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October 03, 2002


Star Trek Dot Com has a review of the TNG con. They had some very nice things to say about my talk and stuff. :-)

Fark also has this great Photoshop thingy going on, that's really funny. Turns out it's time for me to get a new shirt.

Posted by wil at October 3, 2002 10:31 PM
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WOW! am I really first? that's never happened before! I'm going to go explore all the linky's now


Posted by: AngelGypsy at October 3, 2002 10:37 PM

That's what you get for spending so much time at the beach. Watch for seagulls next time.

Posted by: synchronicity at October 3, 2002 10:48 PM

Now that I think about it, every time you've been in Sacramento, you HAVE had that shirt on. Still, keep wearing it. It seems to prevent geese from flying into your Fabio-like head.

Our best to Anne,


Posted by: sims at October 3, 2002 10:53 PM

Very nice startrek.com review, Wil.

The Fark "Lee Harvey Oswald" composite was my favorite, LOL funny ... a witty dig at your posture (in that shot, so to speak) and expression.

Posted by: synchronicity at October 3, 2002 10:56 PM

Actually, I was sooo tempted to post there... but I respect you too much to follow my plans...

Posted by: admiraljustin at October 3, 2002 10:57 PM

in some self help book somewhere it says it only matters that YOU like the shirt. it's a lie. what really matters is that the people who read your website like your shirts.

that said, the shirt rocks!

Posted by: chris at October 3, 2002 11:01 PM

OH my God! Wil!! Are you trying to KILL yourself, or what??

Imagine appearing in a (shudder) RED-SHIRT at a TREK convention...

If that isn't inviting a lightening bolt from Baal then I don't know what! :)

Posted by: rust at October 3, 2002 11:04 PM

Can you believe that NOT ONE PERSON got the "Red Shirt" joke?

Posted by: wil at October 3, 2002 11:05 PM

I'm so sorry, Chris is right.
Where can I bid on a shirt?

Posted by: synchronicity at October 3, 2002 11:18 PM

you should auction that shirt off. un autographed of course I'd want to wear it if I won it.

Posted by: Pikachu at October 3, 2002 11:23 PM

Wil, The Fark thing had me in stitches. Do you really think you need a new shirt? Nah...
Best, Rob

Posted by: Rob at October 3, 2002 11:36 PM

I think I have socks that look like that. Don't they come with pants too? And a hat? I bet you have the suit as well.

Posted by: Stimpy at October 3, 2002 11:45 PM

Hey Will...Its not the shirt Im worried about,nice monkey pants are they "COURDEROY"?


Posted by: redrhinox at October 3, 2002 11:49 PM

Oh by the way nice reference to (baal)-RUST but how many people do you think know who he is?

Posted by: REDRHINOX at October 3, 2002 11:52 PM

Wil, your sexy blows us out of the water. I would die a happy man if I were Farked...

Posted by: Turk at October 4, 2002 12:03 AM

Don't worry, I like the shirt :D

Posted by: Hal97 at October 4, 2002 12:04 AM

The FARK stuff is hilarious.

Still wishin' you could have a bigger part in a future ST movie and have the WES character resolved. (just doin' some late night bitchin')

Is there anyway I could add this wish to my AMAZON wish list?!? HUMPH!

Be good.

Posted by: Rhinohead at October 4, 2002 12:09 AM

OK, that's hilarious! And I totally missed the red-shirt joke too. And Startrek.Com was COMPLETELY right. You were great.

Posted by: Sunidesus at October 4, 2002 12:21 AM


Nice review, dude. You'll have to do a con on the East Coast sometime. Or come to Pittsburgh to watch the Pirates lose.

It was cool Gates McFadden commented about you in her talk. (I like to think that se could have said "...just 14 when I met him. And a lot more famous than me.") Also liked the butter-dish gag. Hey, though, I wonder if the site was a bit premature about puting finishing touches on a book?

By the way, what are you doing up past bedtime? And when the hell do *I* sleep?


Posted by: Drakensykh at October 4, 2002 01:18 AM

Hey who's Anne?

Glad to see your talk was so well received.
I like all of the Fark photos. Lots of great, creative stuff.

Posted by: retroRandy at October 4, 2002 01:34 AM

That is a Shirt that dreams are made of, I had a dream that your are going to direct the next star trek movie (the remake of the manegerie) maybe the shirt has something to do with this very wierd dream I keep on having over and over. Well if it happens to be true that shirt might be a directors shirt. Keep it for Wierd Luck

Posted by: Peter J. Vouaux at October 4, 2002 02:12 AM

Wil, I read the review, ad that of Capt. Pickard.

