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July 10, 2003

OSCon part 1

Highlights of OSCon (since I've been here less than 24 hours):

  • A couple of kids just tossed these little Tux giveaways into a trashcan about 40 feet from me. "Bye bye, Penguins!" they said, before they ran, giggling, into the elevator after their parents.

  • Randall picked me up from the airport, and we stopped off for a local IPA before coming to the con yesterday.
  • I became a card-carrying member of the Free Software Foundation

  • My flight here was the smoothest, most enjoyable flight I've taken in years. I watched three episodes of Family Guy on my iBook.

  • It's 90 degrees in Portland

  • The accumulated knowledge in this building, if properly harnessed, could conquer all of Known Space.

  • Randal's party last night, at a local club called "Bar 71," was insanely fun, and I didn't drink enough to have a hangover today.

  • At Randal's party, I got to pet an Alpaca

  • None of the much-smater-than-me geeks who are here have shoved in my face exactly how much smarter than me they all are. I'm sure I've showed my complete lack of geek-cred several times, but so far nobody's outed me.

  • I'm about to eat a sandwich that is sponsored by Microsoft . . . but I'm going to heavily modify the source before I eat it. so there.

Posted by wil at July 10, 2003 12:38 PM
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