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September 19, 2002

Everybody wants some

If you haven't wasted half a day at the Wikipedia, you haven't wasted half a day.

It's a cool idea: make a HUGE online encyclopedia, sort of like E2, and K5.

I really like this idea of letting anyone contribute or modify information about, well, anything. It'll be interesting to see if the goddamn trolls can get past what my friend Eric calls "the basic human desire to destroy" and let this project flourish.

I won't have time to update again until the end of the weekend, so I here's wishing everyone a good one. Just remember to keep your hands and arms inside the mixer at all times.

I walk the thinnest line.

Posted by wil at September 19, 2002 08:38 AM
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How irritating that I have happened to look at this at 16:38 BST, but cannot bring myself to make an empty comment merely to be first comment on a given item.



That aside, Wiki's shouldn't work, but they do. I don't understand it.

Posted by: David Damerell at September 19, 2002 08:41 AM


Posted by: V.G. at September 19, 2002 08:47 AM

Suddenly the balancing act is no longer working. Half a day wasted and suddenly one tries not to fall from the thin line.

Posted by: ze-mag at September 19, 2002 08:48 AM

im bored with this site now :(

Posted by: hops at September 19, 2002 08:49 AM

is hops bored with THIS site (WWDN) or wiki? it's not clear from the post.

Posted by: redbirdban at September 19, 2002 08:54 AM

you know, people post so quick on here, if we keep refreshing we could have a real time chat.?!

Posted by: s'becks at September 19, 2002 08:54 AM

Wil: How about some pecan pancakes?

Posted by: ze-mag at September 19, 2002 08:54 AM

Did wil just discover the dead milkmen?

Posted by: collin at September 19, 2002 09:09 AM

Thanks for posting this, Wil. I just popped over to give it a glance and will be looking at it more closely later (and gee, 7 people have posted here since I went to look).

I guess this encyclopedia will be an example of "50,000 monkeys at 50,000 typewriters can't be wrong."

Posted by: loretta652 at September 19, 2002 09:09 AM

Dang, I messed up the quote yesterday.
Mangler for mixer. Damn you Stephen King.

Posted by: Dank at September 19, 2002 09:13 AM

I'm afraid youre getting too esoteric for us non computer geek types.

Posted by: Christina at September 19, 2002 09:22 AM

Here's hoping you're having a good time in RL! Go kiss your wife & hug your kids!

Posted by: Sunidesus at September 19, 2002 09:31 AM

It sounds like a great place to f*ck with the minds of the people. Have a great weekend Wil!

Posted by: Nika at September 19, 2002 09:35 AM

very nice Dead Milkman reference. the internet is, unarguably a lot like a trailer park. Check out that "I Tripped Over the Ottaman" song. I sing it in my head all the time. I've been looking for your 1992 playmates action figure everywhere so I can visualize you at work on wilwheaton.net, except younger and with a burgundy uniform on. i keep finding Frake's and Marina Sirtis'. She was really good in Death Wish 3.

Posted by: billy at September 19, 2002 09:42 AM

what would make this really cool is if they renamed it from Wikipedia to ....BAM BAM BAM

"The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" - THEN I'd probably read it more...LOL

Posted by: ruebarb at September 19, 2002 09:48 AM

Speaking of the Hitchhiker's Guide: http://http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/

Mildly amusing, and a surprisingly amount of coverage.

Posted by: dennis at September 19, 2002 10:00 AM

Er, dualing http://s. Correct URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/

Posted by: dennis at September 19, 2002 10:01 AM

How 'bout I make a deal with ya? I'll waste half a day on that site when I finally get the net at home in a couple weeks. Has everybody missed me? I know ya have.

Posted by: ayngil at September 19, 2002 10:06 AM

e pluribus elvis, that's what i say!

hearts to you, wil.

Posted by: saara at September 19, 2002 10:19 AM

Have a great weekend, Wil. Best to your family as well. Rob

Posted by: Rob at September 19, 2002 10:22 AM

WIL,WIL,WILL! When will we recieve the promise of the vegas trip. and all the other shallow promises that you made.

The disturbed(Pissed OFF)fans in Seattle

Posted by: Terry at September 19, 2002 10:24 AM

I look forward to destroying this.

Posted by: King Troll at September 19, 2002 10:24 AM

I am bored with Wil's site... is that clear?

wiki is ok.. i went there and updated the water polo entry.. pretty sweet site..

