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August 20, 2003

Holy sh--!

I think Salon is one of the greatest news sources on the planet, and I read it daily.

I've been a subscriber for over a year, and I usually grab the newest edition when they update it around 9 p.m. my time. Last night, I was catching up on the issues I missed while I was out of town . . . when I scrolled down to "books," I was stunned to read

Wil Wheaton's stories and more in this week's bestselling books, courtesy of Powells.com

Bestselling?! Wil Wheaton?! What?!! Having a bestselling book is awesome enough . . . but making the front page of Salon with it is -- I don't even know what to say.

I mean, there are 20 books on that list. Powell's and Salon could have chosen any author's name to use in that headline, but they chose mine! I was eating one of Nolan's birthday cupcakes at the time, and I nearly choked (which is strangely preferable to blowing chunks of cake all over the monitor and keyboard, I suppose.)

I called Anne over, and told her, through a mouth of cupcake, how excited I was. Then, I totally cried like a sissy bitch.

As long as I have your attention about the book, the remaining 70 or so orders I screwed up back in May are shipping out today. US orders should arrive within 5 days. International orders will take about 7 days, according to the postal service.

Posted by wil at August 20, 2003 10:30 AM
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