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March 15, 2002

The Good Things

I am in this movie called "The Good Things."

This should come as no surprise to regular readers, because I talk about it alot, as I am very, very proud of it.

People ask me all the time, "Wil, how does your skin stay so clear?"

I tell them it's a plesant side-effect of hard-drinkin'

Then I tell them that, if they were so inclined, they could SEE THE GOOD THINGS!

That's right! From the convenience of your own monitor, you, too, can view The Good Things! View it while eating dinner! View it while butt naked! View it while your roommates think you're working on that paper they're paying you to write!

To explain how this wonderful opportunity has come along, I turn the microphone over to my dear friend Mr. Seth Wiley, who directed the film. Seth?

"I found out today that our short film "the good things" is a quarterfinalist in the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival. this is a really good deal for the winner (something, something...million dollars,) and an exceptionally good deal for the semi-finalists, who get a trip to Cannes. so I'm asking everyone to visit the link and vote on the film as well as see the twenty-four other short films that are
viewable on the site.

This link will get you to a group of shorts, one of which is "the good things." there's some registration and password cha-cha, but it only commits you to buying a minivan...no, two minivans. I apologize for the quality of the digitization, but alas, the technology--she is young, no?

For those of you who don't want to sit through the entire film again, please feel free to vote for it, as the votes could help the film become a semifinalist. for those of you who've never seen the film, please watch it and save me the false promise of sending you a tape.

Thanks a lot for helping out!"

This movie means so very, very much to me. We worked very hard on it, and I am so excited to share my work with the world. Please watch it, please tell your friends to watch it, and then vote for it, dammit!

If javascript is busted on your computer (like it is on my POS 9000), our movie is in the top row, in the middle.

Feel free to discuss the movie in the soapbox.

Posted by wil at March 15, 2002 08:30 AM


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