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live free

I cleaned out about 5/8 of my garage today. It's the third time I've done that in the six years we've lived here, and each time I am surprised at the things I am ready to throw out -- those things from my life before I was married, those things from before we lived in this house, those things that used to seem so important . . . they went into the trash as easily as discarded coffee grounds.

I wiped sweat from my face and said, "This makes me feel so —"

"Free." Anne said.



Comments are hosed, archives look ugly, and the database is outrageously slow right now. It's just the growing pains associated with the 3.2 upgrade, which has revealed how awful my HTML and PHP, uh, skills, were and are. I'm getting some help from some friends, and I should have a handle on this place again within a week or so.

. . . funny how I can think of my blog as a place, isn't it?


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