Posted by: hops at September 19, 2002 10:43 AM

You know I am not one to just surf the internet...I just don't have the time to sift through it for hours, so I love it when you find these cool sites and post them in the blog.

More often then not, I was not aware that these sites existed and I find out they are really worthwhile.


Posted by: NephraTari at September 19, 2002 11:30 AM

Hey, billy, check your email....

Posted by: drew at September 19, 2002 12:30 PM

Thanks Wil. I have yet to see such an extensive entry on "llama" outside of llamaweb.com. And it's all thanks to you!


Posted by: Christopher Feyrer at September 19, 2002 12:53 PM

Remember holloween is next month. Have a nice weekend.


Posted by: Fabian at September 19, 2002 01:03 PM

I guarantee you that he did not just discover the DM.

I just think Anne needs to take the bowl of jellybeans (or whatever sugary items he's eating) and hide it.

Posted by: Gigi at September 19, 2002 01:22 PM


You have a great weekend to. I look foreward to hearing some of the stories about Vega$ and the Alaskan Trek. I'll go check out the site you posted in the mean time. I'll try to deal with real life while I wait till you post again. Real life has gotten busy and it's like that.

Best to you and your family Wil,

Until your next post......


Posted by: matt at September 19, 2002 01:48 PM

People believe that I walk a thin line, but that's because they like spreading rumors about my sexual orientation. Remember Wil, you aren't gay... no matter how close to the line you are.

Posted by: John Reiser at September 19, 2002 02:18 PM


It took me an hour to install phpwiki and mysql to set up a wiki for my own use. So how about a WheatonWiki?


Posted by: Martin at September 19, 2002 02:28 PM

Well, I checked out some things in which I have expertise, and I found no errors of fact. For something online, that's quite rare...

Posted by: NickW at September 19, 2002 02:44 PM

That is a tasty site, Wil. I've been reading your blog for some time now, and haven't left a comment before, but damn, I've been inspired by your recent Dead Milkmen blitz. Hilario!

'Maybe there'll be a party at the beach, we'll bitch about life and we'll chug-a-lug bleach..'

Posted by: lori at September 19, 2002 04:03 PM

Damn you, Wheaton, for exposing me to Wiki. It's snpp.com for the Known Universe.

Seriously, I found one person which I could submit a short bio for immediately. Thanks for the link.

Posted by: LittleGuy at September 19, 2002 05:34 PM

Can't wait to hear (well...read) what you have to say (type) about how life has been treating you...... Well, hope nothing to drastic has happened and you are still able to feed all of us posters some useful yet interesting information.

Whatever that line is, use it for inspiration or apreciation for what you -do- have.

Until your next post.....

Posted by: Amber at September 19, 2002 06:04 PM

The Thin Red Line kicked Bonaparte's ass at Waterloo.

Posted by: Fred Fowler at September 19, 2002 06:55 PM

I think this is a good website, since Im from england I hope I can get to chat to wil if he reads this e-mail, the last time I saw him was in the st-tng.
Keep this website going.

Posted by: Worm at September 19, 2002 08:19 PM

You dleted my comment?!!? I said before that Survivor was on tonight. That WAS a comment on the post that you made and one that I felt I had a right to make.

Posted by: Angelwwolf at September 19, 2002 08:29 PM

Dude! I saw you yesterday in Toy Soldiers, with the dutch subtitles. You got shot, man!

Posted by: Pudding at September 19, 2002 11:39 PM

I am beginning the process of wasting all my damn time at Wiki. I took the liberty of adding "Tom Tomorrow" and "This Mordern World" entries. "Wil Wheaton" was already there! Whatta man!

Posted by: Patton L. Zarate at September 19, 2002 11:56 PM

In a closed universe parallel lines always meet.
In a flat universe parallel lines never meet.
In an open universe parallel lines tend to converge.

Posted by: Fred Fowler at September 20, 2002 12:18 AM

Thanks Wil, for the site. My nephew will love it, he may even use it for school! Yeah right!
But thanks...and I too, hope trolls don't ruin it.

Posted by: Helen at September 20, 2002 01:08 AM

I think it means something that when I read this entry, there were exactly 42 comments already on it.

There is definitely something intriguing about the ease of editing at Wikipedia...But I have hung out off and on at H2G2 for a few years, becoming a researcher in 2000, and if you haven't been....I highly recommend it.

