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undone (the sweater post)

Clownsweater Several years ago, I participated in a fund and awareness raiser in San Francisco for the Electronic Frontier Foundation's chillingeffects.org, where I made a speech, and participated in a celebrity boxing grudge match with Barney the Dinosaur.

The whole thing was about fair use and parody rights, and it was the awesome. It was held at DNA Lounge, with an after party that I was criticized for leaving early (read: after three hours, rather than when the sun rose) by morally outraged and holier-than-wil participants who couldn't be bothered to find out: 1) how many totally spun people got up in my shit and completely freaked me out, (the answer is one, but that was enough) and 2) how many hours I'd already been awake by the time I left a few minutes short of complete exhaustion (the answer is close to twenty, including six hours of "I'm-Entertaining-People" time, which is like eight hours of regular time.)

Before I so rudely left the party, I got to hang out with lots of awesome NorCal folks (thanks for the water, you guys -- I'm running some out into the street right now, just for you), one of whom brought this rather . . . unique . . . sweater, which I was asked to wear.

I've been in the public eye long enough to know that doing things like wearing an incredibly ugly sweater and posing for a photograph while wearing said sweater is bound to result in something Not Good, but the sweater was hilarious, and in the spirit of the evening (not, I might add, in the spirit of lots of Guinness. I was too tired to avail myself of the DNA's fantastic bar that night), I went ahead and posed for the picture you are now trying so hard to get out of your brains.

About once a year, this photo (which was taken by my friend loren, who never gets credit for it, you bastards) surfaces, and makes a brief run around The Internets, where it is the subject of much speculation by random people are are just positive they know what they are talking about, like "Well no wonder his career bombed." Oh! Burn! I am so nailed by your clever insight! Someday, I hope to achieve whatever it is you've achieved, Anonymous Internet Genius! Allow me to retort, in a vernacular you may understand. "Your leik so right! I am a such a looser!"

If anyone is still reading, and is interested in knowing exactly what the ugliest sweater in the world (sorry, Mr. Cosby, but it's true, and you lost) is all about, take a look at the Clown Sweater Project's page at Internet Archive, where we learn that

"I found this sweater at the Salvation Army thrift store on Valencia Street in San Francisco a few years ago. It cost me $3.75. It has proved to be a good investment."

There is also a page featuring photos of all the hapless souls who have had their careers ruined by the Curse of the Clown Sweater in one place, which takes about a year to load on my cable modem, or fifteen years if you're on dial-up. If you'd like to find out what happened to that once-promising co-worker of yours, but you don't have one to fifteen years to invest, try this page which breaks up the collection into slightly more managable chunks. Unfortunately, archive.org stops at the first page, so if you're manic about looking at all the pictures, you'll have to go to the page with all the photos. See you in ten to fifteen years. (If I may offer a bit of advice: spending one to fifteen years waiting for photos to load on The Internets may cause your career to bomb almost as fast as posing for one picture while wearing an ugly sweater. But do whatever you want, man. I'm not the boss of you.)

Whenever something like this hits a new unique online community (in this case, people who like to knit), a bunch of new readers will show up to see what all the fuss is about, with their preconceptions of me locked-and-loaded. If you're one of those people, I'd like to welcome you to my bit of madness on the intarweb, and encourage you to read some archives before you send me e-mail about what a huge idiot I am for [your reason, which you've formulated in the span of fifteen seconds based on a quick skimming of one or two pages of my blog goes here]. Now, before you decide that I hate knitters, I should point out that my wife does Stitch-n-Bitch from time to time, making totally awesome hats for cancer patients, which totally rules. I do, however, really hate the Oakland Raiders, Toronto Maple Leafs, people who lie, dishonorable people, milk, neo-cons, paying too much for parking anywhere, and this pain in my right hip that just won't go away.

Welcome to WIL WHEATON dot NET: in Exile. Enjoy your stay, and look out for the snark. It runs wild around here.


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That's a sweater that makes a statement. I'd have worn it to my squadron Christmas party just to show everyone that I don't care what people think about me. Life's too short not to have fun.


Its sad how quick people are to offer thier judgments of others, rather than take a look at themselves. It sucks that because you are in the spotlight you catch more shit than the rest of us.I would wear that sweater proudly and not because its been around. But because I like weird things like that.

Seriously Wil, that sweater rocks! :)

You know, if you wore that hideous thing to the WSOP next year, you'd seriously one-up Greg's glasses in the freak-out-your-opponents category.

