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two burning questions, answered

Question the first: What if comic geeks re-enacted comic book battles the same way history geeks re-enact Civil War battles? Answer: Re-Enacting Marvel Secret Wars. (via Wired)

Question the second: What would happen if the Enterprise D battled with the original Enterprise? Answer: Sci-Fi Battles: Kirk vs. Picard (Thanks, Columbo!)


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That first video....I think I know those guys. Or ones just like them.

Kirk vs Picard ROCKS.

That was Hawesome

Re-Enacting Marvel's Secret wars is an interesting activity..

For the Single participants, the re-enactment the first step of a LONG 12 step program to abstinence.

the re-enactment IS the first step of a LONG 12 step program to abstinence.

Kirk vs Picard - well, we always suspected that, didn't we? that was great! and a nice comment on changing cultural mores.

That first one was pretty funny. It was a satire, right? Right?

The Trek one might have been OK if I wasn't so intimately familiar with the episodes it was put together from.

I am looking forward to the crisis reenactors. That looks like it would be a blast.
The whole thing reminds me of a sketch comedy show called Mr. Show. In one particular episode Civil war reenactors are double booked with the Renaissance Festival. While arguing over who gets to use the park, two Sci-fi folks walk over pretending they have stepped back in time.
The episode would not have been nearly as funny but for one thing, I have actually seen people show up dressed in star trek uniforms at a Ren fest.

/Much like you will I like slashiesl.
//Who ever did the Kirk vs Picard obviously wants to start a Trek geek flame war. Then again in that would fit the original series norms.

for those interested the Mr. Show episode was "Like Chickens...Delicious Chickens". It is about the fourth or fifth sketch in the episode.

The Kirk vs Picard was really good!! Completely not possible, but good nontheless. Picard's shields were down! In a fair fight, that never would have happened. It was still a really well-made video. But Kirk could never beat Picard. (Then again, I'm a huge TNG fan.)


Ohmygawd!! The Secret Wars bit was hilarious! I know people like that.

The only reason Picard lost was because Wesley wasn't on board to save the day.

(sorry, Wil)

My favorite part of the "Secret Wars" video is at the end, when the DC Comic's characters show up.

I did not watch the Star Trek video, because I heard it does not contain any Wesley.

"There's another dead bishop on the landing, Vicar Sargeant!"

Alan is right, if Wesley was there he would beemed alloy eating nanites onto thier hull.

Mmmm, truly wonderful.

To be fair, this question had already been answered in Kirk's favor.

In the last TNG film I was willing to watch, Picard gets himself into a crisis he cannot solve. What does he do? Go to the Nexus in search of a real man to save the universe for him.

As Peter David put it in his "But I Digress" column at the time, when the audience sees Picard face off against Soran, they say, "Wow, I wonder what's going to happen?" When they see Soran square off against Kirk, on the other hand, they say, "Oh boy, Soran's gonna get his ass kicked now... "

Hey wil, i have a question for you. Are you even remotely thinking about going to Dragon*Con? I think that People would like it.

Flame wars have commenced! May the best Trek fanboy / fanperson win!

The funny thing is that it's probably what would have happened, assuming the D crew didn't immediatly recognise the original...


Very funny!

How exactly could William F@*#ing Shatner kill Picard? Do you know that he wears a hairpiece?

Every time I see an ALL BRAN commercial all I can think of (thanks to you) is that is William F@*#ing Shatner and he wears a hairpiece.

Ok, so I've been lurking here for a while now, and absolutely love your blog, and actually find myself quoting it to friends, but I finally feel compelled to comment.
LOVED the Kirk vs. Picard vid! Way cool, or should I say hawseome! I also happen to agree with Alan that had Wesley been on board, he would've saved the day (I was always a Wesley fan, not to mention I had a mad crush on you then!). I've been watching episodes from the 1st season, and it seems to me that Wesley saved their buts alot! Go Wes! :-)
However, I've also noticed that for being so technilogically evolved in the 24th century, they sure do have problems keeping their shields and engines working!

But, have you seen/heard this?
(I haven't been reading WWdN long, so please forgive me if this has been mentioned before. Love the blog, by the way.)

Sorry, this one is better:

P.S. I do think it's kind of unreasonable to think the D would go down so fast. Really, though, in hand to hand we all know Picard would kick Kirk's ass.

The Picard-song is great! It is obvious that the creator invested considerable time making this video.

This youtube is also a great vehicle for independent artists.