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July 15, 2002


It's nearly 10PM.

The kids are with their dad, leaving Anne and me in an empty, quiet house.

We sit at our dining room table, Ferris asleep at our feet, the 85 degree Southern California air stirred only by a single fan in our air-conditioner-less house.

We're reading. She reads a magazine, I read a book, and Charlie Parker travels through time from 1950, transported by our radio, tirelessly bebopping at us.

These moments that we share, just the two of us are precious few, and I cherish them.

I close my book and tell her, "You are the other half of my heartbeat."

They're not my words. I've borrowed them from Dizzy Gillespie, who was speaking, ironically, of Bird...

...but truer words have never passed my lips.

Posted by wil at July 15, 2002 09:58 PM
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Not watching TV:
3 demerits.

Jazz music:
2 demerits

No air conditioning:
1 demerit

The look on your face when the Ameristasi kicks down your fucking door:

Posted by: Citizen Spudnuts at July 15, 2002 10:03 PM

My heart skipped a beat. Quiet times at home are rare...

Posted by: alexa at July 15, 2002 10:03 PM

Zieg Heil Herr Bush!

Posted by: Matt at July 15, 2002 10:06 PM

spudnuts, you are f.in hilarious.

that's right... i said f.in.

Posted by: pavegirl at July 15, 2002 10:23 PM

hmmm... sounds *fun*

Posted by: Bambi and Candi at July 15, 2002 10:30 PM

i wish i had a hubby like you!

Posted by: lola at July 15, 2002 10:44 PM

WOW! that was funny! What happened after that? what was her responce? well anyway... im going to try that line... :)

Posted by: Jason at July 15, 2002 10:48 PM

Speaking as a newly single person, I have to say that it is quite refreshing to see you so in love with your wife, Wil. You have single-handedly restored, or at least renewed my faith in the male of the species. Thank you for sharing such a moving and personal moment with us. You are truely one of a kind.

Posted by: meshell at July 15, 2002 10:53 PM

"and the two, became one flesh"
"till death do they part"

and "live long and prosper"

Posted by: wade art at July 15, 2002 10:56 PM

All right, who wants to bet Wil totally got laid after that one? heh. Everyone now and then I like to borrow the line "Let's have an extended play together". I'll have to thank Air for that one.

Posted by: JPJL at July 15, 2002 11:38 PM

"the 85 degree Southern California air stirred only by a single fan in our air-conditioner-less house."

WHAAAAAAT!?!? I'm sweating just thinking about that... blech. How can you stand it, Wil? Hrmm maybe it's different in Texas... although I figured SoCal would be just as humid as Houston... uhg...

Posted by: Ron at July 15, 2002 11:51 PM

Uhm, if Wil were getting laid, do you think he'd bother to take the time to post?


Well, actually.


Posted by: Chuggnutt at July 15, 2002 11:52 PM

This was beautiful, and I'm gonna steal it from you via Diz. It's exactly how I feel about my fiancee.

Sorry 'bout your wife's heroin problem, tho'...

Posted by: adam at July 15, 2002 11:57 PM

What!!! You don't have an air conditioner? In this heat?! Quick! Run out and get one before you both melt:)

Posted by: SpiderWebb at July 16, 2002 12:36 AM

Gotta appreciate those quiet Hallmark Moments.

Posted by: Matt W at July 16, 2002 12:48 AM

Wil, It's great you can take some special time after being so busy. I'm glad to be able to say my wife and I share that kind of closeness, but sad that my step-son and his wife decided to separate last week. It's just a reminder how precious these relationships are and how much we need to pay attention to nurturing them.

Posted by: Rob at July 16, 2002 12:57 AM

Hmmm...what book were you reading?

Idiot's Guide to Romance? :)

Posted by: tanyak at July 16, 2002 02:52 AM

It's a slightly sappy line, but goddamn it if it didn't work. I know I'd at least stop and blush.

Hell, if it were TV's Wil Wheaton saying it to me, I'd probably drag him into some nookie right then and there.

Such a sweetie, Wil is.

And hell, so is Spudnuts, in a different way.

Posted by: KJB at July 16, 2002 03:07 AM

Or I'd laugh. I haven't decided yet.

Posted by: KJB at July 16, 2002 03:08 AM

*swoon*....makes me miss my guy half a country away...enjoy those times when you can, Wil :)

Posted by: Jinkster at July 16, 2002 03:50 AM

marry me will!
Ill make happy! and horny!

what do you mean "NO" ?
why not?

Posted by: lonestar at July 16, 2002 05:18 AM

Awww shucks Uncle Wil..

Posted by: bluecat/redblanket at July 16, 2002 05:55 AM

If you think it's great now, wait until you're in your late 40s and have the place to yourself and are the best of old friends! If you do it right, it just gets better!

Posted by: The SpaceWriter at July 16, 2002 06:02 AM




Posted by: Samantha Lee at July 16, 2002 06:28 AM

You romantic you.

