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July 31, 2002

13 on 31

Today is my step-son Ryan's 13th birthday.

He is excited because he's turning 13 on the 31st, which, he pointed out to me, is a palindrome.

Okay, how many 13 year olds do you know of who even know what a palindrome is, much less care enough about it to get excited?

I know 1, and he is awesome.

Happy birthday, Ryan! I love you. :-)

Posted by wil at July 31, 2002 03:42 PM
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You are such a devoted step-father! I hope that he (they) appreciates how mcuh you care for him (them). Although, being a teenage boy, I am sure he doesn't! :^)

Posted by: renee at July 31, 2002 03:48 PM

happy birthday ryan! 13 is a great age.

wil now has a teenager under his roof.

remember... patience is a virtue :)

Posted by: kristin at July 31, 2002 03:48 PM

Awwww Penblwydd Hapus (happy birthday in welsh) Ryan. Welcome to the teenage years.

Posted by: foxychik at July 31, 2002 03:49 PM


Tell Ryan happy birthday from me to. I think it is awsome he new what a palindrome was. I think it just goes to show he is being raised by to very smart and caring parents. Hope you and your family have a beautiful rest of the day together. Always enjoy family it is what is most important. Talk to ya next post.


Posted by: Matt at July 31, 2002 03:51 PM

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!!!

Posted by: Robin at July 31, 2002 03:55 PM

That is so kewl.

Congratulations Ryan on entering the begining of your teenage years, I am sure they will be most blast like.

Posted by: The Winslow at July 31, 2002 04:01 PM

how cool is it that you've just entered into your 30s and now ryan is entering into his teens? you're both starting new chapters in your life. whadayouguysdo on the 30th? split the difference and have a huge party for both of you? my two kids have birthdays 10 days apart, so we alternate every year and have the party on one day or the other. wil, enjoy your 30s and ryan, cherish your teen years. it's when life starts to get really interesting! and now for the obligitory birthday song:

"ba da da da da da da da,
you say it's your birthday,
ba da da da da da da da,
it's my birthday too, yeah!
ba da da da da da da da,
i'm glad it's your birthday,
ba da da da da da da da,
happy birthday too you!"
(killer drum solo ensues)

Posted by: davidjay at July 31, 2002 04:03 PM

I am so impressed! Most people I know don't know what a palindrome is regardless of age. You have 2 really cool step kids. Happy birthday, Ryan!

Posted by: jl at July 31, 2002 04:03 PM

It's obvious he's going to be a geek :)

Posted by: Mike at July 31, 2002 04:07 PM

I can't wait until I turn 82 on the 28th (of June, 2058)! :)

Happy birthday, Ryan, from a bunch of people you don't know.

Posted by: Bastian227 at July 31, 2002 04:18 PM

Major happy birthday wishes for Ryan :) 13 is such a great age.

Posted by: Thumper at July 31, 2002 04:24 PM

Dude keep the faith- 13 is the fun age-- it's when they are 16 and into girls and cars-- ooooh *shutters*

yup there goes your insurance----

Posted by: Andie-Gypsy_girl at July 31, 2002 04:25 PM

Happy Birthday, Ryan! I'm sure you got to do something memorable ("Hey, remember my 13th birthday? It was one of the coolest!).

The 31st is also the birthday of

- Dean Cain, Clark Kent/Superman on "Lois and Clark". His mother, actress Sharon Thomas, played a waitress in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

- France Nuyen. Elaan of Troyus from TOS.

- Ted Cassidy. Ruk from TOS "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" and the voice of "Gorn" (uncredited) in "Arena". He's probably best known as Lurch from "The Addams Family" series, where he also played Thing.

Ah, to be 13 on 31 in 2002 - magic numbers.


Posted by: loretta652 at July 31, 2002 04:28 PM

Happy Birthday, Kid.

Go Cubs!

Posted by: Roughy at July 31, 2002 04:29 PM




Posted by: Toonces at July 31, 2002 04:32 PM

OMG, too cute. :)

Posted by: chica at July 31, 2002 04:33 PM

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

My stepdaughter recently turned 12. She's definitely in a rush to get to her teens... ^_^;;

Posted by: Courtney at July 31, 2002 04:35 PM

Happy birthday big guy! Welcome to the world of a teenager. It's now your official job to make the older folks worry about ya.