Oh, the love that must have gone into making that sweater. I have been reading your blog and the you-knit-what blog for a few months, gotta love it when worlds collide. Also loving the Weezer reference, you clever boy.

I think that sweater is Farkin' highlareeous! I loved the Photoshop thread they did of you too (a month or two ago).

That is one of my favorite pictures on the internet and always makes me smile when I see it. Which seems to be once a month. People who use it as a reason to attack you as a person are mean. And mean people suck.

There are worse things than wearing a slightly bizarre sweater. However there is no better thing than hating the Toronto Maple Leafs -- especially if you are a Montreal fan.

P.S. Thanks for the ditty bops link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus. Barney the dinosaur grudge match was "several years ago?"

Damn, I'm getting old.


You hate milk?

Milk is the raison d'ĂȘtre for teh boobies...

Hey Wil -

It's been awhile since I've checked in at your Exile site. You sound tired and grumpy. Everything ok? Also, should I go ahead and officially change my link to this site? I've left up my regular WWdN link in the hopes that it would be back soon.

Happy... whatever you're celebrating this winter solstice.


Hmm, how rude. The signature line link doesn't go to my blog. You can reach me at cmdrsue.blogspot.com

That's an awesome sweater!

Ironically, on Bloglines your post was accompanied by an ad for Oakland Raiders gear. I'm sure the team appreciates the boost!

A sweater only a mother could love on her son :)

I have been using WordPress but tired of it, so trying MT, and now I see you had problems. Oh dear, oh me or my, I'm doomed. LOL

How cool, I remembered my login info!

You haven't done seven things for a while. That was always something I really enjoyed. I've started it up on other boards I'm a member of, always referencing back to you of course.

Why did you have to frown in the picture? Couldn't you have taken a funny pose or something?

Only thing I've found in a long, long time as funny as that sweater:

Click here. (Apparently a true story too, since the university's looking into it.)

Starts like this and only gets better:

ME: Do do do do WHOA!


ME: What?

HALF-NAKED FEMALE: DON'T YOU KNOCK? (putting shirt back on)

ME: Before I come into my office?

Wow. That is the scariest sweater I've seen in all my life. I totally want one.

I have a special hatered for 'The Leafs'. Man, that Darcy Tucker and Tie Domi just... rrrr DIRTY HACKS!! Go Sens Go!

/and Go Wil Go! too, of course.

Ok... this Is the worst sweater I have personally seen!! I fell on the floor In fits of laughter and, all that I could think of was cLooooooowwwwwnnnn!!!( a variation of Trrraaaiiinnn!!) That sweater should be standard wear at every poker tourney that you go to and, absolutely the next trekcon you speak at!!! Its fabulous wil!! thanks for the laugh! buh-bye

I hate milk because milk (and all its derivatives) hate me, in a terrible, painful, oh-my-god-i'll-never-eat-cheese-without-lactase-again sort of way.

I am a little grumpy today, but it will pass.

Go Kings!

Oh, and I should also point out that I do not own, have access to, or would ever wear again under any circumstances the Infamous Clown Sweater.

Sure, just like that wasn't you getting hot and heavy in that kid's office. We believe you, Wil...

I certainly hope that the reason you can no longer access that sweater is because IT'S BEEN DONATED TO THE SMITHSONIAN.

Truly that thing is a national treasure.

Wil - I've read most of your blog entries, even going back through the archives and spending an ungodly number of hours reading about your life. I've bought "Just a Geek" and "Dancing Barefoot". I've watched "Stand by Me". I've seen the TNG epidsodes you were in. Your mention of Sudoku got me addicted.
BUT - here I am, performing my daily ritual of checking your blog, and I find out you dislike ... nay .. "really hate" ... the Toronto Maple Leafs. My God Wil - where did you go wrong!!? What childhood trauma caused you to "really hate" the best hockey team in the world?
I'll have to read your future posts with a more critical eye, knowing now that you may not be playing with a full deck ;)

Maybe "really hate" is too strong to describe my animus toward the Maple Laughs.

But I'm a Kings, 'Hawks, Habs, and Bruins fan. Pretty sure the Leafs are sworn enemies to at least one of "my" teams, so there's that. Then there's Doug Gilmour and Tie Domi. And the Leafs booting my beloved Los Angeles Kings from the playoffs one of the three or so times they made it past the first round.

Besides, we're talking about professional sports rivalries; it doesn't -- nay, SHOULDN'T -- make sense.

