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the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have

Today is Towel Day, a day when all geeks can carry their towels with them in tribute to the hoopiest frood of them all, Douglas Adams.

I absolutely love that I'm recording an all-geek podcast on this most sacred of days.


I would have thought it more suitable to wear a bathrobe all day, well maybe oout of office hours, I guess everyone has a towel though (or I should at least hope so for hygiene sake.)

Douglas Adams was indeed a fantastic writer. I've been watching a dvd today of the 1979 Doctor Who episode 'City of Death' which he wrote. Sci Fi gold with a good portion of Adams zany humour.

It was a sad loss when he died so young. Just think what he would have been doing today.

Er, your Towel Day link GNDN (enjoy the now overused Star Trek reference) unless you were going for the semi-geeky 404 it generated claiming that it couldn't be found on your server. Or am I grokking up the wrong tree?

From the wonderful world of BoingBoing, i bring you a fresh Towel Day link.

omg that is so cool. i was just talking with the husband last night of the all-importantness of having a towel, no matter where one goes (in the case of us, to MT for the weekend).

So.. um... Wil? I know where my towel is, but I forgot my toothbrush. I don't suppose you have an extra one I could 'borrow'? And maybe an extra hot cup of tea while you're at it?

that is singlehandedly the best trilogy EVAR, and Douglas Adams is definately missed.

I highly respect Douglas Adams and his fans for accepting that the manifestation of his imagination was a display of colorful and limitless fiction.

I only wish the same had been the case for L. Ron Hubbard.

I was fortunate enough to have an English professor who was from England and had worked for a stint at the BBC offices as an editor. He recalled when Mr Adams worked at the BBC, there was a wing in the building, and as you moved further away from the heart of the building, the writers occupying the offices became proportionally weirder and edgier, until you hit the point of exponential increase just before the final door at the end of the hall, Douglas Adams' office. It is unfortunate, in a way, that the Hitchhiker's movie was created solely for die hard fans, I know many who were virgins to Adams work who saw the movie and then were totally and utterly turned off, mainly because you had to have read his books to get the movie. I guess more unfortunate is the percentage of the population who replace good reading with movie time and expect the equivalent mental banquet that a good book brings.


dont panic.

Happy towel day to all the hoopie froods. Don't panic. To show what an ubernerd I am, I cut a piece of towel, and have had it in my pocket all day!! 42

I took a towel with me to work today. Didn't have it with me at times, but I knew where it was, and that's the important thing.

I had my towel with me at work, today, and it proved more valuable than I'd even imagined!

It started off as a lumbar support, and then turned into a warming device when the climate control in the building was set to "Sub-Arctic". At lunchtime, when the temp in my office was so cold that the desk was clammy, the towel ended up over my head, and served to apparently make me invisible! (Well... either that, or no one really wanted to approach the crazy woman wearing a beach towel over her head.)

Still later, when the tornado sirens went off, it came with me down into the basement... just in case it would have to serve as a debris shield. (Fortunately, that didn't happen.) On the way home, it kept me dry!

All in all, I totally learned the importance of knowing where my towel was!

@ Pablo

It's odd, because the experience I had is that people who didn't read the book wanted to, after seeing the movies.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I saw the movie before reading the books or seeing the miniseries. *GASP!*

I am thoroughly ashamed :(