Posted by: Derek at July 31, 2002 05:06 PM

True story...

On my 13th birthday, I went to see an evening showing of "The Jerk" with my best friend Logan. No moms, just us. It was about the tenth time I had seen it. (Huge Steve Martin fan back when he was funny. I even bought the hardcover of "Cruel Shoes" the day it came out. One of eight people who can make that claim.)

My friend and I bought tacos at Tito's Tacos on the way back. This was the ONLY taco place in Rhode Island at the time (a BIG deal for a transplanted Angelino).

While carrying our tacos, we were mugged by four black guys. One guy: "Gimme your money." Me: "Here." (Hands him dime, even though I had many bills in my pocket). He pops me in the mouth (other two guys, high school students held my arms). "Don't fuck around with me." Me: "I also have this." (Holds out same dime).

So, they fucked us up.

Ever since that day I have hated black people.

And tacos.

True story.


All except the part about hating black people.



Happy 13th birthday!

Posted by: Spudnuts at July 31, 2002 05:06 PM

take care out there people!

Posted by: sean at July 31, 2002 05:17 PM

happy 13th ryan...i believe 13 is a very lucky number...i was born on friday the 13th...have lived on 13th street...and also apartment 13...so i should know...have a lucky year...just watch out for black cats...and don't break any mirrors and you'll be alright.

Posted by: d. burr at July 31, 2002 05:18 PM

spudnuts, i sure do appreciate your stories.

Posted by: pavegirl at July 31, 2002 05:26 PM

Sorry to burst part of your bubble but they taught us what palendromes were in second grade. Let's see that woulda been about the time that "The First Duty" first aired.

But truly, he seems like a great kid. :D

Posted by: Eli at July 31, 2002 05:34 PM

Happy 13th Birthday Ryan! we're the same age now!

Posted by: Foxxy Cleopatra at July 31, 2002 05:42 PM

yea, i had my birthday on a palendrome when i was a kid, it was pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Posted by: Ginger at July 31, 2002 05:49 PM

When I turned 13 I realized my lifelong friend Mr. One Eye.

He hung there day to day with nothing much else to do. His one eye glaring at me as if to ask why god why do I only have one eye?

Once I found out that he had a use other than yellowing things once in a while it was a partnership made in heaven.

Happy 13th kiddo hope you find your own pet dog One Eye someday soon. (did you all think I was talking about something else?? you pervs)

Posted by: hops at July 31, 2002 05:52 PM

Hey, happy b-day Ryan ;)

Posted by: chatelaine at July 31, 2002 05:54 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan.

Posted by: adeversole at July 31, 2002 05:58 PM

Wow, happy birthday, Ryan! Harry Potter shares your birthday too ^_^

Posted by: mary potter at July 31, 2002 06:02 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan! 13 is cool. Remember 2 things...
1- Its cool to show emotions
2- No matter what, its not the end of the world

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and 13th year!

Posted by: samalee at July 31, 2002 06:09 PM


Posted by: delphine at July 31, 2002 06:31 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan ! You have a great guy watching over you .

Posted by: Cline at July 31, 2002 06:33 PM

A palin-what? Huh? No halba espanol...

Posted by: HungryCannibal at July 31, 2002 07:06 PM

Happy birthday Ryan!

Posted by: Roxy at July 31, 2002 07:19 PM

Happy 13th Birthday Ryan!

Posted by: Mel at July 31, 2002 07:25 PM

Yeah! Happy Birthday Ryan! Welcome to your teenage years.

Posted by: Bozzy at July 31, 2002 07:33 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan!
And now a very special song:

Go forward, then go backward
If a number reads the same, then it's a
Go backward, and go forward
If the number's still the same then it's a
It's not a Palomino on a western plain where cowboys love to roam!
'Cause wonder of all wonder
A backwards forwards number
Is called a Palindrome!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

Posted by: indigo at July 31, 2002 07:43 PM

My nephew turned 9 on July 16. Skyler is a amazing young man, who by the way has had the same girlfriend since kindergarten. I learn something new from him every day. Ain't kids grand?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

Posted by: Dee at July 31, 2002 08:23 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan! Being 13 is a lot of fun! I had my 13th b-day last year. So, happy birthday, make it a good one. And Wil, you are so sweet! :*)

Posted by: *Ashley* at July 31, 2002 08:28 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Posted by: Polar Bear at July 31, 2002 09:18 PM

"son, I am able," she said,
"though you scare me."
"watch," said I
"beloved," I said, "watch me scare you though."
said she, "able am I son."