Another reason why you are an ok guy, hate for the dirtyrottengoodfornothingnevertowinanothercupinalltheirborndayS Maple Laughs!!!

I love that fucking sweater. Yes, it's ugly but somehow it fits you. I've seen it before and you know what? You need to use that pic for your obituary someday (which will be a good 60 years or more from now, I'm sure).

I hate milk too. I also hate Barney the Dinosaur and would give anything for a good swift lethal kick to the jaw.

But come on, you wouldn't wear the sweater again for ANYTHING? EVER? Not even a night with Angelina Jolie? Not even for all the Red Dwarf eppies on DVD? There's gotta be a price... :)

That is one spectacular sweater (and you may have made the perfect face for wearing it)

Now see, I'm not coming here because of the knitting. I was already here, and was tickled pink to see such a horrid example of one of my favorite hobbies. I myself made a chullo for a friend--finished it up last night, took it off the needles, and realized that my gauge was so off that it is apparently a chullo for a demented and tiny gnome.

Of course, it still looks better than that sweater! *grin*

Wil - you spelled way too many words correctly in that little retort there. It should look more like this:

"dewd! your liek soo rite. im suhc a lewz0r"

Love the pic, by the way!

Re the sweater of our discontent: "down here we all float!" Nothing warms my heart like an evil clown at a former pagan festival now co-opted by upstarts time of the year. Or Guiness... that has that old black magic too.

Holy crap, that is the FUNNIEST sweater I have ever set eyes on. The longer I look at that picture, the harder I laugh.


I just looked again and it really is hysterical. I would love nothing more than to get ahold of that sweater and walk around the mall, shopping in those super snotty stores that think they belong on Rodeo Drive.

"I do, however, really hate the Oakland Raiders, Toronto Maple Leafs, people who lie, dishonorable people, milk, neo-cons, paying too much for parking anywhere, and this pain in my right hip that just won't go away."


Let the games begin.

Ok ... hate the Leafs if you want. That is what sports is all about ... or something like that.

Hate Darcy Tucker too ... but hate him for right reason: the truly impressive dives when he tries to draw a penalty. He really should be on the olympic diving team.

But back off Domi!! Old Cement Head has a good heart. He does a lot of charity work in this city and is truly loyal to the team ... not something you see much these days.

P.S. Nice sweater Wil.

*Leafs* booting the *Kings* out of the playoffs? Talk to any Maple Leaf fan about the penalty that wasn't called on Wayne Gretzky against Doug Gilmour in Game freakin' 7 back in '93. We're not quite as grumpy about it as Buffalo fans are about Brett Hull's Cup-winning goal, but close.

OK, I feel better now. :)

Yay! You like the Bruins! (me a lifelong Bruins fan, woe is me)

But huh? You say you like the Habs too?! How is that possible?

Here in New England, we HATE the Canadiens. Lots. It's kind of like a requirement. :)

Hey! I'm a leafs fan, and Tie Domi is a pretty cool guy. He does a good amount of charity work and he's a car enthusiast, which is cool in my books. But I can see why you'd dislike the Leafs with all those teams on "your" roster :)

The Habs never play the Leafs in the playoffs anymore though, which I think is sad.

Forgot to add - that's a hilarious sweater. What did you do with it afterwards? Or did you not get to keep it?

fair use and parody rights rocks

that picture rocks

the sweater rocks

I'm lovin' the guy who bought the sweater at the Salvation Army. . .it's a unique person who sees potential in people's throwaways. Other than eBay sellers, that is.

Yeah, Wil, you're right. The Leafs suck. Go Flyers!

What I want to know is, WHO threw away a sweater like that? They should be punished for letting that thing out in the wild.

I think your career isn't bad. That sweater should have been used for the cover of your book...

I kinda like the sweater! :) can't believe u hate the Raiders though. Thats kind of distressing. (ha-ha)

First of all, your expression is priceless, kinda Ricky Ricardo wondering why Lucy made him this new sweater.

Secondly, something makes me think George Clooney would love to own this sweater. He told the funniest story on Oprah about a practical joke he played on Richard Kind.

He set this joke up over the course of a year. Like this sweater, he came across the ugliest painting ever created set out for the garbage men. He picked up the painting and for the next year told Richard Kind that he was taking art classes. He would never let Richard see any of his "work." Finally, on Richard's 40th birthday, Clooney presented him with that hideous painting (to which he'd added his signature) by saying, "Most of my work has been bad, but my teacher thinks I finally created something special with this piece. It is so special to me, that I'd like you to have it." Richard was touched and hung it on his wall. All their other friends knew the story behind the piece, but no one told Richard for something like 2 years.

