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Just A Geek: Teh Audiobook

Hey, if you've enjoyed my Radio Free Burrito podcasts, I think you may like the audio version of Just A Geek:

This journey is a fascinating read, made even more intimate and fulfilling by Wil's narrative. This is not just an audio book, it's a glimpse into the psyche of the man who considers himself... Just a Geek. NOTE: Due to graphic language, some content may be unsuitable for younger audiences.

Yes, I realize this may feel like totally crass commecial bullshit . . . because it is. I worked very hard on the audio book, and I don't plug it nearly enough. A few RFB listeners have commented to me that they picked up the audio book after listening to the podcast, so I thought I'd make it nice and easy for anyone who is interested in checking it out. It's available as a set of nine CDs for $35 (normally $39), or as an instantly-downloadable MP3, also for $35 (normally $35.)

I'm very proud of the audio book. I've talked in the past about what a huge letdown my experience wih O'Reilly was on the print version of the book, and much of the joy I'd hoped to feel with its release has instead come from the recording of the audio version, which ended up being a performance, with asides, commentary, and reflections on the material that aren't in the print version of the book. I guess it's like I'm reading the book to you, and occasionally setting it down to give some meta-commentary on various passages.

So if you liked the print book, or if you like the podcasts, I'm pretty sure you'll dig the audiobook, which, to steal a line from Al Franken, "makes a wonderful gift." ;)


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Quick question - why isn't this available on, say, amazon.com or something? I kept checking my book stores for it and online, but never saw it.
I wanted to add it to my amazon jehovahclaus-chrismakuh wish list. . .

It's a totally indie project, MaraJade. I haven't looked into selling it on Amazon, because we have our own distribution mechanism in place already. (In other words, Amazon and similar sellers would demand too great a cut of the already-slim profits, and I've been royally fucked enough on Just A Geek already, thankyouverymuch.)

Eventually, it will be available on iTunes as part of Audible.com, but I kind of need to finish the artwork before we can take it to that level. Who knows . . . if it turns into some sort of surprise mainstream hit, it may even find its way into bookstores.

And you can bet your life it won't be in science-fucking-fiction.

Wil, I'd love to buy this, and have just tried, but they wouldn't accept my credit card for some reason or my paypal account, if there was any other place to buy it from I would.

You should consider making it available somewhere else.

Awesome! My boyfriend has been all over me about what to get me for xmas. Now I know what to tell him.

I'm in contact with the tech folks responsible for handling orders. We should have those problems worked out shortly.


Does the audiobook have the cover you mentioned a bit back, or is it still the white-label release?
I have the latter... but am curious what the actual cover looked like. Might even pick up a spiff-ified version after the holidays for myself.

PS - the logging in to comment is broken in IE (unless you already knew that.)

It still has the White Label, Katrina. I'm finishing the real artwork (hand-written notes, journal-style; it's very cool) today.

Purchased JAG the audio book, ripped to itunes, and thoroughly enjoyed on my ipod. The bloopers were a nice laugh. Really enjoy the podcasts too.

Currently downloading (purchased) copy of Teh Audiobook!

Having not read the book, I'm eager to get started.

Just know that if my finals don't go well, I'm blaming it on this..."I stayed up all night listening to teh funny!" :)

I really enjoyed the audio book. I purchased the whitebox special edition early on and felt like your (wil's) voice work in the past couple of years must have played a huge part in your (his) ability to totally kill. Seriously. Quality. Work.

Ah well *sigh* I guess it's time for me to finally get a credit card then...
(Yes, I do live behind the moon, thankyouverymuch!)

But I defintely have to buy it, I love the podcast so much!

Wil, do you know if they ship to FPO addresses? I maybe be in Afghanistan when I buy it.


To anyone unsure on whether or not to purchase it, allow me to sway your thoughts based on my experience with this audiobook.

Bottom Line - If you like RFB, JAG will blow you away.

Even if you've read Wil's blog for years you'll love the background provided for the posts which detail the emotional state of our dear Uncle as he posted them.

All in all a great performance and there's a few extras thrown in for Audiobookers only...like that 34.99 colophon...;)

I'd love to buy the mp3 but the entire site appears to be down / closed :(.

Gift Shmift, that sucker is all mine :) I have a 40 minute bus ride to and from work every day and this is perfect to break up the monotony of the same old station and the same old cd's

If you enjoy Wil's blog, then get the audio book. You won't regret it. He's good company for commuting :)

The second link, the one to "Teh Audiobook" is broken, it's relative instead of absolute.

I definitely plan to purchase this ASAP.
I love hearing something read by the author just
to get all those little nuances :).