I whish I could have been there..

hey, If I understand what was said with regard to
Mr. Stewart and he Lion in Winter"... you have got
to try being a part of that... maybe the part of
Richard the Lionheart...

maybe the part of "Jeffrey"

but do not take the part of "John"...

you could even be a great "Phillip" King of France

if you haven't seen this movie... rent it...

see ya at the breast cancer walk-a-thon!

Posted by: wade art at October 4, 2002 02:53 AM

Wil, all I have to say is that you looked HOT! Wear that shirt and pants combo everytime to keep my blood racing!!


Posted by: Manga at October 4, 2002 04:29 AM

Don't bother about wearing the same shirt twice.
Before you know it, you'll be one of those celebrities who can only wear everything once.
You'll become like Jennifer Lopez, whose green dress is almost as famous as her bottom. Or you'll show up at conventions wearing things that, although officially named "fashion" - and red - are obviously more at ease in Victoria's Secret catalogs.
The fans will love it.
But there won't be any need for photoshop contests.

Posted by: tjeu at October 4, 2002 05:06 AM


Looks like it MIGHT be time for Anne to pick out another shirt for you. That was TFF!!

Posted by: Stargazer at October 4, 2002 05:21 AM

Didn't you where that shirt on Screensavers?

So no one got the red shirt joke, huh? Too bad my friend & I couldn't make it to the con, he would have gotten it, he loves jokes like that.

I don't know what I anticipate more. Reading your book or getting the chance to see you at a convention.

Posted by: jl at October 4, 2002 07:24 AM


Don't know who else to share this with, but a friend of mine works for a call center in Brownsville, PA, which is about 2 miles south of bum-fark Egypt. They handle calls for iomega, and priceline, among others.

She called me this morning to tell me that I should be jealous, because William Farking Shatner is stopping in to give the priceline team a pep talk or something. Perhaps it will start with "*click" This is the Captain."

Poor WFS. He'll be in a town where the pizzaria offers to deliver the pizzas unbaked so that their customers can use food stamps to pay for them, where the 4-lane highway ends in the middle of the town, where the locals drive 40 minutes to a real hospital to avoid the one that's 2 miles from town.

Seriously. I know. I used to live there.

(Incidentally, its about 10 miles away from Beallsville, PA, the town depicted in the final episode of Quantum Leap, where Donald Bellasario grew up.)


Posted by: Drakensykh at October 4, 2002 07:43 AM

Whoops, I think D. Bellasario was from Bentleyville, about 6 mi away form Brownsville.

My Bad.

Posted by: Drakensykh at October 4, 2002 07:46 AM

off-topic, but congrats on going over your donations goal for the breast cancer walk-a-thon.

keep the shirt, wear it to all your appearances. like the way michael moore always has a ball cap on.

Posted by: bhart at October 4, 2002 07:49 AM

Like others, I also like the shirt!

Posted by: ze-mag at October 4, 2002 07:58 AM

The Picard manoeuvre? Picard has a specific way of picking a wedgie? That's great. =)

Posted by: Clara at October 4, 2002 08:16 AM

Yes, it's time for a bigger rotation. You also wore that shirt on Tech TV. Keep the sneakers, though....nothing beats a great pair of chucks.

Posted by: Yo!Philly at October 4, 2002 08:18 AM

Wil loved the pics!..hilarious..I loved the one of you in a garter and high heels.OOh!! and the pic with the boys from NSYNC or is it (Backstreet BOYZ)OH Well! Who the hell cares.Its all about you baby.You are HOTT!!

Posted by: Candace at October 4, 2002 08:39 AM


At least the shirt matched the red on the microphone, which kinda completed the ensamble.

Later oh great head monkey......


Posted by: matt at October 4, 2002 08:53 AM

Hey Wil, a few things-

1) I read your comments at the TNG con regarding your role being cut from Nemesis. If there is an award given for a remarkable display of grace, you should get the fucking thing, cause that was just beautiful. I would have opened up with, "Awright you cocksuckers..." but that's just me.

2) I've had in-laws at the house for a few weeks now -excruciating- and as an escape I've been watching the DVDs of TNG season one. I've been watching TNG a long time now and I still can't figure why people trashed you so much. You had a character to play, you had to play him in a certain way, and you did a damn fine job, holding your own in scenes with major talent. I guess I'll never figure out what's with all the animosity. My best guess is jealousy. All the guys bitching now were teens or kids back then, and they were hyper-pissed that you were getting to do what they wanted to do.

