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radio free burrito: all geek edition

I think it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito, don't you?

I had a super good time with episode eight, which was entirely Q&A, so how about this experiment:  I'll do another Q&A show, and focus it on a single topic, guided by whatever is on your mind: The topic is Geek. (Hey, you should go with what you know, right?)

Send your questions to ask at wilwheaton dot net, (with a descriptive subject line, please) and I'll get a new show out by Friday.


YAY!!! Having finished the "Just A Geek" audiobook in a little over a day, I've been jonesin' for some new stuff!

Rock! (throws goat)

Definitely time for more RFB. :-)

Too cool...

Can't wait!

about time! time for a geek out!

And here I was thinking you'd given up on podcasting. (Also, it's your fault I'm now hooked on Slice of SciFi, Dragonpage Cover-to-Cover, Michael and Evo's Winging It, The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas, and Geek Fu Action Grip. Who knew that there were so many great sci-fi/geek podcasts out there? And there are probably more, but I just don't have time to listen to them all. Except for yours. I have time for that.)

Hawsome! I made a BUMPER for the next episode...I've tried to send it via e-mail but no luck so I've posted up at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/brynwilliams_music.htm
so anyone can check it out (along with my other songs)... I hope it "makes the cut" I worked hard on it.. LOVE THE BLOG/PODCASTS!!!!

Bryn, I really like your style of music. Great lyrics, excellent rhythm, and a really nice voice. Cool stuff!

The show is all audio right? Will there be a transcript after the show? Because I'm hearing impaired. Any help appreicated.

YAY! Thanks Wil!

I've been listen-and-relistenin to RFB 1 through 8.

If my wife hears the phrase 'Knock me your lobes indeed - hello everyone' one more time - I might not get to meet my future bundle of joy...

Thanks man - new is good.

Dude, you are ready for iTunes. I think that your wit and charisma are quite evident during this and previous RFB - that will keep folks listening.
You are ready - hop in.


you're finally going to share some of your new heroin with us! You give me some good shit, and I'll happily shoot it up!

Dude, you are too friggin funny. Please tell me you will write more. And what is this about a podcast ??

I don't know if I should listen to that at work! LOL!

Episode 8?

The Ocho!

hey Carsten... Thanks so much for the kind words about my music... I'v been walking around all day with a huge silly grin thanks to you... stay chilly.


Wil, You never cease to amaze me with your talent and skill. Your a good actor(CSI and such)an even better author and like you said, its not easy getting work as a voice over actor, which you have.
Keep the content coming and have fun!

I'm an avid reader of your blog, Wil, but not geek enough to be able to figure out why I can't subscribe to your podcast and have it work right! I got 6 & 7, once, and eight only downloaded a partial file (i.e. - worked for several minutes, stopped; didn't get entire podcast) Is there a url to use to subscribe that I'm not cool enough to find yet? ;-)