could possibly communicate with a guy who was on my TV set.

But aside from these things, you can write. And you're normal/abnormal/fucked up just like the rest of us. You broke down the barriers.

And if I didn't like what I read, I wouldn't come back. I'd chalk it up to pretentious bullshit.

To be quite frank, when I first heard about your site, I kept thinking "Wil Wheaton? But didn't he kill himself?" and when I discovered you were in fact, alive and well, I came to realize I was thinking of Jonathan Brandeis from SeaQuest (SeaQuest, Star Trek, who can keep this shit straight?)

Bottom line: Glad you're alive (eeek about Jonathan, but he should've blogged), keep up the good work, word to the kitties and the family, and semi-famous or not, I wish you were my next- door neighbor. Then we could hang. And you'd have a really cool doormat. I just KNOW it. (Right now, I'm living next to a new couple with a doormat decorated with black butterflies, lady bugs and "WELCOME". I don't think so. Not now, not ever).




My uncle once told me that no matter how proud I was of my accomplishments, I shouldn't go talking about it to my friends, because they will just think I'm trying to brag. The only ones who will ever be really happy for me are my family.

But the thing is, he's right and yet he's wrong. Because when you told me (us) how happy you are, I didn't think you were bragging. I just thought you were happy. And it made me happy for you.

It's true, the only ones who will ever be really happy for you are your family... but sometimes that includes a broader definition of family. We are your monkeys, Wil, and we couldn't be happier for you. Even a guy with humility deserves to be publicly proud sometimes, ya know?

Keep up the great work, Wil.


PS - I take it you're never going to finish the CSI post......... come on!!!!

you and self absorbed? The fact that you fear it might look that way, is proof enough that you're not. (Although there are some people who use that as a trick: you're way to earnest for that!)
There is a difference between accepting praise and feeling glad about it and being smug about it.
I am glad that 'Salon' picked you for their feature.
And why shouldn't you feel glad about it?
Because some 'holier than thou' instance once said that it's suspicious to feel joy when you're praised? Nonsense.
Keep going and feel proud about what you've achieved.

You are like a Universal Studios tour guide, except..cool, funny, down-to-earth and with real inside info! ;)

Your insights are full of life, literally. Most blogs going seem so determined to follow the trend of angst and termoil at the expense of reality or...so menial and superficial that one wakes up pooled in drool at the keyboard. So much nicer not to have the eyes-rolling-oh-brother-get-a-grip-get-a-life feeling.

I'll turn around and say, "see, that's how it's done!" unfortunately the little black cat at my side, Simon, looks up at me sweetly as if to say, "whatever you say, dear woman", my son of two years smiles and asks for more juice and my dear husband stares blankly in my general direction and continues gaming. Why roll my eyes online when I've got so many opportunities at home ;)

Your blog's a bit of a personal treasure for me and obviously for others as well.



I'm glad in the end someone heard what you were saying. I think that Blogging is a great thing if blogged and read correctly. I belive that your blog has found that right balance.

As for posting this (and looking like your patting yourself on the back), I say go for it. Sometimes when people say good things about us we need to spread the news. But, that said I don't think that is what you were doing. You were trying to teach people out blogging and I think your a good person to be doing that.


Howdy Wil,

Dave Robison here from the deep south on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

I've been reading your blog daily for the past six months or so and thought I would drop in and say "hi."

I have a small blog, about 40 readers a day, with gusts up to 70. I just wanted you to know, I have included your blog in my "Links That I Like" section.

You probably won't notice the "amazing" spike in traffic, that my blog will bring you, so I am letting you know in advance.

However, my entry today, announces adding your link and says some really cool things about you in case you need a Monday morning ego-boost.

I always like those.



A wise woman told me that when handed a compliment, my first reaction should be to take a very deep breath. No, really: breathe the compliment in physically. Then exhale slowly. Then say "Thank You". It works marvelously.

Kudos, Wil-dude, well deserved kudos. And for God's sake, don't ever stop blogging!


Hi Wil, just another new reader...I always like to know who's reading (just a couple of people I think...) so I thought you might as well. A friend of mine was recently telling me that she read your blog religiously and I wondered what was so great about it. Well, now I know! Keep it up!

Nah, you don't sound like a jerk at ALL! Don't worry about it. You seem to be just like the rest of us; a normal everyday kind of guy that happens to have a high-profile job (right, okay, so not everyone has a HPJob, but we do have jobs). You're right, MSN didn't get it at all. But then, what does it matter, we all get it, right? Good thoughts going out to your kitties!

I've been here for years, and HAVE commented before, but I have NO idea who "She Whose Name Will Not Be Spoken" is.
What am I missing?

Hi Wil,

You are either so talented a writer that you're able to fake sincerity to the extent that you seem to be about the nicest guy on the planet, or you're so talented a writer that you're able to let your personality shine through your words in such a way that thousands of strangers would claw each others' eyes out to take you out for a beer. I'll bet money it's the latter, and just wanted to add my inconsequential remark to the pile reminding you that 1) You're allowed to be proud of what you do, and 2) Don't apologise for it. As an big fan of your blog, I assure you that at least *I* would like to hear about the recognition you get. And I dig that it means so much to you to get your point across successfully. Write on.


