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June 28, 2004

marathon note

Quick announcement:

Anne had lots of Marathon stuff written up (we compose everything offline in Textedit) and the fucking computer locked up. Like a bonehead, I'd forgotten to save it (along with some other important stuff) so it was lost.

I tried cashing in all my computer geek points to resurrect it, but it was DC 45, and all I got was a modified 8.

So that's been set back at least a few days. We both know how many of you guys who supported us and Kris are looking forward to the story wrapping up, but I hope you'll bear with us a little bit longer while our Real Lives take up most of our attention.

Posted by wil at June 28, 2004 04:30 PM
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Looking forward to it!

Posted by: Angie at June 28, 2004 04:39 PM

Sounds like writing up the marathon is becoming more of an endurance test than the marathon was! :) Don't worry, Wil, I'm sure the story will be worth the wait when Anne finishes it. I once lost EVERYTHING on my old comp's hard drive when I was trying a boneheaded hardware upgrade, so I know how those things can go sometimes...

Posted by: Chuck at June 28, 2004 04:58 PM

heh, how many other girls get the DC / mod 8 reference?
(and seriously Wil, even on a fumble you should be able to pull out more than a +7 INT/compgeek mod)

what can I say - for our first anniversay (paper, August 2000) my husband and I gave each other copies of the D&D 3rd ed. PH

Posted by: kytyn at June 28, 2004 05:04 PM

Next time use something with Autosave...like vim :-D

Posted by: Grimicus at June 28, 2004 05:07 PM


Sorry you lost all your work on the Marathon. We're not expecting a novel-length report--just a few words. Don't let it upset you. Just a bit of cheese for us hungry mice and we'll be happy.

Freeman :)

Posted by: Freeman in Louisiana at June 28, 2004 05:36 PM

Sorry about the snafu. >:^( **Bad computer** We can wait. :^) Belated congrats on playing in WPT!

Posted by: clara at June 28, 2004 06:35 PM

"I hope you'll bear with us a little bit longer while our Real Lives take up most of our attention."

No, Wil, I'm sorry, this isn't acceptable. YEs, you have bills to pay, children to feed, etc., but that's not a valid excuse. You are here for our amusement, and that is your priority! We're going to have to replace you with Cirroc Lofton. ;)

Posted by: Grey Hodge at June 28, 2004 07:00 PM


Yeah, that pesky Real Life. It's so unreasonable. :)

Posted by: wil at June 28, 2004 07:50 PM

Grey was right. We've spoken with Cirroc and he's excited about replacing you. Since he played a writter we feel this will not be a problem... ;)Okay, only kidding. Cirroc said, "Go #_&! yourself! What kind of person would allow hundreds of thousands of people to voyeristically look into the details of his life?"

Posted by: Toby at June 28, 2004 08:41 PM

Personally I say take all the time you need Anne. Life does have a funny way of butting in the way of web life. Most of the posters that I've seen on here are extremely supportive, caring and understanding. Take all the time you need to arrange your thoughts again and don't worry about how long it'll take. Just remember that many people out there support you, Kris and your cause. P.S. Who the hell is Cirroc Lofton?

Posted by: Alison at June 28, 2004 09:16 PM

Doh! that stinks! I wish my timezone wasn't so wacky so I could listen to the david lawrence show! Only a few more days though and I will be returning to the USA from Australia. :) Good to have the comments back, Wil.
I was also wondering offhand, if you had any opinions on the Farenheit 911 movie madness that seems to be occuring in the US? (Apparently Bradbury is also in a huff about the usa of the title)

Posted by: Fiona at June 28, 2004 10:54 PM

that shouuld be 'USE of the title' ...not usa..sorry.

Posted by: Fiona at June 28, 2004 10:56 PM

I know a guy who can recover "it"...but it'll cost you 2 or 3 large. Doesn't pencil out...

Posted by: Jeff Meucci at June 28, 2004 11:50 PM

"Take your time / Hurry up"

;o) - Just felt like quoting Nirvana.

Don't sweat it, Anne. Just knowing it was a success is enough to tide us over until you're able to relay the finer details.

Posted by: Reena at June 28, 2004 11:51 PM

I think you must have more than 7 ranks in computer. I mean, I hope so. But still, a 45? You were screwed from the gitgo.

Posted by: jason at June 28, 2004 11:55 PM

Awwwww. That, as the script kiddies would say, is teh 5uX0rZ. But fear not, for the WWdN faithful are a patient lot, and we'll wait as long as it takes for you and Anne to get things squared away...

Posted by: Eric at June 29, 2004 12:52 AM

Sounds like one of Apple's Switch ads:

"I was writing the marathon report for WWDN and the computer just locked up. It was all like *beep beep beep* and it was gone. It was a very good report, too."

Posted by: Richie at June 29, 2004 06:54 AM

Wow, Wil. I make silly gamer comments in my head about rolling a 1 on my Dex check and whatever, but I don't say 'em out loud.

Besides, I thought you had at least 5 ranks in Computer Operations these days.

*shrug* Who knew?

Posted by: Keith Hudgins at June 29, 2004 08:40 AM

Naw, Wil qualifies for the special prestige class- CELEBRITY! He gets a +15 mod on all skill checks, dontchaknow. ;-)
Except when playing poker against other celebrities, of course. Then it is his Bluff check against their Sense Motive check.

Posted by: Kenneth at June 29, 2004 08:55 AM

Yup, Wil just earned a few more geek points. :) I wonder how many people just plain didn't get the joke? (My wife would. Yay for marrying a geek!)

Posted by: Chris Salter at June 29, 2004 09:02 AM

Just about every word processor in the known 'verse has automatic backups (the ones in linux are generally easier to find and are less likely to be overwritten unless you open the file again, not to mention linux is easier to recover from a freezeup, you can either switch to a virtual terminal or you can ssh in, in either case you can see which process is causing the freezeup and kill it (hopefully it's not your WM, X, or init... in which case you're pretty screwed...)

Posted by: StarkRG at June 29, 2004 09:05 AM


Cirroc Lofton is Jake Cisco on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Catch it on Spike TV on Friday nights. And catch the fabulous Wil (Wesley) Wheaton every weeknight on Spike TV.


Posted by: Freeman in Louisiana at June 29, 2004 07:14 PM

Wauw...I am really lookin forward to reading that post *Thinkin about draggin myself through a run...and gasps like an elefant wearing pink slippers spotting a mouse*
...REAL LIVES...does something like that exist in this world?
Well I guess that having a couple of kids and a wifey back home DOES sort put responsobilities in a mans life..hmmm moving off subject!

I can only say Whooraaa when people decide to do a thing like you and your wife *Bows in acknowlegdement*

Jay Mohr ( no not THE Jay Mohr...another one )

Posted by: Jesper at June 30, 2004 06:54 AM

Rock on! Another Textedit fiend. I love that program. Note that you can enable autosave (as the vim proponent above suggested -- vim being my editor of choice in *nix, I was equally gratified)

Posted by: Jon Beard at June 30, 2004 01:45 PM

Did you foget the +2 bonus from Aid Another? Dang.

Man, I hate when that happens. The marathon stuff is awesome :)

Posted by: Wayne Ligon at July 2, 2004 12:31 PM
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