Anyway, I can totally see George Clooney getting his hands on this sweater and giving it to one of his friends as the product of his knitting class. You should show him this photo next time you run into him. LA's a small place, right? Don't all famous people know each other? :-)

Oh, I would also like to hear the story of the person who freaked you out. It seems like it would take quite a bit to freak you out, so it's got to be an interesting story.

heh. i read "you knit what" for the snark - it's in my "guilty pleasures" section of my rss aggregator along with "overheard in new york", "dating horrors" and "postsecret". your blog is not in that category, i promise.

i saw that, was impressed at the sweater, because holy fuck, that's a fucking clown sweater to end all clown sweaters (it's the sleeves that push it over the edge into greatness, really), and then thought "ooh, new influx about to happen at wwdn..."

I never thought I'd ever see the likes of that sweater again!

You see, I had one...when I was five. Though, no clown hair sleeves. I HATED IT. My mom made me wear it to kindergarten! She loved the damned thing.

So, it's 1979 and I'm stylin' in my cool olive green polyester flares and a satan-hell scary clown sweater. Why wasn't I the coolest kid in kindergarten?

Probably cuz I also wore my hair in pigtails and got those tied with lengths of yarn.

Hey Wil,
I think the sweater is awesome and I think you're awesome for wearing it. I read both blogs and I just want to say that if it comes down to having to choose, I'd choose yours. And thanks for not hating on knitters because of this. We aren't all jerks.

One thing I disagree with - 6 hours of "I'm entertaining people" time is more like 12 hours regular time. (I do a lot of events where I feel like I need to be "on"). I'm impressed you lasted as long as you did.

two thumbs up for hating the Raiduhs and Leafs...if you'd like to read a fun column re: TML Arrogance, check out http://bolts.tbo.com/lightning/MGBD8VM5NGE.html

the best part is that it's all true...

Okay, that may be the best/worst shirt ever, and the expression on your face is priceless.

I'll try to defend my leafs...YAY Leafs...

The sweater + Fark gave me laughs for days on end...

Of course you could always have taken one of the photoshops from fark.. say, Michael Dorn wearing the sweater, and say that's the real one, and this is just some photoshop prank played on you.

How often do you get to conventions now anyway? What are the odds that Dorn would kick yer butt? :D

Also a good way to play it forward. Everyone must wear the clown sweater.

But why would people hate on you for the clown sweater? Do people really have that little of a sense of humor? That pic is priceless and just screams "photoshop me!"

You should check out that fark thread. It only had a couple of jerks post there. 99% of the photoshops were good fun. :)

Knitters will flock to vulgar (and yet so cool) Knitwear like hapless moths to so many flames.
\m/ Rock on!

The Snark? Is that like a cheap knockoff of The Cheat?

Bwhahaa. I saw that on YKW the other day, and I almost pointed it out. YKW is often hysterical. :)

Y'know, I've seen that pic circulating around for as long as it probably has been out there doing its circulatory thing (as pictures are wont to do) on the Internets.

I never saw it as, "omg, it's Wil Wheaton, wearing a hideous sweater!" I still do the same thing everytime I see that picture: chuckle to myself and think, "Yup, if I wore that sweater, that's the look I'd have on my face too."

TEH WILS!! I gotta know..
Why OH Why Do you hate the RaiderS?

Wil, I have to agree. You hate the *Leafs* because they knocked the *Kings* out of the playoffs?!? 1993 is a year that will live in infamy, in Toronto.

Otherwise, the Leafs suck. They work on getting a team that will make it through a round or two of the playoffs, and no farther. Because they know that the die hard fans in Toronto will still sell out every single game, even if we're playing Nashville.

It's not so much the sweater, as the look on your face that cracked me up. It is priceless! Glad to hear you did well in Vegas this past weekend. Looking forward to a more in depth post on it.

I can't decide which is more horrifying, the sweater or the look of horror on your face.

Better Link for the clownsweaters:

I wish I had one of those sweet babies to give as a gift this year.

Also, the posted that said you should wear that to the WSOP next year was SPOT on.


Oh man! What a crazy crazy way for my worlds to collide.

It's all right, Wil - we know the blame for this bit of fug goes to the knitter, not the wearer.

Awwwww, Wil!