- TMBG "I Palindrome I"

Posted by: Courtney at July 31, 2002 09:22 PM

Woohoo, happy birthday, Ryan! You're officially a teenager! Look out, Wil and Anne!

Dude, I was crazy about palindromes from the day I was born. I'm so jealous of my big brother because his birthday is a palindrome (9/6/69)! If I were born two days earlier, mine would be (08/24/80). Wow. Whoever heard of being jealous of someone's birthday? *chuckle*

Anyways, keep being an awesome step-dad, Wil! Ryan will appreciate it once he's about...oh...I'd say 31. ;-)

Posted by: Robyn at July 31, 2002 09:24 PM

My Mom has been teaching 13-year-olds how to do math for 25 years and she would be proud to know that Ryan knows what a palindrome is!

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Posted by: Kacie at July 31, 2002 09:28 PM

Will and Ryan,
Great new word for me and I love dictionaries.
Teenagers never stop trying to show me something I
have not seen. I am sure he has more tricks up his sleeve for everyone around him. You can also
learn, Wil, from him, that you are not 30 going on
90 today. Happy many more B-days to both of you.


Posted by: Fabian Greene at July 31, 2002 09:33 PM

Well.. Happy Birthday Ryan... Its a good day to be born (as, well, it happens to be *my* birthday as well!)


Posted by: Carly at July 31, 2002 09:42 PM

Most 20 something year olds I know don't know what a palindrom is. You are very blessed Wil Wheaton and I am glad you realise how enriched your life is because of these boys.

Posted by: fallulah at July 31, 2002 10:00 PM

Happy birthday Ryan!!!

Posted by: Gloria at July 31, 2002 10:04 PM

From Spudnuts:

"So, they fucked us up."
"Happy 13th Birthday"

So, you're saying you WANT a 13 year old to read that story Spuds?


Posted by: Roughy at July 31, 2002 10:17 PM

happy palindrome birthday to you
happy palindrome birthday to you
happy palindrome birthday dear Ryan
happy palindrome birthday to you

have a blast!!:D

Posted by: suzy at July 31, 2002 10:25 PM

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

Posted by: Jasmine at July 31, 2002 10:29 PM

Ryan RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 on 31

Posted by: John Orfei at July 31, 2002 11:14 PM

Roughy said:

>> So, you're saying you WANT a 13 year old to read that story Spuds?

Good luck finding a 13 year-old potty mouth.


Posted by: Spudnuts at July 31, 2002 11:17 PM

Hey Ryan! happy Birthday. Pretty soon now you'll start to think your dad is stupid and lame (and he'll probably agree with youy, hahahah), as do most 13 year olds. But don't let them fool you, Ryan! Dads aren't stupid. Dads are a fountain of wisdom, as you'll probably learn again in your twenties.

Posted by: Me at July 31, 2002 11:34 PM

Happy Birthday, Ryan! I hope your 13th was a great one. Just remember no matter how crazy your teen years seem and how awkward you may feel, know you are always loved. Best wishes, Rob

Posted by: Rob at August 1, 2002 12:05 AM


just seeing your web site a brought warm fuzzies
to what I was just thinking was yet another pain
in the *&#@!! night dealing with all the end of the month reports I need to run while the system
goes down for end of month backup.. at the same
&*%@#! time!

so, I'll not quit tonight.


madam I'm adam

Posted by: wade art at August 1, 2002 12:57 AM

I wish I could remember my 13th birthday.

Goddamn memory loss.

I do, however, remember the birthday song from Mutka's Meat Hut, Home of the Mug of Meat, in that Disney opus, "The Emperor's New Groove".

Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you
We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too.
Happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true
We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too.

Don't I know it. I didn't get a real cake on my birthday this year.

