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klingon law

Klingonlaw Presented without comment.

Except, of course, saying that it's presented without comment is actually a comment in itself, and then commenting on that comment is a meta-comment.

So how about if I just say: WWdN:iX reader Justin sent me this, all the way from far off Canuckistan. I thought it was funny, and I thought some WWdN:iX readers would find it funny, as well.

(Image from: Toothpaste for dinner)

(Click to embiggen.)

(Click for TMBG, via Roughy.)

(Click for absolutely nothing.)



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I already had the NSA song stuck in my head, now its going to be permanant! Oh well. You know you can have that as your ringtone as well? I love TMBG. :)

Wow, a political songlette by TMBG? Who'da thunk? Thanks- I hadn't heard it.

I had always figured that if you both were in to Klingon weddings that that was qualifier enough to be married. I wonder what percent of Klingon weddings end in divorce.

Please! Someone tell me the source of the image. This is the second panel I have seen from this artist and the second one that has left me breathless from laughter.

I want more.

Good jorb on the write up. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You really brought me there.

Rock on!

"Presented without comment."

That is like "This page intentionally left blank". No it's not, there is writing on it!


Makes me think of that DS9 episode (I suck with the episode names, but I'm sure someone'll know) where Quark "accidentally" kills a Klingon, marries his wife so he doesn't get killed, and succesfully (after the whole plot thingy) asks and receives a divorce.

And a slap. And spit.


was this a vegas marriage? hahaha priceless.


Haha... Canuckistan... never heard that one before. Glad you enjoyed it Wil :)

Too damn funny Wil.

Thx for sharing.


I'm at toothpastefordinner every single day. I also have the t-shirt of "If I had 60 cents every time I had a dollar, I'd be Canada."

I love Drew. He is my god.

Check out explodingdog, too.

Justin sent me this, all the way from far off Canuckistan.

That's Soviet Canuckistan! :^)