I was going to post that picture on my blog today of all days (saying I took it), then mention how you were so pissed you could hardly stand (Shlitz beer no less) and that this was moments before the "sex" video you did with Paris Hilton, then how afterwards you played online poker in the nude with a reefer hanging out of your mouth, but I coudn't post that picture because of legal issues and . . .


Now I have to spend 15 seconds thinking up something else to lie about on my blog today.


And the Maple Laughs rule!

Okay, so the above wasn't funny.

But you know you secretly want to play a poke-er with Paris - admit it.

Kidding. ;>

The look on your face is just priceless. It says many things to me, like "STFU," "GTFO," or my personal favorite, "RTFM!"

*looks at pic again* lol Everytime I look at it I start giggling. It's so funny.

I'll say this though; you're a braver man than I, Wil. ;)

can't sleep. wil will eat me.

I read WWdN on RSS, and feedburner put a nice little "Oakland Raiders NFL Products" ad at the bottom of today's post. It was amusing.

Love the sweater, BTW.

Well Well well, I see not much has changed:) I take it you still believe Gilmour broke Sandstrom's arm on purpose?? For the record the Toronto Maple Leafs still rule (don't believe anything a Habs fan tells you):) The Kings still suck, although I will admit the shameless self promotion of Sean Avery is fun to watch.I look forward to Mr. Roenick cheering for Team Canada in the Olympics:)

Btw love the sweater:)

Sorry I had to add something after reading your post.

I agree totally with the ppl who spoke highly of Tie Domi. Admit it, he is a guy who you hate on other teams but LOVE on your own. He also does do alot of charity work and really does love this city.

Dougie Gilmour bleeds blue and white and any leaf fan will tell you that. (we over look the fact he was a Hab, Sabre, and Hawk)He has season tickets and on any given night (like yesterday) you can look right behind Eddie's net and seated there is Dougie and family. If that isn't loyalty I don't know what is.

Just a quick note - I believe that isn't just any clown, but BOZO the clown!


How about an RFB episode that has something about the "totally spun people got up in my shit and completely freaked me out" person?

Anyone who would put that sweater on and let someone take a picture is ok in my book. And a hell of alot braver than me!

There are too many comments on here as it is, but the sweater rocks! I love it. I'd love to have one and make various people around me wear it. That or some equally hideous item of clothing, like maybe one of those 70's disco hats?

Someone said something rude about you? where? I can take em. letmeatem. don't you worry about nothing, your posse has got your back. We will never leave you...no matter what your fashion choices...

Man, that is one hideous sweater. I want one, too!!!

Wow, Annie is going to destroy you with this one...

Ok, I just have a couple of comments...

1.) The sweater just flat out frightens me!

2.) I feel that there needs to be some East Coast representation on this post.

Here we go Steelers!!!

Haha... oh man. That night is haunting you in so many ways. You left out the part about Barney Co. sending me a cease and desist letter for those pics of you boxing Barney... or maybe they just didn't want to see you in the clown sweater coming up next to searches for Barney!

On another note, I think we just found Wil's Posse's official uniform, and we all have to have that facial expression while wearing it. Shouldn't be too difficult. ;)

Oh My God! That jumper! If there's anything I'm scared of in this world it's clowns, it's a good job I wasn't there when you put that 'thing' on Wil otherwise my screams would have been heard several countries away...

hehe, don't worry... all the knitters will have to make a Cool Wil Wheaton Clown Pullover now. I think I will, anyway.

I'm sorry but I had to comment too... that is quite honestly the best. face. ever. Thank you so much for making me laugh. :D

I started loading the photo page. It's kickin' in now and I think those pictures will act as a lullaby to nightmares for the rest of my life. They'll need a crane to pull me out of the snail shell those pictures put me in. I had previously seen that sweater picture of you where you narrow your eyes like a bastard who wants to hit me, but now that I have everything I am left twisting in hopeless bleak despair til my head falls off. Reprehensible!

Yeh Yeh. Maybe I know you're not the boss of me. I should be allowed to think for myself. Don't let's start pointing fingers.

No! I blame you. The biggest one.

On an unrelated thing: Particle Man (because its always requested and rarely not included)

Thats a rather unique sweater, thats for damn sure. A little on the frightening side... I wont mock you for wearing it, thats brave. /grin

So, in checking out the Sweater Project and in turn the rest of her(i'm assuming it's lauren's page, hence "her")page. I see a link, which is unfortunatly broken, "mmmm butter" which made me blink yet again because i have this pic on buzz http://mynna.buzznet.com/user/?id=1177257 Maybe i'm not the only one...