So, Wil, if you know what's good for you, you'll get the kid a damn Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake, not let it melt, and get his name spelled correctly on it.

Otherwise, you would be a failure. FAIL-URE.

Oh yeah.

Posted by: KJB at August 1, 2002 12:58 AM

happy birthday ryan! from england 13 is a great age to be. :)

wil now has a teen under his roof good luck! :)

Posted by: Phil at August 1, 2002 01:43 AM

Happy birthday Ryan.

Posted by: NickW at August 1, 2002 02:52 AM

Gratz to Ryan, but afaik "13 on 31" is no palindrome. "13 no 31" != "13 on 31". A true palindrome has to mirror itself letterwise (excuse me if this does not make sense, English is not my native language). Maybe in America, they made palindrome's a little easier, just so everybody'd understand ;-)

Of course, if a date excites you, be excited. Hell, any reason to be excited in a good way should be reason enough.

"Eva, can I stack Rod's sad-ass, dork cats in a cave?" by John Connett (for April 10th, ASPCA creates first US animal shelter in New York City, 1866.)

Posted by: Dylan at August 1, 2002 03:59 AM

Happy birthday Ryan!

There was an awesome palindrome moment this year, at 20 seconds after 8:20 pm on february 20. If you wrote it out it was: 20:02:20 02 20 02

or european style (since I'm in Germany right now) it works too: 20:02:20 2. 02 2002

German birthday song:
Viel Glück und viel Segen
auf all' Deinen Wegen
Gesundheit und Frohsinn
sei' auch mit dabei.

keep noticing cool stuff. -Gaby

Posted by: Gaby at August 1, 2002 04:09 AM

Courtney: That's a word palendrome... not a true palendrome, since it doesn't work if you reverse every letter.

The longest true palendrome in the English language (IIRC) is: "T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating; is sad. I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet."

Try it... aside from punctuation, it's exactly the same from each side... the letter in the center is the one capital I.

And the 13/31 thing isn't really a true palendrome unless you write it with a palendrome in the middle... just use punctuation (like I did) to avoid the issue.

Wil, if you want to stimulate this kind of thinking (and it's a good idea, since that's how you get SAT scores like you did), get him the book "I Love Me, Vol I" -- it's a compendium of every major known palendrome, and a whole lot that I'd never heard of.

Good letter palendromes seem easy... until you try to write one yourself.

Anyhow, please excuse my belated rambling... it's five in the morning here, and I just finished my Gentoo install (whoo hoo!) and fired up galeon for the first time. I need sleep... hmm... actually, I need a Red Bull....

Posted by: Da Schmiz at August 1, 2002 05:09 AM

Happy Birthday, Ryan! :) Don't grow up too fast- spend time with your family, keep having fun, and be a kid for as long as you can. The older you get, the faster it goes, so stay young! :) Wil, congrats on having such a fine stepson (both of them, actually!)- they and Anne are all lucky to have you for a Dad/Husband.
BTW, we were watching ST:TNG 1st season eps last night (can't remember what ep) and WOW, Wil, you were skinny! Your waist must have been 15 inches around! I'm allowed to call you skinny, since I've been skinny all my life and people always comment on it ("Don't they feed you at home?") How much did you weigh, dude?
Love, Alicia

Posted by: Alicia at August 1, 2002 05:15 AM

Happy Birthday Ryan!

You have one of the coolest people on the planet
for your step-dad.

Fate has ALREADY smiled on you.

Have a GREAT life.


Posted by: bluecat/redblanket at August 1, 2002 05:30 AM

You know, being a step-parent isn't easy. I have an 11 year old stepdaughter who was the overflow blessing in my marriage. But loving someone who already may have a preconceived notion of who you are is hard. Elizabeth's mom ( who hated me for marrying her ex-husband )had already told Elizabeth her idea of who and what I was. And continued to do so for the next 5 years of her life. And when you are 5 years old, you tend to trust and believe every word that comes from your mothers' mouth.
So I had to fight against that and love her unconditionally in spite of the fact that she had already decided I was the wicked step-monster she'd heard about.
Today, she is 11 years old and has figured out for herself that her mother lied to her about me and her father. She's already figured out that all the while her mother was telling her I was trash, I was telling her what a great mom she has and how lucky she is.
Wil, I don't know if you've had to face those same kind of battles but you sound to me like someone who has overcome the " step " in step-parenting and now is just a dad who loves his sons....like I am just a mother who loves her daughter and now is loved by her, unconditionally, in return.
Ryan...you are a blessed young man. Happy Birthday.