3) I wish that the first person to comment on your daily musings would offer something a little deeper than, "Yay, I'm the first! Kewl!" Jesus Christ.

4) Keep up the push toward writing. The most important thing a writer has is an individual voice. When you look at most of the pathetic scribblings on the net you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Having a unique voice is vital, and you've definitely got one. There are writers who can make the most astounding adventures dull, while other can talk about taking a dump and have you totally hooked. Keep on writing, man. It'll take you places someday.

5) Hope you have a weekend free of assholes and headaches.

Posted by: John at October 4, 2002 09:15 AM

I didn't go to the convention, but when I saw the red shirt, I started chuckling, hoping there wasn't a "red shirt" reference. Lo and behold... there was. Too scary. The Fark PS thingy is awesome and great review too. Too bad I couldn't get my butt over to the west coast to see what sounded like a great time.

Posted by: Liz at October 4, 2002 10:15 AM

Ha ha, the photoshop pictures were funny. Fellow who did all those must have a lot of time on his hands. ;)

Posted by: Shauna Skye at October 4, 2002 10:19 AM

Boy, there are some really creative people with photoshop out there. The one with the shirt that changes color was my favorite so far.

Posted by John on October 4, 2002 09:15 AM "I've been watching TNG a long time now and I still can't figure why people trashed you so much. You had a character to play, you had to play him in a certain way, and you did a damn fine job, holding your own in scenes with major talent. I guess I'll never figure out what's with all the animosity. My best guess is jealousy. All the guys bitching now were teens or kids back then, and they were hyper-pissed that you were getting to do what they wanted to do."

Right on, John, I've been saying that since they first started trashing the Wesley character 15 years ago (has it been that long?). Wil's an actor just doing his job, trash the writers and the order they decided to air the shows, if you must. The actor is not the character. Personally, I loved Wesley. He was what I wanted to be: young, smart and riding on a starship. Geordi and Data were his friends, Picard actually listened to him as a person, not as a "kid" - how great was that?

The startrek.com review was previously cited in a comments section on another post. When I checked it out, I immediately got the red shirt reference, especially because of the Wesley thing. I thought Wil was having a joke.

Don't worry about the shirt, Wil (not that you are). Wear what's comfortable. And you look good in red. We who go to conventions all have our "con clothes". (Oh, no, I just stuck myself with a label).

For what it's worth, some of us out here used to joke about Patrick Stewart's convention ensemble. For a while, he wore the same soft green shirt, blue jeans, and white running shoes to every convention I saw him at. We thought he must have pre-packed convention luggage and he only wore that shirt at conventions. Although I think I even saw the shirt on Jay Leno or David Letterman. So you're in good company.

Posted by: loretta652 at October 4, 2002 10:41 AM

That was funny. :) First the shirt button became undone and then you broke it off. Heh.

Posted by: WheatonFan at October 4, 2002 10:42 AM

*Emma laughs so hard that she nearly falls off her chair*

ROTFLMAO!!! Oh crap...that pic with Wil as Dr. Frank N. Furter is too Farking funny! LOL!!

Ow. Now I have a headache.

Posted by: Emma at October 4, 2002 11:02 AM

Is that a real live Cool Grrl up there ^ ? London @ nite indeed . . .

Posted by: kj at October 4, 2002 11:15 AM

If you get another chance at a TNG film, may Wesley become a vertebra and not a mere piece of cartilage in TNG's left little toe.

Posted by: Fred Fowler at October 4, 2002 11:21 AM

Okay, it's been quite a long while since I spewed soda on my monitor, but most of those Fark pics were hilarious, so I'm exonerated. "Cool As Ice 2"...man, I nearly messed myself.

Posted by: Renpiti at October 4, 2002 12:32 PM

Wil... You look good as a weather man... ever consider the occupation?

As for the shirt... great joke... and don't worry about it.... like others before me have said... It only matters that it's comfortable... Hey, everyone has their favorite shirt that they like to wear out on the town that they think they are cool in... and I must say you look pretty cool in that shirt!

I must also say that I was a great admirer of the Westley character... brought hope to a geek who had no other outlet to release the power of Geek in High School.


Posted by: ShadowKnt at October 4, 2002 01:19 PM

I was thinking the red shirt was a funny coincidence but I didn't think it was deliberate since you seem to have a penchant for the bowling shirt.

Did you notice that you got all lot of space in the review and that most of Gates' interview was about you too? That's quite a nice little compliment.

