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not quite five by five, but getting there

So other than exposing some of my own lameness in template and CSS hacking, the upgrade to movable type 3.2 is a success. The backend stuff that you never get to see (unless you have your own MT blog) is really cool. Six Apart have made this version of the software faster, more functional, and nicer to look at. It's awesome.

What I realize I have to do is download the entire website, delete about 3/5 of everything that has become useless outdated crap that's sitting around like plaque in the arteries of WWdN, and rebuild from the ground up. I have much more experience now, than I had four years ago, and MT is much more robust. Until I get there, though, the archives will look ugly as hell, and a lot of links probably won't work. I've also noticed that .cgi processes are timing out like crazy, which is probably my fault. Until I fix that, please resist the urge to hit submit more than once, if you comment. And speaking of comments, if you're inclined to let me know about broken things you find, that's cool — but leave it in this entry so you don't waste your time if someone else has already found it. I'll start working on this stuff as soon as I can. They're broken, and I have wasted far too much time today trying to get them working, which is awfully stupid because . . .

But I can't do it today, because I have an audition. That's right, it's only my third or fourth of the year, but it's for a fantastic show, at the request of a director I deeply respect and genuinely like. I can't say much more than that, but hopefully I'll have big exciting news sooner than later.


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