Posted by: Vikki at August 1, 2002 05:43 AM

Congrats Ryan dude! I'm sure you're celebrated in style! :-)

(Belated congrats since I'm writing this the day after.... sorry I'm a bit slow on these things! lol)

Posted by: Lizhume at August 1, 2002 05:56 AM

Happy Birthday Mojo. :D

Posted by: yoyofool at August 1, 2002 06:25 AM

Coming soon to a theater near you. Tina Turner and Mel Gibson in that post-apocalyptic backwards-forwards thriller, "Mad Palindromes Beyond Thunderdome".


Posted by: Nuclear Toast at August 1, 2002 06:40 AM

Oh, man!!! I turned 21 on the 12th a year and a half ago and didn't even notice! Sad. Smart and observant kid ya'll got there, Wil. Oh, yeah, and... WOO-HOO!!! Look at that Walk-a-thon page, folks!

Hee hee. I haven't posted in ages. Haven't even had time to read these comments lately. Gosh, I missed Spudnuts!
Later, dolls!
Lady Amanda

Posted by: Lady Amanda at August 1, 2002 06:42 AM

Happy birthday Ryan! 13 only comes around once, so make it a great year.

Posted by: Shannon at August 1, 2002 06:45 AM

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!!!

Hope you get some cool presents and eat too much.

Posted by: Ness at August 1, 2002 07:26 AM

Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

Well, it's time to celebrate your birthday, it happens every year
We'll eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer

Posted by: drow at August 1, 2002 08:31 AM

I love how Da Schmiz knows all about palindromes, yet can't spell the word right ;) My 13th birthday was THE BEST, 'cuz my birthday is July 13th. It'll be a lucky year for Ryan, and I'm glad he's psyched. Best wishes!

Posted by: Jinkster at August 1, 2002 09:00 AM

Becoming a teenager for the first time is always
great. Yayh(that's how I spell it.) for Ryan.

Posted by: angry penguin at August 1, 2002 09:49 AM

Is "dorf on golf" a palindrome?

Posted by: Spudnuts at August 1, 2002 10:29 AM

happy birthday Ryan...

it's been said before here, near the top of the list that this is a pile of birthday wishes from strangers......
and perhaps thats true....
but then again....
we all come here to read about Wil, and share our thoughts with him
we all seem to care a great deal about Wil and his family, althought most of us have never and will never meet...
.....strangers?.....no.....not anymore....

i like 'aquaintances'.......
much nicer....

happy birthday Ryan.....all the best from us to you....

Posted by: Tyson at August 1, 2002 11:15 AM

that 'dorf on golf' joke by spudnuts nearly made me shoot a mouthfull of Sprite out of my nose...


Posted by: Tyson at August 1, 2002 11:17 AM

Happy Birthday Ryan,

Make the most of your teenage years and remember only this....awww dang. I forgot.
Oh well... such is life, as you will learn.

Posted by: EnglishBen at August 1, 2002 11:27 AM

Wo, Nemo! Toss a lasso to me now!
- or -
Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog!
- so -
Why isn't "palindrome" one?

Posted by: Bruce at August 1, 2002 12:07 PM

hey will, that is so sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!
the teen life is swell, just stay out of deep water sweetheart. I HOPE YOU'VE HAD AN EXCELLENT BIRTHDAY RYAN!

Posted by: Lore at August 1, 2002 12:27 PM

Hey Wil,

Why don't you bring Ryan down to the Comic-con here in San Diego? What 13 year old wouldn't dig that? It was cool meeting you there last year. Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Posted by: shrednfred at August 1, 2002 12:30 PM

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Ryan!

Hope you had an awesome day. ;]

And Wil, you're such a cool Stepdad. And just think, in 3 more years he'll be driving your car!

Posted by: galestorm at August 1, 2002 12:59 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Reminds me of middle school when I realized that I was in the class of 2002, and I got really excited because it was a palindrome year! (The first since 1991 and the last until 2112, I might add.)