Yeah! go you! you rule!

Speaking of blogs - your note on the ABC poll just made the Recommended Diary list on dKos. Congrats!

I'm jealous. And nobody's snarked about "cut & paste" or "shouldn't this be in an open thread?", or anything. ; )

you say whore like it's a bad thing.


You totally fucking ROCK!! There's no shame in sharing something exciting and GOOD in your life! That's why we are all here! You have such an amazing way of writing and expressing your feelings and ideas and we want to hear them all, good, bad, depressing, exciting, etc. That's what keeps us coming back! And...ahem...if you could maybe get around to those autographed books mentioned a few days ago, the anticipation is KILLING ME! I'm completely impatient, so sue me! Keep up the good work. Its Wil Wheaton everywhere all of a sudden!


R.C. Pro Am! What a rockin' game! I agree, Wil... one of my favorites, too. Now, about this "big announcement" that Craig Steffen speaks of above... /me leans forward in chair...

Get your CSI pals on the ready, my dear boy, cause I'm breaking in tonight to steal that remote control.

What's wrong with a little self praising? Especially when you deserve it!

It's awesome you like Neil Gaiman! Neverwhere is easily my favorite book.

Another refugee from the Salon piece, color me impressed with your blog. Also, add me to the list of young people you brought to the ST:TNG franchise.


Salon got it right. It's the very ordinariness of your life (work, kids, pets, marriage) combined with the openness of your writing that keeps us coming back to see what you have to say. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back - heck do it once for me too.

What's wrong wtih jerking-off? Ever?

Hi Wil

Great posts as always...It didn't seem like you were "jerking off" but hey who dosnet like a good jerk off now and again..lol but in all seriousness im glad thay did a half decent job about the blogs and thay picked a great guy as there example.


You weren't jerking off. MSNBC was...

keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for turning me on to Neil Gaiman's blog, its fantastic. I liked American Gods, though I kept feeling that I had missed something -- that there was going to be a payoff. Was "Shadow" a metaphor for something in American society -- a lack of tradition, rootlessnes?

I am relatively new to your blog and spent an embarrassing amount of time reading the entire blog to date. It was incredibily engrossing to make entry into a piece of someone's life that way. Thanks.

i dont know what all the fuss was! i mean you are a normal human being and you present your self just in that way. i dont know why people think that celebrities are like this sub breed of god.I mean for Christs sake! they are human just like the rest of us! and the fact that you dont come off like your better than every one else is part of why you kick ass. TYVM

I think it was more of a general comment on big-media vs. blog world.

That said, if anyone reading this has any chance of being in LA next saturday to see the ACME show, do it! I went last Saturday (GF surprised me with tix). I was not sure what to expect, I'm not big on skecth shows (SNL is deathly boring to me...) but the show was SO funny. Holy cow, funniest thing I have seen in years. Wil is not just 'in it' like he was 'in' CSI, hs is in both the opener and the 2nd act opener. He is in a lot of the sketches and probably gets more stage time than anyone else. AND, he hung out in the lobby between the shows, and was the most gracious, coolest host ever. Patience of a saint I tell you, wow. I just shook his hand and said 'hey nice show', but it was cool to watch him talk to fans. Like, he's sighing a book and another cast member walks by, he leans over and bumps into him "oh, sorry, I was just busy signing one of my books.." It was pretty funny, self depreciating.

Anyway, that's all I had to say. See the show, really.


Three cheers for Wil!

"celebrities aren't like you and me, except when they are. WIL WHEATON dot NET is appealing because it's written by a regular person with intelligence and a sense of humor"

Ain't that just the truth? Don't worry about how you come of because we grok you.


I've been an admittedly non-loyal reader of your blog for a while now. Sometimes I'll pull it up on my break at work. This entry intrigues me because blogs really are becoming a phenomenon world of journalism. I only wish I could keep one without having anatomy removed by my employer. You see... certain online 'blogs' contain what might be referred to as 'leaked' materials, be the materials true or false. These blogs have been sued by my employer and the owners of these blogs are in trouble, not to mention the sources of the 'leaks'. My employer frowns heavily upon such 'leaks' and terminates employees upon revelation without prejudice. So I can't keep a blog about my personal feelings about anything involving my professional life.

That said, we all know Apple employees know nothing about the future, other than their work schedules... and sometimes not even that much. So quit pestering us at the stores people... please!

I'd love to keep a blog some day, and God forbid my favorite job in the whole world should collapse... I may indeed keep one.

Hey, Wil. This'll be the last comment from me for a while. Just wanted to send lots of love and mojo to everyone in the Wheaton Clan, kitties and doggies included. Thanks for writing and giving me something interesting to read these past 3 or 4 years. You really have a genuine gift for the written word, and I look forward to more from you soon! Thanks again, and take care...

