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The Bet, day two

Annie (who is not my wife and partner-in-crime Anne, but is my friend and ACME dance partner Annie) has updated her blog, Jesus' Favorite.

annie writes:

"hey wil old buddy funny guy,

do i get a day off from the blog cuz of the holiday? i asked duke nickerson and he said no.  but I thought i'd try you cuz you’re way cooler and stuff.

jesus' favorite "




He’s probably making pie and blogging about it.

Wil:  “Blog blog I love pie blog blog I went to the store blog blog I’m hot."


Time passes...


Well, look at that Jesus!  King Wheat-Thin responds:

wil wrote:

    "Let me stop petting my Ewok and adjust my cape. Just  a moment.

    *ding ding boop bleep dingiddy whoop whoop DING!*

    Okay, the HAL9000 mark IV dual hyperthreaded comptromotron says no, you have to     update it every day for a week…"

Argh!  Double nerd negated.  And by big words no less.   Does that shit get you laid?

Anyway, FIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNE.  I’ll fucking post on a holiday.

This is the best bet I've ever won in my life. I may be the King, and Shane may be the Duke, but Annie is clearly teh funnay.

Another round goes to Sertich. Shane, we're getting our asses kicked . . . by a girl.


annie is pretty funny.

make sure she keeps updating, it's fun reading about her ranting about you and shane.

annie is pretty funny.

make sure she keeps updating, it's fun reading about her ranting about you and shane.

I'm really sorry to take this off topic but I've been out of circulation for the last month while recovery took its nasty toll...

Are you still holding the Friday games at ps.com? If yes, when is the next one? Thanks and I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday :)

:-) Wheat-Thin :-)

Fuckin' Typekey thingie doesn't keep you signed in for two weeks no matter WHAT it tells me each time!

Anyway, sorry... I'll be pleasant now! I know, Annie is whipping your little butt, I have to admit. Even if it's just for a week, it's still a damn funny week and even if she never posts after that, you're going to have to print out her blog for the whole week. And laminate it. I'm waiting to see how many nerd references she has in the next few days.

I'm trying to think back to the last bet I won. Hmm... my own nerdiness is showing too. I remember now, it was playing strip 007 Goldeneye (on the Nintendo 64). I won and damn, that was fun. Of course it was even better since I'm a girl and my competitors were not.

damn straight she's kickin' you butts! i think she could be another dooce...

Yeah, she's doing a bloody fine job of kicking ass. Though I cannot help but see a bit of my own nerd factor and geekiness reflected in her jabs, harhar!

I wouldn't be stroking an ewok or adjusting my cape though. I'd be feeding my wookie and starching my jedi robe. *Cough*

OK, this may be a stupid question, but what is this "Elbow and send" phrase I keep seeing?

Too funny!
"Shane, we're getting our asses kicked . . . by a girl."
Heck yeah, you are! Girls can pwn hardcore! Go Annie!

She's freaking hilarious!!!

When are you going to talk on my radio show? ;)

you need to get her to let us leave comments.
but then maybe not - we may just encourage her to keep it up. Hopefully she will get over being mad at you two soon.

Dude. Is she hot? She sounds like one of those really hot chicks that knows their stuff.

Yes. I am a woman who is not the least bit interested in other women in a sexual way that just asked if another woman was hot. That's okay. I can do that. But I do think Angelina Jolie is hot and I would totally let my husband sleep with her as long as I got to watch (and video) and possibly join in, depending on how drunk I was and that's okay too. It doesn't mean crap so get your (and when I say your, I mean the masses) sick mind out of the gutter. Or perhaps it isn't sick. Just healthy. Really depends on how you look at it.

I'll stop now.

anyone else get a bad mental image from Wil saying "Pet the Ewok"? maybe it's all those Shirley Temples i drank...*shrugs*

You know... Annie needs to make good on day 3 and 4? I'm willing to see a consolidation of the two days if it's worthy enough. If there are any Buffy references, I don't know about you, but I'll forgive her. Will... time to bee-boop-doop and all that IM shit. :)

Sorry! I mean Wil (one "L")

Wil I mean Richard.

Anne got you good.

I feel like such a dweeb! I didn't read your blog but on and off for the past 2-3 months.. so it totally went over my head that Annie is not your wife. LOL!
Still... I think she should keep blogging.. she is witty.. just like you.. and Shane.