You can follow Dennis's link above.

But don't panic, the much shorter, easier to remember, infinitely more catchy address, from before the BBC picked it up, still works. http://www.h2g2.com

Posted by: John at September 20, 2002 07:12 AM

Ah ha! Now I get it! You are like me and waste away half of the day at interesting websites, then wonder why nothing got done at the end of the day. :-)

Posted by: Sue at September 20, 2002 07:28 AM

Hmmm, just checked Wil's Avon Page (http://homepage.bethepeople.com/mphp/3DLA-2002/wil) and noticed that we are now only $490 away from busting his target amount for the *third* time. Amazing stuff.

Consider that a hint. ;-)

BTW - did you guys check out the Wil v/s Barney photos (http://www.dnalounge.com/gallery/2002/08-22/) from the EFF benefit event?

Posted by: Atul Chitnis at September 20, 2002 08:59 AM

Safety vs. Openness

Truth vs. Belief

Order vs. Entropy

Think about it, dudes and dudettes. See it here. See it in your telescope, see it at church.


Posted by: Drakensykh at September 20, 2002 09:14 AM

I notice that the 2 articles I looked at in the wikipedia were based on original articles published in 1897 and 1911.

I should look up relativity now, and see if it's in there.

Posted by: Drakensykh at September 20, 2002 09:30 AM

Damn you Wheaton for making me waste ½day on wiki! *aarghh*

How come I always spend x hours on the links you post? I should stop visiting your site...


Posted by: Darth Kynen at September 20, 2002 09:32 AM

Pudding said:
- "Dude! I saw you yesterday in Toy Soldiers, with the dutch subtitles. You got shot, man! "

dude toy soldiers was a really bad movie! why would u watch it with dutch subtitles?

Posted by: hops at September 20, 2002 09:32 AM


Best to you and your family today.


Posted by: matt at September 20, 2002 11:28 AM

Toy Soldiers kicked ass. I don't know what you're talking about. Either the headline to this post is referring to Van Halen or Better off Dead (or both) and that's pretty sweet.

Posted by: brendoman at September 20, 2002 04:53 PM

I loved Toy Soldiers too!

Posted by: Angelwwolf at September 20, 2002 06:19 PM

Wil i'm watching Stand by me and i'm about to cry this movie is so sad :( my eyes r all glassy!

stand by me!

Posted by: Maureen at September 20, 2002 06:28 PM

Fred: Open universe, parallel lines diverge, not converge.

So there.

But to paraphrase a character in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon about Christopher Columbus, "The Universe, she'sa FLAT!".

Well, if most cosmologists agree, anyway.

Posted by: synchronicity at September 20, 2002 10:05 PM

I know what I have to say here is really off topic, but I just really wanted to share this irony.

Today, I was in Blockbuster Video. I had just walked in and went down the first, new releases isle and the first movie I pick up was Rose Red. I didn't really even notice the cover but that it was written by Stephen King. That made me think of Stand By Me imediately. I turned over the movie cover (dvd box) and the first thing my eyes are drawn to is the name Annie Wheaton. I think, "Oh yeah, thats Wil's wife. She must be an actor, too." But, I read on and that name is the name of the main character in the story.

I just think that is really weird.

Did Stephen King write Rose Red before or after the making of Stand by Me or the Wheaton marriage? Is this just merely a coincidence or nothing at all?

Posted by: Amber at September 20, 2002 10:15 PM

the wiki is a great idea. very interesting project, but what is the priority with the experiment here... collaboration or information?

Posted by: idling at September 21, 2002 10:04 AM

What? Hands inside the mixer? Did you tried it? Have a picture about it?;)?

Posted by: Agnes at September 21, 2002 01:58 PM

read about my country : Hungary!!

Posted by: Agnes at September 21, 2002 02:10 PM

Mozilla Mail blows shredded wheat chunks.

Mozilla's really only got 2 things right (so far). 1> The browser, which is most important. 2> It's calendar, which isn't even part of the default installation.

Posted by: Kristian at September 22, 2002 07:22 PM

LOL Wrong post, I'm dumb.

Posted by: Kristian at September 22, 2002 07:23 PM

Just to be different - I found this site from a link on Wikipedia, rather than finding Wikipedia from Wil's post.


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