Eric in PA

Wil, in no way do I think that you are tooting your own horn In the years that I have watched STNG and followed your writings and acting debues (sp) as well peeking into your life through your blog. (btw saw CSI and you were FANTASTIC) I have found you to be very intelligent, charming and funny-very personable and not at all the nose in the air look at me type star. So in the words of those much younger than my 43 years. YOU ROCK!! Keep up the good work there is much more wonderful adventures heading your way. You are extremly talented and it shows in you work.

Wil, thanks to your fantastic philisophical and humanist approach to blogs, I think you should be the man most credited towards successful promoting of it. Any way to add you to the international blog council? What sounds good? IBC, AIB (Assoc of International Bloggers)? I elect you head elder! :O)

I love your blog, I hope you never end it. If you do make a book about it, I will buy it. Buy the way, how are the cats doing? What is their status post Vet visit.
Bright Blessings

Wil, Never be ashamed of "tooting your own horn". Many of us who don't have cable (gasp!) or don't check most of the mainstream media news sources would not know about your success unless you share it with us. By the way, you have more good news...
Behold the power of Wil's Posse




It's been awhile since I've visited your blog, but a couple things happened that brought be back.

First, I ran into (but did not actually meet) Brent Spiner this weekend. I was standing face to face with him on the Orlando Airport tram, but didn't at first recognize him, and by the time my feeble brain remembered his name, he was walking briskly down the concourse away from where my wife and I needed to go to catch our own plane

Then, upon relating this to my buddy Jesse Slicer and his wife Robin, HE related to me his most favorable experience of meeting YOU (Wil) at Acme Comedy Theatre this past weekend.

You can read about both of these events on my blog here:


And Jesse's blog entry about meeting you here:



Bob Curtis,
Indianapolis, IN.

Oh, and I forgot. Your "Games of our Lives" review of R.C. Pro-Am. Have you played the more modern game inspired by that called "ReVolt"?

I can't find the "official" website for the game, but here's a pretty well done overview of it:


And here's where you can download a demo:


Sorry for posting twice, I meant to mention this in my previous post...

Hi, I'm a student and happened upon this page through the Salon article. I wanted to say that as a fellow blogger, your blog is a fun read and well written. I'm actually doing an assignment for a anthropology class on virtual communities about blogging and it was nice to find an avenue of blogging I was unfamiliar with (celebrity blogs), and that some members of hollywood aren't as vapid as one would assume.

Keep writing, enjoy the press, and have fun!

Waltham, MA

longtime lurker, first post :)

Hey, congrats on the writeup on Salon! When I noticed that article, I felt a little nervous reading it because I felt sure they would mention your blog in there somewhere.....and they did, and it was good!

Go, Wil!

Someone said, "You're not Wesley Crusher to us. You're Wil Wheaton." True. I stumbled across this site some time ago, and I keep coming back because you're *interesting*, you're insightful, you're politically savvy, you have a great sense of humour and the absurd, and you're man enough to talk about your emotions. You do it all in an intelligent and engaging manner. Pointing out that you got a nice write-up in Salon is hardly a social faux pas.

Hey Will. It's not masterbation if someone else is doing it to you.

Seriously, I know lots of people who follow your blog and each of them appreciate it because it's well written and honest. Those are things to be proud of. Be proud, man!


Allow me to heap my own praise here.

In my blog, I pander to the most base part of the human Psyche to garner a modest, if not fiercely loyal, readership. I love to take something as trite and hackneyed as romance novel fodder and breathe life into it with words and images of real life.

You do that with every description of your life. Your very interesting life.

You are more than an actor, you are a great guy who is funny as all hell, insightful and has a higher than normal IQ.

When I decided to blog on my own, I wanted it to be more like yours. (Granted, I'm famous for my uncanny impression of Bob Dylan going down a well and my cobbler, but that's more of a local/regional thing while you're famous for those acting gigs and all, but I digress.) I wanted to never lose my sense of self in my posts while at the same time catering to the overall wishes and desires of my reader... like you do.

Bless you sir. And god bless us... every one... except for "Night Court's" Richard Moll: I can't STAND that guy.

I'm just going to lem' on in and say there was absolutely nothing wrong with your post. It doesn't come off at all self indulgent or pettin' your own ego. You still are one of the most genuine people who I'll never (well never expect to) get to know in person. Which is a shame really because it means you never get to know me :D but at least in some part that you choose to graciously share here, I get to know you.

Best always to you and yours Wil, keep up the great life :)

Very insightful post... Another blogger pointed me to this article of yours after reading my article
Blogging About Blogs That Sometimes Blog About Blogs.

I'd already included a link to your site, of course, but I hadn't caught this specific post on celebrity blogs, which is awesome. So now I've linked this page as well. You're still the only actor with a readable/meaningful blog, I think, and here's hoping you land more decent roles soon -- But if not, at least it'll leave you with more time for writing.

I'm looking forward to your design update...