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September 30, 2003

weekend recap

I had such a great weekend! The kids were with their dad, so Anne and I got to have two "date nights" in a row.

Friday night, we went to old town for dinner at the recently-opened Pasadena Brewing Company. The service really needs work, but the food was awesome. I had this stuffed cheeseburger thing that was delicious. It's hard to improve upon the basic cheeseburger model, but they have done a fine job over there.

During the day onSaturday, I spent some time handling book orders, and mowed the lawn. I have reached the conclusion that I love mowing my lawn. I put on my iPod, and I really take my time. It's almost a meditation for me, to slowly push my lawnmower across the grass, as I cut my lawn to look like an outfield. Saturday night, Anne and I went out to Sixspace to see Shepard Fairey's new show "This is Your God," (it is AMAZING). We had to leave early, though, so we could make our dinner reservation at Amalfi, which is the new restaurant next door to ACME in Hollywood. After dinner, we went to the Bad Taste Show at ACME. I didn't write for this current show, but after watching it, I'm totally writing for the next one. It is filled with sketches that we're just not supposed to do: sketches that are really gross, heavily sexual, and incredibly offensive. If you're even the tiniest bit twisted, you'll love this show.

Sunday, we went to my brother's new house for dinner. It was crazy, man, to stand in Jeremy's living room, and think, My god. My little brother owns his own house! I'm really proud of him and his wife. They've made a fantastic life for themselves.

Posted by wil at September 30, 2003 09:56 AM
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