Posted by: jodilyn at October 4, 2002 01:59 PM

You've changed a lot in the face over the years. You don't quite look like an innocent child anymore. You're very handsome and nice looking, and I wish and hope that someday they put you in something. You're an actor worth casting.


Posted by: Kristina at October 4, 2002 02:00 PM

Did you get that button sewn back on?

The red shirt is hella cool, but I also dig that trucker mud flap one that you had on during the evening performance (and the one you wore on 'The Weakest Link')

You were definitely the highlight of the weekend for me.

Yesterday I had this strange urge to watch "Stand By Me" again so I had to go out and buy the DVD (why I didn't already own it I will never know). Damn that movie is even better than I remember. You had some priceless lines in that flick.

The best PS was that Lee Harvey Oswald one. I have been laughing at those at work all day yesterday and today.

Posted by: amanda at October 4, 2002 02:30 PM

man i have the urge to watch Stand by me

Posted by: Maureen at October 4, 2002 02:51 PM

Wil, love the stuff mentioned at st website.
McFadden was sweet, and the thing you said about Patrick Stewart, Hilarious.

Posted by: angry penguin at October 4, 2002 03:07 PM

That PS thread is too much!

I guess you won't really have to worry about wearing that shirt again, didn't the bottom button pop off while you were on stage in Pasadena? Good review at Star Trek.com.

Posted by: DeeDee at October 4, 2002 03:08 PM

Awwww... our favorite little actor is all grown up...*tear*...I miss that little dead body seeker.

Posted by: Justine at October 4, 2002 06:02 PM

First, your written entries take forever to read and then you have hours worth of pictures.
Now I have missed a great portion of a good Friday night jaaaaaaaaam.


Posted by: Fabian at October 4, 2002 09:27 PM

Dude.....isn't it the red shirted people that get killed off in the original trek???? *l* Well your far from dieing ....unless you die laughing....Which is a nice way to go I guess. Definately ebay off the shirt! Pretty please! Anyways if I had Photoshop...I'd have made you look like santa claus. Adobe products cost too much.

Posted by: Artisticspirit at October 5, 2002 01:13 AM

I enjoyed the con articles, and the Fark parody images are just hilarious!

A new thought occurred to me while I was reading again about your scene being cut from 'Nemesis'. Specifically, it seems entirely possible to me that your scene might eventually end up in that movie after all ... in a "Director's Cut" DVD of the movie that I imagine will someday appear. In fact I'd just about be willing to bet on it. Something to hopefully look forward to!

Posted by: David at October 5, 2002 01:46 AM

By the way, to ArtisticSpirit ... as fun as they are, I didn't see anything in those parody images that couldn't just as easily be done with less expensive imaging software like Paint Shop Pro. I'm halfway inclined to try making a couple of such images myself just to prove the point! Hmm ...

Posted by: mystic at October 5, 2002 01:48 AM

Yeah , right , like you get a chance to read all the comments ;) Was pointed this way by a friends blog in UK ...hope your life is going well ...and I agree with you about seeing Patrick S live onstage , my sister saw him once and said his performance was electric

Posted by: Melody at October 5, 2002 05:05 AM

the 15th anniversary of trek was a great opportunity to let trek fans who don't come here know who you are today...light years away from the character you played on next generation...if i were a cynical pseudo-intellectual i would say that you're just pretending to be a sensitive, thoughtful guy...but i think that you really are the kind of man your writings in this journal portray...which is something a cynical pseudo-intellectual would never have the heart to be.

Posted by: d. burr at October 5, 2002 06:42 AM

Perhaps you should work on a screenplay of your own that you could star in? Of course, you would need a kick-me boy. I could be Corey Haim to your Corey Feldman...or is it the other way around? I could never figure out their dynamic. Who was the sidekick in that pair anyway?

Posted by: Renpiti at October 5, 2002 06:48 AM

i just gotta say this: /me luvs the red shirt. honesty. i think i'd look good in that. on another note, someone came onto efnet yesterday called jetsetwil. the bots thought it was you, but i pointed out to them that it was a german hostname ^_^ keep it coming...best wishes and stuff..

Posted by: lectique at October 5, 2002 07:57 AM

Several of those made me giggle aloud. I kinda like the shirt, too. Maybe.

Posted by: Kenzie at October 5, 2002 12:06 PM

ROTFLMAS---TFF!!! I have to say love the Gap Ad!!! That one was good.