Have fun Buddy!

Posted by: Jenna at August 1, 2002 01:10 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan

Just think, in few years old Wil can start teaching you how drive. And maybe if your lucky, he will show you how to helm a Starship!

Posted by: Terry at August 1, 2002 01:22 PM

Uh-oh... sliding on into the teen years!! ;) Just remember, you were there once too. LOL And I don't I knew what a palindrome was until I graduated from highschool!! So, you've got a smart teenage... now you really gotta' watch out. ;) JK!

Posted by: Laura at August 1, 2002 01:44 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan, and congrats, Wil, on your walk-a-thon goal! Many Happy Returns of the Day, young man ;) Karen

Posted by: kazfeist at August 1, 2002 02:00 PM

Happy belated Birthday to Wil, Happy Birthday to Ryan! Hope you both had a great day.

Posted by: bw at August 1, 2002 02:54 PM

Happy 13th Birthday Ryan! Being a teenager is fun going to High School and all and getting a lot more freedom.

Posted by: Cara at August 1, 2002 03:22 PM

Happy Birthday Wil and Ryan!

Posted by: Cassie at August 1, 2002 03:24 PM

Wil, and Ryan,

My palindrome comes this year as I will be 31 on the 13th of Oct. Just thought Id share that. Buy the way Happy Birthday again Ryan and you to Wil.
Till your next post.


Posted by: Matt at August 1, 2002 03:32 PM

Jinkster: Aw, crap... I told you I was tired.

I can spell when I'm awake.


I mean, I'd better. I write for a living.

When I want to, I can even write like Spudnuts.


Although I don't have a potty mouth like him.

And I'm not as funny.

Oh well... I guess I'll just go back to lurking again....

Posted by: Da Schmiz at August 1, 2002 06:04 PM

I agree with Bruce. Why isnt the word Palindrome a palindrome? And whilst we're on the subject I have some other "64,000 dollar questions" like ;-

What did 'cured ham' originally suffer from?


Why is 'abbreviation' such a long word?

*looks for her medication. Its GOT to be around here somewhere!*

Posted by: Foxychik at August 1, 2002 06:19 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan!

May all your dreams become realities!

13 is a wonderful age, take advantage of every second and love your life because life is good!


Posted by: NephraTari at August 1, 2002 07:05 PM

So this is where all the communists hang out.Hmmmm.

Posted by: efil4zaggin at August 1, 2002 08:03 PM

Hey, Happy Belated B-day Ryan. Ryan's lucky to have a step dad who loves him so much. As we say in my family there are no steps, love makes sure they dont exist!
Hey a little off topic but I just saw the Avon Breast Cancer walk-a-thon site and I must say congrats Wil! You beat your goal again! Not only does Ryan have a great stepdad who loves him but also a step dad that cares about others. I think thats the best gift he could possible have. Good goin' congrats, man!

Posted by: Natalia at August 1, 2002 08:06 PM

Once my mom said, "The hot water is cold."
My nephew then said, "That's an oxy-moron."
He was SIX at the time!

Posted by: Ray B. at August 1, 2002 08:08 PM

Happiest of Birthdays to your step-son (although, quite honestly, from everything that you've written about him [and Nolan], you could probably leave the "step-" part out of the whole equation and would be happy to realize that they would have no problem at all if you just referred to them as "son").

But I may be jumping the gun on your behalf (but I doubt it).

Hope the both of you (and the whole family) had a great day!

Posted by: the brett at August 1, 2002 09:10 PM

I don't know any 13 year olds that would have known that. Happy Birthday Ryan

Posted by: Patrick at August 1, 2002 09:20 PM

Happy b'day Ryan, hope you had a fabulous day and a great party!!!

Posted by: firemage at August 1, 2002 09:27 PM

Hey, lucky boy, he's born on Lammas!

Happy birthday and happy lammas!

Posted by: UnsleepingFiend at August 1, 2002 09:57 PM

Hey Ryan:

Did your dad build one of these in your backyard??