Posted by: angry penguin at July 16, 2002 07:09 AM

And then she said, "You're not getting my Bud Lite, Wil."

Posted by: GORDON at July 16, 2002 07:26 AM

Or else "I told you, Wil: I have a headache."

Posted by: Snark at July 16, 2002 07:50 AM

Mr 'Uncle' Wil Wheaton

Kind, caring, Mr Luver Luver Man

says it all

Posted by: miggy at July 16, 2002 07:58 AM

Moments like that are what life is all about! Enjoy them while you can.

On a side note....no airconditioning? Are you mad?

Posted by: Nephratari at July 16, 2002 08:28 AM

It's been two weeks since I visited, and all I can say is


but really wil what did she say?

"Oh! Wil you are the other half of my overdraft."


Posted by: B1ATCH at July 16, 2002 08:32 AM

*sigh* I wish I had romantic moments like that with someone. I agree with the rest of the people here too... it's like that line Scotty gave Geordi in that TNG episode with the Dison Sphere... "Enjoy these times while you can, because they'll never come again." or something like that.

Posted by: The Silent Strider at July 16, 2002 09:07 AM

How sweet.
It's too early in my morning for sweet...
I'll appreciate it later ;)

Posted by: Thumper at July 16, 2002 09:45 AM

Can you believe I've read this site for quite awhile, and until you put up that "new to you" story, I always thought Ferris was just another kid that you always made lie on the floor. thanks for clearing that up.

Posted by: Sweaterdude at July 16, 2002 10:52 AM

Wow, that was sweet Wil, but, like the others I hae to ask...

Why no airconditioner, Wil? That sounds awful. What happens when there is a heat wave? Any chance of posting and telling us why you're house is airconditioner deficient?

Posted by: Angelwwolf at July 16, 2002 10:57 AM

When did Wil become such a cheesy-poof? Seriously, married people aren't supposed to say shit like that to one another. Not in real life. I'm disgusted.

Posted by: David Schrimpf at July 16, 2002 11:04 AM


Note to readers:

If you're going to be a fucking asshole about MY WIFE, you can fuck all the way off. You're not welcome here.

Fuck you.


Posted by: wil at July 16, 2002 11:26 AM

I think a lot of the comments were made in good humor, but some were a *bit* off color.

Hey, romantics *do* exist in this world, people. They're few and far between, that's why they're special.

Anne's lucky.

Posted by: courtney at July 16, 2002 11:42 AM

I will apologize right away here if my earlier comment offended you, Wil. I certainly did not mean it that way--it was just what popped into my head after reading the comment that was 'last' in the list before I added mine. Just a sort of "yeah, that's what I tend to say to my husband, and he to me, when we say anything romantic like that." I didn't think that it might be taken as any sort of offense to your wife.

Again, my apologies, to you both if my comment was the one to which you were referring.

Posted by: Snark at July 16, 2002 12:05 PM

Oh stop Wil...you had me at "You".

Posted by: Kman at July 16, 2002 12:43 PM

My hubby and I take these moments a bit more often... we wait until the kids are in bed then we go out and sit on the back porch and read or talk or just look at the stars for awhile before we go to bed. Little things like this keep a marriage strong and keep the love growing.

Don't let them get to you Wil, that is their whole reason for bothering to post is to get a reaction. :*

Posted by: NephraTari at July 16, 2002 01:24 PM

85 degrees! You lucky SoCal bum! The part of California where I live hit 116 last Wednesday... and it's somewhere about 95 right now...

Of course, I have an air conditioner.

Posted by: Da Schmiz at July 16, 2002 02:37 PM

Wil. Once again you show your sensitive side.


Cheesy line? Maybe.

Slushy? Clearly.

Romantic? Obviously.

SPOT ON SENTIMENT!!!! UNdoubtedly.

Good on you, Wil. In the end, the message of love is the most important thing in the world.

Oh, and about the air-conditioning thing. So what? So he had a window open.
Mind you, over here if theres a heat wave then everyone goes outside into the open air and enjoys every second of it. Except the midges at dusk. We hate them.

Posted by: fluffy at July 16, 2002 04:10 PM

I re-read the comments and, um, Will, I can't find which post was offensive to your wife. I saw some good natured gentle kidding, though.

Posted by: Angelwwolf at July 16, 2002 04:27 PM

Keep saying things like that and your going to be thirty degrees hotter.

Posted by: Fabian Greene at July 16, 2002 04:41 PM

Geez, sorry if my comment pissed you off. It was a Bird joke, not a Wil's wife joke. Promise...

Posted by: adam at July 16, 2002 04:46 PM

First off...I thought the sentiment was very sweet..and it is nice to hear a man express what he is feeling for the woman he loves.

Second...Wil..if you are going to bear your heart to the world..AND..offer up a place for people to comment on it...then you need a thicker skin.

Third..I saw nothing here offensive to your wife.