Wil, you need a pile of cake to go with that pile of sweater.


hi Wil, long time reader first time poster heh. Anyway, I did see this on the knitting forum, but rather than wonder why, I thought it was hi-freaking-larious. It takes a lot of balls to wear a sweater like that.
(And why am I not surprised that your wife knits? I seriously think she's my hero who I haven't gotten to know...)

Aahaahaaa! Can't...breathe...stitch...in side...

Stitch-n-Bitch rocks! Get her a subscription to BUST magazine!

A snark? Is that related to a snipe?

Howdy Wil,

I found this link to the chunked up version of all those sweater pics:


All I have to say about it is - Yikes. Whoever knitted that thing is clearly twisted.

I assume you noticed that Dave Barry linked to it, too? Yeah, I'm sure you're thrilled:


The look on your face is awesome, though.

I would buy that off you,
if you would sell it.
Do it for a good cause,
I'll give ya $30.00
for it.


You hate the Toronto Maple Leafs???? WHY IN GOODNESS SAKE'S would you hate the LEAF'S??? :O

great sweater by the way! Reminds me of one my grandma once made for me as a baby.... oh man the memories...

well. look at that. i DO have a typepad account. lol :)

For me Wil, the whole POINT is the snark :) wheeee! :)

I kinda don't get it. I mean the sweater is bitchin' in its own bizarre and clownful way. And it's got stories! Stories are teh t1tz0rs!

Personally, I'm ready to set up a shrine to anyone who both has the opportunity and the willingness to be snapped in the sweater of Clownful Goodness. But then, I'm a liberal lesbian in the heart of Ohio Amish country, so what do you want from my life?

I can't wait for this post to drop off the front page. That sweater is giving me nightmares.

Awesome pic, I'll totally have that Weezer song stuck in my head now. Nice Bozo sweater. I'm working on an Andre the Giant scarf myself.
P.S. I'm a knitter and something of a geek, hence the creation of this bag,
as well as these handy little objects.

First of all, thank you, Wil for kicking Barney's ass. The video was a definite balm to my soul. I stayed at home with my older son through his Barney years. Ten years later, the twitch has finally gone away and I only wince when I see purple now instead of screaming and running away.

Second, the sweater rox. Feel no shame.

Also, just read your latest Games of Our Lives - you're at the funny farm too? Great! Come by the day room and we can play dominoes. :)

The Toronto Maple Leafs suck! I hate them too!

the sweater is hideous, the man gracious. ;)

And I LOVE the "oh sh*t, a CAMERA!" look you've got on your face ...


Long time reader, first time poster and huge hockey fan - Doug Gilmour and Tie Domi may be considered good guys in Canada - but if we're talking hockey they can both kiss my bum. Kings forever.

And maybe I saw Stephen King's "It" too many times, but that sweater is scary...

i aplogoze for this, wil, but the sweater has now made it into this week's comic...

As a knitter who has been here for months I must point out to my fellow knitting bloggers that we have all either inadvertently knit the equivalent of the clown sweater for someone, been gifted with the equivalent of the clown sweater or have seen a version of the clown sweater in the latest highbrow knitting magazine.

The clown sweater picture made it into Flickr's 'intrestingness' page!

If you don't see it, reload the page as new photos are always being added.

Whatever, Wil. I've been just WAITING for the day I:
1. make it to flickr's intrestingness page

2. Get as many comments on ANY post on my blog as this post has.

I see now that what I need to do is track down the owner of this sweater and let him take a picture of me.

I don't care what anyone says, this sweater is pretty darn sexy. Hardy har har.
I was just watching a TNG rerun and thought I would check your blog. It was the episode where Riker has his Q powers and gives everyone their "wish," and Wesley gets to become a man. The voice dubbing seriously cracked me up. Great episode.
Anyway, you should join the cult that is myspace so you can link this site. It is a networking heaven. And then you can take care of that guy (or girl, who knows) who is pretending to be you. Or at least I hope they are pretending to be you, I wouldn't think you'd put your status as "single."
Cheers, and lets hope you get some new sweaters this Christmas!


Well. . . now that my corneas are crispy little flakes of ash on the floor, what to do?

I think I'll go check out the Clown Sweater Archive page. . .

Please don't restore the image. Please?

Wil, was it the sweater that made you so constipated or had you not had enough roughage?

If a picture is normally worth a thousand words, that picture is worth at least a brazillion