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June 03, 2004

is this not what you expected to see?

The second part of the interview I did with Sequential Tart is up, as well as the very first official review of Just A Geek.

I read the entire interview (including part one) yesterday, and observed that Trisha and I talked just like we were a couple of friends, having a beer and playing darts. Everyone isn't going to be as cool as she was, and I have to be careful in future interviews . . . if Trisha were a jerk (she's not) she could really have taken advantage of my trust and the easy rapport we developed right around "hello." If I'd stopped to think, "Dude, you're doing an interview. Watch what you say, and be succinct," it wouldn't be nearly as rambling and "conversational" as it is . . . but it would also be pretty middle of the road, and not true to who I am. So here's a public thank you to Trisha for not being a jerk, and burning me the way Entertainment We(a)kly did so many years ago.

Warning: I talk about politics in the second part, and it prompted the first ever disclaimer (". . . the political opinions of Wil Wheaton do not reflect the opinions of the staff of Sequential Tart or its writers") that's ever accompanied any of my comments. So if you're part of the "You're with us or against us" crowd, I'll just spare us both the headache, and urge you to go read the latest Strongbad e-mail instead.

Posted by wil at June 3, 2004 06:40 AM
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