You don't want your family commented about...then don't tell people about them. You set yourself up for that. I think you have a wonderful talent as a writer..and possibly a great future..but you are going to have to be able to take the good and bad comments as well. I had thought your psyche was toughening up a little with this website..but obviously not.

Maybe it was the heat.

Posted by: Tam at July 16, 2002 05:18 PM

just think...if you had stayed on "star trek" for the whole run you might have missed this...sounds like you got a better deal now...d..burr

Posted by: d. burr at July 16, 2002 05:54 PM

Wil, I'm melting. That is beautiful and so romantic.

Posted by: chica at July 16, 2002 08:03 PM


Posted by: sam at July 16, 2002 11:21 PM

You realise I have to 'borrow' that line. When I have someone as awesome as your love to say it to. (Which makes me just a little depressed), but you and your lovely wife got it good. My congrats on having that. Some people don't.

Posted by: Tiana at July 17, 2002 12:02 AM

Guess it just proves how much you truly love her. Such anger often comes from such passion.

Although if it was my comment I apologise.

I was genuinely wondering what she said.

I'm glad we have air conditionaing although its hardly ever sunny here in England.

Anne, he loves you and its so obvious, many women here (including me) are so jealous!

Posted by: B1ATCH at July 17, 2002 05:03 AM

Awwww. Can you come give my husband some lessons in romantic speak?

Posted by: redfenix at July 17, 2002 06:19 AM

When my wife and I first met (a decade back), we went through horrible heartaches due to those around us. Following one time apart -- where she had said to me "See you in heaven." -- while she put her life in order and just didn't think we would be able to survive as a couple, anyway, when this time apart ended, the first thing I told her on the phone was: "You're still in my heart."

And today, I've been telling her for years now: "You are my heart."

Anyone who understands this knows how fortunate/blessed he or she is to have someone like this in his or her life. It is NEVER without struggle and heartache -- but it is ALWAYS worth it -- no matter the cost, to be able to look at that someone and know that they have your heart. Absolutely worth it -- I would die for this worth -- trust me, I would.

Posted by: rhinohead at July 17, 2002 12:24 PM

wil: the picture you conjured up with this entry inspired the following mushy love rhymes.....

on the days when there's no fiery rush
when the world has settled to a hush
and the number dwindles down to two
you and me and me and you
these special moments by your side
fill my heart with loving pride
after all that we've been through
it's so good to be loved by you

Posted by: d. burr at July 17, 2002 06:34 PM

I LOVE Love!!

And I love to hear about people that are in love.

I think that it is wonderful that you have found someone that makes feel so complete.

I look forward to finding someone who can make me feel joy in such quiet moments.

I am glad that you have got so much love in your life Wil. You come across as a very lovely person and I wish you great and sustained happiness.

Haley Comet

Posted by: Haley Comet at July 18, 2002 01:40 AM

Hey wil,
you are so lucky to have anne and anne is so lucky to have you.
Things that you say are so lovely, so heart felt that I think that every one who reads all feel a little jelous but a lot of happiness to know that there is and can be love like that, out there in this world

Posted by: Kordith at July 18, 2002 05:03 AM

Speaking of cemetaries and Charlie Parker, I had sex one time at Charlie Parkers graveside. One of those middle-of-the-day office romance things done on company time. Had to be in an out-of-the-way place where nobody would see.
The Bird is buried in an obscure cemetery that almost nobody in my town knows about.

Posted by: Can't tell at July 18, 2002 08:13 AM

Wow. I was very surprised to see a reference to historical jazz musicians - and a bit impressed. I suspect it's because I rarely see anything mentioned about music history on the internet bbs beyond the 1970s.

Posted by: Yvonne at July 18, 2002 05:44 PM

"the 85 degree Southern California air stirred only by a single fan in our air-conditioner-less house."

85 degrees? That's it? Oh, for that kind of balmy day! (;

But seriously... you folks are lucky to have each other!

Posted by: kendoka at July 18, 2002 09:28 PM

God damnit! My Boyf sucks ass!

We lurve wil x

Posted by: S'Becks at July 20, 2002 02:57 AM

I hope she was passionately moved to shag your brains to jelly after that.
.. I mean ahh Make love if you prefer.

Posted by: danceaddict at July 23, 2002 05:01 AM

Wow. "Nothing is more important to me than spending time with my wife". Wow.
In a world filled with marriage councellors and divorce lawyers, that is music to my unbelieving ears. It's people like you that give people like me hope.

"But can you Save me, from the ranks of the freaks who suspect they could never love anyone" - Aimee Mann.

Posted by: danceaddict at July 23, 2002 05:11 AM

jesus that's lame

Posted by: sfg5 at July 23, 2002 04:20 PM

Jesus, Wheaton. Go off the deep end, much? I saw nothing said insultingly toward your wife.

Crap like that makes me not enjoy your page as much.

Posted by: GORDON at July 24, 2002 09:17 AM
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