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West Coast - I'm on WPT tonight

just found out that I'm on the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel tonight. It's the WPT Invitational from Commerce Casino, where I outlasted all the other celebrity players and finished 23rd to land $10,000 for City of Hope. I doubt I'll get much screen time, but my friend Burns! just called Anne to tell her that he saw me.

So . . . now you know! If anyone gets an mpeg or something, let me know and I'll link it up.

Update: WWdN:iX reader Andrew sent me the following captures:

XviD (9 MB)

mpeg2 (30MB)

It 's a great segment. I got a lot more camera time than I expected, and so did Darwin!  If anyone wants to seed .torrents, let me know and I'll update again. Thanks, Andrew!

(image via Dr. Pauly)


Cool. I hope they are repeating the same episode on the second show tonight.

/me shall wait for the torrents.
Silly lightening storms.
And funny, was playing Texas Hold Em on Y! tonight ;)

Hey, short segment, but nice. Yep, they announced you as last celeb standing!

Good on you, Wil.