Posted by: Don at August 1, 2002 10:13 PM

happy birthday, ryan! wil, your love for your step children is truly admirable and will be something they'll cherish always (even if teenagers get around to that jerk stage, most of us grew out of it).

with love,

Posted by: christy at August 1, 2002 10:57 PM

My favorite palindrome:

"Dubya won? No way, bud."

Back to Farkistan.

Posted by: RavinDave at August 2, 2002 01:16 AM

ahahahhaa :D way cool palindrome, RavinDave! =D

Posted by: suzy at August 2, 2002 04:48 AM

Very sweet. It would have been my stepbrother's 13th birthday, too, only he died at aged 8.

Posted by: Laura at August 2, 2002 05:17 AM

Totally Off Topic.

I got my first /. submission accepted yesterday!!! Muahahahaha!


Posted by: Ruger at August 2, 2002 08:43 AM

Speaking of palindromes, here's one for you:

"Al, let's poop. Al, let's dump. Ooops--not tons! Poop mud, Stella. Poop, Stella."

My brother wrote that a few years ago.

Posted by: Bob Kanak at August 2, 2002 09:10 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!! I wish you the best on this palindrome of a birthday!!!

p.s- wil your such a loving father, your kids are lucky!

Posted by: Stephanie at August 2, 2002 10:19 AM

The "I Spy" Halloween book has a thing about finding a palindrome on one page; the phrase is "lion oil." My 5-year-old would not have known what a palindrome is without that book, maybe until she was older.

Your teenage guy must be well-read. May we recommend "The Well-Tempered Sentence" for when he is older?

Posted by: Julie Fields at August 2, 2002 10:20 AM

Your such a good stepdad :) Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!!!!!

Posted by: FutureWonder (Jason) at August 2, 2002 12:52 PM


Showed up looking for an update,not one here so i'll come back later. Happy Birthdays and palindromes this week.


Posted by: Matt at August 2, 2002 01:57 PM

exactley two months till my birthday!

Posted by: Mel at August 2, 2002 08:15 PM

Happy birthday Ryan....hah....im 13 and i know what a palindrom is?

Posted by: Amanda at August 2, 2002 09:00 PM

Happy belated 13th Ryan!! I hope you had a good birthday! You have an awesome stepdad! :) Hope you have lots fun' Enjoy the rest of the summer- Ryan! :) Take Care hun!

Rachael - age:24 Hometown: New Jersey

Posted by: Rachael at August 3, 2002 08:34 AM

j0nkatz - I wasnt sure whether to ignore your lame post or not' but I decided to write it anyway! Wil is an awesome actor!! You are just jealous because he has people who like him! I think your choice of words are disgusting! Wil is great to have a site like this for his fans and its just upseting to see jerks like you put him down! GROW UP MAN!! Thats all! GO WIL WHEATON! you rock buddy! :)

Posted by: Rachael at August 3, 2002 08:40 AM

hope you all have a wonderful time!

Posted by: seiry at August 3, 2002 10:37 AM

Palindrome, Palindrome, A Knight without Armor in a Savage Land, Palindrome, Pa....

Ups, nevermind.....

Posted by: Mistic at August 3, 2002 10:49 AM

Sorry it's ever so slightly late :)
Hope you had a good bday and don't get stressed with the new teen in your house, he'll grow out of it.

Posted by: I and Me at August 3, 2002 12:26 PM

A man, a plan, a canal - Panama!

Posted by: Protagonist at August 3, 2002 04:17 PM

Happy Birthday Ryan. You'll love being 13.

Posted by: Rose at August 3, 2002 08:36 PM

AWWWWWWW!!! How cute!! Now Wil has a little Wesley Jr. of his own!! I wonder if he's a hottie like his dad!!! I'll say it again. HOTTIE HOTTIE HOTTIE!!! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!! Love you lots!!! ~~*Gooniegirl*~~

Posted by: Gooniegirl at August 4, 2002 12:15 AM

Happy birthday Ryan.
- anna, otto, bob, lil, nan, + mom,

and the gang here at the Palindrome. lol.

Posted by: arbi at August 4, 2002 09:38 AM


Just dropped by looking for an update, nothing yet. I shall return, time to go farking. Have a great day Wil.


Posted by: Matt at August 4, 2002 10:36 AM

Michael Palin interview brought to you by the palindromedaries. click the url.