Glad that Star Trek dot com gave such a cool Review

Posted by: Andie-Gypsy_girl at October 5, 2002 12:44 PM

Hey Wil,

here's a site to put in your link bar:
This guy has guts.

Posted by: Philip at October 5, 2002 01:09 PM

Wil, don't you think it is redundant to say "the TNG con". Thats like saying the The Next Generation con. Shouldn't it just be TNG con? I'm only playing...no hard feelings.

Posted by: Bill at October 6, 2002 09:45 AM

I got the Red Shirt joke, but I don't matter cuz I wasn't there, do I.... ? LOL I love the pics and stuff on the Fark.com site.... was considering doing one myself, but it's hard to out-do all those guys who had much better ideas... ;) Next time, great design for the shirt, but try purple.. ;)


Posted by: Kella at October 6, 2002 01:02 PM

The thread over at Fark is definetely something I will give credit to if i ever rupture an internal organ from laughing (which will likely happen; there's just too many humourous things going on out there).

"Sir, there's a large object moving to intercept."
"On screen."
"S...Sir, it's the giant disembodied head of Wil Wheaton!"
"Geez, and Q says *he's* omnipotent? Back us away real easy, Ensign. We need not instigate the wrath
of Crusher."

I don't know about that last little spiel; makes me chuckle when I think about it in my cranium.

Posted by: Jer at October 6, 2002 02:12 PM

KJ, hope u liked the site!!

Posted by: Manga at October 6, 2002 04:07 PM

Hey Will I just want to say that I thought you were the best speaker at the convention. Im not too into Star trek but loved your stories and your shirt. It wasnt hard to see that you had a lot of fans of your website and thought id check it out.

when lull and behold i find out its a blog (of sorts). I think thats so cool cause my friends and I also have blogs. Mine being "A Weirdo Amoung us" (http://orsoithought.blogspot.com). I hope you keep up the writing and are very succesfull.

Posted by: Bat Boy at October 6, 2002 04:41 PM

okay, i know you'll be mad at me for being off topic, buti was taking some sex test or someting at thespark.com because i was bored, and one of the questions was "what celebraty would you sleep with if you got the chance" and so of course i say wil wheaton, and you know what? there we re 82 other people who said they'd sleep with you. i just thought you might like to know that.

Posted by: alden at October 6, 2002 06:17 PM

Oh good lawdy, you monkeys need a good fucking spanking. Once "Wheaton" enters your sexual fantasies, you know you're done for.

At least there is a growing "Wheaton fandom" that makes furries look so much more sane.

It's a shame Fark has rules for the kind of content their people can post, maybe SomethingAwful will have a photoshop contest involving you. Though the blowjob gif was my overall favourite.

Posted by: Fluffy at October 6, 2002 06:47 PM


Posted by: Jonas Kyratzes at October 7, 2002 12:56 PM

Hey guys.. check out Wil in his fancy dress uniform. We may not see it in Nemesis, but hopefully we'll see it somewhere.

Minor spoiler...

Looking sharp, Wil!

Posted by: Dal at October 7, 2002 02:43 PM

whoops, they don't let me link the image directly. Updated link: http://www.treknews.de/cgi-bin/gallery-treknews/imageFolio.cgi?action=view&link=Star_Trek_Filme/Star_Trek_10_-_Nemesis/Bilder&image=120.jpg&img=&tt=

Posted by: Dal at October 7, 2002 02:45 PM

Read the review over at startrek.com......really wish I could have been there, Wil.

And I agree with Dal there, seeing the new uniforms are fitting like a glove there, Wil ;-)

Posted by: Michelle at October 7, 2002 03:10 PM


I don't know if you can answer this or not, but I read in the article that they had you in the uniform again. Which uniform? A starfleet uniform? If so, then how was it explained that Wesley somehow came back to starfleet? If I'm not mistaken, he ran off with the Traveler and unfortunately no story about them since.



Posted by: justinnichols at October 7, 2002 03:33 PM

I love the pictures at FARK. Too bad I can't load all of them and some of them only load partway. Too many images on one page. Took me 20 min to load. But then I don't even connect at 20k bc my phonelines suck.
I think what Gates said about you at the con is so sweet! :-)
I'm really glad you had fun. :-)

Posted by: Su at October 8, 2002 11:28 AM

You mean you didn't wear the Naked Dancing Llama shirt to the con?
Heehee. I don't blame you. ;)


Posted by: Christopher Feyrer at October 8, 2002 06:46 PM


Posted by: Q at October 13, 2002 03:07 PM
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