Posted by: arbi at August 4, 2002 10:51 AM

Happy (belated) birthday Ryan! My b-day was the 31st as well (my 21st), so we know that all the cool people were born on July 31st. :-D


Posted by: Will (with 2 L's) at August 4, 2002 11:37 AM

Lucky kid's birthday is on the same day as Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling.

Posted by: Enuma at August 4, 2002 06:02 PM

I am still in shock that Wil is a leo and an actor without any serious drug, alcohol or mental problems. He deserves credit for not being a stereotype!

Posted by: mel at August 4, 2002 11:18 PM

Happy Birthday to your stepson! I was 13 once...about 5 years ago...anyway, I also wanted to say that this site kicks ass!!! Keep up the good work, Wil!!!


Posted by: Erica at August 5, 2002 09:39 AM


Posted by: megan at August 5, 2002 11:11 AM

happy b-day ryan

Posted by: megan semenza at August 5, 2002 11:19 AM


Just stopped by again today to see if there was a new post yet, can't wait till there is one. Go palindromes!!


Posted by: Matt at August 5, 2002 02:16 PM

My son is 12 and he plays with his willy all the time. One time I was like "Not at the dinner table!" then he ejaculated on his mom. No dessert for a week!!

Let that be a lesson to you young whippersnappers.

Posted by: Mr. Boner at August 5, 2002 03:46 PM

Your usage of fonts SUCKS ASS!!!!!

You pussy! Good thing you were not on TOS, James T. Kirk would have bitch slapped you like the little girl you are!

Posted by j0nkatz at August 2, 2002 08:33 PM

was that post to me?

Posted by: Mel at August 5, 2002 08:26 PM

post post post
must find computer and post...

Posted by: kristin at August 5, 2002 09:26 PM

Hey Wil, what's up? Are you bored of us?

Posted by: Angel at August 5, 2002 09:36 PM

I think Wil is bored of us. I know I'm getting bored of not seeing anything new posted to a site that is supposed to have posts on it.

Posted by: Daria at August 5, 2002 09:48 PM

monday monday so good to me bad ub ub

Posted by: dancing queen at August 5, 2002 10:00 PM

Hey happy birthday Ryan! Yeah, it seems like the teen years suck. but it gets better. I hope...

Posted by: That one girl... at August 6, 2002 01:21 AM

*shakes head*

I love to see Trek fans enforcing the stereotypes. When will people learn if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

If you are going to say something 'not nice' because it needs to be said then make it worth something. Make a suggestion how it could be better. Of course people like j0nkatz only know how to make themselves feel better about themselves by acting like out.

As far as Wil being bored of you all... Well, he's a grown man who has important things going on in his life, other than the website. I know I don't blog when my life overwhelms me. I tend to do it afterwards.

Besides, with lovely people like j0nkatz... Can you blame him?

BTW, on topic: A very happy belated birthday, Ryan. And one to you too, Wil.

Posted by: MaquisKat at August 6, 2002 10:09 AM

Daria said:

>> I know I'm getting bored of not seeing anything new posted to a site that is supposed to have posts on it.


There's a quarter behind your ear!

(presents coin with a flourish)

Posted by: Spudnuts at August 6, 2002 10:29 AM

wow i'm lost

Posted by: Maureen at August 6, 2002 11:08 AM

This year is also a palindrome 2002 1331 :)

Posted by: Phil at August 7, 2002 01:56 AM

"I know 1": that looks like aol kiddie-speak to me. :)

Posted by: NickW at August 7, 2002 05:43 AM


Posted by: Agi at August 7, 2002 12:53 PM

Has anyone played "I Palindrome I" by They Might Be Giants for him? It's off 'Apollo 18'. :)

Posted by: Missy at August 9, 2002 10:49 AM

hey wil and ryan,
isnt it amazing how many people know you?! any ways, i hope ryan had a good birthday...happy belated birthday ryan, we are both 13! so much in common...

Posted by: sara at August 10, 2002 08:01 AM

You are all fucking gay lunatics

I Mean? Pallendromes


Posted by: Dumb Bastard at June 16, 2003 06:12 PM

You spelled "Palendrome" wrong.

Posted by: Anecht at June 2, 2004 07:44 PM
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